Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Eight Part Two

They danced and drank the entire night away.  At some point in the night, Sharlee was the most drunk one and the night became memorable for Anna and her friends.  They knew Sharlee would most likely not remember anything.

At around two in the morning, Dale called Noah’s home to see if he had heard from Sharlee.  Noah’s mother took the call.   “No, we haven’t heard from her.”  Noah had come down when he heard the phone ring.

His mother said callously, “That was precious Sharlee’s father.  Miss Sugar and Spice has been out all night long and they don’t know where she is.”

Noah felt a knot of worry in his stomach.  He knew that this wasn’t like Sharlee.  He wanted to go looking for her.

His mother was looking at him.   “Don’t even think about it.  She got herself wherever she is, and she can get herself home!”

It was around five in the morning when they finally left the club. The three young vampires were slightly buzzed from the alcohol but not much drunk, while Sharlee who was hammered like no tomorrow, was being held up by Edwin and Anna as they dragged her to the car to head home.

“ Caaaan’t weee staaay looonger guys!?!” Sharlee slurred her worlds and giggled.  “Lets go see Noah… Have him come here!!  NOOOOAAAH… I LOOOOOVE YOU!!”

“Wow… she is so wasted…” Siobhan said, “I hope we didn’t give her alcohol poisoning or something… I mean adding those flaming shot things with those fruity drinks she was drinking… geez…”

The sun was rising and they all winced at the orange sky.

A male voice said to them, “ I must’ve missed one hell of a party!”

Siobhan turned around and grinned from ear to ear.   “ BABY!!”

She leaped to him and locked lips with her boyfriend Marcus.

Sharlee looked up at the new person and said before passing out, “He’s cute.”

Siobhan, said licking her lips, “ You’re tasty this morning.”

“Yeah, grabbed a bite to eat on the way here.  Thought I would have to carry one of you home, seems like I wasn’t needed after all!” Marcus looked at his girlfriend from head to toe and said,  “You’re so ravishing babe, wish I wasn’t busy last night.”

They all got into the car and headed home to Anna’s place.  Silently closing the car doors to not wake anyone, they tipped-toed to the front door.

Sharlee mumbled, “Oh I don’t think I feel so well.”

Anna said to her, “ Don’t puke just yet!  You’re not near a toilet yet.”

Edwin said looking at her, ” That hangover is going to suck…”

Sharlee just held her head down while being carried by him and Anna.

Siobhan exclaimed.  “ We have to at least tell her about the table dancing part, it was the highlight of the night!”

They smiled remembering.

“ Will you be quiet!” Anna growled to her best friend and reached for the handle of the front door,” You’ll wake…”

And just as they entered the foyer, Sharlee and Anna’s fathers were waiting for them.  They were not at all amused.

Anna continued, “ …Everyone up…”

Marcus said, trying not to grin and laugh, “ I hope what you guys did last night ain’t going to be in the paper today.”

Anna released Sharlee, and then, right there in front of her father, Sharlee vomited.

Dale helped Sharlee into the bathroom to clean her up and take her home.

“Marcus, Edwin and Siobhan, up to your rooms, now!   I’ll be making a phone call to each of your parents.  As for you Anna, I want an explanation.”

Anna told him that Sharlee had had a very bad day, and they just thought that she needed to blow off steam.  They hadn’t expected her to get so wasted!

Dedric knew his daughter.  “Yeah, I’m really sure she had no help getting that way.”  Dedric sighed.   He had had many discussions with Anna about her behavior.   If not for the fact that she was a vampire, she could have put herself into serious danger.  However, now she had involved a human child.   He couldn’t let it pass this time.

“Anna, Sharlee could have been seriously harmed tonight.”

“We wouldn’t let anything happen to her!”

“I mean by the alcohol.  You see how sick she still is.  It’s time for you to start thinking about the results of your actions.   I have no choice but to ground you.  You are grounded for the next two weeks!  No computer, no cellphones!”

Anna knew that there was nothing that she could say to change his mind.   However, she hoped that if she talked with her Mother she could get it reduced to one week.

Dale helped Sharlee out to the car and once inside it, she passed out.  She reeked from the alcohol.

When they arrived at the house, Alissa was waiting.   “What happened?  Is she okay?”

Dale answered.  “If you call completely wasted okay!”

Alissa looked at Sharlee in disbelief.  She had been worried sick all night!    Alissa exploded.  “Sharlee how could you do something so stupid!  Don’t you know what could have happened to you!”

Sharlee stood quietly for a few moments.  She was still unsteady.

Then as Alissa’s voice rose, Sharlee put her hands to her head.  “Mom, my head!”

“I can’t believe that you did this Sharlee.  We’ve been so worried and you’re out drinking!  You know you’re underage.”

“Um gunna be sick!”

Sharlee was again very whoozy and wobbly, and so Dale helped her to the bathroom.   Alissa followed them inside.   “Alissa, we’re too upset to talk with her about this right now, and besides, she can’t even focus right now.   We don’t want to say something that we can’t take back.  She’s in no condition to fly home.  I’ll change our flight to a later time.”

Alissa helped Sharlee take a shower and then put her to bed.

At around six in the morning, Noah crept downstairs and called Sharlee’s cellphone.

With each ring, Sharlee felt a piercing pain in her head.   She groggily reached out and answered the phone.  “Hello.”

“Sharlee.”  Noah felt so relieved.  “Are you okay?”

Sharlee tried to clear her head and think.  “So sick.   Head’s  poundin.  Dun talk sooo loud.”  Her speech was still slurred.

It dawned on Noah what was wrong.  Sharlee was drunk!

“Sharlee are you wasted?”

“Ooo, I luv you, Noah!”

Noah tried not to laugh.  “Are you at home?”

Sharlee forced her eyes open.  “No, oh yeah.”

“At the house your Granddad rented?”

“Uh huh!”

Noah heard his parents stirring around upstairs.

“I’ve gotta go now, Sharlee.  I love you.”

“Luv you too.”  Sharlee laid the phone down and fell back asleep with a smile.

Sharlee awakened a few hours later.   Her head felt so huge that she was surprised that her neck could support it.  Her throat was dry and so she went to the kitchen for a drink. 

Her family was eating brunch.  Just the sounds of the silverware clacking set Sharlee’s head to throbbing.

They were planning to take an evening flight back to Mesa Valley.  Dale and Alissa had discussed what they intended to say to Sharlee.  They left the table and took Sharlee to another room to talk.

“Did you have a good time last night?”

Sharlee’s head was throbbing and she still felt sick.   She closed her eyes and held her head as she answered.  “I don’t remember.”

Dale repeated her statement.   “You don’t remember.  How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t like it.  I don’t like that I didn’t have control over what I did, and that I can’t remember what I did.   Mom and Dad, I knew that I shouldn’t drink, but last night I just felt so bummed!  I wanted to do something different, something that might take my mind off of things.  That wasn’t the way to do it though.  You don’t have to worry.   I never want to feel this way again.  Getting drunk isn’t fun!”

Alissa spoke.  “Sharlee, while I’m glad to hear you say that, I would never have thought that you would take the first drink.   You knew two things last night when you took that drink.  You knew that you were underage, and you knew that your father and I would not approve!   You knew that it was a dangerous and wrong thing to do!”

Despite her best intentions Alissa’s voice rose as her fear for Sharlee the night before came back to her.

Dale started back speaking,  “We were worried sick about you last night Sharlee.  We even called Noah to see if he knew where you were.”

“You called Noah?”

“Yes.   His mother said that they had no idea where you were!”

Sharlee had a vague memory of talking to Noah earlier in the morning.

“Mom and Dad, I’m sorry!  I know that I screwed up.   All that I can do is promise that it will never happen again.  I won’t drink again until I’m 21, and I won’t ever get drunk again.”

“I’m glad to hear it, but we can’t just forget about last night.  Your mother and I have discussed it.   You are grounded for the next two weeks.   You will still attend Noah’s trial, but other than that you will be here at this house.  When we return home to Mesa Valley, you will only be permitted to go to school and then home.   No TV, no cellphone and no computer.”

“I understand Dad, but what about Noah.  I have to be there for him.”

Alissa looked at Dale.  “Dale she’s right.  He does need her support.”

Dale knew that there was something off with Noah’s parents.   Noah’s  mother hadn’t even let him speak with Noah the night before.   So Sharlee was probably very important to Noah right now.  “We’ll take that into consideration on a day to day basis.”

“Alright Daddy, thank you.  I really am sorry!”

“I know you are Sharlee, but next time use your head!”

19 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Eight Part Two

  1. LOL wow. Sharlee so many things could go wrong. That was a hard lesson to learn. I hated the morning after as well. It’s better to know your limits.

    His mom with each new chapter I like her less and less. She really is big on throwing stones isn’t see. Can’t wait to have her past thrown all over the place.

    • She did make a very bad decision. Her morning after was miserable! LOL
      She won’t want to do that again.

      The next chapter Noah’s mother really pushes Noah even further. You are so right about throwing stones!

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

      • I can’t wait to see the fall out with Noah’s mother. I’m still trying to figure out what is making her so hateful.

      • That is explained in the next chapter. I don’t think it will make you feel any better towards her though! 😡

        Thanks for reading, LaBlue. Again, I promise the trial will end in the next chapter! 😉

  2. Well, it turned out better than I thought. I hope she learned her lesson…I would never want to be young like that again and do that…ugh I don’t like remembering the morning after… I hope she can continue to be there for Noah and that his mom will correct her ways or stay out of the picture for good.

  3. XD I think this was my favourite chapter!! Though my favourite part has to be Sharlee vomiting in front of her father… LOL Ahahaha…

    Very nice on the last few pictures!! O.o I kinda feel sorry that Sharlee is feeling that way… -.- It is not a nice feeling, I knoooow…

    xD Can’t wait until the next chapter!!

    • I wonder why this was your favorite chapter? LOL 😀

      I felt sorry for Sharlee too. If I were her, I wouldn’t want to do that again either.

      Thanks for all of your help Jacqueline, and thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Oh my jesus! Oh , Sharlee, should of thought about what you were doing! But I hope that Alissa and Dale can really see what she’s going through…
    Sorry I haven’t commented in a long time! I didn’t have the time for the last 2 weeks to do anything!

    • Yes, she it could have gone even more badly for her!
      So far, Dale and Alissa are being understanding, but they couldn’t let her getting drinking pass without punishment.

      Don’t feel bad about not commenting. I know that you’re back in school now and that comes first! 🙂

      You are so welcome! I didn’t want to make you wait for the end of Sharlee’s wild night out.
      Jacqueline was kind enough to write the scene for me and, I hated breaking it up! 🙂

  5. I’m glad Sharlee has learnt from what happened and got home safely, I think most people have done what she has I know I have and I learnt never to do it again!!haha!
    I forgot to say in the comment on the last chapter that I loved the club, it looked great:)
    I hope nothing too bad happens now for Sharlee, like her wild table dancing being in the paper or anything. That wouldn’t help Noah’s trial or the way Noah’s mom feels about her.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter:)

    • Yeah, she won’t do that again!

      Thanks! It’s actually the same club that I used for Deceived. It was the second one. I changed it up a bit though.
      I had a really good time doing those pictures.

      Yeah hopefully that night won’t come back to bite her!

      Thanks for reading, Clairey! 🙂 I should have a new update posted Monday but take your time!

  6. I wonder how many pictures of the table dance will make it to the courtroom. 😦
    Bad bad bad move. I still think there will be troubles from that night.
    Alissa is sometimes a bit too understanding.

  7. All I’ve been thinking is ‘When is Alissa gonna have that dang baby already?!’

    I really hate Noah’s mom. She is just terrible cutting off everything from Noah, locking him away, letting him see Sharlee for short periods of time and barely any interaction, and overall being a complete douche.

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