Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Five

Screenshot-35Alex was talking with an agent on his team. He’d approved the addition of each agent, and so far they all worked well together most of the time.

“Sir, we’ve vetted the additional information.”

Alex looked it over quickly.

Screenshot-36“Alright lets give local the profile.”

Screenshot-38Alex and two members of his team presented the profile to the assembled group of law enforcement personnel.

“You’re looking for a white male, in his early to mid thirties.”

Screenshot-40Another BAU agent chimed in. “He is a loner and someone who would blend into a crowd without being noticed.”

Screenshot-41A third agent told them, “He’s probably experienced a recent loss of a child or another close loved one.”

Screenshot-39Alex spoke again. “He blames society for the loss, and his abduction and torture of his victims is in retaliation. He lives and works in this area. However, he appears to be widening the scope of his abductions.”

Then they took questions from the assembled law personnel.  As Alex’s BAU team left the building, they didn’t know that their pictures were being taken with a long distance telephoto lens.

Screenshot-24Alissa was out of town working on a story for her show.  Sometimes she liked to visit the town and home of the person she was going to interview.  Cara was with her taking pictures.

Screenshot-26Cara was interning at the studio. They’d been so impressed with the pictures she’d taken when she had gone with her parents to Africa that they had offered her an internship. She was the first high school student that they had employed for that position, and Cara was very proud that she’d earned it based on her own abilities and not because Matthew was her grandfather and Alissa was her mother.

Screenshot-6Alissa was seated outside at a cafe organizing the information for the interview so that she could send it to her assistant back at the studio. 

Alissa was concentrating so hard that she didn’t notice when someone slid into the seat across from her.  She was startled when she looked up and saw Alex!

Screenshot-10She felt her heart start racing, and her breath catch. As she looked at him, her mind flashed to the first time that they had slept together. She quickly pushed the memory out of her mind and frowned, annoyed with her reaction to seeing him. It had been years since she’d experienced this feeling toward him, and she was dismayed that it had returned. She made herself focus on how he had abused her and badly treated Dale.  The only emotional tie that she had to Alex now was that he had fathered Joy.  Never again would she act on any physical attraction to him.

Alex had seen the sudden flash of desire in her eyes although it had quickly been replaced by the now familiar dislike. It pleased him to see that she was not as indifferent to him as she wanted to be.

Screenshot-16“Alex, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here on a case. I had to question one of the cafe workers and saw you sitting here when I left the manager’s office. Why are you here?”

“I’m working too. Cara is here with me.”

Screenshot-11Alex looked at her silently until Alissa looked away.

“How is Joy doing?”

Screenshot-18“She’s doing well, but Alex, she’s still not ready to go visit you. You have to give her more time.”

Joy’s therapist had spoken with him, and he was trying to be patient. Alex looked at his watch. He had to get back to work.

Screenshot-19“Where is Cara? I’d like to see her before I leave.”

“She should be back any minute. I told her not to go far because our lunch will be here soon.”

Screenshot-27As they were talking, Alex saw Cara walking toward their table.

Screenshot-29Alex rose and gave her a hug.

Screenshot-31He spotted someone taking pictures of them. The man had turned away before Alex could get a look at him. Alex knew that with Alissa’s celebrity status, paparazzi and the public regularly tried to take pictures of her.

Screenshot-34However, something about the man’s furtiveness bothered Alex a bit. He didn’t have time to dwell on it. He had to get back to his team and follow up on the new lead. He talked with Alissa and Cara for a few more moments and then left.

Screenshot-76After Alissa returned home, she had another talk with Joy about Alex.

Screenshot-78“Mommy, I guess it would be okay if he comes here for a visit.”

Joy could see how much other members of her family loved Alex and were glad that he was back in their lives. So she decided that she would try to get to know him better but only as another friend. She already had a Daddy. Although it hurt, Alex understood her feelings and agreed to come for a visit.

Screenshot-54Dale let Alex into the house. It would be the first time that he and Joy had been together since she had learned that Alex was her biological father. Alex found himself feeling a bit nervous. It was an uncommon feeling for him.

Dale surprised Alex when he laughed at him.

“Relax, she won’t eat you!”

Screenshot-55Alex smiled back at Dale. His younger brother was being very magnanimous. Much more so than Alex probably deserved or would have been himself had their positions been reversed.

Screenshot-45Aidan came around the side of the house and saw Joy standing close to the wall. He knew that she was hiding.

Screenshot-46“Joy, I don’t understand why you’re feeling so bad. Daddy is still Daddy. The only thing that’s changed is that we all get cool Uncle Alex too! I asked Grandpa Robert what Uncle Alex’s job is. He said that now that Uncle Alex is back, his job is to help put people who hurt other people, especially the ones who hurt kids like us, in jail. I think that’s cool!  Daddy told me that Uncle Alex helped him find Mommy when she was missing in Africa.   So, he helped us get Mommy back!”

Joy smiled at Aidan. He always made her feel better when she was feeling sad.

Screenshot-47“You’re right, Aidan.” She hugged him. “I’ll race you inside!”

She took off running and Aidan ran behind her.

Screenshot-58When they came inside the house, Alex was sitting there talking with Dale and Alissa. Aidan rushed ahead of Joy.

Screenshot-59“Hi Uncle Alex!”

Screenshot-64“Hello Aidan.  Man, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown just since I last saw you!”

Joy came over to them. Alex smiled warmly at her. He had that old charming twinkle in his eye.

“Hello Joy. You can call me Alex if that’s more comfortable for you.”


Screenshot-67She sat on the sofa beside Alissa, and Aidan sat in the chair near Dale.

Screenshot-60“Your Mom and ….”  Alex paused. “and your Dad have done a great job taking care of you. You’re a very pretty little girl, and you look just like your grandmother Valerie did when she was your age. Except that you have your mother’s blond hair.”

Screenshot-72“Thank you.”

Joy still didn’t smile. She just couldn’t seem to warm up to Alex. Alissa and Dale exchanged a look. Joy wasn’t usually so reserved. She wasn’t a shy child and had a warm heart. They definitely would not push her to bond with Alex.

Screenshot-69Aidan started asking Alex questions about his job and Alex answered in an age appropriate way as much as he could. His team had been instrumental in solving several important cases just in the short time that they had been working together. However, the “unsub” as they called the perpetrator or more commonly termed “unknown subject” by the public, that they were trying to catch when he had run into Alissa and Cara was still at large. The local authorities were still searching for the man and the Behavioral Analysis Unit was still on-call to assist as needed.  Alex’s team was comprised of some of the best analysts in the BAU.

Screenshot-68Aidan was enthralled as Alex told them about the two kidnapped children that his team had helped to locate. Joy was only half listening. She was mainly watching Alex’s expressions as he spoke with her family. He seemed to genuinely like Aidan. Alissa was watching Joy and wondering what she could do to help make this easier for her. Alex too saw what a hard time Joy was having.

Screenshot-71“Joy do you like to swing?”


“Yes, on the swings in your backyard.”

Screenshot-70“Oh, yes, I do.”

“Why don’t we go outside and swing? We don’t even have to talk if you don’t want.”

Joy looked at Dale.

Screenshot-74“Only if you want to, Sweetie.”

“Alright. We can go outside. Can Aidan go too?”

“Sure he can!”

Screenshot-52The three of them went into the backyard and onto the swings. 

Screenshot-49Before long Alex had both children laughing as they ran around the yard playing tag. Alissa looked out the window and breathed a sigh of relief.   At least now Joy would feel more comfortable around Alex.  She wasn’t ready to visit him at his home, but now she did seem to be enjoying the time with him today. Alex believed that if he included her brothers and sisters at first, it wouldn’t be long before she’d be even more relaxed about spending time with him.   It surprised him how much he himself was enjoying being with his family again!  He hadn’t realized how much he had missed them.

Screenshot-84When Alex arrived at his home after his trip to Santa Fe, he checked his mail before he went inside the apartment.  There was an envelope with no return address on it.  He opened it and pulled out the notepaper inside.

It contained two perplexing sentences:  “Birth records are easily obtained.  Daddy better hold on tight!”

Screenshot-83Alex felt suddenly chilled.  This was a threat from the “unsub” in Austin!

17 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Five

  1. I’m started to like this new Alex, but it’s hanging on a very thin string for now. lol If he reverts, then I doubt I’ll give him a third chance lol

    But I’m loving the storyline!!!!
    I can’t wait for the next installment. ❤

    • He does seem to be trying to be a better person now that he’s a father. He wants Joy to be proud of him. Hopefully it will last! 😉

      I’m so glad you love this storyline Cynthia! I thought it would be nice to have a glimpse of Alex’s life too.

      Thanks for reading my story, Cynthia! ❤

    Is it wrong that I hate this unsub more than Alex? Alex seems to finally fit in with this family and is finally having a healthy relationship with Joy, and then this stupid unsub comes into the picture. Wow, life’s timing stinks.
    Hope you update soon, I really love this series! Maybe a little Hall will make its appearance in the next chapter???

    • LOL! I didn’t think about how this was a cliffhanger! 😀 That means I definitely can’t leave you all waiting long to see what happens next. 😉

      Yes, Alex does seem to really want to get along with his family this time. You are so right about life’s timing!

      I’ve started working on the next chapter. I need to build a new lot for it and find a few poses that I need. A new Hall in the next chapter! 😯 LOL
      No, there won’t be a new Hall in it. 😦 We do need another baby in the story! 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Kelli! ❤

  3. A Cliffhanger. Both ugh- and AWESOME! I hope Alex is able to keep Joy safe. Wait, is this really about Joy? Or Sky? Wait… what about all the kids…. or the unknown child that Noah and Sharlee might have? All that scares me- half to death. But don’t answer that. Let me suffer, waiting for the next chapter.

    My suggesting about telling us your progress, just let us know when you’re writing the chapter- when you’re taking pictures, and when you’re done with them. Don’t tell us the date until you’ve posted.
    I don’t have Creative writing till next week, but I have 2 novels I’m attempting to work on, plus a Semi- Rainbow Legacy. Which I’m not planning to post until I’m done writing. Then I have Library Tuesday and Thursday, and a cooking class Wednesday. And I always take Sunday off this busyness!

    • Adventure, you’re making me laugh! 😀 I’m sorry about the cliffhanger. I always hate those when I’m reading or watching a show or movie. I definitely won’t leave you all hanging for long! ❤

      I appreciate your suggestion and the push to start letting you all know about the progress of the updates. I'll set up a section on the blog here too to let you all know how the chapters are coming along. 🙂

      Two Novels! 😯 That is so great! Wow! You are extremely busy, but it sounds like fun things. 😀 You will definitely need a day off!

      Thanks for reading my story, Adventure! 🙂

  4. AWW!! I’m not fan of Alex. But i do feel sorry for him. I hope Joy can warm up to him..

    Can’t wait till the next part..

    Just wondering if you try Sims 4 yet.

    • You don’t like Alex! He really wasn’t being very likeable when he was in the earlier chapters. Maybe he’ll keep trying to do better for Joy’s sake. It’d be awful if he makes her embarrassed to know that he’s her father.

      I’ve started the next part and I really, really promise not to keep you all hanging for long. ❤

      I have Sims 4, but it is definitely not one of my favorites in the Sims franchise. I don't know if it will ever be as good as the others to me because there is so much that I don't like about it. I don't think that the developers working on this version really like the Sims. They tried too hard to make it into an RPG game. I don't play very many of those and definitely not over and over again. Do you have it yet, Kater?

      • I love Sims! Sims 2 was my fav… I enjoy Sims 3 a lot. I cant get into Sims 4. I try really hard, to overlook all of the flaws, I get bored with it within few seconds.. I want the game so bad, So my bf got it for on my birthday.

      • I love the Sims too! ❤

        I feel the same as you do about the Sims 4. I just can't get into it. It's very disappointing because the Sims is my favorite game and I wanted to love the new one too. I think that they really let us down with this version. It doesn't feel like they spent the time or money needed to make the Sims 4 as good as the other base games. 😦

      • When i first got Sims 3 the base game. I was entertain for hours! I never got bored with it. Sims 4 was waste of money.. Even with the new EP get to work, I’m still bored with it…..

  5. I love what you did with the story line daisy! Having a chapter with Alex in it was a great idea and will make for many interesting chapters!

  6. Writing is so important to me- what a shame the class I was going to have got canceled. I’m trying Phys- mainly cause my Father Wants. Still, it’d be fun finding out why he wanted me to take it in the first place!
    Part of me wishes I had my class canceled, but then father would want me working. Every day- Monday to Thursday- and then time with staff on Friday. And I’d delay my Associates Degree a semester which Dad’s pressuring- but I want anyway. Now that I think about it, that sounds alright. I could get myself an accounting or bookkeeping job away from my home, and I once I finish prepping my Rainbow- to Ten generations, I could deal posting it there.

    It really annoys me when people who are supposed to support your dreams don’t. I”m an adult, and being in my home sucks. Being grounded from computer (EVEN MY WRITING) hurts so much, i have to find a way to prevent it. Which means I do so much stuff I’d rather not do. Sometimes I’m not even very honest. (I wrote a Fiction Novella called the Truth Hurts and self published it. (The covers pretty much a dirt road covered by Trees in the forest, there’s a reason for that.) I wonder if it’s my mother’s belief that Autism impaired all my communication Maybe because I never talk with her. (t she always says I’m whining!)

    • That is so sad, Adventure! I hope that they reschedule it so that you can take it at another time! Is “Phys” psychology? I’ve taken a couple of psychology courses and really enjoyed them. You might like it too! ❤ Your Dad wants you to delay? I hope not for too long. Because sometimes if you wait, it never happens. I'm sure he wants what is best for you though. You seem to be a very talented person and I know you'll figure it out.

      Yeah, sometimes people don't empathize if the dream isn't their own. He probably doesn't realize that he's discouraging you. I hope you find a way to continue your writing. I really admire you for writing your own Novella! Sometimes parents forget what it was like when they were their children's age and may not understand or accept the choices that their children make. Don't let it discourage you and try to remember that they do love you even though they don't understand. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook if you want to talk. I'm Daisies Day on there. ❤

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