Alissa: Chapter Ninety-One


When Crystal arrived in Mesa Valley, she knew that Alissa was still at the station.   Alissa was planning to work up until the week before her due date.  Attending Noah’s trial had put her behind schedule taping shows to be aired during her maternity leave.  Crystal decided to surprise her there at the station.    The station’s receptionist wasn’t at her desk and so Crystal went straight to Alissa’s office.

She knocked lightly and then went inside.

As soon as Alissa saw Crystal, a pleased smile came to her face and she got up and hugged Crystal happily.

“Oh, what a nice surprise!”

“I thought we could spend some time together before I start my new job.”

“I am so glad you did.”

Then suddenly the smile left Alissa’s face.

“Sis, what’s wrong and don’t tell me nothing!” 

Crystal looked at Alissa’s assistant, Sarah, and knew that Alissa would probably not talk with her in the room.  “Why don’t you let me take you to lunch, Alissa?”

“Well, Sarah and I were in the middle of studying the profile of my next guest on the show.  I need to run home and pick up a disk that I made.  It has potential questions for her.”

Sarah had noticed how solemn Alissa had been for the past couple of weeks.  It had been nice to see her smiling when her sister came in.

“Alissa, why don’t you let me go get the disk?  Is it in your file cabinet in your study?”

Sarah had been to the house several times to work on the show with Alissa and even stopped by to pick up things that Alissa needed from home.  With her pregnancy, some days Alissa needed the extra help.

“If you’re sure that you don’t mind doing it, I’d really appreciate it Sarah.”

“Of course I don’t mind.  This way I can still keep working on the next guest while you’re at lunch.”

“Thanks so much, Sarah.”   Alissa handed her the key to the front door and gave her the alarm code.  “It is in my file cabinet.”

After the waitress took their orders, Crystal waited for Alissa to tell her what was wrong.  Alissa looked at her silently, debating whether it was wise to discuss such a difficult subject with Crystal.  Crystal was still very young, just graduating from college.  She decided not to burden Crystal with her problems.

Crystal sensed that Alissa still didn’t want to discuss whatever was wrong.  She decided not to keep pushing and to wait until Alissa decided to talk about it.  She guessed that Alissa still saw her as her baby sister and not an adult. 

“So how is little “Miss Perfect” doing now that her boyfriend is locked up?”

Alissa frowned.  

“I’m just kidding, Alissa.  You know that I love Sharlee.”

“I know that you do, but you might want to work a little harder at showing her that you do.”

“You mean you don’t think that she knows?”

“Yeah Crystal.  I don’t think that she knows.  Right now it would help if you could be especially nice to her.  Be her fun aunt.  She tries to hide it because she doesn’t want to worry Dale and me, but Noah losing his case has really hit her hard.    He’s told her not to visit him.  She has thrown herself into her schoolwork and gymnastics even more than before.  While you’re here, if you could take her out and make her enjoy herself that would be great.  Noah would want her to do that too!”

“Sure, I can do that, but her idea of fun and mine are probably different.”

Alissa had a great idea.   “You could use some time to unwind from school before you start your job and Sharlee needs some relaxation time too.   Why don’t you take her away for the weekend?  Lay out on a beach, shop, go to the spa.  I’ll pay for the trip.”

Crystal loved the idea, but she had some reservations.   “Alissa are you sure that you don’t need me here?”

Alissa smiled reassuringly.  “If you can help Sharlee then you’re helping me.”

Crystal agreed to take Sharlee away for the weekend.

After the taxi dropped her off at the house, Sarah started to unlock the door; but she was surprised to find it unlocked.  She knew that Alissa had hired a maid and guessed that the maid was cleaning the house. 

She heard a loud clunk coming from Alissa’s bedroom and headed there to let the maid know that she was in the house.  

When she walked into the room, she didn’t  immediately see anyone.


Sarah suddenly felt the presence of someone behind her. 

Before she could turn around, a knife sliced deeply across her throat. 

She fell to her knees.   Then she collapsed to the floor, lifeless.

Crystal had sent Sharlee a text message to meet her at the mall after school.  So Alissa had dropped her off there to wait for Sharlee and to shop.  Alissa was tired when she got home.   The front door was ajar, and she went inside thinking that Dale was home. 

She checked the alarm, and it had been disarmed.   She headed for the office, guessing that Dale had come home to work on updating patient files as he sometimes did.  He wasn’t in there, and so she went to the bedroom.

Alissa opened the bedroom door and screamed at the bloody sight that met her eyes!  

She rushed over to Sarah and dropped to her knees.  Sarah’s eyes were opened wide and sightless.  Alissa knew that Sarah was dead! 

She began to cry with deep, shuddering sobs.   She forced herself to get up and call for an ambulance even though she knew that there was no hope.   Then she called Dale.

“Alissa, get out of the house, now!  I’ll be right there!”

Alissa hadn’t even considered that she herself might be in danger.   She quickly left out of the house and waited by the gate in the front yard.   Dale and the ambulance arrived at the same time.  Dale had to have broken the speed  limits to get there so quickly.    He immediately went to Alissa and hugged her close.  “Honey, are you okay?  Did you get hurt?”

“No, it’s Sarah.” 

Later at the police station she answered the detective’s questions as best she could.  

She had no idea who could possibly have murdered Sarah.  Dale sat with her as she was questioned and saw when Alissa had reached her limit. 

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, relieved that she hadn’t been harmed.  Alissa felt numb as the delayed shock set in.  Dale told the detective that she had taken all that she could handle for that day.

He took her to Matthew’s house.  They were going to stay with Matthew and Kay until after the police released the crime scene, and they could have their bedroom professionally cleaned.   He had her take a warm bath and go to bed.  Eventually during the night, she began to cry, and Dale held her close  knowing that there was nothing he could say to comfort her.

Of course, Crystal and Sharlee refused to leave town for their trip even though Alissa still wanted them to go.  They promised to go at some other time.  Eventually the police allowed them to return home. 

Alissa had been afraid that she wouldn’t be able to sleep in her bedroom anymore because of the awful memories of finding Sarah’s body, but she was surprised that she was okay.   The police were actively investigating to find out who could have committed the murder, but they didn’t have any leads.

Crystal and Sharlee were in the kitchen cooking brunch for the family when the doorbell rang.   Alissa answered it, and Aria was at the door.  Crystal raised her eyebrows questioningly at Sharlee.

Sharlee shrugged.  “She’s an old friend of Dad’s.”

Alissa called Dale to the door, and he went to speak with Aria.   Crystal noticed that he didn’t seem pleased to see Aria, and Alissa definitely did not look pleased.    Crystal and Aria locked eyes, and Crystal felt a shiver.

“Are you going to introduce us Dale?”  She walked over to them.

“Yes of course.  Crystal this is Aria Massri,  she was a friend of mine when I was in Egypt.  Aria this is Crystal Morales.  She is Alissa’s sister.”

“It is very nice to meet Alissa’s sister.”

Crystal was not known for her tact, and she had taken an instant dislike to Aria.    She said, “Friend” from Egypt, huh.  Whether it’s nice to meet you or not remains to be seen.”

Then she left them standing there and returned to the kitchen.  Sharlee didn’t like Aria either.  Her presence seemed to make her mother uncomfortable, and there was something creepy about Aria.   She whispered to Crystal, “I don’t like her.  I don’t think Mom likes her either.”

“What about your Dad?”

Sharlee answered.  “That’s what’s so odd.   I don’t think that he really likes her, but she still keeps coming by and calling.”

“Your parents are too nice.  Too bad for Aria that I don’t have that weakness!” 

She and Sharlee both laughed.

Aria stayed for lunch.  It was a very quiet meal.  Crystal looked at Aria when Aria wasn’t aware of it.  She saw the pure hatred in Aria’s eyes as she looked at Alissa. 

When Aria looked at Dale,  Crystal couldn’t read her expression.  It wasn’t exactly love but almost adoration.  It was abnormal.  Again Crystal felt a shiver.

Dale seemed very stressed and kept looking at Alissa with concern.  Alissa looked sad and very tired. 

Cara and Shawn were quiet as well. 

They were picking up on the tension in the room.  Aria left soon after they finished eating brunch. 

Dale headed for his office, and Crystal followed him inside and closed the door behind her.

“Who is that bitch!”

Dale looked at her distastefully.  “What are you talking about?”

“Look, don’t play games with me!  Alissa is depressed and unhappy at a time when she should be calm and happily anticipating the birth of my new niece.   It’s because your “friend” showed up on her doorstep.”

Dale noticed the sarcastic way that she pronounced friend.   He sighed deeply.  “Crystal this has to remain confidential.   The children and no one else know about it yet.”

He told her about Aria.  

Crystal listened in shock.  Her straight arrow, perfect brother-in-law had a girlfriend while he was in Egypt!  Then she remembered that Dale hadn’t even known who he was.  She asked questions, and she could see things differently from the way that Dale saw them.

“Dale, I’m telling you.  It sounds to me like she took advantage of you.  She didn’t need you to move in with her in order to help you.   She took advantage of your vulnerability and your gratitude.   She probably didn’t even try hard to help you regain your memory or to find out who you really were!”

Dale thought about what she said and realized that Crystal might be right.   As for Aria’s pregnancy, they had used protection.  Of course protection is not one hundred percent effective,  and so there was a chance that he could be the father.

Another thought occurred to Crystal.   Aria was pregnant.   “Wait a minute!  Is that your baby Dale?”

Dale feeling very ashamed told her that there was a chance that it was his baby.

“Hmm, there is an even greater chance that it isn’t.  You’re a doctor.  Why don’t you get a paternity test?”

“She’s refused to get one until after the baby is born.”

“Oh, I wonder why.”

“Well it can be painful for the mother.  Her due date is close to Alissa’s so I can wait till then, but it’s very stressful for me and for Alissa.  Alissa is trying very hard, but I know this is difficult for her.”

“Yeah, I can imagine.  What does Aria want you to do?”

“I’ve tried to talk with her, but she always says she’s too tired to talk seriously right now.  That it’s too much stress. I know that she’s planning to stay here until after the baby is born, but I don’t know if she’s going back to Egypt after that.  She’s rented a house here in Mesa Valley.”

“How do you feel about her Dale?”

“I appreciated everything that she did for me in Egypt, but she just wouldn’t let go!  I don’t love her and honestly I don’t like her.   While I wish that the pregnancy had never happened, if the baby is mine, I have to be there for the baby.”

“I think that you need to make it clear to her that you love Alissa and not her.”

“I thought I’d made that clear to her before I even left Egypt.   Telling her how I feel again sounds so simple, but Aria is pregnant.  I can’t do anything to add to her stress either.  “

Something about this whole situation was off, but Crystal couldn’t figure out what it was.  At least not yet!

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety-One

  1. Before this chapter, I was not sure if I liked Crystal or not, but she has just moved to the top of the list in my book. I love her spunk, and this might be what it takes to save her sister from Aria. Some how I’m getting a very strong feeling that Aria is not even pregnant, and is using that to her advantage with Dale.

    • Crystal can be difficult, but she does love Alissa and her family.
      Although sometimes Alissa is too nice, my only hint about the next chapter is that Alissa has spunk too! 😉

      Thanks for reading, LaBlue! 🙂

      I’m almost finished with the next chapter.
      I’ve been enjoying doing those pictures, and I’m finished with the hardest ones.
      I’m ahead of schedule again for a change. 🙂

  2. Oh, cyrstal. She’s cool and caring now!
    Dale,should do the paternity test before the baby is born! It’s not fair to put Alissa under stress!

    • Yes, Crystal has changed. Some! 😉 She does love them.
      You were so right about Aria! 😀

      I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but it really isn’t fair to Alissa.
      I agree. 😦

      Thanks for reading Anaiah! 🙂

  3. Crystal is on to Aria. Let’s hope she’s not the next victim. Did Aria kill Sarah because she thought it was Alissa coming home? I can’t wait for those babies to be born and it’s proven that Dale is not the father!!!

    • Yes, Crystal doesn’t trust her at all. You might be right about why she killed Sarah! Next chapter answers more questions. I can’t believe it’s finished. I’m ahead for a change because I want to get my game ready for Seasons! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  4. What a great chapter! I’m glad Alissa has Crystal there to help her since she is so pregnant. I know Crystal will get to the bottom of it….I just hope she doesn’t get hurt in the process. Happy to see an update so soon. I really want to get seasons, just not sure if my computer will be able to handle it. 😦

    • Thanks Marissa! 🙂

      Alissa really needs help right now. Hopefully Crystal will figure it out in time!

      I’m glad that I’m not updating too soon for you. I’ve been trying to get this storyline finished before Seasons.
      The next chapter is done too and so I’m ahead of schedule for a change.

      I heard that Seasons shouldn’t be too hard on our computer systems. I hope not!

      Thanks for reading, Marissa! 🙂

      I’ll post the next chapter next weekend.
      I was thinking of releasing the next two together. 🙂

  5. Meeeeeeh, I wanna slap the crap out of Aria. If I were so suspicious of her (even without knowing about the murder) I wouldn’t leave her alone with anyone else in the house. 😦 I hope she leaves or gets arrested next chapter. And I hope Alissa gets another assistant just as kind and helpful as Sarah was!

  6. I know I didn’t like Crystal before but after this chapter I really love her!:)
    She’s becoming such a great sister and Aunt, I hope things carry on going well for her.
    As for Aria, she’s a nasty piece of work, poor Sarah getting killed like that for no reason:( Alissa and Dale need to get rid of her before she does something terrible to one of them. She’s got a nerve to keep showing up at their house! I know what two words I’d say to her:) One begins with F and the other with O!lol!
    Great chapter, can’t wait for the next one!:)

    • Yes, she is showing her good side now! Alissa and Miki rubbed off on her. 🙂
      She really does love Alissa and her family.

      Isn’t Aria something! :frown:
      Yeah, Crystal was right about Dale and Alissa. Sometimes they are too nice.
      Your response to her is exactly perfect! LOL

      Thanks Claire, You know how much I appreciate that! 🙂

  7. GRRR stupid Aria…can I import my simself into the story and get rid of her? LOL…Yay for Crystal to show her nice side and start to get to the bottom of what is going on. I can’t wait to see the next chapter and find out what Aria is up to and if she is really pregnant. Also would like to see how things will look for Noah and Sharlee.

  8. With that murder trial just over and this family being so involved, I am really surprised that the death of Sarah at their home went by so easily and calmly. That event will have a poor outcome for the family. Aria will try to ensure a positive paternity test. I think she will force the baby to coincide with the birth of Alissa’s, but then it will backfire since the test will reveal Alex. (evil laugh)….. she deserves to die.

  9. I kinda liked Crystal before, even though she wasnt the nicest, but now I thik she is awesome. Shes so straight up and sarcastic. Its good to see that Crystal and Sharlee are finaly getting on.
    Aria is soo evil, I dont want her baby to be Dales as well. I cant help but dout this because she wont get a parent test. I hope my dout is right!

    • Yeah, Crystal has had her ups and downs, but she does love her family.
      Now that Sharlee understands why Crystal is the way she is and after Alissa’s talk with Crystal, they will get along better.

      Evil is the right way to describe Aria! Dale and Alissa really hope the baby isn’t his either.

      Thanks for reading my story, Popcorn! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it! 🙂

  10. I like Crystal too. She can’t help that she is always going to be a little messed up. She has that funny kind of rude to her that you can’t help but like, and is looking out for Alissa. I think she is going to be the one to solve the freaky think with Aria.

    • She does mean well, and she does love her family. No one can ever really change her! LOL

      She doesn’t like Aria and sees right through her act!

      Thanks for reading Drew! You’re fast! You’re almost caught up now. 😯

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