Alissa: Chapter Eighty-One

As Dale regained consciousness, he realized that someone was close to him.   He forced his eyes to open and saw Alissa beside the hospital bed.   Moving his head was a huge mistake because he felt a throbbing pain burst inside it. 

He remembered the first time that he had seen Alissa.  It had been at the hospital in Bridgeport when she was still a teenager.

“But wait!”, he thought to himself.  “Is it a memory or is it because Alissa told him that he had first seen her at the hospital.”

He said aloud, “You were wearing a red blouse and your hair was off to the side.”

Alissa looked up at him and he could tell that she had been crying.   “Are you okay, Dale?”

“Other than a throbbing head, I’m okay.”

“What were you talking about?”

“I was remembering the first time that I saw you.  You were wearing a deep red blouse and you had your hair off to the side in a ponytail.”

“You remember that?”

“Yes, I really remember it.”

Alissa went and got the doctor.  He said that this was a good sign.   Dale might fully regain his lost memories.  “However, I caution you Mr. Stallworth.   Don’t force the memories.  Let them come at their own pace.”

Dale gradually regained his memories.   It really hurt to remember how close he had been to his family and the way that the relationship had deteriorated.   He realized just how much Alissa had been caught in the middle and he appreciated her even more.   She wasn’t bitter or vindictive.  She never tried to prevent Dale or the children from seeing his parents.

He had tried to reason with his mother about her attitude toward Alissa but she hadn’t budged in her insistence that Alissa had cheated on him with Alex.   Dale found out that part of the reason his mother believed that was because Alex had told her that Alissa had carried on an affair with him for years even before they had thought that Dale was dead.   Alex had told her that after Dale’s return. 

Of course, she believed Alex.

After talking with his father and Leslie, Dale saw that Alex had changed over the years.  It had begun after he joined the vice squad and he had completely changed after becoming a government agent.   Alex never talked about what he did as a part of his job.  Knowing that Alex had changed did not lessen  Dale’s anger or disgust over the things that Alex had done in his pursuit of Alissa.

Alissa entered the great room interrupting Dale’s thoughts. 

She sat in his lap and asked him,  “What are you thinking about so deeply?”

“I’m thinking about how lucky I am to have you!”

“I’m the lucky one.”

Alissa slid onto the sofa and nuzzled in close to him.  Dale rubbed his hand across her belly.   She finally had a baby bump.  He was determined to make sure that this baby was just as happy as their other children despite the fact that Alex was her father.

“Don’t forget that you promised to meet Leslie.”

“Oh, that’s right.  I guess I’d better get ready.”

Leslie and George had moved to Mesa Valley.  The drier climate was better for Kaylee’s asthma.  Robert and Valerie had decided that they no longer needed their big house in Riverview and they had sold it.  They had moved to a senior retirement village in Florida.

Leslie got together with some of Alissa’s friends, and they were throwing her a surprise baby shower.  Alissa had thought that she was just having lunch with Leslie.   She walked through the entrance at the restaurant and heard, “Surprise!”

As she looked around the room, a huge smile broke out on her face!   “I can’t believe you guys did this for me!”

Leslie hugged her.   “Of course we did!  We love you, Alissa.”

Leslie led her to a chair that they had set up like a throne, and they presented her with  gifts.

Sharlee helped her mother with the gifts.

Evonne teased Sharlee.  “One of these days we’ll be throwing a shower for you!”

Sharlee blushed.   Alissa heard and said, ” Don’t rush it, Evonne.   One day years from now!”

They all laughed.

Dale was at the park with Shawn, Cara and Fay Mayburn when his cellphone rang.   It was his father.

As she spoke with Dale on the phone, Leslie’s smile left her face.   She excused herself from the others. 

Sharlee went to find her.   Leslie was crying.

“What’s wrong, Aunt Leslie?”

“I just got some bad news.   I don’t want to spoil your Mom’s day though.   Please go back with the others.   If your Mom asks, tell her that I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Okay.  Are you going to be alright?”

“Yes, Sweetie.   You go back out and enjoy the party.   Let’s keep it special for your mother.  Your Dad said it’s the first shower that she’s had.”

Leslie got herself together and then returned to the party.  She plastered a smile on her face for Alissa’s sake.   She and Dale had agreed not to give her the bad news until the following day.   They wanted this day to be a good memory for her.

Dale tossed and turned in bed that night.

“What’s wrong, Dale.”

“I’m okay, Honey.   You go back to sleep.   I think I’ll just do some work in my office for a while.”

Alissa drifted back off to sleep.  

Dale sat in his office dry eyed.   He had very mixed feelings.

The next morning after Alissa awakened, Dale had a talk with her.

“Alissa, I’ve received some bad news from my parents.   It’s about Alex.”

“What about him?”

“He’s dead.   He was shot while working on an undercover assignment.   My Dad identified his body.”

Alissa didn’t react immediately.   She just looked at him in disbelief.   “He’s dead?”

“Yes, Sweetheart.”

Alissa felt numb.   She remembered her last words to Alex.  She had told him that she hated him and never wanted to see him again.    She had pretty much told him that she was sorry that she was carrying his baby.   At the time, she had meant every word.  Even now she had mixed feelings.   She was relieved and at the same time sad.  Her baby would never know her father.   She had hoped that somehow the old Alex would return and that would be the person who her daughter would get to know.   Now there was no chance of that!

Finally tears came to her eyes.   She knew that it wasn’t easy for Dale either.   He held her as she cried.   “I’m sorry Dale!”

“For what?”

“I’m sorry that you lost your brother.”

“Alissa, I lost my brother a long time ago.”

Despite his words, Alissa could still sense his sadness.

The day of Alex’s funeral was dreary and sad.     After they arrived, Alissa had tried to offer her condolences to Valerie, but Valerie had completely ignored her.  She didn’t even acknowledge Alissa’s presence.

Now Alissa stood beside Valerie at Alex’s graveside.   She was determined to try to remember only her good times with Alex and forget the bad.   When her daughter was old enough, she wanted to tell her about the good man that Alissa believed her father used to be.  Alissa suddenly became aware that Valerie was staring at her.  Maybe glaring would be a better word.

“It’s your fault that my baby is dead.”   Valerie’s voice was flat and her eyes were full of hatred as she spoke to Alissa.

“Valerie, I am so deeply sorry that Alex is dead.”

“Out of respect for your feelings, they didn’t tell you the whole truth about the circumstances of his death.   Well I want you to feel every bit of the guilt that you deserve.”

Alissa was confused and asked her,  “What are you talking about?”

“Alex wasn’t wearing his bulletproof vest when he was shot.   Agents of his caliber do not make mistakes like that.  He wanted to die because of you!”

Tears came to Alissa’s eyes.   Her tears seemed to infuriate Valerie.   Before Alissa realized what she was doing, Valerie slapped Alissa across her face. 

Robert rushed over and restrained Valerie as she tried to get to Alissa.  Dale wrapped his arms around Alissa protectively.   He stood in between them.

Sharlee hugged terrified Cara to her while Shawn stood in between Sharlee and Noah.  He was sad and afraid.  

George came over to them.   “Sharlee let’s get the children back to the hotel.”  They left with George.

Leslie called an ambulance and her mother was taken to the hospital and sedated.  

Dale took Alissa back to the hotel.

“Alissa, what happened to Alex was not your fault!  Please Baby, don’t take that blame on yourself!

Dale climbed onto the bed and pulled her into his arms.   Alissa closed her eyes tightly in deep sadness, trying to hold back her tears.   “If there is one thing that I know about Alex, it’s that he would not have intentionally allowed himself to be killed.  Your mother is right though.   He was too good of an agent to forget his vest.   I don’t know what to think Dale.   What hurts the most is that your mother hates me so completely!”

“My mother isn’t herself right now.”   Even as he was saying the words, Dale realized that there would never again be a good relationship between Alissa and his mother.   This time his mother had crossed a line and he could no longer excuse it. 

Alissa began to sob.   Dale didn’t know what to say to console her, and so he just held her as she cried.   He hugged her to him tightly. 

Before they flew home the next morning, they stopped at the hospital to see his mother.  The children didn’t want to see Valerie after witnessing her attack on their mother.   Dale went into her room alone.  Robert was sitting with her.  

The doctors had done tests and determined that his mother was not suffering from any mental defect.   That meant that she had a choice in the way in which she behaved.  She had chosen to act on her negative feelings for Alissa.

Dale took Valerie’s hand.   “Mom, I know that you are hurting over Alex’s loss.  We are too!  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Alissa loved him and was married to him.   Her relationship with him has nothing to do with my relationship with her.  If I accepted it, then you should have too!  Now it’s too late.   I can’t allow you to keep hurting her, Mom.”

Valerie looked at him coldly.   “So, you’re doing the same thing that Alex did.   I am your mother and you’re choosing that hussy over me!”

“Valerie!”  Robert was shocked.   This was not his gentle, loving wife.

“Yes, you are my mother, but Alissa is my wife.   She is my life!   I have to think of her first.”

“So, what are you saying, Dale?”

“Don’t you know how much Alissa loved and respected you?   She wanted to be the same type of mother to our children that you were to us!”

Valerie didn’t respond, but there were tears in her eyes.

“I know that Alex told you that he and Alissa were carrying on an affair for years.  You know me too!  You know in your heart that I would not have allowed that.    There is no way that Alissa and I would be together now if that had been true.  You chose to believe him because it was easier to blame Alissa rather than accept the fact that Alex had changed.    I know how much you are hurting, but Alissa is pregnant and hurting too.  Alex isn’t the only one who changed.   So have you!  You hurt your own daughter-in-law and your grandchildren.   This is a difficult time for us all.   So for now, Mom, we will have to keep our distance.”

Dale left the hospital room and took his family back home.

Thanks again to all of the CC creators who share their work with us.  I so enjoy using it in my game and stories.   Also thank you to all of the pose creators.  I love finding new poses and finding different ways to use them in my story!

33 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-One

  1. Oh please don’t let ANYTHING ever happen to Dale, he is the only thing standing between his mother and his wife. I have a friend who had a mother in law from hell. The old battle ax took her son away from her not once, but twice. She just only got him back only a few months ago, only after the bitter old woman died. Poor Alissa has been through more than most.

    • I love Dale too! I also really like Alex. This chapter wasn’t easy!

      Some mothers-in-law are real shrews! Dale’s mother has turned into one too! :frown:

      I’m glad that your friend was able to get back together with her husband!

      Thanks for reading my story, LaBlue! 🙂

  2. Nope, he’s definitely up to something. He’s not dead. That would be far to easy…
    But what on earth is he planning? Something to do with that phone call he made… And how did his father identify his body if he’s not dead. So many questions… Eee, I’m so intrigued! 😀

  3. I had no idea Alex would do that I was sad and happy. Very weird.
    Valerie got me so annoyed. Alissa did nothing wrong! She just wanted to believe Alex because he was her son. Or is he still her son, if you what I mean.

    Thanks for this serious, intriguing, funny, sad, enjoyable moment!

    • I had mixed feelings with this chapter too! 😦

      Didn’t Valerie change too! She blamed Alissa again for what happened to Alex. This time she treated her even worse though! :frown:

      You are very welcome, Anaiah! I’m really happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Anaiah! 🙂

  4. Good and bad, in such a short time. I am not at all sad that Alex is gone. If I recall, he had pretty much always been a thorn in Dale’s side. Dale is under the illusion his brother cared at some time, but maybe he will remember all the instances where Alex always upped him, intentionally. The mother is a witch. What a nasty shallow person.

    • You remember Alex right! Dale is trying to remember the good times, but Alex did try to intentionally up him.

      Hasn’t Dale’s mother turned out to be a witch!

      Thanks for reading my story, Zhip! 🙂

  5. Um that was too easy and neat. Alex is dead??? After that cliff hanger you left on the last chapter. Nope don’t believe it. He’s gonna come back and do something I just feel it. It was too neat.

    Valarie is a bitch with a capital B!!! Your baby raped that woman, tried to kill your other son, and was a hateful blackmailing slimeball!!! OMG what the hell is wrong with her? Dale just got him memories back. Alissa has tried and tried to work things out with Valarie. I’m glad Dale finally said enough was enough.

    • 😯 You don’t believe that Alex is really dead either?

      Valerie changed too! Even though she doesn’t know everything that Alex did to Alissa, she has no excuse for treating Alissa the way that she has. This isn’t the end of it.
      Dale gave his mother every opportunity to treat Alissa respectfully, but she just refused to do it!

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  6. A part of me believes with Caz, I doubt he’s dead and think this is likely a ploy, the whole thing of him not wearing the vest is suspicious but its not what makes me think that, I already did before that came out. Another part of me: relieved, it’s finally over, if it’s true. And then there is the part that’s sad, I wanted him to go away and leave them alone but not to DIE.

  7. :-O Have to admit when I saw Alex was dead I was like, yes! Finally! But now thinking about it I have to agree with everyone else I think it’s been way to quick and easy. He is gonna come back at some point and rip people’s lives apart!
    Fantastically written chapter, I can’t believe how nasty Valerie has become. Poor Alissa, she has had so much to deal with and now she has the mother-in-law from hell!! There has to be more to it, you can’t just take one sons word over the other (I know it happens though!)
    Great news about Dale’s memories!:)

    • You agree with everyone that he’s not really dead! 😯

      Thank you so much Claire! That means a lot! 🙂

      Valerie changed and she doesn’t have the same excuse for it that Alex has. The reason why he changed will come out later in the story.
      Alissa really has had a hard life. Sadly more of the hard times are about to come soon! 😦

      Thanks for reading, Claire! 🙂

  8. So, I realize that I am very late on this response, but I just now saw that I was behind 2 chapters! =O

    Anyways, I don’t believe that Alex is really dead. I know that somehow he has managed to fool everyone and is still plotting to steal Alissa or the baby.

    Sharlee and Noah are still super cute together and I love that Sharlee cleaned up the house for Noah. Perhaps someday that will be their first house together? It would be fun to see it completely redone. =D

    • Kate, I think I’m really losing it! 😯 I saw your comment and I thought that I had replied to it! I am so sorry! 😦
      Don’t feel bad about being behind. I should have checked on you before now!

      In the next chapter, Noah’s house will be fixed up a little more. Thanks for reading Kate! 🙂

  9. :/ Well… We ALL know Alex ISN’T dead… XD And it seems you’re having Alissa keep the baby… O.o Very curious to know where this is going… LOL

    • NOT Dead! 😯

      Yes, she’s keeping the baby. Alissa still loves her even though she doesn’t love her father. 😦

      I had hoped to have the next update posted today, but I haven’t had the time to work on it. I’m starting back now though. So, I hope that I can post it tonight!

      Thanks for reading Jacqueline and leaving feedback! 🙂

  10. Even though alot of others think that Alex is faking his own death, I don’t. The reason I say this is because Robert had to identify his son’s body. To be in on something like that would be a very cruel thing to do to his wife, Valerie.

  11. Finally caught up 🙂 and I must say I was happy to see Alex dead, but like the others I don’t believe he is..after all someone in his position would know how to make a body look like his and all. I just hope Dale thinks about the whole deal and realizes something is up before it’s too late. I hope Noah and Sharlee wed sometime soon they make a very cute couple.

    • Alissa is relieved too! So, you’re on the Alex isn’t really dead side too! 😉

      Noah and Sharlee have some tough times ahead.

      Thanks for reading Whitney! If you don’t have time to read the story anymore, don’t forget to stay in touch on FB. I really missed you before! 🙂

  12. Phew…I’m almost caught up, and I was planning on commenting on the last one, but I just had to stop and say, “YAY! YAY!YAY! Alex is dead!”

    I know it’s bad of me to rejoice at someone’s death, but after everything he’s done to Allisa, and all the hate he’s brought to her life, I’m glad he’s gone. And I hope he’s really, dead. His father identified him, so I don’t see how he could possibly come back. Unless Robert’s working with the cops to keep his son’s cover? Even so, it would be a very cruel thing to do to his own family.

    This is so exciting Daisies, and I’m very glad I took the day to get caught up. Awesome storytelling!

  13. Oh wow…This so makes me want to write a story!!! When I get some chapter posted, will ya check it out? It would mean SO MUCH TO ME!!!!!

  14. I started cheering when I read that Alex was dead.

    Valerie needs to cool it. She can’t blame Alissa for everything that happens. Alex made a mistake. His fault. The brothers fought and became enemies. Not her fault she’s attractive.

    If my mom would ever say that it was my husbands fault for something that I did, then I would say that If she didn’t want me to be happy, and didn’t accept it, then she didn’t have to take part of it. If I really love him.

    Mothers intuition is sometimes right that a person isn’t good enough for their child, but Dale is perfect for Alissa. No matter how much shit they’ve been through, he still stays by her side and doesn’t give up on the relationship. And that’s the type of relationship I want.

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