Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Two

Bones sat in the cell, scared to death.   He had just turned eighteen, and he knew that he would be in the adult justice system for sure this time.   If he could just find a way to get out of this, he would go straight!  

Maybe if he could trade some information to the DA, but what did he know that might be of value?  Mick!   He knew who killed Mick.   Surely that would be enough to get him a sweet deal.    He called to a guard and asked to speak with his court appointed attorney.

After Noah and Sharlee finished their homework, they cuddled together on Noah’s couch watching television. 

Noah started kissing Sharlee’s neck and at first she giggled because it tickled.   Then his kisses changed from playful to passionate.   Sharlee started breathing faster and her pulse began to race in response to his kisses.

Somehow Sharlee ended up in Noah’s lap, and his kisses moved to her lips.  She kissed him with her own passion increasing.  

They suddenly pulled away from each other and Sharlee got up from the couch.   “I’m sorry Sharlee.  I didn’t mean…”  He broke off.

I know, but I think I’d better leave now.”

“You don’t have to leave, Sharlee.  I promise I won’t do anything!”

“It’s not you, Noah.  It’s just that you’re so…  I mean it’s me!”  Her cheeks were pink with embarrassment.  

Noah smiled to himself and got up.   It was nice to know that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.   Waiting was hard for her too.  Sometimes harder than at other times.

“Sharlee, you’re worth waiting for.”  He wanted to spend more time with her tonight.   He didn’t want her to go home yet.   “Why don’t we go out to dinner?  We can go to that new restaurant that you like.” 

Sharlee agreed and they went to the restaurant.      They had a sweet, romantic dinner.

A couple of months later, Dale heard Sharlee racing to the bathroom to empty her stomach for the third morning in a row.   He knocked at the door.

“Are you alright in there Sweetheart?”

Sharlee washed her face and then left the bathroom.    “I’m fine!”

Dale looked at her closely.   Her face was pale.  “Are you feeling okay!”

Sharlee snapped at him!   “Dad, I said I’m fine!   I’m not one of your patients!  Stop trying to diagnose me!”  She grabbed her things and rushed out the front door to school.   Dale stood there in astonishment. 

Alissa heard the shouting and came over to Dale.

“I’m not ready to be a grandfather yet, Alissa.”

“Well, that’s good because Sharlee isn’t ready to be a mother.”

Then Alissa saw the expression on Dale’s face.   “Wait, you don’t really think that Sharlee is pregnant do you?”

Dale shook his head.   “No, I don’t think that’s it, but something is wrong.   I’m going to call Rachel and see if she can work her in for an examination tomorrow morning.”

“Are you going to her gymnastics meet this afternoon?”

“Of course.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Do you think that the stress from the gymnastic meet could be effecting her?”

“It’s possible, but that doesn’t explain it all.”

Alissa told him,  “Maybe she shouldn’t compete today.”

Dale continued.  “She’s old enough to make that decision for herself.   She has common sense, but she’s going to the doctor tomorrow no matter what she says!”

Sharlee stood at her locker at school, again rubbing her abdomen.   She hadn’t felt well for the past few days and the pain in her abdomen was getting worse.   She already felt bad about yelling at her Dad, but she knew that if he had known how sick she was really feeling, he would not let her compete today.   The team was counting on her to win the gold for the gymnastics beam, and Isabel to win for her floor routine.   She had to try.

As she stood there reaching up to open her locker, arms suddenly encircled her waist. 

She instinctively elbowed the person.  

Just before she spun around, she heard them grunt in pain.   It was Noah!

“I am so sorry, Noah!   I didn’t know it was you!”

When he got his breath back, he said,   “Well, I’m glad to know that you don’t let just anyone hug you!”

Sharlee didn’t smile.   She grabbed her abdomen again as she felt a rush of pain.

Noah saw how pale she was and the way that she was holding her hand on her abdomen.   “Are you okay?”

“Not you too!   I’m fine!  I don’t need another father!”

She left him standing there and went to her class.   Noah looked for her at lunch, but she never came to the cafeteria.   

After school, he waited for her at her locker.   When she got there, she was even more pale.

“Sharlee, are you sure that you should compete today?   I know that you’re in pain!”

Sharlee spoke more calmly this time.   “I already told you that I’m okay.   If it makes you feel any better, my Dad sent me a text message.   He said that I have to go to see my doctor tomorrow morning.   He’s already made the appointment for me and to let my teachers know.”

Noah was still worried, but Dale was a doctor.  If Dale was going to let her compete, what more could Noah say.

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you earlier, Noah.   I guess that I’m just stressed out and I took it out on you.   I shouldn’t have.”

Noah knew that she had snapped at him and left because she didn’t want him to see how sick she really was.   That was also why she hadn’t met him for lunch.


“I’ve got to go and get changed!”  

She gave him a quick kiss and then went inside the gym.  She headed to the girl’s locker room.

Alissa and Dale took seats beside Noah in the gym.   They made it just before time for the meet to start.

“Did you speak with Sharlee after school, Noah?”

“Yes, Mam.”

“Was she feeling okay?”

“She said she was fine, but I think that she’s in pain.”

Dale asked.   “In pain? Where?”

Before Noah could answer, the meet started.    Different athletes from various schools in the region did their routines.  

Isabel did her floor routine.   She did a great job and the team felt sure that she would receive the gold.  

Then it was Sharlee’s turn.  

Sharlee stood beside the balance beam.   She had taken Tylenol a half hour before to try to numb the pain, but it wasn’t helping.   She told herself,  “You can do this!  Just ignore the pain!” 

She flawlessly mounted the balance beam and began to do her routine.  

She did very well in the beginning.   Then a pain shot through her and she wobbled a bit.

Dale looked at her and wanted to stop the routine.   To him she looked very ill.

Sharlee took deep breaths until the sharp pain passed and steadied herself.  She started her movements again.  Unless you knew her well, you probably would not have known that something was wrong. 

Sharlee did her leap. 

She landed perfectly on the beam.  

Then another pain stabbed through her and this time she couldn’t ignore it.   She wobbled and then she fell off the beam, landing on the floor unconscious.

Her coach and her teammates swarmed to her.   Dale, Alissa and Noah rushed over.   Dale moved people away and knelt at her side.   “I’m her father and a doctor!  Alissa, I need my bag from the car.   Someone please call an ambulance!”  

He started to examine her and get her to regain consciousness, but she didn’t respond.  Noah knelt beside Sharlee holding her hand tightly.   He had never felt so scared and so helpless!  She had to be okay!

Dale asked Noah to show him where Sharlee was experiencing her pain.  Dale felt the area with his hands.  It was swollen and distended.   He knew what the problem was and that Sharlee urgently needed surgery.  He rode with Sharlee in the ambulance to the hospital, and he asked Noah to drive Alissa to the hospital in their car.   She was too upset to drive.

Dale made sure that Sharlee was taken directly to the operating room.  Then he joined Alissa and Noah in the waiting room.

“Is she going to be okay?”   Noah and Alissa asked him at the same time.

“I hope so.  It’s appendicitis.  Hopefully they can remove her appendix before it ruptures.   I should have insisted that she see a doctor today.   I should never have let her wait.”

“Dale, don’t blame yourself.   Like you said, she is old enough to make some decisions for herself.  She isn’t a young child anymore.  She just didn’t realize how serious it was.   She has to be okay!”  Alissa refused to even allow herself to think for a moment that Sharlee wouldn’t get well.

She sat down on one of the sofas, and Dale sat down beside her.  They held each other trying to remain calm and not give in to their worry.  Noah couldn’t sit down.   He paced around the room and then finally stood propped against the wall.   He didn’t know how much longer he could bear the wait.   She had to be okay!  She just had to be!  He couldn’t imagine what it would be like without her now that he had found her.  He didn’t want to find out!

He kept thinking of how pale she was and her expression of pain before she collapsed.   He should have insisted that she tell her Dad how she was feeling.  He blamed himself just like Dale did.

28 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty-Two

  1. Lol… When Dale saw that her abdomen was swollen, I knew it was appendicitis! Happens when you want to be a doctor, I guess…

    OH GLOB!!! What’s gonna happen to Noah? I know that Bones guy is gonna rat him out, and I don’t want that! Next to Dale he’s my other favorite character! Ugh, I’ll just have to wait till the next chapter…

    • You already knew! LOL My brother-in-law had that and he ignored his symptoms too. He passed out! That’s where I got the idea for Sharlee. He didn’t snap at us, but he was quieter. He didn’t let us know that he was sick. He hates going to doctors.

      Bones has no loyalty! I hope to start working on the next update soon! Thanks for reading, Anaiah! 🙂

  2. I never even though about Appendicitis. Lol I was thinking she had a cyst or something like that. I knew she wasn’t pregnant even though I know you were trying to make us think she was. Sharlee is too good for that to happen to her.
    She sounds like me, not wanting people to know how much pain she is in.

    Ugh Bones, he better not rat on Noah, even though I know he will. And they are going to track down Noah and he will go to jail and Sharlee will have to save him. And Dale is going to hate Noah even more. But you did say that no one would care that Mick had died since he was a criminal as well. I guess it could go several different ways. I can’t wait to see how it plays out!
    So glad to see you updating again! It’s so lonely without you hanging around RWN.

    • Yep it was appendicitis! 🙂
      You’re getting to know my writing too well! 😀
      She is definitely not Alissa. Although Alissa didn’t have a mother like her or a father like Dale when she was Sharlee’s age.

      More on Bones and Noah in the next few chapters. I’m determined to finish this storyline before I forget it! So, hopefully I’ll be able to post updates every week for a while until this storyline is finished. If other things don’t come up. I hope to be back on RWN regularly again soon. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Kate! 🙂

  3. wow poor Sharlee. I was nervous like Dale hearing she was throwing up. But then the pain, hope she will be ok. 😦

    just as things were going good this Bones guy makes an appearance to mess things up for Noah. 😦 Not gonna be good.

    • Sharlee didn’t want to let her team down. She was sicker than she realized! 😦

      Things were finally going well for Noah. He had hoped to have left all the bad stuff behind!

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  4. Mitch attacked Noah when he got between Sharlee and the others. Noah killed Mitch but it was self defense and defense of others, If it goes so far as to go to trial, hopefully, she can attest to this, if she’s okay. My biggest worry, other than Sharlee, is that the rest of the gang might lie about how things happened.

    • Sorry, Addy! Lots of family phone calls today.

      It really was self defense.
      Hopefully if it goes to trial, Noah can prove it!

      I haven’t written it yet, but I do know what will happen! LOL
      I only have one and a half more chapters written. 😯
      I need to get busy writing while it is still in my mind!

      Thanks for reading my story, Addy! 🙂

  5. Awww poor Sharlee, I thought it might be appendicitis coz Sharlee didn’t want to have relations with Noah yet. I like the way you made it seem as though she could have been pregnant. She’s such a sweet girl not wanting to let her team down but she has to take care of herself. I hope she is going to be ok!
    Now there’s Bones to deal with! The little tell tale!;)

    • You really know Sharlee’s character now! LOL I couldn’t fool you! 😀
      Bones isn’t thinking of anyone but himself. He has no sense of loyalty! 😦

      I just looked over this chapter and saw a mistake that I made. I remember how it happened. I was interrupted and I forgot to change Noah and Sharlee’s clothes for the first pictures at his house! LOL They are wearing the same clothes two months later!

      Thanks for reading my story, Claire! 🙂

  6. Sharlee is such a trooper. Probably not worth risking her life for a gymnastics competition, but at least she’s loyal.
    Looks like trouble ahead with Bones though. Now there’s someone who is definitely NOT loyal.

    • Sharlee really is very loyal.
      Sometimes I think athletes hurt themselves because of loyalty to their teams and not realizing their limitations.
      I guess that is what Sharlee did too. 😦

      Bones is definitely not loyal. In another chapter, we see just how disloyal he really is!

      Thanks for reading my story, Caz! 🙂

  7. I’m glad Sharlee will be okay. I was worried for her there. And Bones is such a slime ball. I hate, hate, hate what he’s about to do Noah!

    I don’t think I’ve said it before, but Noah is my favorite character in Alissa. Despite his troubled past, he has such a deep capacity for love and to care for others, and I just love how he treats Sharlee. She’s found a gem in Noah!

    Back to Bones, what a slime!

  8. Ole’ Bones there better keep his mouth closed, but I know he won’t. What a weasel. 😦
    Noah is adorable. With girl’s and lower pain, it’s so hard to know what it is. I am sure she will be ok, but with how serious it can be, I understand Dale’s fear.

  9. I wish Sims could do gymnastic stuff. Like, back handsprings and round offs and cartwheels (I know how to do all of those! <3)

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