Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen

Screenshot-1565Dale went to the airport to get Sharlee after her plane arrived.   She was clearly very upset.  Her eyes were red and puffy from crying.  

Screenshot-1567He didn’t ask any questions.   He just pulled her to him in a tight hug.  

Sharlee couldn’t help herself.   She started crying again.  

Screenshot-1566“Come on baby girl.  Let’s get you home.”  Dale grabbed her suitcase and then took her out to the car. 

Screenshot-1569Alissa was waiting for them when they got to the house.  

“Sweetie!”   She hugged Sharlee. 

Screenshot-1570“Whatever has happened, you know you can stay here with us as long as you want.”

Screenshot-1571“That’s right, Princess.”   Dale wanted to say more, but he had learned the hard way to stay out of Sharlee’s relationship with Noah.

Sharlee gave a watery smile.   She looked very weary.  

Screenshot-1575“Sharlee why don’t you go upstairs and take a hot bath?   I’ll bring you up something warm to drink.”

Screenshot-1572Thinking of her pregnancy, Sharlee said, “Not coffee, please.  Maybe some hot milk?”

“Alright, Baby.”

Screenshot-1585Dale took her suitcase upstairs to the guest room.   Cara had Sharlee’s old bedroom now.

“Thanks Daddy.”

Screenshot-1583“Let me know if you need anything.”

Screenshot-1586Dale left the bedroom.   Sharlee took some things that she would need for the night out of her suitcase and went to the bathroom to take her bath. 

Screenshot-1587The tears came again.   She badly missed Noah already.   If she hadn’t been pregnant, she knew that she would never have left him.   She would have stayed to work things out,  but now she had their baby to think about.   She didn’t understand how things had gone so wrong.

Screenshot-1594Alissa brought the milk and some cookies up to Sharlee on a tray.   She was waiting in the bedroom when Sharlee came out of the bathroom.     Sharlee took the milk and sipped it.   She nibbled on the cookies although she wasn’t hungry.

Screenshot-1592Alissa sat there silently, wondering what had caused Sharlee to leave Noah so suddenly.   She hated seeing her baby so unhappy.  However she didn’t ask.  She knew that when and if Sharlee was ready, she would tell them.  

Screenshot-1597When Sharlee was finished, Alissa took the tray and removed the extra pillows from the bed.   Then she tucked Sharlee into bed like she had when Sharlee was a little girl.

Screenshot-1599“I love you Sweetheart.   If you need us during the night, don’t hesitate to let us know.”

Screenshot-1598“Goodnight Mom.  I love you too.”

Screenshot-1602Sharlee hadn’t expected to be able to sleep, but her emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused her to dose off.

Screenshot-1669Noah sat in the bar.   This time he wanted to get completely wasted and push Sharlee’s terrified and shocked eyes from his mind.   He ordered his first of several shots of whiskey and downed it.  He drank beer as well.  No matter how much he drank, he just couldn’t get her face out of his mind.

Screenshot-1674As he sat there, he felt someone slide beside him.   “Well, well, well, did Barbie let you off your leash?”

Noah didn’t even glance at her.  Kat looked at the empty glasses on the table and knew that there must be trouble in paradise.   She decided to take a shot at causing a final break between Noah and Sharlee.

Screenshot-1675She nuzzled against Noah’s neck and rested her hand in his lap.   He didn’t immediately move away.  She didn’t know if it was because he welcomed her advances or because of the alcohol.   Either one would work for her.  

Screenshot-1676“So is the cold dollie at home?”

Screenshot-1677Noah shook his head, trying to clear it.

“She’s not a dollie.  Sharlee’s wonderful.”  

Screenshot-1679He stood up unsteadily.   “I gotta get home.   She’ll be worried.”

Screenshot-1680Kat stood up and helped him outside.   “You better let me drive you home Noah.   In your condition, you’ll fall off your bike!”

Screenshot-1681She helped him into the passenger seat of her car.   Noah didn’t even protest.    When they arrived at the house, Noah tried to fit his key into the lock.   After three tries, Kat took it from him and unlocked the door.   She was shocked by the condition of the room.  The table and chairs were overturned and there was food on the floor.

“What happened here?”

Screenshot-1682Noah headed for the bedroom and saw immediately that Sharlee wasn’t there.  He checked the bathroom and realized that she had left him.   He couldn’t blame her.   The effects of the alcohol hit him again in a rush and he stretched out on the bed.  Kat came into the bedroom and smiled in satisfaction.   Sharlee wasn’t there!  

Screenshot-1684She undressed Noah and then took off her own clothing.   She climbed on the bed.   Then she straddled him.  

Screenshot-1686At first Noah was still asleep.

Screenshot-1687Even though the alcohol made him feel addled, Noah knew that Kat wasn’t Sharlee.  Drunk or not, there was no way he was going to cheat on her.   He loved her, and when he sobered up, he was bringing her back home.   He pushed Kat off the bed.

Screenshot-1688She landed hard on the floor.   She sat there angrily.   “How dare you!”  

Screenshot-1689She was wasting her breath because Noah had passed out.  

Screenshot-1691She was still not ready to give up.   If Sharlee came home in the morning, she intended to be there in the house.   How could Noah possibly explain that!  She smiled in anticipation.

Screenshot-1626Sharlee got up early the following morning to talk with her parents before they left for work.

“I know you’re both wondering what’s going on with me and Noah.   Some of it, I’m not ready to talk about yet.”   She closed her eyes, remembering the way that Noah had spoken to her.   “I just wanted to let you know that I’m pregnant, but I haven’t told Noah yet.  I’m almost three months along.”

Screenshot-1630“Pregnant!”  Dale and Alissa repeated it at the same time.    They smiled and then realized that Sharlee wasn’t smiling.

Screenshot-1636“Aren’t you happy about it, Sharlee?”

Screenshot-1627“Yes, but the timing isn’t that great.”

Screenshot-1634Dale and Alissa had more questions, but they didn’t want to press Sharlee after she’d already told them that she didn’t want to talk about it yet.   Their big question was why hadn’t she told Noah.

They both offered to stay home with her instead of going to work, but she told them that she would be okay.

“Well at least come and have lunch with me today.”

Screenshot-1637“Alright Dad.  I’ll make breakfast for the kids, Mom.”

Screenshot-1640Alissa gave Sharlee the keys to her car, and she and Dale headed out to his car so that he could drop her off at the station.

Alissa asked,  “What do you think is wrong?”

Screenshot-1642“Who knows with that boy!  He’d better not have hurt her!”

Screenshot-1641“Dale don’t meddle!  If Sharlee wants our help she’ll ask for it.  I’m just glad that she felt comfortable enough to come home.”

Screenshot-1643Dale sighed.   He knew Alissa was right.  He’d already learned his lesson when Sharlee first left home and became engaged to Noah.   “Alright.   I won’t say anything.  Yet!”

Screenshot-1645After her parents left, Sharlee kept going back and forth about calling Noah.  Finally, she decided to call him.   He should have sobered up by then, and she wanted to hear his voice.   She wanted to return home and work things out.   He deserved the chance to take care of his baby.  They would figure things out together.  She knew that he loved her and that he would already be ashamed of his behavior the previous night.

Screenshot-1692Noah was in the shower when Kat heard his phone ringing.    She rushed into the room and answered it.  

“Hello Sharlee.  Noah’s busy right now.   We just got out of bed, and he’s in the shower.”

Screenshot-1646Sharlee was shocked and angry when she heard a woman’s voice answering Noah’s phone.  It was an unpleasantly familiar voice.


Noah had heard the phone and grabbed a towel.   He hoped that it was Sharlee.  He’d intended to call her after he got out of the shower and his mind was less fuddled.    He heard what Kat told Sharlee and his blood began to boil.   He snatched the phone from her, but it was too late.   Sharlee had disconnected the call.

Screenshot-1696Kat’s triumphant smile left her face as she saw the cold fury in Noah’s eyes.   For the first time since she’d known Noah, she was frightened.

Screenshot-1694“If I were you, I’d leave now and never cross my path again.”

Noah didn’t raise his voice.   He didn’t need to.  The chilling look in his eyes was more than enough.   Kat wasn’t dressed, but she grabbed her things and fled from the house.   She jumped into her car and sped down the driveway out onto the road.

Screenshot-1647After she disconnected the call, Sharlee just sat there.   She was numb with disbelief.  

Screenshot-1638Then she forced herself to go into the kitchen and make some toast and ginger tea.   She nibbled the toast and slowly sipped the tea.

Screenshot-1639Cara came into the kitchen and yelped with pleasure when she saw her big sister.   

Screenshot-1701Sharlee forced herself to smile and as each of her siblings came into the kitchen she gave them hugs and kisses.

Screenshot-1702Shawn asked her, “How long are you staying, Sis?”

Screenshot-1707“I don’t know.  I haven’t decided yet.”

Screenshot-1703“Is Noah still asleep?”

Screenshot-1704“He’s still in Bridgeport.  I came by myself this time.”

She prepared their breakfast and they all rushed off to school.   The shock of Noah’s cheating still hadn’t completely sunk into her consciousness.  

Screenshot-1709She went outside and sat in a lounge chair beside the pool, hoping that the warmth of the sunlight would penetrate the chill that she felt inside.

Screenshot-1700Noah kept trying to call Sharlee back, but all of his calls went to her voicemail.   He decided to talk with her in person.   He guessed that she had gone to Santa Fe.   A phone call to the airline confirmed it.   He decided to go there and talk with her face to face.  He was sorry and ashamed of his behavior the night before, but he hadn’t cheated on her.  She had to believe him!   He took a taxi to the bar and retrieved his bike.   Then he headed to Santa Fe.

Screenshot-1603Sharlee rushed to the lobby of her father’s office, not wanting to keep him waiting.   Her mind was on Noah and so she didn’t see the man coming through the doors at the same time.   They collided and she caused him to drop his books and papers on the pavement.

Screenshot-1604“Oh I am so sorry!”

Screenshot-1605Kristian retrieved his books quickly before the files blew away.  Then he rose and looked at the young woman apologizing.   His mouth dropped open in surprise.   She had the most lovely, large green eyes he had ever seen.  She had the face of an angel.  She was gorgeous.  Her face was also very familiar, but he knew that if he’d met her before, he would never have forgotten her.

He still hadn’t spoken and so Sharlee asked him,  “Are you okay?”

Screenshot-1607He managed to stammer, “Yes. I…I’m fine.”

Screenshot-1608“Oh, good.  Again, I’m sorry.”   She stood and headed into the building.

Screenshot-1609Kristian followed her inside and saw the receptionist come from out of the office and hug her.  Then Dina led her inside to Dale’s office.   Kristian entered the office behind them in time to hear Dina say that Dale was with a patient but would be finished soon.

Screenshot-1610Still it didn’t dawn on Kristian who she must be.   He walked past her over to Dale’s desk and pretended to examine some papers.   He was trying to get up the nerve to ask her name.  He felt as though his heart had been hit by a thunderbolt. 

Screenshot-1611Before he could talk with her, Dale came into the office and saw her waiting.   She rose and hugged Dale.

“Hi Sweetheart.   How are you feeling?”

Sharlee still had not allowed the pain to seep through.   She felt like if she did it would be too much to bear.   “I’m alright Dad.”

Screenshot-1614Dad!   She was Dale’s daughter.   She looked a lot like Alissa.   That’s why her face was so familiar.   Kristian loudly cleared his throat.

Screenshot-1615“Oh, I’m so sorry.   Where are my manners.  You two don’t know each other.  Sharlee, this is Kristian Palmer.   He’s a pediatric intern at the hospital.   He’s doing a rotation here at my office.  I’m mentoring him.  Kristian, this is my oldest daughter, Sharlee Hall.”

Screenshot-1617Kristian took her hand in both of his to shake it.   As he did so, he noticed the wedding ring on the finger of her other hand.   He’d never been more disappointed to find out that a woman was married.   “It’s a great pleasure to meet you Sharlee.”

Screenshot-1618From the glow in his eyes as he looked at Sharlee and from the way he spoke to her, it was evident to Dale that Kristian was very interested in her.   He sighed.  Kristian was exactly the type of young man that Dale would have chosen for her.  He was hardworking, dedicated, goodlooking, charming, kind and he loved children.   Sometimes life’s timing stunk!  Then he remembered that Sharlee had left Noah.   Maybe the timing wasn’t as bad as he thought.  If nothing else, Noah would realize that Sharlee had other options and he’d better toe the line.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Kristian.”  Sharlee tactfully pulled her hand out of his.

Screenshot-1619“I have bad news, Sweetie.   I’m not going to be able to go to lunch now.   I had to work another patient into my schedule today and all I’ll have time to do is eat a quick sandwich.”

Screenshot-1620“That’s okay, Dad.  I’ll just head back to the house.”

Screenshot-1623“Why don’t I take her to lunch Dale?   I don’t have to be back at the hospital until tomorrow anyway.  Besides Sharlee, you owe me after knocking me senseless when you entered the building.”

Screenshot-1622Sharlee started to protest, but Dale cut her off.   “I think that’s a great idea!   Thanks Kristian.  I’ll feel better about having to cancel, Sharlee.   You two go have a nice lunch.”

Sharlee felt like it would be rude to refuse and so she left the office with Kristian.  He took her to a nice outdoor restaurant nearby.

Screenshot-1659After they ordered, he just stared at her.   He felt sort of tongue tied.   Sharlee finally started a conversation.   “So how long have you lived in Santa Fe?”

“I’ve been here for about a year and a half now.   I’ve known  your father for a good while.  He’s a great surgeon.”

“Yes,  he is.”

Screenshot-1661“So where do you live?”

Screenshot-1660“My husband and I live in Bridgeport.”

Screenshot-1662“Oh, how long have you been married?”

Screenshot-1663“Over two years.   We’re expecting our first child.   I…, we just found out.”

Screenshot-1665As she spoke those words, Sharlee felt a deep stab of pain in her heart.   She was pregnant and her marriage was in shambles.   She knew she couldn’t stay there in the restaurant any longer pretending that her life was fine.

Screenshot-1668“I’m sorry, Kristian, but I’m not good company right now.”   Her voice was quivering with unshed tears.

Screenshot-1664Kristian saw her distress and sensed that she would not thank him for questioning her.

“If I can help at all,  Sharlee, please tell me.   I know it doesn’t make sense because we’ve just met, but I feel like I know you already.  You can count on me for anything.”

“Thank you. Goodbye Kristian.”


Sharlee quickly got into her car and left.   She didn’t want to go home.   She felt like she needed to be alone and drove to her favorite park.

Hours passed.  Dale and Alissa were both home and began to be concerned about Sharlee because she wasn’t answering her phone.   Sharlee had left it in the car because she didn’t want to talk with anyone. 

Screenshot-1720When it began to grow dark, Dale and Shawn went out to look for her.   Dale called Kristian on the chance that she might still be with him, but Kristian had no idea where she was either.    Kristian was alarmed that she was missing and offered to help find her.   Suddenly it occurred to Dale where she might be.   He was on the other side of town and Kristian was closer.

“I’ll head to the park now and call you if she’s there.”

Kristian drove over to the park and was relieved to see Alissa’s car there.   He called Dale.  

Screenshot-1719Noah arrived in Santa Fe, but Sharlee still wouldn’t answer his calls.   He called Alissa and told her that he was in town.   Alissa had just received the news that Sharlee was at the park and without thinking passed it on to Noah.   Noah headed there.

Screenshot-1712Sharlee was standing by the water’s edge, sobbing as though her heart was completely broken.  

Screenshot-1715Kristian went over to her and pulled her into his arms to comfort her.

Screenshot-1716Noah parked his bike and then walked quickly toward Sharlee’s favorite spot in the park.  

Screenshot-1717He was consumed with a blinding rage when he saw her in Kristian’s arms.


Maddie, I really appreciate you letting me use Jared/Kristian and also Caitlin/Kat! 

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen

  1. WOW I think theres going to be a catfight LOL! anyway I just totally love this story, it is full of mixed motions. I thought Noah would be more understanding because he should of gathered that if a girl answers his phone calls then she must be upset and he knows she still loves him. BEST CHAPTER YET! 🙂

    • A catfight! Sharlee would love to get her hands on Kat! LOL

      Aww, thanks so much Niamh! That is such a sweet thing to say!

      You’re right! Noah should realize how upset that Sharlee is about Kat answering his phone. Especially since she knows that Kat is still interested in Noah.

      I’m happy you enjoyed it! I wasn’t sure about this chapter! 🙂

  2. XD Kristian Palmer… LOL Palmer is my last name… XD

    :/ I really hate that Kat woman… XD I am curious to know where Dean went… LOL

    :/ Noah, you can be a moron sometimes… XD I can TOOOOOOTAAALLLY seeing this ending well… LOL

    • LOL Jacqueline! I didn’t even think of that!

      Yeah, Kat is not likeable. She doesn’t make friends easily.

      Dean is in jail, at least for a while. We’ll find out more later in the story.

      Moron! Yeah, sometimes he is! You will think so even more.

      Thanks for reading my story Jacqueline! 🙂

  3. What a great chapter! Poor Noah, running into Kat of all people on the worst possible night. But the fact that he didn’t even cheat while being that drunk means that it isn’t even in his subconscious to want to do that. I really hope he doesn’t hurt Kristian when he sees him with Sharlee, because I know he’s feeling raw right now.

    It was very nice of Dale and Alissa to be so patient with Sharlee instead of automatically assuming the worst about Noah. A lot of parents would have bad-mouthed him right away without even knowing what he did. But if he beats up Kristian, I’m sure it will be (rightfully) another case altogether!

    I really hope to see Noah step up and be the man Sharlee needs to love and support her, but I also really like Kristian! I know I’m biased because I made him though :). But I doubt Sharlee could ever really love anyone besides for Noah, at least not in the same way, so they really should work things out. Maybe Noah will do something while he’s here to impress Dale, even though his chances for that seem pretty slim right now.

    • Thank you Maddie! 😀

      Yeah, of all the worst times for him to run into Kat, and you’re right. Not even subconsciously does he want to cheat on Sharlee.
      Raw is a perfect description of how he feels. 😦

      It wasn’t easy for Dale, but they are trying to be patient and wait for Sharlee to tell them what happened with Noah.
      I can just see Dale’s face if Noah does hurt Kristian! LOL

      You’re right. Noah does need to step up and be the man that Sharlee needs. Hopefully, he’ll realize that before it’s too late.
      More on Sharlee’s and Dale’s reactions coming in the next couple of chapters.

      Thanks for reading my story, Maddie! 🙂

    • That is so very true! It keeps causing him and now Sharlee huge problems. 😦

      Aww, I’m sorry I made you not like him, but you’re right, he does need to step up!

      Thank you for reading my story, Fran! 🙂

  4. Wow, I am afraid how this might go…if Noah beats up Kristian everyone will think poorly of him and it could ruin any chance of him and Sharlee working things out. I hope he takes a deep breath and thinks before reacting. I am also afraid Dale will show up at the most inopportune time and witness a fight with Sharlee going hysterical and crying 😦 I hope Noah steps up to the plate or if he doesn’t that Alissa will give Sharlee all the love she needs. Kat needs a *itch slapping..would be glad to somehow simport my simself to do it…been in that spot in RL and yeah not a pretty thing.

    • Things can go very badly with Noah’s temper. He’s not drunk now. So hopefully that will make a difference.
      You’re right, Dale is on his way there too.

      Your comment about Kat made me bust out laughing! She does need a *itch slapping! You and Sharlee both would love to give her one!
      Yeah, it’s definitely not a pretty thing in real life.

      Thanks for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

  5. Noah and Sharlee really need to have a serious talk with each other. I really hope they don’t forget their promise to each other when they were teens, and that is to not to jump to conclusions, but to truly listen to each other.

    • You’re right, LaBlue! They do need to talk and remember their promise to each other.
      Talking honestly would help them so much right now and really listening to each other. That is so true!

      Thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  6. Why did you have to stop it there?! Kristian is very good looking along with Noah! He seems to be nice and charming too. But I know sharlees heart still belongs to Noah. I wish she didn’t have to go through all this pain and suffering! I hate Kat. I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. Why would she even try to do that?!?! Another great chapter! Can’t wait for the next! Hopefully it’s soon! 😀

    • I know it was mean, but the chapter would have been way, way too long!

      I think Kristian is good looking too, but you’re right about Sharlee. She totally loves her Noah.
      Being pregnant is making it harder for her.

      What! You don’t like Kat! 😯 LOL She is completely without any morals or empathy for others. I don’t blame you for not liking her!

      Thank you, Rhiannon! I really appreciate that! I had been going to work on Mutation, but since I left Alissa on an even greater cliffhanger, I decided to work on the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa first. I’ve started getting the savefile ready and tomorrow I’ll start the pictures. I feel mean making you guys wait. I just got Island Paradise and I’m trying it out this afternoon. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

    • I’m glad you loved this one! I hope to start the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow. I know how hard it is to wait when you want to know what happens next. I’m the same way! 😀

      Thanks for reading it, Jade! 🙂

  7. I LOVE your stories and I thought of a suggestion. To have a big turn of events you should have Alex come back!!!!!!!!! He was an ass but he made the story interesting

    • Also you should definitely make Sharlee go with Kristian not Noah. I don’t know why but Kristian just seem better than Noah

      • You like Kristian better than Noah? Hmm, that’s interesting! I like Kristian too, so far. 😀

        Thank you so much for your feedback Millie. I really appreciate it! 🙂

    • Thanks Millie!

      It’s not interesting without Alex? 😯 I hope it is because there aren’t any ghosts in the story! LOL 😀

      I don’t mind suggestions at all, but I do have the next chapters already written!
      The next two storylines are planned out. Of course that doesn’t mean that I won’t make any changes. 😀

      Thanks for reading Millie and for your feedback! 🙂

  8. They need each other Noah need Sharlee and she need him now more then ever what is a relationship without hard time its test to show how much ya love each other

    they got to get past this if not then what was all the stuff they had to go threw just to stay together for they both know they love each other and need to talk it out

    I know Kristian mean well but he need to back off she taken XO and Dale its not happening he need to just stop getting his hope up lol

    Noah need get his but in gear I know they young and life hasn’t been easy that just mean they need to relie on each other and he need accepted that they need help

    • It really is a big test of their commitment to each other. 😦

      Talking everything out is very important especially at a time like this!

      You made me laugh, Monae! You’re right though. Dale is dreaming!

      Yeah, Noah really does need to get his butt in gear, and realize that they do need help. Accepting help when you need it doesn’t make you less of a man! It shows what a good man and husband you really are. Hopefully he will recognize that before it’s too late.

      I’m working on pictures for the next chapter right now. I’m really in the picture taking mood!

      Thanks for reading and for your comment, Monae! 🙂

  9. Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo! They have got themselves in such a mess. Kat’s such a skank, if it wasn’t for her they would have made up.
    I have to say Kristian is very good looking and I can see that if it wasn’t for Noah he and Sharlee would be great together. But Sharlee and Noah love each other and they are meant to be, they’re just having a rough patch. They need to sit down and talk about everything and Noah needs to keep calm, getting angry won’t help him.
    I hope they sort things out, but I have a feeling it won’t go well:(

    • Yeah, you are so right, Clairey! Kat was trying to ruin their relationship! 😡

      Kristian is really good looking. I completely agree! 😀
      You’re right though. Sharlee and Noah are having a rough patch and they really do need to talk!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  10. I just love Dale and Alissa, they are such great parents, and I’m glad they are helping Sharlee through her rough patch with Noah, I just wish they could all be excited about the baby, but I understand why Sharlee isn’t, her marriage is in a state right now.

    Okay, I love the idea of Kristian and what he’ll be adding to the plot. But Noah certainly doesn’t look happy at all, and knowing him, this is bound to escalate.

    Enjoyed very much!

    • They do love their children a lot! Sometimes it’s hard for them to decide what’s the best way to help though.

      Yeah, poor Sharlee can’t be completely happy about the baby right now. She and Noah aren’t having a good patch right now. 😦

      You are right about Noah! He isn’t at all happy about Kristian!

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading my story, Val! 🙂

    • No, he is completely committed to Sharlee! He just couldn’t cheat on her!

      Yes, poor Sharlee does have the wrong idea just as Kat intended.

      Their relationship is becoming very strained right now! 😦

  11. uh oh, both of them THINK both of them are cheating on both! whoa ,that’s a mouthful of both. This cant end well, and its so rude of Kris I’ll just call him Kris,to like wanna DATE her or even LOVE her. He doesn’t deserve her! I can tell that Kris isn’t good,I wanna punch him, and I want him to float of the face of the earth, and float onto a planet with poison atmosphere. Same for the girl that likes Noah

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