Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Two

ADVISORY:  Violence

Alissa sat at her desk feeling very dejected.  The baby was moving around, probably sensing her stress.   She gently rubbed her belly and said,  “Mommy’s sorry little one.  Everything is going to be okay.” 

She took deep, calming breaths and then started back concentrating on the computer screen.  Her cellphone rang.   She was surprised to see that it was Aria.

“Alissa, I’m having little nagging pains in my abdomen.  Is that normal?”

Alissa wondered why Aria was asking her and not someone else.   “Well, you are close to your due date.  It might be normal, or it could be early labor.  Why don’t you call your doctor?”

“I did and they told me to keep an eye on the cramps and let them know if they worsen.”

“That sounds like good advice.”

“Alissa, I’m scared to be alone right now.  What if it does get worse?  You and Dale are my only friends here in this country.   I could call Dale, and I know that he would come.  But you’ve had three children.  So I thought that it would be better if you come.”

How could Alissa refuse?  She didn’t want Dale spending any more time with Aria than he had to.  She would also feel guilty if she refused and something happened to Aria.

“Alright.  I’ll be right there Aria.”

This was Alissa’s first time at Aria’s place.   She had asked Dale if he had been there and he told her no.   She remembered their conversation.   “Alissa what can I do to make this easier for you?”

“I don’t know Dale.   I don’t think that there is anything that you can do.”

Even though Alissa hadn’t told him so, he knew that it would upset her if he spent a lot of time alone with Aria.  “I promise that I will not spend any more time with Aria than I need to spend with her.  Please believe me, Sweetheart.   I don’t want Aria.  I love you!”   He was constantly trying to reassure her of his feelings.

Dale was doing an operation at the hospital, and so Alissa on impulse left a message on his voicemail telling him that she was leaving work and going to Aria’s house.

Crystal was back home in Bridgeport and packing the rest of her things for her move to the city where she was starting her new job.  She was thinking about the Aria situation, when it suddenly came clear to her what was at the back of her mind.    She called Dale.

“Dale, I just thought of another reason why Aria might not want the paternity test.  It’s way out there, but I think that she is just psycho enough that it’s a possibility to consider.   Have you  spoken with her doctor or seen an ultrasound yet?”

“No, I offered but she said that she would prefer to go to her appointments alone.  Why?”

Crystal told him what she was thinking.

As Alissa walked up to the door, Aria opened it.   “Thank you so much for coming, Alissa.  I know you’re probably used to all of this by now, but this is my first baby.  I know I’m probably being silly!”

“It’s okay, Aria.   I understand.”  Aria was alone in a country that must be very different from her own, and so Alissa felt a little bit of empathy for her.

Alissa looked around her.  The house was nicely decorated with a few personal touches added.   Aria had rented it furnished.

“Have you decided if you’re going to remain here or go back to Egypt after the baby is born?”

“That is a question that Dale and I will decide together.”

Alissa frowned, but she didn’t press it.   As they stood there, Alissa looked into Aria’s strangely colored eyes. 

The look in Aria’s eyes made Alissa feel like running out of the house screaming.  She suddenly sensed an evilness that poured out of Aria.

Aria broke the moment.   “Can you excuse me?  I think the baby loves to sit on my bladder.”   She went into the bathroom.

Without a word,  Alissa went out the front door.  

After she was outside, she felt guilty and a little silly.   What if Aria really was in labor? 

Alissa went back inside the house and to the bathroom door.   “Are you okay, Aria?”

“Yes. I’ll be right out!”

Aria came out of the bathroom and said, “Thank you so much, Alissa.”  Aria moved to hug her, and Alissa automatically reacted.

“Let me go!”  She knew instinctively that something wasn’t right!  “I’m leaving now!”

“You’re not going anywhere.”   Aria pulled out a knife.  

Somehow in their struggle, Alissa lost her balance and fell on the floor.  Aria jumped on top of Alissa’s body and slammed Alissa’s head hard, over and over again on the floor.  

Alissa thought to herself, “Someone please help me!”

As she was starting to lose consciousness, her life flashed like a slideshow before her eyes.  She thought of her children and Dale.  She thought of her father and Crystal.   Then as she thought of her unborn child, she had a warm feeling inside and a voice inside her said,  “GET UP!”

Alissa’s adrenaline kicked in, and she threw Aria off of her!  Alissa went nuts, fighting back for her baby and her family!

She told herself,  “I’m not dying!”   

They continued to fight and Alissa gained the upper hand.  She threw Aria to the floor.  Then she grabbed a vase as a weapon and hit Aria over the head with it. 

As she looked down at Aria she thought to herself, “What have I done!”

She rushed to open the door, but it was stuck.   As she yanked on the door handle,  Alissa heard Aria suddenly behind her and turned quickly around.

Aria lunged at Alissa with the knife.

Her face was filled with madness and determination. 

Alissa thinking of her baby’s safety grabbed the knife’s blade. 

It cut deeply into her hand.  It was only there for seconds, but it felt like hours.  She finally knocked the knife out of Aria’s hand.

Alissa quickly grabbed the knife from the floor.   She couldn’t bring herself to stab Aria in the belly and so instead she plunged the knife into Aria’s shoulder.

“You stabbed me you Khawaga!”

Aria fell forward and the knife penetrated her chest. 

Alissa forced the door open and ran outside.  She felt utter relief and shock.   She kept looking back as she ran.  She finally reached the street and then she blacked out.

After his conversation with Crystal, Dale was very disturbed.   He began to wonder if Crystal was right about Aria.  Crystal had said that Aria might not be really pregnant at all!

Dale’s cellphone rang again, and he grabbed it.   It was an unidentified caller.  He didn’t recognize the male voice.   “Dale, Alissa is in danger.  You have to keep Aria Massri away from her.  She is not what she seems!”

Then the caller hung up.   Two warnings about Aria in one afternoon.   Dale didn’t have to be hit over the head!   He’d rather they were wrong than take a chance with Alissa’s life that they were right.

He tried to call Alissa, and there was no answer on her cellphone.  He called her office and they said that Alissa had left  over an hour before.  Dale listened to his messages and heard the one from Alissa saying that she was going to Aria’s.  He quickly left his office and headed for Aria’s home.

When Dale arrived on Aria’s street, there were people gathered on the side of the road.   Instinctively,  he rushed over to them.   Two people were kneeling on the ground beside a body.  Dale’s breath stopped.   It was Alissa!

One of the people standing around told him that an ambulance was on the way. 

Dale knelt beside Alissa.  Then he pulled her into his arms and saw how badly she was bleeding.   Alissa hadn’t known it but Aria’s knife had severed an artery in her hand.   She was almost lifeless.  

He hugged her tightly.  “Alissa please!  Don’t give up!  You have to keep fighting!”  Dale had tears in his eyes.  As he plead with her, the ambulance and the police arrived.

Robert received the call from Dale.   Dale told him what had happened to Alissa.   Robert sensed that Dale needed him there for support.  Usually Dale was the strong one, but this time he was going to pieces.   He told Dale that he would catch the next flight out to Mesa Valley.

Robert quickly told Valerie about Dale’s phone call.  

A cruel smile came to Valerie’s face.   “Good.  I hope that “Bitch” dies.  She’s finally getting what she deserves.”

Robert stared at her in complete shock.   “I’m going to Mesa Valley and be there with the children and Dale.”  

He started to walk away, but Valerie called to him.   “I won’t be here when you get back.   I’m moving in with Lars.”

Robert didn’t say anything.   For months she had been denying having an affair.   Her personality had completely changed.   She had refused to go for counseling.  Robert wasn’t even sad that she was leaving.  He felt relief.  He went upstairs and packed a suitcase.

Crystal hadn’t expected to return to Mesa Valley so soon.  She refused to believe that her big sister was going to die.  

This time Miki was with her.   Miki sat beside Dale, trying to be encouraging.  Alissa was still in surgery.

Worried and anxious himself, Matthew was hugging Sharlee as she sobbed brokenheartedly.   She had been through so much lately.  

Sharlee’s cellphone rang and Crystal answered it.   It was Noah.

Crystal told him what had happened to Alissa and that she was still in surgery.   He asked to speak with Sharlee.  “Sharlee, little girl, Noah wants to speak with you.”

Sharlee tried to compose herself and took the phone.   She went around the corner for more privacy.   “Hello Noah.”

“Hi Babe.”

Sharlee couldn’t hold in the tears.  Noah’s heart broke for her as he heard her sobs.

“Sharlee I’m so sorry about your mother.”

“She’s still in surgery.   I don’t know what I’ll do if my Mom dies.   I just couldn’t bear it.”

“I’m sorry that I’m not there with you, but your mother is a strong woman.  I know she’s fighting to make it through.”

“I hope so.  Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.  I’m just worried about you.”  It crossed Noah’s mind to escape and be with Sharlee, but he knew that he’d better not do it.    He’d end up in more trouble and that would add even more stress on Sharlee.

“I feel better now that I’ve talked with you.”

Noah heard the recorded warning that his time was up.

“Babe, I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go now.”

“Okay.   I love you and I miss you.”

“I love you too Sharlee.”

His call was disconnected.

Robert arrived at the emergency room and went over to Dale.   “Any news?”

Dale’s voice was very strained as he answered.   “No, she’s still in surgery.  She’s lost a lot of blood.” 

Robert wrapped his arms around Dale.  At first Dale was stiff.   Then he relaxed and hugged his father back.    “I’m sure she’s going to be fine son.  She knows how much you all need her.  Tell me how it happened.”

They sat down off to themselves and Dale told his father everything.   “Once again it’s my fault.   Another psycho that I brought into our lives, and Alissa has to pay the price.   I’m wondering if she would have been better off if I hadn’t come back!”

“Dale, don’t ever think that again.   There was a hole in all of our lives without you.   Even more so in Alissa’s.  She was glowing with happiness again after you returned.   I know that she will never have the thought that she wishes that you had not returned.  She needed you and the children needed you.”

“What about Alex?  They had him.”

“Yes, they had him, but he’s not you Dale.  They are and always have been your family, not his.  You can’t let this guilt eat away at you.   You have to forgive yourself.   Alissa would never blame you.”

“All I can say is that I’ll try.  Where is Mom?”

“She couldn’t make it.”   Robert didn’t think that this was the time to tell him about their separation.  

Cara called her Dad on his cellphone.   She and Shawn were with George and Leslie.

“Daddy, is Mom okay?”

Dale almost broke down in tears.  

Robert took the phone.   “Hi Peanut, this is Grandpa.   Your Mom is still in surgery, but I’m sure that she’s going to be fine.”

The doctor came in and walked over to Dale.   “Dale we had to do an emergency C-Section, but we were able to save the baby.   She was far enough along, and she’s breathing on her own.   She’s doing well.  You can see her whenever you’d like.”

“And Alissa?”

“She’s stable for now but she’s still in intensive care.  We induced coma to give her body a chance to recover.”

“Can I see her?”

“Yes.  It might also be good to let the children see her too.  I’m sorry Dale, but she might not pull through.”

26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety-Two

  1. oh wow…that was just plain crazy! Crystal was on to something I was thinking it was magic she used but it could have been all faked. Wow. So is she really dead? Have they checked to see if she was pregnant or not?

    Hope Alissa pulls through. And so glad that Dale’s mother is going to be gone. She was/is a hateful bitch.

    • Wasn’t it crazy! Aria was crazy!
      The next chapter answers more questions about Aria.

      Yeah, Dale’s mother had become a bitch!

      I haven’t started the pictures for the next chapter yet. I will probably start them this week after I test out Seasons. My attention span lately hasn’t been that great lately, and so I probably will just play it for a couple of days! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Really disappointed in Dale’s mother! I really didn’t think she’d be that kind of woman. 😦 I can’t wait for all to be explained on Aria. Glad Alissa took care of her for Dale! But I hope she pulls through though! And yay Noah! I’m so glad he called.

    • Dale’s mother has really gone down a bad path! 😦

      Yeah, Noah calls Sharlee as much as he can although she can’t call him.
      More for them in the next two chapters.

      I’m in the mood to work on pictures tonight and so I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter.
      Thanks for reading, Birdkitty! 🙂

  3. :O Please let Alissa be ok, after everything she’s been through please don’t let this be the end for her!
    Wow! What a chapter, is Aria really dead? She is one horrible woman. It’s a good job Crystal called Dale else he wouldn’t have had any idea.
    It was nice to see Noah:)
    I wasn’t expecting Valerie to be having an affair but it deffo explains the change in her. What a vile reaction from her when she found out about what had happened to Alissa!
    Please, please, please don’t let Alissa die!:( This was such a good chapter, can’t wait until the next one:)

    • I feel sad for her and for her family because she has really been through a lot.
      Yes, Aria is really dead. The next chapter will tell you what her plan was. She was a truly vicious, horrible woman!

      Noah is in the next two chapters also.

      Yes, Valerie really changed in so many ways!

      Thank you so much, Claire! 🙂

      I’m actually working on the next chapter tonight. Tomorrow Seasons! 😀

  4. Wow, I knew something foul was up at the beginning when Alissa took the call. I hope she pulls through. I also wonder if Aria is really dead. The affair of Dale’s mom explains so much about what a monster in law she had become. I hope maybe Noah might get a little time w/ Sharlee to help her through all of this. My how Cara and Shawn are growing up. I can’t wait to see more.

    • Yes, she’s really dead. The knife hit her in a critical place.

      Yeah, Dale’s mother was really two faced. Blaming Alissa for something that she herself was doing!

      More on Noah and Sharlee in the next two chapters. Aren’t Cara and Shawn growing up! I think they are so cute!
      Thanks so much for reading, Whitney! 🙂

  5. Good Lord, did Valerie just say that! A woman’s fighting for her life…not just any woman, but the mother of her grand kids, and all she can do is hope Alissa dies. She’s poison. And she and Aria would have made the best of friends…I found it hilarious and slightly sad that at her age she’s still having extra marital affairs.

    At first I wasn’t sure how to feel about Dale’s father. No, I lie, I disliked him as much as I disliked his wife, but seeing how great he was with Dale in his update, I warmed to him a little. He was there for Dale when it counted.

    Hurry with the next update. I must know if Aria’s really dead, and what happened to her baby if she was pregnant. And I really, really hope Alissa pulls through and that her baby is okay. She gave a hell of a fight there which makes me worry for the baby.

    • You would think that Valerie would be more understanding, but she has become what she says she hated about Alissa. A cheater!
      That comment about Aria and Valerie made me laugh! I completely agree! 😀

      Dale’s father went through a bad time too, but he is back to himself, loving and kind with his family.

      I’ve started the pictures for the next update, but I’m playing Seasons today! LOL
      Thank you so much for reading my story, Val! 🙂

  6. Valerie made punch my computer screen. SHE JUST WON’T SHUT THE F*CK UP!!!!!

    I hope Alissa COMES THROUGH! It isn’t called Alissa Continues for nothing!

    • I know. Wasn’t she cold! Maybe now Alissa won’t have to worry about her anymore.

      Your instincts were so right about Aria! I do sense your joy! LOL 😀

      I hadn’t intended to leave the story hanging here, but I didn’t finish the pictures for the next chapter in time to post them together.
      I played Seasons yesterday, but I did take some more pictures for the next chapter today. I was in the mood to work on the story. 🙂

      Thank YOU for reading it, Anaiah! 🙂

  7. So Aria was never pregnant? I should have known it was all fake.
    This family has had turmoil after turmoil. I am rather happy for Dale’s Father that the witch left,

  8. Whoop! My suspisions were right! Aria is one messed up woman. So glad shes gone. Alissa and Dale have been through so much and they didnt deserve a witch like her in their lives. Alissa has to make it, for her new baby.

  9. hey 🙂
    dale has a lot of messed up girlfriends :\ (apart from alissa)
    do your sims have lots of money coz they jet off everywhere on like 5 minutes notice? do you use motherlode?
    this is getting really good!! i hope you havent killed alissa but then the name of the story is alissa…

    are you still writing new chapeters? i dont want to look, it might spoil the story 🙂
    sorry, i have lots of questions today 😀

    • He really does have bad taste in girlfriends! LOL

      Well Dale is a pediatric surgeon, and Alissa has a successful television talk show. Alissa’s father Matthew is a movie star. So money is definitely not a problem for them! LOL 😀

      I’m glad it’s still good! 🙂

      I’m still writing new chapters. I’m getting ready to take pictures for the update right now. Hopefully I’ll have a new chapter posted on Monday! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Megan! 🙂

      • at least he doesnt think he has had any others

        yeah i guess money isnt a problem then!! LOL 🙂

        i’m glad the story hasnt finished yet!!!!

  10. Dales mom needs to remove that stick out of her ass…. and who in the hell called dale?? it was alex huh!…. No dont tell me! im reading…. I’m hella blowing you up commentig on your chapters arnt I? I’m sorry! Your sorry is really good.

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