Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

Screenshot-903Sharlee was sitting in her last class of the day, chemistry.  She didn’t have to work at the restaurant that night.   She’d had exams that week and was glad when her class was over, and she could go home and relax.

Screenshot-813She quickly changed into something more comfortable and cool, keeping on the pretty necklace set that Noah had given her for their one year anniversary.  It was one of Noah’s favorite outfits that she wore when they were relaxing around the house.

Screenshot-816She checked the refrigerator to see what was on hand to cook for dinner, hoping she wouldn’t have to go to the grocery store.   She settled on something simple that she knew Noah enjoyed as much as she did,  thick juicy hamburgers.   She’d cook them out on the grill later.

Screenshot-826She was surprised and pleased to hear Noah’s bike drive up to the house.   It was only 2:30.   He didn’t usually get home until after 4:00.   She rushed to open the door and was about to fling her arms around his neck when she saw that it wasn’t Noah.  She quickly drew back, embarrassed.

“Oh, I’m sorry!  I thought you were…”   She trailed off, looking at the strange man, wondering who he was.   “How can I help you?”

Screenshot-829The man smiled and his eyes slowly raked her face and body.   “I know we’ve met before.”

Screenshot-833Sharlee frowned, studying his face and not liking the lecherous way that he was looking at her.   “No, I don’t think so!”

Screenshot-834Then it seemed to dawn on him how he knew her.   “You’re Sharlee.   The girl in the picture.   You were dynamite then, but now…  Wow, you grew in all the right places!  Noah is so lucky!”

Screenshot-831“Who are you?”

Screenshot-832“Oh, I’m sorry.   You don’t know me yet.   I’m Dean Krueger, a friend of Noah’s.   We met in Juvie.”

Noah had never mentioned him before.

“Is Noah home?”

Sharlee was deciding whether or not she should let him in the house.   There was something about him that rubbed her the wrong way, but if he really was a friend of Noah’s, she wanted to make him feel welcome.    She came to a quick decision and invited him inside.

Screenshot-836“Noah will be home soon.   Can I get you a drink?   We have lemonade and Coke.”

Screenshot-835“No beer?”

“No beer.”

“I’ll take a Coke then.”

Screenshot-838Sharlee felt his eyes on her butt as she walked away, and he continued to stare at her as she moved around the kitchen.   She felt like grabbing her coat out of the closet and covering herself up.   She brought his Coke over and started to hand it to him.   He intentionally touched her hand as she gave it to him.   She deliberately took a seat on the other side of the sofa away from him.

Screenshot-840“You said you knew Noah in Juvie?”

Screenshot-845“Yeah, we were cellmates.   I saw the pictures that he had of you.”


“Yeah, we almost had a fight over one of them the day that we met.”


Screenshot-839“It was that really sexy picture of you in a tight low cut corset and the barely there shorts.  Those boots looked really hot too!”

Ton must have taken her picture and sent it to Noah!   Even after all of these years and almost two years of marriage, Sharlee’s face was red.  Dean was staring at her in wonder.

Screenshot-846“I never saw anyone blush before!”

Screenshot-848Sharlee touched her cheeks with her hands and then went and got a glass of water from the kitchen.   Dean was laughing at her.

Screenshot-847“I see another reason why Noah was so crazy about you!   You’re really different from other girls.”    His eyes raked over her again.   “Although you’re not a girl anymore.  Hmm, definitely not a girl.”

Screenshot-856Sharlee checked the time.   It was only 3:00.   Another hour before Noah would be home.   She sighed and then went back over to the sofa.   Noah didn’t have a lot of friends.   There were very few people whom he trusted enough to allow them to become close enough to him to become a friend.  If Dean really was a friend of his, then she wanted to give him a real chance.

“So how did you two become friends?”

Screenshot-854“Well after I realized how serious he was about keeping your pictures and letters for himself, we started talking.   We have a lot in common.   We both had crappy parents who we couldn’t wait to ditch.   We both love choppers and ….”   His eyes raked Sharlee again.   “We have the same taste in fine women.”

Screenshot-860Sharlee frowned in irritation.   “Please stop that!”


“Looking at me like that.”

Screenshot-851“Like what?”

“You said you’re Noah’s friend.”

“I am his friend, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look.”

Screenshot-857Sharlee sighed again.   “We’re having hamburgers for dinner.   Would you like to stay?”

Screenshot-858“I’m starving.   That sounds great.”

“Okay.   I’m going to start dinner.   Noah should be here in a little while.”

Screenshot-825She clicked on the TV for him and then went over to the kitchen. 

She still saw him watching her as she prepared dinner.   She was relieved when she went outside to the grill. 

Screenshot-862After she got the grill started, she went back inside and prepared a salad and toppings for the burgers.   While she was doing that, Noah came through the door.  

Screenshot-863She stopped what she was doing and rushed over to him with a huge smile like she always did.   She threw her arms around his neck as he caught her in his.

“I’m so glad you’re home.”

“I’m glad I’m home too.”

Screenshot-865He kissed her and then greeted Dean.  

Screenshot-866“Dean, man!   When’d you hit town?”

Screenshot-867“Just today.”

Screenshot-869“How did you know where to find me?”

Screenshot-868“I stopped at your folks.   Your old man told me you lived out here.   He didn’t mention this lovely lady though.   You sure lucked out, Dog.”

Screenshot-871Noah looked at Sharlee and then answered.   “I know I did.”

Sharlee suddenly remembered the burgers.   She rushed out to the grill.

Screenshot-872Noah looked after her in surprise.

Screenshot-873“She said we’re havin burgers.”

Screenshot-874“Oh.  So what are you up to?   How long are you planning to be in Bridgeport?”

Screenshot-875“I’m here for good.”   Dean looked around the room.   “I was hopin to crash on your couch until I find a place.”

Screenshot-880Noah hesitated and looked toward the back door where Sharlee had gone.   If it was just him, he would have said yes right away, but he had Sharlee to consider now.  

Screenshot-881Dean teased him.   “Go ahead and check with the little lady.   So are you two planning to get cuffed or just cozy?”

“We’ve been married for almost two years now.”

Screenshot-882Dean’s eyes widened.   “Well, I guess I can’t blame ya for letting her cuff you.”

Screenshot-883Noah smiled and then said seriously.   “Best two years of my life.   I still can’t believe that she married me.”

Dean laughed.   “I can’t believe it either.”

Noah went to quickly wash up and change out of his work uniform.

Screenshot-884Then Sharlee walked back inside with the burgers.   “Come on guys lets eat!”

Screenshot-886During dinner, Noah and Dean talked about the latest choppers.   They mentioned duals, displacement  and laughed when they talked about the last time they each had eaten asphalt.   Sharlee completely quit trying to follow their conversation when they started talking about the latest Harley Davidson Cruisers.   

Screenshot-889She didn’t mind though.   She was just content watching Noah’s face as different emotions flitted across it during the conversation.   It was nice to see him so excited and really enjoying himself talking with a friend about something they had in common.

Screenshot-894After dinner, Noah helped her clear the table and Dean went to the bathroom.   Noah took that time to talk with Sharlee.   He took the dish rag away from her and sat her up on the counter.  

Screenshot-891“Babe, Dean needs somewhere to crash while he looks for a place.   Is it okay if he sleeps on the couch?”

Screenshot-890Sharlee’s heart sank.   She didn’t feel comfortable with Dean.   There was just something wrong about how he looked at her and the double meaning in the things he said to her.   However, Noah seemed to really like him, and she could tell that he wanted to help Dean out.   How could she say no!

  “Of course he can stay.”

Screenshot-893Noah sensed her hesitation.   He thought it was probably because she didn’t really know Dean and also they would not have as much privacy.  She caressed his face with her hand.

“Are you sure it’s alright?   This is your home too.”

Screenshot-892“Yes, I’m sure, Honey.   He’s your friend, and he’s welcome to stay with us.”

Noah helped her down from the counter.  Sharlee turned back to the sink and continued cleaning up the kitchen.  

Screenshot-895Dean came back out and Noah told him that he could stay for a while.

“Wow, thanks Dog!  I really appreciate it.   I promise it won’t be for long.”

Screenshot-896Sharlee finished in the kitchen and then joined them on the sofa.   Noah had switched  on the football game.   Sharlee snuggled in close to him, and he wrapped his arm around her.   He turned and looked at her.  

Screenshot-897.1Then as he looked into her eyes, he couldn’t resist kissing her.  After a few moments, Dean looked at them.   It was as though they had forgotten he was there.   “I think I’ll go outside and catch a smoke!”

Screenshot-901When he came back inside the house, they were no longer in the livingroom.   From the sounds coming from the bedroom, he knew that they hadn’t gone to sleep.   He smiled and moved quietly to the bedroom door and pressed his ear against it.   He could hear Sharlee’s moans of pleasure even more clearly.   He thought to himself,  “Yeah Noah, you’re a lucky man!”

He got his suitcase and headed to the bathroom.


Thanks again to Jacqueline for making Dean for me!

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

    • You don’t think so! 😦

      You might be right but remember Sharlee is a strong young woman.

      Thanks for reading, LaBlue! 🙂

      This chapter and the next were originally one chapter, but I broke them up because it was just too long! LOL
      I’ll start the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow.

  1. At first, I thought Dean was going to be the Lowell guy from the restaurant who had complained about Sharlee’s behavior when she was flirting with Noah. It doesn’t look like this dude is much better, though. I hope Noah figures out soon how Dean is looking at Sharlee! This “friend” is totally disrespectful, and Noah shouldn’t put up with someone objectifying his wife like that. Also, I would think Sharlee would be a little more cautious about this because of the guy that almost raped her at the concert. I know she went to therapy for that, but serious psychological trauma like that sometimes takes years to completely go away even with treatment.

    I remember you mentioned something before about seeing a side of Noah that lined up with the way Dale saw him. I wonder if this Dean character will bring that out.

    • I wish that I had finished the pictures for the next chapter so that you could see what happens.
      I had planned to release them together, but I got distracted. LOL

      You are right that Dean is being disrespectful, but he tries not to look at Sharlee that way around Noah.
      Of course he knows that Noah would not like that! Especially with Noah’s reaction to the way Dean took Sharlee’s picture away.
      Sharlee and Noah are still very young and learning what compromises they should make for the other.
      Dean does make her uncomfortable, but she doesn’t really believe that he would hurt her because he is Noah’s friend.
      She thinks that compromising and allowing him to stay is something that she should do for Noah.

      It does take a long time for a rape victim to completely recover if they ever really do.
      Sometimes they remain fearful and sometimes they become angry and determined never to become a victim again.

      I’m glad you remembered what I said about Noah!
      I’m trying to show a pattern of behavior in his reactions to situations. You might be picking up on it!

      Thanks for reading, Maddie! 🙂

  2. I have a really bad feeling about Dean… He just seems too interested in Sharlee. I hope Noah realises about how he is looking at Sharlee and kicks him out before anything bad happens too her… OMG this story is soo good cant wait for the next chapter!!!

    • Yes, Dean does seem to be very interested in Sharlee. Hopefully he’ll leave her alone though!

      Thank you Jordy! 🙂
      I’m always happy to know that others are enjoying the story too!
      I still love these characters.

      I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter today. 😀

  3. Hey Daisy,

    I don’t write much, but I read every episode and chapter. I felt the need to tell you that I am addicted to your stories and look for updates often. I hope you never discontinue your stories. Thanks for the read and by the way, I hope this guy will not make Noah do something that he will regret later on. Great writing and the pictures and poses are wonderful too!

    • Hi Monique! 🙂

      What a sweet thing to say! That is so encouraging! I plan to start posting a new story soon. I just have to transfer some characters that I made for it from my old computer to this one. I’ve finally figured out how to do the pictures for it. 😀

      Yeah, Noah really trusts Dean and so it will be hard for him if Dean does something to betray their friendship. I had to get off of my computer for a while but now I’m back working on the pictures for the next chapter!

      Awww! Thank you so much! That means a lot, and I’m very happy that you still really like Alissa! 🙂

  4. I wonder what Dean was in juvie for… I presume it wasn’t too awful or Noah wouldn’t be friends with him – or maybe he doesn’t know…! I don’t like the way Dean was listening at the door; its sinister and disrespectful! Poor Sharlee must have felt pressurized by Noah (who didn’t intentionally put her in that position of course) as he didn’t have many friends!

    Interesting way to slowly introduce a possibly significant twist in their plot, Daisie! I hope this isn’t bad for their marriage, I hope Dean doesn’t slowly break them apart like Alex did with Dale and Alissa!

    thanks again 😀

    • We find out why Dean was in Juvie in the next chapter, but Noah already knows.

      Yes, Dean is being very disrespectful! 😡 You are right about Sharlee. Even though Noah isn’t intentionally pressuring her, the fact that he doesn’t have a lot of friends is why she is trying so hard to put up with Dean’s behavior.

      Thanks Harry! I’m glad you think it’s interesting. I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to get the point about Noah across and I still wasn’t sure that this is the best way to do it. Don’t worry! Dean won’t be another Alex. LOL I don’t want to say much more so that I won’t spoil the next chapter! 😀

      You are so welcome, and thank you for reading! 🙂

  5. Ugh, Dean was making me uncomfortable! Poor Sharlee, this isn’t going to end well is it? So rude of him to listen to them when they went into the bedroom. he makes my skin crawl and I’m guessing he’s going to be a big part of the storyline. I hope it’s nothing too bad.
    Sharlee looked so pretty in this chapter, I still love her and Noah together.
    Interested to see where you’re going to go with this plot!
    Great chapter!

  6. I know! Don’t guys like him make your skin crawl! 😡
    Disrespectful and crude!

    I thought she did too! I think it was the hairstyle. I borrowed one of Alissa’s hairstyles for her in this chapter. I think it shows off her eyes, and I needed it for the pose at the end where she and Noah kissed on the sofa. It was the first kissing poses that I’ve made. Of course, I know they could have been better, but I like how they turned out. 😀

    I’m really working on the next chapter today. I ended up getting off of my computer early yesterday.

    Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

  7. So this doesn’t seem like a good situation. Dean is creepy and I wonder why Sharlee didn’t go change into something less revealing knowing how he was looking at her. It was one thing to wear that for Noah but with his ‘friend’ being there and you alone with him for that long I would have changed.

    Listening at the door, pervy creep much. I don’t think those looks are gonna stop and in fact I see a few ‘accidental’ touches thrown in there when Noah isn’t around.

    • Yeah, it isn’t starting out to be a good situation. 😦

      I would definitely have changed, and I planned to have her change too. Then I forgot to change her outfit before I finished the pictures, and so I had to change the chapter. She was supposed to change after she told him to quit looking at her like that, but I wasn’t about to retake those pictures! LOL I hate when I forget to change their clothes or to put the walls up for a scene and don’t notice until too late! 😡 Also I have had the pose player in scenes and didn’t notice until too late!

      You are really seeing the kind of person Dean is very clearly! I’m almost finished with the next chapter. It was originally a part of this chapter but it was just too long that way.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  8. Hi! Daisy, I love your story, butI get upset cause there is so bad things that happen to this family. :-(. I dropped a line a couple chapters ago, but haven’t seen nothing. Awesome keep this story going. Now that I’m all caught up it will take forever for new chapters. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • I’m sorry I’m so late replying Sereta, but I just got on my computer this morning.

      Yeah, they do have a lot of bad things happening to them, but hopefully they will keep getting stronger and closer.

      I still have a lot planned for them! 😀

      I’m almost finished with the chapter for next week, but I’ll go ahead and post it later today for those who want to read it early.

      Thank you so much for reading my story and for giving me feedback! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  9. at least it wasn’t about Monique this time. But I don’t think that well it’s obviously not going to end well but at least we know his not there to rob the place but to probably take advantage of Sharlee . Is there going to be a point of view from joy or Faie cause it shows bits but it could show what it’s like from there point of view

    • No not about Monet, but she will return in the chapter after the next two chapters. LOL

      There will be a bit more about Faye’s view in that chapter, but I don’t think Joy is in that chapter much.
      There will be a storyline about Joy coming up soon though.

      Thanks for reading, Awesome! 🙂

  10. Hey it’s me again.
    And OMG! Dean is such a pervert listening to their intimate moments. Seriously, what kind of person does that?

    If I was Sharlee I would have immediately changed, said no and if he tried to make a move on me either call the cops or kick his ass!

    Anyway great chappie.

    • I’m glad it’s you again! 🙂

      Yeah, Dean is a real pervert! Poor Noah in his past was with a lot of shady people.

      Kick his ass! LOL

      Thanks Kayleigh! 🙂

  11. Hmm Dean and Monique perhaps *smiles wickedly* I hope nothing bad happens to Sharlee but Dean seems the type that might try to put a move on someone even if those moves weren’t wanted. I hope Noah catches Dean looking but doesn’t explode too much if/when he does. I can’t wait to read next chapter.

  12. Bad thing about being last is that everyone’s already said what I wanted to say. But I’ll say it again, Dean is a creep and Noah’s making a mistake about letting him stay. Sharlee should have trusted her instincts and told Noah she doesn’t feel comfortable around his friend.

    • LOL, Val! I know what you mean.

      Noah is really making a big mistake and so is Sharlee. Hopefully she’ll learn from it though.
      She should know that she is more important to Noah than anyone else.

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