Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Six

Screenshot-9Skylar was having fun with Joy and Aidan on the seesaw. 

Screenshot-10Joy kept tight hold of her when they were raised up into the air.  Skylar giggled and pointed at the ground. 

Screenshot-18Sharlee was buying ice cream for them.  She kept looking over to make sure that the children were alright.  However, she wasn’t really worried because the park was in a safe part of town, and they had been coming there ever since she was a teen. 

Screenshot-15After they got off, Joy held Skylar’s hand as they walked toward the snack bar to join Sharlee. 

Screenshot-21Aidan was playing hopscotch as they approached him. 

Screenshot-22Skylar pulled away laughing and ran a little bit ahead of Joy. 

Screenshot-25She stopped short as a man knelt down and spoke with her.  

Screenshot-24“Hi little one!  Is the older girl with you named Joy?”

Screenshot-29Joy rushed over and picked Skylar up in her arms.  She glared at the man.  She’d heard his question. 

Screenshot-31She told him, “You’re a stranger!  Go away!”

Something about the man made Skylar afraid, and the sternness in Joy’s voice added to her fear!   She clung tightly to Joy and called out, “Mommy!”

Screenshot-40Aidan saw the anger on Joy’s face.  He shouted loudly!  “Get away!” 

Screenshot-39He kicked the man.  He used a soccer kick and could tell that it hurt the man! 

Screenshot-42The man had an angry expression on his face as he looked at Aidan.   “You little…”

Screenshot-28 Sharlee was next in line when she looked behind her and saw a man talking to Skylar and Joy. 

Screenshot-36Then she heard Skylar call out to her and saw Aidan kick the man!   It all happened so fast! 

Screenshot-43She rushed out of the ice cream line shouting!

“Hey!  What’s going on!”

Another parent stood up and headed toward the man too!  The man looked over at them, and then quickly moved away from the children and left the park!

Screenshot-82At around the same time, Alex was trying to reach Dale.  He couldn’t get through to Dale though because Dale was in surgery.  So he tried George, but he couldn’t get through to him either.  He already had called the Santa Fe local P.D. to send a patrol car to Joy’s school.   When he couldn’t reach George, he called Noah.

“Noah, I need you to go get Joy from school right away.  Keep her with you.  A police officer should meet you at the school!”

Screenshot-56“She’s not in school today.  It’s a teacher’s workday.  Sharlee took Joy, Sky and Aidan to the park after she get out of class this afternoon.  I’ll head over there and call you after I get her.”

Alex thanked Noah and was relieved that Noah hadn’t wasted time asking questions.  His first impression of Noah had been right!

Screenshot-45Sharlee had called the police and was making a report.  The officer was trying to get a description of the man from the children and bystanders but it was difficult because the man was so nondescript.

Screenshot-44Sharlee’s cellphone rang as both Noah and Alex called her.   Alex asked to speak with the officer and Sharlee handed her cell to him.  Noah came rushing over to them. 

Screenshot-46He took Sky from Sharlee.

Screenshot-49“Are you all okay? What happened?”

Screenshot-51Sharlee explained as much as she knew. 

Screenshot-53The officer handed the phone back to her after speaking with Alex.  Noah asked to speak with Alex and Alex explained why he’d called Noah. 

Screenshot-88The “unsub” didn’t know it yet, but threatening Joy had been a huge mistake.  Now Alex intended to personally investigate and coordinate the search for the “unsub” until he was identified and captured!  Alex assured Noah that Skylar was not the target.  She was too young for the perpetrator’s record of  victimology.   They all commended Aidan and Joy for the way they had responded to the perpetrator.  They were extremely proud of them for defending each other and Skylar.

Two agents from the FBI took Alissa, Aidan and Joy into protective custody.  Alex promised Alissa that it would not be for long.  That he was going to find the “unsub” and bring him to justice.   Based on Alex’s past track record, Alissa and Dale believed him.  George assigned officers to regularly patrol the Stallworth home as well as Noah and Sharlee’s home.

Screenshot-58Alex and his team were pouring over everything that they knew about the “unsub.”  

Alex looked at the info board.  What was he not seeing!  He was attuned to the other members of the team and their conversations although he appeared to be engrossed in the board.  One of the older more experienced team members approached him.

Screenshot-63“Sir, for the record, I have to ask this.  Do you think that you’re too personally involved to be successful in locating the “unsub?”

Screenshot-59“Question noted.   What is my profile?”

“Your profile, Sir?  You know that the unspoken rule of profiling is that you don’t profile your fellow team members.”

Alex didn’t respond and Agent Davis laughed.  Then he looked at Alex seriously.

Screenshot-64“I haven’t been able to profile you.  I admit that I looked at your record or at least what I could see of it.  I have a pretty high clearance rank, but many years of your service record were redacted.  So I’ve concluded that you were involved in “Black Ops.”

Screenshot-60“What I can tell you is that once you get to know me better, you will realize that when the stakes are the highest that is when I am at my best.   Each person on our team is the same way.  This perpetrator will not be an “unsub” past this day!”

Screenshot-62“I’ve been thinking about the “unsub’s” behavior.  He took an unnecessary chance by going to that park.  He wanted you to know that he’d been there and could have taken Joy had he wanted.  I believe that subconsciously he wants to be caught.”

Screenshot-61“I agree.  That’s my feeling too.”   Alex paused, listening to the others.

Screenshot-66“Do you see what I see?”  Lincoln was indicating information in the “unsub’s’ file.

Agent Turner asked him.  “What do you mean?”

Lincoln answered.  “Look at the “unsub’s” first victim.  What do you see that’s different from what he did to the others?”

Screenshot-65“You’re right!”

Lincoln Tate was the least experienced and youngest member of the BAU team.  Alex knew that he would have to help him to build up his confidence in his own abilities and contributions to the team.

Screenshot-68“Agent Tate, there is no need to vet your findings with anyone before you bring them to my attention.  I selected you because of your unique ability to quickly see the pattern among the minutia of facts.   What have you perceived?”

Screenshot-69“It’s the perp’s first victim, Sir.  He took one step differently in his torture of that child than he did that of the others.  He removed just the right foot and left the other intact.  Whereas with his other victims, he removed both feet in addition to the same methodology as used on the first victim.  I think that is significant.”

Screenshot-78“You’re correct, Tate.  Perhaps his own child died as a result of a botched surgical mistake involving amputation.”

Screenshot-72“Good catch,  Tate!”

Screenshot-70“Yes, I can’t believe I missed that.”

Screenshot-67“Don’t hold back if you notice anything else.”

Screenshot-77“Sir, I just received the sketch developed from the description given by the Santa Fe witnesses.  It’s not very definitive, but I’ve entered it into my data base, and I hope to get some type of match at any moment.  I’ve also begun a search for any botched pediatric surgery involving amputation over the past two years in the “unsub’s”  early area of abductions.” 

Screenshot-76She paused checked another screen and then said,  “I have some prospects coming through now!”

She quickly collated the information and informed the team.   After another two hours passed, they had narrowed the names down to three prospects.  Alex had been correct.  Before the end of that day, they did know the identity of the perpetrator.  However, finding him would not be so easy.  Alissa and the children would have to remain in protective custody for a while longer.


35 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Six

  1. oh my gosh, i thought that man was gonna kidnap the children at the beginning! i was so scared!!!
    proud of joy and aidan for handling the situation the right way, alissa and dale did a good job with raising them.
    that is so sick how the unsub removed children’s feet. i understand he was hurting, but it doesn’t mean that every parent who loses a child hurts other children! he really needs to be caught and locked away forever.
    great story daisie, hope you post soon

    • It did look like he was going to try to didn’t it!

      So far, Dale and Alissa do seem to have done a good job with them. They really did the right thing in those circumstances. Noah and Sharlee are going to have to make sure that they teach Skylar about stranger danger too. I know it’s hard for parents to find the right balance between teaching their children to be friendly and to be safe. It would be so wonderful if teaching them that wasn’t needed. 😦

      Thank you so much, Kelli! ❤ I've already started the pictures for the next chapter. 🙂

  2. OMG THIS CHAPTER! Those kids standing up for themselves literally made my day 😀 😀 ! I used to be terrified of kidnappers when I was that age, so I was sitting there reading this poised to scream :).

    This is a great storyline. The unsub is sooooooo creepy, and I love seeing Alex being the protective daddy/secret agent. Both the past chapters have been wonderful. I can’t wait to see what happens next and if they catch him!

    • The kids definitely inherited Alissa’s spunk! 😀 Kidnapping children wasn’t as prevalent when I was a child or at least it wasn’t as publicized as it is now. If I’d known about it as a kid, I’d probably have been more afraid too. Things have changed a lot since then and it’s so sad that parents have to worry about their children more now. 😦

      Thanks Beachbear! Alex is seeing just how much he’s missed being away from his family for so long. He really wants to be a part of Joy’s life now. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this storyline! ❤ Sometimes the things that interest me don't interest a lot of other people! 😀

      • I think the Stallworths and the Halls need to give their children a “code word” in case the creepy man decides to play a long-lost relative next time to trick them :). Lots of families had them when I was growing up. If a grown-up didn’t know the code, the kid knew they were a kidnapper and didn’t go with them. Not sure how much good it actually did because why would people send strangers to pick up their kids, but still it was popular.

      • That is a great idea, Beachbear! Not just because of this creep, but with their family’s celebrity attention, they should do that. 🙂

  3. Great update! (I’m trying to be less of a lurker, no promises lol) I love that we get to see Alex focused on work again – like he said, when stakes are highest he works his best. And seeing Alex at work reminds you that he isn’t a *complete* creep, more like 65-70% maybe? LOL But yeah, threatening Joy was a bad, bad move. Especially now that she is warming up a little to having him around. It would be really nice if the family could move forward together; Alex seeing what he was missing while playing with the kids was bittersweet.
    Good for Joy and Aidan knowing to watch out for stranger danger!! After all that Alissa has been through, it makes sense that she would make sure her youngest kids (well I’m sure all of them, but you know what I mean) would have the sense to handle themselves in such a situation. Look at them being so brave and protecting Skylar! Love it! Speaking of Joy & Aidan… Not that I *want* them to grow up too fast, but it seems Alissa’s kids have been ‘kids’ for a while. Are there major birthdays coming up? I can see Joy still being a kid for a while (teen when Skylar is a child, perhaps?) and I’m in no rush but I would imagine that Shawn & Cara are getting close to graduating soon – especially since Sharlee is almost done with her school. (I’m not calling out continuity, btw, please don’t take it that way! I just missing seeing Alissa & Dale’s other kids too..)
    Oops, this is why I lurk – my comments can be unnecessarily long. But great job Daisies and can’t wait for the next chapter! 🙂

    • Hi Angie! I’m glad you came out from lurking, but believe me, I do understand! ❤

      Alex is "65-70%" a creep! You're making me laugh! 😆 You are so right about how he's behaved with his family in the past. It's a good thing that family still loves you no matter what, or they would want nothing to do with him. 😀 Yeah, Alex does see now what he's missed by being away from his family. Maybe he'll be different this time. Especially since he wants a good relationship with Joy.

      Joy and Aidan did very well in those circumstances. You're right that Alissa and Dale would want to make sure that they knew what to do to stay safe. 🙂

      I was looking at my list of future storylines for the story just yesterday. It is almost time for Cara and Shawn to age up and go to college. I will be so sad! 😥 Joy and Aidan will be teens or I might use a height slider and make them taller into pre-teens. 😉 Skylar will stay a toddler for a good while longer though. I can't make her grow up yet! 😦

      I know that Alissa, Dale and Alex should be older too, but the game has huge jumps in aging up. I'm not sure what to do about that because Dale and Alissa's parents are aged as adults now with wrinkles added. I don't think that their parents would be as old as the elders in the game. I wish we had gradual aging.

      Awww, don't feel bad about long comments! I enjoyed reading it! ❤ Thank you so much for the encouragement! I've started on the next chapter too! 🙂

  4. I’m glad Joy and Aidan were alert to stranger danger and immediately drew attention to themselves to keep the man away. Unfortunately a lot of children fall prey to kidnappers and pedophiles because they were never taught to be weary of strangers. I hope they catch the guy before he does any harm to any other child and I know Alex is the one to get him. Also I like that Noah is a little like Alex. He’s tough and straight to the point which is needed in some situations. Is there something wrong with me because I get excited when I see Noah lose control? I love that he’s changed for the better but sometimes I just want him to knock someone out – someone who deserves it of course. LOL.

    • Joy and Aidan handled that situation in the best way that they could. It’s sad that children can’t trust strangers anymore. It seems like it’s getting worse and worse. 😦 Alex is going to try very hard to catch him! Hopefully, it’ll be before the guy has another chance to take a child.

      I agree that Noah is a bit like Alex! 😀 It is sort of exciting when Noah loses control! He did slug Kristian a couple of chapters back, but he’s trying very hard to control his anger now. He wants to set a good example for Skylar. Sometimes becoming a parent changes a person for the better or at least they try to be better! LOL

      Thank you for thinking of nominating me, Eddie! That was so sweet of you, but I’m too shy to get involved in something like that. ❤

  5. Hi! Great chapter, Skylar is such a cutie!!! she’s so adorable when she smiles :), she looks like sharlee when she was a toddler too, but her eyes are bigger and brown like Noah’s.

    • Hello Loren! ❤ Thank you!

      I love little Skylar too! 😀 I agree that she looks like Sharlee when she was that age and especially with that hairstyle because it shows off her big eyes. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Loren! 🙂

  6. Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg!
    Amazing chapter Daisy!
    Why are your chapters always soo good?!?!?!?!?
    Aiden and Joy handled that situation sooo well.
    p.s. nice kick Aiden

    • I’m happy you like reading Alissa as much as you do! ❤
      Thanks, MeRock!

      Yes, Aidan and Joy did a good job remembering what their parents taught them. Alex is going to teach them a bit more soon! 🙂

      Thanks for sticking with the story, Merock! ❤

  7. I was just thinking about a new show….. The Whispers, June 1st, where Aliens use children to help with thier invasion. It’s a different process then you did with your story Mutation. If you feel like watching it, be my guest. I’m planning on watching.

  8. hi, wonderful chapter, loved the characters and storyline. any news of the next update? just wondering because I’m craving to know what happens next! Keep up the stories.
    Noelle xo ❤

    • Thank you Noelle! ❤

      I was hoping to get the pictures finished today, but I'm late getting started. I'm still going to try so that I can post the new chapter tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll get them finished in time. 😦

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