Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Three

As the time began to drag on, Dale began to become more concerned.   He wondered if the surgeon had run into some type of problem.   He didn’t want to make Alissa more upset, and so he tried not to show his increased anxiety.  She was trembling with the stress.    The baby sensed her stress and began to move around.   She was very uncomfortable.

Alissa stretched out on the sofa.   She laid her head in Dale’s lap, and Dale caressed her cheek as she lay there.   She forced herself to relax and the baby relaxed too.

After a couple of hours had passed, Noah asked,  “Mr. Stallworth, does the surgery usually take this long?”

Dale carefully worded his response.   “It varies.”

“Can’t we talk with the doctor or somebody to find out what’s going on, how she’s doing!”

Alissa sat up.  “Can you please check on her Dale?”

Dale hated to interrupt the surgeon, but he was worried too.   He knew he’d come across as a worried parent and not a calm, logical physician, but in this case that is what he was.  He was a worried parent.   He went to the operating room door and signaled to one of the nurses.

As soon as she came outside, he asked,  “Is there a problem?”

“There was more bleeding than Dr. Hendrix expected.   He had a laser scalpel set up and the operation is going fine now.   He should be finished soon!”

Dale returned to the waiting room and told Noah and Alissa.

Finally the doctor came into the waiting room.

“The surgery went well.  We got to her in time.  She’s being moved to the recovery room and the nurse will come and get you after she is settled.”

Alissa hugged Dale in relief.  Noah felt like an oppressive weight had been lifted from him.  

After a while, a nurse came to take them to Sharlee.  She looked at Noah.   “You must be Noah!”

Noah looked at her curiously and answered.   “Yes.”

“Sharlee has been murmuring your name as she’s been in and out of consciousness.”

Then she took them to the recovery room.

Alissa rushed over to Sharlee’s bedside.  She was still unconscious.  

She leaned over and kissed Sharlee’s cheek with tears in her eyes.   Dale kissed Sharlee’s cheek too and told her, “I love you Princess.”

Noah hung back uncertainly.   Sharlee looked so small and defenseless lying there.  He felt so helpless, and he was still afraid that she wasn’t going to be well again.

Sharlee stirred on the bed.   Then she opened her eyes and saw her mother.   “Mom, what happened?”   Her voice was low and weak sounding.

“You had to have your appendix removed.”

“You’re going to be okay though, Sweetie.”  Dale added.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you Daddy.”

“I know you didn’t mean to Sweetie.  I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

“Is Noah here?”

“Of course, I am.”  Noah came over to her bedside.

“Dale can I speak to you outside?”

Alissa led Dale into the hallway.   “Let’s give them a few moments alone.”

“Sharlee,  I was so scared that you weren’t going to make it!”

“Noah, I’m sorry.   I know that I should have said something.”

“I’m just glad that you’re going to be okay now.  I love you so much Sharlee.”

Sharlee was beginning to drift off to sleep again.  “I love you too.”  Then she dosed off.  

Noah stood up.  Then he leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss.

Alissa and Dale returned to the room.  A nurse entered to examine Sharlee.   Noah had to wait outside for a few minutes.

“Were you able to talk with her okay?”

“Yes, she was very responsive.”

“Well that’s wonderful, we’re going to move her into a private room now.   I’ll come get you from the waiting room after she’s settled.”

Dale told her to page him and insisted that Alissa and Noah go with him to the cafeteria to eat something while they waited.

They had been sitting in Sharlee’s hospital room for a couple of hours, and she was still sleeping peacefully.   Dale and Alissa were talking softly so as not to disturb her.  Noah was sitting quietly beside Sharlee.  He looked at her from time to time and held her hand.   Even though everyone assured him that she was going to be okay, he couldn’t stop worrying.

At around 10:30, Alissa reminded Dale of the surgery on the 3 year old child that he had scheduled for the morning.  It could not be postponed.   “Dale you need to go home and get some sleep.   I’m staying here with Sharlee tonight.”

Dale didn’t want to leave, but he knew that Alissa was right.   Sharlee would be okay.   “Make sure you call me if there is any change in her condition or if you need me.”

He looked at Noah.  “Noah you should go home and get some sleep too.”

Noah looked at Dale as though Dale were crazy for even suggesting it.   “I’m not leaving Sharlee!”

Dale started to respond, but Alissa took him out into the hall.

“It’s okay if he stays too, Dale.  You know that Sharlee wants him here.  You can see how much they care about each other.”

Dale sighed.  “Alright.  I’ll have an orderly bring in a cot for you, and Noah can sleep on the couch.  Kay sent me a text message that she packed a suitcase with some things for you and for Sharlee.  She knew you wouldn’t leave the hospital.  Matthew is going to bring it.”

“Get some things together for Noah too, Dale.  There should be a robe and some toiletries in the guest room.  I’ll send him home tomorrow to change clothes and go to school.

Noah still couldn’t relax.   Although the nurses came into the room at different times throughout the night, Noah and Alissa kept checking on Sharlee too.   At about 4:00 in the morning, he kissed Sharlee’s forehead and it felt warm to him.   Alissa was awake then too.

“She feels sort of hot, Mrs. Stallworth.”

Alissa came over and checked Sharlee.   She was very warm.  Alissa buzzed for the nurse.  When they took Sharlee’s temperature, she did have a fever.   That meant that there was an infection.  The nurse contacted Sharlee’s doctor and he came to check her.  They started her on an antibiotic.

Alissa debated whether or not to call Dale and decided against it.  He himself texted her about 5:00,  and she went out into the hall and called him.  She told him what was happening.  Dale contacted Sharlee’s doctor, but he knew that it wasn’t very unusual.

From time to time, Sharlee would awaken, but she wasn’t feeling well.   She was glad to go back to sleep.  

When the time came, Alissa insisted that Noah go home to change and then to school.   She promised to text him updates on Sharlee’s condition.  Alissa assured him that if Sharlee worsened, she would make sure that he was allowed to leave school and return to the hospital.

After finishing the operation, Dale came down to Sharlee’s room.   “How is Sharlee doing?”

“She’s been sleeping most of the time.   Her fever is going down, but her temperature still hasn’t returned to normal.”

Dale noticed that Noah wasn’t there.  “You actually got him to leave?”

Alissa laughed.   “It wasn’t easy, but he’s really a good kid, Dale.  He loves Sharlee a lot.  I know that they are very young, but I think that they have something special.”

Dale did not like what Alissa was saying.  “Yes, the key words are that they are very young!   Their feelings could change tomorrow.  I don’t think that they should get so serious about one person at their age.”

“Sometimes it happens though, Dale.  I was only a year older than Sharlee when I met you.”

There was nothing else Dale could say after that.  He still didn’t like it though.   He couldn’t shake the feeling that this relationship would end up hurting Sharlee.

After school, Noah went straight to the hospital.    Sharlee was alone in her room, and she was awake.   Noah went over and kissed her.  

“How do you feel?”

“I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck but also better now that you’re here.”

Noah smiled at her.  He put his hand on her forehead.   It felt normal, but she still seemed very weak.  

Alissa entered the room.

She asked Noah, “How did it go today?”

“I had a hard time concentrating but it was alright.”   He told Sharlee that everyone said to tell her hello and to get well quickly.

Dale came soon after.   He brought some soup from Sharlee’s favorite restaurant to tempt her appetite.   Dale made a special effort for Sharlee’s sake to be nice to Noah.  He offered him a sandwich that he had also bought because he knew that Noah would come to the hospital right after school.

As Noah and Sharlee ate, Alissa hugged Dale and said,  “Thank you!”

He smiled.

Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door and two police officers entered the room.  They immediately looked at Noah.

“Are you Noah Hall?”

“What is this about officer?”

They ignored Dale’s question and one of them went over to Noah and pulled him to his feet.   He handcuffed Noah’s wrists together while the other officer read Noah his rights.

“Why is he being arrested?”

“He is being arrested for the murder of Mr. Mickey Parks.”

 Alissa had taken Sharlee’s tray and made her lie down.  Sharlee was shocked and trying to hold back tears.  

Noah looked at the expression on Sharlee’s face.   “Can I please say goodbye to my girl?   She just had surgery!”

“Make it quick.”   They unlinked his cuffs.

Noah moved over to Sharlee.   “I’m going to be okay.   You just worry about getting well.   I love you.   He gave her a quick kiss.”

Sharlee tried to get up.  “You can’t do this.  Please don’t take him away!   Daddy do something!”

The officers led Noah from the room.

34 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Three

    • Sorry! 😀

      Honestly though, I haven’t finished writing the next chapter.
      I know what is going to happen, but I just need to sit down and write! LOL
      Hopefully I’ll write some more this weekend.

      Thanks for reading my story, Addy! 🙂

    Honestly, I don’t care about how Sharlee’s feeling, I WANT NOAH NOT TO GO TO JAIL!!!

  2. Well, I’m glad that Sharlee is doing okay. I knew Dale wouldn’t like Noah being there. And now that he’s been arrested and the police told Dale it’s for murder, it’s going to be hard for Dale to EVER like Noah. I can’t wait to see what you have planned because this just looks like it’s turning into one big mess!

      • LaBlue, we can hope that his attitude will change for the better. He should at least be grateful that Noah helped Sharlee!
        More on his reaction in the next couple of chapters! 🙂

        I finally finished writing the next one. I started it way back in July! 😯

  3. I glad Sharlee is ok. Dale still makes me laugh with his over protective daddy-ness. LOL Poor Noah. That creep sold him out. It was self defense and hopefully Sharlee will be able to convince them of that.

  4. What a cliffhanger! I was so sad that the police officers came for him in her hospital room. I guess at least she knows where he is now and doesn’t wonder if he is ok. I forgot about last chapter and bones because I went on vacation. I kept thinking he was going to propose in the hospital room. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Do you write the chapters ahead of time and then take the pictures?

    • I hope you had fun on your vacation! 🙂

      Wasn’t that sad that arrested him there! You thought Noah was going to propose? He does seem to care enough. Dale would have a stroke! 😆

      I’ve finished writing the next chapter, but it’s way too long. 😥 I’m going to have to split it up. I’m in the writing mood today, and so I’m going to write some more this afternoon. I write the chapters and then take the pictures. Usually I write several ahead of time, and then take the pictures when I can. I’m behind on my writing this time.

      Thanks for reading, Marissa! Glad you’re back! 🙂

  5. I seriously thought I already commented, but it seems like I didn’t. Oops.
    Oh wow. Noah arrested. I always kind of figured that the death was going to come back to get him at some point, but right infront of Dale. That probably isn’t going to help matters. Even when Dale finds out WHY, I can’t imagine him taking to the fact it was still murder, too well. It was self defense technically, but still, he killed a guy and I can see Dale being concerned about his temper in that respect.

    • Being arrested in front of Dale did make it even worse. Especially since Dale already doesn’t approve of him.
      You’re right. Even though it was self defense, it was still murder.

      I’m playing my game for a change tonight. LOL Then tomorrow I’ll start the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow.

      Thanks for reading, Caz! Don’t feel bad about not commenting till now! 🙂

    • Being arrested in front of Dale did make it even worse. Especially since Dale already doesn’t approve of him.
      You’re right. Even though it was self defense, it was still murder.

      I’m playing my game for a change tonight. LOL Then tomorrow I’ll start the pictures for the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading, Caz! Don’t feel bad about not commenting till now! 🙂

  6. oh boy, i dont think things will end up really well with noah, being arrested in front of dale who hadnt been keen on having him around. what happened to sharlee actually reminded me of myself. couple years back, there were few days in a row where i had terrible stomach ache plus strong urge to vomit and it lasted for like an hour. but i tried to skip class one day by pretending as if the sick was prolonged to make it believable, i decided to obey my mom who insisted tht i see a doctor. turns out, i actually wasnt lying after all. there’s ulcer growing in my appendix and it was swollen. and i literally freaked out before being sent into the operation room, lol. 😀 but thank god sharlee was fine. she’s a more determined and strong person than i was haha. and i thought i was the only one who actually believes tht sharlee was pregnant but then i knew, dale had always been ahead in the matter regarding his daughter’s relationship. but he’s a cool dad. 😉
    btw you had amazing poses. i like how they actually suit the scenes. i think my fave one was when val went berserk at the cemetery. she looks like she’s going to pummel alissa! and the scene where sharlee saw the big fat ugly rat was really funny. ton was so cool he just swept away the rat. if i were him i would be joining sharlee on the chair, prolly climbing on top of her, screaming in the most irritating way XD

    but one question i need to ask about alex. is he really DEAD? because there’s part where he called someone and he was like up to sth. does he?
    (and sorry for the long comment)

    • Deena, you can make your comments as long as you want! 🙂

      I’m glad that your mother made you see a doctor before it was too late.
      I don’t know why we hate to go to see a doctor so much. I am the same way though. I hate going to the doctor!
      My brother-in-law almost waited too long and his appendix was close to rupturing when he got to the hospital.

      Dale is definitely a loving and protective Dad. Writing his reactions to Sharlee and Noah has been so fun! 😀

      Thanks about the poses! I try hard to find ones that will work. Some of them, I’ve made myself.
      I would make more, but mine are not as good as others out there, and it takes so much time and patience to make them.
      I figure that I can better use that time working on the story! 😆

      That part about Sharlee and the rat was similar to something that happened to me.
      I was at home alone and saw a spider on the floor. When I got closer, I saw how huge he was and I couldn’t kill him!
      I climbed up on the back of the sofa and watched him. He stayed there watching me too.
      It was as though he were saying, just make a move! We stayed there that way until my husband got home.
      He laughed and laughed then he took the spider outside. He still picks at me about it! 😆
      If it had been a rat I would have had a heart attack! I’m not joking! 😀

      Do you really want me to tell you about Alex? It’s fun keeping you guys guessing! 😉 😀

      Thanks for reading, Deena. As you can see, I make long comments too! 🙂

  7. your comment is long alright, i wouldnt worry anymore if i want to write more ‘essay’ after this. hahaha 😀 your brother-in-law’s case was more serious but thank God he’s fine. some people didnt make it and it’s really sad.
    i never made pose but i know they are really hard to make so i saluted you for your effort on it, as well as the others. best of luck! 🙂
    you must had an experience of being held hostage…by a spider, haha. but yes, i rather have a spider too than a rat. oh yeah, i didnt know you were married, i thought you are still in high school, haha. but tht may explained why and how you could write stories related to love, marriage and stuff, right? 😉
    judging from your answer, so im guessing tht alex may have not passed away yet? lol idk! 😀
    and thanks for including leslie, i kinda like her. i hope you would include betty too, tht one who wanted to kill alissa. i wonder what happened to her now. and keep up a good work! 😉

    • Yes, I’m married. My DH is great, but of course no one is as perfect as Dale! 😀

      I can’t believe that I forgot about Betty. 😯 I did sort of leave what happened to her unresolved.
      I think I’d better look at the older chapters and see if I’ve forgotten anything else.
      Her sim is the same as the one in Riverview. I didn’t change her facial features, but I changed her hairstyle and makeup.

      Thanks Deena! 🙂
      I’ve started working on the next chapter. Real life keeps causing distractions, but I hope to have it posted by Monday.
      Take your time reading it though. I know you’re back in school. 🙂

  8. Nooooooo!!! Don’t take Noah away!! Don’t end the chapter like that!haha!
    Poor Sharlee, what rotten timing, she needs to get her strength back and the worry about Noah isn’t going to help!
    This isn’t going to help Dale either, he had his suspicions about Noah so this will make it even harder for Dale to trust him.
    Gosh, what a chapter! Can’t wait for more!:)

    PS. Sorry it took me so long to read and comment, back at work:( Hope you’re well:)

    • Poor Noah! I feel bad for him.

      The timing is hard for Sharlee too. She’s stuck in the hospital and can’t help Noah.
      This will make Noah look even worse to Dale. You are so right! 😦

      Don’t feel bad, Claire! Real life is keeping me busy too.
      I’m shocked that I’ve been able to get on my computer as much as I have this week.
      I’ll probably be too busy with other things next week though. I”m doing well and I hope things are going well for you too! 🙂

  9. Nooooooo I knew it was going to happen though 😦 poor Noah just when his life was getting better with Sharlee in it..I hope Dale won’t use this as a means to end their relationship….Cant wait to see more.

  10. Oh boy 😦 … they came right to her hospital room? How did they know where he was? There’s another rat? Someone at school I bet. Oh what a horrible day for everyone. Now Dale will believe that Noah is a bad kid and life will be miserable for the house. Why can’t the cops overlook the elimination of a known criminal? They should be offering Noah a job!

  11. This is about the last set of stories chapter 1-77. How do you get the sims naked coz I go on different websites and it say u need like mod cons or something like that. And epic chapter! I feel sooooo sorry for Sharlee, she has to put up with her dad being mean to Noah and she will obviously.miss Noah sooooooooooo bad!!


    That dang Bone kid is going to get virtually kicked in the face. That little pipsqueak better not let me see him in my game, or I’ll lock him in a room and burn him.

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