Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two

Dale knew that soon they would have to tell Joy about Alex.  He would still love Joy as much as he always did.  She was just as much his daughter as Cara and Sharlee were in his heart.  However, he didn’t want her to doubt his feelings for her after she learned about her paternity.

It was time for him and Joy to have their monthly father and daughter one on one outing.  He and Alissa still made it a regular practice to give each of their children time alone with them.  It kept them close and kept the lines of communication open between them. 

Usually they let their children select the activity, but Dale wanted to make this a special memory for himself and for Joy.  He asked Cara for some ideas and Cara offered to help him plan it.  She took care of making most of the arrangements.

Screenshot-1062Alissa came out of the house to find Joy.  “Joy did you forget that today is your day with Daddy?”

Screenshot-1064“Oh, is it time to go?”

“Yes, Sweetie.  After we get you dressed.”

“Daddy wouldn’t tell me where we’re going.”

Screenshot-1067“I know.  He wants it to be a surprise for you.”

Screenshot-1163When they got upstairs to her room, Alissa told her to take a shower, and then Cara washed and styled her hair.  Joy’s eyes widened when her mother brought out a new dress for her to wear.  She quickly put it on.

“Wow Mommy!  I really like it.”

Screenshot-1164Alissa helped her finish dressing and then they went downstairs where Dale was waiting.  He was dressed in a Tuxedo and looked very handsome.  He bowed to Joy.

“May I escort you to your carriage, Princess?”

Alissa had tears in her eyes, and Cara looked on smiling.

Screenshot-1068Dale lead Joy out of the house and to a horse drawn carriage.

Screenshot-1069“Oh Daddy!  You did this for me?”

Screenshot-1070“Yes, Sweetie.  You’re my last baby girl, and I wanted to make tonight special for you.  I love you my little Joy no matter what happens.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Screenshot-1072 - CopyDale helped Joy up into the carriage, and they rode to the theater.


Joy watched the dancers perform exquisite ballet moves. 

Screenshot-1023The lead dancer was a Prima ballerina and considered to be one of the greatest classical ballet dancers of all time.  Joy felt privileged to see her performance.

Screenshot-1028She breathlessly watched the female performer move into a swan dive as her partner held her perfectly. 

Screenshot-1031She smiled enthralled with their performance and dreaming of the day when she would be an adult on stage performing before a large audience like this one. 

Screenshot-1030She knew her family would be sitting right in the front row proudly watching her.

Screenshot-1034When the performance was over, Joy was thrilled to go back stage and meet the dancers.  She gave a bouquet of roses to the lead performer, Margot Fonteyn.

“Thank you, Sweetie!”

Screenshot-1033“Joy is a wonderful dancer too.”

Screenshot-1038“That is so good to hear!  Never give up on your dreams, little one.”

Joy thanked her, and then she and Dale left the dressing room.  Their outing wasn’t over yet.  Next they went to a park. 

Screenshot-1040Dale and Joy went into the gazebo.  It was set up for a special dinner where they were served each course.  There were fairy lights and flowers all around, and it was perfect for a little girl’s special fantasy.  They talked and laughed together throughout the dinner.

Screenshot-1044“Boy Daddy, I feel like a real princess.”

Screenshot-1047“You are just as special as a princess to me, baby girl.”

Joy smiled. 

Then after dinner she and Dale danced around the gazebo. 

Screenshot-1050“May I have this dance or is your dance card full?”

Screenshot-1053Joy giggled and said she would love to dance with her Daddy. 

Screenshot-1057It was a wonderful day and a sweet memorable time.

Alissa had done as much preparation as she could to make it easier for Joy to accept Alex into her life.  Sammi had put her in touch with a child therapist who specialized in caring for the children in blended families.  She’d reassured Alissa that a child as loved and well-adjusted as Joy should suffer no long term effects from finding out about Alex.  Especially if they told her that Alex had returned to help her when she was seriously ill.

However, she did caution them not to pressure Joy into a close relationship with Alex.  He was still a comparative stranger to her.  With time, they might become good friends, but Joy might never see him as a father to her.  In her heart and mind Dale is her father, and trying to change that feeling could harm her. 

Alissa had also consulted an attorney.  She’d learned that legally, Alex is still not Joy’s father.  Dale is her father and legal guardian.  However, she felt that Joy did deserve to know the truth about her parentage, and it was time to tell her now that Alex was back in their lives.

Screenshot-1122Dale and Alissa took Joy into the office to talk with her.  Dale spoke first.

“Before you were born, I used to talk to you inside your Mom’s belly, and I loved feeling you move around against my hand.  Your brother, your sisters and I couldn’t wait until the time when you decided to join us.  We loved you before you were born and even more so now.  I’m so proud and happy to be your Daddy, Joy.”

Screenshot-1081“I’m glad you’re my Daddy too!”

Screenshot-1074“Joy, you know that we all love you very much, don’t you?”

Screenshot-1099“Yes, I know.  I love you all too!  What’s wrong, Mommy?”

Screenshot-1075“There’s nothing wrong, but Daddy and I have something that we need to tell you.  I told you that Alex and I were married when we thought that your Dad was dead.  Do you remember that?”

“Yes, I remember.”

Screenshot-1090“We wanted to add another little person to the family.   That little person is you, Joy.  Dale is your Daddy, but Alex is your biological father.”


Screenshot-1116Alissa felt her heart contract at the emotion in Joy’s voice, but she knew she had to continue.

“We always intended to tell you, but now that he’s back, Alex wants the chance to get to know you better.”

Screenshot-1108Joy was fighting tears.  Alissa and Dale could feel Joy’s pain and disappointment, but they knew that the time had come for her to know the truth.  They had been warned that they needed to give her time and space to adjust to the knowledge.  They needed to make sure that she knew that she could pour out her heart to them and that she understood that nothing had to change in her relationship with Dale.

Screenshot-1106“The job that Alex was doing helped to keep us all safe.  Otherwise, he would not have left the country when he knew that your Mom was pregnant with you.  However, when you became ill, he returned to the country because he was a match for your marrow.  Now he’s back for good and he wants to be a part of your life.”

Screenshot-1095“I don’t want to do it!  It can’t be true!”

Joy jumped up and ran out of the room!  She was crying.

Screenshot-1123Sharlee was waiting outside and caught her in her arms.  She hugged Joy close.

“I promise it will be okay, Joy.”

Screenshot-1125Joy hugged Sharlee back tightly.

Screenshot-1129“You know about me and Alex?”

Screenshot-1126“Yes.  Mom told me.  How about we have a sleep over at my house tonight.  It’ll just be the two of us.  Noah and Skylar are staying with Darion and Renee.  Mom already packed a suitcase for you just in case you want to do it.”


Sharlee got Joy’s suitcase and they went to her home.  They sat on the bed in Sharlee’s bedroom and talked.

Screenshot-1134“But I don’t like him, Sharlee!”

Screenshot-1137“Who?  Alex?”

“Yes.  I don’t like him.”

That surprised Sharlee.  Joy hadn’t spent much time with Alex.

“Why don’t you like him, Honey?”

Screenshot-1136Joy thought for a few moments.

“I don’t like how he looks at Mommy and Daddy.”

Screenshot-1141“What is it that you don’t like about it?”

Screenshot-1135“He looks at Mommy the same way that Daddy does, and I don’t like it!   I can tell that Mommy and Daddy don’t like it either.  He looks at Daddy like he’s mad at him and doesn’t like Daddy!”

Screenshot-1142Sharlee remembered that Joy was very empathic when it came to the feelings of others, but she hadn’t realized that it was to this extent.  Sharlee tried to find the right words to use.

“Mommy told you a long time ago about the time that Daddy was missing and that she was married to Alex.”

“Yes, she told me.”

“Well, Alex may still love Mommy like he did back then even though he knows that he and Mommy will never be married again.  After all, our Mom is the most lovable Mom in the world isn’t she?”

Screenshot-1147Joy finally smiled.  “Yes, we have the best Mommy ever!”

Screenshot-1151“I’m sure that Alex loves Daddy, but at times he probably feels a bit jealous because Dad and Mom are together now.   Do you understand what I mean?”

Screenshot-1160“I guess so, but Sharlee, what if I never like him?”

Screenshot-1144“No one can force you to like him.  Just because genetically he is your father, it doesn’t mean that you have to like him or even love him.  Daddy is still your father, your Dad and that hasn’t changed.  However, if you do find it in your heart to love Alex too, that is okay.  Daddy and Mommy won’t be hurt by that.”

Joy was thinking about what Sharlee was saying.  Sharlee continued speaking.

“You know that Bronson is my bio-father, and I do love him.  However, I don’t see him as my Dad either.”

Screenshot-1159“Do you think that it could be that way with me and Alex too?”

Screenshot-1158“Of course it can.  It will take time for you to get to know him better and then maybe you can become friends.  There isn’t any rush.  One of us will go with you to visit him until you say that you’re comfortable enough to visit him alone.  If it makes you feel any better, even during the worst times, I always knew that Alex loved me, Cara and Shawn.  Shawn, Cara and I loved him too.  I always knew that we could count on him if we ever needed him.  I was very sad when we thought that he had died.”

Screenshot-1155“Oh.  Are you sure that Daddy won’t be sad?”

“I’m sure, but why don’t you talk with him about it yourself?”

“Okay.  Can I call him now?”

Sharlee handed her a phone.  Joy spoke with Dale and he reassured her that he would not be hurt at all if she came to love Alex too.  He told her that one of the things he loved most about her was her big heart, and he wanted her to be surrounded by people who love her.  Alex would just be another person in her family who loves her. 

By the end of their conversation, Joy was smiling.  She and Sharlee talked for hours that night and Sharlee helped her to see that having Alex as a part of her life wasn’t a bad thing after all.  However, Joy was happy that she could set the pace and wouldn’t be pressured to get close to Alex if she wasn’t ready to do so.




39 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Two

  1. What a great wake-up surprise! 😀 I really love Joy, I’m so glad that she was ok with being told about Alex. It was so cute to see her and Sharlee have that heart-to-heart sister chat as well ^_^ We all love your work, Daisy. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Isn’t Joy a sweet little girl! That wasn’t an easy chapter to write, and I’m glad that you thought it was okay. Joy had mixed emotions, but I think Sharlee helped her accept it better! 🙂

      Thank you so much Fibijean! ❤

  2. Yay!! Chapter, been waiting for this moment for so long – and it finally happened. I always wondered how you would approach Joy learning about her paternity without it causing her too much distress, and you did it so great! 🙂
    Anna Maria Quinn xo

    • Hi Anna! ❤

      Now that Alex was back, I thought it was time for Joy to know the truth. I'm so glad that you thought it went well! It was hard writing that talk that Alissa and Dale had with her. 🙂

      Thanks Anna! 🙂

  3. OMG!! What a good chapter! Your the best writer ever!
    Sharlee is so pretty, and Joy is so cute! The daddy date thing with Joy was so nice_
    I cant wait to hear what happens…

    • Awww, thanks Tamlyn! I know I’m not the best, but I’m glad that you’re enjoying reading it! ❤

      I think that Joy and Sharlee both got their Mom's prettiness without being her clones. 😀

      More will be coming soon! Thanks for reading my story, Tamlyn! 🙂

  4. I’m so anxious to see what happens next!!!! I am so glad that Joy had Sharlee to talk to this about, especially considering how young she is when she finds out! I hope Alex doesn’t do anything stupid to turn Joy away from her family or do something to push her away from him…
    I also noticed how much Joy looks like Alex!!! She has her mother’s hair, but everything else looks like Alex. Her eyes are so gorgeous <3333 What color are they? (I'm not very good with identifying eye colors :P)
    And the daddy-daughter date that Dale and Joy had was soooo cute 🙂 No matter what, Dale will always be a father to Joy.

    Loved this chapter Daisie, can't wait for the next one!!!!

    • Hello Kelli! ❤

      Yeah, it is nice having a big sister sometimes! 😀 With Alex, you never know what he might do, but hopefully, he'll put Joy's well-being first.

      I think that Joy looks like him too! I'm glad that she wasn't another Alissa clone. What color are her eyes? I think they're gray? Maybe with a little blue. I don't know! LOL I looked, but I can't tell for sure either! 😀

      You're right about Dale. He will always be Joy's father.

      Thank you Kelli, and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  5. I’m glad to see that learning about her father, didn’t change the family too much! Now maybe Alex will back off of Alissa! And I was relieved to read that Dale was her legal guardian and that Alex had no say in the matter, I’m sure he’s not going to like that. xD

    It also feels like a calm before the storm here too lol

    Also, I was wondering if this whole story was going to go on continuously and never end, or if you had an end thought up or something?

    • Alissa was worried, but so far learning that Alex is her bio-father doesn’t seem to have hurt Joy too much. Yeah, now we have to see how Alex handles it. You’re right about him not liking it.

      “calm before the storm” What do you mean! 😆 Things don’t stay calm for long do they? 😉

      I know I’ll end it some day, but I still have a lot more planned for the family. I guess maybe another year’s worth. I might think up more than that though. I enjoy working on Alissa. It’s relaxing entering into Alissa land! 🙂

      Thanks for reading Alissa, Cynthia! ❤

  6. OMG!

    Good, better, best,
    Never let it rest,
    Until your good is better
    And your better’s best.

    This is defenetly your best!

    I know I’ve said it before and you might not believe me but, you’re the best writer ever! Every time I read your stories I keep wanting to read them again!

    When’s the next part coming out?

    From your biggest fan,
    A.K.A. Kyla

    • Thanks MeRock! ❤

      I'm working on the next chapter more today, but I haven't started the pictures yet. I'm planning to post the next chapter on Monday of next week. Hopefully, I'll finish it before that though and if I do, I'll post it sooner. 😀 Not tomorrow, but the following Monday. I can't believe how fast this month has flown by! 😯

      Thanks for always being encouraging, MeRock! 🙂

  7. I am very happy that Joy did not get really, really upset. The part where her and Dale went to see the ballet performance and have the dinner was really cute. This is a awesome chapter.

    • It was a huge shock for Joy, but she does know how much Dale and Alissa love her. Knowing that Sharlee is in the same situation and seeing how close Dale and Sharlee have always been is helping make her adjustment to the information easier too. She knows that her relationship with Dale hasn’t changed. She’s still not too excited about getting to know Alex though.

      Thanks Ianlovero7! I had fun doing their outing! 🙂

      Thank you for reading my story, and I’m happy that you enjoyed it! ❤

  8. Hey Daisy!

    I was super excited to see that your updating again! This chapter was so cute and I think that Joy and Alex’s relationship will be a good thing for the plot. Sharlee and Noah still are adorable, and I’d like to hear more about Cara and shawn and Aiden. SO I guess that means Dale and Alissa’s family

    • Thank you Ally! 🙂 I was missing working on the story too.

      I do plan more storylines involving the rest of the family, but this one doesn’t really focus so much on them. I promise to do it soon though! ❤

  9. Oh my gosh! I’ve re-read Alissa like three times! LOL! I think Alex is just to pushy and should have let Alissa do it on her own time granted the fact that Alex was out of their lives for so long. I get it, he wants to become a “father figure” in Joy’s life but he will come to realize that she won’t see him like that. Keep up the great work! XOXO

    • Wow Dancerlove! You’ve read it three times! That is such a great compliment! 😯

      Alex is being very pushy and you’re right that he doesn’t have the right to be that way. He needs to have more patience and think of what is best for Joy. Alissa isn’t going to let him push too far though. She is definitely going to handle it in the best way for Joy no matter what Alex says.

      Thank you Dancerlove! ❤

  10. Hi!
    I have some questions, an opinion and a bit of feedback.

    Firstly I thought this chapter was very interesting! Keep up the great work. I thought you made it end very mysterious leaving me hanging (if you know what I mean..) I hope that you still continue the series for a bit longer!! 😀 When you didnt post for a while, I thought you had just ended the series so I tried to read your other series and stories… I really liked them but I personally think this is the BEST!

    How much effort goes into each chapter?
    What state/country do you live in?? -Just out of curiosity 😀
    When are you posting the next chapter? :Lol…
    Have you ever just wanted to forget writing the series? If so, DON'T LEAVE MEEE…
    What inspires you, any other good series??

    I don't really have feedback or any suggestions. I think your a really good writer! Do you have an official schedule for the days you post because I am one of those people who are really fussy and they need to know the times of everything and be prepared 10 weeks earlier.. (if you know what I mean…)

    So thank you, and sorry for alllll the writing!

    • Hi Tamlyn! ❤

      I still have many more chapters planned, but I know I'll end it one day. Alissa is my favorite out of all my stories too! 😉 Eventually, I'll share another one, but I'm not going to start posting it until all of the chapters are written and I've taken most of the pictures. It will be a good while before I do though. I just want to concentrate on Alissa for a while now.

      You are so sweet! No, I don't have an official day for posting. Sometimes I'm too busy with other things to work on my story like I want to do. I used to be able to post weekly updates, but now I'm aiming for every other week. So next Monday I should have another one posted. I could probably post more often if I took less pictures or made shorter chapters. I could try that if you all would prefer it that way. 😀 Maybe I should do a poll to see what you think. 😉 I live in the United States.

      Awww, thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  11. Hi Daisy!
    I love Alissa, you are such a good writer, I hope you continue the story for awhile yet. Quick question, do you upload sims to the exchange? I want your mutation family now that your done the story lol 😁 I really enjoyed Mutation as well. Look forward for new updates and future stories ❤

  12. Hi Guys! I just wanted to let you know that I’m still not finished with the pictures for the next chapter. Between game crashes and the holiday, I didn’t finish the pictures yet. 😦 It won’t be posted till Wednesday.

  13. I’m just wondering, is Sharlee and Noah going to have another child? If so and it’s a boy, I really love the name Asher and it works well with Skylar. Asher and Skylar

  14. I was wondering when you are taking pictures of them in the bath do you have to have a mod to remove the pixel blockage things? I am making a story of my own and I want to make it more realistic. 🙂 XOXO ❤

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