Alissa: Chapter Ninety

On the surface, Egypt is a modern and civilized society.  However under the surface there are various groups still loyal to the ancient families and still involved in the ancient cults.

Aria was the descendant of one such ancient royal family.  She was a princess of a long gone monarchy and the object of a cult whose loyalty ran deep.  A few days after Dale left Egypt to return to Alissa, Aria walked through the entrance into the temple.  The under-priestesses bowed to her as she entered.

“Where is Rehema?”

“She is in the sanctuary, My Princess.”

Aria gestured for them to rise.

She went to the sanctuary.   Rehema was the head priestess.  As Aria sat down, Rehema bowed deeply and said respectfully,  “My Princess.”

Rehema saw from the princess’ expression that she was very angry.

“Rehema, you told me that Dale was my mate!  That we would marry.  Now he has returned to that blond Khawaga.”

“My princess, it is still not too late for him to return.”

“For your sake it had better be so!”

Months later when Dale still had not returned, Aria moved a picture on the wall aside to reveal her hidden safe. 

Then she opened it.  She took Dale’s wallet and his wedding ring from inside it.  She threw the ring into the trash can, and she wrote down his social security number.  

Then she went to her computer and researched until she found his current address.  She also located a webpage for Alissa’s television show.  It showed a recent picture of Alissa heavily pregnant.  Aria was furious.  Alissa was carrying Dale’s child!  She quickly left her home and went to the temple.

Rehema barely had a chance to rise before Aria placed a rod against her neck. 

She slowly choked her to death.

Dale’s receptionist came into his office.  “Dr. Stallworth, there is a lady asking to see you.   She says she’s a friend of yours.”

Dale wondered who it might be.  “Please send her in, Mallory.”

Dale looked up in shock as Aria entered his office.  She was pregnant.

That evening, Dale arranged for Cara and Shawn to spend the night with Leslie and George, and Sharlee spent the night with Isabel.   He wanted to be alone with Alissa when he talked with her.  Alissa came home from the station.  She was surprised to find that Dale had picked up dinner for the two of them from one of their favorite restaurants and the children weren’t home.

“Oh, what a nice surprise!   I was just thinking today that we need some time alone before the baby comes.”  The baby was due in less than four weeks.   “It’s been awhile since we had our date night.”

Dale just looked at her silently and Alissa knew that something was wrong.  This wasn’t going to be a romantic evening. 

“What, what’s wrong, Dale?”

“Let’s have dinner first, but I do need to talk with you.”

During dinner, they didn’t talk very much, and Dale wouldn’t meet Alissa’s eyes.    When Alissa started to clear the table, Dale said, “Leave them.  I’ll get them later.  I need to talk with you, Alissa.”   He seemed very upset, and Alissa was nervous about what he had to tell her. 

Before he could begin, the doorbell rang and Alissa answered it.   She opened the door and there was a young pregnant woman standing there.

“Hi, I’m Aria Massri.”

Alissa immediately recognized her name.  She hadn’t expected her to be so lovely.   She thought that Aria was very beautiful and exotic.    She moved aside and allowed her to enter the house.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aria.  I’m Dale’s wife, Alissa.”

Dale joined them at the door.  Alissa looked from him to Aria.  She felt very uncomfortable.

“Aria, I wasn’t expecting you tonight.   I told you that I’d call you.”

“I just couldn’t wait to meet your family.  I wanted to see our baby’s brother and sisters.  I wonder if he’ll look like them!”

Alissa’s mouth fell open in shock.   “Your baby, Dale?”

Dale swallowed hard.   “Yes.  That’s what I wanted to talk with you about.  Aria, you’ll have to meet them another time.  Besides, they’re not even home.  I need to talk with Alissa alone.”

“Will you call me tomorrow?”

Dale answered.  “Yes, I’ll call you.”

Aria left.  Alissa looked at Dale silently, unsure if she wanted to hear what he was going to say.

“Honey, I am so sorry.   I didn’t want to tell you this way.”

There was fear in Alissa’s eyes and in her heart.  “Tell me what Dale?  Are you going back to Aria!”

“What!  Of course not, never!  I love you, Alissa.”

Alissa felt tears of relief sliding down her cheeks.   Dale led her to the sofa in the livingroom.

He continued their conversation.  “No, Sweetheart, I’m never going to leave you again.  I’m sorry if that’s what you thought, but I wanted to tell you about Aria’s pregnancy.  I just found out about it today.   She says that it’s my baby and the baby is due in a few weeks.”

“How could that be Dale?  You said that you had stopped seeing her before you left Egypt.”

Dale put his face against his palms.    Then he said, “I did, but one night just before I saw you on television, Aria came to my apartment.  I didn’t see the need to tell you about it because it was just one night, and it didn’t mean anything.  I was feeling very low that night and  hopeless that I would never see you again.  She said that she knew that it didn’t mean that we were back together, but that she was feeling lonely.  I’m ashamed to admit that I slept with her one last time.  I told her afterwards that it had been a mistake, and I didn’t want to see her again.  She went ballistic and said that I was just using her.”

“So, it could be your baby?”

“Yes, there is a chance that it is mine.   Of course, I’m going to make sure that we get a paternity test to prove it.”

Alissa sat there silently, feeling stunned.  Dale was having a baby with another woman.   It hurt, even though she knew that she didn’t have the right to feel that way when she herself was pregnant with Alex’s baby.

“Alissa, I’m sorry.”

“Dale, you don’t owe me an apology.  I…” She trailed off as tears again came to her eyes.

Dale pulled her close.    His voice was shaking as he asked,  “Are we going to be okay?”

Alissa managed to say yes.  “It’s just that it hurts.  I know that I don’t have the right to feel this way, but it does hurt.”

“You have the right to feel anyway that you feel.”

“I love you so much, Dale.  I know we can get through this together just as we have everything else,  but I think that Aria’s intentions are very clear.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s not child support that she’s after.    She’s after you, Dale!”

“Then she’s wasting her time!  I am not in the least interested in her.  That whole relationship was warped from the very beginning.”

Alissa believed Dale, but she still felt great anxiety.

Throughout the following week, Aria kept making excuses not to get a paternity test.  She finally told Dale that it would have to wait until after the baby was born.  Dale and Alissa decided that until they knew for sure that the baby was Dale’s they didn’t want the children to know about it.

One day when Alissa was home alone, Aria stopped by the house.   “I thought that we should get to know one another better since we will be almost family.”

Alissa didn’t want to get to know her better, but if Dale was the father of Aria’s baby, then she knew she had no choice.   There was no way that Dale would not want to be a part of his child’s life.   She definitely wouldn’t try to prevent that.

Talking with people was Alissa’s job as an interviewer.   She usually had no problems carrying on a conversation with anyone, but with Aria she could find nothing to say.   She just could not relax in Aria’s company.  She was so uncomfortable. 

Aria just looked at her with a strange expression in her eyes and a half smile on her face.

Alissa was relieved when the doorbell rang and went to answer it.   She disarmed the alarm and was startled when she realized that Aria was standing right behind her. 

Alissa answered the door.  It was a deliveryman with a package. 

Alissa took the package to the counter and opened it.  It was a baby gift.  She read the card in surprise.

“Thank you Aria!  You didn’t have to do this.  It’s very sweet of you!”

“Well since we’re both pregnant, I thought it’d be a nice gesture.”

“Thanks again.”

“You know, I think I’ll run along now.   We’ll have to do this some other time.   I’m suddenly feeling tired.   I’m sure the same thing happens to you sometimes.”

Alissa responded.  “Oh yeah!   My energy will just suddenly whoosh away.  I can’t wait until she’s born.”

“I can’t wait until Dale’s little girl is born either.”

“You’re having a girl?”

“Yes, I guess Dale will have four girls!”

Alissa said, “Yes I guess it will be four girls.”

Aria left, and Alissa rearmed the alarm.  Lately she had become very conscientious about ensuring that it was on.

She went into the bedroom and examined herself critically in the mirror.  She looked at her hips and her chest.  Both had greatly expanded with this pregnancy.   She didn’t feel at all attractive. 

She thought about Aria.   Although obviously pregnant, Aria still had slim hips and she was still gorgeous.  How could Dale not find Aria the more attractive.  Alissa sighed deeply.  There was nothing that she could do to change it.   At least not until after the baby was born.

Alissa felt like talking to someone she could trust about how she was feeling.  Usually that person would be Dale, but she didn’t want him to know how insecure she was.  He would blame himself. 

She tried to reach Sammi and Lala, but they were both working.  She knew that Miki probably was also, but she decided to leave a message for her to call her back anyway.  She was surprised when Crystal answered Miki’s cellphone.

“Hi Sis!  Miki left her cell at home.  I was just about to take it to her.”

“Crystal,  what are you doing home?  I thought you were still on campus.”

“I packed up early.  I was going to call and tell you.  That job that I interviewed for came through!  I am so excited!  I start in two weeks.”

“That’s wonderful Crystal.  I am so proud of you.”

“Thanks Alissa.”  Crystal realized that Alissa’s voice was strained and subdued.   “Is everything okay?  Is something wrong with the baby?”

“No, the baby’s fine.”

They talked for a few more minutes and then Alissa hung up.   Crystal decided to go to Mesa Valley and visit with Alissa before her new job started.  She knew that something was wrong despite what Alissa had told her.   She booked a flight for the next morning.

24 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Ninety

  1. So she used some sort of magic to get pregnant suddenly or she’s lying and going to try to steal Alissa’s baby. If that’s the case it will back fire on her since she’s not aware that Dale isn’t the father. That would be great if the test came back as Alex as the father LOL. In her face!!! She and her tricks and possibly fake pregnancy will be sent packing.

    • Wow, Jaz! LOL 😀
      You might be right about Aria! If so hopefully Alissa and Dale will figure it out before she can cause any harm.

      Thanks for reading Jaz! I can tell you don’t like Aria! LOL

    • I had not even thought of it, but after reading the story a second time around. If that is what Aria has planned……………I just can’t wait to see if that is the case.

      • Chapter Ninety-Two will answer all of your questions! 😀
        I’m taking pictures for the next two chapters this week.
        I’m dying to do the new game update, but scared that it will mess up my savefiles. 😦
        So I want to finish this storyline first.

  2. I am worried the gift is not a nice one…what if it’s poison or a bomb in that package? I don’t trust Aria….I hope things get figured out before something goes seriously wrong. So much hanging in the balance..Alissa, Dale, and the unborn baby and the whole deal with Noah being incarcerated and Sharlee and him not being able to be together like they were before. Can’t wait till the next chapter.

    • You know what Whitney! Alissa is too trusting! You are so right that the gift could have been dangerous. 😦

      There is a lot going on right now for them. It’s a very difficult time.

      Thanks so much for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

  3. I have a feeling that Aria’s not pregnant at all. I just have that deep down gut feeling,
    Alissa is too trusting and just needs to really sit down and think about why Aria just popped out of nowhere saying she was pregnant. Something is up.

    Thanks for the new chapter! The only reason I commented early is because of Hurricane Sandy canceling school for the week. Waiting hopefully for the next chapter.

    • Chapter Ninety-Two answers why Aria is there. You might be right!
      Alissa’s trusting nature keeps getting her into trouble.

      You are very welcome. I’m glad that you made it safely through the hurricane. We got wind and rain, but nothing really bad.
      I’ve finished the next chapter, but I don’t want to overwhelm you guys with updates. So I won’t post it until the weekend.
      Thanks for sticking with the story, Anaiah and for all of your encouraging feedback! 🙂

  4. I don’t like Aria at all! She’s so vicious! Poor Alissa she never gets to enjoy her life someone always pops up trying to cause trouble!
    I hope they figure out what Aria is up to soon before anything bad happens!
    Crystal is looking great, I like that look on her.
    Great Chapter, looking forward to the next one:)

    • Isn’t she vicious! It does seem like whenever Alissa is happy trouble is just around the corner. LOL They are going to need another vacation. 😉

      Crystal is really pretty. She takes great pictures.

      Thanks for reading, Clairey and for commenting! 🙂

  5. Wow, Aria is such a sneaky conniving little princess isn’t she. And she scares the hell out of me. If she can kill an elderly lady without batting an eyelid, it makes me wonder what else she’s capable of.
    Ha! I bet Aria’s wearing a prosthetic belly, I just don’t see how she can be pregnant for real.

    What a terrible, messed up situation Dale and Alissa are in. But I’m so glad that Dale came clean with Alissa when they reconnected. I imagine she’d never get over her heartbreak if Dale had kept Aria from her and she suddenly announced herself at the doorstep like that.

    If I was Alissa I’d keep a very close on that woman, she comes across as too nice…and when someone’s too nice, they are often making up for something, or covering up something.

    I can’t wait to see how it all unravels!

    • That describes Aria perfectly! She is cold and ruthless.

      Yeah, if Dale hadn’t told Alissa about Aria, then it could have caused major problems between them.
      She probably would not have been able to forgive him.

      Alissa does need to be very cautious with Aria!

      Thanks Val! 🙂

  6. I don’t think it’s Dale’s child for some reason. I think she’s made it up. Or her cult came up with some way to clone his genes and implant a fetus. haha… too sci-fi…. I don’t trust her. Dale also though, he shouldn’t have waited to say anything about that one last night. What a mess they are always in. Has Dale gained some weight? He seems really large. Maybe it’s sympathy pregnancy. *LOL*

    • Hmm, you might be right!

      Yeah, it would have been better if he’d told Alissa everything when he first came back, but I guess he didn’t want her to know about that bad mistake.

      I went back and looked at the pictures. I don’t know what happened! He looks fat! LOL
      I’ll have to take him into CAS the next time I take pictures and see what the game has done to him!
      I’m laughing so hard! Sympathy pregnancy! ROFL

    • Writing stories is fun, although sometimes finding the time to work on mine lately isn’t as easy. 😦

      I have a lot of friends and readers who have their own blogs, and so I don’t post links on my blog anymore. I don’t want anyone’s feelings to be hurt because I didn’t list their story or blog, and that’s why I don’t do that anymore. You could start a thread for it on the Sims 3 forum. I usually do that with my stories. 😉

      You could message me a link on Facebook if you’d like! 🙂

  7. she aint prego…… wtf? uhhhg! girl….. you end your chapters in a way we have to keep reading…. lol ms cliffhanger daisy. lol

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