Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eight

Screenshot-424Noah and Sharlee had been married for a year now, and it was their anniversary.   Although they had celebrated their six month anniversary, Sharlee was especially excited about this one.  She’d mentioned it to Noah, but he hadn’t seemed very excited.  However, that didn’t dampen her enthusiasm.   She asked for that evening off from work and raced home after her classes were done for the day.   She planned to prepare a special dinner for Noah, and she’d bought him a new watch as a gift.  

When she walked into the house, she saw that Noah had left her a note on the kitchen table.   It said:

“Sharlee, please put on a pretty dress and meet me at the beach.”

Screenshot-423She hurriedly took a shower and changed.  Then she grabbed her gift for Noah and left the house.  

Screenshot-394She was shocked when she arrived.  Noah was there, and he’d somehow rented a hot air balloon!  

Screenshot-392He walked over to her looking extremely handsome and wrapped his arms around her.

“You look beautiful, Sharlee!”

Screenshot-393“Thanks!  You’re exceptionally hunky tonight too!”

Screenshot-397Sharlee walked over to the hot air balloon.

Screenshot-395“Happy anniversary, Babe!  We can’t go to your park, but I thought this would make a nice substitute.”

Screenshot-400Sharlee felt tears in her eyes.  Noah had a nice dinner prepared for them on a picnic blanket.  

Screenshot-403She jumped into his arms and kissed him.  He was sweet and romantic, and she was unbelievably happy!

Screenshot-401“Happy anniversary, Noah!  I love you so much!”

Screenshot-404He lowered her to the ground and held onto her.

Screenshot-405He wanted one more kiss.

Screenshot-409Afterwards, they enjoyed dinner together. 

“I can’t believe that you thought that I didn’t care about our anniversary!”

Screenshot-413Sharlee smiled.  “I should have known better!”

Screenshot-416Then they took a ride in the balloon.  

Screenshot-415Noah got them off the ground, and then he settled in cuddling Sharlee. 

Screenshot-417They were up in the air, and they had the beach to themselves.   So Sharlee looked at Noah mischievously.   “How about we join the mile high club?”

Screenshot-419Noah laughed happily!  Sharlee was a lady, but she was definitely not a prude!  

Screenshot-422He pulled out a blanket and they made love high in the air under the stars.

Screenshot-485A few months after their anniversary, Noah and Sharlee were shopping at the grocery store.  Sharlee’s family was coming to Bridgeport for a visit, and Sharlee wanted to cook a big family dinner for them.  

“Do you think one turkey will be enough?   I’ve seen Shawn eat.”

Screenshot-484Sharlee laughed.   “Yes, but we better make it a big one.” 

Screenshot-487They quickly filled the cart and then checked out at the register. 

Screenshot-488“I’m glad we got that extra bag of chips.  Now we won’t run out during the game.”

Screenshot-490After they returned home, they put away the groceries and Noah helped Sharlee begin preparing the meal.   At least he tried to help until Sharlee sent him to watch television.   She was laughing because he was more of a hindrance than a help to her in the kitchen.  He kept grabbing her and kissing her. 

Screenshot-491Dinner was nearly ready when her family arrived.  When she came through the door, Alissa hugged Sharlee tightly with tears in her eyes.   “I’m so happy to see you, Baby.   You look beautiful and very happy!”

“Thanks Mom.  I am really happy.”

Screenshot-494Then Dale and her brothers and sisters gave her hugs and kisses.   Dale shook Noah’s hand and said it was nice to see him. 

Screenshot-496Alissa hugged Noah and said that it was good to see him very happy too.  She and Noah continued to talk.

Screenshot-501“Yeah, I’ve never been this happy before.   Sometimes it scares me.”

Screenshot-497“Scares you?”

Screenshot-499“I’m afraid something has to happen to spoil it.   Sharlee’s really special and I know I don’t deserve her.”

Screenshot-502“Noah, stop thinking that!  You deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else.   I used to feel the same way about myself and Dale, but now I am just happy that we have each other.   I take each day as it comes and know that we will be happy together despite whatever happens.  It will be the same for you and Sharlee.  You have to believe that and just enjoy it!”

Noah smiled and Alissa gave him another hug.  She really felt like Noah was her son too and was glad that Sharlee had found someone who loved her as much as Noah did.

Sharlee went back to the kitchen and Alissa and Cara helped her get everything ready.  Joy set the table.  

Screenshot-505Aidan squeezed in between Dale and Noah on the couch.  He had become very attached to Noah and looked forward to whenever he had a chance to spend time with him.  He’d even asked to get his hair cut in the same style that Noah wore.

Screenshot-506Sharlee looked over and smiled wistfully.  She was thinking of the time when their own son or daughter would want to be close to Noah too.   She’d be so glad when the time was right for them to have their first baby, but that would still be a while.

Screenshot-507Sharlee called everyone to the table after dinner was ready.

“This is really good, Babe.”

Screenshot-509“I’m glad.   I was worried that the turkey would be too dry.”

Everyone assured her that it was delicious.  Then Noah started laughing really hard and couldn’t stop.   Sharlee knew what he was thinking about and started laughing too.

Shawn asked.   “What’s so funny?”

Noah managed to answer.   “After we were first married, Sharlee made me some cookies.   I took a bite and forced it down.   She was looking at my face and then took a bite too.   The cookies were awful.   She had put in baking soda instead of baking powder and the cookies were salty not sweet!”

Everyone started laughing.

Screenshot-510After they’d been eating a while, Alissa whispered to Dale.  “Thank you for not saying anything negative to Noah.  We’re having a nice family gathering.”

Screenshot-511Dale snapped back.  “I don’t need you to tell me how to behave!”

After Sharlee married Noah, Dale had thrown himself into his job.   He spent very little time at home.   Although he wasn’t aware of it, his confidence as a father had been shaken.  He felt that he had driven his oldest child away from home. 

During the same time, Alissa had also increased her time at work.   While she was away on leave the station had hired a temporary host for her show.   He had made it plain to her that he wanted the position permanently and so Alissa had felt that she had to prove herself all over again.  As a result, she and Dale were growing apart and the children were also suffering.

Screenshot-513Sharlee didn’t hear what Dale said to Alissa, but she heard his tone.  

Screenshot-515She had already noticed that her brothers and sisters were quieter.

Screenshot-514.1Now Joy had tears in her eyes.   Something was wrong between her parents.   The thought scared her.  She didn’t want to imagine that her parents would ever break up.  

Screenshot-516She took Joy aside after she finished eating and talked with her.

“What’s wrong, Kitten?”

“I don’t like it when Mommy and Daddy are mad at each other.   They are mad all the time now when they’re home.”

Screenshot-518Sharlee pulled Joy to her in a hug.   “It’s going to be okay, Joy.”   Sharlee hoped it really would be.  

Screenshot-523Before her family left, she asked Cara what was going on.

“Mom and Dad both work all of the time, and when they are home they argue.”

Screenshot-521“So who is there with Joy and Aidan?”

Screenshot-520“To be fair, Mom does make sure that Aidan makes it to soccer practice and Joy gets to dance class.   A lot of the time Grandma Kate is with them.”

Screenshot-519“What about you and Shawn?   They don’t spend time with you either?”

Screenshot-524Sharlee saw a look of pain in Cara’s eyes.   “No, not much.   I can’t remember the last time that I really had a good conversation with Dad, but it doesn’t matter anymore.   I’m used to it now.”

The look in Cara’s eyes told Sharlee that it did matter.  It mattered a lot. 

Screenshot-526As soon as she had a chance, she asked her mother to go with her into the bedroom so that she could talk with her.

“Mom, the kids are very unhappy.”

Screenshot-534“What are you talking about Sharlee?”

Screenshot-528“They told me that you and Dad are hardly ever home and that when you are, you argue with each other.”

Screenshot-531Alissa sighed deeply.  It was true.   “It has been difficult for a while, but your Dad and I won’t be this way for much longer.”

Screenshot-530Her words made Sharlee’s heart drop.   “What do you mean?”

Screenshot-536“I know that we can’t keep going on the way that we have been lately.   We’ll both have to make some adjustments in our schedules.”

Sharlee breathed a sigh of relief and hugged her mother tightly.    Alissa really hoped that she was telling Sharlee the truth.   She felt like Dale was slipping away from her.  However she had meant the things that she had told Noah.   She was going to get her priorities straight again and expected Dale to do the same.

Sharlee talked with Shawn too.   He was better at hiding his emotions than Cara, but she knew that he was upset too.   She promised Aidan that he could come and spend a few days with them during his summer break.

Screenshot-538After her family left to go back to their hotel, Sharlee wrapped her arms around Noah.

“What’s wrong, Babe?”

Screenshot-543Sharlee’s voice was quivering as she answered.   “Promise me that we’ll always be close.  That we’ll never drift apart.”

“I promise.”

“I’m afraid that my parents might split up.”

Screenshot-541“I don’t think they will, but even if they do, that’s not us.  Don’t ever be afraid about us, Sharlee.”  He told her what her mother had told him after she had first arrived, and Sharlee felt better.

Screenshot-482The next morning when he awakened, Sharlee was still asleep and Noah remembered his promise from the night before.   It had been easily made because he wanted the same thing.   He looked at Sharlee as she slept.  He loved her so much!   He thought to himself,  “What can I do today to make my woman happy?   What can I do today to make my Sharlee smile!”  He asked himself the question that morning and just about every morning after that.

Screenshot-425A few weeks later, Noah and Sharlee went to a concert with Remi and Darion.  

Screenshot-427They were happy to get spots right up in front where they could really enjoy the show!  The first half of the concert was quickly over and then it was almost time for a brief intermission.

Screenshot-428“I’m going to run to the restroom before the line gets long.  Do you have to go Remi?”

Screenshot-429Remi laughed.   “No for a change.”  She’d had to go constantly before her baby was born.  Tonight she and Darion had left the children with a babysitter so that they could have a night out with Noah and Sharlee.

Screenshot-430Sharlee headed to the restroom.    Other people had had the same idea.  There was a long line, but she really had to go badly.   So she took a place in line.

Screenshot-433More than twenty minutes passed and Sharlee wasn’t back.  Noah checked his watch.   Intermission had come and gone.   Now the show had resumed.   Remi saw him check the time and knew he was thinking of Sharlee. 

She told him, “The line was probably long.”

Noah nodded his head in agreement.  

Screenshot-437He waited five more minutes and then when she still hadn’t returned, he went to search for her.

Screenshot-434As she left the restroom, Sharlee smiled in sympathy at the women still waiting in line.   She hoped they wouldn’t have to miss any of the show.

Screenshot-436The walkway leading back to the concert area had thinned out because people were heading back to their seats.   As she went down the passageway, Sharlee felt a hand pressed across her mouth tightly!  So hard that her teeth were smashed against her lips, and she tasted blood.   She couldn’t even scream. 

Screenshot-435She was quickly pulled through an open door, and then she was dragged further away down an empty corridor.

Screenshot-439The man had her pinned up against the wall.   He searched her pockets with his free hand and took her wallet.   She hoped he’d let her go then, but he didn’t. 

Screenshot-442His eyes were directly across from hers and his intent was very clear.  She could sense his lust.  It seemed to seep from his body.  His scent repulsed her.   It was a mixture of sweat and garlic.  

With his hand pressed so tightly against her mouth, she couldn’t scream and she couldn’t open her mouth to bite him.   No!  This couldn’t be real!   It could not be happening!  She knew that her mother must have experienced the same fear when she had been assaulted.   There were thousands of people in the stadium including Noah and their friends, but she had never felt so alone.  

Screenshot-443However she wasn’t going to give in without a fight!  She tried to knee him in his groin, but he dodged her by spreading his legs wide.

He said derisively,  “No you don’t!  I know that move!”

Screenshot-445Noah stopped a couple of the women leaving the restroom.   “Did you see a cute blond girl in there?  She’s about five feet five with big green eyes?”

Screenshot-446One of the women responded.   “I saw her.  I remember because she had a really warm smile.  She left a while ago.”

Screenshot-444The man pressed Sharlee harder against the wall.  So hard that it jarred her teeth.   Then she remembered what Noah had taught her to do.   When he moved to kiss her, she rammed her forehead against his nose with all of her strength.    He lost his grip on her and that was all the time that Sharlee needed.   She jerked away and ran down the corridor screaming as loudly as she could.

Screenshot-450Noah heard the screaming, and he and some of the others in the walkway rushed toward the sound.    Noah opened a door and saw Sharlee running down the corridor with a man rushing close behind her.   

Screenshot-451Noah took off after them.  

Screenshot-454He dived and grabbed the man and took him down to the floor.  

Screenshot-455Sharlee suddenly realized that the man wasn’t pursuing her and turned to look.

“Sharlee keep going!”

Screenshot-456“Noah!”  She paused.

Screenshot-457Noah shouted.   “Go!”

Screenshot-458They both heard the approaching feet at the same time.   Others had heard Sharlee’s screams and security ran towards them.  The man wrested away from Noah and got to his feet.  Noah stood in between the man and Sharlee.   The man pulled out a gun.

“Look Buddy, you f ‘d up big time.   This will end bad for you.   I’m not gonna let you get away with hurting my wife!”

Screenshot-461“Big words when I’m the one with the gun.”

The two security officers had guns drawn.

One of the officers shouted.  “Drop your weapon and put your hands up in the air!”

Screenshot-459Sharlee was right beside one of the officers when Noah turned his head and saw her approaching.

“Sharlee, Baby please stay back!”

The man didn’t drop his weapon.   He kept it pointed toward Noah.

A security officer yelled!  “Drop it Now!”

Screenshot-463The man moved his finger toward the trigger and one of the officers shot him before he could fire it.   Sharlee screamed and pushed past the other officer.   She rushed into Noah’s arms.

Screenshot-466They found out that Sharlee would have been the man’s third known victim.   He had murdered the other two women that he’d attacked over the past year.   He looked like a mild mannered guy.   Definitely not someone you’d expect to be a thief or a murderer.   She was very quiet when they got back home after leaving the police station.     The first thing she did was to strip off every stitch of clothing that she was wearing and throw it in the trash.

Then she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.   Noah walked in the bathroom behind her, and she had the hot water on blistering hot.   He pulled her back before she stepped inside.

Screenshot-471“Sharlee what are you trying to do!”

Screenshot-472He turned the cold water on higher.   Sharlee collapsed down on the bathroom floor in tears.

“I have to clean him off of me.”

Screenshot-474Noah got down on the floor beside her and told her gently.   “You said he didn’t rape you.”

Screenshot-475“He touched me.  His scent is all over me.”

Screenshot-476She started gagging.   Noah helped her over to the toilet and she threw up.   After that she got into the shower and scrubbed her skin almost raw.   

Screenshot-479Then she scooted up next to Noah in bed as close as she possibly could.  He held her tightly.   He slept very little that night, thinking of what had almost happened to her.

Noah was very worried about her.   Even though Sharlee hadn’t been raped, she was still not the same.  He didn’t know what to say to her.    The next morning he called the number on the card that they had been given at the police station.  It was the number of a rape counselor.   He made an appointment for the therapist to see Sharlee.   Sharlee had seen a therapist in the past and so she didn’t argue.

Screenshot-481For a while, Sharlee jumped at every sound and hated being alone.  Mostly at night, she had flashbacks to the assault.   She became very clingy with Noah and was quieter.   She felt very guilty.   Because of her,  Noah had almost been shot.  Noah assured Sharlee that he loved her no matter what.

Screenshot-483Gradually after several therapy sessions, Sharlee was back to her normal, sunny self.   Noah watched as Sharlee danced to a song by a new artist that she had wanted him to hear.   He was relieved to have his happy wife back.


The great concert hall was made by Kiddo!  You can download it here.

24 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eight

  1. Wow, I am relieved that Sharlee wasn’t raped and that she attended counseling. I hope Dale and Alissa pull it together I would not want to see them split after all this time. I can’t believe how grown all the kids are getting to be. I also wan’t wait for Noah and Sharlee to have a baby of their own. Love the grocery store..I miss that from TS2..concert hall is great too.

    • She recognized that she needed help in order to get back to herself and thankfully the therapy did work for her.

      Dale and Alissa are going through a hard time right now. 😦 We’ll see more about why in the next couple of chapters.

      I made the kids grow up too fast! I’m sad about it now! 😥

      I agree. It will be nice when Noah and Sharlee have a baby, but I think it’s still too early for them. They’re still newlyweds. 😀

      Thanks Whitney! I worked hard on the grocery store and thankfully Kiddo had a perfect concert hall! 🙂

      Thank you for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad sharlee didn’t get raped I would throw my clothes away too. Omg, I really hope that dale and Alissa don’t break up I really don’t. They made such a cute couple, talking about dale his hair is different. All the kids are so grown up. I found it so cute how Aidan squeezed between dale and Noah. I want Noah and sharlee to have a baby. I want to see a little Noah. The grocery store is amazing how did u get it and the concert hall😊😊😊

    • I would have thrown mine away too!

      Dale and Alissa are having another tough time. This time it’s effecting all of the children too! 😦

      I thought it was time for Dale to change his look some. Did you like it? I already saw another style that I want to try on him, but the creator hasn’t released it yet! 😀

      I think Aidan is so sweet! Hopefully he’ll stay that way! LOL

      A little Noah would be nice, but not yet! 😀

      Thank you Maisy! I made the grocery store and I put a link for the concert hall at the end of the chapter. Kiddo did a really great job on the concert hall and she has other lots available on her site too.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Love it! I always checked everyday for a new chapter and was so happy to see another! I’m glad Sharlee is ok and normal again! I’m glad Noah wasn’t shot either! Cant wait for the next chapter!

    • Thanks Rhia! I’m so glad that you loved it! 🙂
      I’m sorry it took so long for an update, but I should be back on schedule now. I’m thinking of working on another story too, but I’ll still keep updating Alissa! 😀

      Thankfully Sharlee and Noah both came out of it okay! If anything had happened to either of them, they would have been devastated.

      Thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  4. YAAAYYY new episode!!

    Cara has grown up so much she is SOOO pretty maybe she has a boyfriend hint hint joking but that would be cute!

    Dale and Alissa CANNOT break up after everything they’ve been through I could not bare it don’t you dare!! They are so perfect for eachother maybe when all the kids are moved out they’ll be happier I hope!!

    Cannot believe that Sharlee got assaulted its so horrible but I’m glad that she was able to overcome it because Alissa struggled but then she was properly raped oh dear such misfortune in this family but then that is life and it makes you appreciate how lucky you are to be happy 😀

    Soo great CANNOT WAIT till next chapter!!! Thankyou for making my day lol I do have a life btw I just love this series 😛

  5. Harry, Thank you so much! I was having sort of a blah day and looking at the next chapter that I’ve written. You just gave me the push I needed to start working on what I need to take the pictures. 🙂

    Cara is really pretty! She looks like a black haired clone of Alissa. Boyfriend as in one special? 😀 We’ll see more on her feelings about that in the next chapter.

    Poor Dale and Alissa haven’t always had an easy time together. 😦 There will be more about what’s happening with them in the next chapter too!

    Sharlee has a better understanding of what her mother has been through now. Although she wasn’t raped, it was still a terrifying experience for her.

    I’m really glad that you’re still enjoying the story, and I’ll start working on the next chapter tomorrow. I have to make a few Sims, but after that I should be able to start the pictures. There will definitely be a new update next week.!

    Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting, Harry! 🙂

  6. What a chapter! It started off so lovely, the idea of the hot air balloon on the beach was great. As if Sharlee thought Noah wasn’t excited about their anniversary!
    Alissa and Dale are looking different, it’s a shame they’re not getting along well at the moment. I hope they can sort things out between themselves and spend some more time with their children. The children all look great, Aidan is so sweet that he wants to look like Noah:)
    I can’t believe Sharlee was nearly raped and that she could have been murdered, poor girl! I’m glad Noah came through that door at the right time and didn’t get shot. I hope the man gets locked up and Sharlee doesn’t have to see him again. Sharlee is a strong girl and her and Noah are lucky to have each other:)
    Great chapter!

    • Sorry I’m so late replying, Clairey.

      I’ve wanted to use that hot air balloon ever since I found it! I had to make a couple of poses for it, but it was fun using it for Noah and Sharlee.

      I thought it was time to change Dale and Alissa’s look a bit. Still not completely satisfied with Dale’s hair, but it is a change. LOL
      I know that eventually Alissa will go long again. 🙂

      Yeah, poor Sharlee! She is a very strong girl. I think in some ways stronger than her mother.

      Thanks for reading and for your comments, Clairey! 🙂

  7. I’m pretty sure I left a comment yesterday, I guess WP ate it or something, so I’m trying again.

    The wedding anniversary scene was so sweet and romantic, I loved it, And I love Sharlee and Noah together.

    Cara is such a beautiful young woman, Dale will have a hard time keeping the boys away, that is if he can look up from his work long enough to see what’s going on his house. Most marriages go through rough patches once in a while, hopefully Alissa and Dale can work on theirs and start paying attention to their children, they may not say it but it sounds like they are feeling shaken and ignored and emotionally neglected too.

    It makes me sad to see what Dale’s fall out with Sharlee is doing to his relationship with his younger kids. He needs to realize that by avoiding home (and them), he’s not helping matters, he needs to fix this before he drives all of them away like he did with Sharlee.

    That last scene was scary, I was so afraid for Sharlee. I’m glad the scumbag was caught and dealt with before he could rape Sharlee. And it’s great that therapy’s working for her!

    Enjoyed very much!

    • Blogger and WordPress can be such a pain! Sometimes I’m not sure if some comments that I leave show either!

      I’m so happy you loved it Val! I thought that Noah would make sure that it was special for Sharlee.
      They definitely are one of my favorite couples too. 🙂

      Isn’t Cara gorgeous! I think she might be just a little bit prettier than her mother. 😀
      You are so right about Dale. He needs to start paying more attention to his wife and his children too. They all still need him!
      His withdrawing is making them all miserable. Hopefully he will see that before too much damage is done!
      I guess sometimes things that happen can shake our confidence in ourselves, and we don’t even realize it.

      Their family has always been so close, but now they are drifting away from one another! 😦

      It was a real close call for Sharlee! It’s good that she recognized that she needed therapy so that she could be herself again.

      Thank you for reading my story, Val and for fighting with WordPress to leave me a comment! 🙂

    • Hi Awesome! I’m taking pictures right now, and I should have it posted tomorrow. 😀
      I got behind again. 😦

      I’m glad you’re really enjoying the story! 🙂

  8. Thank god Noel was there to save Sharlee. The fact that someone touched her was awful, no wonder she wanted the shower. Glad to see that she is getting back to normal slowly.

    • It was a real close call for Sharlee!
      I don’t know if I would have ever felt clean again after scum like that touched me. 😦
      Yes, she is slowly getting back to herself!

      Thanks for reading my story, Lucky! 🙂

  9. Omg! I love this story, I have been reading it now for about two weeks. Every free moment I have. Sometimes I get ticked off ,cause of all the bad things keep happening and I just want to put it down. But I can’t I love h families and your one hell of a writer. Keep it up!!

    • Hello Sereta! I’m very glad to meet you and that you love Alissa too! It always makes my day when someone else loves Alissa like I do! 🙂

      Two weeks! Wow, that means you read it from the very beginning! I’ve been meaning to update the Summary, but I really don’t think that you can get a real feeling and attachment for these characters unless you read it from the beginning.

      You’re right. A lot of bad things do happen to this family, but so far they have been able to keep going strong!

      What a great compliment! People like you really encourage me to keep writing the story! 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Alissa!

  10. 😐 Looks like Sharlee has inherited Alissa’s luck! Poor girl, Noah is very protective, though, I hope he can keep her safe otherwise I fear Dale might do the whole “I told you so” routine.

    I feel so bad for Alissa and Dale! I hope they can work things out, I think Dale is being unreasonable, Sharlee is old enough to pick her own husband, and as Alissa said ‘years’ ago, he is acting the same as his mother did in the end. Not. Cool.

    • Yes, she did, poor girl! 😦 Noah is a little too protective sometimes.
      You are right about how Dale would react! LOL

      Dale and Alissa are going through a bad time right now. He is being unreasonable! You’re right. Just like his mother treated Alissa. 😦

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