Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Three for Younger Readers


Sharlee joined Noah on the bed.  He’d just left Skylar’s nursery after getting her to sleep for the night.  He’d immediately grabbed his books and his laptop and began studying. 

Sharlee had been trying to find the right time to talk with Noah, but with one thing and another the time hadn’t yet come.  She didn’t want to wait any longer though.  Skylar had asked her again, and she had again promised to talk with Noah.  She and Skylar wanted it very much, and she hoped that Noah would too.

Screenshot-1259“Noah, I had the sweetest talk with Skylar, and I’ve been wanting to talk with you about it.”

Noah kept his eyes on the screen.  “Hmm, what?”

Sharlee could see that he wasn’t really listening to her.  She didn’t want to talk about it like this.  She wanted his full attention.  However, she knew that he needed to study, and he’d spent extra time with Skylar that night.  She smiled.  He was such a good father!

“It’s okay, Honey.  You keep studying.  I think I’ll go get some studying done too.”

Sharlee went into her office.  It was a part of the master bedroom suite.   Noah didn’t even notice when she left the room.  Almost three hours had passed before he realized it.  He turned off his laptop and put his books away.


Sharlee didn’t answer.   The door to Sharlee’s office was open, and he guessed that she was in there. 

Screenshot-1264He went through the doorway into her office. 

Screenshot-1265Sharlee was asleep with her head resting on the desk. 

Screenshot-1270He went over and lifted her up into his arms to carry her into the bedroom.  He gently nuzzled his head against hers. 

Screenshot-1268She drowsily awakened as he carried her and wrapped her arms around his neck.  They both fell quickly asleep after they were in bed.

Screenshot-1172The next evening when Noah came home, Sharlee was in the kitchen working. 

Screenshot-1173“Just a sec, Honey.  Let me make sure that I wrote this quantity down correctly.  I already worked it into the equation, and I’m going to test this in the lab tomorrow.  I think I’ve almost isolated the intrinsic isomer properties to prove my hypothesis for my thesis!”

Screenshot-1174Noah always felt a bit lost when she started going into her bio-chemical lingo, but he was proud of her intelligence.  It was another thing that he admired in her.

Sharlee had gone natural with her cooking in a big way.  She had a small garden where she grew her own herbs and some vegetables.  She’d joined a co-op and received chemical free meats, milk and cheeses.  She shopped at the local farmer’s market to ensure that all of her cooking ingredients were fresh. 

At first, Noah had been a bit unenthusiastic, but after tasting her recipes, he preferred her way of cooking.  He had even more energy and had to admit that he felt better.  She shared her cooking with her family and friends too.  She especially brought food to Matthew because he’d begun to put on a little too much weight.   Already Matthew had begun to see the good results.  Her family and friends called regularly asking her to prepare her special dishes for them. 

Sharlee was using her findings to form the basis of her final thesis.  Matthew was proud to be a part of her thesis.  Noah just hoped that she wasn’t trying to do too much.  This was her final year before graduation, and she was working hard.  

Screenshot-1177Sharlee turned around and hugged and kissed Noah.

Screenshot-1178“How did your afternoon classes go?”

Screenshot-1179“We had a surprise quiz in my financial economics class.  I know that I at least passed it.”

Screenshot-1188“I’m sure you did better than that!  You always do great.”

Screenshot-1181Noah had been surprised that Sky hadn’t come to greet him yet.  One of the best parts of his day was seeing the joyful expression on Sky’s face when he came home.

“Where’s Sky?”

Before Sharlee answered, they heard a loud clop, clop, clop and looked at one another in puzzlement. 

Screenshot-1191Skylar walked into the room wearing Noah’s shoes.

Screenshot-1197“I Daddy!”

Screenshot-1190Noah burst out laughing, and Sharlee smiled.

“Wait, Skylar!  Let me grab a picture for Nana and Grandpop!”

Screenshot-1205Noah handed her his cell and Sharlee took some pictures. 

Screenshot-1212She told Skylar to make funny poses. 

Screenshot-1207Sky had fun mugging for the camera! 

Screenshot-1217Sharlee especially loved the sweet expression on Skylar’s face in the last picture. 

Screenshot-1220She knew that Alissa would love it too.  She texted the pictures to Alissa and Dale. 

Screenshot-1222Then Noah and Skylar helped Sharlee finish cooking dinner. 

Screenshot-1225Noah cut the vegetables for their salads and let Skylar put the cut pieces into the bowl.  As they worked, Skylar chattered away.

Screenshot-1226“Daddy, Gran Kate tell Gran Daddy “Matew” him needs to stay home an no go work all time.  He tell her them talk later.  Her was mad at him, and him say—“

Screenshot-1228Noah interrupted her.  He was surprised that she was relating her great grandparents conversation.  This was the first time that she’d done it.  He wondered how much of his and Sharlee’s conversations she’d repeated to others.

“Sky, it isn’t nice to repeat conversations that you overhear.  If someone is talking to you or about you, then you can repeat it, but don’t repeat it if you are not a part of the conversation.”

Screenshot-1233Sky looked at him strangely.  “Oh, I didn’t know Daddy.”

Screenshot-1230“That’s okay, Baby Girl.  Mommy and I have never talked with you about that before now.”

Screenshot-1231“Awright, Daddy.”

She was quiet for a few moments.  Then she started back talking, and they were all laughing.   Sharlee hoped that her grandparents weren’t having relationship problems.

Screenshot-1234After dinner, they all sat on the sofa together reading. 

Screenshot-1236Noah was reading a chapter of a childen’s book to Skylar.  It was a story about a family of bears.  After Noah finished reading to her,  Skylar sat on the sofa next to him.

Screenshot-1246“Daddy, what about my Aidan brother!  When’s he comin?”

Screenshot-1251“Your Aidan brother?”

Screenshot-1249“Yes, Mommy, her say she ask you to give me my Aidan brother.”

Screenshot-1252Noah had a bewildered look as he turned to Sharlee.  Sharlee laughed.

“Yes, I did tell you that I would talk with Daddy about it.  Why don’t you go into your playroom and play for a while till bedtime?  Daddy will finish reading your story to you after your bath.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

Sky scrambled down off of the sofa and went into her playroom.

Screenshot-1254“This is what I wanted to talk with you about last night.”

Screenshot-1256“I’m sorry, Babe.   I guess I was just too focused on studying.”

Screenshot-1255“It’s alright.  Skylar told me that she wants a brother, but that a sister would be okay too.”

Screenshot-1280Noah smiled.  “An Aidan brother!”

Screenshot-1273“I told her that I would talk with you about it.  I think it’s a good time to start trying to get pregnant.  The doctor said that I’m healthy and should have a normal pregnancy.”

Screenshot-1285“I thought we’d decided to wait until after you graduate and get your degree.”

“This is my final year, and I don’t see any reason why I can’t be pregnant while I finish it.   I’ll have my degree and then relax till the baby is born.”

“Are you sure that it won’t be too much for you, Babe?”

Screenshot-1279“No, I don’t think it will be.  I’ve given it a lot of thought.  We want Skylar to have siblings close to her own age so that they can grow up together.  Attending that lab showed me that I’m not ready to be away from Skylar full time.  I know that I’m not going to want to start working right away.  So getting pregnant now makes sense for me, but what do you think?  How do you feel about it?”

Screenshot-1274“I want more children too, but I don’t know…”

He looked at her with worry in his eyes, and she knew that it was because of how difficult her pregnancy with Skylar had been.

Screenshot-1293“Noah, if it will make you feel better, then why don’t you talk with my Doctor yourself?  You can ask him any questions that you have.  Women have borne babies for centuries, and I’ll be fine!”

Screenshot-1296Noah hugged her close and kissed her. 

Screenshot-1294“I love you Babe, and Sky too.  Let me think about it for a while.”

Sharlee hadn’t expected his hesitation, but she’d give him a chance to think it over. 

Screenshot-1336A couple of days later, Noah came to his decision while he was putting Skylar to bed.  She was growing up so fast!  He couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.  Skylar had brought a special kind of happiness and purpose to his life.  If they had waited for the “perfect” time, then they would not have her.  Was there really a perfect time anyway?

Screenshot-1340Besides, Sharlee was the one who had the most difficult part of having a child, and she was eager to do it again.  He smiled as he thought of having another little Hall in their family.  He became even more determined to make his idea a success so that Sharlee would be under less pressure during her pregnancy. 

The next day he spoke with one of his instructors about his concept.  His instructor thought it looked very intriguing and promised to help him.  He decided to keep it as a surprise for Sharlee.  He hoped that it would work out the way he planned.

Screenshot-1302The following night after Skylar was asleep, Sharlee was inside her office studying.  Noah asked her to come out into their bedroom with him.  When Sharlee walked out, her mouth dropped open in surprise. 

Screenshot-1299Noah had roses sprinkled across the floor.  He had drinks in goblets, strawberries and lit candles on the nightstand.

“I thought we should get started on making another little Hall.”

Sharlee smiled at him with tears in her eyes.  Then she walked over and hugged him tightly.

Screenshot-1303“I love you so much, Noah.”

“I love you too!”

Screenshot-1304“I’m happy that you want another baby with me, but we can’t get started on that tonight.  I’m still on the pill.  I didn’t want to stop taking it unless you were ready for another baby too.”

Screenshot-1310Noah caressed her cheek.  Then he said, “Well how about we practice tonight instead?”

Screenshot-1312Sharlee laughed and kissed him for agreement.   It only took a few moments for their kiss to heat up and change from affectionate to fiery.    Noah lowered his hands to her butt. 

Screenshot-1313Then he kissed the throbbing pulse on her neck. 

Screenshot-1315Sharlee felt her heart start racing. 

Screenshot-1316Noah helped her take off her blouse.  Then he unhooked her bra, not breaking their kiss.  

Screenshot-1324Noah felt his own heart racing.  He carried her over to the bed.  

Screenshot-1328He looked into her eyes and saw her deep love and hunger for him. 

Screenshot-1327His expression made her breath catch with emotion.   They made love passionately.

Screenshot-1334They were very happy; so happy that Sharlee worried that something would happen to spoil it.

Noah and Sharlee found that deciding to have another baby was the easy part.  Finding private time to be together became harder.  Noah was trying to finish up his classes and his training with Harley before his dealership opened later in the year.  He was also still having bi-monthly therapy sessions and taking Taekwondo classes every other week.  Sarge had suggested the martial arts course to make Noah think before he decided to fight.  He hoped it would help Noah to develop more self-control and relieve his stress.  Noah had also started working on his other plan.

Sharlee was trying to get the credits that she still needed in order to receive her degree at the end of the year.  Balancing quality time with Skylar with all of their other responsibilities left them very little time to spend together.


I’m sorry if some of the pictures were a little dark, but I didn’t have a chance to edit them before I put them in the chapter. 








11 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Three for Younger Readers

  1. I’m so happy that Noah and Sharlee are trying for another child, it’s about time!!!!
    I loved Skylar walking around in Noah’s shoes, that was super cute. And the poses she did were adorable.
    I think Sharlee looked better with her previous hair, the curly one, instead of the straight hair she had in this chapter, but she was still a beautiful sim as usual
    I can’t wait for the next chapter and the next little Hall!!! 🙂

    • It has been a while since we had a little baby in the story! 😀

      I always think it’s cute when children wear their parents things like that too! I just knew that I had to use those shoes sometime. 🙂

      I like the other style for Sharlee too, but I thought it’d be nice to switch it up sometime. She’ll wear the other style again soon. 😉 I’m still trying to find another style for Noah. Everything I’ve tried just makes him look too clean cut and sweet faced. 😦 He’ll just have to keep his same style. 😀

      I haven’t had a chance to start the pictures for the next chapter yet, but I plan to start them tomorrow! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Star! ❤

  2. Yeah first comment:-)
    This is my first time commenting but I have read all chapters.
    I have been waiting for this chapter forever. I love little sky she is just so cute and she is like a little bubble of joy.
    Woohoo there is gonna be a new hall. Yay 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter

    • Hi Marie! 🙂

      Awww, I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long for updates! I’m trying to do a bit better than I did last year.

      I love how you describe Sky! “a little bubble of joy!” Can I use that in the story?

      You are very welcome, and thank you for reading my story, Marie! ❤

  3. Sweet Sky 🙂 My niece is only 15 months but is so sweet and gentle, Sky is just like her! I can’t believe we are getting to read about another little Hall angel!

    Noah is such a sweet guy and dad! On Sky’s fist day of school Noahs’ gonna walk in and all the kids will be like, “Don’t mess with Sky!”

    Loving the story! Keep up the great work! XOXO

    • Isn’t she precious! I have a niece who just turned one. She’s not exactly like Sky though! She’s a bit more mischievous and always into something. I love her to bits though! I wish that I live closer to her so that I could really spoil her and spend more time with her.

      Yeah, Noah is a great Dad. You are so right about how it will be when she goes to school! LOL

      Awww, thanks, Dancerlove! ❤

  4. awww, i can’t wait till the next chapter ( witch i heard is coming out today i’m counting the seconds) sky is really cute and i can’t wait for the new babies. do you have any other stories besides deceived, love endures, savage hunt and mutation.
    your a really good writer and your really inspirational.

    • Hello Tommie girl!

      They do want more children. 😀

      Thank you for saying such nice things about my writing! That is so sweet of you! ❤

      The only other story that I have is Mesa Valley Chronicles. Here is a link if you haven't read it yet: Mesa Valley Chronicles

      I’ll share another one, but it won’t be till later this year. I keep forgetting to update my stories page with the new story sneak peak. I plan to have the chapters completely written and pictures taken for several chapters before I start posting it.

      Thanks for reading my stories, Tommie Girl! ❤

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