Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Screenshot-90Sharlee was looking wistfully at the double strollers.  She sighed and looked down at Skylar. 

Screenshot-93It was getting close to Skylar’s naptime, and she was drowsily laying in her stroller. 

Screenshot-100Sharlee thought to herself, “I don’t know when you’re going to get that little brother.  It’s hard to get pregnant when your Daddy is seldom home, and when he is home, he’s always working out in the garage or studying.”

Sharlee frowned.  While she was happy that Noah made sure to spend time with Skylar when he was home, Sharlee wasn’t getting any time with him.  She realized that she just plain missed him.  It seemed like as soon as they decided to have another child, Noah became even busier.   She had to admit that she was busy too.  Maybe it was the wrong time for another baby.

The last time they had made love had been during the weekend that they had done their Harley shoot in Arlington.  Sharlee remembered that the shoot had not gone as smoothly as their others. 

Screenshot-117Cara had gone with them to look after Skylar and to see how the photographers handled the shoot.  Gene had been late arriving and had told the photographer to start without him. 

Screenshot-121Sharlee’s usual stylist, Caroline, wasn’t there.  Caroline had been on vacation, and another stylist, Trisha, had been assigned to work with Sharlee.  The first outfit that Trisha had Sharlee wear wasn’t one that Sharlee particularly liked, but Sharlee didn’t say anything about it.  She put it on, and they did her hair and makeup. 

Screenshot-122Then the photo session started.  

Screenshot-125The first set of pictures went smoothly for Noah.

Screenshot-124He looked out as Skylar as his pictures were taken.  It was hard not to smile at her!

Screenshot-127Cara kept Skylar from running over to Noah! 

Screenshot-110The second outfit made Sharlee upset.

“What is this?”

“It’s your next outfit.  Put it on now so the hairstylist can touch up your hair.  We have a schedule to keep.”

Sharlee put it on to see if maybe it would be better on than it looked hanging.  Trisha had already gone outside.

Screenshot-134Noah was waiting for his next set of individual photos to start.   As he waited, a lovely young woman had approached him, and he recognized her.  She was a famous model.

Screenshot-135“Hello, I’m Emily Didonato.   I’m in town working on a movie, and I heard that you were here doing a shoot too.  You’re Noah aren’t you?”

Screenshot-138“Yes, I’m Noah Hall.”

She smiled and continued speaking.  “I’m a big fan of yours, and I was wondering if you would like to go out and get a drink with me after your shoot is over?”

Screenshot-128Sharlee came out of the trailer wearing the outfit.  She went over to Trisha.

Screenshot-144Noah saw Sharlee come out of her trailer.  His eyes widened at Sharlee’s outfit.  It wasn’t complete nudity, but it was close!  Their agent had put a “no nudity” clause in their contract with Harley.

Emily had still been speaking, but she trailed off when she saw that she didn’t have his full attention.  Noah’s expression as he looked at Sharlee surprised her.

Screenshot-137“Wait, are you really married?  I thought that you were both just acting in your commercials.  Is she really your wife?”

Screenshot-140Noah answered, but he was still looking over at Sharlee.  “Yes, Sharlee is my wife and we have a baby daughter.”

Screenshot-143“I would love to meet your wife too!”

Screenshot-147“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to wear this in any pictures.  It doesn’t look like a Harley outfit!  I don’t know anyone who would wear something like this!”

Screenshot-149Cara intervened.   She’d helped with commercial and photography shoots at her grandfather’s television station during her internship.  

“I hate to say this, but Aunt Krystal would wear that.  However, I don’t know of any other women who would.  Especially not a woman who would be interested in the Harley brand.  Isn’t it also a stylist’s job to dress her models in a way that suits them.   I mean my sister is gorgeous, but that doesn’t look right on her!”

Screenshot-155“You are just a glorified model, and I am the stylist.  You wear what I say you should wear.”

Screenshot-153“And no “child,”  she was referring dismissively to Cara, “knows my job better than I do!”

Screenshot-156“Dun be mean to my Mommy!”  Skylar reached out and struck Trisha hard on her cheek!

Screenshot-145Noah was shocked when he saw Sky slap Trisha!

“Excuse me!”

Screenshot-157Noah rushed over to them, and Gene walked over too.  He’d just arrived.

“What in the world is going on?”

Gene looked at the outfit that Sharlee was wearing and frowned.

“What is that, Trisha?  Where did it come from?”

Screenshot-160Trisha said defensively, “It’s on the list.”

Trisha was a new stylist for Harley, and this was Gene’s first time working with her.

Screenshot-158He walked around Sharlee, checking out the outfit.  “That’s not one of ours, and I know that it was not on the list that Caroline left for you.  I always pre-approve the outfits for any shoot that I do.  That looks more like an outfit suitable for “Whips and Chains” magazine and not Harley!  Where did you get that?”

Screenshot-161 “I designed it myself.”

Screenshot-162Gene was indignant! “So, you thought you would do an end run around me and get your stuff recognized?  Well, you just blew it!  Your services are no longer needed.  Pack your stuff and fly home.”

Screenshot-164He called Noah’s stylist over to them.  “Evan, you will have to dress both Noah and Sharlee for the remainder of the shoot.  Harmony will assist you.” 

Screenshot-166“Gene, Harmony is more than capable of handling it alone.  Just give us ten minutes to pull the outfits that Caroline planned for Sharlee, and we’ll get you back on schedule.”

Gene asked.  “Harmony do you want to do it?”

Screenshot-167“Yes, Sir!  Thank you for the opportunity.”

“Alright.  You two let me know when you’re ready.”

Screenshot-159Noah offered Sharlee his jacket so that she could cover up, but Harmony said that she would bring Sharlee a robe to wear.

Screenshot-170“Thanks anyway, Honey.”

Evan and Harmony went into Sharlee’s trailer to figure out what Sharlee should wear next.  Harmony sent a robe out for Sharlee to wear over the offending outfit until her next outfit was ready.

Screenshot-171Emily approached them, and Noah introduced her to Sharlee.  The two women instantly liked one other and were talking away as if they had known each other for years.  

Screenshot-179Noah smiled.   Emily had come to hit on him, but his remarkable wife had charmed her into a new friend. 

Screenshot-172She told Sharlee about coming to the shoot to hit on Noah, and explained that she hadn’t known that they were really married.

Screenshot-177When Sharlee found out about Emily hitting on Noah, she had laughed and told Emily that she didn’t blame her because Noah was smok’n hot!  Just don’t let it happen again!

Gene looked over the early footage for Sharlee’s part of the shoot and had it destroyed.  They retook those photos in the appropriate clothing.  Sharlee felt a lot more comfortable.

Screenshot-180Later, Cara was talking with one of the cameramen as Noah walked past them.  He overheard some of their conversation. 

Screenshot-181“Why don’t you give me your number, and I can give you a call so that we can get together.  I can give you some pointers.”

Screenshot-182“Hold up!   You know she is only seventeen years old, don’t you!  You don’t need her number.”

Screenshot-183Noah led Cara away as she fussed at him for interfering.  

Screenshot-184Noah ignored her knowing that he had been right to intervene. 

Screenshot-188Then he had gone to find Sharlee after their shoot was finished.   He found her straddling a Harley with a man sitting close behind her.  In Noah’s opinion, the man was sitting closer than he needed to be.  Sharlee saw Noah’s displeased expression and explained. 

Screenshot-190“Gene said that they’ve received fan mail asking if I can ride a Harley.   So he thought it would be a good idea for me to learn to ride one.  This is one of the crewmen.  He teaches motorcycle riding as well as his job working for Harley on location shoots, and Gene asked him to teach me.  He just wanted to give me some quick pointers now, and he’s going to come to Santa Fe and give me lessons.  Mitchell, this is my husband, Noah; and Noah, this is Mitchell.”

Screenshot-192“If anyone is going to teach you how to ride, Sharlee, it will be me.”

Screenshot-191“Alright.  I’ll tell Gene that you’re going to teach her. ”  Mitchell climbed off the bike and went to help the other crewmen break down the site.

Screenshot-196Noah climbed on the back of the chopper with her.

“I didn’t know that you were interested in learning to ride.  Is that what you really want to do or is it because of the fan mail?”

Screenshot-194Sharlee leaned back against him. 

Screenshot-195“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Well, if you decide that you do want to learn, let me know.  I’ll be glad to teach you.” 

This shoot had made Noah more determined than ever to make his idea successful so that Sharlee would not have to renew her contract with Harley.  He wanted her next pregnancy to be as worry free as possible. No worry over their finances or her appearance like she’d experienced when she was pregnant with Sky.

Screenshot-99Sharlee’s mind came back to the present.  “Hey Skylar!  We’re in the toy department!”

Screenshot-95Skylar immediately got excited!  

Screenshot-107Sharlee took Skylar out of her stroller to choose a new toy. 

Screenshot-102This was Sky’s favorite part of the store!

Screenshot-109After Skylar made a selection, Sharlee took their purchases to the register.  When they finished shopping, she and Skylar went home.  Noah came home for lunch and played with Skylar.  Then he put her to bed for a nap.  He left home after Skylar fell asleep.  Just before dinner time he called Sharlee and told her that he wouldn’t be home in time for dinner.   He called again at Skylar’s bedtime to read to her and sing her to sleep on FaceTime.   It was after 11:30 when he arrived home and Sharlee was asleep by then.

Screenshot-274Sharlee was checking their credit card bill to make sure that she wasn’t double charged a purchase.  During her pregnancy, Noah had taken over paying the bills and they hadn’t seen a need to give that responsibility back to Sharlee.   So it had been a long while since she’d seen the bill.   As she looked over the charges, she realized that there were none for Noah’s sessions with Sarge.  For insurance reasons, Noah used the credit card to make those payments. 

Screenshot-278Sharlee called Sarge’s office.  The receptionist checked their records.

“No, Mr. Hall has canceled his last three sessions.  I’ve left several messages asking about rescheduling.  The Doctor  wants to speak with him to find out why Mr. Hall hasn’t been in to see him.”

Sharlee thanked her and told her that she would give Noah the message to call Sarge.  She continued sitting in the chair for a few moments, troubled by what she had heard.  So, if Noah wasn’t at Sarge’s office during those times, where was he?  She didn’t want to be a pushy, distrusting wife, and so she hadn’t questioned him about why he was late and cancelling their plans lately.  However, hadn’t the same thing happened to Rene?  She pushed that line of thought away.  No, Noah was not Darion.  She would trust Noah until she couldn’t.

Screenshot-258That night, Noah was late getting home again.  Sharlee was in bed, but he could tell that she wasn’t sleeping.  She was lying in bed stiffly and didn’t turn to greet him.  Noah undressed and climbed into bed beside her.  He touched her gently.  “Babe, I love you.”

Screenshot-268Sharlee turned to face him.  There was a small tremble in her voice as she responded.  “Still?”

Screenshot-270Noah’s mouth fell open in surprise.  She was seriously doubting that he still loved her.  Noah answered solemnly.  “Always, forever and a day.” 

She’d written something similar to him years before when he’d especially needed to hear it. 

Screenshot-247“I love you too, Noah.”

Screenshot-261He kissed her softly, and they made love. 

Screenshot-257Whenever, they were intimate, it still was very special for them both.  Sharlee slept better that night than she had in a long while.

Screenshot-206Sharlee awakened very early the following morning.   Noah was already out of bed.  She got up out of bed and checked on Skylar.  Skylar was still sleeping and then Sharlee went downstairs to find Noah.  She heard the garage door raising and realized that Noah was already leaving!   So now he wasn’t even going to follow their morning routine anymore!  She was suddenly angry!  She flew out of the house and stopped Noah before he started his motorcycle.

Screenshot-205She shouted at him!  “So you were just going to leave without even letting me know!   What was that last night!  Just an excuse to get me to sleep with you!”

Screenshot-200Noah became angry and indignant and shouted back at her!

“You know better than that!  I got permission to use the auto shop today before classes start!”

Sharlee wasn’t even listening.  She turned her back on him and went back into the house!

Screenshot-209Noah sat on his cycle fuming.  Then he forced himself to calm down and think clearly.  He knew now that Sharlee was at her limit and that soon he would have to tell her what he was doing.  He’d wanted it to be a surprise and didn’t want to tell her until he was sure that it would work out.

However, it would all be for nothing if he lost her.  She’d trusted him unquestioningly for a lot longer than other women would have.  He saw his neighbor standing in her yard with her dog, and Noah knew that she’d overheard the argument.  Noah sighed and got off of his bike and went into the house. 

Screenshot-211Sharlee was in the kitchen, angrily cooking breakfast!  Noah came up behind her and put his arms around her. 

Screenshot-212Sharlee stiffened, but she didn’t push him away.

“Babe, what I’m doing is for our family.  I know that I’ve been very evasive and kept you in the dark, but I promise that soon, I will tell you everything.   Please trust me just a little while longer.  I haven’t spent as much time with you lately, and for that I am sorry.  I’ve missed you.  I’ve missed us!  But, I had to do it.   I can’t come home for lunch today, but I’ll make sure to be here for dinner.  Then after Sky is asleep, we can spend the evening together, just you and me.  No studying or working, just me trying to make up in a small way for neglecting you.”

Screenshot-213Sharlee turned around in his arms and hugged him back.  “I’ve missed us too!”

“I’m going to bring dinner home.  You just relax this evening.”

“Alright, Noah.”

Screenshot-226They shared a kiss, and then Noah left the house.  Sharlee was in a happy mood again looking forward to that evening. 

Screenshot-217One of Noah’s instructor’s stopped him in the corridor after he finished his last class.  Other students looked on curiously as she spoke quietly with him.   This was her first year teaching at the technical school, and she was a good looking younger instructor.  She was just a few years older than Noah.   A couple of students overheard what she said to Noah.

Screenshot-220“Noah, it’s going to have to be this evening, or you’ll have to wait.” 

Screenshot-218Noah frowned and then answered.   “Okay, I’ll be there.”

He pulled out his cellphone not looking forward to the call that he had to make.

Screenshot-223“Babe, something has come up, and I’m not going to be able to make it home for dinner.   I won’t be home till late.  I’m sorry, Sharlee.”

Screenshot-215“Of course, you’re not!   Why should I have expected anything to be different tonight!”

Screenshot-221Noah got hot too!  “Damn it Sharlee!  I’m doing the best that I–”  Noah was cut off when Sharlee disconnected the call.

Screenshot-91-2Sharlee tried to be cheerful for Sky’s sake, but it wasn’t easy.   She forced herself to smile as she played with Skylar.

Screenshot-90-2Skylar was having fun playing with her new toy.

Screenshot-92It was becoming dark outside when Noah left the building.   The parking lot was almost empty.  He’d done some work in the auto shop and now it was time to keep his appointment.  He jumped on his chopper and drove out of the campus parking lot. 

Screenshot-229When Skylar’s bedtime came, Sharlee was surprised that Noah didn’t call to talk with Sky and do her bedtime routine.  Sharlee waited as long as she could and then swallowed her pride and called him.   Her call went straight to his voicemail.

Screenshot-233“Mommy, when is my Daddy calling?”  

Screenshot-234“I don’t think he’s going to call tonight, Baby.  He must be very busy or I know he wouldn’t miss it!   I have a new book in my office.  Let’s read that tonight.” 

Sharlee could see the disappointment on Skylar’s face, and it caught at her heart.  It was one thing for Noah to be upset with her, but how could he do this to Skylar! 

Screenshot-237 She’d already given Skylar her bath, and so she got the book and cuddled Skylar as she read it to her.  

Screenshot-282After Skylar was asleep, Sharlee went into her office to study.  When it got to be midnight and Noah wasn’t home and still hadn’t called, she knew something was very wrong.  She tried calling him again and her call again went straight to his voicemail.  Sharlee’s stomach was tight with anxiety.


Thanks Kater for loaning me Harmony!  ❤

Emily Didonato was made by Praline Sims.


28 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Seven

    That teacher did something to him!!!
    Biting my nails until the next chapter lol. I hope Noah comes home soon so they can make up and have another baby!

    Great chapter

  2. OMG, OMG!!! That’s was absolutely a great chapter! But such a cliffhanger, please post the next chapter soon I’m dying to know what happens!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. I think noah have a motorcycle accident, in my opinion skylar enough for them. be second child their relationship be apart more she need changed her mind 🙂

    • You may be right, Anon! Sharlee wants more children, but she is having doubts like you are that now isn’t the right time. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  4. Omg!!! Can’t believe how much they’re arguing! Can we expect any more news from that weirdo in the park from the previous chapter?? X

    • They are going through a stressful time. 😦 Yes, we’ll see more on the weirdo in the next chapter, and what’s been happening with Alissa and Sharlee’s youngest siblings. I hate leaving you all hanging! 😦

      Thanks for reading, Crystal! 🙂

  5. Loved the story. Can’t wait for the next round. I think something bad really happens to Noah, he gets into some sort of accident….something very tragic happens. I’ve read ur other Sim stories, like the one with the woman whose husband dies in a car “accident” and she ends up marrying an older man who was creepily stalking her celebrity mother. While I’d hate for Noah to die (it would be awful for sharlee), the way he has been acting has been dodgy, I hope its nothing illegal.

    • Thank you so much, Layla!

      Sharlee is afraid that something like that has happened to him. 😦

      You’re right that he has been behaving in a very dodgy way. I really promise not to keep you all waiting long! I’m working on the chapter more today.

      Thanks for sticking with the story, Layla! ❤

  6. I loved the chapter ❤ I think Skylar should be the start of a Harley Baby Brand and be "The Face" of the line. She is so beautiful and perfect that she could totally be a model or even a Gerber actress. As long as no creeps come after like in the last chapter 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • I’m glad you loved it Dancerlove! ❤

      Harley would love it if Skylar was in the campaign too! 😀 It's funny that you mentioned that because I found something that I'm going to use soon for Skylar. 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Dancerlove! I hope you have a wonderful day too! 🙂

  7. Great chapter Daisies! It was nice to see Cara again … wouldn’t it be cool if she could intern with Harley for photography? Or even with Crystal at the advertising/design place she’s at; something tells me the two of them could get into some fun trouble together. Well, unless Crystal finally got serious… anyway, I’m on a tangent about other characters. lol
    I hope everything is ok with Noah! I love how you framed it like there may be something up with the new teacher. I don’t worry that Noah would ever cheat on Sharlee (he’s turned down attractive models and the like!) but something makes me question the motives of the new teacher…
    Oh and I absolutely love that Sharlee won over the model and made a new friend! She is just so darn sweet and lovable, and it’s nice to see that she may be able to make a friend in the business that is not all catty and after Noah despite his marital status.
    Can’t wait to read more! (And see, I told you I’d try to lurk less… but the comments are still kinda long… oops haha)

    • Thank you Angie! ❤

      Interning for Harley or with Crystal would be a good idea! Right now she's interning at her Grandfather's television studio. The one where her Mom does her show. Those other ideas are more interesting! 🙂 I have another storyline planned for Crystal, but it's still a while away. 😉

      I didn't get much done on the next chapter today, but tomorrow I should be able to make more pictures. We'll see that new friend of Sharlee's again soon. You're right that it's good that she's made a friend like Emily. People in their business can be really cutthroat!

      Aww, thanks, Angie! I love reading your comments! They aren't too long at all. ❤

  8. oooh! great chapter! I was wondering whether Noah’s new instructor Harmony isn’t up to something…I hope she isn’t just hitting on Noah and wants to be alone with him which is why she said their appointment would have to wait for later. Can’t wait till the next chapter!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Loren! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤

      Yeah, Harmony is a big question right now!

      Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry to keep you waiting for the next chapter. 😦 I'm taking more pictures today! 🙂

  9. Skylar is such a cutie! It would be adorable if you put her in a tutu for a chapter! I can’t wait for the next update. Also, I was wondering if Niki was brought in a just a friend for Cara (who actually I think might be my favorite character at the moment. Not sure. I really love Sharlee too…) Cara’s twin is a bachelor at the moment, if I am correct? Oh well. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens! Love the story!!!

    • Isn’t Skylar sweet! 😀 A tutu is a good idea. It seems like something that Joy would give her!

      Niki is one of Cara’s friends now. We’ll see her and Kaylee again. I think it’s in the next storyline. Shawn is Cara’s twin, and he doesn’t have a steady girl friend right now. After what happened with Monet, he’s still very cautious. They are both going to be aging up soon and going away to college. 😦 I have some storylines for them too. There are so many characters that I seem to be neglecting, but I do have plans for them. 🙂 I had intended to have a scene with Cara and Shawn in the last chapter, but I forgot! 😡

      Awww, thank you Samantha! I’m glad you love my story! ❤

  10. I am finally caught up! I am wondering what the ****Noah is up to lately. I hope something hasn’t happened and that Sky can get her wish to be a big sister soon. I hope that Alex and Joy’s relationship grows. I am curious as to what is going on with the other characters especially Crystal. I hope Alex id’s the stalker and gets him soon. Another great several chapters and as always can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    • KSmomma! ❤ It's good to hear from you! 🙂

      We'll find out soon what Noah's been doing. We'll see more on Crystal soon too. There are a lot of characters to keep track of now! 😀

      I'm actually finished with the next chapter, but it is just way too long! I think I'm going to have to split it up into two chapters. The next one should be posted tomorrow though.

      I hope you've been doing well! ❤

  11. I am doing good. Life got a little crazy this year with 2 jobs, the girls doing various activities, and in Spring I started dating again after four yrs. of being single. Now it’s summer- I am off of job 1 and no longer have job 2 so I have more free time.

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