Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Eight

Screenshot-2103Dale came up behind Alissa and wrapped his arms around her.  He felt her round belly.  Her pregnancy was going wonderfully, and they were both very happy. 

Screenshot-2104“He’s really moving around in there!”

“Yes, he’s hungry again.”  They had found out the baby’s sex.   They were having a boy!

Screenshot-2105“How about we grab the kids and go out to dinner and a movie?”

Screenshot-2106“Sounds good to me.”

Screenshot-2109They ate dinner at a steakhouse. 

Screenshot-2112Everyone  ordered their favorites.  

Screenshot-2107Then they went to the movie theater.   

Screenshot-2108They had taken Joy to the movies a few times before, and she had enjoyed it. She seemed amazed.

Screenshot-2114After they returned home, Sharlee’s phone rang.  From the soft smile on her lips Dale knew who it was and rolled his eyes.   He said to Alissa, “It’s Noah.”

Screenshot-2113Alissa shook her head because of his expression.

Screenshot-2116A few months later, Sharlee made another visit to Bridgeport.  She and Noah went to the carnival. 

Screenshot-2119Then they went out to eat at one of Noah’s favorite restaurants, Quaker Steak and Lube.   It had an automotive theme and great food. 

Screenshot-2117They hadn’t known it, but as they stood waiting for the hostess to seat them at a table, Noah’s stepfather Will had seen them there.  Will knew that Melina had forbidden Noah from any contact with Sharlee.  However, he didn’t say anything to her about having seen them.

Screenshot-2177A few days after that, Noah walked into the kitchen from the garage.   His mother wasn’t home and he heard Will in the livingroom talking with someone on the phone.   From the romantic tone of the conversation, Noah  had assumed that Will was talking with his mother.  

Screenshot-2178He hadn’t intended to listen until he heard Will say the woman’s name. 

Screenshot-2179Will called her Charity and told her that he loved her.   Will had confirmed plans to meet that evening.  Noah heard him describe the sexual things that he wanted to do to her when they were alone that night.   There were a lot of nights when Will had told Noah’s mother that he was working late.   With his job as the manager of a large grocery store in town, it had been easy to believe.

Screenshot-2181Noah walked into the livingroom.  Will quickly ended his call and turned to face Noah.   “Well, well, I didn’t know anyone else was home.”

Screenshot-2183“Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t.”

Screenshot-2182“I know that call sounded odd, but there was really nothing to it.  It was just a friend.”

Noah raised his eyebrows.   A sly look came over Will’s face.   “I think that we can help each other.   I saw you and Sharlee together at Quaker Steak and Lube a few days ago.”

Noah stiffened. 

“I’m sure you don’t want your Mama to know about that.   Just like I think it would be best if you don’t tell her about my little phone call.”

Screenshot-2184Noah didn’t say anything and Will took his silence as agreement.

Screenshot-2157Charity Thorne dressed slowly in her bedroom.  She was going out with Will that night.   Her mind wandered back to the afternoon that they’d met.  

Screenshot-2143She’d gone to her father’s office to bring him some files that he’d left at home.  Will was there with Melina and his stepson Noah.   Noah and Melina were in a meeting with her father, and Will was sitting in the waiting room.  

Screenshot-2146Charity took the papers to her father’s assistant and felt Will’s eyes on her as she walked across the room.   When she left the office, he’d followed her outside.  

Screenshot-2127She turned and smiled.   “Is there something that I can do for you Mr. Owens?”

Screenshot-2147He smiled too.  “That’s a loaded question.   For starters, you can tell me your name.”

Screenshot-2129“I’m Charity Thorne,  Dedric’s daughter.”

Screenshot-2126“I am honored to meet you,  Charity.   Please call me Will.” 

He’d invited her to have lunch with him.  He’d said that his wife was returning to work and his son was going home.   So he was free for the entire afternoon. Charity had agreed.  That had been the beginning.  Charity had known that he was married and known that it was wrong, but there was something about Will that had drawn her in.  Before long they were sleeping together.

Screenshot-2130Charity loved Will and after a year of hiding their relationship from their families, Charity was tired.   She gave Will an ultimatum.  “Will, I’m through with hiding and lying.  It’s time you made a choice.”

Will told her that he would divorce Melina.   That had been six months ago, and nothing had changed.  She had tried to break it off with him, but he had become like a drug for her.  

Screenshot-2160She sighed and then quickly finished dressing.

Screenshot-2131Harvey Thorne walked into the restaurant with Elsa and Lulu Schlick on each arm and waited for a table.   They were twins and he’d been dating them for a while.   Neither of them seemed to be in a hurry for him to make a choice.  This restaurant and club was an out of the way place just outside of Bridgeport.   Most people went to the big new places in town, but tonight he and the girls wanted something quieter, and they had remembered this place. As he waited, he heard a familiar laugh. 

“Will you ladies please excuse me for a few moments?” 

Screenshot-2134Harvey walked further into the diningroom.   He was shocked to see Charity there with Will Owens.   She and Will were cuddling together in a booth with their lips locked together.

Screenshot-2136“So, fancy meeting you two here together!”

Screenshot-2138At first, Charity didn’t know what to say.   They had always been so careful to go to out of the way places.   She knew that now there was no way that she could keep her father from finding out about her relationship with Will.

Finally she said, “Hello Harvey.   Do you know Will?”

Screenshot-2140Will said, “We’ve never met, but I know who he is.   It’s nice to meet you Harvey.”  Will was sweating although trying to appear relaxed.

Screenshot-2141“Well, I have to say that it’s surprising to meet you!  I’ll talk with you later at home, Charity.   I’ve got to get back to my dates.”

“This isn’t your usual kind of place, Harvey.   What made you come here tonight?”

“The girls and I wanted a quiet night and remembered this restaurant.”  

Screenshot-2139He started to walk away and Charity stopped him.   “Wait, I need to talk with you Harvey.”

Screenshot-2149She quickly rose from the table and took him aside.   “Please don’t tell Father about me and Will.   He’s getting a divorce from Melina and we’re getting married.”

Screenshot-2150Harvey looked at his sister sadly.  Did she really believe that?   She wasn’t even the only one that Will was seeing.  He’d seen Will just a few weeks ago at another club with a different woman.  Who knew how many women Will was using to cheat on Melina.

“Charity, what you do is your own business, but I guarantee you that I’m not the only one who knows about the affair.   It’s only a matter of time before Father finds out about it.”

Screenshot-2152He hesitated.  Charity was his sister and he didn’t like the way that Will had used her.  “Take my advice and dump him, Charity.   He’s a loser.   I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re not the only one he’s seeing.  He was just at the Banzai Lounge two weeks ago with a blond.”

Screenshot-2148Charity had a stunned expression on her face and walked back over to the table.

Screenshot-2185That evening Noah had heard when Will made the excuse of having to go back to work to oversee a new shipment.    Noah was torn as to the best way to handle it.   He knew that if he told his mother that Will was cheating on her and a liar,  Will would tell her that Noah and Sharlee were still dating.  Although he and his mother had problems, he didn’t want to see her deceived by a snake like Will.   He needed advice.   For some reason, he thought of calling Alissa.  

Screenshot-2189Alissa was  truly surprised to see Noah’s name on the caller ID.  Noah poured out his heart to Alissa.  He told her about his childhood and the problems between him and his mother.   He told her about his mother refusing to allow him and Sharlee to see each other and that they were still dating although hiding it from her.  Then he told her all about Will, and that he had discovered that Will was having an affair.

Screenshot-2186“Should I tell my mother?  I know he’ll tell her about me and Sharlee if I do.  Of course, I would still continue to see Sharlee no matter what my mother says, but it would be so much more difficult for us.”

Screenshot-2187Alissa stood silently for a few moments, trying to decide the best way to handle the situation.   She’d wanted to talk with Melina herself for a good while now.   Sharlee had finally told her about Melina’s attitude toward her, but Sharlee hadn’t said that Melina had forbidden Noah and Sharlee from seeing one another.

She looked down at her belly.  She was heavily pregnant and close to her due date.   She knew that Dale would not want her to make that trip to Bridgeport, but Noah had finally opened up to her and trusted her to help him.

Screenshot-2191“Noah, I’m flying out to Bridgeport tomorrow.   It would be better if you let me talk with your mother.   It’s long overdo.   I think that your mother has a good heart, but she’s lost her way.  We have very similar backgrounds.  I think that she will accept some of the things that I have to say to her because I can understand the way she feels.   Of course I’ll bring Sharlee with me and you can see her after you get home from work.  We’ll be at your place tomorrow evening.”

Noah felt very relieved.   “Thank you so much, Mrs. Stallworth.”

“You don’t have to thank me Noah.   I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Screenshot-2195Alissa told Dale that she was going to Bridgeport and part of the reason why.

“Dale, Noah called me today and asked for my help with his mother.   He really opened up to me and told me some things about their relationship.    I told him that I would go to Bridgeport and talk with his mother.” 

Of course she didn’t tell him everything that Noah had confided in her.   She didn’t feel that would be fair to Noah.



Screenshot-2192Dale looked at her as though she were crazy.   “Alissa, you’re almost due to give birth!   How can you even think of making a trip like that?”

Screenshot-2200Alissa wrapped her arms around him.   “Dale, Noah asked me for my help.   I know how hard for him that had to be.   I don’t think that I’m putting the baby in danger by going.  If I do go into labor, you know that the doctors and hospitals in Bridgeport are excellent.   Sharlee was born there.   We have a lot of friends there who are both doctors and nurses.”

“Alright, but I’m going with you!”

Screenshot-2174After her conversation with Harvey, Charity was furious.  The pain had not yet set in.   She returned to the table.   “Who is the blond that you were getting all cozy with at the Banzai Lounge a few days ago?”

Screenshot-2175Will was sweating even more.   He realized that Harvey had told Charity about Linda.   Linda had insisted on going out to that club even though Will had wanted to stay there at her place.  He thought quickly.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me.   She’s just a business associate.  Really it was just a mercy date!”

Screenshot-2176Charity just looked at him, feeling crushed.   She said angrily, “I’m through Will.  I don’t want to ever see you again!”

She stood up and quickly left the restaurant.

Screenshot-2162When Charity got home her parents were sitting in the living room.   Although she was very upset, she wanted to get this conversation over with.  Dedric and Phyllis looked at her as she walked into the room.   Her eyes were red and puffy from crying all the way home.

Phyllis spoke first.   “What’s happened Charity?”

Screenshot-2166Charity sat on the sofa.  She felt like such a fool and deeply ashamed.   She looked at her parents knowing that once they knew about the affair, it would change their high opinion of her.  She cleared her throat and started speaking.

Screenshot-2167“I wanted you both to hear this from me.  I’ve been having an affair with Will Owens, Melina Hall’s husband, for almost two years now.”

Screenshot-2164Dedric exploded in anger.  “That is the last thing that I would expect from you Charity!   How could you embarrass our family in such a vile way!”

“Dedric calm down.   Can’t you see how much she’s already hurting?  Honey this isn’t like you at all.   How did this happen?  Did you know that he was married from the very beginning?”

Screenshot-2172Charity hung her head in complete humiliation.   “Yes, I knew, but I ignored my conscience.   I don’t know what it was about him.   He’s not the most handsome guy I’ve ever dated or even the most charming.  He just seemed to satisfy something inside me.  I don’t understand it myself, but I’m completely ashamed.    I feel so dirty and so guilty!”

Screenshot-2170“Break things off with him now, Charity.   Maybe the affair won’t become public if you stop it now.”

Screenshot-2171“I broke it off with him tonight.   Father, I am so sorry.   I hope that there won’t be any damage to your reputation because of what I’ve done.”

Screenshot-2173Although he was still very upset, Dedric loved his daughter and saw how much pain she was feeling.   He moved over to her and hugged her close.   “Whatever happens, we love you Charity and we’ll always be here for you.”

20 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Eight

  1. Wow Charity and Will that just blew me away i’m happy that she ended it but i feel bad for her she is strong.
    An i hope everything work out for the best for Noah an Alissa can talk reason to that crazy lady but i feel like it wont be that easy.
    Noah need to tell on Will he too sneaky .

    • I know. Wasn’t that shocking! He is just as bad as Noah’s mother.

      Yeah, it won’t be easy for Alissa. You’re right about Will. He is sneaky and then made it even worse by trying to blackmail Noah into keeping it from his mother. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Monae! 🙂

  2. How do you take such great pictures? I cannot seem to rid of the stretched look when I TAB to get ride of bottom bar when taking a Sims Picture, it looks all funny. And my Sims skin kinda looks multicolored at times (not super noticeable)

  3. Noah is really in a bad situation, poor kid. I was surprised he reached out to Alissa, but also glad that he did. He really is a good kid. I hope that his step-father’s actions don’t hamper his relationship with Sharlee though. I don’t know how receptive his mother will be to Alissa, I don’t think that conversation will go so well. But who knows? Maybe she will break down. Will = slime.

    • He is in a bad situation, really caught in the middle! You’re right Zhip. He really is a good kid.

      Yeah, Alissa’s talk with Noah’s mother won’t be an easy conversation.

      Slime describes Will perfectly!

      Thanks for reading my story, Zhip! 🙂

  4. Hmm Will is sneaky and slimy kinda like a snake…I am worried about Alissa going to talk to Noah’s mom. Love the photo’s and can’t wait to see the newest character when he arrives. I say Noah and Sharlee need to elope…except I don’t think they are quite old enough yet. It would be great if Charity’s dad decided to get revenge on will somehow. What happened to the guy watching Noah and Sharlee at the park? Where does he fit in I wonder.

    • Yeah he is very sneaky. The talk might not go so well.

      Thanks Whitney! I had a good time with the pictures.

      Elope! You’re right though, they are too young.

      Jacqueline suggested that Dedric or Phyllis should get revenge.
      I thought about it, but since Dedric is still Noah’s attorney, and Will is Noah’s stepdad, I didn’t think it would be a good idea. Also, Charity is an adult. If she had been a teenager, maybe then. Besides, I still need Will alive! LOL 😀

      The guy watching her was weird! 😉

      Thanks for reading, Whitney! 🙂

  5. :O wow! There are some revelations in this chapter, I loved it:)
    Poor Charity, she’s too gorgeous and lovely to be with a dirtbag like Will! Ugh he makes me feel sick! I love the vampire family:)
    Aww it was so sweet that Noah told Alissa everything, I hope Alissa can help Melina and make her see sense. Will we find out more about Melina in the next chapter.
    I really enjoyed this chapter, can’t wait for the next one:) Oh and Joy is the cutest! ❤

    • I’m happy you loved it Clairey! 🙂

      Isn’t Charity sweet! Yeah, Will is really a dirtbag.

      I love the Thorne’s too and I’m glad Jacqueline loaned them to me for this part of the story.

      Yeah, Noah needed to trust an adult, and I thought that maybe he might trust Alissa.

      We find out more about Melina’s feelings in the next chapter.

      The next chapter should be finished today. Joy is so cute!

      Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

  6. OMG!! Did Will feel sorry for Noah because he can’t live Melina like Noah loves Sharlee? I think Charity is strong! Loooove ur story!

    • You may be right Lulu! He may wish that he loved Melina that much.

      Charity was very strong to break off that relationship with Will and to tell her parents about it.
      She didn’t know how they would react. Since they are vampires they might have even gone after Will, but I didn’t think that her father would do that because of how it would have effected Noah.

      So happy that you are still loving the story! 🙂
      Thanks for continuing to read and leave feedback!

  7. Why is Charity the only one with good parents? I mean, Dale died and came back to life while Alissa had sex with his brother, Valerie turned into a complete /bleep\ and Noah’s parents… well…

    • Do you mean Sharlee? I guess I could have written a different type of story with happy families all of the time, but this one just hasn’t turned out to be that kind of a story. I think that would have bored me! LOL Although sometimes I do like happy stories, and they have had some good times mixed with the bad. I just didn’t want the characters too perfect with perfect lives.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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