Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-One

Screenshot-780Sharlee walked over to Noah.  “How do I look?”

Today was the first day for her to drive to Albuquerque.  She had her hair pinned up high on her head and was wearing glasses.

Screenshot-790“When did you get glasses?”

Screenshot-788“They’re not prescription.  I just don’t want to be judged based on my appearance.”

Screenshot-787“Well, if you’re going for the sexy scientist look you nailed it.”

Sharlee looked disappointed.

“Babe, just be yourself.  You’re an exceptionally intelligent woman who is also easy on the eyes.  Besides, as soon as you start talking about the molecular composition of water, etc., etc., it will become clear that you know your stuff!”

Screenshot-793Sharlee knew that Noah was right.  She should just be herself.  She took off the glasses and quickly restyled her hair.  Sky was still asleep and Sharlee had already given her a gentle kiss goodbye.

“I better hit the road.”

Screenshot-796Sharlee gave Noah a quick kiss and then left the house.  They had rented another car for the two weeks of Sharlee’s lab so that Noah could drop Skylar off at her great grandmother Kaye’s home before he went to his classes later in the morning.  Then Sharlee would pick Sky up after she returned from Albuquerque later in the day. 

Throughout the day, Noah and Sharlee planned to use FaceTime to talk with Skylar on any breaks that they had.  That way, hopefully, she wouldn’t miss them as much.  It had taken a lot of talking for Noah to convince Sharlee to do this.  It would only be for two weeks, and Skylar would be fine.

Screenshot-906Sharlee made her way into the room where the lab was to be conducted.  She felt a little nervous, but she was also excited.  There were a few other participants in the room milling about and talking idly.   

She seemed to be the only female, and the others in the room stared at her.  She didn’t see it, but as she passed, some of them mouthed the words “Wow!” and “Smok’n!” to each other.  She smiled and said, hello.   They returned her greeting and went back to their conversations.  She found an empty station and put her things away.  Sharlee was surprised when Kristian settled into the station beside hers.

Screenshot-910“I’m glad to see you made it okay.  I would have suggested that we commute together, but I didn’t think that you would agree to do that.”

Sharlee frowned.  Kristian laughed at her expression.

Screenshot-911“You have me to thank for your invitation to attend the lab.”

The instructor was walking by their table and overheard Kristian’s comment.  He went to the podium in front of the room and directed everyone to go to their stations.

Screenshot-915“First, I’d like to introduce myself to those of you who do not know me.  I am Dr. David Baker, and I will be your instructor for the next two weeks.  You have been selected for your participation because you are the brightest and the most talented of your peers,”  He paused and looked pointedly over at Kristian and Sharlee.  

Screenshot-916Then he continued with emphasis, “and for no other reason.  I expect to see the same dedication and hard work that brought you here.”  He left the podium for a few moments to get some documents.

Screenshot-917Sharlee smiled feeling reassured.  She was here based on her abilities and nothing else.  Kristian may have mentioned her name to someone on the selection committee, but her selection was based on her own merits.  However, she was a very well-mannered young woman, and so she did thank Kristian anyway.

Screenshot-919“Kristian, thank you for suggesting me to the selection committee.”

Screenshot-918Kristian smiled back at her. 

“You’re welcome Sharlee.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any student interested in the medical or biochemical field, and I wanted to share it with you.”

Sharlee didn’t know how to respond to that, but thankfully, she didn’t have to respond because the instructor returned to the podium to start the class.  Sharlee would have preferred a different lab partner, but Kristian’s station was directly beside hers.  So she didn’t want to make an embarrassing point of asking someone else. 

Screenshot-973At lunchtime, Kristian invited Sharlee to go out to eat with him and some of the others, but Sharlee declined.

“Thanks anyway, but I brought my lunch with me.” 

Kristian was disappointed, but he left with the others.  Sharlee called Sky.

Screenshot-975“Hey, Sweetie!  Are you having fun?”

Screenshot-893Skylar was with her Great Grandmother Kaye talking to Sharlee on an Ipad tablet.

Screenshot-895“Yes, Mommy!  Gran Kaye and me were painting.” 

Skylar held up her picture to the camera and Sharlee admired it. 

Screenshot-900Sky looked up off screen.

Screenshot-903Then she said excitedly,  “Ohh, My Daddy’s here, Mommy!” 

Screenshot-984Skylar dropped the tablet, and Sharlee laughed thinking that Skylar was definitely Daddy’s girl.  She could hear Sky greeting Noah, and then Noah picked the tablet up from the floor.   Screenshot-904

Sharlee could see both him and Skylar.

Screenshot-905“Hi Babe, how is it going so far?”

Screenshot-987Momentarily, Sharlee thought of telling him about Kristian, but she decided against it.  There was no reason to upset Noah or make him worry.  

“It’s going good!  The professor approved my idea for my research project, and I’ve already begun working on it.”

Screenshot-989Sharlee talked with Noah and Skylar for a while longer and then after the call ate her lunch.  She tried to eat and cook as healthy as possible.  She’d also prepared lunch ahead of time for Noah to take with Skylar to her Grandmother Kaye’s home for them all to eat.

Kristian had been a bit miffed that the instructor had selected her idea for their project rather than his.  However, the instructor had given him the option of choosing another partner to work on a different project, but Kristian had wanted to continue working with Sharlee.   Although he was initially reluctant, Kristian became engrossed in Sharlee’s theory, and they worked well together.  The first day went by quickly, and Sharlee was happy to head back home to her family.

Screenshot-926It was Friday and the end of the first week of the lab program.  Sharlee was looking over the results of hers and Kristian’s last experiment before setting up the next phase. 

Screenshot-925Kristian was at the station beside theirs, and he was standing close behind one of the other participants showing him a different and more efficient way to fill the beakers.  Screenshot-923Sharlee could see that Benny was uncomfortable having Kristian so close to him, and she thought it a bit odd that Kristian had shown him in that way.  She was to have a better understanding of why later that day.   He did the same thing with her.

Screenshot-929“Here Sharlee let me show you.”

He moved behind her and placed his hands on hers as she poured the fluid from the flask and into the beaker.  Sharlee’s breathing quickened, and she was uncomfortable.  He kept his hands on hers for longer than necessary.  She knew that other students were looking at them.  The instructor saw it as well.

Screenshot-937“I got it Kristian.  You can let go now.”

Kristian moved away smiling.  “Just trying to help.”

Sharlee’s face felt hot.  She didn’t feel that she could complain because he’d done the same thing with another participant earlier.  So she just decided to forget about it and continue working.

Screenshot-941Afterwards, they were so involved in the experiment that Sharlee lost track of time until their instructor interrupted them.  Sharlee realized that the other students were already gone, and she would be late getting home to Santa Fe to pick up Skylar.

Screenshot-943“Don’t you two work too late.  Let the guard know when you’re ready to leave so that he can lock up.”

They were at a critical stage in the experiment, but it wouldn’t take much longer to come to a stopping point.   Sharlee knew that Noah would still be in class, and so she sent him a text to let him know that she would be late getting home.  So he would need to pick up Skylar from Kaye’s house.  Then she called Kaye to let her know that she would be late leaving, but Noah would come for Skylar. 

Screenshot-948She and Kristian set back to work.  Kristian finished his part of the next phase while Sharlee continued hers.   Sharlee started dropping a compound into the beaker. 

Screenshot-952As she did so, Kristian began kissing her on the neck.  If Sharlee moved to push him away, then she could spill the fluid and ruin her experiment.  Kristian had chosen that moment because he knew that.  Sharlee was furious! 

Screenshot-954“Kristian don’t…”

Screenshot-956The guard came into the room before Sharlee could finish her sentence.

“Oh excuse me!”

Kristian moved away.  Sharlee finished putting the fluid into the beaker.

Screenshot-961“Dr. Baker told me that you were still working.   Do you have any idea how much longer you’ll be here?”

Screenshot-960“We’re just about finished.  If you can wait for me, I’d appreciate it if you could walk me out to my car.”

Screenshot-962“I can walk with you out to your car, Sharlee.”

Screenshot-963“No problem, sir.  I’ll be glad to walk with the young lady.  It’s a part of my job. “

So Sharlee logged the results of the test while Kristian cleaned up their area.  Then the guard walked with them out to their vehicles.  Kristian pulled off first, but the guard stopped Sharlee to speak with her.

Screenshot-967“Dr. Baker asked me to come by the lab and check on you to make sure that everything was alright.”

Screenshot-966“Thank you so much.  You came at a very good time.”

He watched until Sharlee started her car and drove out of the parking lot.  Sharlee intended to have a serious talk with Kristian about his behavior.   It was unprofessional, and his advances were unwanted.

Screenshot-882Noah had picked up something for them to eat for dinner that night so that Sharlee wouldn’t have to worry about cooking.   They ate dinner and then played with Sky for a while in the nursery before her bedtime.  Noah laughed at the serious expression on Skylar’s face as she played her xylophone.   He saw a troubled look in Sharlee’s eyes.

Screenshot-888“Babe is something wrong?”

Screenshot-887Sharlee  was tired and didn’t feel like discussing it now.  She felt guilty about the fact that she hadn’t told Noah about Kristian’s participation in the lab.  She also felt a bit guilty because of her physical reaction to Kristian’s advances.  She had no control over that, and she knew in her heart that she wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Kristian.  She loved Noah completely and without question.

“I’m just tired.”

Noah had suspected throughout the week that Sharlee wasn’t telling him something.  He was just waiting for her to come out with whatever it was.  They went to bed early. 

Screenshot-807During the night, Sharlee was very restless, tossing and turning.  She started talking out loud in her sleep and awakened Noah.  He heard her say Kristian’s name. 

Screenshot-802 Noah stiffened.  He hated Sharlee even dreaming about that guy! 

Screenshot-810He touched her gently until she awakened.

“Babe, you’re dreaming.”


“You were talking in your sleep.  What were you dreaming about?”

Screenshot-811He reached over and turned on the bedside lamp.  Sharlee thought for a few moments and remembered the dream.  It was about what had happened at the lab, but the guard hadn’t come inside the lab during her dream.  In her dream more had happened, and she’d ended up slapping Kristian.

Screenshot-812Sharlee knew that she had to tell Noah.  Her conscience wouldn’t let her continue to keep something this important from him.  He was doing better now with controlling his anger trying especially hard since Skylar was born.  Sessions with Sarge as well as the martial arts training had really helped him.   So she decided to tell him.  Besides, they had promised long ago not to hide things from each other.

“Noah, I didn’t tell you this because I didn’t see the need to upset you.  My dream was because of…”   She hesitated.  Maybe she shouldn’t tell him what had happened today.  Maybe just telling him that Kristian was also a lab participant would be enough.

Noah was looking at her intently.  She started again.

“Kristian is taking the lab too.  He mentioned me to the selection committee, and they invited me to take the lab.  The instructor stressed that it was because of our skills and talent that we were chosen to participate.  He wanted me to know that I didn’t get invited because of Kristian, but it was because they felt that I was one of the best students under consideration for the lab program.”

Screenshot-820“So, what else?”


“What has happened in the class?  What is making you look so upset and making you toss and turn in bed?  What made you dream about that… guy?”

Screenshot-826“Noah don’t get upset.  I plan to talk with Kristian on Monday.”

Screenshot-832“I’m not upset.  Talk with him about what?”

Screenshot-823Sharlee could tell that he was upset.  She had said more than she intended, and now she’d have to tell him the rest.  Also, she hated hiding anything from him.  She carefully chose her words.

“Kristian is not behaving in as professional a manner with me as he should be doing.”

Noah was still looking at her.  He could read her face so well and knew there was more.  He knew he wouldn’t like it, or she wouldn’t have hesitated to tell him.  He knew that she was afraid of his reaction.

Screenshot-828“Tell me everything, Sharlee.”

Sharlee told him about the kiss on her neck and the guards arrival.  Noah didn’t say anything.  Sharlee could see that he was fighting for control.

“Noah it’s only for one more week, and I’m going to talk with him on Monday.  I’ll complain to Dr. Baker if he doesn’t…..”

She trailed off as Noah got up from the bed.   He started pulling on his jeans.

Screenshot-836“Noah, where are you going!  I’m going with you!”

Sharlee grabbed her robe.  He had on his shirt and shoes and headed for the bedroom door. 

Screenshot-839Noah told her sharply,  “Stay with our baby!” 

Then he rushed from the room with Sharlee coming behind him! 

Screenshot-841She stopped at the top of the stairs knowing that he wasn’t listening to her.   She soon heard him drive off on his motorcycle.

Screenshot-842Sharlee ran back into the bedroom for her cellphone and called her Dad to ask him to hurry to Kristian’s house.  She quickly explained why.

Screenshot-990Noah pounded on Kristian’s door.  Kristian opened it and Noah pushed past him into the house. 

Screenshot-991Noah looked at Kristian and fought for calm using many of the techniques that he had learned.  Kristian just stared back at him for a few moments.

Screenshot-992“I truly don’t understand why she’s with you.  I’m just baffled.”

Screenshot-994“Not everyone can understand everything, but you don’t need to understand why.  It’s none of your business.  However, this you’d better understand clearly.  Don’t ever touch my wife again.”

Screenshot-998Kristian smirked at Noah.  “What?  You mean never again enjoy the feeling of her racing pulse as my lips touch her soft velvety skin?”

Dale came through the door in time to hear Kristian’s comment.

Screenshot-999Without any more hesitation, Noah slugged Kristian!

Screenshot-1002Dale held Noah back from hitting Kristian again!

“Noah settle down!  Let me talk with him!”

After Noah was calm again, Dale faced Kristian.

Screenshot-1003“Kristian, I have to admit that the comment that I just overheard made my blood boil too.  I find your behavior disappointing as well as bewildering.  You were disrespectful of my daughter as a married woman and as a colleague.  You seem to have forgotten that Sharlee is my daughter, and her safety and happiness comes first for me. 

I am your mentor, and you have put me in the unfortunate position of giving you a warning.  Taking liberties with my daughter is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. I’ve helped you reach the level of success that you have achieved because of my high opinion of your abilities and the belief that you are an outstanding young man.”

He looked Kristian in the eye.

“Don’t make me think that I was wrong about you.  If you step out of line again, I’ll take you down.  I will put the word out and have your medical license revoked, and you won’t be able to practice medicine anywhere in this country.  No agency will accept you for employment.  I will also instruct my daughter to file a sexual harassment complaint against you that will tarnish your reputation.  The choice is yours from this point onward.”

Screenshot-1004Kristian looked at Dale in disbelief.  He had truly believed that Dale wanted him to be with Sharlee rather than with Noah.  Was Dale just saying this to placate Noah?  He knew that he hadn’t mistaken Sharlee’s response to his kiss and to his touch.  She was attracted to him too.

“Dale, you can’t really want Sharlee to be with this dimwitted oaf!  He can’t even take care of her properly.  She has to parade herself for perverts to lust over just so that she can have a paycheck!”

Noah was fuming and wanting to hit Kristian again, but Dale was still between them.  Dale was frowning.

Screenshot-1008“Are you talking about her job with the Harley Davidson Company?  You do know that Harley has been a well-respected company for many decades?  Even some doctors whom you know ride motorcycles including Harleys.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Harper, the chief of emergency spoke with me about a month ago.  He rides a Harley and refuses to ride anything else.  He wanted to know when Noah’s dealership is going to open.  He’s looking forward to having somewhere local to shop.  His wife is interested in learning to ride too.    After Noah’s shop opens, he’s thinking of starting a riding group here comprised of professionals.  I’m actually proud of Noah and Sharlee for finding such an inventive and successful way to take care of their family.”

Screenshot-1009Noah was shocked.  Dale had never said anything like that about him before now.  He felt calmer and decided to try talking with Kristian again himself, man to man.

“Kristian, I more than anyone understand your feelings for Sharlee.  I mean how can you look into those big green eyes of hers and feel nothing.  However, what I don’t understand is how you can treat her in such a disrespectful way.  She is a highly intelligent, confident woman.  She knows who and what she wants, and I’m awed and appreciative each and every day that she loves me.   You can’t know her very well if you don’t realize that she has an extremely high moral standard for herself.    I have complete trust in her, and I know that she will never cheat on me in any way!  You lost her respect by crossing the line with her and copping an unwanted kiss.”

He turned to Dale.  “I give you my word that I’m not about to slug him again tonight.  Can you give me a minute alone with him?”

Dale studied Noah’s face and stepped into the next room.

Screenshot-1010“I’m not like Dale just using words to get my point across.  I believe in taking action when someone is a threat to a person that I love.  A surgeon isn’t any good with broken fingers.  It’d be a shame if you had an “accident” like that.  I promise you that you will have just such an “accident” if you step over the line again with my wife.”

Kristian was silent for a few moments thinking.  He’d always gone after something if he wanted it.  He  didn’t doubt that Noah would complete his threat, but he wasn’t afraid.  However, he realized that Noah was right.  As long as Sharlee was married to Noah, she would not be open to any type of romantic relationship with him.  He sighed.  Of course, she wouldn’t!  He’d been such an idiot.  Her character was one of things that he admired in her.  He called Dale back into the room.

Screenshot-1011“Noah, you and Dale are right.  I have been very disrespectful to Sharlee.  I give you my word that I will not cross the line again with her.   I  won’t continue to pursue her while you and she are together.  I apologize for my behavior, and I will apologize to Sharlee when I see her on Monday.”

Dale smiled in relief that he had not misjudged Kristian.  Kristian had just made an impulsive mistake and would not repeat it.  Noah looked doubtfully at Kristian.  There was something about the way Kristian had chosen his words that made Noah feel uneasy.  He and Dale headed outside to their vehicles.

Screenshot-1013“Dale thank you for coming and stopping me from killing him.”

Screenshot-1015“Well, I’ll admit I definitely understand why you slugged him.  I just hope that it’s over now, and he’ll keep his word.”

Noah agreed.  “Hey, you wouldn’t want to come home with me and protect me from Sharlee would you?”

Dale laughed!  “No, I’m afraid you’re on your own for that one!”

Screenshot-844When Noah came through the door, Sharlee was waiting for him.  He could see that she was very angry!

Screenshot-845“Noah I’ve told you before that I do not need you to fight my battles for me!  I can take care of myself, and I don’t appreciate the fact that…”

Screenshot-846Noah cut her off.   On the way home, he’d thought of how to explain his feelings about it. 

“Yes, you have told me that before, and most of the time, I do know that you can take care of yourself.  However, when we fell in love with one another and became committed to each other, I believed that your battles became my battles and my battles became yours.  I’m never going to stand on the sideline when any man crosses the line with you, just as I don’t believe that you would if the situation were reversed.”

Screenshot-849Sharlee’s mouth fell open.  She didn’t know what to say in response.  She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Then she touched his cheek.

Screenshot-857“I don’t know how you always do it!”


“Keep me from staying mad at you!”

Screenshot-853“It’s because you know how much I love you, Sharlee.  I really love you and appreciate having you in my life more and more every day.”

“Oh Noah!  I love you too!”

Screenshot-850Sharlee gave him a long passionate kiss.

Screenshot-862“Did you hurt him much?”

Screenshot-860“Not much before your Dad got there, but he’s going to have a shiner.  He apologized and said that he’ll apologize to you on Monday.  He said he won’t do anything like that to you again.  Babe, if he doesn’t keep his word, please tell me!   We promised to be open with each other about everything.”

“Yes, you’re right, Noah.  We did.  It’s just that I know how you feel about Kristian, and I didn’t want to upset you.”

Screenshot-855“If he had continued crossing the line with you, and you hadn’t told me, I would be even more upset.”

“Alright, I promise to tell you, but you have to promise not to lose your temper.”

“I promise that I’ll try not to lose my temper.”

Screenshot-858“I guess that’s the most that I can ask of you.  Maybe it would be good for you to teach me some of those martial arts moves you’ve learned like you suggested.  You’re right that Cara and I should be able to defend ourselves if needed.”

Sharlee yawned.  It was 2:00 in the morning, and she finally felt like she could really sleep.

“Let’s get some real sleep now.”

Screenshot-859“Babe, just a second.”

Noah hesitated.   Did he really want to know the answer to this question?  If he were honest, in his heart he already knew the answer, but he felt like he needed to hear her say it tonight.

He told her, “I don’t see it myself, but I know that a lot of women probably think that Kristian is charming and good looking.”

Screenshot-863“Yes, they probably do.”

Sharlee grinned at Noah.  Then she looked him in the eye seriously.

“Years ago, I met and fell in love with my soulmate, you, Noah!  I knew that you were the one and only man with whom I wanted to share my heart, my body, and my life.  You are still the one and only man that I want.  No one, not Kristian nor any other man is going to come between us.  Just accept the fact that you belong to me, and I belong to you.”

Noah smiled at her.  “I knew that, but I just wanted to hear it again tonight.  I’m beat too!  Let’s head up to bed.”

They turned out the lights and made sure the alarm was set. 

Screenshot-870Then they peeked in at a still sleeping Sky. 

Screenshot-865They went to bed and soon to sleep holding each other.

On Monday morning, Kristian was waiting for Sharlee in the parking lot when she arrived for the lab.  He apologized and promised to be a gentleman from now on.  Sharlee accepted his apology but warned him that it had better never happen again. 

Screenshot-970The instructor took Sharlee into his office and asked if she wanted to lodge a complaint against Kristian for his behavior.  The guard had told him what he’d witnessed the previous Friday.  Sharlee had told him no because Kristian had apologized.  She did say though that if Kristian didn’t keep their relationship professional she would want to file a sexual harassment complaint against him.  The instructor offered to speak with Kristian, but Sharlee told him that it wasn’t necessary for him to do so. 

Kristian kept his word and the rest of the week went smoothly.  Their project was one of the two chosen for further development at the bio-chemical lab that sponsored the class.  Sharlee was extremely proud!


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    Daisy I know I’ve said it before but you are the best writer ever! The way your stories unfold and develop are amazing! I wish I could write like you, but no one else could write that good of a story!

    I have read many books and this story is one of the only ones that makes me excited every time I read it.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    From your biggest fan……….EVER!
    MeRock247 (aka Kyla)

    • Hi MeRock! Thank you for saying that! I know I’m not the best writer, but it makes me very happy to know that you’re enjoying reading my stories so much! ❤ I bet you would enjoy writing too if you give it a try. 🙂

      Awww, you are so sweet! That's the best encouragement to keep writing! Thank you Kyla! ❤

  7. Hi, the second I read Kristian’s name, I thought Oh No! This is a great update. I too am a little worried by what Kristian was thinking, ‘as long as they are together.’ I hope it means nothing, but I guess we will see. 🙂

  8. You know, I’d forgotten that I made Noah until just now as I was looking through the comments and saw you say something about me having made him. God, that was a long time ago. He’s come so far, omg.

    I’m still keeping up to date as often as I can 🙂 We should chat some time, now that I can’t play the Sims any more and the TS3 site isn’t up. You need Skype or something like that for us to chat. Unless you already have a Skype, in which case you need to tell me what it is 😛

    • Thanks again for making Noah for me! ❤ I love him and Sharlee together! He really has matured a lot. 😀

      Awww, you can't Sims anymore! 😦 They consolidated the Sims 3 and Sims 4 forum together. I left you a message on there months ago, but I didn't know that you weren't Simming anymore. I'm so glad to hear from you again, Lala! ❤

      I've never used Skype, but I do have Facebook. I'm Daisies Day on there. I used to have Yahoo instant messenger set up on my other computer. I just saw it's still available on my Email page. Do you have that?

  9. I was happy to find such a long and gripping sims 3 story. I haven’t found one since I read the Alice and Kev story. But I was also happy to see you had more stories and so I just read all them as well! I’m not a stalker, I promise aha. *sweats nervously*

    But I noticed that you do look to use the sim that Alissa is modeled by, and I noticed she was mostly with the ‘Dale’ sim in the other stories so I couldn’t help but think aw, it’s like past lives for them that they’ve always meant to be together. I’m a little cheesy like that but it was cute. 🙂

    As for this story… wowzers. I’m constantly checking this everyday to see if there are more updates. I just hope that Sharlee doesn’t have as much tragedy in her life as her mother! But then again, it would be very boring if she was always safe!

    As for Kristian! I hope that Noah indiscreetly murders him without trace. Kristian had such potential to be a good guy, but he flushed that down the drain! I can’t wait to see Noah pummel him. I can feel it coming. 🙂

    I’m re-downloading my sims 3 games because I want to make my story that I’ve been writing, but never sharing. lol
    I only hope that it’s as popular as one of yours. But I always start something, and then get bored and do something else.

    Either way! I can’t wait for the update and I can’t wait to see how this story ends. Speaking of ending, and I’m apologizing now for my essay here, but how many chapters were you planning on making this? Or were you just going to keep it going as long as you can? 🙂

    • Aerin, you are so funny! “not a stalker” 😀 I’m really happy that you enjoy reading my stories! ❤

      I did use Alissa a lot. I think she and Dale are good together. She's my favorite Sim and one of the first ones that I downloaded when I started Simming. I think it's because she favors my Mother a lot, and also I don't like making Sims. I like your idea of past lives too! 😀

      I think it would be boring too if their lives are too perfect. Drama is what makes them interesting to me, but not too much drama! 😉
      Yeah, Kristian and Noah are like oil and water. They do not like each other at all!

      I definitely understand what you mean about starting a story and then getting bored with it. I have several that I've started, never finished and didn't share. So far, I'm still enjoying writing Alissa. It's my longest story. I had an ending planned a long time ago, but I didn't end it there. Some readers asked me not to end it, and so I set the goal for myself of seeing how long I could keep it going. As long as I can continue to think up storylines, I'll keep writing it. 😉

      Thank you for reading my stories, Aerin! 🙂

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