Alissa: Chapter Eighty

Alissa was working in the study, trying to make a list of questions to ask the next guest on her show.  Her cellphone rang.   She went pale when she saw the name on the caller ID.  It was Alex.  Maybe he was just calling to see how her pregnancy was going.

“Hello Alex.”

“Say it again!”


“Say my name again.  I miss hearing you say it.  I miss everything about you Alissa.   Not just your voice, but the smell of your hair, the way you feel in my arms.”

“Alex please!”

“Please what, Alissa?”

“Why did you call?”

“I found a place for us to be together.  It’s only an hour by plane from Mesa Valley.”

He told her the name of the town.

“You can’t be serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious.  I expect you to be here tonight!  It’s been too long!”

“No Alex.  I won’t do it!”

“Alissa, we both know that you really want to be with me too.”

“Alex, I know that you can’t possibly still believe that!”

Alex got angry.  “Over the years I have always been there for you.  I’m the one who picked up the pieces when Dale couldn’t or wouldn’t.   I’ve always dropped everything and come running when you needed me.   This is the thanks that I get!”

This time the guilt wouldn’t work on her.   Alissa sighed deeply.   She was tired of this.  “Alex I have thanked you for everything that you have done for me.   I don’t owe you anything!”

Alex said what he knew would work.   “Alissa, don’t you remember our previous conversation.  I do hope that nothing happens to Dale.   And then too there is our daughter.  It would be a shame if everyone found out that she’s mine and not Dale’s.   As a matter of fact, I’m not so sure that I want Dale raising my daughter!”

Alissa felt physically ill.   She cried out into the phone,   “Please don’t make me do this, Alex!”

Dale had come home early.   He had been notified that day that his re-certification as a surgeon had gone through.   He could start building his own practice now, and he wanted to share the good news with Alissa.   He heard what she said to Alex and wondered what was going on.  

Alex responded.  “I’m not forcing you to do anything.   You’re doing what you want to do!   I’ve booked you a flight.   You just need to pick up your ticket at the counter.  Tell Dale that you’ve got to go and see a prospective guest for your show!  Actually, I don’t care what you tell him.”

Alissa wrote down the information and then they hung up.   Her hands were trembling.  Dale came into the office as Alissa stood up.  

“What’s going on?”

“I, I have to go out of town to see a prospective guest for the show.  I’ve got to hurry and get to the airport to catch my plane.”


She cut him off before he could ask any more questions.   “I’ve got to go!”  She quickly left the room.

Dale knew that she was lying to him for the first time, and she was terrible at it!   He looked at the notepad that she had used and rubbed a pencil across it to reveal the impressions that her pen had left.  He was able to decipher an address and a flight number.   It was time to put an end to this once and for all!  He rushed out to his car and followed her to the airport.   He got a seat in third class on the same flight so that she wouldn’t know that he had followed her.

Sharlee had smiled as she checked her savings balance .   She had enough to do what she had planned.   She had been saving for a car, but Dale had insisted on he and Alissa paying for it.  He said that he had missed giving her a gift for her sixteenth birthday and a car would have been what he had given her.   He told her to use her savings for something else and took her to buy her car. 

After school, she stopped by the store and picked up supplies.  She made one last check to make sure that she hadn’t forgotten to buy anything that she needed.

Sharlee had been horrified by the condition of Noah’s place.   He didn’t seem to mind it though.   She supposed that living on the streets had made him used to that type of conditions.  She had researched and found out that the person who owned the house where Noah lived had died and had no family to inherit the house or land.   So it had just deteriorated over the years.   The city paid no attention to that part of  town.

Sharlee called a repair company and scheduled someone to come out to repair the windows and doors.   They were also supposed to pressure clean the walls inside and out.  She intended to do the rest of the work as a surprise for Noah.  She knew that Ton was still in town and intended to get him to help her work on the house while Noah was at work.  She decided that she could miss a day of practice and today was a teacher’s workday.  So she only had a short day at school.

She changed clothes and rushed to Noah’s house.  She got there just as the workmen arrived to do the repairs.   Ton came outside the house.

“What’s all of this?”

“It’s a surprise for Noah!”   She told him what she wanted to do.  Ton agreed to help her.  She called a salvage company to come and pick up the junk car and other junk around the house.

She set to work cleaning the kitchen and Ton supervised the workmen repairing the windows and doors, and also the clean up of the yard.  

When Noah arrived home after work, he was surprised to see the frenzy of activity.  Suddenly they heard Sharlee screaming inside the house.

After she arrived in Avondale, Alissa went directly to the house where Alex was waiting.   Dale lost sight of her, but he had the address and gave it to the taxi driver.  Alex was watching for her.   As soon as she was in the house, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately without speaking a word.   Alissa’s lack of enthusiasm didn’t matter to him.

Then he unfastened her dress, and it dropped to the floor.   He said suspiciously, “You don’t look pregnant!”

“I never do this early.” 

Alex removed his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Alissa was trembling all over.   She suddenly knew that regardless of the consequences she could not do this.   She could never again sleep with Alex.  She knew that no matter what, Dale would not want her to do this!

“Alex, no!  I will never sleep with you again!   I can’t do this!”

Alex’s expression hardened into the same one he had the night he raped her!  Yes, she finally admitted to herself that that is what he had done.

He tried to grab her!

Noah and Ton rushed into the house.   Sharlee was standing on a chair.   She was screaming.   Noah saw a rat race across the floor and realized that was why Sharlee was screaming.  

He and Ton looked at one another and couldn’t hold back their laughter.  

He went over to Sharlee and was surprised when she wrapped her arms and legs around him still terrified.   Ton took care of the rat.  

Noah was finally able to calm Sharlee.

“Sharlee it’s okay!  Ton got rid of the rat!”

After she was sure that it was gone, Sharlee was embarrassed.   “I’m sorry but I just have a phobia about rats!”

“I’m sorry you were so scared.”

Noah looked around him at the difference that she had already made in the place.

“I can’t believe that you did all of this for me, Sharlee.”

Sharlee’s eyes softened as she looked at him.   “As you’re always saying to me, it’s nothing.   I’ll  always do things for you Noah.”

Then Sharlee moved her lips closer to his.

She kissed him tenderly and then they got back to work.  The house would need painting, and some things would have to be replaced.   But, just a thorough cleaning had already transformed it.

Alissa knew that she had to get out of there.   She didn’t care that she wasn’t dressed.  She rushed to the door and threw it open!   She was stunned and relieved when she crashed into Dale.   He grabbed her to steady her and keep her from falling from the impact.

He saw the terrified expression in her eyes and that she wasn’t dressed.  

“I couldn’t do it Dale!”

“I know you didn’t.   How did he force you to come here?”

Alissa didn’t answer.  Dale suddenly just knew.   Alex had threatened to hurt him. 

He entered the house with Alissa behind him.   He went over and picked up her dress.   Then he handed it to her and she slipped it back on.   He said quietly and firmly with his eye on Alex the whole time,  “Go home, Alissa.”

“Dale, please leave with me!”

“Alissa, please go outside and call a taxi.  Go home now!”

Alissa knew that there was nothing else that she could do to prevent this confrontation between Alex and Dale.   It had been a long time in coming.   She couldn’t bear to remain and see the two brothers fight.  Valerie was right.  She was responsible for this.  Tears flowed down her cheeks as she  went outside to call a taxi.  She almost collapsed onto the porch steps as she sat down to wait.

As soon as Alissa left the room, Alex charged at Dale.   

He slugged him. 

Then he tackled him to the floor and began to viciously pummel Dale’s face over and over again with his fists.  

Dale finally hurled him away. 

After Alex got to his feet again, he didn’t remain up for long!  Dale punched Alex in his gut with all his strength.   Alex had been trained to endure pain, but Dale’s punch momentarily took his breath away. 

Then Dale shocked Alex by lifting him up off his feet with one hand.

Dale was ready to end it.  He wanted Alex completely out of Alissa’s life.  As he thought about the fear on Alissa’s face and all the pain that Alex had caused her,  Dale felt a surge of adrenaline.   He forced Alex up against the wall and began to choke the life out of him.

Alissa was in the taxi headed to the airport.   How could she possibly leave town without Dale!   She had the taxi driver take her back to the house and raced back up to the door.

Dale’s father suddenly flashed into his mind and the conversation that he and Alex had with him.   Robert had admonished them that Alissa would feel guilty and responsible for any serious confrontation between them.  If he killed Alex, then that would seriously damage his relationship with Alissa.   They might not overcome it.  Alex was a government agent.   Dale would be locked away or possibly executed for killing him.   He would be lost to his family again.

So instead, he told Alex,   “Alex, I could easily finish crushing the life out of you, but I’m not going to for Alissa’s sake and that of my family.   However, I’m warning you for the last time!   Leave Alissa alone!”

He dropped Alex to the floor.   Then he headed toward the door as  Alissa opened it.   Dale was not really surprised that she hadn’t left.    Just as Alissa opened the door, she saw Alex lunge at Dale and pound his fists against the back of Dale’s head with all of his strength!  It happened so quickly that she had no chance to warn him.  

Dale collapsed to the floor.   Alissa screamed and ran over to him.

“Did he really think that he could get the best of me?   I was just playing the game.   I could have killed him at any point that I wanted!”

Dale wasn’t moving.   “Please Dale, please get up!   Please be okay!”  

She looked at Alex.  Her face was filled with hatred  and fury.  Tears were again streaming down her cheeks. 

“Alex, I told you years ago that I could never hate you!   I was so wrong!  I hate you with every fiber of my being!  I hate the part of you that is in this baby that I am carrying!   I never want to see your face again!”

Alissa pulled out her cellphone to call an ambulance.   Alex took it away from her.   He checked Dale’s pulse.   “He’s still alive.   He’s just unconscious.”

Of course Alissa was still worried that Dale had suffered a serious injury to his head.

Then Alex called a special number and asked for a medical team.

After Dale and Alissa were on the way to the hospital, Alex made another call.

“I’ve changed my mind.   I’m ready, but I do have some conditions.”  

He spoke with the person for a few more moments and then he ended the call.

26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Eighty

  1. I’m gonna punched Alex’s face on the computer screen for what he told Alissa to do. But she was also stupid to go. Dale did the right thing to follow her! He also did the right thing of not killing Alex, but he should of.
    Alissa FINALLY stood up for herself. GO ALISSA!

    That is so sweet of Sharlee and Ton is a sweetheart!
    I hope Alex gets killed, and I have a sweet, sensitive personality!
    Thanks for the chapter

    • I know he’s awful, but I forgot how good looking he is! LOL Alex has always made Alissa confused about how to handle him, but now she doesn’t care what he says. She made it clear that she won’t have an affair with him!

      Sharlee and Noah are just so cute together and Ton is a good friend to Noah.

      Your comment about having a sweet, sensitive personality made me smile! You want him dead too!! 😀

      You are so welcome, Anaiah! I’m happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Ahh, I knew he would reappear sometime! I think he deserves to die but first he needs to get tangled up with Alissa’s sister..I hope Alissa remains strong and Dale better be ok or I might just make a Alex sim to torture myself. Sharlee is so sweet to help Noah and I love this couple just the same as Dale and Alissa. I hope to see a wedding in the near future for Sharlee and Noah. Cant wait till another chapter is out 😀

    • Yes, Alex definitely did not give up on Alissa. He just refused to accept that she didn’t want to be with him anymore! An Alex Sim to torture! LOL

      Alissa does need to stay strong.

      Sharlee is so sweet and Noah isn’t used to being treated that way. That’s why he is so surprised by the things that she is doing for him. I love them together too! 🙂

      I got sick yesterday and I’m still not feeling well. I’m supposed to go out of town this weekend, and so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to work on the next chapter this week. Thanks for reading Whitney! 🙂

  3. Damn no good Alex!!! UGH why hasn’t he fallen off a cliff yet?!?!?! He just doesn’t know when to quit. Even if he tried to kill Dale Alissa won’t ever go back to him. He is really just plain old scum.

    Aww Sharlee that was so sweet of her. They are so cute and I see them having a long and happy relationship.

    • Yeah he has really become no good! He just won’t give up! He is not thinking reasonably when it comes to Alissa.

      Isn’t Sharlee just the sweetest! They are so good together.

      Thanks for reading Jaz! 🙂

  4. Grrrr! I hate Alex! Dale should have choked him to death! I understand why he didn’t but it would have been great to get rid of Alex once and for all! I wonder who Alex was talking to at the end?
    This chapter was really good, I liked the way you kept changing between Alissa and Sharlee, it kept the pace if the chapter quite quick:) Alissa looks lovely with that hairstyle and her dress is really pretty!
    What a brilliant thing for Sharlee to do for Noah, lol at her reaction to the rat:) I would have done the same thing:)
    Great chapter but please get rid of Alex!!lol

    • Alex is definitely not the sweetheart that he was at the beginning of the story.

      Thanks Clairey! I’m glad that you thought it was good! I sort of worried that the writing was a little off in this one, but I just couldn’t seem to get it exactly like I wanted! The next one I’m a little worried about too.

      I love that dress on Alissa too! I’m thinking of changing Sharlee’s look a little too in the next chapter. I don’t want her to look too old though. Also she looks so much like Alissa! LOL

      I had a reaction similar to Sharlee’s, but it was a huge spider, not a rat! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Clairey! 🙂

  5. Why does Alissa always go for the option that seems to just make everything worse? Wouldn’t it have been so much better if she had just straight out told Dale what was going on, rather than lie to him? At least they could have been somewhat prepared for Alex’s retaliation.

    Dale should have just choked the life out of Alex. But then, that would have been too easy… 😉

    • Caz, I’m sorry! I was out of town!

      When it comes to Alex she just seems to make the worst decisions. I guess she hoped that somehow Alex would change him mind if she did what he wanted, but she just couldn’t do it. After it was too late, she realized that it was the wrong way to handle the situation. In some ways, Sharlee has more common sense than Alissa does! LOL

      Dale really did want to choke the life out of him. If anybody deserves it now, it’s Alex. Thanks so much for continuing to read mys story and comment, Caz! 🙂

  6. haha – rats … Sharlee is just too cute… I love that they laughed at her, tickled me ^_^

    Alex needs to just disappear. If Alissa can say she partly hates the thought of Alex in a child, she better consider her options before it’s too late. I never understood how anyone could keep a pregnancy of rape. but that’s me

    • Sharlee is adorable!

      Alex has been a problem for Alissa for a long time now. A child from rape is probably hard to accept, but Alissa and Dale both love children.

      Thanks for reading, Zhip! 🙂

  7. I’m going to literally destroy my computer when punching it with Alex on the screen. lol. Have you ever felt like Alex should die because he’s a pain in the butt? I think that all the time. >:D

    • Alex is really making you upset! He did really change for the worst! 😦

      Wow! I just saw your other comments on Alissa! 😯 I promise I’ll respond to them! Thank you so much, Sims! 🙂

  8. AAAAAAAAH! I’m rereading the entire story, I started back from chapter one and now I’m up to this, and let me just say I hate Alex. He is a truly horrible person and even knowing what happens later in the story with Joy and her cancer, I wish he dies a slow and painful death in the story because he truly isn’t worth living.
    Another thing, thank you for writing such a gripping and trilling blog, I look forward to every new chapter and you make each character have their own personality and I admire that!

    • Alex was really dislikable a lot of the time. 😦 He is trying to be someone who Joy will be proud to have as a father now, but with him, who knows how long that will last. 😉

      Thanks Sophia! ❤ I always wonder if the characters are really coming across as I imagine them to be when I'm writing.

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