Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Four

After the officers took Noah away, Alissa expected Sharlee to be a mass of tears.   Although clearly upset, Sharlee was surprisingly calm.   She knew that she had to get well to help Noah fight the charges.

“Daddy we have to get Noah a lawyer.”

“I don’t understand what’s going on Sharlee.   Do you know anything about this?”

Sharlee chose her words carefully.   She knew that the less she spoke about that night to anyone before she spoke to Noah’s lawyer was best.  

“Dad, if ever there was a time that you needed to trust me, now is it.   Believe me when I tell you that if it weren’t for Noah, I would not be sitting here right now!   You would probably have never seen me again.   I can’t tell you anymore than that before I speak with his lawyer.”

“Why can’t his parents get him a lawyer?”

“Noah doesn’t have a good relationship with his parents.   Please help him Daddy.  If it’s the money, I promise that I will pay you back as soon as I can.   I’ll get a job.   I promise that I’ll pay back every penny!”

“It’s not the money, Sharlee.”

Alissa looked at Dale.   She knew what it was like to be in trouble and not have anyone to turn to.   Of course she and Noah did not have the same problem, but she was alone at his age too.

“Dale you helped me when you didn’t even know me.   You didn’t know what kind of person that I was.  Your instinct told you that I had a good heart.  Well I believe that Noah has a good heart.  If he didn’t,  Sharlee wouldn’t love him as much as she does.  We have to help him.”

Dale gave in.   “Alright.  I’ll see what I can do.”   He left the room and went to his office to make some calls.

Noah sat in the cell waiting for the guard to come and get him so that he could make his one phone call.  He didn’t think twice about who to call.   He was going to call Sharlee.

Finally the guard took him to a booth so that he could make his call.

Sharlee almost lost her careful control when she heard his voice.

“Are you okay, Sharlee?”

“Yes.  Please don’t worry about me now Noah.   Just concentrate on taking care of yourself.  My Dad is getting you a lawyer.”

“No, Sharlee.   I’m not his responsibility.   I’ll be assigned a public defender.”

“Please Noah.   You need a good lawyer.”

Noah didn’t want to owe anyone anything, especially not Dale.   What would he want in return?   Dale would probably want him to stop seeing Sharlee.  

However he could hear the strain in Sharlee’s voice.   He knew that whether or not he’d get a good public defender was a crap shoot.   Some were good and cared, others didn’t.

“Alright, Sharlee.”

The officer signaled to Noah that his time was up.

“I have to go now Sharlee.  Please take care of yourself.”

“You too, Noah!   I love you!”

“I love you too.”

Their call was disconnected and Noah was taken back to his cell.

Dale was in surgery with an emergency, and Matthew and Alissa were sitting with Sharlee.

“I’ve been a really lucky girl.   I have the best family and two parents who I know love me unconditionally.   Sometimes I thought that things were hard.   Like when we thought that Dad was dead, but we got him back.” 

She paused and then continued speaking.  “Noah hasn’t had it so easy, but despite everything he is still loyal and loving.  Even in jail, he is more worried about me than himself!  He likes for everyone to think he’s tough.  He is when he needs to be, but he’s much more than that though.   Life hasn’t given him what he deserves.”

Matthew and Alissa looked at one another surprised by what she said.   Alissa was fighting tears.   She didn’t want to cry in front of Sharlee because she knew that Sharlee was trying to be strong for Noah.   So she left the room.

Dale came down the hallway and found Alissa in tears.   “What is it Honey?   Is Sharlee okay?”

Alissa nodded her head yes.   She wiped away her tears.  

“Dale, it’s as though she grew up overnight.  She sounds so much older, so mature.”

Matthew helped Sharlee get comfortable on her pillows.   She was tired and closed her eyes.   He kissed her forehead.  “You need some rest, Sweetheart.   I love you.”  

He left Sharlee’s room and joined Alissa and Dale.   “I’m going to do everything that I can to help that boy.”

“I got a call from the attorney that we hired for Noah.   He is coming this evening to take a statement from Sharlee.   I told him that it was okay as long as they don’t make it too long.   He suggested that we consult with an attorney for Sharlee as well.”

Matthew asked him, “Why does Sharlee need an attorney?”

Dale continued. “He said that she would need to talk with an attorney before he can tell us anything.   I called Regina Marris, and she’s on her way to talk with Sharlee now.”

“What’s going on Dale?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out!”

After speaking with her, Sharlee’s attorney insisted on being present while she was interviewed by Noah’s attorney, Phillip Rivera.   Sharlee told Mr. Rivera everything that happened that night.

“Have you spoken with anyone else about that night?”

“No sir.”

“It is in Noah’s best interest as well as your own that you speak with no one else outside of myself and your own attorney about that night.   That also includes Noah.  Do you agree with that advice Ms. Marris?”

“Besides the fact that she must speak with the DA’s office, I agree.”

Sharlee assured him that she would continue to remain silent about what happened.

The next day a representative from the Bridgeport DA’s office came to take her statement.   Once again her attorney was present.   Ms. Marris instructed Sharlee to fully cooperate by answering all questions asked.   However she was under no legal obligation to volunteer information that she wasn’t asked.

After the interview was over, Sharlee was trembling and her temperature spiked.   She was supposed to be released from the hospital that afternoon, but her Doctor decided that she needed to remain for another night.

Noah lay on the bed in his cell staring at the bottom of the bed above him, but not really seeing it.   He hadn’t been able to speak with Sharlee but once since they had locked him up.   He’d finally thought that his life was on track, and now that he had Sharlee, maybe he would really have a chance to be happy.   

He should have known that something would happen to ruin it.   People like him weren’t meant to be happy.    He just wished that he hadn’t pulled Sharlee down with him!

His bond hearing was set for the next day.   He had insisted that his lawyer not tell Sharlee about it.  He knew that she would try to be there even though she wasn’t well enough. To him there was no point in having the hearing, since he didn’t have the money to pay the bond.   Even if his parents had wanted to, there was no way that they could pay it either.

The next morning, Sharlee was released from the hospital.   It would still be a few days before she could return to her light activities and a few weeks before she could begin doing all of her activities again.  She lay on her bed worrying about Noah.   She felt helpless.

After accepting Noah’s case, Phillip Rivera immediately began working.   He couldn’t understand why the DA was going after Noah so strongly for the death of a Hood like Mickey Parks.   He sent out feelers to the DA’s office in Bridgeport to see if a plea agreement could be reached.  He was surprised when he was told that there would be no deal offered.   Not only that, but that the case was quickly going to trial.    

He also learned that the DA was considering charges against Sharlee for obstruction of justice.   She had witnessed a crime and had not reported it.  There was knock on his office door.

He called out, “Yes!”

His assistant, Trina Burke rushed inside his office and turned on his television.  “You have to see this Mr. Rivera.”

The Bridgeport DA was having a press conference.    “You can rest assured that we take all crimes seriously.   Gangs will not be allowed to rule this city!  Gang violence will not be tolerated!”

Phillip suddenly understood.   The DA had decided to use Noah as an example.

“You know the rock star, Lola Belle?   Her son was robbed recently.   So the bigwigs in Bridgeport are all up in arms over the gangs even though it isn’t known for sure that the guys who robbed the boy were members of a gang.   Also the DA is up for reelection next year.”  

Getting Noah off was going to be much harder than they had thought.

“Get me Stiles.   I want him assigned as the investigator on this case.  Noah said that Mickey had taken other girls.   We need to find out what’s happened to them and get one of them to testify.   Sharlee’s word isn’t going to be enough.   Especially when they hear that she’s Noah’s girlfriend.   The jury will think that she’s biased.”

Trina told him,  “Yes.  We already know that they will take Ton’s testimony with a grain of salt.   The prosecution will bring out his entire rap sheet.   Monty Clemont is turning state’s evidence too.”

“Yeah.   Noah doesn’t understand why Monty’s turning on him too.  Who knows!   Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe the DA is offering him a deal.   I want Stiles to investigate Monty too.”

“I have more bad news.”

“What else?”

“There are also charges being brought against Noah for assaulting two students at his high school.”

Phillip sighed.   “This case is getting worse by the minute!”

“Alissa, Sharlee is our daughter.   I don’t like the way that the attorneys are keeping us in the dark.”

“I don’t either Dale, and Sharlee won’t say anything either!”

“I knew that boy was no good!  What kind of mess has he got Sharlee involved in!  I should have forbidden her from seeing him!”

“Dale, calm down!   We don’t know the full story yet.   Noah is probably completely innocent!”

Dale thought to himself, “Yeah right!”


A special thanks to Kiddo for making hospital poses for me.  They are just what I needed! 



25 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Four

  1. I’ve never asked this before, but please don’t wait too long for the next chapter. I’m dying to see how this all unfolds. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Noah.

    • LaBlue, I promise that I won’t wait too long! 🙂
      I’ve already started the pictures for the next chapter. I hope you won’t be too disappointed, but Noah’s situation isn’t settled in the next chapter.
      I’ll try to keep updating quickly until it is though! 😉 I know what it’s like to be left hanging like this. I promise that it won’t be for much longer.

      Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy it! 🙂
      Also don’t worry about asking. I don’t mind at all! I’m just glad that you love the story like I do! 🙂

  2. Oh what a shame for Noah and especially when Dale finds out it’s true, regardless of his daughter’s safety. What a great chapter! Alissa’s but is getting big! She must be due soon. Lol. Excellent work as always!

    • It is really bad for Noah. Especially since he’s been trying so hard!

      Thanks Marissa! I really appreciate that!
      This chapter and the next couple weren’t easy to write, and I’m still not so sure about them. 😦

      You noticed that about Alissa! 😆 It won’t be much longer. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Marissa! 🙂

      • It’s so sweet of you to recommend Alissa! 🙂

        Buffy is a friend on the forum and on Facebook!
        You’re welcome to friend me too if you’d like. I’m Daisies Day on Facebook. 🙂

  3. Poor Noah. Things definitely look grim for him. Being used to make an example of. Looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds though.
    And Alissa looks like she’s almost about to pop. It’s a bit of a rocky time for the baby to arrive, but I can’t wait all the same 😀

  4. 😦 Poor Noah and Sharlee…instead of the law enforcement being thankful a thug is off the street they want to do what they can to gain political interest ugh….I hope this case has a break somewhere…these two deserve to be happy. I hope something happens that opens Dales eyes and he can see things differently. Cant’wait to see what’s next.

    • Isn’t it sad for them! It will be harder for Noah since the District Attorney is running for re-election. He won’t want to lose the case.

      Noah is looking even worse to Dale now. Hearing that Noah was involved in a murder definitely didn’t improve his opinion of Noah. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Whitney. 🙂
      I was feeling tired today, but reading your comment made me want to work on the story again today. 🙂

  5. Oh no, oh no, oh no… WHY OF ALL THE BLOODY THINGS! Just when I thought it was gonna get easier, a whole bunch of Sugar Honey Ice Tea comes up… I hope Noah wins this case and that Dale has to see that love comes with problems… Just like with Alissa…

    • Dale has definitely not had an easy time ever since he fell in love with Alissa.
      Hopefully, he will see that just like Alissa is worth whatever problems come for him, that Sharlee feels the same way about Noah!

      Thanks for reading Anaiah! 🙂

      I’m almost finished with the next chapter. Things keep coming up, but I hope to have it posted by Sunday.

  6. Ugh, from bad to worse. And Dale is at it again. Sometimes that man is so blind I want to poke him. Crooked – any- politicians with their own agenda burn me up so bad I lose my ability to express in words how much I despise them. grrrrrrrrrr

    • Yeah, Dale is just not able to warm up to Noah. You want to poke him! LOL You will want to even more later in the story.
      I hate crooked politicians too! Sometimes it seems like there are more of them than the good ones!

  7. poor Noah 😦 i like him
    sorry i haven’t commented for a while i’m still LOVING the story (i have a different picture too)

  8. I just found this yesterday and started reading it. It is so amazing. I found myself reading it at one today, and I am still reading it at eight! I didn’t even take a break! Anyway, you are awesome:)

    • Wow Jayne! You read very quickly! I’m glad that you’re enjoying Alissa so much! 😀

      Thank you for saying such a sweet thing, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading the story! 🙂

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