Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Ten

Screenshot-649Dale and Cara got home at around 10:00.  Alissa was sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace.   Dale could tell that something had upset her since he’d spoken with her on the phone.   Cara hugged them both and then went up to her room.   She felt happier than she had for a long time and relieved to know that she was normal.

Dale sat down beside Alissa.   “What is it, Honey?”

Alissa handed him her cellphone.   It was a text that she’d received from Shawn just before Dale had arrived home.

It said:  “Monet and I got married tonight.   I’ll see you in the morning to explain.”

“This has to be a joke!”

Alissa shook her head.

Screenshot-655“Who the hell is Monet!”

“I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing she is or was his girlfriend.”

“Well it’s going to be annulled!”

Screenshot-657Alissa put her face in her hands and started sobbing. 

Screenshot-658Dale tried to comfort her.    He felt just as devastated.   Neither of them slept at all that night.   They were still in the livingroom when Joy and Aiden came downstairs.   Alissa got up and fixed breakfast and then Cara, Aiden and Joy left for school.

Screenshot-691Finally Shawn came home with Monet.   He introduced them.

“Mom and Dad this is Monet.  Monet these are my parents Dale and Alissa Stallworth.”

Screenshot-692“It’s nice to meet you both Mom and Dad.”

Alissa’s mouth tightened when Monet called them that.   Her first impression of Monet was not a good one.   She looked like a sly, loose girl and Alissa wondered what Monet had done to trick her little boy into marriage.  They had taught him to be a gentleman, but they hadn’t taught him to watch out for girls like Monet.

Screenshot-684Dale didn’t mince his words.   “This is ridiculous.   You are both far too young for marriage and legally you have to have parental consent to marry.   You won’t receive that from either your mother or me, Shawn.   Your marriage is going to be annulled.”

Screenshot-686Monet spoke up, but Shawn cut across her.   “If the bride is pregnant then you don’t have to have parental consent here in Santa Fe.”

Screenshot-685Alissa was stunned.   Pregnant!

Screenshot-693She looked Monet in the eye and held out her hand to Shawn indicating that she wanted him to be silent.   

“Is the baby really Shawn’s?”

Screenshot-694“Of course it is.”  

Both Dale and Alissa knew she was lying.

Screenshot-695“I want to talk with you privately Shawn!”

Screenshot-659Dale took Shawn into his office.  

“Why didn’t you talk to me before you did this?”

Shawn just looked at him without answering.  Dale remembered that Shawn had tried, but Dale had sent him away.   The guilt was adding up, but this time he couldn’t let it cripple him like he’d let his guilt over Sharlee.   His children had suffered greatly because of his selfishness.

“I’m so sorry, Son.   I share part of the blame for this situation.   Do you love her?”

Screenshot-663Shawn hadn’t even considered that.   He liked her a lot and loved sleeping with her, but was he in love with her?   He didn’t know, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying to be a good husband and father.

Screenshot-660Shawn’s silence was Dale’s answer.   “Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to stay married to her Shawn.  Even if the baby is yours, you can still be a good father without being married to Monet.”

Screenshot-661Shawn hadn’t thought that his father would feel that way.   He’d believed that his father would feel that he owed Monet marriage if he got her pregnant.   However, it was too late now.  He’d made vows to her and he intended to keep them.

“I have to keep my word, Dad.   I married her for better or worse.”

Screenshot-668Dale looked at his son with a new respect.

“Shawn I’m proud of you for trying to take responsibility for your actions, but what if this baby isn’t yours?  What if she’s not even pregnant?  We’ll definitely get a paternity test.”

Screenshot-664Shawn didn’t believe that Monet would lie to him.

“Dad, she wouldn’t lie about something like that.  Even if it isn’t mine, I’m married to her now.  I do care about her and she needs me.”

Screenshot-667“What do you plan to do now that you’re married?  Where do you intend to live?  How do you intend to support a wife and child?”

Dale saw a look of panic come into Shawn’s eyes.  Shawn was still very young.   He and Cara were twins, but both Cara and Sharlee were more mature than Shawn at this age.  He found out later that Monet was two years older than Shawn although just one grade ahead of him.   She had been held back the previous year of high school.

Screenshot-669“I plan to get a job and quit school.  I was hoping that we could stay here until I save up enough money to get us our own place.”

Screenshot-670Dale knew how unrealistic Shawn’s plan was.   Any job that a boy his age could get would not provide enough money to pay all of his bills.   Shawn needed to stay in school.   Dale and Alissa had worked hard over the years, not just for themselves, but because they had wanted their children to have the best possible futures.  He decided to have a talk with Alissa.

“Shawn, we’ll talk more later.   You and…”  Dale paused, hating to even say that girl’s name, “Monet can stay with us until you get things set up.”

Screenshot-671Shawn breathed a sigh of relief.   He’d expected his parents to be angry.   Maybe even yell, but instead they seemed sad and resigned.

Screenshot-673While Dale was in his office with Shawn, Alissa was in the greatroom with Monet.

“Why Shawn, Monet?”

Screenshot-674“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

Screenshot-677“I’ll speak plainly.  Why did you pull this stunt on my son?”

Screenshot-675Monet frowned angrily, her phony mask of politeness was gone.  

“I’m not pulling a stunt you bitch!   Shawn and I are in love.”

Screenshot-676“Girl, my son may be naive, but I can assure you that I am not!   You have him for now and you’d better treat him right.   If you don’t you will answer to me!”  

Screenshot-678Alissa knew that this was getting off to a bad start.   Whether she liked it or not, Monet was Shawn’s wife now. 

“For Shawn’s sake, we will have to try to get along.   Even though I don’t believe that you are carrying Shawn’s child, until we get verification from your doctor, I will take your word for it that you are indeed pregnant.  I just want you to know that you have not deceived me!”

Alissa was very upset.  She had to get herself under control.   She wanted to be supportive and help Shawn make the best of this mess.   She went into her bedroom.

Screenshot-683Dale found Alissa in their bedroom, and they decided what they would do for Shawn.

Screenshot-697They talked with him the next day.

“Shawn your mother and I have discussed what we plan to do to help you and Monet.   We are going to purchase a small home for you.   Your Mom is going to meet with a real estate agent and find the best place.”

“Wow, thanks so much Mom and Dad.   You don’t know how much I appreciate that.   I’ve already started trying to find a job.”

Screenshot-704“There’s more Shawn.   You have to stay in school.  A part-time job is fine, but don’t quit school.”

Screenshot-702Shawn frowned.   “Getting a place for us is a huge help, but I have to work to pay the bills.  There’s no way I’ll earn enough part-time!”

Screenshot-699Dale knew that even if Shawn quit and worked full-time, there was still no way a young kid like him could earn enough to take care of a family.   Shawn just wasn’t ready for this responsibility.   Dale felt a rush of anger, again mostly at himself.  

Shawn should be worried about his next game, his term papers, exams, who he was taking out Saturday night, not making ends meet for himself, a wife and a baby!  Over and over again Dale kept screwing things up!   He stopped that line of thought and concentrated on Shawn again.

“When you and your brothers and sisters were born, your mother and I set up trust funds for each of you.   They are intended to pay for college and give you each a good start afterwards.    Over the years your mother and I, as well as all of your grandparents have contributed to the trusts.”  

Dale looked at Alissa.  He felt himself becoming too emotional, and so she told Shawn the rest.

Screenshot-705“We’ve decided that until you graduate from college, you will receive a monthly allowance of $1500.00 from your trust fund as well as full control of it at the age of 25.  It is conditional upon you remaining in school.   Between the allowance and a part-time job, you will be able to meet your financial obligations.  You will have to learn to budget your money.”

Screenshot-713Dale sighed deeply.   Shawn did not yet even know how to reconcile a check book.   He had a lot to learn quickly.  

“Also Shawn, there is one other condition.   Monet is not to know about the trust fund.”


Screenshot-700“Those trust funds are something special that your mother and I wanted to do for each of you.”  

Screenshot-712Dale’s voice broke, and so Alissa continued for him. 

“We wanted each of you to have the best starts possible.   Sharlee refused to accept her trust fund.  She has agreed that the money can be held in trust for her’s and Noah’s first child whenever they decide to have one.  You know how difficult things have been for them.   Noah doesn’t know about it, and we think it best if Monet doesn’t know about it either.”

Screenshot-701“Well, Noah wouldn’t take the money even if he did know about it.”

Shawn didn’t really understand why they didn’t want him to tell Monet, but he was just grateful that his parents were helping them.   It wasn’t much to ask him in return.

“I won’t tell her about the money.   I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’re doing.  One day Mom and Dad, I’ll pay you back for everything.”

Screenshot-714“Shawn, you’re our son.  Don’t even think about having to pay us back.  The money is yours anyway.”

Dale felt like he was being cheated out of his last few years with Shawn before he went to college.  He had already wasted more than a year of time with all of his children.   He just hoped that it wasn’t too late to repair the damage to his relationships with them and with Alissa.

35 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Ten

  1. Please don’t tell me that Shawn’s life is going to be a repeat to his parents. If it is, then this is totally bogus. I really really HATE that Bitch…..opps, I mean witch. Gotta watch my language, but she has really irked me. I know exactly what I would love to do to her at this moment (Chapter 92).

    • Hopefully, not a repeat, but sometimes children do make the same mistakes that their parents made. 😦

      B’ witch! LOL I completely understand your reaction to Monet! 😀

      I had to go back and look at Chapter 92. LOL
      Monet tricked him into marrying her.
      She is such a bad choice for Shawn. At least it appears that way right now.

      Thanks for reading, Pinky! 🙂

      Pinky, I shouldn’t reply to comments when I’m sleepy! 😀 I can’t believe that I called you Monet from the story!

      • I was thinking, too bad Shawn did not walk in while Monet was calling his mother a bitch. I really hope he sees her for what she is really soon.

      • Oh that would have really been something!
        Then he would have seen her for what she really is!
        He’ll find out very soon though. 😦

  2. I can’t believe Shawn married Monet.she is unbelievable!!!!! Dale should be devastated.when Monet said its nice to meet u she was just trying to be nice she couldn’t be nice not her. Really mum and dad she has her own parents!!!! She does look like a sly,loose girl I agree
    Dale is right it is ridiculous they ARE to young to marry

    Good on u dale go talk to him,I can’t believe he doesn’t like her.poor Shawn he must be so worried.Shawn NEEDS to stay in school. School is very important. Shawn and her aren’t in love

    I don’t think Dale and Alissa should buy the house

    Again a real cool update:)

    • Dale is very devastated. They are too young to marry, but there isn’t anything that Dale can do about it now. 😦

      Dale and Alissa feel such guilt over what has happened with Shawn. It’s either help them get a place or have Monet and Shawn live with them.

      Monet doesn’t get along with her parents, and she knows that now that she is pregnant they would not help her. She is even worse than Dale and Alissa realize. We’ll see more in later chapters about her.

      Thank you Maisy! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. OH NO that Monet is horrible poor Shawn he has a good heart tho but that’s not fair to him just take his youth away now he has to care for her and another man baby.

    Dale and Alissa was too calm about it all I guess they felt they couldn’t be to mad about cause they haven’t spent time with the kids and feel partly fault that this happen .

    I know Dale is having a hard time with this first Sharlee go and get married and now Shawn I hope this mess is worked out and soon.

    Wonderful chapter as always cant wait for the next one 🙂

    • Yes she is! You’re right. She is trying to take away his youth just like she threw away her own youth! 😡

      They were sort of calm around him and Monet, but they vented in private. There isn’t so much Alissa can say because she made a very similar with Bronson mistake when she was around Shawn’s age. You’re so right! She and Dale blame themselves because they weren’t taking the time that they should have with their children and now they are seeing what effect their neglect caused. 😦

      Yeah, Dale is having a hard time, but this time he’s going to try even harder with his family instead of withdrawing from them.

      Thank you so much Monae! 🙂

      I should start working on the next chapter later in the week. I have to go out of town again next week, and so the next chapter will be posted on Sunday rather than Monday. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Best one yet. I think that somehow that girl is going to find out about it and use up every last drop. I hope that sharlee gets pregnant then it will be 3 or 4 generations however you look at it.

    • Thank you Awesome! 🙂

      Monet is definitely sly like that. Dale and Alissa can already see it.

      Wow! That is a lot of generations when Sharlee has a baby. LOL

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. Now this is all kinds of messed up!

    I’m fuming right now at Monet, while she’s trying to save her own skin, she has no idea how much she’s ruined Shawn’s life or maybe she does and she just doesn’t care.

    By the time they get paternity of the child I’m afraid it will be too late, she would have enmeshed herself so thoroughly into their lives it will be hard to get rid of her.

    I really wish Shawn had waited and talked things through with his parents before he took such a huge, life-changing step. That viper has sunk her claws in and if/when she learns about the trust fund I’m afraid she won’t let go of Shawn.

    I feel for Alissa and Dale. If I had Monet for a daughter in law she’d drive me to drink for sure.

    • Yes, it is a big mess! Poor Shawn!

      Monet only cares about Monet. We’ll see even more so in the next chapter and how long she’s been this way.

      That is a good point about the paternity test. Right now though, Shawn feels that it doesn’t matter because he’s already married to her. 😦

      Yeah, it would definitely have been better to talk with his parents before he married her, but he didn’t feel as close to them as before. Neither of them had been spending quality time with him for over a year, and maybe he didn’t feel that they cared about him and what happened to him as much. Sometimes children start to wonder if their parents care when they don’t spend time with them. That’s what had begun to happen with Shawn and the rest of the children. 😥

      It will be even harder for Dale and Alissa as time passes. Monet isn’t going to make things easy for them.
      She’d drive me to drink too!

      Thank you for reading my story, Val! 🙂

  6. omg yay 110! This story just gets better and better! Or worse, for the characters, I suppose 😥

    Monet is nasty how dare she say ‘mom and dad’ as if they will welcome her (well knowing how kind they are they might but not happily!) into their family. She’s such a sl*t, kind-of like Kat except worse! Poor Shawn, he’s got into a tangle he might struggle to get out of! Since we know Monet IS pregnant but it isn’t Shawn’s, technically if she ran off with someone else he would have no obligation to care for the child? That’s a relief because she seems like the kind of person to do that! But poor baby as-well…!

    I think Alissa and Dale made a sensible decision, because if Monet found out then she might continue their relationship just for the money… I hope Shawn doesn’t slip up and tell her! I wonder what Cara will think of Monet, and what about Joy and Aiden – will they understand? I can forsee Cara and Money not exactly calling each other their bff, oh this is such an awful situation for Shawn I hope he doesn’t lose anyone as a result of it… He would make a great father anyway he just needs to learn to grow up into a man! Hopefully he won’t have to…

    You just made my homework hour SOOO much better, once again thankyou 😀

    • LOL I’m glad you were looking forward to it, Harry, and still enjoying it! 😀

      I know! Calling them Mom and Dad all the while knowing how she was using their son! 😡

      Yeah, Shawn has really got himself in a big mess and doesn’t even realize how bad it is yet.
      Slut describes Monet perfectly! You’re right. She doesn’t seem like she will make a good mother.

      It’s good that Alissa and Dale saw right away what kind of person Monet is. She is money hungry too.

      Cara’s reaction to Monet is in the next chapter. Do you think that Cara doesn’t like Monet? 😯 LOL Joy and Aidan probably won’t really understand what’s going on. I don’t think that Dale and Alissa should go into any deep details when explaining what happened with Shawn. Just say that Shawn is married to her now. 😦

      It really is an awful situation for Shawn because he feels a strong sense of responsibility. He knows that he made a big mistake by sleeping with Monet, and he thinks that this is the way to set things right. He also believes that Monet really needs him. Poor sweet Shawn!

      You are very welcome, Harry, and thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  7. Ohh noo, what a chapter. I wonder what caras going to think about her brother getting married and i hope that monet will slip up in front of shawnn or even the family, i also hope that cara can see the evilness of monet and try and talk it through with shawn.

  8. what the hell was that? UM NOPE I refuse to believe this chapter. He went and married her without talking to his parents first!!! What the hell. NOPE damn it Shawn you have to be smarter than that I mean really. That was your first reaction. That chick has been around, you have to have known that and you just trust her after sleeping with her once. What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?

    To hell with her being pregnant, I would still get that annulled. And she wouldn’t be getting any help from me until after it was proven to be my son’s. Alissa knows what’s up. Keep a close eye on that girl and throw her out on her ass when its proven to not be Shawn’s.

    This chapter ticked me off. I was not expecting him to make such a rash decision like that.

    • Jaz, I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I can hardly type! 😀

      Yeah, he married her! A huge mistake!
      I guess he thought he was different than the other guys she’s dated. That she thought he was special.
      He fell for her act. (I’m still laughing Jaz! I would feel the same way you do!)

      Dale and Alissa want it annulled too, but at this point, Shawn doesn’t. So they are going to try to help him for now. 😦
      More on the paternity test in the next chapter. Yeah, Alissa can see exactly what kind of girl Monet is. She isn’t fooling her at all.

      Shawn has really messed up big time!
      Sorry it ticked you off! You’ll probably be even more upset in the next couple of chapters. 😀

      Remember how mad I was in Kiss? LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  9. Get rid of that witch for starters. How dare he not consult his parents before marryng her. The baby better not be his, that way she can go run and jump.

    How could you do this to us 😦

    • LOL She is a witch isn’t she!
      Yeah, it would have been better if he had talked with them first, but he didn’t feel that he was very important to them right now.

      I’m sorry, Lucky! 😦 Poor, poor Shawn.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  10. Oh my! I was so shocked when I read that about recieving a text that Shawn and Monet had gotten married! I honestly didn’t see it coming. I thought Shawn would have been smarter than that, although I guess he was upset after Dale turned him away.
    I can’t stand Monet and I loved how sassy Alissa was being with her!:)
    I hope they can prove Monet’s baby isn’t Shawn’s, sooner rather than later. I’m glad Alissa and Dale seem to be seeing eye to eye on this. Hopefully their relationship can survive this.
    Great chapter, sorry for being so late with my comments. Getting myself update right now:)

  11. Yes, Shawn was upset and feeling that he wasn’t important to his parents anymore. Monet made him feel special and he really thought that marrying her was the right thing to do. Since that is what she wanted.

    I thought that any mother in this situation would have problems staying calm with the hussy who got her hooks into her son! LOL

    Hopefully Dale and Alissa will be okay now.

    Don’t worry about being late! You know I understand! 🙂

    Thanks for reading, Clairey! 🙂

  12. I’ve been re-reading your story and I just realized that Shawn caught the garter at the wedding reception. LOL am I the only one who noticed that?

  13. If my sons girlfriend got pregnant and we didn’t even know if it was his or not, then I would want a paternity test. And if it turned out it wasn’t and she was pulling some cruel stunt to ruin his future, then I would just tell her to leave. Maybe give her some help for the babies sake but other than I would not allow him to marry such a cruel little slut who sleeps around, and gets pregnant, then tries to trick everyone into thinking that it was my sons baby, when all she wanted was money. People like that do not deserve to be parents. Lost my temper there.. But she shouldn’t be throwing herself around like a prostitute. And calling Alissa a bitch? How dare she when she is the bitch in this.

    Shawn is really irritating me. He’s too modest! I would never marry someone I wasn’t even sure I loved just because there was a baby involved. Marriage is a sacred thing, not something that should be played with. If you’re not serious about it and don’t even love the person then it shouldn’t happen. If she has the capability of getting pregnant, then she has the capability to raise it. She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant if she wouldn’t have a plan for the future of it, and was only using it to get money, and didn’t even care about it. The baby would have a horrible life, other than caring Shawn. It would be awful if Shawn ruined his life by not marrying the person he loved such as Faye. They are destined to be together.
    If he didn’t mean the vows that he had said, then he shouldn’t have married her. You can’t marry every pregnant woman baring a bastard baby who told you that it was yours, just because you assumed it was true and decided to marry her.

    I’m glad that Cara didn’t go through with sleeping with that boy. If her parents had been there for her, maybe she would’ve turned out perfect (Not that she still isn’t) like Sharlee. She’s on the right track in life except for that almost having sex at her age before marriage.

    • I do agree with much of what you said. However, Shawn did believe that he cared for Monet enough to marry her. He meant the vows when he said them, but mistook what he felt for Monet as love. Sometimes when you’re young, you make some big mistakes. You are probably an exception, but most young people Shawn’s age don’t think through the results of their actions. There are some mistakes than can require a big price.

      With Alissa’s background, she is sort of at a disadvantage when it comes to her teenage children. Do as I say and not as I do seldom works when it comes to teenagers. She got pregnant when she was a teenager. So after Shawn messed up, she and Dale felt that they had to support whatever decision he made.

      Sometimes the characters in the story may not make the most prudent choices, and I may exaggerate the consequences. They do things that most of us wouldn’t do, but to me that makes the story more interesting to write. I think, “what would happen if they do this or that” when I’m deciding on a plot. It’d be boring to me otherwise! LOL

      Yeah, Cara came to her senses at just the right time. Hopefully, things will get better for her and for Shawn now that their parents are trying to be better parents again.

      Thanks for reading, Remi! I’m sorry it upset you! ❤

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