Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Three

screenshot-1477When Noah walked up to Ton’s house, he hoped that Ton would be home.  He’d debated calling him first but decided to just show up at the door instead.

Noah knocked loudly and heard Ton call out. 

“Hold your horses!” 

screenshot-1478He opened the door and Noah saw the pleased surprise on his face.  Then the pleased expression was replaced with wariness.

“So what brings you here?”

screenshot-1479“Yeah, man, I know it’s been a long time.  I’m sorry.  Can I come in?”

Ton moved aside and let Noah into the house.  He told Noah to sit down.

screenshot-1488“You want a Brewski?”

“Sure, thanks.”

Ton grabbed some beers from the fridge and handed one to Noah.  Noah studied Ton’s face, and Ton looked at him too.

Jake was right about Ton.  Noah had never seen him this way.   Ton used to have an easy smile that reached his eyes.  Now he looked worn out, as though he had just given up.  Ton had always been large.  That’s why they called him Ton.  However, before he had had a lot of solid muscle.  Now he was just flabby and overweight.  Noah decided not to beat around the bush.

screenshot-1498“My dealership is doing great, and Harley has given me the green light on an idea of mine.  I need you to work on it with me.  I want you to move to Santa Fe.  Fly back with me tomorrow.   I need someone I can trust, and that has always been you, Ton.”

screenshot-1505Noah saw a flash of hope in Ton’s eyes, and then it quickly left.  Ton took a swig of his beer.  Noah could see him thinking quickly.

screenshot-1511“Ton, I know about Taglianni.”

screenshot-1495Ton looked momentarily embarrassed, probably remembering warning Noah against involvement with Taglianni. 

screenshot-1510“I’ll get out.  I’ll call now and get it set up for tonight.”

screenshot-1515Ton pulled out his cell and Noah heard the conversation.   No way was he going to let Ton fight tonight.   He stayed a while longer, and Ton wanted to hear all about Noah and his family.  Ton was finally smiling as he listened. 

screenshot-1497Noah told him that he’d be back later to go with Ton to the fight.  Ton told Noah that he didn’t belong in that type of place anymore, but Noah told him emphatically that he was going with him.  Then Noah went back to Bronson’s for a conversation with Sharlee that he knew was going to be very difficult.

screenshot-1674Noah told Sharlee Ton’s situation.

“Oh no.”

screenshot-1689“Babe, I’ve seen him.  He wouldn’t win a fight.”

screenshot-1680“Then what–“

It dawned on Sharlee what Noah planned to do.


screenshot-1716“Babe, if it were your Dad or even Bronson, you would want me to do everything that I could to help them.  Ton is family to me too.”

Sharlee looked at him.  She knew that if she begged him not to do it, reminding him of his responsibility to her and their children, he wouldn’t fight.  But if he didn’t help Ton and something happened to Ton, then Noah would never forgive himself.  She had hoped that this side of Noah’s life had been left in the past, but his sense of loyalty, his bravery were some of the qualities that made her love him.  She had known and accepted who he was from the very beginning and did not have the right to force him to change.

screenshot-1717She put her hand on his chest feeling his heartbeat and placed his hand over her heart.  She felt such strong emotion that she couldn’t speak.  He gently kissed her forehead.

“Babe, I feel the same way.”

“You’d better come back to me.  You’d better come back to Skylar and Logan.”

screenshot-1720Noah kissed her tenderly and then responded softly.

“I always will!”

screenshot-1518Ton was ready to leave when Noah returned.

“Do we have time for another Brewski before we hit the road?”

screenshot-1517“Sure.  Good idea.”

Ton started to go the fridge.


screenshot-1522Ton paused and turned to face Noah. 

screenshot-1524Noah decked him!  He hated sucker punching Ton, but Noah knew that if he even suggested to Ton that he fight in his place, Ton would be outraged and refuse.  So Noah had decided not to even try to reason with him.

screenshot-1526Noah opened Ton’s wallet looking for the hidden compartment where he knew that Ton always kept a spare token that would allow a guest acceptance into his gang’s area.  He was surprised to find pictures of himself, Sharlee and the children.  He put his hand on Ton’s shoulder affectionately.

screenshot-1527“You’re coming home with us!  I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to Bridgeport.  I’ll be back later to untie you, and you can ream me then!”

Ton was still stunned and Noah quickly tied him up and gagged him.   Noah left Ton’s place and headed for the subway.

screenshot-1418There were very few spectators because the fight had been expected to be over quickly.   Hardly anyone knew that Noah was taking Ton’s place.  Noah stood in the ring waiting for the fight to begin.  

screenshot-1420He looked at his opponent and grinned in recognition. 

screenshot-1419Terrell grinned back at him.  They had each heard of the other and knew that they were equally matched.   Neither of them would hold back.

screenshot-1421When the fight began, Terrell quickly swung his leg at Noah with a roundhouse kick.  Noah evaded it but was impressed with Terrell’s speed.  He caught his breath, thinking to himself that this fight was not going to be easy to win, but he was determined to win.

screenshot-1431Noah swung his leg in a kick, and Terrell dropped low.  Noah had anticipated that Terrell would go low and still landed his foot against the side of Terrell’s head.  Terrell was stunned but was only down momentarily.  They quickly traded blows landing heavy punches on each other. 

screenshot-1429Noah fought for breath against the tightness in his chest after Terrell’s kick against his ribs. 

screenshot-1427Noah struck out at Terrell and Terrell tried to avoid the fist.  Noah’s punch hit Terrell full force in his ribs.  He heard Terrell grunt in pain. 

screenshot-1432Before Terrell could recover, Noah flipped Terrell hard onto the floor of the ring. 

screenshot-1437Terrell lay there, stunned and clearly in pain.   One of the men in Terrell’s gang jumped into the ring to have a go at Noah.

screenshot-1438Noah was astonished when Dean jumped into the ring beside him!  He hadn’t even known that Dean was there.

“Hey!  I thought this was gonna be a fair fight!  Two against one ain’t happening!”

screenshot-1439“I got it, Freddie!”

Terrell stood up.  Aldo told Freddie and Dean to leave the ring.

screenshot-1440The fight resumed.

screenshot-1442“This could go bad for us if you don’t call it now!”

“What do you mean?”

screenshot-1441“If Terrell ends Noah, then the cops will be breath’n down our necks to find out who did it.  If Noah kills Terrell, then we lose our best fighter.”

Aldo sighed.  Buster was right.  He called out to the ref.


screenshot-1447Blaze turned facing the stands where Aldo Taglianni and his second in command were seated.

screenshot-1446“Yeah, Boss?”

“End it.”

screenshot-1449Blaze went into the ring and stopped the fight.  Noah remained in the ring, not yet trusting that it was really over.  He didn’t trust Aldo Taglianni.

screenshot-1452“What about Ton!”

screenshot-1448Noah could see Aldo’s anger and resentment, knowing that things had not gone as Aldo intended.  He had not wanted to release Ton.  That was why he had selected Terrell for the fight.  Now he would have to do it or risk losing face with his gang.

screenshot-1453“Ton’s out!  Tell him not to show his face in my turf again!  Same for you, Noah.”

screenshot-1454Noah and Terrell shook hands.

“Best fight I had in years!”

Noah agreed. 

“Yeah, same here!”

screenshot-1458After he left the ring, Noah spoke with Dean.

“Thanks, Man!”

“Sure.  Heard about the fight and knew things would probably go sideways. Owed ya for get’n me in with Luis at his club.  Now that they really believe I’ve gone straight, my family includes me for family dinners and get togethers.  My Bro and Pops call me just to jaw all the time again.  My Mom says she’s proud of me.   So, we’re square now.”

screenshot-1460“Yeah, we’re square.”

“You and Sharlee still—.”

“We just had another baby, a little boy this time.”

screenshot-1456“So, she must still be blazing.”

screenshot-1457“She’ll always be blazing to me, but yeah, she’s still blazing.  Dean, man, I appreciate what you did tonight.  Next time I’m in town, maybe we can get a couple of Brewskis and catch up,  but you still better stay away from Sharlee.”

screenshot-1459“We’re square.  I don’t owe you now, but yeah, call me next time you hit town.”

Noah went to change and clean up in the locker room before heading to the subway.  He called the airline and booked a ticket for Ton for that night.  He also changed his own tickets for the same flight leaving Bridgeport that night. He didn’t trust Taglianni to keep his word and wanted to get Ton out of Bridgeport as soon as possible.  He called Sharlee to tell her that the fight was over and asked her to pack and be ready to leave when he got back to Bronson’s.

screenshot-1467Noah always preferred to stand on the subway, and he did so again. 

screenshot-1468As he rode along, his adrenaline rush receded, and he began to feel like he’d been run over by a truck!  His head was pounding and his chest hurt with every breath he took.

When he arrived at Ton’s and untied him, Ton took one look at him and instead of berating him,  grabbed what he’d already packed and left the house with Noah.  On the way to Bronson’s home, Noah explained what had happened.

screenshot-1529Now they were on the flight heading home to Santa Fe. 

screenshot-1532Skylar was seated in between her parents.  It was her bedtime, and she was cranky.  Sharlee was holding Logan and getting him to sleep.

screenshot-1534Sky looked at Noah. 

screenshot-1536“Daddy, I ready to lay on you.”

screenshot-1722“Skylar, wait just a moment, and I’ll hold you, sweetie.  Logan is almost asleep.” 

Sharlee had brought his carrier on with them and intended to put him in it after he was asleep.

Sky exclaimed loudly.   “No, Mommy!  I want Daddy!”

screenshot-1724Noah was trying to sit still and breathing as shallowly as possible.  Sharlee had wanted him to go to the hospital before they left Bridgeport, but he had refused. 

“It’s okay, Babe.  I can get her.”

Noah reached for Sky and groaned in pain.  He had to immediately sit back in his seat before he could try again.

screenshot-1731Sky was startled when Ton reached across Sharlee and picked her up into his arms.  He sat down with her in his lap.

“How bout you keep your old Uncle Ton company for a while.  I’m feel’n lonely over here.”

screenshot-1727“Oh, I meet’n all my a’bum people!”

She smiled at him. 

screenshot-1733Ton helped her to get comfortable in his lap and before long she was asleep.  He smiled down at her, feeling hopeful for the first time in years and happy to be able to spend time with Noah and his family.

screenshot-1740When they arrived at the airport in Santa Fe, Alissa was there to meet them. 

screenshot-1742Noah and Sharlee had left their SUV there at the airport to drive home, and so Noah wondered why Alissa was there.  Sharlee saw his puzzled expression.

screenshot-1739“Mom is going to take Ton and the kids to our house to get Ton settled and put the babies to bed.  You  and I are going to the hospital.  Daddy is meeting us there and letting us in through a private entrance.  He’s already made arrangements for you to be examined and treated.  There is no sense in arguing.  You’re going!”

Noah saw the set of her jaw and knew that she was determined.  Besides, he knew that he needed to go. 

screenshot-1746After Noah had been examined, the doctor wanted him to stay for a few hours of observation, but that he’d probably be released sometime during the next morning if there were no complications.  Sharlee called her mother to check on the kids and to let her and Ton know how Noah was doing.

“The doctor said that he has a fractured rib, a bruised kidney and a concussion.   Daddy told him that it was dangerous to fly without treatment and that he’s lucky he didn’t have a lung puncture.”

screenshot-1745Noah hated being in the hospital.  He was ready to go home, but he knew that Sharlee would worry if he didn’t follow the doctors instructions.  He finally relaxed as he realized that Ton was free of the gang and would be living here in Santa Fe.  He intended to do everything he could to make the adjustment to living here easy for Ton.

screenshot-1759When they arrived at the house, Alissa had just put breakfast on the table.  She’d put Skylar’s bib on and was about to put Sky into her booster seat when Skylar saw her Daddy and went running happily to him. 

screenshot-1760“Daddy!  You home!”

screenshot-1755Noah knelt down to catch her in his arms for a tight hug.   The painkillers were working, but he still had to be careful because of his fractured rib.

screenshot-1762After breakfast, Noah and Sharlee showered and intended to sleep for a few hours.  Noah carefully pulled Sharlee close.

“See, we’re all home safe and sound.”

screenshot-1763Sharlee corrected him, thinking of his injuries.  “Mostly sound.”

Noah couldn’t help but laugh.

“Have you decided who you’re going to assign to work with Ton?”

Noah was going to institute a mobile repair truck for his business.  Ton and another repairman would go to the customer, instead of requiring the customer to come to the shop for repairs.  He believed that some customers would find that type of service a great convenience and would be willing to pay a bit more for it. If it worked out well at Noah’s dealership, then Harley would begin rolling out the plan at other locations.

He believed that Ton would enjoy that type of job, but he also knew that Ton might have a problem with the paperwork and computer usage that would be involved.  That would have to be the responsibility of the other repairman assigned to work with Ton.

screenshot-1765“I know that I’m going to train Ton myself, but I haven’t decided who would be best to work with him.”

screenshot-1766“Why don’t you work with him?  I mean, at least in the beginning.  You’d enjoy being out on the road everyday.”

screenshot-1768Noah looked at her and then said jokingly.  “I knew there was a good reason why I keep you around!  That’s a great idea.  For the first few months, I’ll go out with him.  Then I can see for myself what things need to be tweaked in the program.”

“This way when you do assign someone else to work with Ton, Ton will feel more comfortable because he’ll already know what to do.”

screenshot-1532Later that afternoon, Ton and Noah sat relaxing on the couch.

“This sure is some place!”

“Yeah, we really like it.”

screenshot-1751“Glad to see you’re doing so well.  Proud of you kid!  I knew you had it in you.”

“Thanks, man.  That means a lot.”

Noah explained to Ton about the repair position, and Ton was looking forward to starting.

screenshot-1753“You’re welcome to stay here with Sharlee and me as long as you want, but I know you.  You’ll want your own place.  So I called my realtor.  She’s going to help find a place for you.”

Noah didn’t tell Ton, but he remembered conversations with Ton about his dream place.  Ton wanted a little place near the water.  A quiet place where he could fish or just sit and look out over the water.  Noah intended to get that type of place for him.

screenshot-1747“Thanks for getting me out.”

screenshot-1749“You’re family Ton.  I’m sorry about slugging you, but I had to do it.  You wouldn’t have let me fight otherwise.”

screenshot-1536“Damn straight!  That was a darn fool thing you did.  You can’t do that anymore, Kid.”

Noah frowned but didn’t respond.

“I mean it, Boy.  You can’t save everybody, and you can’t take chances like that anymore.  You have greater responsibilities now.  You have a wife and two kids counting on you to be there for them.   That sweet baby girl of yours would be devastated if anything happened to you.  It goes without say’n that Sharlee and Logan would be too.  You have to leave that life behind now.”

Noah knew that Ton was right.  He couldn’t take chances like that anymore, but he still wasn’t sorry that he’d done it for Ton.


The other scenes have been added now.  Thank you for your patience, and thanks for reading!  🙂

10 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eighty-Three

  1. I hate to pressure you, but when will the next chapter come out? I’ve been reading this story since 2015 and I absolutely love it, possibly the best sims story I’ve ever read ❤️

    • Hi Marty! You’re not pressuring me. I’m happy that you still love the story! ❤ I don't want to promise a definite date again and have to disappoint you all. I haven't been feeling well and so I haven't been on my computer to work on the story. I'm definitely going to finish it though. I promise!

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