Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

WARNING:  Violence

Screenshot-1141Shawn was off from work, but he didn’t want to go home.  He laughed to himself at his choice of words.  “Home!”   The house he shared with Monet was just a house and had never felt like home.   

Monet was in her eighth month of pregnancy and being extremely unreasonable and demanding.  He knew that pregnancy was difficult, but his mother had never been this way with his father when she was pregnant with Joy and then Aiden.   His cellphone began to ring, and he automatically knew it was her.

Screenshot-1105“Shawn, bring me some chicken chow mein and some chocolate chip cookies home!  Don’t let it get cold like you did yesterday!”  She didn’t even wait for his response.  She disconnected the call.

Shawn sighed.  He had no more illusions left about Monet.   She was selfish, narcissistic, and mean spirited.  

Screenshot-1056He had even asked her if the baby was really his.  Part of the reason he asked was because she refused to get a paternity test until after the baby was born.  

Screenshot-1054Monet had at first looked at him coldly and then said,  “Of course it’s yours!”   She had then gone into a ridiculous tirade about how much she was sacrificing for him by bringing his brat into the world, and he had the gall to ask if it was his! 

Screenshot-1055Shawn had quit listening.  He had long since learned to tune her out.

Screenshot-1084He stopped by his parent’s home before he picked up the food for Monet.   Alissa was home and hugged him tightly when he came through the door.   She looked at him closely.  He looked tired, stressed and much older than his years.

“Shawn, Honey, you have to take care of yourself too!”

Screenshot-1101Shawn forced a smile.  “I’m okay Mom.”

Screenshot-1098“Have you eaten dinner yet?”

Screenshot-1095“I’m not hungry.”

Shawn didn’t really know why he’d stopped by.  Maybe it was because everything was so calm here, so normal.   He missed it.   He wished that he had listened to his parents advice and waited until he was older to sleep with a girl.   He wished that he’d waited until after he was married and really loved and knew the girl.  However, he hadn’t done that and was now experiencing the worst consequences of his decision.

Screenshot-1097His cellphone rang again.  Of course it was Monet.   Alissa could hear Monet’s voice as she shouted at Shawn through the phone.   “I’m on my way to pick it up now Monet.  I’ll be at the house soon.”

Screenshot-1106“You’d better be!”  Again she hung up on him.

Screenshot-1086“I’ve gotta go, Mom.”

Screenshot-1091“Alright Shawn.  Is there anything that I can do?”

“No, but thanks.”

“I love you, Honey.”

Screenshot-1104“I love you too.”   Shawn left after that.

Screenshot-1135Dale watched Aiden as he ran and  tried to block the opposing team’s shot.    He held his breath as Aiden slipped, but Aiden steadied himself and still managed to kick the ball.  

Screenshot-1133Dale jumped to his feet, cheering along with the other parents and spectators.   Aiden’s block helped his team win the game with a one point difference. 

Screenshot-1137To celebrate, the coach took the team out for burgers, and Dale went with them.

Screenshot-1140“That was a great game, Aiden.  I’m really proud of you for doing your best and not giving up!”

Screenshot-1138Aiden smiled proudly.  He was so happy that his Dad had started attending all of his games and taking him to most of his practice sessions.   He had even promised to take him to see the big auto racing competition in Las Vegas because Aiden loved car races.  It was going to be just the two of them although they had asked Shawn to go with them.  Aiden was so excited.

“Thanks Dad.  They almost had us though!”

Screenshot-1058Shawn brought Monet the food that she’d requested.   She was eating it even as she was complaining about it. 

“They didn’t put enough seasoning in this!”

Shawn wasn’t even listening.  He started working on his algebra homework.   A part of his agreement with his parents was that he stay in school and he was trying hard to keep his grades up.  Suddenly, Monet stopped talking. 

Screenshot-1059She stood up and grabbed her abdomen.   Shawn glanced at her and saw a grimace of pain on her face.

She screamed, “Get me to the hospital!”

Screenshot-1080Shawn drove her to the hospital and Monet delivered a healthy baby boy.   When the baby was born, the nurse tried to hand the baby to her. 

“Take that brat away from me.”

Screenshot-1082So they took the baby to the hospital nursery.   As soon as he saw the baby, Shawn knew that there was no way that the baby was his.  He wasn’t surprised to have confirmation of her biggest lie of all.

Screenshot-1063When she and the baby were released from the hospital, Monet refused to care for the baby.   Out of desperation, Shawn called Alissa, and she and Shawn took over the baby’s care.  

Screenshot-1061They named him Perry. 

Screenshot-1060Unlike his mother, Perry had a sweet disposition and Shawn and his family quickly grew attached to him.

Screenshot-1079When Perry was a month old, his natural father found out about his birth.  After finding out that Perry wasn’t Shawn’s son, and Perry’s appearance, Aaron knew that the baby had to be his.  There was no way that he wanted that two timing Monet to have his baby!   He talked it over with his parents, and they agreed to help him gain custody of his son, their grandson.

Monet didn’t even fight for custody when she received the court papers.  So Shawn and his family sadly said goodbye to Perry, but they realized that being with his father’s family was really in his best interest.  He’d have the love and care of at least one of his natural parents.  Dale and Alissa intended to sit Shawn down and convince him to end his marriage to Monet, but Shawn kept canceling on them.

Screenshot-1067A couple of weeks after Perry left, Shawn came to the house after work.   He heard female voices and laughter when he walked through the door.    An odd odor overwhelmed him.   He didn’t recognize it.   He instinctively held his breath as he opened a window.   Then he headed down the hallway to the livingroom.   He was shocked to see Monet and another girl smoking brown unlabeled cigarettes.   He realized what they were.  They also had glasses of wine.

Screenshot-1066“Monet, what do you think you’re doing!”

Screenshot-1065“Oh, shut up little boy.  Quit trying to run me!”

Shawn had tried to be patient but this was it!  He snatched the cigarettes and the baggy containing the unused weed.  Then he flushed it down the toilet.

Screenshot-1069Monet followed behind him cussing him out.  “Who the “h%ll do you think you are!”

Screenshot-1068Shawn turned to her and gave her such a glare that she shut up and returned to her friend.  Over the next week, Monet moved her friend into the house without consulting Shawn.  She shared the bedroom with Monet.   From the very beginning, Shawn hadn’t shared the bedroom with Monet.  He’d set up a cot for himself in the nursery and slept in there.

Screenshot-1072Faye had seen Shawn enter the school library, and she followed him inside.  She sat down at the table with him.   She hated how miserable he seemed to be and that she was about to add to it.  It had been months since they’d spoken.  Shawn looked at her silently, waiting for her to speak first.

“Shawn, I don’t know how to say this except straight out.   I know that you don’t like people who beat around the bush.”  

Faye took a deep breath and then told him quickly.

“While you’re at school or working, Monet has guys at the house.   It’s all over school and probably all over town.  It’s not just gossip Shawn.  Before I said anything to you, I wanted to verify it for myself.” 

Screenshot-1071“I went by your house after school yesterday while you were at work, and I saw guys entering the house.  I rang the doorbell and that girl Stacey answered the door.”  

Screenshot-1070“I saw Monet making out with a guy in the hallway.  She’s not really trying to hide it.”   

Screenshot-1075Faye was relieved to see that Shawn didn’t seem to be hurt or even surprised by what she told him.

“Shawn, why are you still even with her!”

That question seemed to really startle him.  She saw a look of resignation and actually peace come across his face. 

Screenshot-1074“Faye, that is a very good question.   I guess that I felt that I had to stay with her, but we don’t really have a marriage.  It takes two people committed to making it work, and neither of us is doing that.  Neither of us wants that.  It’s time for me to accept that getting married to Monet was a huge mistake.”

Screenshot-1078Shawn stood up and walked over to Faye.   He kissed her cheek.  “You’re still the best friend that I’ve ever had.   Thank you Faye.”

Screenshot-1130Shawn stopped by the house before he went to his after school job.   He could tell that Monet was unpleasantly surprised to see him.   She went into her bedroom and closed the door.   Shawn could hear her speaking quietly into her phone.   She was probably canceling whatever she had planned for the evening because he was home.   He found a suitcase and started packing his things.   Monet came into the room.  

“Are you going on a trip somewhere.”

“No, Monet, I’m ending this joke of a marriage.  I’m packing up my things and returning to my parent’s house.  You have two weeks to find someplace else to live.”

Screenshot-1125Monet looked at him in shock.   “What are you talking about!  You can’t do this to me Shawn!”

Shawn continued packing.   Monet tried another tactic. 

“Shawnie,  I’m sorry.   Please let’s try again.  You know that I love you.” 

Screenshot-1128She moved between him and the bed and tried to press her body against his.   He moved away. 

She stood provocatively.  “It’s been so long, and I miss you.  Let’s go into the other bedroom.   I promise things will be different!”

Screenshot-1127Shawn felt like gagging.   How could he have ever thought she was hot!  

“Monet it’s over!  I’m leaving and I’m turning this house back over to my parents.   They can sale it or rent it out.  I don’t care, but you’re out of here!  Why don’t you go shack up with one of your boyfriends?”

He saw an expression of anger come into her eyes, but he wasn’t finished yet.

Screenshot-1129“At first Monet, yeah, I was a chump for thinking that you were not the slut that everyone said you were.  I thought that there was some good inside you, but ever since the beginning of our marriage, I’ve seen you for what you really are.   I stuck with you because we’d made vows to each other, but you don’t care about me or our marriage.  Guess what!  I don’t care about you anymore either!  You’re a selfish, lying, cheating bitch; and I don’t want anything else to do with you!”

Screenshot-1121He went to the dresser to get some more of his things, and Monet flew out of the room.   He heard her come back inside, but he didn’t turn around.   Suddenly Shawn felt a searing pain in his back, and Monet was shouting at him!

Screenshot-1122“How dare you think that you can just kick me aside!  I bet you thought you’d hook up with that sly Faye!  Yeah, I know she’s been making a play for you.   Well, she isn’t gonna have you either!”

Screenshot-1123She thrust the knife into his back again, and Shawn fell to the floor on his knees.

Screenshot-1124Everything faded away.

46 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

  1. I am only shaking my head with this one. Why is it that this family, all that happens to them is bad, evil, and wicked?

    • They do have some good times too. Even in this chapter, Dale and Aiden had a nice time together.
      I like to add some drama to their lives also! 🙂

      It really depends on my mood when I’m writing chapters as well as the storyline that I think up for them.
      Most of the time, sunshine and rainbows, but sometimes not so much! LOL

      I have to warn you that there are more bad, evil, wicked times coming. 😦

    • He is really young! The bad consequences of his mistake with Monet just keep adding up. Sometimes we just get involved with the wrong people and don’t know until it’s too late. 😥

      I’m sorry about your heart, Monet! I am making it very hard for him and his family right now. 😦

  2. OMG please let Shawn live don’t let him die, please!!!!! I’m glad Shawn has finally told Monet what she is and to get out of his life. THANK YOU!! That girl was really getting on my nerves.
    (On a side note :you did really well on this chapter especially with the expressions I am really impressed with the look on Monets face when she stabbed him it was just like you would expect her face to be if they stabbed someone.)

    • Monet had even more serious problems that Shawn did not see until it was too late for him! Shawn stuck with her for way too long. 😦

      Thank you so much Sims! I worked very hard on this chapter. I made the soccer poses for Shawn. For Monet’s stabbing pose, I changed a pose that I had used before from another creator. I thought the expression was just right for her stabbing Shawn. 😀

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

    • Faye, I don’t really feel sorry for her either. I think that she was trying to be a good friend to Shawn and that she shouldn’t feel guilty because friendship was all she wanted. It’s not her fault that Shawn married someone like Monet.

      Don’t feel bad about having mixed emotions! I sort of do too. Some things that happen to us are from the choices that make. Some choices we pay for in a harder way than others. This one Shawn is really paying for in an awful way! I feel for him because of how young he is and his reasoning and thinking are not like an adults, but even so, he chose Monet. So the consequences are partly his own fault. Sometimes when you are young, you really should listen to your parents, and he didn’t. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Niamh! 🙂

  3. I’m still here! Silently reading away. I can’t believe that Monet did this. I hate her! He is too sweet of a boy to get mixed up in this mess. I hope Alissa comes to his rescue.

    Also, you better NEVER end this story. I am looking quite forward to seeing Noah & Sharlee’s babies! I know they are adorable and I’m sure you’ve already seen them. 🙂

    • Sorry, Marissa! I had to get off of my computer because of a thunderstorm. Monet was a very evil girl! She’s one of those people who not only won’t allow herself to be happy but can’t stand for other people to be happy either. Shawn definitely should not have been with her! 😦

      I still have some things planned for the family. So the story has a good while to go before itends! 😀 I’m really happy that you like it this much!

      I have played Sharlee and Noah in my game for fun, and they do have some good looking babies! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Marissa! 🙂

    • I plan to start working on it on either Thursday or Friday. I’m working on another story tomorrow. It’s called Mutation! I promise not to keep you waiting for the next update of Alissa for long though! I know I left you hanging! It will be posted either this weekend or on Monday. 😀

      Thanks for reading, Niamh! 🙂

  4. Omg…I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. Shawn deserves much much better! I’m glad with his choice of words. All of them were 100% true! I hope he will be okay! Another great chapter! Can’t wait for the next 😀

    • He really does deserve better! It’s too bad that he didn’t see that for himself before it was too late. 😦

      I thought it was time for him to tell her exactly what he thought of her! Her reaction definitely showed that he was right about her.

      Thank you Rhiannon! I really appreciate that! 🙂

      The next chapter will be posted by Monday at the latest. Thanks for reading Alissa! 🙂

  5. Oh my god!! Poor Shawn:( please don’t let him die, he deserves to find happiness with a nice girl (like Faye) and start his own family, not yet though he’s still too young but he deserves to be able too. Please keep him alive:(
    Monet is such a skanky bitch, I hope she gets arrested and rots in a prison cell! Ugh I can’t stand her. I feel so sorry for Shawn that he’s been sucked into her dirty, self obsessed world.
    I’m glad little Perry is with his own father and Aaton did the right thing by his son.
    It’s nice to see Dale spending time with Aiden, Alissa, Dale and the whole family are going to be so heartbroken when they hear about what’s happened!
    Great Chapter, can’t wait for the next one:)

    • Shawn is a sweet boy. A girl like Faye would have been good for him.
      You’re right that he’s too young now. He was too young to try to take responsibility for Monet and a baby.
      We’ll find out more about Monet. She was self obsessed even as a young girl. Shawn hooked up with the WRONG girl. 😦

      Perry is definitely better off now. Dale and the rest of the family are doing much better now that their priorities are right again.

      I just looked at the next chapter a few minutes ago and realized that I never finished writing it! 😯 I skipped to the next chapter.
      I thought it was finished. 😦 So I have to decide what happens to Monet next. I’ll finish writing it tonight even though I had planned to work on Mutation.

      Thank you so much Clairey, and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  6. I loved the chapter don’t let Shawn die please also my birthday was the 2nd of June so it was a great day after birthday present

  7. What oh heck no…I’d say it’s time for Alissa’s niece to make an appearance. Shawn had better pull through hopefully Faye or someone comes by soon. Better yet I hope Noah does he has the right “connections” to get revenge. I hope that stinking rotten Monet suffers immensely. And what’s this about Noah and Sharlee having babies??? in game…for fun…I wanna see. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

    • I know that a lot of people want Crystal to come, but I just couldn’t think of a way for her to help with Monet.
      Even though Monet is horrible and evil, I just can’t seem to get past the fact that she’s a teenager and Crystal is an adult!
      I don’t know why that is though. You’re right that Noah would have connections for revenge, but again there is that she’s a teenager block in my mind.
      It puts a block on my writing for the revenge. If she were an adult it would be so easy for me! I know it’s weird. LOL

      I’m writing what happens to her now, and it isn’t easy for me to decide. Suggestions are very, very welcome! 😦

      The next time I play that save with Noah and Sharlee, I’ll take pictures. They are living in Monte Vista. Their children are gorgeous! 😀

  8. please let there be a new chapter. I hate when stories do that. Also on a different I making a legacy and its going fine but I don’t know how to start the story here I have an accunt but I dn’t know what to do and plezzz have a new story out before next week and don’t let him die

    • Loving, I promise not to leave you waiting too long, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the next chapter finished before the weekend.

      I plan to start posting a new story this week also. It’s been almost a year since I shared another story, and I’m excited to start working on it. 😀

      Don’t worry, though! I’ll continue posting updates for Alissa too.
      I’ve never been able to do a legacy. So, I’m not sure how I could help you with that.

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  9. Well you already know my feelings on this so i won’t repeat the long list of choice words I have for Monet! 😦 I just have to say if Shawn dies I’m teleporting into your game and taking care of that skanky bitch myself. 😛

  10. Could you pleeeeeeease make the chapters longer. I’m always thirsty for more but I then have to wait another week and it’s hard.

    • Longer? You really want them longer? I thought that they were too long and I was planning to start making them shorter! LOL I’m glad to know that you don’t think that they are too long. That is so sweet! 🙂

      I was planning to work on the pictures for the first chapter of my new story today, but because of how I ended this chapter, I’m going to work on the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa today instead. I know how hard it is to wait when you want to know what happens next. 😀 Hopefully it won’t take me too long to make the pictures.

      Thanks for reading my story, Millie. 🙂

    • Cara would love to get her hands on Monet! Especially after what Monet just did to Shawn. Monet better hope that Alissa doesn’t get to her first!

      Thanks for reading, Jade! I’m working on the next chapter right now. 🙂

  11. Whoa! what a surprising turn of events. Damn Monet has gone and lost her head. OMG, she really went after Shawn with a knife. She better hope and pray Shawn lives through this or there’ll be hell to pay. On second thought there’ll be hell to pay whether or not Shawn lives, there’s no way Alissa and Dale will let her get away with all the shit she’s done. I’m rooting for Shawn, I hope he pulls through, Faye would be devastated if something happened to him.

    • Yeah, Monet really did lose her head! She is very vindictive!
      You are so right! Dale and Alissa are not going to let her get away with it.
      Faye would be devastated and Cara too! 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Val! 🙂

  12. O.O

    Monet’s gone a bit loop-da-loop!

    Poor Shawn, and jesus Monet why r u even bothered with keeping him if you’re making out with guys behind his back anyway?! Its good that the baby went to his father and that there wasn’t another law suit – for a second there I was getting de-ja-vu!

    Horrible and amazing chapter! If you kill Shawn I will cry 😥

    • Loop-da-loop! LOL Their family seems to be a magnet for the crazies. Some people do seem to be magnets for loopy crazies.

      Monet is a very self-destructive person. She likes having Shawn take care of her and yet she’s done everything she can to push him away. More about her comes out in the next chapter.

      Thank you so much Harry! I’m working on the next chapter right now. 🙂

    • Your instincts about her were so right! 😦
      I won’t leave you waiting long to find out about poor Shawn.
      I have one more picture to take and then I’m posting the next chapter.
      I know it’s early, but I didn’t want to make you all keep waiting till next week.

      Thanks for reading, Joanna! 🙂

  13. I hate that woman! Shawn is to sweet and polite to be taken advantage of like that, this family just cannot get a break can they.

    • She is a very hateful person! 😡
      Yeah, he is a very sweet person, and he and his family have a lot of hard times. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Mick! 🙂

  14. Pahaahaa! Megan beat me to it! ;p

    But, yeah, wrong way round. Monet should be dead. I hope Shawns alright! The Stallworths have a way of attracting psychopaths, but they usually overcome these things… *crosses fingers*

    • Alissa wishes she were after everything she put Shawn through. The rest of his family wouldn’t mind it either!

      They do attract them don’t they! LOL I think that even in real life there are some people who are like magnets for the weirdos! Their family meets an exceptional amount of them though.

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