Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Nine

Screenshot-555After they returned from their trip to Bridgeport,  they had only been home for an hour when Dale changed to go to work at the hospital.   Before he left, Alissa  tried to talk with him about spending more time with the family.  He had become angry.

Screenshot-552“Who are you to talk!   You’re hardly home either.   My job is important.   It involves the lives of innocent children.”

Screenshot-553“Are you saying that their lives are more important to you than your own children’s lives?   They need you too!”

Alissa hadn’t even mentioned their own relationship.   She wanted him to consider their children first.   She was trying to remain calm and not to become angry with him.

Screenshot-556Dale exploded.   “I can’t even talk to you.   This whole conversation is ridiculous!”

He left the house after  that.

Screenshot-599A couple of months later, Shawn and Faye Mayburn were sitting in the school library together doing their homework.  

Faye noticed that Shawn kept looking at her.   She laughed.   “What is it Shawn?   Do I have a zit that I didn’t see?”

Screenshot-603“No.  You know your skin is perfect.  Faye, why don’t we go out sometime?”

Screenshot-600“What do you mean?   We always go out!”

Shawn swallowed hard.   “I mean on a date.”

Faye looked shocked.   “A date!”   She was quiet for a few seconds, thinking of what he’d suggested.

“Shawn you’ve been my best friend for as long as I can remember.   I don’t want that to change.   If dating didn’t work out, you know we wouldn’t still be friends like we are now.”

Screenshot-602Shawn was disappointed, but he agreed.   Of course after that their relationship still changed.     They tried for a while, but they were no longer as comfortable with each other.   They felt awkward.  They quit spending as much time together and talked less often.

Screenshot-588As soon as Duncan lost the ball,  Shawn maneuvered past the other team’s offense and stole it back.  

Screenshot-589He could hear the excitement and the cheers of his teammates and the team’s fans! 

Screenshot-591He made it to his team’s basket and tossed it inside with a right handed floater!  It was a solid three pointer!   

Screenshot-592He looked at the cheerleaders.   Monet was leading them in a cheer for him.   She saw him looking at her and gave him a big smile.  Then she blew him a kiss.   That had been the beginning.

Screenshot-595A few weeks later, Faye walked down the corridor headed to her locker.   She was shocked to see Shawn locking lips with Monet.   She felt shaken.   There was something sleazy about Monet and she didn’t want to see Shawn hurt.   She didn’t admit it to herself, but she was also jealous although she had no right to be so.

Screenshot-596Shawn started to pull away from Monet, but she pulled him back, kissing him even harder.  

Screenshot-597“Don’t go to class.   Let’s skip again and go back to my house.   My parents aren’t home.”

Screenshot-598“Monet, I told you.  I can’t.  I have an exam next period, but we can go somewhere after school.”

“We’d better!”

Shawn smiled at her and then went to his next class.  

Screenshot-604Monet lingered in the hall with a satisfied smile on her face.   Her plan was working like a charm.   She thought back to her panic a few weeks ago, after she’d seen the positive on her home pregnancy test.

She wasn’t sure who the father was, but she knew that if it were either of the two guys she’d been sleeping with she was on her own.  Neither of them would take responsibility and her father would throw her out of the house when he found out that she was pregnant.  She had considered an abortion, but that’s when she had thought of Shawn.   She’d set out to seduce him and it had worked.  

Screenshot-606Shawn was a decent guy, and he was cute.   She knew that when she told him that she was pregnant and that it was his baby, he’d marry her.   A paternity test wouldn’t matter because they would already be married.  With his family’s money, it’d be nothing but the best for her for the rest of her life.   Of course, she’d be saddled with a baby, but it’d be worth it.

Screenshot-616Monet told Shawn about her pregnancy after school that day.   He went home in a daze.   He didn’t know what to do.  He decided to talk with his father, and he went to his Dad’s office at his practice.

Screenshot-615“Dale, Shawn is waiting to see you.”

Screenshot-614Dale frowned.   He had to get to the hospital.   He was doing a surgical rotation there, helping to train new interns.   He was trying to get a pediatric surgical training program started in Santa Fe.

“Tell Shawn that I’ll have to see him later at home.   I have to go to the hospital.  I have people waiting for me.”

Screenshot-620Alissa sat her desk.   She was so tired, not just physically, but also emotionally.   This just wasn’t worth it to her anymore.   Her producer and friend, Mark came into her office.

Screenshot-623“Okay, out with it Alissa.   What’s wrong?  You’re not your usual bubbly self.”

“Mark, I’m thinking of resigning.”

“Resigning!   Why?”

Screenshot-622“Conan wants this job, and I’m tired of fighting.   My family needs me more and this job just isn’t worth it.”

Screenshot-631Mark was very surprised.   “It doesn’t matter whether or not he wants it.   He’s not getting it.   I guess you didn’t know, but his contract with the studio is about to run out.   The studio won’t be renewing it.   His rating numbers don’t even compare to yours!  Is that why you’ve been doing so many more shows?”

Screenshot-632“Yeah, I guess I’ve worked myself to death for nothing!”

After that conversation with Mark, Alissa went back to her old work schedule of two shows a month rather than one every week.   However, in some ways it was too late for her family.

Screenshot-582After the session with the students, Dale was in his office at the hospital working.   It was after 6:00, but he hadn’t even noticed the time.   Dr. Cortez walked in and took a seat opposite his desk.   She was a new doctor who’d only been working at the hospital for a few months.    She had changed into her street clothes.  All the male doctors thought she was hot, but it was clear to everyone except Dale that she had her eye set on him.

“Dale you’re coming to dinner with me, and I won’t take no for an answer.”

Screenshot-580Dale looked up at her in surprise.   He hadn’t even noticed when she’d come into his office.   Now that she had his attention, she slowly crossed her legs and leaned in closer to his desk, making sure that he had a view of her bosom.

Screenshot-579She said provocatively, looking him in the eye.   “I’m actually a smashing cook.   I’m especially good at appetizers or we could have something special for dessert.   What do you have a taste for?”

Screenshot-583This was a wake-up call for Dale.  Was he giving off some type of signal that he was available?  When he really thought about it, he hadn’t been behaving as though he were a happily married man and father.   He couldn’t remember the last time when he’d even kissed Alissa or had really talked with her without it becoming an argument.

Dale ran his finger across his wedding ring.   He had a beautiful wife whom he loved.   If it wasn’t too late, he was going to prove that to her again.

Screenshot-586“Armela, we’re not ever having dinner together.   I’ve got dinner and dessert waiting at home for me, and I’m very late!”

Dale quickly gathered his things and left the hospital to go home.

Screenshot-558 When he got there,  he didn’t think that anyone was home.   He headed to his home office and was surprised to find Cara inside sitting in the dark.   He turned on the light and saw that she was crying.

Screenshot-559He sat beside her on the loveseat and pulled her close.   “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t tell you Daddy.   You’ll hate me.”

“I can’t promise that I won’t get upset, but I can promise that no matter what happens I will always love you and help you.  You can tell me anything, Sweetheart.”

Cara cried even harder.   She was thinking of what had happened earlier in the evening.  

Screenshot-607Duncan and she had gone out together after school and then he’d come back to the house with her.  He had been just the latest guy she had agreed to go out with.   She didn’t have a steady boyfriend.

They’d done their homework, and then he’d started kissing her.   She’d let him go further this time than she’d ever let any guy go before.  Finally he’d started undressing her.  Cara didn’t stop him.   She was hoping that maybe she would finally feel something.  

She liked Duncan more than the other guys, but even with him there was something missing.  She felt no deep emotion.  He’d stripped off his own clothes and then he went wild.  He scared her.  At the last moment she changed her mind.  She felt nauseous.  

Screenshot-611She pushed him off and ran into the bathroom and locked the door.  

Screenshot-609He’d come and knocked on the door.   “Cara come back out.   We’re not finished!  You can’t lead me on like that!”   After a while she’d heard him leave the house.

Screenshot-561Cara blurted it out.   “I almost slept with Duncan.”

Screenshot-562Dale felt like he’d been punched in the stomach.  This was not what he had expected to hear.   “You almost slept with him?”

Screenshot-563Cara moved away and answered.  “It was awful Daddy.   It was the worst thing I’ve ever done.”

“Did he try to force you?”

Cara told him what happened.

Screenshot-564“Why did you do it!”  Dale was trying to stay calm, but it came out harsher than he’d intended.   He saw Cara draw back and then softened his tone. 

“Why did you let things go so far with him, Honey?”

Screenshot-565Cara tried to think of the right words to tell him how she had been feeling.  

“Mom met you when she was in high school and Sharlee met Noah in high school too.   They both found the perfect guy for them.   It just doesn’t seem to be happening for me.   I don’t seem to feel anything like that for the guys that I date.   All of the girls at school are crazy over Duncan.   I think something is wrong with me because I don’t feel like that about anyone.  I wish I hadn’t let things get so far.   I feel so ashamed.   I took a shower, but I still feel so yucky.  I’m never sleeping with a guy.”

Screenshot-567Dale felt many emotions pass through him.   Sadness, disappointment, but mainly anger with himself.   If he’d spent the time with Cara that she deserved, then she would have talked with him before this about how she was feeling, and she would not have come so close to giving herself to a boy who didn’t love and respect her.

“Cara, I am so sorry that this happened to you.   When it’s the right person, at the right time, sleeping together is a wonderful experience.    Most people don’t meet the person that they marry, their life partner, as teenagers.   The fact that it happened to your mother is very rare.  It didn’t happen to me as a teen.”  

Dale intentionally didn’t mention Sharlee.   He still wasn’t convinced that Noah was the right person for her. 

Screenshot-569“Think about your grandfather Matthew and grandmother Kaye.   You know how old they both were when they met and married.   Matthew was already a grandfather three times.”

Screenshot-570Cara’s expression finally looked hopeful and less lost.   “Oh, that is true!”

Screenshot-572“Even if you never meet someone special and get married, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be happy.   A lot of people never marry and yet they lead full, contented lives.   You will be a successful, famous photographer whether you have a man at home or not!”

Cara laughed and smiled.

Dale hugged her, and then he told her, “I love you, Cara, and I promise that I will be here for you from now on.  I’m sorry that I’ve been out of touch for so long.  If you ever want to talk to me about anything at anytime, please don’t hesitate.  You are my beautiful, special baby girl!”

Screenshot-578She wiped away her tears.  “I love you too, Daddy.”

Dale’s stomach growled.

Screenshot-577“Hey, since you’re feeling better, why don’t you put on a pretty dress and let your old man take you out to dinner.   Just the two of us.”

Cara got up and rushed upstairs to change.

Screenshot-643Later that evening Aidan and Joy ran into the house ahead of Alissa.   Aidan’s soccer game had gone into overtime.   They rushed to play before bedtime.  Aidan jumped on his hobby horse.

Screenshot-646Joy turned on the jukebox and danced.

Alissa had noticed that Cara’s car was in the garage, but not Shawn’s.   She was surprised that he wasn’t there.   However, she wasn’t surprised that Dale’s wasn’t there.

Screenshot-640When Cara wasn’t in the house, Alissa wondered if she were on a date.   It was time to keep a better check on her children’s activities like she used to do.   She decided that now was the time to start.   She called Cara on her cellphone.

Screenshot-633.1When Cara answered, she sounded happy.   Alissa realized that it had been a while since Cara had sounded that way and remembered her conversation with Sharlee.   Alissa felt a stab of guilt that she had put her family in last place in her priorities for as long as she did.

“I’m with Daddy!   He took me out to dinner.”

Screenshot-636Alissa was so pleased and surprised.   “He did?”

“Yes.   He wants to speak with you.”

Screenshot-634“Hi Honey.   When I get home, we need to talk.”

Screenshot-639“Yes, I want to.”

Alissa wasn’t sure where Shawn was either.   She knew he didn’t have a game, but maybe he was out on a date too.   She wasn’t sure of who either Shawn or Cara were dating.  She decided to call him next.   Her call went to his voice mail.  

Screenshot-641She sent him the first of several text messages.


Thanks Jacqueline for letting me use your high school.  

Thank you Maddie for letting me use Keri/Monet. 

Val, thanks again for the Red Roof restaurant.

22 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Nine

  1. Oh wow, look what happens when the parents go AWOL! I can’t believe Monet wants to trap poor Shawn with a baby! (You made her look amazing, by the way.) I hope he figures it out soon, or at least doesn’t decide to marry her. That would be so sad for him. He needs to be with Faye, since that great friendship could be a solid start for a wonderful relationship.

    I’m so glad Cara didn’t go through with sleeping with Duncan! I’m proud of her. It can be hard to get out of situations like that, and a lot of girls wouldn’t have been able to, let alone talk to their dads about it. I hope Dale will spend more time with her and she will change her ways because of getting more guidance.

    I got scared for a minute when I saw the hot female doctor flirting with Dale…a lot of men would have taken that bait because of a rough spot in their marriage, but he’s clearly better than that. I’m also surprised he’s taking so long to truly accept Noah. Does this mean there’s actually something to his feelings that Sharlee belongs with someone else? I honestly can’t tell if he’s just being a dad or if there’s something in Noah that Sharlee isn’t seeing.

    • You are so right! This was a very bad stage in their children’s lives for them to go AWOL.

      Monet is really devious. I think that are certain types of girls who prey on boys just like there are certain boys who prey on girls too. I’m glad you like how she turned out! 🙂

      Yes, Cara is a very strong girl! She was close to her father and hopefully she will be again.

      Yeah, most men would have taken that bait, but Dale and Alissa have had such rough times that I didn’t think that Dale would want to do anything to make things worse between them. He does still love Alissa.

      Dale does still see something in Noah that he doesn’t like and he thinks that Sharlee would do better with a different type of guy. He is afraid that Noah will hurt Sharlee in the long run. Sharlee knows Noah’s faults and loves him anyway. Dale still hasn’t accepted that. More in future chapters will show why Dale was worried.

      Thanks for reading, Maddie and for commenting! 🙂

  2. Alissa was right the children do need Dale In there lives. Faye is really pretty.
    I don’t like Monet, she thinks she’s so cool.she looks quite like a devil.

    I’m so glad dale didn’t agree to go out with dr.cortez I was really scared that she would

    I’m so glad cara didn’t sleep with Duncan she is a very strong girl and I am very proud of her.

    Joy and aiden are very cute!joy is such a cute little dancer

    Dale was very nice for taking cara out to dinner

    I wonder what Shawn is up to

    Lovely chapter as usual u made my day

    • Dale shouldn’t have neglected them the way that he has. He’ll regret that he did it even more in the next chapter. 😦
      Yeah, Monet thinks she’s irresistible. Poor Shawn thought she was too.

      I think Faye is really pretty too! She’s actually Bebe Hart from Sunset Valley. She’s one of my favorite Sims.

      Dale does still love Alissa. He’s just allowed himself to become too distracted, but he didn’t want to make an even bigger mistake by getting close to Dr. Cortez.
      If he had done that, then it really would be over for him and Alissa.

      You’re right, Cara is a strong girl! In some ways stronger than her mother.

      Aren’t Joy and Aiden cute! I plan to do more with them in upcoming chapters. 🙂

      I thought that Cara really needed that special time with her father.

      What is Shawn up to! More on that in the next chapter.

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it Maisy!
      Thank you so much for reading my story, and I’m really happy that it made your day! 🙂

  3. wow since the Easter Holidays ended i’d forgotten about Alissa and was so pleasantly surprised to see that there was another one!! 😀

    I actually thought for a second there that Dale was going to end up cheating on Alissa – so glad that it was a wake up call for him! But it’s a shame because to me he still doesn’t seem like his old self. He should realize that Sharlee has made her decision to get married and its good that he feels fatherly towards her but he’s being patronizing (in my opinion).

    Poor Shawn 😥 he shouldn’t be with that b*tch she’s nasty piece of **** pardon my french! But I can sympathize with him when it comes to him and Faye. Crossing over from friendship to a romantic relationship is really difficult. I had a similar experience when a guy said he loved me and he said we could carry on being friends or we could go out. I said we should stay friends because I was so afraid of losing him. He has a lovely girlfriend now and I believe they’ll be together for a long time maybe even forever. I’m happy for them 🙂 but I think I might accidentally be slightly in love with him I’m not sure… Sorry just sharing my life with you…! But Shawn shouldn’t miss his chances with Faye because he’ll probably regret it.

    Poor Cara about Duncan 😦 it was good of Dale to be kind but then again it was partially his fault. Cara is still so pretty and there is such a resemblance (I think personally) to Sharlee and she looks so much like Shawn! I hope she realizes that it isn’t simple finding love and you probably wont find the right one in your teens even if you feel such strong feelings you are adamant that they are the one. But she wasn’t feeling that and she should take Dale’s advice…

    Where is Shawn?!

    Okay this is much longer than I intended it to be so I’ll wrap it up, thanks for making my 4 hour shift of homework which I’m about to embark upon much more bearable! Cannot wait till the next one, thanks so much for, well, just doing this series!! 😀 😉 bye bye!!

    • Hopefully updates will be weekly again now that things are back to normal for me. 🙂

      Dale definitely had the opportunity to cheat, but he knew that would completely ruin his relationship with Alissa.
      You’re right. He isn’t back to his old self yet. Hopefully he will be soon though. I don’t know if parents ever really quit worrying about their children.
      Even after their children have grown and moved away. He may be a bit patronizing, but its hard for him because he feels so strongly that Sharlee has made a big mistake by marrying Noah.
      Maybe eventually his attitude will change. 😦

      Yours and Maisy’s comments about Monet made me laugh! That’s exactly what she is! We’ll see even more so in the next few chapters.

      You are right about crossing from friendship to romance. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and friendships end completely because of it.
      Oh, so sad about you and your friend! I think that you have a good attitude about it though!

      Neglecting your children at Shawn and Cara’s age can have a bad result and that’s what Dale and Alissa have done. They are both going to really regret it! 😥
      I just looked at Sharlee and Cara again. They do really favor each other! Cara and Shawn are twins and they look a lot alike too!

      Yeah, I decided that Cara won’t have a steady boyfriend. She’s just going to have fun and not worry about it just like Dale told her! 🙂
      Maybe when she goes to college or maybe not till after that. 😀

      We’ll find out what Shawn is up to in the next chapter. 😯

      I enjoyed your comment! It wasn’t too long! 🙂

      You are so welcome, Harry! I’m really pleased to know that you like reading Alissa so much! 🙂

  4. Hello! Sorry I haven’t replied in ages! I’ve been trapped in a spiral of school and stuff, but now I’m free!
    God, with another girl that wants to ruin someone’s life! (This is some real deja vu.)
    Poor Shawn has been tricked! Oh, I hope that they get the truth!
    Oh, Cara. Oh oh oh oh Cara.
    Thanks for the last few chapters!

    • Hi Anaiah! Don’t feel bad! I wasn’t able to work on the story for a while anyway. Hope school is going well! 🙂

      Their family seems to draw the crazies!

      Yeah, both Cara and Shawn are having a hard time right now. 😦

      Dale didn’t give in to temptation. He still loves his wife and his family, but he did need something or someone to force him to wake up! 😀

      You are very welcome! Glad you’re back! 🙂

  5. well things are just falling all apart. I sure hope that Shawn freaking tells his parents although Dale totally brushed him off. 😦 Now I see a bigger issue and knowing Dale, he’s gonna insist on a paternity test or Alissa at the very least. Hell Dale is a doctor he should be able to do the math. They better get Shawn out of this somehow otherwise he’s screwed for life. 😦

    • You’re right, Jaz! 😦
      Sean really does need to talk with his parents, but they’ve all drifted apart lately.
      Dale and Alissa will insist on a paternity test. We’ll see more on that in the next chapter.
      Sean and Cara are definitely at the wrong age for their parents to lose touch with them and Dale and Alissa will be sorry that they have. 😥

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  6. OH wow so much is happening im happy Dale realized how he was acting and is trying to fix it and that Cara went with her feelings and stopped what she was doing.
    poor Sean is getting played around by that girl like who would do such a thing I hope everything works out for him.
    and Dale and Alissa need to work this out they family is on a fragile line.

    • Yes, they are all having a very rough time right now! 😦

      It is good that Dale recognizes how wrong and selfish he’s been to withdraw from his family for such a long time.

      That was a close call for Cara! She’s relieved that she didn’t go through with it.

      Yeah, poor Sean is being used and doesn’t even see it. 😥

      Dale and Alissa do need to make changes now. Hopefully they haven’t waited too long!

      Thanks for reading, Monae and for your feedback! 🙂

  7. Uh Oh! Things aren’t going well for Shawn. What a manipulative little so and so Monet is. I hope he finds out the truth sooner rather than later. I can’t believe Dale ignored him like that! Poor Cara as well, she’s such a beautiful girl:) I’m glad she didn’t take things all the way with him, she would have felt even worse. But what a horrible thing for her to go through. I’m sure she’ll find her Mr Right soon enough:)
    It’s about time Dale started to realise where his priorities lie, I know his work is important but his family should come first. Hopefully his and Alissa’s talk will go well and they can sort out their problems.
    I hope they find out where Shawn is and they can talk to him,
    Great chapter, as always:)

    • No things are really not going well for him! He got involved with the wrong person.
      Since Shawn came to his office specially to see him, Dale should have made sure that it wasn’t anything important.
      He should have spoken with Shawn himself instead of having his receptionist give Shawn a message.

      Cara did get herself into a difficult situation, but at least she stopped it in time. I think she’s beautiful too! 😀
      It will be a while before Mr. Right comes along for her. 🙂

      You are completely right about Dale! He should have done that a long time ago and not neglected his family.

      Thanks Clairey! Thanks for continuing to read my story! 🙂

  8. So much happened in this update, my head is spinning!

    Okay, Monet, I have to wonder about her parents and the type of upbringing she had, she must have learned it somewhere or seen it from someone to be so manipulative at such a young age. I really, really hope Dale and Alissa put their foot down if/and when Shawn decides to marry Monet. Better yet they should insist on a paternity test before things get too far.

    I totally understand where Alissa’s coming from, at some point you just gotta weigh your options and decide if the job means more than your family.

    Aw, Cara, I just wanted to hug her. She shouldn’t rush it, it will happen when the time is right. I’m glad that despite the rift in their relationship she still trusted Dale and was able to open up to him.

    While we on Dale, good for him for brushing off Dr. Cortez’ advances, let’s hope she gets the hint and stays away from him and his family. She’s very pretty, any guy would be happy to be her playmate, she should just stay away from Dale and not ruin his marriage.

    I’m very happy Alissa and Dale are finally going to talk, hope it goes well for them, after all they’ve been through it would be such a shame to lose it all now.

    Great, emotional update, Daisies!

    • We’ll meet Monet’s parents in the next chapter, and see what kind of upbringing she’s really had.

      Yes, Alissa realized that her life and her family’s life wasn’t going the way it should. Things had become out of balance. 😦

      Poor Cara! You’re right, Val. She shouldn’t rush it. Hopefully now that she’s had that talk with Dale she will really understand that.

      I was really pleased with how Dr. Cortez turned out! 😀 I have such a problem with making pretty sims.
      I think that Dale told her firmly and in a nice way that he wasn’t interested. Hopefully she got the message and will look elsewhere.

      Yeah, Dale and Alissa really need to work things out for themselves and for their children’s sakes. You are so right! They have been through too much to lose it all now!

      Thanks so much, Val! I really appreciate that! 🙂

    • That’s their dog, Domino. I haven’t mentioned him in the story lately. He’s not in the savefile that I’m using right now, but they do still have him. He used to just run in the room when I was doing the pictures. 😀

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