Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Five

Screenshot-1676Noah’s remaining sentence time in the juvenile detention center felt like it was dragging by.  He still had a few weeks left to serve.  That evening, he was sitting on his bunk reading Sharlee’s letter and looking at her pictures.   She wrote him every day.  The guard came into his cell to take him to make his phone call, and Noah left the letter and pictures on his bunk.

Screenshot-1681When Noah returned to his cell, his new cellmate was laying on the other bunk. 

Screenshot-1683Noah sat on his bunk and realized that Sharlee’s pictures and letter were gone.   He looked on the floor and under the bed, but they weren’t there.

His roommate said,  “Man, she sure is some Breezy!   I bet she gives some mind blowing candy!”

Screenshot-1685Noah stood up and looked at him.   “Give them to me now!”

Screenshot-1690“I tell ya what.   You can have that picture and the letter, but I’m keeping this one.”

He handed Noah the letter and the picture that Sharlee had given him of her, but he intended to keep the sexy picture of her that Ton had taken with his cellphone without her knowledge.  Ton had taken it the night that Sharlee and Anna had found Mick’s girls and sent the picture to Noah.

Noah told him, “I’m only saying this one more time.   Give me the picture.”

Screenshot-1692“Didn’t yo Mama teach you to share?”

Screenshot-1694Noah had been really trying hard to stay out of trouble and keep his temper under control, but this time it didn’t work.

He reached up and jerked Dean off of the bed.  Dean landed hard on the floor. 

Screenshot-1701Then Noah yanked him up from the floor and looked him in the eye.

“She’s not a Breezy!   She’s a real lady and if you dare to say anything else about her, you’d better show some respect!”

Screenshot-1704Noah heard a guard approaching and released Dean.   He took Sharlee’s picture from Dean’s bunk and got on his own.

Dean climbed up onto his bunk and didn’t say anything when the guard walked by their cell.  

Screenshot-1719After the guard left he said,   “She writes very neatly.   I could see her address on that letter plain as day.  I’m looking forward to tasting some a that candy.”

Screenshot-1714Noah understood what he was saying.  “Do you know what I’m servin for?”

Screenshot-1720“Don’t know and don’t care.”


Screenshot-1718“Yeah right!  Don’t be trying to “boss up” in here.”

Noah told him, “It’ll be even easier the second time around.”

Dean didn’t say anything else, but Noah knew that he got the point.

Surprisingly after that first day,  Noah and Dean found out that they had a lot in common.  They both had poor relationships with their parents, and they both were crazy about motorcycles.  Dean was released before Noah, but afterwards he came regularly to the detention center to visit Noah.  He visited until he moved from Bridgeport.

Screenshot-1771Sharlee finished gymnastics practice and headed out to her car.   David rushed over to her.  “Sharlee, wait!  Did Isabel tell you about the party tonight?”

“No, she sent me a text, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.”

“She and Connor are coming over to my place tonight.   I’m having a last minute party.  You’re invited too.”

Screenshot-1774Sharlee didn’t really want to go, but Noah had reminded her of her promise to go out sometimes during their last conversation.   “Thanks for inviting me David.  What time should I be there?”

Screenshot-1773“Come over about six.  You know that Beth and I broke up?”

“Yes.   She told me it was a mutual decision between you.”

“It was mutual.  We’re just friends now.”   He seemed to be hesitating.   Then he said,  “I’ve been meaning to ask you.   Are you and Noah still going together?”

Screenshot-1775“Yes we are.  He’s getting out soon.”

Screenshot-1772David looked disappointed.  “Oh, well I know you’re glad of that.”

Screenshot-1776“I can’t wait till he’s out!  I’d better head home so that I can let my parents know about the party and get ready.   Would you like me to bring anything?”

David smiled.   “No just yourself.”

Sharlee went home and told her parents about the party.   Dale and Alissa had met David and his parents and liked them.   They believed that David was genuinely sorry for what he had done to Sharlee.   Dale told her that she could go, but to be back home by 11:30.   After her club experience in Bridgeport, they had given her a curfew.

Sharlee didn’t intend to stay that late.  She wasn’t in the partying mood.   She did her homework and then she changed clothes.   When she was ready, she headed to David’s house.

Screenshot-1723There were a lot of people already there when she entered the house and the party was in full swing.   The music was loud and many of David’s guests were dancing.  Isabel waved to her as she and Connor danced.  David had been watching for her and came over as soon as she came through the door.  

Screenshot-1724“I’m glad you came Sharlee.   Would you like to dance?”

Screenshot-1727Sharlee agreed and they found a spot on the floor.   They danced for several songs.   “You’re a good dancer!”  Sharlee had to shout to be heard over the music.   David barely heard.   She was surprised that his parents hadn’t told them to turn the music down.  Before long, she found out that his parents weren’t home and didn’t know about the party.

Screenshot-1731After their dance, Sharlee sat down on one of the couches.   Someone brought her a drink, and she sipped it.   She was shocked to taste vodka in it.   Then she saw that some of the couples, including Isabel and Connor, were no longer dancing, but were making out.  

Screenshot-1733She placed the drink on the table without drinking it.  She decided that it was time to go home.   She didn’t feel comfortable.   This wasn’t her kind of party.   She went to find David to let him know that she was leaving.  She headed down the hall, calling to him, although she knew that he wouldn’t hear her over the music.

Screenshot-1734David was in the kitchen.  He had discovered the alcohol and poured it down the sink.  He didn’t know who had brought it, but it was not what he had planned for the party.  His parents would kill him if they ever found out that he’d had a party where alcohol was served.

Screenshot-1735“David I think I’m going to head home now. “

“I had to get rid of those drinks.  I’m surprised at how many people were drinking them!”  

Screenshot-1736He walked over to her.   “It’s still early, Sharlee.   Can’t you stay longer?   I’d love to have another dance with you.”

“Well there’s not much dancing going on out there right now.”

“What do you mean?   I still hear the music.”

Screenshot-1737Sharlee’s cheeks were pink as she told him.   “Most people are making out now.”

Screenshot-1738“Oh.   How about if I change to a fast song?   That will kill the mood for them!”

Screenshot-1740Sharlee laughed.   “Yeah, I want to see that!”

Screenshot-1741David went into the livingroom and put on “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rhianna.

Couples broke apart and most started to dance again.   The atmosphere of the party changed.

David grabbed Sharlee and they started dancing.    They danced together for several more songs.

Screenshot-1749“Would you like a soda or some lemonade?  I know lemonade is your favorite drink.”

Screenshot-1744“How’d you know that?”

Screenshot-1742“I have my ways.”   He laughed.   “Actually, I just asked Isabel what you guys liked to drink.”

Screenshot-1748Sharlee smiled.   “Lemonade please.”

Screenshot-1752While he was gone, Isabel came over to Sharlee.  She looked a little sad.

“What’s wrong, Isabel?”

Connor and I broke up tonight.”

Screenshot-1755“What!  I saw you two making out earlier.”

Screenshot-1751“Yeah.   That was for the last time.  We decided that we should start seeing other people.   We’re going to different colleges after we graduate, and we don’t want to get too attached.”

Screenshot-1754“I’m sorry, Isabel.  You guys have been dating for a good while.”

“Yeah.   I’ll be okay though.  It’s for the best.  You and David seem to be really getting along.   He’s hardly left your side tonight.”

Sharlee hadn’t realized it, but he had stayed with her throughout most of the evening.  “He’s just trying to be nice.   I know he still feels guilty about the flyer.”

Screenshot-1750“He’s a cute guy.”

Screenshot-1757“I guess.   Why don’t you ask him out, Isabel?   He’s not dating Beth anymore.”

Screenshot-1753“I think he’s already got his eye on someone else.”

Before they could talk anymore, David returned with some drinks. 

Screenshot-1758When the party was over, Sharlee and Isabel stayed behind to help David clean up.

Screenshot-1766“Will your parents be upset if they find out that you’ve had a party?”

“They won’t find out if I clean everything up.”

“If my parents run into them, they might mention it.”

“It should still be okay.  They’ve never said that I couldn’t have a party, and it wasn’t a wild one.  At least it wasn’t after I got rid of that vodka.  I really appreciate you both staying to help me clean up.”

Isabel went to take some trash into the kitchen.

Screenshot-1768“Sharlee, I know that you said that you and Noah are still together, but are you and he exclusive?  I mean are you dating other people too?”

Screenshot-1761Sharlee hesitated, thinking of her promise to Noah to go out.    “David, I’m in love with Noah.   If I do go out with anyone else, it will be as friends with nothing romantic involved.”

Screenshot-1765“Okay.   I just had to ask.   I understand.   Actually, I’m not interested in anything serious with anyone right now.   Would you like to go see a movie sometime and maybe we could go to the new skating rink together.”

Screenshot-1762“Sure.  That sounds like fun.   Isabel broke up with Connor.    I’m sure she’d like to go out sometime.”

Screenshot-1769“Yeah, ah, maybe she can go with us sometime.”

Screenshot-1767Sharlee thought that was an odd response, but let it pass.

Screenshot-1770“How about a movie on Saturday?”


Screenshot-1781When Sharlee went home, her parents were still up.   She knew that they were waiting for her to get home.  It’d be a while before they could forget about her coming home drunk in Bridgeport and completely trust her again.

“Did you have a nice time?”

Screenshot-1777“Yes.  It was fun.   David asked me to go to a movie with him on Saturday.”

“Are you going?”

“I told him I’d go.”

Screenshot-1782Dale was smiling from ear to ear.

“That’s great Honey.   You need to get out more.”

Screenshot-1779“I guess.”

She didn’t sound very excited about it.

“I’m tired.   I think I’ll go up to bed.”

She kissed them goodnight and then went upstairs.

Alissa looked at Dale’s beaming face.

Screenshot-1783“Dale, don’t get your hopes up.   She’s only going out with David because of her promise to Noah.   She’s not interested in him in a romantic way.   He’s just a friend.”

Screenshot-1785“Maybe he is just a friend right now, but that can change.”

Alissa just shook her head.

Screenshot-1791After she reached her room, Sharlee pulled out the last letter which Noah had sent her and reread it for the tenth time.  

Screenshot-1793Then she looked at her calendar and marked one more day off until the date he would be released. 

Screenshot-1795After she was dressed for bed she looked at his picture and told him goodnight and that she loved him, just like she did every night before she went to sleep.


Note to readers: 

Although they haven’t moved in the story, you may have noticed that I’ve moved the Stallworths to Lucky Palms.   I really love that city, and I thought that it would offer more for the story than Mesa Valley.   Because I’m not using Mesa Valley anymore, I don’t feel it right to continue using the name Mesa Valley for the story.  Mesa Valley is still a great world though.

Since the architecture and the scenery in Lucky Palms looks so much like Santa Fe, New Mexico, I’ve decided to begin calling the Stallworth’s town Santa Fe.  Santa Fe is a high desert mountain town, and they do receive snow for skiers in the winter.  I can have more weather variety in the story while keeping true to the climate of the town where the Stallworth’s live.  I know it’s just a little thing, but I wanted to let you all know.

Also, thanks so much to Jacqueline for making Dean and some of the party guests for me!

18 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Five

  1. So first I thought Noah was gonna end up wit time added to his sentence for fighting, glad that didn’t happen. Second I thought David was going to spike Sharlee’s drink or try to make some moves on her and glad that didn’t happen. However I don’t think he’s really respecting what she told him about going out as friends only. This ice skating thing could be potentially a bad situation. Hope I’m wrong.

    I didn’t notice anything different in the town but there weren’t many outside shots. I’ve moved Amari around a ton (game issues 😦 ) but the story has remained in the original city.

    • Yeah, if Dean had told the guard, that could have easily happened.

      It’s funny that you said that about David. I had written the chapter completely differently the first time around.
      Then it just didn’t feel right to make Sharlee have such a difficult time so soon.
      It wasn’t David spiking her drink, but it would have been a problem at the party with someone else!

      I’ve never noticed that Amari’s city was different! I guess I worry about the little things too much! LOL

      Thanks for reading and your feedback, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Fantastic chapter! I, too, was worried about Noah’s reaction and David’s intentions. You have some excellent writing skils, girly. I love Noah and Sharlee so I really hope nothing happens to them with her new friendship with David. Hint, hint. 😉

    • Thank you so much Marissa! I hope you know how much I appreciate that! 🙂

      David isn’t really hiding his feelings very well, but Sharlee is making hers very clear. She loves Noah, and
      she’ll tell Jonathon even more clearly in an upcoming chapter. 😉
      I don’t think it will spoil things though if I tell you that he is a nice guy. He is not like Jonathon.
      For some reason, I like him, but he will just be her friend. A girl needs guy friends too! LOL

      Thanks so much for reading, Marissa and for always being so encouraging! 🙂
      I forgot to say! Next chapter will be another family vacation. 😉

  3. I am so glad Noah didn’t get more time added on. I don’t think David fully understands that Sharlee just wants a friendship and wonder if he will think the wrong thing when they go to the movies and what if Noah finds out? I can’t wait to see the new addition to the Stallworth family. 🙂

    • Whitney, I’m sorry that I’m so late responding, but I had a family emergency.
      Yes, it really could have gone bad for Noah. He has a hard time controlling his temper. You may be right about David. Joy is really cute. You’ll get to see her more in the next chapter. They are taking another family vacation.

      Thanks for reading Whitney! 🙂

  4. This was amazing! I was kind hoping for Noah and Dean would fight but hey.
    Sharlee better watch out! David seems really suspicious, I have that gut feeling again.

    • Thanks Anaiah! I am sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond. I had something come up with my family. Dean and Noah will see each other again later in the story.
      You’re welcome, Anaiah! 🙂 I’m working on the next chapter now!

  5. I’m call caught up again.

    What Sharlee did, getting involved with that dirtbag and those hookers was very brave. I just hope she gets authorities involved the next time, it could have ended badly and I don’t think Noah would have liked that very much.

    Yay! He’s going to be out soon. I’m so happy for him. Hopefully he can keep his temper in check, I really don’t want him getting into trouble and forfeiting his probation.

    David is so, so, so cute. He’ll make such a gorgeous young man when he’s older. It’s just too bad that Sharlee is with Noah. They would have made a great couple!

    Awesome back to back updates for me, that’s the only good thing about falling behind!

    • Val, I am so sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond, but something came up with my Dad.
      What Sharlee did was very dangerous, and you’re right. Noah would not have liked it at
      all. Hopefully nothing else will happen as a result of what she did.

      Noah gets free in the chapter after next. He will really have to work extra hard on controlling his temper now.

      Oh, you like David too! I think he’s cute, but I didn’t say it before because I actually made him! LOL Yeah, he and Sharlee would have been good together, but Noah has her heart already! I’ll have to use him in another story if I ever get around to working on one.

      I’m glad you’re still enjoying the story. Thanks for reading Val! 🙂

  6. Glad to see Noah has another possible friend.
    I don’t trust David at this point. Sharlee said no, said she was not interested and he keeps asking to do things with her. When does Noah graduate? 😦 I fear this little friendship, And Dale is such a dolt in this update I wanted to smack him. He just can’t get over his stuck-upity-ness and sees Noah as only a trouble maker.

    • Dean and he do have a lot in common.

      You don’t trust David? He hasn’t exactly hidden his feelings for Sharlee, but hopefully he won’t make things difficult for her.

      Dale is DOLT! LOL You are making my eyes water Zhip!
      You will be even more disappointed with him in a few more chapters. Some fathers just never approve of the guys their daughters choose. LOL I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil it. I will say, Alissa is really noticing his attitude. 😦

  7. I read this chapter ages ago but I forgot to comment! I’m so sorry!
    I thought Noah was about to ruin everything by having a go at Dean, I’m glad the guard didn’t see him doing anything. It’s nice to see Sharlee hanging out with her friends but it’s so obvious how much she loves Noah and hates being without him. I hope Dale sees this soon, his attitude towards Noah is starting to annoy me!
    Off to read the next chapter, I’ll remember to comment straight away:)

    • With all the plans you have to make right now, I completely understand! Don’t feel bad!

      It could have really made his situation worse.

      Yeah, I thought she should do some normal teen things too, but she does really miss Noah. Sometimes she feels guilty having a good time while he is locked away and can’t.

      Dale’s annoying you? LOL He wants Sharlee to be happy and just doesn’t believe that Noah is the right choice for her. It’s hard for him to be balanced in his disapproval because he doesn’t want to see her make what he believes is a big mistake. You’re going to be even more annoyed with him coming soon! I’m just enjoying his paranoid father role so much! LOL 😀

      Thanks for reading, Claire! 🙂

  8. I’d love it if you’d ask me to make a sim for you. I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t use it, but I’d really like to make a sim for your story. It’s really good and I just feel like I need to repay you some how!
    -T 😀

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