Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Nine

The following week, Noah’s trial resumed.  Sharlee and her parents weren’t in court for Ton’s testimony.  The prosecutor kept harping on Ton’s criminal record.  By the end of the questioning by the prosecution, the jury thought of Ton as an unsavory character and discounted his testimony.

The next day, Sharlee and her parents were back in town to attend the trial.  The prosecution called their final witness, Monty Clemonts.  Sharlee remembered him.  He was the one who had tried to kiss her that night.  She listened closely to his testimony.

After having him tell his version of the events the night that Mickey died, the prosecutor asked him about his and Noah’s roles in the gang.  Mr. Thorne objected, but the judge overruled his objections.

Monty described his own role, and then he described Noah’s.  “Noah could strip a car faster than anybody I’ve ever seen.”

“And is that all that the defendant did for the gang?”

“No.  We were lures too!”

Mr. Starke asked, “And what is a lure?”

“Well Mick started his own stable.”

“Stable.  What does that term mean?”

Monty answered,  “He had his own Hookers pulling in cash.”

“And what did this stable have to do with you and the defendant?”

“Girls really dig us, and so Noah and me recruited girls for the stable.”

There was a loud gasp in the courtroom.  Noah looked behind him.  It was his mother.  With a furious expression on her face, she left the courtroom.

Noah could feel Sharlee’s eyes on him.  He couldn’t help it.  He had to see the effect of the testimony on Sharlee after his mother’s negative reaction.

He looked at Sharlee.  She smiled at him, and Noah was relieved.  He went back to taking notes.

The prosecutor was still questioning Monty.   “Was this against their will?”

“No.  They got a cut of the money they pulled in.”

“So if Mr. Hall says that the girls were forced into prostitution, and that he murdered Mr. Parks to defend himself and protect Sharlee Stallworth, that would be a lie?”

Mr. Thorne jumped up!  “Objection, Your Honor!”

“Overruled.  You may answer the question Mr. Clemonts.”

“Yes, that is a lie.”

Under cross examination, Noah’s attorney, Mr. Thorne brought out the fact that the DA had made a sentencing deal with Monty and Bones in exchange for their testimony.  However, Monty still stuck with his version of events.

Dedric Thorne met with his private investigator after court that day.  They were still unable to find any of the girls who had worked for Mick.

As soon as Noah and his stepfather walked through the door, his mother started in on him.   She had a furious expression on her face.

“You have brought disgrace on our family name.  My parents will never again want anything to do with me!  MY SON IS A PIMP!  How can I ever live this down!”

“Mother what Monty said in court today wasn’t true!  I never did that!”

“So everyone but you is lying?  You expect me to believe that!”  She was shouting at him.  “I thought that getting pregnant was the biggest mistake that I had ever made, but I was wrong!   Giving birth to you was the biggest mistake of my life!”

Noah had always wondered if she felt that way, and now she had uttered the words.  He didn’t need to hear anymore.  He raced out of the house and into the garage.  He yanked off his jacket and tie.  He intended to get his bike and leave.  He was never coming back again.  Then in the next instant, he remembered Sharlee. 

He went back inside the house and grabbed his cellphone from where his mother had put it away.  Then he called Sharlee.

Sharlee’s parents had given her cellphone privileges back to her.  When she answered, Noah said,  “Can you come over right now?”

His voice sounded odd, and so Sharlee didn’t hesitate.  “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

She was still grounded, but she could tell that Noah needed her.  It surprised her that his mother was allowing her to visit.   She left a note for her parents, explaining why she had broken curfew.   Then she rushed to Noah’s home.

As soon as she got out of the car, Noah hugged her to him.  Then he said,  “I wasn’t sure if you would still come.”

“Of course I came!”   Sharlee saw an expression in his eyes that she had never seen before.    There was a look of hopelessness and deep pain.

She said softly,  “Today was a really bad one, wasn’t it?”

There was a tremor in his voice as he answered, “Yeah.”

“No matter what anyone else says or does, you know what kind of a person you are.  You know who you are, Noah!   You can’t let them change how you see yourself.    It’s sad but to me it seems like most people only want to see the bad.  I wish that they could see the real you, the way that I do!”

Noah smiled, and then he started to kiss her.  Although she was dying to kiss him too, Sharlee pulled away a bit.  “What about your mother’s rules?”

“I need to be close to you, Sharlee.”

That was all Sharlee needed to hear.  As they kissed, Sharlee could tell that his tension was lessening; and he was beginning to relax.

Melina looked out the window and saw Noah and Sharlee kissing each other.  She was furious and headed for the door.  Surprisingly, Will stopped her.  He of course had heard everything that she had said to Noah.

“If you’re trying to break him you’ve almost succeeded.”

Melina stopped.  “What are you talking about?”

“When I first met you Melina, you were a broken woman.   Your parents had broken your spirit.   Slowly, you seemed to get better, and you even seemed happy.   Over the years though, you have changed.   You’ve become bitter and hard.”  He paused.   

Then he said,  “Is the reason why you’re so opposed to Sharlee because she’s stronger in her resolve not to sleep with Noah than you were with Noah’s father?  It’s wrong to hurt them because of your own guilt.  I’ve been surprised that Noah has stuck around throughout this trial despite the harsh way that you have treated him.  I realize now that it’s because of that girl.  He really loves her.  That girl is the only thing keeping him fighting.   If you keep them apart, you will break him.”

Melina looked out the window again and then she went into the kitchen.

Noah and Sharlee were sitting on the bench talking, when her cellphone rang.  It was Alissa.  Sharlee told her that Noah was okay.

“You can stay for another half hour, but then you have to come home.  You’re still grounded.”

Sharlee stayed the half hour, then when it was time for her to leave, she hugged Noah tightly.  Noah looked at her silently for a few moments and then he said,  “Thank you Sharlee.”

“For what?”

“For loving me, unconditionally.”

She gently caressed his chin. “How could I do anything else?”

Noah kissed her again, and then Sharlee went home.

The next day the defense began presenting their case.  Sharlee gave Noah’s attorney a note to give to Noah.   Noah read the note and smiled.

It said,  “I love you today.  I’ll love you tomorrow.   I’ll love you always.”

The defense’s case took three days.  They put both of Noah’s parents on the stand, but their testimony ended up helping the prosecution more than the defense.  Then the attorneys for both sides gave their closing statements.  After that the jury was taken away to deliberate their verdict.  The jury reached a verdict and everyone assembled in the courtroom to hear it.

As he sat in the courtroom waiting to hear the verdict, Noah thought about his mother’s apology for what she had said to him.  She told him that she was just upset and that the stress of the trial was getting to her.   However, the damage was done.  Noah didn’t believe her apology, and he would never forget what she had told him.

Outwardly, Noah was polite to both her and Will, but his mother’s words to Noah and their testimony at the trial had shown Noah how they really felt about him.  Knowing the truth about their feelings didn’t hurt as much as he’d thought it would.

The jury foreman read the verdict. “We the jury find the defendant guilty of all the charges against him.”

There was a sudden loud outburst in the courtroom.   “No!”  It was followed by gut wrenching sobs.

Noah knew that it was Sharlee.  He watched as Dale and Alissa took her from the courtroom.

Some members of the jury saw Noah’s expression as he looked at Sharlee.  He looked at her with an expression of concern and deep love.

In his closing statement, the prosecutor had intimated that Noah was dating Sharlee because her family was wealthy.  They realized that the prosecution had been wrong, and it made them wonder what else the prosecution had been wrong about.  However, it was too late for doubts now.  Their verdict was in.

The judge said that Noah’s sentencing hearing would be the following morning.  He instructed the deputies to take Noah into custody.   They handcuffed him and led him away.

That evening,  Sharlee sat in her room at the rental house, feeling completely dejected.   She couldn’t believe that the jury had found Noah guilty!  The next morning, the judge would listen to statements from Noah’s family and friends before he sentenced Noah.  Sharlee was trying to write her statement.  She kept starting over and ripping it up until she had it right.  She got very little sleep that night.

Noah’s parents went first and both gave brief statements asking the judge for leniency for Noah.   One of his teachers and his former employer in Mesa Valley also spoke for him.  Then it was Sharlee’s turn.

“Your honor from the time when we first start school, we are taught that every man woman and child, each citizen is entitled to a fair, impartial trial as an individual.   When the jury heard that I was Noah’s girlfriend, they closed their ears and their hearts to my testimony.  So today, your honor, I’m asking you to listen to me as a fellow citizen who still believes that Noah Hall can find true justice in your courtroom.  Over and over, before, during and after the trial, the prosecution referred to Noah’s case as setting an “example.”   That means that they did not see him as an individual.  He was an “example.”

She continued,  “I as a citizen can understand, but even then each case should be examined as to its own distinct merits.  Noah’s teacher and his employer testified about Noah’s intelligence.   He can picture the engine schematics for a car in his mind and then find out what is wrong with the car.   He is working on a special new engine for his motorcycle.   Everyone always looks up to doctors, lawyers, artists, celebrities; but we need people like Noah.  We need people with imagination that love to work with their hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty to get the job done.”  Sharlee’s voice trembled and she paused.

Then she started back speaking.  “Noah’s case was not the one to use as an example, and I’ve seen your efforts to be fair.  So I know that you too have to see that, Your Honor.  You had access to more information than the jury had.  Noah should never have been tried as an adult.  The juvenile system of justice was established to handle crimes committed by juveniles.  Noah’s case falls within that category.  I’m asking you as a citizen and yes, as Noah’s girlfriend, please show mercy in your sentencing!  Thank you for allowing me to speak.”   Sharlee left the stand with tears in her eyes.

The judge called an hour recess.   When they returned to the courtroom,  the judge issued his sentence.

“First of all Mr. Hall, I want to tell you that if I were you, I would do everything that I can to live up to the high opinion that Ms. Stallworth has of you.  I’d hang onto her!  Now as to your sentence.  I have taken into consideration the prosecution’s point of view as well as that of the defense.   I also cannot disregard the jury’s verdict.  Mr. Hall would you please rise with your attorneys?”

Noah and his attorneys rose.  “Noah Hall, I hereby sentence you to four years within the juvenile detention center until you reach your majority at the age of twenty one.”

Although it was better than ten years in the adult prison center, Sharlee still couldn’t stop tears from falling down her cheeks.  Noah was taken to a room so that he could say goodbye to his family.  The judge allowed Sharlee to go as well.

When Sharlee entered the room,  she went straight to Noah.  She couldn’t help crying.  “I’m sorry I’m such a crybaby.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry.”

“Babe, it’s okay.  I understand.  Sharlee promise me that you will have fun sometimes like a normal teenager.”    He laughed.  “I don’t mean like you did last week though.”

“Don’t worry, I’m never doing that again!”

“If you meet a guy that you really like…”

Sharlee cut him off,  “Don’t say that!  It’s not going to happen!”

“Sharlee, it might.  Even if it’s the way it was with your old boyfriend.  You said that wasn’t serious.  You just had a good time together.   Please don’t hold back because of me.  I don’t want you to miss out on anything because of me.”

“Oh, Noah.  There won’t be anyone else but you.  I don’t want anyone else but you.  You might as well accept the fact that I’m going to wait for you.   But, just because you asked me, and I don’t want you worrying,  I will go out sometimes.”

She knew that she would worry about him, but she didn’t say it.  She didn’t have to say it.   Noah knew it too.

“Don’t you worry about me either.  Like I told you before, I’m always okay.  I’ve been in Juvie before too, remember.  As long as I mind my own business, I’ll be alright.  I took a man’s life and that’s not okay.  I do deserve some punishment.   I just want to do my time and put all of this behind me.  Then I can be with you again.”

The deputies came and said that it was time to take Noah away.  He gave his mother and Sharlee a last hug.  Then they led him from the room.

Later that day before he was transferred to the juvenile detention center, Noah’s lawyer brought Dale to see him.   Noah looked at Dale curiously.

Dale didn’t waste any time.   “Noah, when you are sixteen, four years is a long time.   If you really care about Sharlee, then you need to let her go!”

“Mr. Stallworth, I do love Sharlee.  I tried to let her go.  I told her not to wait for me, but you know how your daughter is after she makes up her mind.   She said that she is waiting for me no matter what I say!  I asked her to go out with other people sometimes, and she did agree to do that.”

“Well, it makes me feel better to know that you at least tried.”

“I want Sharlee to be happy, and there is one thing that you can do for her.”

“What’s that?”

“I hate to violate her confidence, but I have to tell you this because it’s very important to her.  She will never tell you herself.   She loves you just as much as if you were her natural father, and Mr. Littler is just like a friend to her, not a father.  She wishes that you would adopt her, so that she will really be your daughter.  It will give her a greater feeling of security.   Because of my own family situation, I understand how she feels.”

Dale was very surprised.   He had never considered adopting Sharlee because of Bronson, but of course he would do it if that is what she wanted.   If Bronson would agree to the adoption.

“I will definitely see if it’s possible.  I appreciate you telling me about this Noah, and I won’t let her know that you told me.  You take care of yourself.”  Dale rose.

Noah responded.  “I will, and you take care of Sharlee.”

Bronson was still out of the country.  As soon as he returned, Dale flew back to Bridgeport to meet with him.  

At first, Bronson was upset about the idea, but then he seriously thought about it.  He knew that Sharlee really considered Dale to be her father.  Even though she visited him a few times during the year, Dale was the one raising her.   Bronson paid child support, but if he agreed to the adoption he would not have to pay that anymore.

However, he wanted Sharlee to be happy.  He wanted her to know that he was only agreeing to the adoption for her sake.  After having a heart to heart talk with her and letting her know that he would still always be there for her, Bronson agreed to the adoption.  Sharlee’s visits to Bronson would still continue, but she would now legally be Dale’s daughter.


I know everyone is probably upset because Noah lost his case and is going to a Juvenile Detention Center.  Please trust me and remember that I love Noah too!  He’ll still be in the story.

20 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    • LaBlue, I really like his character too! 🙂
      I just need him gone for a little while, although of course Sharlee will still talk with him.
      I have a lot planned, and he’ll be back soon.

      I have to finish this original storyline for Alissa and Dale that I started months ago! 😀
      Then we’ll have another poll. Thanks for sticking with the story! 🙂

  1. Nooooooooo! Poor Noah! I understand why you had to do it though, it wouldn’t have been right for him to not have any punishment for murdering someone. I’m glad it’s only 4 years instead of ten!
    This was such a heart wrenching chapter I had tears in my eyes for most of it. Sharlee is such a strong girl, her speech made all the difference in Noah’s case.
    I can see more why Noah’s mom is the way she is with him but it’s still no excuse for her to treat her son like that. She made her mistakes it doesn’t mean Noah and Sharlee are going to make the same ones. Silly woman. She really said some hurtful things to poor Noah aswell.
    I’m soooo happy that Dale is going to adopt Sharlee:)
    Great chapter, looking forward to the next one:) ❤

    • I feel sorry for Noah too, but he did have to answer for what he’d done. This way it won’t be hanging over his head. 😦

      Aww, Claire, I really wanted it to be emotional. I worked hard on Sharlee’s speech. I thought that she would want to do everything that she could to help Noah. I was hoping that I didn’t make it boring.

      You are so right about Noah’s mother! 😡

      I thought that it was time for Sharlee to legally be Dale’s daughter too. 🙂

      Thanks so much, Claire! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the chapter. I’m actually already taking pictures for the next chapter. I have the house to myself this weekend, and I’m really in the mood to work on the story. 🙂

  2. What???? Daisy you know we don’t live that far away from each other. You need to have Noah win his case on appeal or I’m making a road trip. LOL

    Seriously that was heartbreaking. Four years is a long time. He was getting his life together, this isn’t fair. Glad Will finally stood up to that evil woman. The adoption thing was sweet.

    Four years. UGH Daisy how could you????

    • LOL I knew you guys wouldn’t like that part!

      Yeah, four years is a long time.
      Will couldn’t just stand by anymore after hearing her say such a cruel thing to Noah.

      I thought it’d be nice if Sharlee was really Dale’s daughter too.

      Sorry! 😥

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  3. Great chapter but very..perturbed that Noah’s verdict came out guilty and got a sentnce of 4 years. I am glad for Sharlee’s statement so he didn’t get a harsher sentence. I am glad Dale is going to adopt her so she will have a sense of security while Noah is locked away. I hope their relationship is strong enough to make it through.

  4. I really hoped that Noah wouldn’t get sentenced, but 4 years is better than 25 to life in prison. I’m really glad that Dale is now ACTUALLY Sharlee’s father. What a bittersweet end it was.

  5. Damn. I was hoping for a not guilty verdict. But yeah, 4 years is way better than a life term. But still, a lot can happen in four years. I know Sharlee’s determined to wait for him, but they are both very young.

  6. Oh my! Noah’s mother!!! What a horrible horrible woman. Where is that dark, mysterious guy? He needs to take care of that not-a-mother.

    Isn’t it sad that people only consider their decisions after something bad happens? The jury was blinded by the seedy presentation. Those two guys who got off based on Noah’s misfortune, I hope they experience terrible repercussions. But then I bet that the DA has them covered or his own re-election will fail.

    • LOL Take care of her! She is not making life easy at all for Noah.

      Yeah, that is really sad the way that happens! It seems like people are always eager to believe the worst. Then the damage has already been done by the time they realize that they were wrong.

      Thank you for reading, Zhip! 🙂

  7. No, I don’t care if you love Noah too. I now officially hate you. Jailbreak? Yea? Ok. 😀
    (Ps, I don’t really hate you, obv, am still gunna read and hopw these 4 years fly by!)

  8. Noah better stay in your story…… hehehe. 😀 But you know….. 4yrs is way better than what did you write? 10? they’ll be fine. 😀

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