Alissa: Chapter Ninety Six

Screenshot-1920Alissa watched as Shawn and Cara played with Joy.  Joy was growing up so quickly.   She was already toddling along.   All three of them were laughing and enjoying themselves.   “I’m gonna get you!”  Joy giggled even more.

Screenshot-1913Alissa loved spending special time with Joy.  She liked bathing her. 

Screenshot-1914Sometimes just holding her close and breathing in her soft baby scent.  She liked playing with her and singing to her.  

Screenshot-1949Dale enjoyed sitting in the rocking chair with her and rocking her to sleep.    Joy loved to dance even though she had just begun walking.  Dale had surprised her by bringing home a tutu for her and ballet shoes like the dancers she watched on television.

Screenshot-1919Sharlee spent special time with her too. 

Screenshot-1916Joy liked to join Sharlee when Sharlee practiced her yoga.  

Screenshot-1917She always tried to match Sharlee’s every move.

Screenshot-1932She was a very sweet, loving child and her name perfectly suited her.  She had brought more joy into their lives.   They all loved her, but Alissa knew how disappointed Shawn was that he didn’t get a baby brother.  

Screenshot-1921An idea came into Alissa’s mind, and she began to seriously consider it.

Screenshot-1958Dale came home from work after a very tiring day.  There had seemed to be one emergency after another that day.   He still had more work to do in his office.  Alissa walked over to him and began to massage his shoulders.

“Dale we need to take a vacation, a family vacation.    We all need a break.”

“That sounds so wonderful.  When?”

“The kids have winter break coming up.   Let’s spend the holiday at a resort in the mountains.”

“Okay, let’s do it!”

Screenshot-1804Sharlee held Joy on the plane ride to Aspen.  When the plane first took off, Joy played for a while. Screenshot-1806Then she fell asleep.  Soon the plane landed, and they went to the resort.

Screenshot-1816Alissa looked around after they entered the lobby.   She saw the main gathering room with its huge stone fireplaces like the one they had in their own home.  It was warm and inviting.

“It looks even nicer than in the pictures.” 

Screenshot-1818As she joined Dale at the reception desk, she noticed two boys who were checking Sharlee out.  She could tell that they were trying to get up their nerve to speak her.

Screenshot-1819The desk clerk found their reservation.  They had reserved a suite because they wanted the children to be close to them.  

Screenshot-1821Shawn rushed over to Dale.   “Dad can we go snowboarding?   I saw people boarding when we were on the way in!”

Screenshot-1822Dale looked at Alissa.   “You all go ahead.  Joy and I will relax here inside the lodge.”

Sharlee decided to stay with her mother.  She was trying to be enthusiastic about the trip, but she just couldn’t seem to do it.   Noah was due to be released in a few weeks and to Sharlee the time just seemed to be dragging by.   She hadn’t seen him for such a long time. 

She’d kept her promise and gone out with other people a few times, but it hadn’t gone well.   Even though she made it clear that she was only interested in friendship, the guys had tried for more.  That had even happened with David.   She’d explained her feelings to Noah, and now she just went out with her girlfriends from time to time.

Screenshot-1824Shawn was dying until his turn came.  

Screenshot-1825The first couple of laps he fell, but after that he was able to stay on his feet. 

Screenshot-1826Cara just couldn’t seem to get the knack of it but she still had a great time trying.  

Screenshot-1827Dale had snowboarded growing up and it was great to do it with his own children now. 

“Boy Dad is good!”

Screenshot-1833After snowboarding they went back inside the resort.  Dale and the twins went upstairs to change for dinner and then they all went downstairs to the diningroom.  

Screenshot-1850They let the children order whatever they wanted.

Screenshot-1835After dinner, there was great music playing and dancing.   A young man came over to their table and asked Sharlee to dance.  

Screenshot-1836She was about to say no, when Dale interrupted her.   “Sharlee it’s just a dance, Sweetie.  Go on!”

Screenshot-1839Sharlee got up from the table and went out to the dance floor.   Joy was nodding off in her high chair.  

Screenshot-1841Cara was yawning too.  

Screenshot-1842Poor Shawn was dosing in his chair.  

Screenshot-1845“We’d better get the kids to bed.”

Screenshot-1847Dale looked at Sharlee on the dance floor.  She finally seemed to be enjoying herself.  However, they didn’t know the boy that was dancing with her, and he didn’t feel comfortable leaving her downstairs alone with him. 

Screenshot-1844Alissa realized what he was thinking.    “Honey, I’m sure she’ll be okay, but I love that you worry about her so much.   I’ll take the kids upstairs, and you can wait for Sharlee.   Maybe you can meet the boy after their dance and see what you think of him.   While we’re here, it’d be great if Sharlee interacts with other young people.   There are several kids her age staying here too.”

Screenshot-1868After about an hour Dale and Sharlee went up to the suite.  The young man’s name was Carl and he’d introduced Dale and Sharlee to his friends, his sister and his parents.    They’d invited Sharlee to go snowboarding with them the following day and with Dale’s permission she’d agreed.   She and Dale were laughing and talking as they entered the suite.

Screenshot-1871“You two seem to have had a good time.”

Screenshot-1870“Yeah, Carl and his friends seem really nice.  I especially liked his sister.  I’m going snowboarding with them tomorrow.”

Screenshot-1873“I’m glad you’re having a good time, Sharlee.”

Sharlee smiled.   Then she said, “I still miss Noah, but I am having a nice time.   I’m heading to bed.  Goodnight.”

Screenshot-1912She gave them both a hug and then went to her room.  After she was dressed for bed, Sharlee looked at Joy.  Her crib was in Sharlee’s room at Sharlee’s request.   Joy was sound asleep.

Screenshot-1874Dale went in and checked on the kids, giving them each a kiss on their foreheads as they slept.  

Screenshot-1881Alissa was waiting to talk with him when he came into their room.

“Dale you are a wonderful father.”

Screenshot-1877“Thank you, Alissa.  That means a lot to me.  I love our children more than I can say.”

Screenshot-1884“How do you feel about doing it one more time?”

Screenshot-1880Dale’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Are you pregnant?”

“No, not yet, but what about just one more child.  We were talking about having another baby before you went missing.”

“Yes, I remember, but that was before Joy.”

Screenshot-1879“I know, but I think that it would be wonderful for her to have someone close to her own age to grow up with.  Shawn and Cara have had each other, and I think it would be good for Joy to have someone too.  Part of the reason why Sharlee has matured so early is because she was so much older than the twins..  Almost like an only child.  We can try to give Shawn the brother that he’s always wanted.   Then too, I would love to have another baby with you, Dale!”

Screenshot-1883Slowly Dale smiled.  He hadn’t considered having another child, but the more he thought about it, the more right it seemed.  “I think our family will be perfect with one more child.  I’d love to have another baby with you too Alissa.”

Screenshot-1886Alissa was so excited!  A big smile spread across her face too.

Screenshot-1867The next day Sharlee went snowboarding.   She had a blast!  She fell a few times but got right back up to try again.

Screenshot-1861She and Carl’s sister Deanne teamed up against Carl and one of his friends in a snowball fight. 

Screenshot-1863Deanne taunted the guys.

Screenshot-1866Sharlee and Deanne lost but it was  a close fight.

Screenshot-1853Alissa, Dale, Cara, Shawn and Joy built snowmen.

Screenshot-1854Joy was mesmerized by the snowman and the snow.   

Screenshot-1856They had a good time making snow angels.

Screenshot-1858“Mom look at our angels!”

Screenshot-1910The last day of their trip, Sharlee insisted that her parents spend some time alone together while she and Deanna looked after the kids.   Dale and Alissa went iceskating.  It was Alissa’s first time and so Dale had to teach her.  

Screenshot-1911They laughed the whole time.

Screenshot-1909Then they had a romantic lunch at a restaurant in town.

They flew back home the next day, but they all had enjoyed the trip.

Screenshot-1957One evening after they returned, David came by the house to talk with Sharlee.   When Dale let him inside, he was pleased to see him.

“Sharlee, David is here.”

Sharlee wondered why he was there and went downstairs to talk with him.

Screenshot-1923“Hi Sharlee.”

“Hello David.”

“Sharlee, I know you weren’t expecting me, but I thought we needed to talk.”

Screenshot-1922“Talk about what?”

David asked her, “Why have you been avoiding me?”

“I haven’t been intentionally avoiding you.   I’m sorry if you thought that.”

Screenshot-1928“Well, why don’t you return my calls?”

“David, I told you from the beginning that I’m in love with Noah.   That isn’t about to change.”

“Are you avoiding me because I tried to hold your hand?   I didn’t mean anything by that.”

Screenshot-1925“I guess that’s why I haven’t returned your calls, but I haven’t been trying to avoid you at school.”

Screenshot-1926“Sharlee, I promise that I won’t do anything like that again.   I know that you just want to be friends and I’m fine with that.   I haven’t made any secret of the fact that I like you a lot.  I really value your friendship.”

Screenshot-1930What could Sharlee say after that.   “Okay David, but I think it best if we go out with a group of friends rather than just the two of us.”


Screenshot-1954While David was there, Dale had gone into the entertainment room to join Alissa.   He was smiling.

“David is here.”

Screenshot-1955Alissa looked at his expression.   “Dale you’d better be careful.”

Screenshot-1953“What do you mean?”

Screenshot-1956“If you meddle in her relationship with Noah, you will damage your relationship with Sharlee.   She won’t feel free to talk with you the way that she always has.   She’ll draw away and she won’t come to you when she needs to.”

Dale knew that Alissa was right.

Before long, Alissa was pregnant again.   This time, she wanted to tell Dale in the special way she’d always planned.    At first Alissa was disappointed when Dale called and told her that he would be late getting home from work.   Then she realized that would work out even better.   She would be able to feed the children and have them in bed before he came home.   Then they could have dinner alone together and she could tell him the good news.

Sharlee had gone out to dinner and to the arcade with friends including David.

Screenshot-1933Dale smiled when he walked through the door and saw the table laid for two.  

“You didn’t have to wait for me, Alissa.”

Screenshot-1935“I wanted us to have dinner together.”

Screenshot-1934“It smells delicious.”

Screenshot-1936He went to wash up and Alissa filled their plates and set them on the table.   They held hands and exchanged kisses as they ate.

Screenshot-1941When they were finished eating, Alissa said, “Dale, I got the best news today.  We’re pregnant!”

Screenshot-1938Dale smiled happily.   “You just made my day!  Even if it’s another girl, I’m happy.”

Screenshot-1940“Dale, I’m not going to work during this pregnancy.  I’ve already spoken with the station about taking a leave of absence.  This is our last baby and I just want to enjoy this time.”

Dale was glad to hear her say that.  He intended to do everything he could to ensure that this pregnancy really was stress free, and that she and their baby were healthy.

Screenshot-1942After a couple of days, Dale and Alissa sat down with Shawn and Cara and told them the good news.   “You two are going to be a big brother and sister again. 

Screenshot-1943Shawn jumped up happily.   “Yay!  I want a brother!”

“Hopefully that’s what it will be this time.”

Screenshot-1945Alissa told Sharlee and at first Sharlee didn’t say anything.   “Did you guys plan it?”

Screenshot-1948“Yes, we did.  We wanted Joy to have someone to grow up with.”

Screenshot-1946Then Sharlee smiled and hugged her mother.   “I’m happy for you Mom.   If you need me to help out more, just let me know.”

“Thank you, Baby.”

Screenshot-1950The last family member they told was Joy.   “Guess what Sweetie.  You’re going to be a big sister.”

Screenshot-1951“Big sister?”

“Yes, like Cara and Sharlee are your big sisters.”   That made her smile.   She was always imitating Cara and Sharlee.   “The baby is right here in my tummy.”

Screenshot-1952Joy giggled and touched Alissa’s stomach in awe.


I thought Alissa and Dale deserved at least one happy pregnancy.  This will be their last baby and her pregnancy will last for just two chapters.   I also wanted them to have at least one child who looks like Dale too and not just Alissa.   I hope it works out that way! 

31 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety Six

  1. I have just spent the last week ready Alissa’s story from the beginning, and I love it. Your writing is fantastic, and the whole family just captures my heart. I’m really looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Oh, thank you so much Kim! 🙂 I’m really glad that you love Alissa too!
      I really appreciate that! I love these characters too. It’s relaxing to disappear into their world. 😀

    • Their last baby. It makes me sort of sad! I hope he looks like Dale this time.

      Isn’t Joy adorable! I love her too. Her face is a mixture of Alex and Alissa. I think that she really looks a lot like Dale’s sister, Leslie.

      I’m really enjoying Seasons. I think this is the first time that I’ve really used it for the story.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and thanks for your feedback, Anaiah. 🙂 I probably won’t be able to start the pictures for the next chapter until later this week. Noah gets released in that chapter.

  2. what a sweet chapter. Hopefully this one will be a boy–nudge nudge–Alissa does have little clones in all the other kids with the exception of Shawn and Cara having black hair. And yay that means Noah will be out soon!!! Can’t wait.

    • Thanks, Jaz!
      I hope you had a great holiday! 🙂
      Yeah, this one will be a boy for sure! 😀

      Noah is out in the next chapter. I’m glad to have him out again.
      Thanks for reading, Jaz! I’m really happy that you enjoyed it! 🙂

  3. Dale planned David to be there, didn’t he? How else could David have just shown up? He better stop his meddling. I am also not trusting David so much right now. Sharlee said no, he needs to back off. I have a feeling that David will be up close and personal with Noah’s fists in the future. He also knows Noah isn’t coming back to that town, but will be in Bridgeport. Sneaky snake. Ok, I don’t trust David at all now, and have less respect for Dale as well. He’s jeopardising his family by trying to make things move toward his own goal at this point.

    • David did just show up on his own, but Dale wasn’t sorry to see him there! 😀

      Dale had better listen to Alissa or he might end up sorry that he didn’t.

      Poor little David! You all don’t trust him? LOL

      Dale really does love Sharlee though.
      He just thinks that she is making a huge mistake with Noah and he want’s what’s best for her.
      He is making a mistake that some father’s make with their daughters, and it’s funny! At least it has been so far, but that might change.

      Thanks for reading my story, Zhip! 🙂

    • Even if they did ask before, I don’t mind answering again for you. 🙂
      I use the MasterController by Twallan. I use a lot of his Mods.
      To me they make playing the game and doing the pictures for my stories so much more enjoyable.

      It’s nice to talk with you, Monae and I hope you’re enjoying the story! 🙂

      • OH I am I LOVE your Story SO MUCH 🙂 and little Joy is just too cute cant wait for the new baby also cant wait for Noah to return woohoo I’m just too excited.

      • I’m so glad! I have such a good time writing it.
        It’s very relaxing to disappear into Alissa land! LOL 😀

        Isn’t Joy a little sweetie? 🙂

        Yep, Noah goes home in the next chapter.
        I’m working on it now.

        Thanks so much reading! 🙂

  4. Aww I really enjoyed this chapter! It’s so nice to see them all happy and having fun together:)
    I love all the pictures from the holiday, the snowboarding looks fun! Joy is so adorable:) the pictures of her trying to do the yoga poses were so cute. The last picture of her as she’s being told she’s going to be a big sister is soooooo sweet:)
    It was nice to see Sharlee having fun:) I hope Shawn gets the brother he wants:)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂
      They really needed another vacation.

      I really like having them snowboard and iceskate in my game even though I can’t do either one myself! LOL I used to rollerskate, but I spent a lot of time on the floor. 🙂 It was still fun though. I should start back doing it!

      I’ve wanted to use those yoga poses ever since I first saw them, and I thought they were perfect for Sharlee and Joy. Joy is so precious!

      This time I plan to make sure that Alissa has a boy. I hope he looks like Dale. If he doesn’t, I might just make them keep trying in my game until they have one that does look like him and then use that baby in the story. LOL

      Thanks for reading my story Claire! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Erica! What a sweet thing to say! 🙂

      I’m really happy that you’ve discovered Alissa!
      It’s the longest story that I’ve done, and I still love the characters too.
      I have a lot planned for them. 😉 I hope you continue to enjoy the story! 🙂

      Thanks again! I wish that were true though! 🙂

  5. hi there, havent been here for so long. im kinda a slowpoke now, trying to catch up with the story. it’s funny because i was on 3 months break and i was so bored but only until a week before i pursue my degree(yes,im a college student actually 🙂 ) i remembered about alissa haha. well, whatever it is, im glad tht noah’s finally getting out. wow i cant believe alissa’s getting another baby.let’s just hope it’s not going to be twins again lol. i thought, alissa’s children are kinda diverse. there was sharlee, from bronson, cara and shawn, from dale and joy, from alex. but i guess there’ll be second for dale. and i wish there’ll be no more tension for her after this. it kinda crossed my mind how terrible pregnancy had been for alissa. she was young when she had sharlee and after tht almost got killed during each pregnancy, plus the pressure in her life.(except tht the 2nd one where she was raped was horrifying because it actually killed her babies 😥 )
    well, i love your pictures, they’re all beautiful. esp the one at the diningroom. those are my fav 🙂
    can i ask something. how long will this story’s goin to be? have u, like, write the final chapter? or have u already draft the end of this story? or u havent thought about it yet or it’s not goin to end anytime soon? i hope you dont mind me asking. im just wondering how long will alissa last, though i always enjoy each of your chapters 🙂
    btw, i recalled noah during the trial and he had this neat hair style and he looked much bettter and cuter hehe. (sorry for my bad english, im writting this while lying on my side so you know, it’s hard to think straight haha) btw keep on writing 🙂

    • Hi Deena! It’s nice to hear from you again and I hope college is going well! 🙂

      Yeah, Alissa and Dale are having another baby. This one looks like Dale though.
      I thought that she should have at least one happy pregnancy and this one is for her and for Dale.
      I don’t want to spoil the chapters you haven’t read yet though. 😀

      You liked that style on Noah? I had thought of changing his style, but I sort of wanted him to keep that messy, bad boy look. LOL

      Thanks so much for the compliment on the pictures. I do try hard with them. 🙂
      Wordpress has changed its format and it isn’t as easy to get them centered right now. I’ll eventually figure it out again. At least I hope so!

      Most of my stories are only about twenty chapters, but Alissa is kind of a challenge for myself to keep it going. I have another fifteen chapters already written, and as long as I can keep thinking up new storylines for it, I’ll keep writing it! 😀

      I do have a new story that I started writing about seven months ago that I had intended to start posting after Deceived, but real life got in the way. I haven’t been able to concentrate on it well enough. Alissa is much easier and more relaxing for me to work on, but I hope to start posting the new one maybe in March.

      Thanks for reading, Deena. I hope you continue to enjoy the story! 🙂

  6. omg! Joy is so CUTE!!!!! and i thought the twins were cute when they were toddlers but she may have just overtaken! 😀

  7. How many kids does Alissa have…? Sharlee, Cara, Shawn, unborn kid, Joy and now a new one… Damn. Alissa’s got a messed up life.

    • She has five children. That’s partly because she has the lifetime wish for “surrounded by family”. She and Dale both wanted a large family. That may have been influenced by the fact that I have a large family too! LOL

      She has had a lot of bad times in her life, especially her childhood. 😦 That’s part of the reason why she wanted such a large family of her own.

      Thanks for reading my story, Anya! 🙂

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