Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eleven

Screenshot-761Faye cried when she heard that Shawn had married Monet.   She too blamed herself.   She knew that there was no way that a guy like Shawn would be happy with a slut like Monet.   She and no one else at school believed that the baby was Shawn’s.

Screenshot-742Cara was absolutely furious when she heard.   She wasted no time on politeness when she confronted Monet.   “You Slut!  You tricked my brother into marrying you.  If I hear a breath of you seeing anyone else after this, I’ll pull your hair out by the roots!  I’m warning you.  You’d better not hurt him.  I’m serious Monet.  I will hurt you!”

Screenshot-746Monet just rolled her eyes and left the locker room. 

Screenshot-754She quickly found that Cara was not the only one upset with her.   All of the other cheerleaders as well as many of her classmates voiced the same type of feelings toward her.    Now her classmates true feelings toward her were exposed.  They made it clear that she had stooped really low by tricking Shawn into marrying her.  

Shawn was popular and well liked.  Everyone considered him to be a sweet guy and had hated seeing him begin dating her from the very beginning.    Most people knew that she was a girl who didn’t say no and that she used the guys she dated.  By the end of her first day back at school after marrying Shawn, Monet had decided that she was not going to return.  Although she didn’t really care what anyone thought, their attitudes toward her just made it even easier for her to quit.  She hated school anyway.

Screenshot-747After Monet left the locker room, Cara also left and headed to her next class.   Duncan stopped her.   She hadn’t seen him since the night she’d almost slept with him.

Screenshot-748“Cara wait a minute.”

Cara could feel how hot her face felt and knew that it had to be suffused with color.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry about the other night.”

Screenshot-749She was surprised.  “You’re sorry!   I’m the one who’s sorry.   You were right.  I should not have led you on that way.”

“Cara I know you’re not that kind of girl.   I knew it before I even asked you out.   I shouldn’t have pushed things the way that I did.   I just wanted you to know that.”

Cara smiled.   “Thanks Duncan.   I feel so much better.   I’ve been really nervous about seeing you again.  I mean since you saw me…”   She broke off with her face feeling hotter than ever.

Screenshot-751He looked self conscious.   “I was nervous about seeing you too.   I mean I know that I won’t see you like that.  I mean…”  He trailed off too.

“Yeah, well I don’t blame you for not wanting to see…”

“What?  I didn’t mean it like that.  You’re beautiful Cara.  I was hoping that we could go out again.   I mean out, not like last time.  I promise that won’t happen again.  Do you like Jared?   He’s giving a concert here next weekend.   I got tickets.   I thought we could grab some dinner and then go to the concert.”

Screenshot-753Cara liked Jared’s singing.   His full name was Jared Broke.   They’d had crushes on each other when he and his family had lived in Santa Fe for a while when Cara was a little girl.  He had given her her first kiss.  Remembering it still made her smile.    They’d remained in contact for a while, but when her letters started to be returned and she didn’t receive any more from him, Cara had stopped writing.

Cara laughed.  Then she told him.  “My cousin Kaylee and I are already planning to go!  Why don’t we all go together.”

They set up a time to meet and Cara was actually looking forward to going.   After her conversation with her father, she had  decided to just have fun and not worry about having a serious relationship.

Screenshot-725The crowd was going wild.   Jared walked out on the stage to begin his new song. 

Screenshot-724Always at the beginning of his performances he looked at each face that he could see from the stage to establish a connection with them.   Then he would begin to sing.

Screenshot-718As he looked out at the crowd, one face tugged at his memory, but he couldn’t place her.  His guitarist glanced at him, waiting for the signal to begin. 

Screenshot-734Jared nodded and started to sing. 

Screenshot-730He immersed himself in the music accompanied by his background dancers. After he left the stage at the end of his performance, surrounded by the wild clapping and screams of his fans, he didn’t think about the girl.   

Screenshot-800He didn’t remember who she was until he was on the plane, flying to his next concert gig.  It had been Cara.   The little girl he’d crushed on as a boy.   He’d had his first kiss with her.  She was even prettier now.  He had lost her address after one of his family’s moves to another military base.

Screenshot-799His manager was talking on the phone with Jared’s mother.  Although not with him on this tour, both of his parents kept close track of his activities.   He might be “Jared” a teen pop star to his fans, but his parents still saw him as their little boy.

It had been a long time since he’d thought of Cara.  He wished he could have stuck around town for a few days to see her and her family again.   At least he’d know that they didn’t want anything from him.

Screenshot-736Alissa and Dale told Aidan and Joy about Shawn’s marriage.  They both looked confused.

“Kids can’t get married!”

Screenshot-741“Well it’s definitely better for them to wait until after they grow up, but sometimes kids Shawn’s age do get married.”


They could tell that that Aidan and Joy still didn’t really understand, but they felt it was best to just leave it with that simple explanation.

Screenshot-757Joy went into the media room and saw Monet watching a movie.   It wasn’t the type of movie that their parents allowed any of them to see.  

“Mommy and Dad don’t let us watch those kinds of movies.”

Screenshot-758Monet glared at Joy and said in a mocking voice,  “Mommy and Daddy don’t tell me what to do!  Get lost you little narc!”

Screenshot-759Monet’s attitude made Joy mad.   So she left out of the room.  Ordinarily she was a very loving child with a kind heart, but she decided that she did not like Monet.   She wished Shawn hadn’t married her!

Screenshot-794Dale and Alissa went to talk with Monet’s parents about the situation.   They seemed to be very nice people.   They were an older couple, and Monet had been a happy surprise for them although they hadn’t planned on having children.  They had tried very hard with Monet.  

Screenshot-796.1They told the Stallworths that she had always been a difficult child and that nothing they tried seemed to work with her.   When she became a teenager she used to sneak out at night and eventually she just left the house whenever she wanted, no matter what they told her.   She’d been taken for counseling but refused to cooperate with the counselors.

Screenshot-797They had been surprised when she had joined the cheerleading squad and hoped that she would change.   It didn’t work out that way.   If anything, Monet had become worse.   They told them that Monet had been on probation with the squad because of drinking and being found half dressed making out with a boy in the locker room.  They had told her that if she became pregnant, they would not support her, and they meant it.  

So Dale and Alissa knew that they would have to be the ones to help.  Later Dale and Alissa found out that there was more about Monet that her parents had not told them.  If Dale and Alissa had known, they would have handled the situation differently.

Screenshot-763Alissa tried, but she too did not like her new daughter-in-law.   She didn’t want to be like Valerie, and so she still tried hard to get close to Monet.   However Monet did not make it easy.  She took Monet to see the new place.   It was a small house with two bedrooms and one full bath.   It also had a washing machine and dryer in the bath.   With a baby, Alissa felt that  was important and would help Shawn and Monet save money.  

She had taken Monet to an obstetrician who had verified that Monet was pregnant.   However, Monet had demanded to wait until after the baby’s birth for the paternity test.   They couldn’t force her to take one yet, but because she was refusing to take the test now, they believed even more definitely that the baby wasn’t Shawn’s.  He still refused to end the marriage even after Alissa tried to reason with him.  He said that Monet needed him.

“I thought that we could make this room the nursery.   Is there any special theme that you would like?”

Screenshot-762Monet shrugged her shoulders, clearly not really interested.   Alissa didn’t know it, but Monet had exploded when Shawn had told her that they would not be living with his parents.  

Screenshot-764“What!  I don’t want to live in some dinky house!”

Screenshot-766Shawn had been shocked by her reaction.   “Monet my parents don’t have to help us at all!   This is my responsibility not theirs!”

Monet hadn’t complained anymore, but she let Shawn know her displeasure in other ways.   That night in bed she wouldn’t let him touch her.   She slept as far away on her side of the bed as possible with her back to him.  The next day, she gave him the silent treatment.   Shawn didn’t understand her at all.

Alissa decorated the house for them herself.   It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was what they needed.  Besides, Alissa and Dale didn’t believe that this would be a long term marriage.   Since Monet provided no input, Alissa did it according to Shawn’s tastes.   She made the nursery gender neutral since they didn’t yet know whether Monet was having a girl or a boy. 

Screenshot-768As soon as the house was ready,  Shawn and Monet moved in.   Monet immediately started in on Shawn.   Instead of being thankful, she found fault with everything.

Screenshot-771Shawn didn’t even try to reason with her.   He just silently listened to her complaints and hoped that her new attitude wouldn’t last for long.   He didn’t realize that her attitude wasn’t new.  She was finally showing him her true personality.

Screenshot-801Dale and Alissa coordinated their schedules so that they could spend more time with the children as well as with each other. 

Screenshot-802They started back having their weekly date nights and felt like newlyweds again.  Right away they saw a difference in the children and in themselves.  They were all happy together again.   They just wished that Shawn was happy too.  

Joy and Aidan had never even been on a camping trip.   Family camping trips had been a regular part of Dale’s life growing up and he had done it often with Sharlee, Cara and Shawn over the years.  It was always  a good bonding time and gave them many great memories.   Dale wanted to introduce the younger children to camping and make it a part of his family’s regular routine again.  So they planned a trip.  They wanted Shawn to go too, but of course they would have to invite Monet also.  Shawn mentioned the trip to Monet.

Screenshot-774“Monet, my family invited us to go on a camping trip with them this weekend.  We’ll leave on Friday after school and come back home Sunday night.”

“You’re kidding right?”

Shawn frowned.  “No, I’m not kidding.  We used to go camping all of the time.”

Screenshot-772Why aren’t they inviting us to go to a resort or to Italy, someplace nice!”

“Camping is fun, Monet!  You should just give it a try.   It’ll be an opportunity for you to get to know my family better and for them to get to know you.”

“Why would I want to do that?  They already don’t like me and to be honest, I really don’t care!  They dumped us in this place.  I thought it would be different!  They are so selfish!  They could have gotten us a penthouse in Bridgeport or a bigger house here.   Or at the least, let us live in that big house with them!  There’s no way I’m going camping.   That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.  You call that fun!”

Screenshot-775She went on and on.  Sean just listened to her rant but didn’t reply.  When she stopped talking, he called his parents and told them that he and Monet would not be going with them.   He was quickly realizing that he had been wrong about Monet’s feelings for him.  

Of course he’d known about her reputation before he started dating her, but she’d made him believe that he was different.  She’d told him that he was special to her.  Things at home weren’t going well, and so being with her had made him feel good about himself.  Now he knew what an idiot he’d been to believe her.

Screenshot-783The rest of the family still enjoyed their camping trip.   Alissa and Cara went swimming in the lake. 

Screenshot-780Joy and Aidan learned to fish with Dale.  

Screenshot-778However, it didn’t go as Dale had planned. 

Screenshot-777At first Joy was having fun.  

Screenshot-786Then when she saw her first fish on the hook, she was horrified.  

Screenshot-788She cried until Dale released it back into the water. 

Screenshot-790Aidan thought it was hilarious and teased her as he laughed.   He danced around repeating in a sing song voice, “We’re going to have fried catfish for dinner tonight!”

Screenshot-789Joy cried again and Dale told Aidan to stop teasing her.   He tried to reason with her.

“But Honey, you like eating fish!”

“I never saw it alive before I ate it!”

Dale smothered a smile and took Joy back to camp with Alissa and Cara.  Then he and Aidan continued fishing.  

Screenshot-791That night at dinner, Joy ate hotdogs while the rest of the family ate catfish.   Afterwards they sat around the camp talking. 

Screenshot-792To Cara it was like old times except that she missed Sharlee and Shawn.

Screenshot-793Dale and Alissa were happy to be together and to share quality time with their children.  Aidan was mesmerized by the fire, and Joy was just excited that they had gone camping.   Their family was becoming close again.

30 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Eleven

  1. what the hell??!?!?!?! Seriously are you kidding me? UGH Daisy what the…shit 😦 Ok fine so they haven’t had sex since they got married, Shawn is a smart kid and should know now that his new wife is only after the money so ANNULMENT!!!!!!! She can keep the house and get her ass a job. And that is me being generous because honestly Alissa needs to throw her out just like Monet’s parents. When is the DNA test. Technically Shawn doesn’t even have to help at all until it’s proven he is the father. Better to divorce her now before the test. She really hasn’t thought it through, how is she planning on trying to fake the test results? Dale works at the hospital. UGH don’t like her at all!!!! Where is the happy ending to this crap like her being put out on the street. They would keep the baby anyway but she needs to go.

    Where is aunt Crystal. The rest of the family is too nice, Crystal needs to come put Monet in her place real quick.

      • I hadn’t planned for Crystal to visit right now, but since you all seem to want her to, maybe I’ll change what I have written! 😀 Although I don’t think that Shawn will need anyone to tell her off for him. I don’t want to say too much though, in case I don’t change what I wrote. You guys have good ideas!

        Thanks for reading, LaBlue!

    • Jaz,
      Yeah, he’s smart, but he isn’t ready to believe that he’d fallen for her act. She caught him at a vulnerable time, and now he feels like he has to stick with his vows. Hopefully he’ll soon realize that he doesn’t have to. She thinks that she has Shawn wrapped around her finger, but we’ll see if it remains that way.

      You don’t like sweet, loving Monet! 😯 LOL I understand how you feel about her!

      I thought of making Cara be harder on her, but she is pregnant. I wasn’t sure how hard they should be on her even though they don’t believe the baby is Shawn’s. Shawn is nice now because she’s pregnant, but in a couple of chapters we’ll see if his attitude toward her changes. I don’t want to spoil what’s going to happen, but he won’t need Crystal to tell her off!. LOL

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! I promise that she won’t get away with it! 😀

  2. Poor Faye. Go cara ! Hahahahaha I hated Monet and its a good lesson. Duncan seems nice apart from that night.monet is so mean.get a DNA test. I want crystal to come and talk to Monet

    • Yeah, Cara isn’t fooled by her at all!

      Duncan is nice, but we won’t see him again. LOL

      You all want Crystal to tell Monet off! 😀

      I hadn’t thought of having her visit now, but don’t worry. Monet won’t get away with it. I just have a hard time being mean to a pregnant girl! LOL I know I’m weird!

      Thanks for reading my story, Maisy! 🙂

    • It is sad for her, but she thought that she had made the right decision for them. 😦
      Yeah, Shawn does see that Monet isn’t like he thought she was. Hopefully things will change for him soon!

      Thanks for reading, Niamh! 🙂

  3. Ok, Monet needs to get a life seriously….I get she might not like camping but the way she went on and on. How dare she be ungrateful, live at the parents home or a penthouse excuse me but get of your lazy ass attitude and get a job and look after your own child and stop sponging off others grrrrr.

    • LOL, you are so right Lucky! She didn’t have to show such a bad attitude!
      She is very selfish and ungrateful. She expected Shawn’s family to take care of her, but sometimes the smartest people are the dumbest. Although Monet might not be that smart anyway!

      Hopefully Shawn won’t put up with her for much longer.

      Thank you for reading my story, Lucky!

  4. I think it was good but not your best because monet is being a b***h to shawn and cara feels all alone being the oldest still living a home. I hate how you can’t force her to have a paternity test so shawn can divorce, move back home and date fae instead. Poor girl lost her chance because she said no and now has no chance at all I mean who would trust anyone after what happened

    • Monet is being a “B” to everyone. We’ll find out more about her later. 😡

      Cara is the oldest at home, but she is happier right now than she has been for a while. Now that she knows that her parents are going to stay together and she is close to them again. She is sad for Shawn though and misses him. 😦

      Even if the baby isn’t his, Shawn still feels a responsibility toward Monet, but maybe he won’t feel that way for much longer. More on that too in the chapter after next.

      Yes, it is sad for Faye since she turned Shawn down for a date. She feels partially responsible for him ending up with Monet. What you said about Shawn trusting again is very interesting.

      Thanks for reading my story, Awesome!


    Poor Faye, I can’t help but think that if she was to interfere with Shawn’s terrible situation that Monet might hurt her 😦 Hopefully Monet will move far far away once she’s been (hopefully) kicked out. I just wish that Shawn won’t get hurt either! But he’ll have Faye because I don’t believe she will give up on him that easy!

    Poor Shawn (again!) Monet will soon get what she deserves from him I can’t wait! But he might feel fatherly responsibility if Monet look off and left the baby with him, even if it isn’t his. Interesting plot idea: Jared could be Monet’s baby’s father, and if Cara was to go with Jared then she could mother the child! I don’t know if I like that but just thought I would put it forwards 😀

    Duncan seems nice enough now – its good that he apologized! Jared is cute, I like his turquoise eyes… But is he as sweet and innocent as he used to be? Cara should be cautious if she is to pursue him (which I think is probably what she might do but I’m only guessing!) I liked her reaction to Monet by the way! I wonder if Cara will see Jared again – I hope so if he means well, but not if he doesn’t!

    Joy is SO cute – is she Alex’s daughter? If she is – and I can’t quite remember – she is NOTHING like him! I love that about her, that she has such a sweet personality and is so cute and innocent – I’m like that about fish and I know that I could NEVER kill a fish and then eat it it’s just how I am (as a veggie :P)

    Amazing chapter, very very well done! lol, thanks again 😀

    • You’re right to wonder what would happen. Monet would definitely get angry if Faye interferes.
      Faye and Shawn, I haven’t really decided yet what will happen with them long term. I mean whether they will just be friends or become something more. 😉

      It is really tough for Shawn! We’ll find out in the next couple of chapters how he feels about fatherhood.

      Jared’s baby! 😯 LOL
      He doesn’t know Monet and hasn’t been in town for years until this concert. I love his eyes too! He got them from his mother.
      You may be a little surprised with what happens with him later in the story, but it will be years before he and Cara meet again.
      They will both be young adults before they see each other again. That’s a long time away in the story, but I do have it planned. 😀

      Yes, Joy is Alex’s daughter. I think she’s cute too! 🙂
      I am trying to decide about something that I have planned for her. It’s not written yet, but I have it in my head!
      I couldn’t eat it either! My Dad took us fishing when I was a little girl, and I couldn’t eat the fish we caught! LOL

      Thanks so much Harry! I really appreciate that! I worked hard on the pictures.
      You are very welcome! 🙂

      I’ll be working on the pictures for the next chapter hopefully tomorrow.
      I have to try to make a couple of poses for it and then I can do the pictures. 🙂

  6. LMFAO everyone want Monet GONE so do I cant wait to see what you have in store for her.

    ha you tell her Cara ha she and everyone at they school had something to say to her.

    Jared I was wondering what happened to him lol im very hopeful for him an Cara to couple up OMG they will be so cute .

    I hope Shawn see Monet for what she is an how dare she try to live the good life off Dale and Alissa money . I can see Shawn getting attached to her baby .

    Im happy the family is getting along again and that camping trip was too cute I mite have to send my sims on one lol .

    GREAT chapter cant wait for the next one loved the pictures

    • Yeah, everyone wants her gone! LOL

      Cara really did tell her off, but Monet doesn’t care what anyone thinks or says.

      I think Jared is a good looking teen too! He and Cara would look good together, but Cara doesn’t want a boyfriend right now.
      They won’t see each other again any time soon. 😦

      You summed Monet up just right! She wanted to live off of Alissa and Dale’s money and she is very upset that it hasn’t worked out that way.
      Yeah, Shawn got attached to both Joy and Aidan when they were babies and so he will get attached to the baby after it’s born. I think that happens after the next couple of chapters. The next two chapters are about Sharlee and Noah and then after that back to Alissa and the rest of the family.

      I realized that I’d never shown them camping before and thought it’d be nice to have them do it in this chapter. I might do it again too just for fun and not the story! LOL

      Oh thank you, Monae! I really appreciate that! I worked hard on the pictures.

      I made a couple of poses today for the next chapter and plan to start the pictures tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Monet never ceases to amaze me. So she quit school just cos she couldn’t bear everyone’s attitude towards her? How is she planning on supporting her kid. Oh wait, she’s not, she’s found her meal ticket with Shawn’s family. It’s one thing to be self-centered and mean, but to be mean to little children is just plain wrong, I hated the way she spoke to Joy. I really feel sorry for Shawn, he has to live with that for the next few months. Ugh!

    In other news, I enjoyed their camping trip very much.

    Joy is such a girl! And her brother is a cute little bugger. I’m happy Dale and Alissa are working on their relationship.

    Loved the update, Daisies!

    • Yes she quit.
      Also because she never liked school.
      She had already been held back a year because of skipping school and other behavior problems.

      It’s sad to say this, but she doesn’t care about her kid. We’ll see that even more after the baby is born.
      Yeah, she is really going over the line by being mean to Joy. It’s a good thing that she won’t be living with them!
      I wrote it and I feel sorry for Shawn too! 😦 We’ll feel even sorrier for him later.

      Thank you so much Val! I have fun putting together their family trips! 😀

      Thanks for reading, and I’m really happy you loved it! 🙂

  8. I love the stories and I just discovered this story like 20 minutes ago and I’m in love. BTW I forgot, what chapter do Cara and Jared first kiss? I’m trying to find it but luck isn’t on my side.

  9. I am finally caught up and blown away by these last few chapters. Monet is a money digging tramp! I was shocked about the text he sent saying they were married ugh…I was hoping Shawn would go camping and then come home and find Monet with someone else…yeah he would have been hurt but he would have seen her for what she really is. I think Crystal visiting is a great idea!

    Jared Broke is a hottie and he and Cara would have beautiful children…but I will just wait and see what you have planned 🙂

    I am happy that Dale and Alissa are coming full circle now and becoming close like they were at first. I was worried for awhile that things might get worse but am relieved they have worked through it.

    I love this story more and more…

    • Yes, Shawn has really made a bad choice by marrying Monet! 😦
      Hopefully soon he will see what she is really like.

      I agree about Jared. He is really good looking! 😀

      Alissa and Dale still love each other and their children.
      They had to find a way to make it work for all of them again.
      They just waited until it was too late for Shawn. 😥

      Thanks Whitney! I am so glad you still love it after all of this time! 🙂

  10. Ugh! She’s a right bitch! DIVORCE HER SHAWN!! Even her ‘friends’ don’t believe her, come on Shawn open your eyes!
    I can’t believe how much of a spoilt brat she’s being.
    I’m so glad Duncan spoke to Cara, he’s cute and I’m sure it helped to make Cara feel better. I can’t believe Jared is a superstar! I hope he gets in touch with Cara and they can rebuild their friendship again.
    I’m so happy that the Stallworths are becoming close again, they’re a lovely family. They just need Shawn back. I agree that Crystal needs to come back soon as well:)
    Joy made me laugh with the fish, bless her.
    Loved it! ♥

    • LOL Clairey! You are so right about Monet! 😡

      Duncan is cute and he really is sorry for the way that he behaved with Cara. He’s a nice boy. Since Cara explained that it was mainly her fault Dale and Alissa are still allowing her to remain friends with him.

      Yes, Jared is a superstar! 😀 It will be a long time though before he and Cara see each other again.

      I love this family too! You’re right that they need Shawn back. Yeah, everyone wants Crystal to come back, but I just can’t think of how she could help with Monet. If Monet were an adult then maybe. I guess I have a block on how that scene could work! LOL

      Joy is a sweetie! 😀

      Thank you so much Clairey! I’m happy that you loved it! 🙂

  11. OH MY GOD! Monet is soooooooooooo selfish she just wants ALL their money and to live in a luxurious life and she CANT SEE THAT SHAWN IS DOING EVERYTHING THEY NEED what and evil little witch!

    • You are very, very right about Monet! She should have been happy and content with what Shawn was doing for her, but she selfishly wasn’t. She made him miserable! You described her perfectly!

      Thanks for reading my story, Aliru! 🙂 You have an unusual name too!

  12. the pose of joy in the media room…. lol i seen it and i was like…. mmm hmmmm!!! thats the face you make! I wanna throat punch monet. like real bad

    • Don’t laugh, but I think this was the first time that I found out that I could use the pose player add-on to change children’s expressions too! I thought Joy’s expression was perfect too. 🙂

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