Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Seven

Even though they spoke weekly, Noah and Sharlee still missed each other.   So Sharlee asked her parents if she could go  to Bridgeport a few days before the start of Noah’s trial.  She would not be permitted to sit in the courtroom before she testified and possibly not even afterwards.  So she wanted to take what might be her last chance for a long time to be with Noah.

Sharlee was planning to stay with Miki because Bronson was out of town.  She didn’t feel comfortable staying with her grandparents because her grandmother had given an interview about Noah’s case in which she spoke badly of  Noah, Alissa and Dale.  Rather than defending Sharlee, she had given a bad impression of her too.

“The Stallworth’s allowed Sharlee to run wild and infrequent visits with us were not enough to change her.  Had I been consulted, Sharlee would never have been permitted to date a boy like Noah Hall.”

Surprisingly, Sharlee’s parents agreed to the visit.   She found out why when they took her to the airport to catch her plane.  Her Grandfather Matthew was there to fly to Bridgeport also.   He was going to Bridgeport to take care of some business.

Sharlee had to be available to testify and of course Alissa wanted to be with her.   Matthew and Dale wanted to be there too.   So they had decided to rent a house for the duration of the trial.  It was expected to last for several weeks.  Matthew was going to Bridgeport a few days early to take care of that too.   Sharlee couldn’t help but laugh.

Sharlee did not even intend to visit her grandmother.   So after helping Matthew decide which house they should rent,  she took a taxi straight to Noah’s house.

Noah’s mother answered the door. 

“Well it’s good to see you again Sharlee.   However, there are some rules for your visit.   You are not to go into the bedrooms, and you and Noah are not to be alone together.”

Noah came into the livingroom and Sharlee flew into his arms. 

He lifted her into the air, happy to see her!  

After a few moments, his mother said, “I know that your parents are very liberal Sharlee, since your mother is in show business, but here things are stricter.  I expect you both to limit your physical contact.  No kissing and that’s enough hugging too!”

Sharlee looked at her in surprise and moved away from Noah.

“Mother, why are you acting this way?”

“Noah, you didn’t listen to me before, but you have to listen to me now.   You know that I could have you locked back up in a heartbeat.  If you had obeyed me before, instead of running off, then you would not be in the trouble that you’re in now! “

Noah took a deep breath to calm himself.  He knew that there was no point in trying to reason with her.

“I’m sorry about that Sharlee.”

“Noah, it’s okay.   I’m just happy to be with you.”

Noah smiled.   He wanted to kiss her, but he didn’t do it.   Instead they sat on the sofa and talked while his mother sat with them reading.

“David apologized to me for helping Jonathon pass around those flyers.  He says that he wants us to be friends.”

“Do you believe him?”

“I think he means it, but my Dad wants to meet him and his parents before I can associate with him.”

“For once I agree with your Dad.  Please be careful Sharlee.”   Noah felt uneasy about David’s interest in Sharlee and wished that he wasn’t living so far away from her.

“Don’t worry about me Noah.   I’ll be fine.”

She wanted to say more about how she felt about Noah, things that were personal, for his ears only; but she couldn’t because his mother was sitting right there with them.

Noah wanted to talk to her too.  He wanted to tell her how he loved the way that the light made her hair look like a ray of moonlight, and the way that the green shade of her dress made her eyes even more beautiful.   As he looked at her lips, he longed to press his own against them, but he couldn’t because his mother was sitting right there with them.

They hadn’t realized it, but neither of them had spoken for a while.   They were each just looking into the eyes of the other with longing and love.

Melina looked over at them.   Sharlee had been there for barely an hour, but she said, “Sharlee, don’t you think it’s time you went to your  house?”

Sharlee tried not to show her disappointment.   This visit with Noah was not going the way she had wanted.  “I guess I’d better head over there now.”

“Mother can’t Sharlee stay for dinner?   She’s come a long way to see me, and we’ve hardly been able to spend any time together.”

“Alright, you’re welcome to stay for dinner, Sharlee.   Just make sure that you remember the rules while I’m cooking dinner!”

As soon as his mother left the room, Noah took Sharlee’s hand.  

When Sharlee looked surprised, he told her,  “She didn’t say that I couldn’t hold your hand.   I’m sorry about my mother Sharlee.   I will never understand her!”

“It’s okay Noah.”  Sharlee laughed.   “I didn’t know that there was anyone stricter than my Dad, but I guess that I was wrong!”

Noah laughed too.   Then he said softly,  “You’re even more beautiful than  you were before.”

“I should hope so!  I was just recovering from surgery.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you meant.   Thank you Noah.   You look so good too!”

Noah’s stepfather came home and Melina made him sit with Noah and Sharlee.

“So, Sharlee how many beaus do you have now?”

“How many what?”

“Suitors, boyfriends!  I know the guys have to be after a hot little number like you.  Especially now that Noah is out of the picture.”

“Noah isn’t out of the picture.  He’s still my boyfriend.”

George laughed and Noah was fuming.   “I’m just teasing little gal.  Simmer down both of you!”

Neither of them was sure that Will was teasing, but they let it go.   Sharlee stayed for dinner and then left afterwards.   The next day both of Noah’s parents had to work and so Sharlee wasn’t able to see Noah again until that evening.  Noah felt almost as though he were already in jail with the way his mother treated him.

The night before the trial began, Alissa arrived in Bridgeport.

Although not allowed in the courtroom, Sharlee was expected to be at the courthouse prepared to testify.  She was told that she would probably have to testify during the first week.  Because of Sharlee’s age, Alissa was allowed to wait with her.   Matthew attended the trial, and Dale was expected to join them in Bridgeport later in the week.  Kaye was staying at home with Cara and Shawn.  She would be bringing them to Bridgeport on the weekends.

Noah’s mother allowed Sharlee to see Noah only twice before the trial.

The first day of Noah’s trial was dreary and raining.  It was also unseasonably cold.  Dale surprised them by arriving earlier and meeting them at the courthouse. 

Sharlee and Alissa were taken to a small room to wait until the time for Sharlee to give her testimony.  Since they might have to wait in there during the trial for several days, it was good that neither of them was claustrophobic. 

Matthew and Dale went into the courtroom.  Noah’s parents were there as well.

Before the trial began, the judge called the attorneys up to the bench.   “Mr. Thorne, this is your first time appearing before me.   I trust that you will remember your oath and not use your vampire abilities to compel witnesses or the jury to favor the defendant!”

Dedric was offended that the judge would think that he would stoop to such measures to win a case.   Prejudice against vampires still reared its ugly head from time to time.  However he just assured the judge that he would conduct himself professionally just as every other lawyer appearing before him.

Noah sat beside his attorney as the DA laid out their case against him.   Pretty much everything that they said was true, but not the reasons behind his actions.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury.  The evidence will show that the defendant, Noah Hall with reckless abandon took the life of Mickey Parks.   The defense is going to claim that Mr. Parks’  murder was an act of self defense.   However,  you will hear witness testimony proving that Mr. Hall seized this as an opportunity to rid himself of a man who stood in the way of his progression in the criminal community.”

“Noah Hall is a killer , and the evidence in this case will show you that the people in the world who think they know him best know him the least.   He is a young man with a violent temper.  He is an example of the underbelly of our community.  We must show him and all those like him that we are a law-abiding society and we will not permit them to prey on us!”

After a while, Noah stopped listening to the District Attorney.   Some of what the DA said was true, and some of it wasn’t.  The reasons that he gave for Noah’s actions were all false.

Finally Edwin Starke ended his statement.  “Mr. Parks as you know is deceased and is unable to tell us what the real motive is, but based upon what you hear from witnesses and physical evidence, I ask that you return a guilty verdict on all counts.”

Then Noah’s lawyer, Dedric Thorne gave his opening statement.  

“A country’s greatness is judged by how they treat their elderly, their prisoners and their children.”

Mr. Starke jumped to his feet.   “Objection your honor!  Improper!”

“The theatrics are unnecessary, Mr. Starke.   However, your objection is sustained!”

Dedric continued.   “If you have turned on your television or picked up a newspaper over the last several months, then you have witnessed the extraordinary means which the state has used to inflame the public’s passions and to direct the fury of resentment against this boy Noah Hall.  They have tried to stir up hatred, revenge.  When such emotions are created, they are not easily subdued.   However, I believe that you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, can do so!”

“We anticipate that the evidence will show that Noah Hall acted in self defense, and this other stuff that the prosecution is spouting is just to make Noah Hall look bad in your eyes.  We want a fair trial.  That’s all we want, a fair trial on the evidence.”

Then the prosecution called their first witness.  It was “Bones” Timothy Duncan.

After some preliminary questioning, the DA asked Bones to describe events leading up to the night of Mr. Parks murder, and what he saw that night.

“Noah was always trying to get under Mickey’s skin.   He was always mouthing back to him.”

“How did you feel about Mr. Parks?”

“He was like a father to me.”

Noah looked up at him surprised.  The guys didn’t like Mickey anymore than Noah did.    Philip touched Noah, reminding him silently of their instructions not to stare at the witnesses so that the jury would not think that he was trying to intimidate or influence them.  Noah went back to taking notes.  Mr. Thorne had told him to do that in order to remain calm and look interested in the proceedings.

The DA asked Bones, “Have you ever seen any instances of Mr. Hall’s violent temper?”

Bones described some of the fights that he had witnessed involving Noah.”

Mr. Starke continued questioning him.  “Those fights were not with Mr. Parks, but did you ever hear him threaten Mr. Parks?”

Bones looked at Noah and squirmed in his seat before answering.   The DA moved to block his view of Noah.

Bones finally answered.  “Yeah.  Noah said that one day he was gonna stick him.”

“No further questions your honor.  Your witness Mr. Thorne.”

Mr. Thorne got up and began to cross examine him.  Bones wriggled around in his chair and started to sweat.  He had a defensive expression on his face.

“Under what circumstances did Mr. Hall make that statement Mr. Duncan?”

“He said it more than one time!”

Dedric continued to question him and get him to explain those comments, but Bones couldn’t do it.  However, Bones wouldn’t admit that Noah had never made that statement.  He wouldn’t admit that Noah had not been the aggressor on that fatal night.  Dedric released him from the stand.    Finally, the first day of Noah’s trial ended, and he returned home.

13 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Seven

  1. This isn’t starting out good for Noah. 😦 Still not liking his parents. They are acting terribly and I don’t understand why. I hope once Noah gets off (yes I’m only thinking positively) that he can leave them and never have to deal with them again.

    I can’t believe how her grandparents are acting. At least her father isn’t involved but still his parents have not gotten past all the stuff that happened when they were teens.

    • Sorry I’m late replying, Jaz. I wasn’t feeling well yesterday.
      I’m still not feeling all that great. I always get sick when the seasons change. :frown:

      It is starting off badly for poor Noah. His parents are not making things any easier for him.
      I like positive thinking. 🙂

      Her grandparents haven’t improved with age. Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Noah’s step-father really bothers me, some of the things he says to Sharlee is not approprate. I have faith in Noah’s lawyers, especially the one who is a vampire. I’m sure he has delt with many people on the stand in the past who were not honest in their answers. I just hope that this trial does not drag out like the OJ Simpson trials.

    • LaBlue, I’m sorry that I didn’t reply yesterday. I got sick.

      Noah’s stepfather is saying some very inappropriate things to Sharlee. I hate older men like that!
      Noah’s lawyers are extremely good! Is that a hint not to make his trial too long? LOL 😀

      His trial does last into the next two chapters, but other things happen too. I hope that’s not too long!
      I promise I won’t make you wait too much longer to find out what happens to him. 😀 😉
      Thanks for reading, LaBlue! 🙂

  3. Hey hun! I’m so sorry for not being around lately, but I’m back now and I have caught up with all the chapters I missed!
    Poor Noah, this trial is not starting well for him. I hope Dedric helps Noah in this case! I like Dedric and his wife they’re great looking vamps:)
    I’m glad Alissa managed to tell Sharlee everything that has happened in her life rather than her hearing it from someone else, Sharlee’s grandparents are being horrible!
    Noah’s mom is a nasty piece of work! What is her problem? And his step-dad isn’t much better!
    I hope things go Noah’s way for this trial and him and Sharlee can get past it together, I love them together they’re so cute:)
    I hope you are well:) ❤

    • Clairey, I’m glad you’re back! I hope that means things are going well for you! 🙂

      No, the trial isn’t going well for Noah, so far.
      Even if the information isn’t good, I still think it’s better to hear it from your parents.

      Isn’t Noah’s mother awful? The next couple of chapters show a little bit more why she’s that way.
      I love Noah and Sharlee too! 🙂

      Welcome back Claire! 😎

  4. I loved the rain scenes.It made me all the more itchy to get seasons. Your courtroom scenes are always so well done!

    Now, to backtrack, Noah’s mother is such a…I can’t think of the perfect word to describe her. But she needs to take a chill pill. As for her husband, he’s such a creep, if I was Sharlee I’d tell someone about the stuff he says.

    I hope Noah’s trial takes a positive turn.

    • Can you tell I was longing Seasons too! 😀
      Thank you Val, I really try to make them seem real!

      Yeah, Noah’s mother has serious issues.
      Will is being very inappropriate with Sharlee. She doesn’t know how to handle it.

      Thanks for reading, Val! 🙂

  5. Noah’s mother is something else. She is awful. Her actions and concerns are too late and misplaced. George is in need of a body bag, What a sick sick man to say that about a teen.
    I wish the attorney had badgered Bones a bit more. The day at trial seemed to have been very quiet.

    • Isn’t she awful! Such a hypocrite!

      Yeah, he is so inappropriate and creepy.

      I had planned to do more in court, but I got very strong “hints” from other readers, that court is boring to them. LOL
      So I cut some court scenes out.

  6. I peeked at the last chapter and it looks like they’re older and I bet they’re married but it doesn’t say if he got in jail or not (I don’t know why I would think it would XD)

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