Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Four

Anna went up to the guard at the door.  He looked at her with a seductive smirk.  “What can I do for you, Sweetheart?”

She looked him in the eye.   “Take me to the new girl.”

“I’ll take you to the new girl.”   He turned and led Anna down a hallway and up some stairs. 

Anna laughed and thought to herself, “What a pea brain!” 

The younger of the two girls who had been in Mick’s stable spoke up as Roger moved to pick Sharlee up from the floor.   “Wait Roger!  Take me.  Please let her go home.”

Roger smirked at her.   “I already know what you got!  She’s virgin territory!”

The door guard walked into the room and Roger went over to him.   “What’s up?”  

The guard tried to slug him and Roger barely dodged the blow.  

Roger yelled at him. “What do you think you’re doing!”

He slugged the guard before he could throw another punch.  

Then in a blur,  Anna entered the room and quickly spun her leg and kicked Roger on the side of the head.   He dropped to the floor unconscious.    The women and girls in the room were all stunned.   They looked at one another in confusion.

Anna knelt down to Sharlee.   She was still unconscious, but she was breathing okay.   Anna didn’t see any blood.   Guessing that Roger had more than one guy working for him, she knew they should get out of there as soon as possible.  

As she lifted Sharlee up, she said to the others in the room,  “Come on.   Let’s get out of here!”

“No.  They still haven’t found the body of the last girl who tried to run away.”

The younger girl who had worked for Mick stood up and said,  “I’m going with you.  I don’t care what happens.  Even if they kill me, I can’t take anymore of this.   Come too Star.”

“I have no where to go.”

“My family will welcome you after I tell them how you’ve looked after me ever since I was taken.”

They both quickly followed Anna from the building.   One of the girls helped Anna carry Sharlee as they hurried along trying to keep out of sight and running in between buildings.   When they were a good distance away from the motel,  Anna told them to stop.   She was beginning to worry about Sharlee because she had not yet regained consciousness.  

She laid her on the ground and then took water from one of the girls water bottles and sprinkled it on Sharlee’s face.  

Sharlee opened her eyes, and Anna helped her to sit up.

“Where are we?”

 Anna answered.  “We’re less than a block away from the motel.  Are you okay?”  

Sharlee still felt a little woozy, but otherwise alright.  

“Yeah, I’m okay.”  

Sharlee stood up.   “Let’s get to the subway.”

Anna agreed.   “Yeah, I’m sure Roger will have his hoods after us soon!”

Sharlee forced herself to move as quickly as the others although her head throbbed with every step she took.     When they were on the subway, Anna and Sharlee breathed a sigh of relief.  

Of course others on the subway stared at them and guys acted as though they wanted to approach them. 

That is until they met Anna’s glare.   Despite her throbbing head, Sharlee laughed.

They left the subway after they were in their part of town.   There were very few people around.   It was then that they realized the flaw in their plan.   How were they going to get the girls to Anna’s father?

Sharlee pulled Anna aside.   “What do we do now?”

“I don’t know.”

Sharlee sighed.   “Anna, you have to call your father.”


Sharlee asked her, “What else then?”

“I don’t know.”

Sharlee wracked her brain.   With the way it was throbbing, thinking clearly wasn’t very easy.    Anna was worried and she knew that Sharlee should be checked out by a doctor.  She might have a concussion.

“I know who we can call!  Ton!”

Anna asked her in a puzzled voice, “Ton.   Who is that?”

“He’s a friend of Noah’s from his old gang.  He’s a real friend.  He testified for him at the trial.   He can take the girls to your father, and your father won’t even have to know that we were involved.”

“Do you know how to reach him?”

“I have his number in my address book.  He gave it to me and said that if I ever needed him to call.  He said real buds look out for “bro’s hos” when they’re bud is locked up.  The only problem is that my address book is in my bag at your house.”

“It’ll be faster if I go alone to get it.”   Anna looked around them and saw a 24 hour diner across the street.   “You and the girls wait there for me.   I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

The diner was empty except for Sharlee and the girls as they took a table.   She told the girls to order whatever they wanted.   Sharlee was surprised that the girls weren’t asking more questions about where they were going.  She guessed that it was conditioning from Mick and Roger.

“So your name is Sharlee?”


“So, why did you do this?   I mean come looking for us?”

“Because Noah needed your help.”

“Yeah, but you had to know how dangerous it’d be.   Why’d you do it?”

“Because  I love Noah, and I know he’d do whatever it took,  no matter how dangerous it was to help me.”

“So you two are a couple?  Did he give you that ring?”

Sharlee gave a small smile.  She was still in a lot of pain.  “Yes he did and we’ve been a couple for a good while now.  What are your real names?”

They told her their names and where they were from.  Before long, Anna returned with Ton’s number, and Sharlee stepped away from the table to call him.   

He came right away.   He took Sharlee aside.   “Do you know what a harebrained thing you did!   Don’t you know what could have happened to you!   There is no way that Noah would ever have wanted you to do such a thing, but it was the bravest thing I’ve ever known a girl to do!”

“Thanks Ton.   When you take the girls, please don’t tell Mr. Thorne how we found them.”

“Alright, I won’t tell him.   This is as good a place as any for him to meet us.”

Ton still had Dedric’s card and called him.   They also had the girls promise not to mention Anna and Sharlee’s part in what had happened that night.   

Sharlee didn’t think about it, but she had forgotten to ask Ton not to tell Noah.   When she wasn’t looking, Ton took a picture of Sharlee with his cellphone camera to give to Noah. 

After everything was settled, Sharlee and Anna quickly left the restaurant and hurried back to Anna’s.   No one was home.  They made it up to Anna’s room.

Sharlee stretched out on Anna’s bed.  She was very pale.  Anna touched  Sharlee’s head.   There was a huge lump up under her hair.   “Sharlee you’ve got to see a doctor.   I’m going to call my mother.”

“No Anna.   I don’t want you to get into trouble because of helping Noah and me.”

“We don’t have any choice.  I’ll just say that you fell and hit your head.   That’s true!”

Sharlee agreed and Anna called her mother and Bronson.   They rushed and changed clothes before Phyllis got there.    The doctor said that Sharlee had a slight concussion but that she would be okay.

The next morning, armed with statements from both of the young women who had worked with Mick, Dedric had meetings with the DA who had prosecuted Noah and with the judge who had sentenced him.   They came to a new agreement about Noah’s sentence.   Then Dedric went to visit Noah.

Noah was surprised to see Dedric smiling.  Oddly, he didn’t remember seeing Dedric smile before.   “Noah I have great news.   We found two of Mick’s girls.   Meredith Andrews and Deanna Neilsson.   They both gave depositions that verified your reason for protecting Sharlee as well as your relationship with Mick.   They said that Mick threatened several times that he was going to kill you and that you were never a lure.”

Noah asked, “So what does that mean for me?”

“I had a meeting with the DA and the judge.   You only have to serve a year in juvie including the time you’ve already served.  Then two years of probation here in Bridgeport.”

It took Noah a few moments before Dedric’s words sank in.    “You mean that I can get out of here in a few months?”


Noah smiled, feeling extremely happy!   “I don’t know how I can ever thank you Mr. Thorne!”

“Well, this time it’s your friend Ton that you have to thank.   There are some special terms as a part of your probation.  One of them is that you cannot associate with former members of the gang.   I’ll arrange for Ton to come and see you here before you’re released, but after that you won’t be able to see him until after your probation is up.”

Dedric told Noah what else would be required during his probation.   He would have to live with his parents.  He could not leave Bridgeport.  He would have a curfew and he would have to attend an alternative high school.    He would have to remain out of trouble.

The worst part would be living with his parents.   He wondered how they felt about that.   “Have you told my mother yet?”

“No, I thought that you should hear the news first.”

“Mr. Thorne, I don’t think that my parents will want me to live with them.   We don’t get along.”

“Now that could be a problem.”

Dedric sat thinking.   Then he said,  “Let me talk with them.   If they don’t agree then I’ll have to look into other arrangements for you.”

Dedric called Ton to see when he’d like to visit Noah.  They agreed on that afternoon.

Noah was pleased to see Ton.   “Ton, Man thanks!”

Ton told him, “Don’t thank me.   Thank that little Babe of yours.”

Noah was confused.   “Who?  You mean Sharlee?    What does she have to do with it?”

Ton told him what Anna and Sharlee had done and what the girls said had happened to Sharlee.

Noah was furious.   Anything could have happened her!   “I can’t believe she did something so dumb!”

Ton laughed at his reaction.   “Don’t worry.  I gave her a good tongue lashing.   She’s the real deal Noah and brave to boot.”

Noah smiled.   “Yeah, she’s the real deal.”

“Does she know that you’re gettin sprung?”

“No, I can’t make my phone call until this evening.  So I’m assuming that Mr. Thorne doesn’t know what Sharlee and Anna did, and I’m guessing that Mr. Stallworth doesn’t know either?”

“No, she made me promise not to tell them, but she forgot to say not to tell you!”

Noah laughed.  “Yeah.  I guarantee she doesn’t want me to know either.”

“So since you only got a few more months left inside are you gonna let her come to see you.”

“No way.  This isn’t the place for her.  I don’t want her to have those memories of seeing me in here.  Also, I can take it if we just talk over the phone, but not being able to touch her, not being to hold her because we’re separated by glass, I know I can’t take that.”

“I guess I understand.  I’m sending you a picture of her that I took that night.   Ton stayed until the visiting time was over.   He told Noah to take care of himself and make sure that he stayed straight.

Dedric spoke with Noah’s parents and they agreed that Noah was to live with them.   His mother told Dedric that Noah was her son and that her home was his home too.  He passed the news on to Noah.  Noah wasn’t thrilled, but it was better than Juvie.

Sharlee was waiting for Noah’s call and answered it on the first ring like she always did.   She never wanted to waste a second of his calling time.   She was relaxing in her room at Bronson’s apartment.

“Hi Noah.”

Noah couldn’t wait to tell her the good news!   “Mr. Thorne worked out a new sentence for me.”

Noah told her the sentencing terms.   Sharlee felt tears of relief and happiness falling down her cheeks.

“I am so happy Noah!”

“I am too.”   Noah was silent for a few moments.   “Babe, Ton told me what you and Anna did.”

“What!  Doggone it!   I can’t believe he did that!”

“Thank you for what you did, but Sharlee don’t ever do anything so dangerous for me again!”

“Noah, I can’t make that promise.  Whenever you’re in trouble, no matter what it takes, I’m going to help you.  You’d do it for me.”

“Yeah, I’d do it for you.”   Before they could discuss it further, Noah heard the end of call recording.   He’d be glad when he earned a longer telephone call time.

“My time’s up again.  I love you, Sharlee.”

“Love you too.”  The call was disconnected.

18 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Four

  1. well glad everything is working out. Man if her parents find out she’s gonna be in so much trouble. He has to live with his parents. 😦 that’s no good. His mom I hope she’s better but I would rather live somewhere different.

    • You are so right. Her parents would be horrified and extremely upset with her!

      Yeah, he has to live with his parents. He’d rather live somewhere else too! Hopefully it will be different this time.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  2. HMMM what to say..I am glad Sharlee was rescued by Anna and that the girls were able to give a statement reducing Noah’s time. Not happy about him having to live at his parents unless their attitudes have changed. Another great update. 🙂

    • It worked out good for Noah. I just couldn’t leave him in the Juvenile Detention Center all of that time! LOL
      Living with his parents will be very hard for him though.

      Thanks Whitney! I’m happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. Yaaaay! Noah will be out of juvie! Yaaaaay! Well done Anna and Sharlee for being so brave and the two girls. I hope the men don’t come looking for them, that won’t be good!
    Poor Noah having to go back and live with his parents that will be tough for him, but it’s better
    than being in jail. Also not being able to see Ton until his probation is up will be difficult.
    Great chapter…looking forward to the next one!:)

    • Claire, somehow my reply was erased! 😦

      I’m glad Noah is out too. I just couldn’t leave him there for the full sentence. Hopefully the girls will be able to return to their own towns without anymore problems.

      Yeah, living with his parents will be hard for him, but you’re right. It is better than jail.

      Thank you so much Claire! I’m really glad that you liked reading it. I’ll work on the next chapter next week. 🙂

  4. Poor Noah may have been better off in prison than living with his mother. 😉
    I bet she arranges a marriage or drops girls in his lap to try to get Sharlee out of the picture.
    I hope that picture Ton is sending him will not open another can of worms.

  5. Im so glad that Noahs sentence has been shortened. Sharlee was very brave to do that for Noah. Her expression when Noah said that he knew she was the one who got those girls was hilarious, I couldnt help but laugh.

    • His killing Mick really was self-defense and so I thought that he should have a shorter sentence.

      I had to look at the picture of Sharlee’s expression again! It was funny! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Popcorn and for your comments! 🙂

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