Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Eight Part One

ADVISORY:  A few words of profanity.

Near the end of the first week of the trial, the prosecution called Sharlee to the stand.   She and Noah had been instructed by Noah’s attorneys not to exchange long looks with each other.   So Sharlee just briefly met his eyes after she took the stand, and Noah started taking notes.

At first the Prosecutor treated her kindly.  He had her recount the events of the night that Mickey died.  He didn’t ask many questions.  He paused and then asked the judge to declare Sharlee as a hostile witness.  The judge agreed.

Then the DA’s tone changed.  “And for how many years have you been visiting Bridgeport, Ms. Stallworth?”

“Ever since I was a young girl.”

Then he asked, “Was this your first time riding the subway?”

Sharlee answered, “Well, no.  I’ve ridden it many times.”

“And yet that night you claim that you got off on the wrong stop.  Do you expect us to believe that in all the years you have visited this city,  you don’t know your way around it?”

Mr. Thorne objected.   “Your honor, he’s badgering the witness!”

“Your objection is sustained, Mr. Thorne.

Mr. Starke dropped that line of questioning and asked Sharlee questions about her mother and her dead grandmother’s past amidst objections from Mr. Thorne.   Although the objections were sustained, the negative information about Sharlee’s background was still planted into the minds of the jurors.

By that time, Noah’s hand was shaking as he tried to write.   He was furious and wished that he could choke the life out of the DA for the way that he was treating Sharlee.  Dedric sensed Noah’s feelings, and he was proud of the way that Noah kept himself under control.

Alissa could feel Dale’s increasing anger.  As though to convince herself too, she put her hand on his thigh and whispered, “She’s okay.”

Mr. Starke paused in his questioning of Sharlee and then went to the prosecution’s table and retrieved a document.  He brought it over to Sharlee and showed it to her.

Sharlee’s face went pale with anger.

He asked her, “Do you recognize that Ms. Stallworth?”

Mr. Thorne rose.  “Objection your honor.  Improper foundation.  Mr. Starke has not offered into the record whatever that document is that he is showing the witness!”

The judge inquired, “Mr. Starke?”

“This is a flyer depicting the witness as naked as a Jay bird lounging on a bed in a hotel room advertising for clients!”

The judge was livid!   “Mr. Starke!  Sidebar now!”

The attorneys for both sides went up to the judge’s bench.  Afterwards the judge instructed, “The jury will disregard any mention of a flyer depicting the witness.  That flyer was deceptively produced as the result of a cruel tactic against the defendant by a fellow student at her high school.  The witness in no way participated in its production.”

Still the negative information about Sharlee was planted into the minds of the jury just as the DA knew that it would be.

Noah’s attorney, Mr. Thorne whispered to his co-counsel, Mr. Rivera, “You can’t un-ring  a bell.”

Mr. Starke continued questioning Sharlee.   “Again, Ms. Stallworth, you are the defendant’s girlfriend?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You’re in love with him?”

“Yes, very much in love with him.”

Mr. Starke continued, “You would say anything to get him off then wouldn’t you?”

Noah’s attorney said, “Objection!”

The judge responded.  “I’ll allow it.”

Sharlee answered.  “Everything that I have said is the truth.   Noah wouldn’t want me to lie for him.”

Mr. Starke returned to his seat, and Phillip Rivera questioned Sharlee.   He had her explain further about the flyer and the fact that she had never before that night taken the subway to the part of town where the death had occurred.

Then Sharlee was released from the stand.  As she walked from the courtroom, she looked at Noah’s mother.

Melina was glaring at Sharlee.

Noah was at home, expecting Sharlee to arrive at any time.  His mother had agreed the day before that Sharlee could visit him after she testified.   Melina came into the livingroom.   “Why are you all smiles?”

“Sharlee will be here soon!”

“Call and tell her not to come.  She is no longer welcome in my house!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I knew that she was just too good to be true!  Are you still blind, boy?  She’s leading you on while she sleeps with probably every boy in that high school!   Didn’t you hear that testimony in court today?”

“Mother you know that wasn’t true!”

“I know what’s best for you boy!  That little slut is not the one for you!”

As they were arguing, Sharlee rang the doorbell.   Anna Thorne was dropping her off at Noah’s house.  Melina answered the door angrily.  

“You’re not welcome here, you little trollop!  It will be a cold day in hell before I let you get your hooks into my son!”

She slammed the door in Sharlee’s face.

After Noah’s mother slammed the door on Sharlee, denying her permission to see Noah, Sharlee just looked at the closed door.    She felt a deep sadness.   She had tried hard to spend some time with Noah, but his mother and this trial were keeping them apart.  She understood the situation, but her heart longed to be with him.  She knew it was the same for Noah.

She asked Anna, as her head hung low, “Can you take me back to my grandpa’s Anna?”

Although Anna couldn’t see Sharlee crying, she could hear as Sharlee tried to hold in her sobs.  She frowned, but also felt for her.  Anna took one last look at the door and sighed. There were the sounds of hushed yelling going on behind the walls, and she could tell it might escalate at any moment.

“ Alright, get in.”

They both got into Anna’s giant red SUV and drove off headed back to Matthew’s place.  Just as they were a block away from Noah’s house, Anna could hear the yelling rise to a ‘normal’ level.  She was glad they didn’t stick around a moment longer, or Sharlee would have heard it.  It would have most likely made her feel worse.

As they were driving home, Anna couldn’t help but look around at the tall buildings, busy streets and people lining up to get into clubs.  She looked at the time on her dash and it read 9:34pm, still early in the night.  Tapping her finger on the steering wheel, she pondered whether to go out tonight since her friends were in town, and it had been a couple of weeks since she had last seen them.

Since it was the long weekend for her, this had to be the perfect chance.  Anna could feel the sadness coming off of Sharlee in waves, which made her minor excitement go away in a poof.  Then an idea came to mind.

She asked her blond friend sitting in the passenger seat, “Sharlee, do you have anything else to do tonight?”

Sharlee looked at her confused, “No, not really anymore since I didn’t see Noah. I have to catch my plane tomorrow morning ’cause of exams at school on Monday.  I hate that I’ll miss a day of Noah’s trial.  Why do you ask?”

Anna explained even though she wasn’t going to take a no for an answer.  “ Well it’s a long weekend for my friends and I, and it’s still early in the night for us.  We’re most likely going to be going out, and I was wondering if you wanted to come along.”

Sharlee was silent and was thinking of different conversation scenarios with her dad over the phone that would allow her to go out at this time of the night.

She asked Anna, “ Isn’t curfew coming up soon?”

“ Pssh,” Anna grinned,” I see it more as a suggestion… and besides, we’ll have you home before you need to catch your plane!”

Sharlee started, “ Ok, but…”

“ I’m not going to take a no for an answer from anyone, we’re going out and forget about this ENTIRE night and trust me Sharlee…” Anna’s eye darted away from the road and looked at Sharlee, “you need this and it will most likely make you feel better for a little while.  Blow off some steam!”

Anna was right even though something in the back of Sharlee’s mind thought it could be a bad idea.

Instead of driving another two blocks or so up to Sharlee’s grandfather’s house, they went to Anna’s place instead.

The slams of Anna’s SUV doors made her best friends turn around on the couch and look to the door to see their best friend and a blond haired girl their age walking up to the door.

Edwin whispered to Siobhan, “ Who is that?”

Siobhan shrugged.

They got up off the couch and stood in the foyer waiting for Anna and the blond haired girl to come in.

The door opened and Sharlee and Anna entered the room to see two people waiting for them.  Sharlee looked at them and had no idea who they were.  It was her first time meeting them.

Anna smiled, “Sharlee, I want you to meet my two best friends.  They’re cousins, Edwin Ivanov and Siobhan Ivanov.”  They both waved with smiles on their faces, “Unfortunately Siobhan’s boyfriend is out and about in Bridgeport somewhere without us.   So you’ll probably see him either tomorrow, or whenever my friends are in town again at the same time that you are.

“ Nice to…” Sharlee started before being interrupted again.

Siobhan cried with excitement, “ NO WAY… WE’RE GOING OUT!?!?”

“ Dammit Siobhan… I told you to stop doing that when we’re around normal people.” Anna sighed shaking her head.

Sharlee was confused, but it quickly went away when she saw Siobhan run up some stairs to, her guess, Anna’s bedroom.

Sharlee looked around and could tell it was only the four of them in the house.

“ Where is Charity and Harvey?”  She already knew Dedric and Phyllis were at a dinner with her parents and grandparents.

“Charity went back to your grandfather`s place with Cara and Shawn.  She said something about watching the Lion King, and Harvey left shortly after them with Elsa and Lulu.”

Anna sighed when Harvey was mentioned.  While Sharlee just nodded, feeling like an odd person out.

Siobhan excitedly cried from upstairs, “ ARE YOU THREE COMING UP!?!? EDWIN, I NEED YOUR STYLING EXPERTISE… WE’RE GOING TO PARTY HARD BITCHES!!!”  You could already hear the throwing of various dresses and other clothes from all the way downstairs.

They went upstairs and saw Siobhan trying on one dress.  Anna frowned.  It was one of hers instead of the other hundreds in Siobhan’s suitcase.

Siobhan said checking herself out in the mirror, “ Even though Marcus isn’t here, I want something to get guy’s attention and show my cleavage.”

Edwin asked as he sat down on a beanbag chair, “ What are you going to wear Sharlee?”

Sharlee looked at him and then looked at the clothes she was wearing.

“ I think what I’m wearing is fine. It’s cute and nice.”

Siobhan turned around and shook her head,“ Oh hells no, you look like a sweet valley girl… WILL NOT DO!!”

Anna plopped her face into her palms.

Siobhan said, sitting down in another  chair in the dress she was still wearing, “ I don’t know if you’ve gone out in Mesa Valley but I believe it’s late night life is WAY different from Bridgeport, here it’s all about the sex, alcohol, and the attention from men and women.”

Sharlee sort of frowned and almost glared at Siobhan. “ I’m not that kind of girl.  I love Noah and there’s no way I’m going to cheat on him.”

Siobhan explained.  “And that is fine… but a girl needs to have fun and be free.  We’ll keep the slime balls off ya while we’re out.  Actually speaking of men, I should call Marcus to see where, and what he’s doing right now.”

She got up from her seat and left the room with her cellphone in hand.  Edwin got up too and grabbed Sharlee by the hand and dragged her to the mirror.

“The one thing I can see about you Sharlee is that you’re beautiful like your mother.  I’ve seen her on TV a few times.  You have a nice hourglass shaped body in the works and very nice long blond hair.”   Edwin looked at her from top to bottom.  “I’m thinking something short and tight, tall heels and your hair? Hmm… that’s tricky.  I’ll know when I see it.”

Siobhan cried coming back into the room, “ This night will be a blast!”

After a good hour of changing and fooling around with Sharlee’s hair, they were ready to hit the town!

Their pick of the club they were going to was The Level 5 Nightclub, the most exclusive and busiest place out of the entire city.  It was packed and the bar was busy.

Anna said, “ Ok, Siobhan and I will get the drinks. You two go and dance or something.”

Sharlee piped up before they headed to the bar, “ We’re underage, how are you guys going to get drinks?”

Anna grinned while Siobhan giggled,” One good thing about vampires, we have good persuasion abilities despite all having different gifts.”

Edwin said to her while dragging her to the dance floor, “ Come on Sharlee, let’s dance!”

Sharlee yelled to Anna and Siobhan.  “Just get me a coke or something non-alcoholic!”

She and Edwin started moving to the beat of the music.  Sharlee was beginning go have a good time.  Edwin was a great dancer.

Squeezing through the people, and checking guys out along the way, Siobhan and Anna finally got up to the bar.

Siobhan flirted with the bartender while leaning close to show a little cleavage, “Give us three of something hard and heavy and one fruity drink you can think of.”

Easily telling they were underage and ignoring Siobhan’s cleavage, he frowned, “ID or get out.”

Anna and Siobhan both looked hard into his eyes, “Alcohol, on the house for us.”

The bartender blinked and then smiled at them,” Righty-o!  Three something hard and heavy and one fruity drink for you fine ladies!”

Siobhan rolled her eyes.

“Humans…”  She mumbled and looked around while they were waiting for their drinks and saw a pregnant lady dancing with a young guy,” Ugh… what the hell is someone like her doing here?”

She nudged Anna, pointing out the bulging pregnant person.

Siobhan frowned. “ I’m not having kids until I’m a 1000 years old… in no rush to deal with an immortal offspring.”

Anna laughed. ” You pregnant… oh that’ll be the day…”

“ I don’t think Marcus want’s kids anyways.”  Siobhan added,” I just want to live my life, wear sexy clothing and having blast.”

Their drinks were served to them.  They went out to the dance floor and gave Sharlee her drink.  It totally wasn’t a coke like she asked for.  She sniffed it and her nose turned as she smelled a bit of the alcohol in it.

Siobhan said before downing her drink, “It’s a cranberry-tini.  You won’t taste the vodka!”

“ I don’t know…” Sharlee looked at her drink and looked at Anna who also had finished her drink.

After enough persuasion from Anna and her friends, Sharlee took a drink and could taste the sweet, sourness of the cranberry juice and barely the taste of the vodka. 

Then soon the one turned into three and three turned into many others until Sharlee lost track of how much she was drinking.


A special thanks to Jacqueline for writing Sharlee’s wild night out.  It continues in Part Two.   I really appreciate it Jacqueline!

12 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Eight Part One

  1. Uh oh I am not sure I like this …the vampires seem sneaky and poor lil innocent Sharlee..I feel she has been led into a trap…and how dare Noah’s mom be so stinking rude :O I hope Sharlee doesn’t do something she regrets and that her and Noah can resume their relation ship…the sooner the better.

    • It looks like Anna went too far with her father this time too!
      She and her friends are definitely not innocent like Sharlee, but I think Sharlee learned her lesson the hardway.
      Although it could have been worse if she were with someone other than her friend.
      When Jacqueline starts her story it will show more about the Thornes and Anna Thorne’s friends.

      Rude is a perfect word for how Noah’s mother behaved!
      Will see even more about her in chapter 89.
      Thanks for reading Whitney! Hope you and your girls are doing well! 🙂

  2. This chapter was great!:) it’s nice to see Sharlee let her hair down and have some fun, she’s been through so much but those vamps are a bad influence! i do like how you’ve incorporated the vampires into your story, they’re a great addition!
    I loved all the different hairstyles you used on Sharlee:)
    That Mr Starke is a right piece of work there was no need for him to bring that flyer into it! And Noah’s Mom is horrible, I don’t understand her problem with Sharlee!
    Going to read part two now:)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Clairey. 🙂 I was making her a little too perfect. Jacqueline offered me her Thorne family and came up with the wild night out idea.
      Thanks! I used to experiment a lot with my hair at her age, and so I thought that she should too.

      Wasn’t that rotten of Mr. Starke to try to humiliate Sharlee that way! He knew that flyer was a fake but did it anyway!
      You’ll understand Noah’s mother a bit more in the next chapter, but it doesn’t make her behavior any better. 😡

  3. Who was that dark mysterious guy behind Noah’s mother in the courtroom?
    And Noah’s mother is a piece of nasty. What a miserable lady.
    I don’t think Noah’s getting off. Unless someone can find something about that Bones guy’s deal to get himself off, I think Noah’s going to prison. And bad bad bad bad bad move to go out and to drink and to dress in a little red skirt. Sharlee is not being very smart right now. I am afraid that the night will have terrible consequences.

    • You’re the only one that noticed him! More on him later in the story.

      I agree with you. She is nasty and miserable.

      No, Sharlee isn’t using her head, but hopefully it won’t go too badly for her. 😦

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