Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Five

Noah was led before the judge for his bond hearing.   He was surprised to see his parents there.

The judge stated the bail amount.  

Noah just stood there wondering why they were even bothering with the procedure because there was no way in the world he could pay such a huge amount of money.

“Your honor, Mr. Hall is able to pay that sum.  It’s all been arranged through a bondsman.”

The DA and Noah were both stunned.   The judge said a few words and then Noah was led back out of the courtroom.  

After Noah was processed, his lawyer explained that Matthew Hamming had paid the bond and that he was being released into the custody of his parents.

“I do have some bad news though Noah.   You are being extradited to Bridgeport.   You have to surrender yourself in two days.  Your parents are going to take you back there.  I’ll be at the courthouse in Bridgeport with you on Thursday.”

Noah’s mother hugged him, but his stepfather didn’t say much.   “I’ve missed you, Noah.”

Noah couldn’t help but wonder if that was really true.   Also he could not honestly say that he had missed her.  He was surprised when they drove up to the Stallworth’s home.

As they waited on the porch, his mother explained.  “Mr. and Mrs. Stallworth have invited us to dinner.  They knew that you and Sharlee would want to see each other.   She doesn’t know that you are out.  They wanted to surprise her.”

Alissa led Noah to Sharlee’s room.   “She doesn’t know about the extradition either Noah.”

“I’ll tell her.”

“Okay.  I’ll leave you two alone to talk.  Just make sure to leave her door open.”

Noah knocked at Sharlee’s door.   “Come in!”

He walked inside.   It was the first time that he had seen her room.   It suited her. 

Sharlee was staring at him in pleased shock.


She held out her arms and he went over to her and hugged her tightly.   They didn’t speak for a few minutes.  They just held each other.

“Dale why don’t we have them stay with us?   We have plenty of room, and it will only be for two nights.   That way Sharlee and Noah will have more time together before he leaves town.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Dale, if you’re worried that he will try something with her,  you know they couldn’t do anything now even if they wanted to.   Sharlee isn’t well enough!”

“You’re right.  They are welcome to stay if they want to.”    Although he agreed, Dale still intended to keep an eye on Noah.  He was grateful for what Noah appeared to have done for Sharlee, but the entire situation had increased his distrust and disapproval of Noah.  Also it would give him an opportunity to get to know Noah’s parents.

Alissa smiled at him and said, “Good.”   She invited them to stay, and they accepted.

Noah and Sharlee hadn’t even had a chance to talk when he heard his mother call him.

“I’ll be right back Sharlee.”

His mother and stepfather were at the top of the stairs.   “We want to meet Sharlee.”

“Wait here for a minute.  Let me check with her and make sure that she feels like it right now.” 

Noah headed back to Sharlee’s room.   “Babe, my parents want to meet you.  They’re waiting outside.”

“What!   They’re here now!   I’m a mess.  I know I must look awful.   I don’t want to embarrass you Noah.   Let me put on some makeup first.  I even hate that you have to see me this way!”

Noah laughed.   “Sharlee, there is no way that you could ever look awful.   You are beautiful.   You don’t even have to wear makeup.”

Sharlee looked at him doubtfully.   Then she said, “Alright.   I’d like to meet them too.”

Noah brought them to her room.   Sharlee felt so nervous.  She wanted his parents to like her.  

His mother spoke first.  “So, this is Sharlee.  She’s a pretty little thing Noah.  She’s not like the other girls you date.”

His stepfather said,  “Yeah, and she’s hot like her Mama!’

Noah’s mother was shocked.   “Will!”

“You know I love ya, Melina, but I’m not dead or blind.  We’ve watched her Mama’s show lots of times.  Besides, its a compliment!”

“You and Noah go on downstairs and leave the two of us alone.   I want to get to know Sharlee better.  Pull that chair over for me Noah.”

“Is that okay, Sharlee?”

“Of course.”

“Be nice to her Mother.”

He kissed Sharlee.  Then he pulled over a chair for his mother , and he and Will left the room.

Sharlee looked at Noah’s mother curiously.   Melina and her husband had spoken about Sharlee as though she were not in the same room with them.  Sharlee hated when people did that.

I believe in being blunt.   Noah has been involved with other girls.  It’s been one girl after another.    He’s never had a steady girlfriend before.  There was one girl who tried to trap him by claiming that he was the father of her baby, but Noah said it wasn’t true.   He always supplies the protection.   He never trusts the girl to provide it.   A paternity test proved that Noah wasn’t the father.   Even after her, I know there were other girls.  Although Noah wasn’t living at home, people in town made sure that I knew what he was up to.”   She paused.

“I know that Noah has had relationships with other girls.  He didn’t try to hide it from me.  I don’t understand why you’re telling me this.”

“Relationships.  Hah!  That’s one way to put it.   I’m trying to tell you that Noah uses girls.   He is just like his father.   He gets what he wants and then he moves on to the next girl.   Although, unlike his father, he makes it clear to them that he doesn’t want a relationship.   He just wants to have fun.”

“That’s not how it is with us.   We’re in a committed relationship.”

“I know that you think you are.   Noah and I talked on the phone a month ago, and he told me about you.   He’s never talked about any girl the way that he talks about you or looked at anyone the way that he looks at you.   What I’m trying to say is don’t get pregnant, Sharlee!   That is the last thing that Noah needs now.”

Sharlee looked at her in shock and irritation rose up inside her.   She changed position to give herself time to calm down before she spoke.  “I don’t understand everyone’s concern with that part of my and Noah’s relationship.   Since you are his mother, I’m not going to tell you to mind your own business.   Noah and I have not slept together and we have no intentions of doing so.   I intend to wait until after I am married, and Noah respects and supports my decision.”

Noah had walked in and heard the end of their conversation.   “Mother this is none of your business!”

“Well,  you are my business!  I’m just glad that this girl seems to have a good head on her shoulders.   Although that remains to be seen.”

She left the room without saying another word.  Noah sat in the chair.

“Sharlee, I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s okay, Noah.  She’s just worried about you.”

“I don’t know if that’s it.  How are you feeling?”

“I’m alright.”

“I’m glad.”

Noah seemed uncomfortable.

“I know that we can’t discuss the case, Noah, but I just want you to know how deeply sorry I am for everything.”

Sharlee could tell that he was having a hard time saying something.   “Just tell me Noah, what is it?”

“I think that it would be better if we stop seeing each other.”

A look of deep pain came into Sharlee’s eyes, and she felt like her heart had been pierced.   She managed to say over the lump in her throat,  “I guess I don’t blame you.   I’ve brought you nothing but bad luck from the moment we met.”

“Sharlee, that’s….”   He was interrupted when Dale came to the room.

“Noah,  it will still be a while before dinner, and your stepfather wants you to come downstairs.   He wants you to go with him to your place so that he can see what things you want to take back to Bridgeport.  He said he may have to arrange to have some things shipped and some things sold.”

Noah said quickly, “Sharlee, we’ll talk when I come back.”  He headed downstairs.

Sharlee had held back her tears as long as she could.

“Oh, Honey, what’s wrong?”

“Noah, broke up with me.   I’ve been bad luck for him from the very beginning!  Please, can I just be alone for awhile?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?”

“No Daddy.”  Sharlee  turned her face towards the wall.

Dale left the room.   He was relieved that Noah and Sharlee would no longer be dating, but he hated to see Sharlee in such pain.   Alissa was in the kitchen and Dale told her what happened.

Alissa was shocked and headed upstairs.  

“Wait, Alissa!   She said she wants to be alone.”

“Dale, you should know by now that doesn’t include me!”

She went upstairs and held Sharlee as she cried.  “I’m so sorry, Honey!”

When Noah and his stepfather returned, his mother was in the kitchen finishing preparing dinner.  “Alissa is upstairs with Sharlee.   I could see that Dale was going to ruin the meal, and so I took over for him.”

Noah raced upstairs and knocked at Sharlee’s door.   Alissa came outside.   “What’s going on, Noah?  How could you say that to her?”

“She misunderstood.   I don’t blame her at all for my situation, but I think that it would be better for her if we break up.   My case isn’t going so well, Mrs. Stallworth.  I don’t want her involved any more than she has to be.”

Alissa thought for a few moments before she spoke.   “Noah, I think that you should explain your reasons to her.”

“I will, if she’ll let me.”

“She will.  Go on in.”

When Noah went in, Sharlee was laying again facing the wall.   He could see her shoulders shaking as she cried.   He felt a catch in his heart.

“Oh Sharlee, please don’t cry!”

Sharlee wiped away her tears and then turned to face him.    “It’s okay, Noah.   I don’t blame you.”  She still had a tremble in her voice from crying.

He sat down beside her.  “I didn’t finish what I was trying to say before.”  He took a deep breath.

“Sharlee, my case isn’t going well.   I’m being extradited to Bridgeport.   I have to turn myself in there on Thursday.  My bond will still be in effect, but I’ll have to stay there until my trial.  The DA fast tracked my case, and my trial will start in a couple of months.   Sharlee, I don’t think that I’m going to get off.   The DA wants to try me as an adult.    If the jury doesn’t believe it was self defense, then the judge could sentence me to up to ten years in prison.”

“If they try you as a juvenile how long would they give you?”

“Only two years because I’ll be eighteen in two years.”

“So you only broke up with me because of that?”

“Yes, Sharlee.   It isn’t fair to you.   I know you’ll have to testify, but after tonight, we won’t be together.”

“Noah, I’m stronger than you think I am.   I know that ten years from now I will still love you.   Whether you say that I’m your girlfriend or that I’m not, it won’t change how I feel about you.  I won’t want anyone else.”

“Sharlee I don’t want you to come to see me in jail.”

“Of course, I’m going to visit you.”

“I won’t accept your visits.  Whether by some miracle I’m in Juvie or whether I’m in jail, that is no place for you.   Besides, I don’t want you to see me that way.”

Sharlee moved closer to him and caressed his cheek.  “Alright, Noah, but you can’t stop me from waiting for you as long as it takes.”

“I didn’t realize how stubborn you are.”

Sharlee looked into his eyes and said,  “When it comes to the people I love, I’m always as stubborn as I need to be.”

She kissed him, and he smiled.  He realized that she loved him no matter what happens.  In his heart, he had known that she wouldn’t agree.   If their positions had been reversed, he would not have agreed either.   He would have waited for her too.

When dinner was ready, Sharlee wanted to eat  with everyone else, and so Dale helped her downstairs.   They all got to know each other better over dinner.   

Of course, Noah and Sharlee were more engrossed in each other than in their dinner.

After dinner, Dale and Will played pool.

  “I hope this question doesn’t offend you, but why wasn’t Noah living at home with you and his mother?”

Noah doesn’t like to follow rules.  It reached the place where he and his mother were always arguing.  He was sneaking out of the house and getting into trouble. Until finally we’d had enough.  When he left at fourteen, we didn’t try to find him.  To be honest, I’m not surprised that he’s in trouble again.   He has quite a temper.  You seem like a nice guy and so I’m going to give you some advice.  If Sharlee were my daughter, I’d keep him away from her.  Noah only thinks about himself, and he’ll get her into trouble.  He has a way with girls.”

Dale thought about what Will had told him. 

He discussed it with Alissa that night when they went to bed.”

“Maybe those things were true before Dale, but  you’ve seen for yourself that he cares about Sharlee.  From what Sharlee’s lawyer told us, he is in this trouble now because he was protecting her.  People change, especially young people.   You also have to consider the source.  Will doesn’t seem to be very fond of Noah.  They definitely don’t have the relationship that you and Sharlee have.”

Dale could see that Alissa was not ready to stop Noah and Sharlee’s relationship.   He himself felt that Noah’s parents had been wrong to give up on him at fourteen.   You don’t give up on your children.  So he decided that for now he would not do anything to end their relationship.

Over the next two days, Noah and Sharlee spent as much time together as they could.   When the time came for him to leave, he and Sharlee clung to each other, neither one wanting to let go.

“Noah, come on.  That’s enough!   We have to leave now.”  

“Thanks for your hospitality.”

Dale responded.   “It was nice to meet you.   I just wish that the circumstances were better.”

Alissa saw the expression on Melina’s face as Melina looked at Sharlee and Noah.   She still didn’t know what to make of her.   She couldn’t tell whether or not Melina was pleased or displeased with Sharlee and Noah’s relationship.

Noah released Sharlee and headed to the door.   He hated that the next time he saw her, it would likely be in the courtroom.

As Sharlee watched him leave, she was determined not to cry.


Thanks so much Zhippidy for making the courtroom poses for me! 

21 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Five

  1. This was a happy, sad and anger bringing chapter… I’ll explain…

    Happy: Because Dale seems to finally understand! He’s finally decided to just let go of the bad boy Noah and see how much he cares for Sharlee!

    Sad: Noah is gone! Oh I wish he didn’t have to go with his parents back to Bridgeport!

    Anger: Why out of things! His parents are horrible! Now I see why he left… They have nothing but bad things to say about him!
    Thanks for the chapter!

    • Anaiah, I agree with you about this chapter.

      Dale for now is going to give Noah the benefit of the doubt. He hopes that Noah has really changed.

      I’m sad too! He will really miss Sharlee. 😦

      His parents are definitely not the best. Later in the story we find out more about why!

      Thank you for reading it, Anaiah! 🙂

  2. Aww this was so bittersweet! Poor Sharlee. It’s going to be a heartbreaking time for her. 😦
    Noah’s parents really don’t have many positive things to say about him. I think they need to look at their own parenting skills as a reason he ended up where he did =/
    Great chapter 😀

  3. Hell if I were Noah I would have left too. His parents suck. They are rude and untrusting and just nasty people. I think his time with them over the next few months is gonna be hard. I wonder if they will try to keep him from talking to Sharlee.

  4. D’Awww… O.o If you need a badass lawyer to get the job done. I have the perfect sim… XD;; His name is Dedric Thorne, thousands of years old Vampire… O.o Though he doesn’t need to be one in your game if you like… <.< I'm sure Noah will be ok… O.o And my my Alissa's baby bump has grown!!

    Dedric also has a wife and three children… XD;; Just lemme know… CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER…

    -.- I'm still waiting for Alex to randomly pop up again… LOL

    • Jacqueline, that is so nice of you! 🙂 I already made a lawyer for Noah, but with these type of cases, they do usually have a team of lawyers.
      Your offer is at the perfect time. I just started writing the trial scenes.

      Since Noah’s trial will be in Bridgeport, a vampire lawyer would be good. It’s been a while since I had one in the story, and I think it would make the trial more interesting.

      Thanks so much Jacqueline! 🙂 Is he on the Exchange?

      • :/ Nope… but I can get him up tonight with his family if you like… he has a teenage daughter and two YA twins… XD His wife is a famous actress… O.o Acquittance with Matthew maybe? LOL Dedric usually deals with vampire cases but if his wife knows Matthew I guess she coulda asked her husband for help since he’s so good… LOL

        They live in Sunset Valley but for a case like this, Dedric flies in… XD Up to you… But I’ll have him and his family up tonight if you can wait… :/ Please note they’re also going to be used for a future story of mine once Seasons is out… so you’re pretty much giving your readers a look-see at my sims… LOL XD;;

      • Jacqueline, if you’re sure that you want me to use them, I would love to. Can you post a link to them on here?

        I’m not starting the pictures for the next chapter until either tomorrow or Thursday. I can write them into the next chapter tonight!
        Thanks Jacqueline! 🙂


    HEEEERRREEEE THEY ARE!!!… I had to go through them and see what they look like…

    SOOOO… Phyllis’s hair is from Beaverhausen and her bathing suit is from, it’s called Cords.

    Charity’s everyday hair is also from Beaverhausen while her formal hair is from Paintstroke.

    Anna’s hair everyday hair is from Reis, it’s called Summer Flavour, while her formal hair is from Poseidon called Flying Dancer.

    XD And that’s pretty much it!! Lemme know when you have them so I can take them down… :/ I don’t want them out for too long… LOL


    Oh and Harvey is bi-sexual… XD;;

  6. My God, his stepfather is awful! To say all those things about him. But I do have to wonder though if there is some truth in it. So far all we’ve seen is Noah’s side. With that said though, Noah’s parting from Sharlee was heart wrenching. I hope, hope, hope they’ll find a way to stay close throughout his trial.

    • That was a very unkind thing for his stepfather to do. Noah does have his rough side, but his stepfather still shouldn’t have told Dale that.

      It made me sad to write that scene too.

  7. I don’t know what to think about Noah’s parents. What horrible, miserable people they are. Always watching the other person and never caring for their own. Awful. Poor Noah had a wonderful home environment. Blah. Dale better stop thinking so negatively because he will be just like the DA and the DA’s little horde.

    • Yes, you really can’t blame Noah for leaving home! 😦

      Yeah, but I think Dale is like a lot of fathers would be if their daughter were dating a guy like Noah. Although I might be exaggerating his attitude a little bit! LOL It’s just so fun writing him this way!

  8. I live ur story!! I am disappointed about Noah leaving to live with his parents (who seem like interfering busy body’s who care about Noah but don’t do it correctly.)
    Quick question, how do u get the poses and pictures of them inside buildings?

    • Thanks Lulu. 🙂

      Living with his parents will be hard for Noah. His mother is very interfering! We find out more about her feelings for Noah in later chapters.

      I use mods to get the picture. I use the pose player and Aikea Guinea’s camera mod from Mod the Sims.

      Thanks for reading, Lulu, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading the story! 🙂

  9. -cries- The end light and poses are perfect. It made me cry. AHHHHHHHHHHH!! ALISSA IS ACTING LIKE A REAL MOTHER! OMG ITS THE END OF EVERYTHING! Poor Sharlee, Poor Noah. Is this story going to go from Alissa to Sharlee? Then from Sharlee to her daughter? Then From her to her daughter? And go on until the universe blows up? lol 😀

    • Hello Sims3girl! Sorry, I just got on my computer.

      Thanks! Yes, Alissa’s become the type of mother that she always wanted to have and to be for own children. 🙂

      Sometimes the storyline will primarily feature different members of the family, not just Alissa and Sharlee. I haven’t thought of a storyline for Sky past toddler! Till the universe blows up! 😯 😆

      You always make me smile! 😀

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