Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Note to Readers:

I had originally  intended for the storyline with Joy’s leukemia to last longer than it will.  I found that writing it was bringing up too many bad memories and emotions for me.   I realized that I can’t keep this storyline going for long.  It makes me too sad!  I’m sorry, but her illness will progress very, very quickly.  It will conclude over the next couple of chapters.


Screenshot-3474Alissa was sitting at her desk looking at her calendar.   Her show was going to be on hiatus until after Joy’s treatments were finished.  Mark came into her office, and he had a big grin on his face.

“You have a call waiting on line five.  I wanted to be with you when you take it.”

Alissa gave him a puzzled look and then took the call.

“Alissa Stallworth speaking.”

Screenshot-3491“Alissa, this is Oprah Winfrey.  I hope it’s okay if I call you Alissa.  I feel as though I already know you with the way I’ve watched your show.  I’m such a huge fan!”

Screenshot-3475Alissa’s mouth dropped open, and she mouthed to Mark.  “Oprah Winfrey?”

Screenshot-3477He vigorously nodded his head, yes.

“Of course you can call me Alissa!  I’m so honored.  I’m a huge fan of yours too!”

Screenshot-3486“I was so sorry to hear about your little Blessing’s illness.   Leukemia is a scary word.  How are you all coping?”

Screenshot-3480Alissa smiled at the genuine sincerity and kindness in Oprah’s voice.

“We’re taking it day by day.  She’s still a very happy little girl.  She doesn’t let us get down.  She has always lived up to her name no matter how she’s feeling.  She is a still a very joyful child and brings joy to all of us who love her.   We know she’s going to get well again.”

Screenshot-3488“I’m so happy to hear that Alissa.  I imagine that things are very hectic for you right now, but I’ve been wanting to meet you for quite some time.   I know a lot about your past, and I think that you are such an inspiration and role model for other women.    I know that your experiences and achievements would really help other women, and even now with Joy’s illness, you would encourage other families going through the same type of ordeal.   I would like to come out there to Santa Fe and talk with you and get to know you.  It’d be wonderful if you would agree to be a guest on my new show.  It’s called “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

Screenshot-3479“I would love that Oprah!  The timing  would have to be contingent on how Joy is doing.”

“Of course, and I would also love to reciprocate by being a guest on your show when it starts production again.  That is if you would like me to be a guest!”  She laughed.

“Wow!  That would be wonderful!  Thank you so much Oprah!”

Screenshot-3489“Sure, and even though we’ve just met, I know we’ll become great friends.  I can always tell.  It’s just an instinctive feeling that I get with special people.  If there is anything that I can do, Alissa, even if you’d just like to have a private conversation, please don’t hesitate to call me.  This is my personal line, and you can call me anytime, day or night!”

Screenshot-3490Alissa had tears in her eyes.   “Thank you so much.”  

She gave Oprah her private cell number.  Oprah told Alissa that she would have her people contact Alissa’s producer, and they would make arrangements for the interview.   She promised to keep in touch with Alissa.

After the call ended, Alissa told Mark what they had discussed, and he was just as excited as she was.   Later when she was alone, Alissa remembered that she’d felt the same instant connection with Miki, and that Miki had said the same thing about their friendship.  She smiled.  Even during bad times, good things still happened.

Screenshot-3439Joy had been undergoing chemotherapy for three months now.  She stood in her bedroom, deep in thought.  She hated seeing the sadness in her family’s eyes whenever they looked at her.  She always forced herself to smile, but when she was by herself, tucked into bed, she couldn’t hold back her tears. 

Screenshot-3442When was she going to be well again?   She couldn’t dance, and some days it was hard just to walk because she felt so weak.  The chemo treatments made her stomach feel even more yucky, and all of her favorite clothes were too big for her now.  Her aunt Crystal had given her a cap called a “cool cap” so that she wouldn’t lose all of her hair.  She’d still lost some of it, but her Mommy styled it so that the missing hair doesn’t show.

Screenshot-3443Why did it have to happen to her?  Why did she have to get sick! 

Screenshot-3444Suddenly Joy was filled with fury, and despite her weakened condition she started throwing things around in her room!  Cara was in her own bedroom when she heard the commotion coming from Joy’s room.  

Screenshot-3445She was shocked to see what Joy was doing!  She watched her for a few moments and then tried to hold her. 

Screenshot-3447Joy resisted at first and then let Cara hold her. 

Screenshot-3450Joy burst into tears, and Cara hugged her as she cried.   Cara cried too, and then they talked.

“I’m sorry Cara.”

“Princess, you don’t have anything to be sorry for.  I’m surprised you haven’t exploded before this.  You’ve been so strong.  Much stronger than I would have been if I was the one who was sick.  You’re my hero Joy!”

Joy smiled up at Cara.

Screenshot-3451“I love you little sis.”

“I love you too!”

Cara hugged Joy tightly.  

Screenshot-3453Joy and Cara hadn’t noticed when Aiden came into the room.   He had heard Joy throwing things around and seen her crying.  He went to his own room and got a teddy bear that he knew Joy liked. 

Screenshot-3454He returned to her room and handed it to her.  

“Here Joy, you can keep him until you get well again.  He can sleep in your bed with you.  You can tell him when you’re sad.  He always listens.”

Screenshot-3455Joy looked at him solemnly.  “Thanks Aiden!”

Screenshot-3457“How about if I make the three of us some milkshakes?  Do you think you could drink one now, Joy?” 

Joy and Aiden both loved milkshakes.

Screenshot-3459“Vanilla and chocolate mixed?”

“Any way you want it and yours too Aiden.”

They told her what they wanted, and Cara went down to the kitchen to make them.

Screenshot-3469Dale and Alissa were in the office talking with Dr. Hodgekins and his team on a conference call.

Screenshot-3506“We’ve all discussed the results and the chemo has not been as effective as we would need to see.   We are in agreement that the next course of action should be a bone marrow transplant.”

Screenshot-3462Alissa’s stomach tightened at the news.  

Screenshot-3460Dale’s hands clenched together and he closed his eyes briefly.   This was not the result that they were hoping to hear.

Screenshot-3504Even though they were located an hour away, the doctors knew the effect their words were having on Dale and Alissa.  They’d been in this situation with many other parents in the past. 

“We need your answer as soon as possible so that you can all be tested to see if your marrow is compatible.   If none of you are suitable, her name can be added to the list awaiting donor organs for transplants.”

Screenshot-3465Dale looked at Alissa.  He had selected these doctors because they were the best in their fields.  He trusted their judgement.  

“Dale, do you think it’s what we need to do for her?”

Screenshot-3466“Yes, Honey.  Joy can’t afford to wait.”

Alissa nodded her head, yes.  Dale told Dr. Hodgekins their decision.   They explained to the rest of the family what was happening, and the following morning they all went for testing.  None of them were a match.  Her extended family was also tested with the same negative results, and so her name was added to the list awaiting donors.  A couple of weeks went by, and Joy’s condition was worsening.

Screenshot-3422Noah looked at his checking and savings account balances.   He smiled remembering when he’d received the first check from Harley.  He’d never before earned that much money nor had he ever expected to earn that much.  He’d put some of it into checking and the bulk went into his and Sharlee’s savings account.  They had been able to buy Sharlee her pregnancy wardrobe.  He’d insisted that she get what she wanted because he wanted her to enjoy her pregnancy as much as she could.

He’d gone out of town for a few more sessions for Harley and a Harley rep had come to Santa Fe to meet with Noah and a local realtor to scout a location for the dealership.  The work on building it had already begun.  Sharlee entered the room and joined him on the bed.

Screenshot-3426“How is Joy feeling?”

Screenshot-3424“She’s playing a card game with Aiden.   They are both laughing.   He’s so good for her.   She said he’s the only one who doesn’t really treat her differently now that she’s sick.”

Screenshot-3427Noah pulled her closer and rubbed her belly.   He felt the baby kick.   Sharlee smiled remembering the first time she’d felt the baby flutter. 

Screenshot-3509It was the night after they’d finished their first part of the Harley campaign.   She’d suddenly sat up in bed.   Noah had looked at her in concern and turned on the lamp.   “Babe, are you okay?”

A beautiful awed smile was on her face as she held her hand on her belly.   “I just felt the baby move!”

Noah’s mouth had dropped open, and he immediately reached his hand out to see if he could feel the baby.  He didn’t feel it move, but he did feel something there in her belly that he knew had to be the baby.  He smiled too.  It wasn’t long after that before Sharlee developed a small baby bump.  Now at over six months, she had a nice round belly, and Noah could feel the baby move and kick against his hand.

Screenshot-3428“Noah, didn’t you have a session scheduled with Sarge for this evening?”

Screenshot-3430Noah had missed his last two sessions and was supposed to have one tonight.  He’d started taking his classes. He was trying to take as many as he could at one time so that he’d be finished sooner.  He was even taking weekend classes.  Between classes and studying, he was having a hard time balancing everything.  He wanted to spend as much time with Sharlee as he could too.  He felt like he was doing well and could afford to miss sessions with Sarge.

“Yeah, but it’s okay.”

Sharlee looked troubled and Noah sighed.  The last thing she needed was something else to worry about.   “I’ll call his receptionist and reschedule.”

“That’s good, Noah.  I know I may not say it as often as I should, but I do appreciate everything that you’re doing for us.”

Screenshot-3432Noah lowered his head down to her belly.   “I appreciate everything that you’re doing for us too!”  He started talking to her belly the way he liked to do.   Sometimes he read to the baby because he’d learned that it was good for the baby’s development.   He also wanted the baby to be familiar with his voice too.  

Screenshot-3434Sharlee looked at him tenderly.   They couldn’t wait till the baby was born.  It would be less than three months away.  They had thought that learning the baby’s sex would make it easier to pick a name, but it hadn’t worked that way.  They were still trying to find just the right name for their baby girl.

Screenshot-3473There were many people ahead of Joy on the list waiting for donors.  Her school, Dale’s colleagues, and some celebrities, including Matthew, Phyllis Thorne and Oprah,  had held benefits trying to find a compatible donor for Joy.  So far there hadn’t been any success.

“Dale, does she have to be at death’s door before they bump her up on the list?”

“I’m sorry to say it, Honey, but that’s almost true.”

Screenshot-3471“I don’t want to lose my baby, Dale.”

Screenshot-3472“I don’t either, and we’re not.   She’s still fighting, and we have to hold on too!”

Screenshot-3499Late that night, Alissa forced her eyes open, and they widened in shock.  

Screenshot-3498She was in the office stretched out on the loveseat, no longer in her bed like she was when she’d fallen asleep earlier in the evening.  There was a man leaning over her and holding his hand tightly across her mouth. 

Screenshot-3501He wore a mask over his face!


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      • I had the main storyline in my head as well as the ending. I had planned to end it with Dale really dead and Alissa married to Alex, but I had lots of requests to keep the story going. So now it’s become a challenge I’ve given myself to see how long I can keep writing it. Most of my stories are only about 20 to 25 chapters mainly because I get tired of the characters and lose interest in them.

        Alissa and her family, though, are still fun for me, and I have a lot planned for them. I usually write out the chapters for an entire storyline and then take the pictures as I go along. I have a lot in my head planned for the Stallworths and eventually I’ll get it all written down! As long as I can keep thinking up storylines for Alissa, I’ll keep writing it! 😀

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    • Yeah, she’s not doing very well right now. 😦 Thanks for understanding Sarah! It really surprised me that I just couldn’t do it.

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      I did change his hairstyle. Do you like it or should I change it back?

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      I’m going to work on the next update for Alissa and then get back to Mutation. I’m sorry for making you wait so long. No, I don’t get asked to update Mutation. I think you’re the first one who’s asked me! LOL I appreciate it a lot! 😀

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      • Sarah, of course I didn’t think you were trying to rush me! I took it as encouragement to post a new chapter, and I really appreciate it. 😀
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        I’m glad you like his new hair! I wanted him to have a new look. I tried taking off his beard, but he looked way too young without it. He does remind me of Will too, now that you mention it! 😆

      • Will similarly looks ridiculously young without a beard lol. It’s actually SimCity4. You can import your Sims from sims 2 (or 3 I think) into your cities. I’ve played for years. I just got Sims 3 about a month ago and wondered if there were any good “Sims journals” like we have City journals. Yours was one of the first to come up on Google!

      • You mean Noah’s stepfather, Will? I used the basegame wrinkles on him, but they aren’t very good. They don’t show up well in pictures. I’ve found some more though and we’ll see a bigger change in him the next time he’s in the story. I hope I don’t forget! LOL

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