Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Four

Screenshot-150Noah was glad that he only had one more training session with Harley before his dealership opened in a few months.  He’d only have to attend for two days, but Darion would be there four days.

Screenshot-151“Daddy, how many sleeps you be gone?”

Screenshot-155“Just one sleep, and I’ll call you during the day and at bedtime to read to you and sing your favorite song.  I already have a new book packed in my suitcase.  It’s a surprise!”

Sky clapped her hands! 

Screenshot-160“Oh, what is it Daddy!”

Screenshot-154Noah laughed.  “I can’t tell you now, or it won’t be a surprise.”

Screenshot-152 “Mommy, can I go to bed now so Daddy can read to me?”

Screenshot-162Sharlee laughed then too. 

“No, Sweetie, but the time will pass very quickly; and before you know it, it will be bedtime.”

Screenshot-169Noah gave them both hugs and kisses.

“Take care of yourself.”

Screenshot-167“You too Babe and take care of our little Sky.”

Noah headed out to the garage and then took off on his motorcycle.

Screenshot-119Later that day, at the Harley regional training center, Noah left the instruction room and went to get a soda from the machine. 

He was surprised to see Darion there with Gina.   

Screenshot-116Gina was touching Darion in a very familiar way, and Darion wasn’t trying to stop her.  

Screenshot-120Seeing it made Noah uncomfortable, but he knew that Darion would never cheat on Renee.  Gina usually only worked at the seminars on the island.   It was unusual to see her here.  However, Noah just decided to push the incident from his mind.  It was probably perfectly innocent. 

Screenshot-146After their training was over for the day, Darion stopped Noah.

“Hey, you wanna grab something to eat before we head back to the hotel?”

Screenshot-144“No, I have a lot of studying to do tonight.  I don’t want to fall behind.  I’m just gonna order room service.”

“Alright, Bro.  Catch ya later.”

Noah went back to the hotel, but he was restless.  He couldn’t concentrate, and so he decided to go out for something to eat.  He had a taste for ribs and pulled into the parking lot of a rib joint that he spotted on the way to the hotel.   He saw Darion’s chopper out front and thought he’d join him.  Noah walked inside and saw that the restaurant wasn’t very crowded.  He looked around for Darion, but he didn’t see him. 

Screenshot-83He found an empty table and sat down.  The waitress took his order and then Noah decided to make a quick pit stop in the restroom. 

Screenshot-75When he went through the walkway, he stopped short. 

Screenshot-73Darion was there in a tight embrace with Gina and they were locking lips.  This time, Noah couldn’t explain it away!  Darion was cheating on Rene. 

Screenshot-78Noah interrupted.


Screenshot-89Gina moved guiltily away from Darion.

“Hi Noah!”

Screenshot-91She quickly added,  “Noah, please don’t mention this to Gene.  I’m not working.  My relationship with Darion is personal.  It has nothing to do with Harley!”

She didn’t realize that she was just making the situation worse for Darion by trying to justify her own behavior.

Screenshot-99“I won’t mention it to Gene.  What you do on your own time is your business.”

Screenshot-104Darion finally spoke.  “Gina why don’t you head back to the hotel.  I’ll call you later.”

She looked from Noah to Darion.  There was more going on than she realized.


“You knew I was married, Gina.   Noah’s wife is one of my wife’s closest friends.”

Screenshot-102“Noah, I … Darion said they were having problems.”

She looked at Darion and then headed back to the dining area.

Screenshot-124Darion was the first to speak.

“Don’t look at me like that, Bro.  This kind of thing happens every day.”

He sighed, knowing how flippant he sounded.

Screenshot-85“If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t slept with her.  Yeah, it was probably headed that way, but I didn’t do it.”

Screenshot-94“You don’t think you’re cheating?”

Screenshot-112“I know Rene would think that I am, but she doesn’t need to know does she?”

Screenshot-113“So, you think that I am going to just stand by and watch you cheat on your wife without saying anything to her?  You must be forgetting the fact that she is my friend too!  I have more respect for her than to let anyone including you, “Bro”, treat her like she’s dirt.”

Noah was exasperated by the situation and by Darion’s attitude!

“I would never have thought that you would cheat on Rene!”

Screenshot-134Darion finally got real.

Screenshot-142“Don’t you think I know that!  I would never have thought that I would be in this situation.  I have always hated cheaters and thought of them as cowards.  I… didn’t intend for this to happen.  Even before we moved to Santa Fe, Rene and I were growing apart.  She was so busy with getting her teaching certification and taking care of the kids that there just wasn’t any time for us!  It’s been even worse since we moved.  When she is home, she’s preparing her lessons for her class the following day or doing something with the kids.”

Screenshot-138“You’re saying Rene made you cheat?    So she forced you to flirt with Gina, creep around and hook up?  You’re actually blaming her!  Are you in love with Gina?”

Screenshot-131“No, I don’t know.  Dawg, I’m really confused.  Just give me some time figure out what I want to do.  I know that I have to tell Rene about Gina.   I owe her that much.  I’ll give you a call after I get back in town.  Please don’t mention this to anybody else, not even Sharlee.”

Screenshot-135“Alright, I’ll give you some time.  What were you thinking, Man!”

Screenshot-141“I guess thinking is the key word.  I haven’t been thinking clearly lately when it comes to my marriage.”

They went back out into the restaurant, and Darion came to sit with Noah.  Neither of them ate very much before they returned to the hotel.  Darion didn’t sleep at all that night.  It was a good thing that he pretty much already had the skills that Harley was teaching during the remainder of his training because his mind wasn’t on it. 

Screenshot-148When he returned to Santa Fe, he stopped at Noah’s home to talk with him.  Noah took him into his office.

“I’ve made a grave mistake, and I know it.  I’m going to talk with Rene tonight when I get home.  Can the kids stay here with you and Sharlee tonight?  I don’t want them in the house when I talk to Rene.  I love her, but I think I’ve blown it.  Cheating is the one thing that she told me she would never forgive.”

Noah went with him to his house to get the children. 

Screenshot-4Rene knew that what Darion wanted to discuss with her was something serious, or he would not have sent the children away. 

However, when he told her about Gina, she was furious!  She slapped him hard across his face!

“Why, Darion!  How could you do this to me, to us!”

“You know there hasn’t really been an us for a long while now!  You never make time for us anymore.  I’m last on your list!”

Rene just glared at him for a few moments trying to find some calm to speak.  Then she exploded again!

Screenshot-6“I can’t believe that you have the nerve to blame me for your cheating, and if you think that I believe that “bulls@#t” about not sleeping with her, you can think again!  Who is it that always cancels or says he has to do something else every damn time I made plans for the family or plans just for the two of us!  It sure as “hell” wasn’t me!” 

She stood up. 

Screenshot-34“You have a lot of gall coming up in here putting your trifling excuse for not keeping it in your pants on me!”  

Screenshot-30“Darion, get out!  I’m not playing with you man!  Get out of my house now, or I might kill you!” 

She was crying and screaming at him.

Screenshot-28Even though there truly was no justification for his actions, Darion knew that he’d said all the wrong things to her! 

“Rene, I am so sorry!  I know that I–“

Screenshot-25“I don’t want to even hear your voice, Darion!”

Screenshot-42He made the mistake of reaching out to touch her.

Screenshot-33She slapped him again harder than before.

Screenshot-35“Get out Darion!”

Screenshot-44After he left the house, she plopped down onto the sofa, sobbing brokenheartedly.  Never would she have seriously thought that Darion would cheat on her. 

Screenshot-174Darion went to Noah and Sharlee’s home.  He told Sharlee what he had done and asked her to go over to his home to check on Rene.  Sharlee left right away. 

Screenshot-172She too was furious with Darion. 

Screenshot-48Rene let Sharlee into the house.  She had regained control of herself, but she was still very upset.

“So, I’m guessing you know what he’s done?”

“Yes, he just told me and asked me to come over.”

Screenshot-54“I had a feeling that he was cheating, but I pushed the thought away.  I told myself that Darion wouldn’t cheat on me.   He’s a better man than that.  He’s always said that he has no respect for anyone who cheats on a spouse.  Now, he does this to me!”

Her voice trembled.  Sharlee didn’t say anything.  She didn’t know what to say, and so she just let Rene talk.

“I’m going to stay with my parents for a while.  I can’t think beyond that.  I’ve taken a leave of absence from my job, and I’m taking the children with me.  We’re flying out tonight.  Can you drive us to the airport?”

Screenshot-57“Of course I will!  Whatever I can do to help, please let me know.  I love you guys!”

Screenshot-58“I know you do.   I promise to keep in touch.  Darion told me that it was some woman that he met when he went to his first orientation meeting at the island.  Do you know her?  Her name is Gina.”

Screenshot-63Sharlee’s mouth fell open.  “Yes, I know her.  She’s a stripper that works for Harley.”

Sharlee explained what Gina did for the company.

Screenshot-60“I guess there aren’t really any good men are there?  Give them the opportunity, and they will cheat on you!”

Sharlee didn’t answer and Rene realized what she’d said.

“Honey, I’m sorry.  Of course, I didn’t mean Noah.  It’s just that Darion….”  She trailed off.

Screenshot-70“It’s okay, Rene.”

Sharlee hugged her and then helped her to get some things together for herself and the kids. 

Screenshot-181When they arrived at Sharlee’s home, Rene remained inside the car while Sharlee went to get the children. 

Screenshot-182Darion stood out on the porch as they headed to the car. 

Screenshot-183He looked sadly at Renee sitting in the car.  He felt a huge weight of guilt, regret and heartache at what he’d done to his family. 

Screenshot-185Rene knew that he was there, but it hurt too much to look at him.  She fought for composure before the children reached the car.  She didn’t want them to know that anything was wrong.  Sharlee drove Rene, Kenan and Angela to the airport and waited with them until their plane took off.   Rene told the children that they were going for a visit to their grandparents.

Screenshot-175-silkysoftWhen Sharlee returned home, Darion had already left.  Skylar was asleep and Noah was waiting for Sharlee in the great room.  Sharlee came and sat close beside him on the sofa.

Noah looked sadly at Sharlee.  It hurt him to see how Darion had damaged the lives of himself and his family in such a selfish way.  They had looked up to Darion and Rene as examples of the type of couple that they wanted to be and the type of marriage they wanted to have.  Now…

“Babe, Darion isn’t me and their marriage isn’t ours.  That will never happen to us!”

Sharlee didn’t speak at first.  Then she said solemnly,  “I guess you can’t ever take any part of your life for granted.”

Screenshot-176“I will never take what we have for granted, Sharlee.  I love you, and I respect you too much to ever cheat on you.”

Screenshot-178“I feel the same way about you, Noah.  I trust you!”

Screenshot-180Noah pulled her into his lap and kissed her.  His faith in Darion had been shaken. If Darion could cheat on Rene, how could Noah completely trust him to manage his dealership!  Noah had a lot to think about.   Then too, Darion was his friend and needed Noah to help him get through the mess that he’d made.  Noah couldn’t believe how Darion had selfishly caused such devastation to his wife and his children. 

There was no way that Noah would hurt Sharlee like that, and it was completely unimaginable to him hurting Sky that way.  Sky was his little “bubble of joy.”  He sighed.  Their lives were becoming very complicated!


Marie, thanks for letting me use “little bubble of joy!”  I think it describes Noah’s feelings for Sky perfectly!  ❤


14 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Four

  1. sad chapter, face expressions of Rene were good, one of her expressions was scrunched up in anger, her face looked almost distorted lol. 🙂

    • It was a sad chapter. 😦

      I did think that expression was sort of funny, but I thought it was good for showing how furious she was feeling. That was the expression that the pose creator made, and I knew I had to use it after I saw it! I’d probably look like that too if I was in her situation! 😀

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 It feels funny calling you by that screen name because it’s the name of the main character in the story. 😆

    • Awww Kater! You’re ready for the next chapter? 😯

      I’m glad you enjoy reading the story that much! ❤
      I'm not sure if I'll be able to start the pictures this weekend, but I hope to start them on Sunday. I'll try to post a new chapter next week. 🙂

  2. oh my soul this chapter was so sad ): i get what Renee is sayin if i were her i would also kick my man to the curb before he got the satisfaction of seeing me cry . usually i would call Darion a dirty scumbag but since i like him. i think that he just made the wrong choice (sigh) 😦 can’t wait to see more updates !
    oh yeah when am i gonna here the sound of the new baby halls little feet patter down the stairs
    i’m waiting
    thanks for listening

    • It was very sad! 😥 You’re right that Darion made a very wrong choice. No one who knew him would expect him to do something like that.

      Noah and Sharlee do want more children. We’ll see more on that soon! 🙂

      Thank your for reading, Tommie! ❤

  3. About the busy hectic schedule, I understand better now. I had my cousins over (one was a little over 1 year old and the other was almost three) for a little over a week, and I didn’t even get much chance to work on my novels, let alone the Semi-Rainbow Legacy I’m trying to work on . And I had so much fun with them that I missed them for the rest of second week. So, for Two weeks, my Novels and my Rainbow have suffered. But I did realize, if I have my own family someday, I’ll have to write when I can, not when I want to.

    Don’t worry about when you want to work on Alisa, just do it when you can. When you are able.
    Giving today’s Sunday, I”m not working. (Even though I want to) But tomorrow, I’ll be working on things until my sister comes home from school. Friday as well. That’s for this week- till next week, when I take Summer Classes- (Creative Writing) but just for a month.
    Just let us know the progress of your chapters. You don’t have to tell us you’ll have it out a certain date, because I’m sure something will disrupt you.

    And about kids, what are the general ages. Baby, Toddler, Child, Preeten, or Teen?

    • Yeah, family is great, but sometimes they do keep us from using our time in the way we might wish to do. ❤

      That Creative Writing class sounds like a lot of fun! You are very busy too!

      You're right that I should let you all know the progress of the chapters. ❤ I used to post to the update page regularly, and I'll try to do better! I think I'll start an update page here on the blog too! The pictures for the next chapter are finished, but I haven't had a chance to put them in the chapter yet. I can do that tonight, and then the next chapter should be posted tomorrow. 🙂

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