Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Six

When Dale found out that charges were also being brought against Noah for the fight at school, he was angry.  Even though Noah was not one of his favorite people, he knew this wasn’t right.   He went to see his attorney.

“I thought that was settled.  We didn’t press charges with the agreement that Jonathon would be transferred to another school and have no further contact with Sharlee.  If they don’t drop those charges against Noah Hall, we will institute charges against Jonathon and David.”

“Alright Dale.  I’ll look into it.” 

His lawyer made some calls.   They were able to get the assault charges against Noah dropped.  At least Noah wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.

After finding out about Sharlee’s influential family and after several meetings with her attorney, the DA decided not to pursue charges against her.   However, the prosecution’s case against Noah went forward.

Noah’s arrest and the charges against him was not as widely covered by the media in Mesa Valley as it was in Bridgeport.   So Dale and Alissa hadn’t felt it necessary to tell Shawn and Cara about it.  That turned out to be a mistake.

Taylor had a crush on Cara and the day before had tried to steal a kiss.  

Cara had embarrassed him by her horrified reaction.  

The following day she had tried to avoid him, but he came up to her on the playground.

“My Mama says that your sister is a slut and her boyfriend killed her pimp!”

Cara had heard the word slut on TV before, but she didn’t know what a pimp was.   She knew that “slut” was an insult against Sharlee and that none of it was true!


“I will not take it back!  Your sister is a slut!  Your sister is a slut!”  He started chanting it over and over.

Cara headed for him to punch his face, but Shawn got there first.  

He tackled Taylor to the ground and started punching him.

Cara watched angrily!

Once again Dale received a call to go to his children’s school because of fighting. 

They were both staring into the principals office at the boy standing there.  Dale looked at Shawn’s expression and saw how upset he was.  

Cara’s face and body language showed that she too was still very angry. 

That evening Dale and Alissa told them an age appropriate explanation of what was happening with Noah,  and how it involved Sharlee.  

Then Dale took Alissa aside.

“Alissa, what happened with the children today made me think of something.  How much have you told Sharlee about your past?”

“What do you mean?”

“Before I was missing, she wasn’t really old enough to understand the things that  happened during your childhood with your mother and in the years since.   Did you tell her about those things while I was gone?”

“No, I’ve only told her things in general.   I didn’t think that she needed to know.”

“In Bridgeport this is a high profile trial.   When they find out that Matthew and you are involved, the national media will cover the story too.   I’m sure that the DA will investigate Sharlee’s family and they will uncover the things that have happened in your past.  I think that it would be better if you tell Sharlee about these things yourself.  

It would be bad if she heard for the first time that her grandmother was a Madam and a drug dealer from the DA while she is being questioned in the courtroom.   It would be awful for her to hear for the first time about your being abducted or pursued by a hitman while she is watching the news.”

Alissa looked pained.   “Dale hearing those things will change how she sees me.   She may not respect me anymore.”

“Honey, I know you’re wrong about that.   It will make her appreciate having you even more.  She will see that despite everything you turned out to be a wonderful, loving person.   She will be even more proud that you are her mother.   She will feel so much closer to you and love you even more.”

“I hope you’re right Dale.”

“I know that I am.   This will probably be the most difficult thing to tell her, but you also need to tell her about being raped and losing the baby.”

“You think that they will find out about that too?”

“Yes, I am sure that the prosecution will be very thorough in their investigations.   There are police reports and hospital records.”

Alissa knew that Dale was right.   She had to talk with Sharlee.

The next evening, she sat down and had a long talk with Sharlee.   As Sharlee listened to her Mother, she cried, and at times they both cried.   Especially when Sharlee heard about Alissa being raped and losing the baby.  

Sharlee listened in shock and disgust when she found out that her grandmother had arranged it.

Occasionally Sharlee asked questions, and Alissa answered them as honestly as she could.   Alissa even told her about the time that Bronson and his parents sued her for custody of Sharlee. 

She tried to do it in such a way as not to make Bronson and the Littlers look bad.

After they finished talking, Sharlee hugged her mother tightly.  

“I love you Mom!    I had no idea that you had been through so much!”

Alissa smiled happily.   She was relieved and glad that she had talked with Sharlee.   Dale was so right!  

Then she said, “I love you too, Baby.”

Although the doctor had said it would be a while before she could do gymnastics again, Sharlee had returned to her other classes at school.   As she sat at a table in the cafeteria with some friends, someone sat down to join her.

“Sharlee, can I please talk with you for a few minutes?”

Sharlee looked at David doubtfully.   She had no desire to talk to him ever again.

“I want to apologize for the way that Jonathon and I treated you and Noah.   I can’t believe that I ever let him talk me into doing that!  I am so sorry Sharlee.”

Sharlee was furious!  “What a bunch of bull!   You and Jonathon were pressing charges against Noah for assault.”

David was shocked.   “I don’t know what you’re talking about.    Neither me nor my parents would do that.   My ears are still ringing from the lecture that they gave me when they brought me home that night.  I was grounded for a month.  They were very disappointed in me and ashamed of what I did.  I feel the same way.  Maybe Jonathon and his parents were behind it.  We’re not buds anymore, but I hear that he hasn’t been doing well since he moved.   He wasn’t allowed on the football team at his new school, and he’s been getting into trouble ever since they left.”

Sharlee studied David’s face, and she believed him.

“Sharlee I hope that we can be friends.  I really liked you from the moment when we first met.  I was stupid to listen to Jonathon.  I hope that everything works out for Noah.   Since he’s gone, you’re welcome to go out sometime with me and Beth.  Isabel is welcome to come too.   You need to get out and have some fun now that you’re well again.  You need to get your mind off of the trial, so that  you’re not worrying about Noah all the time.”

“Beth!”  Beth was on the gymnastics team with Sharlee.   “You’re dating Beth?”

“Yeah. Believe me it wasn’t easy to get her to go out with me after what Jonathon and I did.  I finally managed to convince her that I was sorry for doing it, and now we’re dating!”

“That’s great David.   Maybe I will go out with you guys sometime.   I’ll set something up with Beth and Isabel.”

“Good Sharlee, and again, I am truly sorry.”

When Sharlee went home, she told her parents about her conversation with David.

“Before you have any more contact with him, I want to meet him and his parents.  I’m sorry, but I’m not taking his word for the change in his attitude.”

“Alright, Dad.”

Settling back into living with his parents wasn’t easy for Noah.   They just did not see things the same way that he did.  Even though her parents had thrown her out after she became pregnant with him, Noah’s mother had their same attitude and unbending beliefs. Expecting perfection from everyone else, but not themselves.  She never smiled anymore.

He also noticed that there seemed to be a lot of tension between his mother and stepfather.  His stepfather just went along with whatever his mother said.  No matter how unreasonable she was.   She told Noah what time to get up and what time to go to bed.  Just as if he was five years old.

After she took his cellphone, she had told him, “I think that once a week is more than enough to talk with Sharlee.”

He had tried to protest, but she wouldn’t listen.  She also insisted that he remain in the room with them while he spoke with Sharlee.  She bought him a new wardrobe.  Of course it wasn’t his style.  It was hers.

Although miserable, Noah knew that the terms of his bail meant that he had to remain with them and follow their rules.  If it just effected him, he wouldn’t care.   He would leave and not worry about the consequences, but this time he withstood it for Sharlee’s sake. 

He spent a lot of time in the garage, working on his bike.  At least his mother didn’t bother him there.  If by some miracle he could win his case in court, he didn’t want to make things worse now.  He was only permitted to go to his lawyers office.   Other than that, he had to remain at home.

Dedric and Phyllis Thorne had just returned from a private premiere of her latest film.   They were trying to relax.  

Phyllis was watching the 6:00 news.  Once again the DA was holding a press conference.  

“Edwin Starke is really fighting hard for re-election to a new term.”

“It will definitely make things tougher for us if he remains in office.”

Phyllis’ attention was drawn back to the screen when she heard Matthew Hamming’s name mentioned.   A reporter was questioning the DA.

“Does the fact that Noah Hall’s girlfriend is the granddaughter of Matthew Hamming make a difference in how you will handle this case?”

“All defendant’s cases are given equal treatment in my office.  Whether or not his girlfriend belongs to an influential family will make no difference in Mr. Hall’s trial!   No more questions!”

Phyllis Thorne was a successful actress, and she had starred in several films with Matthew Hamming.  They were friends.  During Sharlee’s visits with the Littlers,  Sharlee had spent time with Matthew.  She’d also attended dinners and parties at the Thorne house with Matthew.   So they knew her as well.

“I’m calling Matthew to find out what’s going on!”

After her conversation with Matthew, Phyllis rejoined her husband.   She told him what she had learned from her conversation with Matthew.

“So Noah is Abigail and Taylor Hall’s grandson?”

Phyllis answered.  “Yes.   Melina kept her maiden name after she married Will Sikes.”

He continued, “It was shameful the way that they turned their backs on Melina and their grandson.   I imagine that now that their grandson is in so much trouble, they are distancing themselves as much as possible.  Their name means everything to them.   They and their cronies continue to fight every piece of legislation that the vampire council proposes to bring our community greater equality.   I still believe that the DA is on their payroll.”

Dedric Thorne was a successful attorney.   His clientele was mainly from the vampire community nationwide. 

“Matthew didn’t ask, but I’m sure that he would appreciate it if you would help that boy!”

Dedric pulled Phyllis onto his lap, and then asked her, “Doesn’t he already have an attorney?”  

“Yes, but  Mesa Valley is where he is used to practicing.  He has an excellent reputation, and I’m sure that you two would make a great team.  His name is Philip Rivera.”

“I’ve heard of him.  I think that is an excellent suggestion!   I usually take mainly vampire cases, but this will make a great crossover opportunity.   Beating Edwin Starke will also be a huge bonus!   I”ll call Matthew now and talk with him about it.”

After talking with Matthew, Dedric called Philip Rivera and set up an appointment with him to confer over Noah’s case.  Philip booked  an earlier flight to Bridgeport so that he could fully brief Dedric on the facts of the case, and how they were going to proceed.  He was looking forward to teaming up with Dedric.    He began to feel more optimistic about Noah’s chances of winning.


Jacqueline, thank you for giving me the Thorne family to use!  They are a great family!

14 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Six

    • Thanks, Anaiah! 🙂

      Noah’s mother is not making it easy for him at all. 😦

      Hopefully his trial will go well now that he has another great attorney helping to defend him!

      Thanks for reading, Anaiah! 🙂

  1. *throws hands up in the air*EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Ahahahaha… O.o I’m sorry, I’m just so excited to see them… uh… alive… XD;; I haven’t played them… but I’m sure I’ll mention them being in Bridgeport during my story… XD I can’t wait for the next chapter…

    Hells yes they’re going to win the case… O.o Dedric is that good… :/ Though if they lose, I’m sure Dedric will also find the truth… NOAH WILL BE FREE!! XD Ahahahah… ‘a great crossover opportunity’ O.o That is so true… xD I hope to see Anna, Charity and Harvey…

    Anna is like a rebel of the family, she has two best friends at home in Sunset Valley where they stay out late, skip school and all that wonderful teenage rebellious stuff… LOL One of her friends is a descendent of of the Ivanov family in Riverview, 3rd Gen. XD I’m sure she’ll take Sharlee on the wildside for a little while… LOL :/ Though Dedric will be like: WTF… NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THIS, THE CASE*rawr rawr rawr*… XD;;… o.O But that’s all up to you, it’s your story.

    Ah… little kid romance… XD So cute… :/ But calling Cara’s sister a slut… geez, that kids needs his mouth washed out with soap!!

    xD Oh, in my Bridgeport, I made Bellisama Hemlock Mayor… she’s good friends with Dedric and together they look out for the vampire communities.

    xD I thought it was funny, I don’t know why, that you gave Noah’s mum a new haircut… XD;; For a moment I thought Noah was going to sneak out and see Sharlee, I’m glad he didn’t. Who knows what woulda happen!

    :/ Ok… I think I’m done rambling… XD If you need to know anything else about the Throne’s… lemme know… O.o I check here regularly ’cause I have no life. :/ Also a little sad you’re only going to update on Mondays or Tuesdays. I like you story!!

    • They are such a goodlooking family!

      I’m still writing the next chapter. The start of Noah’s trial is in that one.
      I’m sort of stuck. All I have written is the beginning of the DA’s opening statement: “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury!” LOL
      Tonight, I plan to finish it so that I can do the pictures. I’m also going to try to do a couple of poses for it. My friends are all so busy, that I hate to keep asking them to make poses for me.

      Bellisima is Mayor in your game! I’ve never really played her.

      I thought I’d change Melina’s at home look a little bit, but she’ll be back to her other style. I really like that one on her.
      Noah is trying hard to follow the terms of his bail, but his mother isn’t making it easy for him.

      I was wondering if it would be okay for me to use the Thornes more later in the story. Dedric and Phyllis will of course be at the trial, and I want to use the others for something that I have planned for after Noah’s trial. I might use Anna before that though, if it’s okay.

      Ramble as much as you want! It gives me a great excuse to ramble too! 😀

      • :O OF COURSE YOU CAN USE THEM MORE!!! *grins like the chesire cat*

        XD Harvery is a player and Charity tries her best to impress her father. If there is anyone else you wanna use, lemme know… XD Dedric has an assistant who is a witch and also granddaughter of another person I’m using for another future story… XD;; Ahahaha… :/ I always tend to me my stories take place in the same world… why? O.o ‘Cause I’m odd… LOL

        Anna is like Sharlee’s age while Harvey and Charity are 32 years old… XD Vampires, they don’t age. Phyllis and Dedric met on the Titanic! XD I know… LOL During that time is when Phyllis became a vampire. Dedric has been a vampire since Julius Cesar time… O.o He’s that old… LOL

        You can use them however you want… O.o Just don’t kill them… XD;;.. Oh and Anna is single but she flirts… so is Harvey(duh) and Charity… :/ I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do in that department… LOL XD OH… and Anna is going to be a famous Singer in the near futures.

      • Great! I promise not to kill them. 😀

        I love that Phyllis and Dedric met on the Titanic. I didn’t know that you write too! Did you do a story of how they met?

  2. I didn’t make a story of it… but I plan on, some how, making flashbacks to them meeting on the Titanic… XD;;

    I do love to write! XD Sadly I tend to get lots of writers block… LOL But it’ll probably change once Seasons comes out… O.o I can’t wait to have snow and fall in my game… LOL

  3. Ok so I read this earlier but didn’t comment. Things for Noah are looking up with this new lawyer helping on the case. I hope that he gets off soon so he can leave those terrible parents of his. I mean really what’s up with his mom??? She is just…ugh nasty and closed minded and ew. Don’t like her at all.

    It was nice of David to apologize for his behavior. Shows how stupid kids will act with peer pressure. Now that John is gone, David is thinking for himself and hopefully on the right track.

    Don’t think with all this distraction that is Noah I have forgotten about that sneak Alex. With Alissa getting closer to her due date I think he has something in store still. I know he’s supposed to be dead but I just have a bad feeling still that he’s out there waiting. 😦 Maybe I’m just paranoid.

    • His parents are really terrible!

      David did feel badly about how he and Jonathon treated Sharlee. He did like her from the very beginning.

      Alex?!! 😉

      Thanks for reading, Jaz. 🙂

      Sorry about the short reply, but I can feel the beginnings of a migraine. 😦
      I’m going to try to finish the next chapter and then get off my computer.

  4. Twists and turns. That vampire couple looks great 🙂
    I hope that the two lawyers can really bring down that corrupt politician. It will be a long, hard road for that since politicians always armour themselves well, but I can’t wait to see him suffer for the horrible manipulation of media and society he is doing in order to keep his ‘royalty’ status…. have I said I despise corrupt, self serving (all) politicians? haha….

    • Yeah, I really like that couple too. Jacqueline loaned that family to me to use for this part of the story.

      It really won’t be easy for Noah’s lawyers. Thanks again for the courtroom poses, Zhip! 🙂

  5. lol Jacqueline. Washed out with soap. lol. omg the kids are being infected by the stupidness of the mother.I hope Noah wins the thing with the stuff lol. XD . Chapter is great. gonna quickly see the end. XD lol

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