Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Fifty

Screenshot-504Sharlee had already grilled some chicken breast and made a big pot of soup the night before to eat for their lunch today.    So she set the soup simmering on the stove after she and Sky returned home.  Then she went into Skylar’s playroom.  She knelt down to Skylar. 

Screenshot-505“Let’s bake some cookies!”

Screenshot-500Sky got excited and clapped her hands! 

Screenshot-502Sharlee always loved seeing that happy, pleased expression on Skylar’s face.

Screenshot-507“Can we make my favoritest and Daddy’s favoritest?”

“Of course we can make your favorites!”


She helped Skylar remove her boots and took off her own.  Then Skylar went to get her chef’s hat and apron. 

Screenshot-512Sharlee had brought the mail inside earlier after she and Skylar had arrived home, but she hadn’t looked at it yet.  While she waited for Skylar, she looked at the mail and saw a letter addressed to her. 

Screenshot-514When she opened it, her eyes widened in surprise! 

Screenshot-518Then Skylar came back over to her. 

Screenshot-515Sharlee smiled at her baby girl thinking about the fact that Sky was the most important part of her life.   She realized that she would not be able to accept the offer in the letter.  It would not work out, and so she put the letter aside literally and figuratively.  

Screenshot-516“I ready, Mommy!”

They went into the kitchen together and started baking the cookies.  They baked chocolate chip and also oatmeal with raisins cookies.

Screenshot-524“Skylar, should we put in more raisins?”

“Yes, lots more!”

Sharlee let Skylar add the raisins to the mixture. 

Screenshot-529Then they rolled out the dough. 

Screenshot-535Sky had fun cutting out the cookies in different shapes.  

Screenshot-544After the cookies were baked and cool enough, Sharlee gave Sky one of her favorites.  Skylar ate it and came back over to her Mom.

“Another cookie, Mommy!”

Screenshot-540“May I have another cookie, Mommy?”

Screenshot-538Skylar repeated Sharlee’s words.  “May I have another cookie, Mommy?”

Screenshot-542“That was very nice, Skylar!  I love how well you speak.  You may have another cookie after we eat lunch.  Daddy will be home soon, and we’ll eat lunch then. “

Screenshot-548“But, Mommy!”

“After lunch, Skylar.”

Skylar stomped off into the livingroom and asked to watch the “Rugrats.”   Sharlee and Noah liked to watch any new show before they let Skylar watch it to make sure that it was appropriate, but Skylar had watched it at her last play date.  So Sharlee decided to take a chance and let Skylar watch it while she finished cleaning up the bowls and pans that they had used to bake the cookies.  She kept checking on Sky.  Sky seemed to be enjoying the cartoon.

Screenshot-550When Noah arrived home, Skylar rushed over to him and Noah scooped her up into his arms.


Screenshot-552Noah gave her a hug, and she kissed him. 

Screenshot-556Sharlee came over and kissed him too. 

Screenshot-554Sky waited patiently.  Then Sharlee went to the refrigerator to take out the chicken.  She started to prepare their sandwiches.

Skylar was looking at Noah with a serious expression on her face, and so Noah knelt down to talk with her.

Screenshot-558“Daddy, member you say tell you when somebody mean to your Sky?”

“Was somebody mean to you?”

Screenshot-559“Mommy!  Her, she be mean to me today!”

Screenshot-560Noah was surprised!  “Your, Mommy?  Sharlee?”

Screenshot-566“Yes!  We cook my favoritest cookies an her give me one.  I say I want more and her say no!  May I have another cookie, Daddy?”

Screenshot-561“Now, Sky, you know better than that!   We’ve told you before that if Mommy or I say no, then the answer is no!  We love you, and if we tell you no, it is because that is what is best for you.”

Screenshot-563“Please, Daddy!”

Screenshot-570“No, Skylar, and that’s the end of it.”

Screenshot-571Skylar plopped down on the floor and proceeded to throw her first temper tantrum. 

Screenshot-572Noah was shocked and then fighting laughter. 

Screenshot-573He managed to say, hiding his laughter,  “Sky, when you’re finished with that whatever you’re doing, you come and find me, and we’ll get washed up for lunch.”

Screenshot-575Noah went into the kitchen with Sharlee and couldn’t hold in his laughter.

Screenshot-576“Your daughter is throwing a temper tantrum.”


Screenshot-578“Yes.  I told her to find me when she’s finished.  I thought it would be best to ignore it.”

Screenshot-585“I wonder where she got that behavior!”

Screenshot-587Skylar ran into the kitchen and made sure that Noah and Sharlee saw her and then again started throwing a tantrum on the floor.  

Screenshot-586Noah and Sharlee ignored her. 

Screenshot-588Noah told Sharlee,  “I sure am hungry and ready to get washed up.”

Screenshot-592When she saw that her parents were ignoring her, Skylar stopped.  

Screenshot-594She stood in front of her father.

Screenshot-595“I ready to get washed now too, Daddy.”

Noah picked her up, and they went into the bathroom to wash their hands.  

Screenshot-601 Sky was back to her sunny self as they ate lunch together. 

Screenshot-602After lunch when her mother gave her a cookie, Sky gave it to her father instead of eating it herself. 

Screenshot-603“Here Daddy!  I wan you to eat it.”

“Thank you, Sweetie!”

Screenshot-605Before he left the house to go to his next class, Noah looked at the mail and saw the letter for Sharlee.

“Babe, what’s this?”

Screenshot-608Sharlee walked over to him to see what he was talking about.

“Oh, it’s nothing to worry about.  It’s a letter informing me that I’ve been accepted to attend a special two week lab course in Albuquerque.  I’m not going to do it though.”

Screenshot-609Noah read the letter.  It sounded like a great opportunity and honor for Sharlee.  It would be a notch on her curriculum vitae and put her in higher demand when she started looking for a job in her field. 

He knew the reasons why she wasn’t doing it.  It was because Albuquerque was over an hour away, and it would mean a big cut in her time with Sky.  However, he couldn’t let her pass this up without even trying.  They would have to find a way to make it work out for her.

Screenshot-633The next time that Sharlee allowed Skylar to watch “Rugrats,” she watched it with her. 

Screenshot-631They laughed together at the opening sequence.

Screenshot-612She soon saw where Skylar got the idea of throwing a temper tantrum.  Skylar hadn’t done it since that first day, but Sharlee decided to talk with her about the characters on the show.  Most of the characters were adorable toddlers, but one was a spoiled character called Angelica.  It was her behavior that Skylar had imitated.

Screenshot-621“Skylar, do you think that Angelica’s parents and friends are happy when she acts like that?”  Sky frowned thinking.


“No, that wasn’t very nice for her to do that, was it?”

“I dun think so.”

Screenshot-622“I think it’s best if you don’t copy what you see on the television.  If it is a show that has things that Mommy or Daddy want you to learn, then we will make sure to tell you.  If it’s a show just to watch and enjoy, Mommy and Daddy will tell you then too.  Rugrats is a show to watch and enjoy, but not to imitate.  Do you understand, Sweetie?”

Screenshot-628“Yes, Mommy.  I sorry I was bad.”

Screenshot-623“You are never bad, Skylar.  That behavior wasn’t good, but you are a good, sweet, smart and loving baby girl.  Daddy and I are so very proud of you!”

Screenshot-763Sky hugged her Mom and kissed her cheek.  Sharlee hugged her back tightly.

Screenshot-649Niki unpacked the last box in her bedroom and looked around her.  Although she was still upset because they had moved from Anne Arbor to Santa Fe, she had to admit that this was a nicer house than the one they’d had in Anne Arbor.  At least here she and her younger sister, Deborah, no longer had to share a room. 

Screenshot-723Niki thought of the day her parents had told them that they were moving and how upset she’d been.  Their Dad had taken them out to the park for a picnic.

Screenshot-725“I’ve received a promotion and we’re moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

Screenshot-728Niki was shocked. 


“In a couple of months before school starts.”

“But this will be my senior year.  We can’t move!”

Screenshot-726“Niki, this is a great opportunity for your father and for our family.  I know that the timing may not be the best, but we are going to move and give your father our full support.”

Niki didn’t say any more then, but she was very disappointed.   She’d have to leave all of her friends and her boyfriend!  Things had finally fallen into place during her junior year, and she’d been looking forward to her senior year. 

She’d known most of her friends since preschool, and she and Cody had been an item for the past two years. How could her parents make her give all of that up now!  

Screenshot-729Deborah had been excited about the move, and as soon as they arrived home, she found all of the information she could about Santa Fe on the internet.  Now they were living in Santa Fe despite Niki’s protests.

Screenshot-646Niki’s new bedroom included a windowed alcove that had been perfect for her studio.  She started a painting.  Over the years her painting had given her an outlet for her frustrations as well as for her creativity.  It was her passion, and she had a natural talent.  Niki’s father knocked at her door, and she told him to come inside.  Screenshot-640

He sat down near her.

Screenshot-639“Niki, I want you to know that I understand how hard this move has been for you, but I promise that it is the best for us.  Now, I’ll have the money to send you to whatever college you choose.  My new position will be less stressful, and I’ll have more time to spend with you before you leave.   I did this for all of us.  I love you, Niki.”

Screenshot-652Niki put down the paintbrush and went over to her father and hugged him. 

Screenshot-655“I love you too, Dad!  I’m sorry for being such a pain, and I really am happy for you.  You deserved to receive your promotion!”

Screenshot-707From that moment on Niki was determined to make the best of it.   She found an empty seat in her homeroom class on the first day of school.   Most of the students around her had known each other for years now, and so she felt very alone and uncomfortable.  She looked around the room and stopped on a face that was a little bit familiar.  

Screenshot-702The girl felt Niki’s eyes on her and smiled at Niki. 

Screenshot-712 After the bell rang, the girl waited for Niki in the corridor. 

Screenshot-708Niki said, “I think I’ve seen you somewhere.”

Screenshot-711“I’m Cara Stallworth.”

Niki smiled and told Cara what she remembered.   “You used to live in Anne Arbor and attended Anne Arbor Elementary!  I remember you because I always thought that you had the prettiest shaped eyes!”

Cara recognized Niki too.  They’d had different teachers, but Cara remembered admiring some of Niki’s artwork on bulletin boards at the school.   Niki had done the same with Cara’s photographs.  They checked their class schedules and saw that they had the same lunch period.  They made plans to meet for lunch in the cafeteria. 

Screenshot-720At lunch, Cara introduced Niki to her cousin Kaylie and to some of her friends.  Niki fit right in with the group.  When she went home after school, she happily told her parents all about her day.  Maybe living in Santa Fe would be alright after all.  Her parents were relieved to see her so happy again.

Screenshot-744Dale and Alissa were having a night out for dinner and dancing.  They were with Miki, Jamil, Leslie and George. 

Screenshot-745George had recently received a promotion to Assistant Chief of Police, and he was telling them how relieved he was to have the whole process over now.  Both he and another officer had been in the running for the promotion.

However, the other officer had used dirty tactics that had backfired.  He’d illegally obtained information about Noah’s juvenile record and made it public implying that George had used his influence to have Noah’s record expunged.  It had become evident that George had nothing to do with Noah’s case which had been tried in Bridgeport.  However, the officer who made the accusation had clearly gained access to the information in an underhanded way.  So he had bolstered  the public’s trust in George’s ethics, and damaged their trust in himself.

Instead of harming Noah’s reputation, it had made him even more popular, giving him street credibility with older, hardened bikers and with younger men as well.  Women  saw him as a bad boy trying to go good because of the influence of a good girl, Sharlee, but still with an edgy side to his personality.   Harley was pleased with the boost in Noah and Sharlee’s popularity and the ensuing increase in the sale of Harley products.

Screenshot-749Alissa’s phone rang.  It was Alex.

“Alissa, I’ve been very patient.   Have you told Joy yet?”

Screenshot-751“No, I haven’t.  Hold just a moment, please.”

Alissa excused herself from the others and then went outside to talk with Alex.

Screenshot-741“I don’t want to miss anymore time with her, Alissa.  You can’t keep me from her.”

Screenshot-753“I’m not trying to do that, Alex!  I don’t want her to be hurt.”

Alex was getting upset and raising his voice.

Screenshot-756Dale excused himself and then found Alissa outside.  He could hear the strain in her voice and from her side of the conversation, knew that she was speaking with Alex.

“Alex, I’m her mother, and I’m going to do what is best for my daughter.” 

Alissa disconnected the call.

Screenshot-758“Alex is pushing you to tell Joy?”

Alissa nodded her head, yes.  “Dale, I’m too upset to go back inside.  Let me have the car keys and I’m going home.  You can get a ride home with George and Leslie.”

Dale handed her the keys.  “You start the car and wait for me.  I’ll make our excuses.  I can see how upset you are, and I’m going home with you.”

Dale went inside and apologized to the others for ending their night early.  He told them that something had come up but it was nothing that needed to worry them.  Then he and Alissa drove home.

Screenshot-737Alex was so upset with Alissa that he called his father.   For the first time, he told his father that Joy was his daughter but asked him to keep it confidential.  He explained why he was upset with Alissa.  His father did not respond in the way that Alex expected.

“So you have known since before Joy was born, that you are her father?”

“Yes, and now that I’m back, we deserve the opportunity to have a relationship as father and daughter.  If Alissa can’t manage to tell her, then I’ll do it myself!”

Screenshot-734“You took that position and left the country making all of us think that you were dead.  You knew that you would soon have a child.  Yet, you trusted Dale and Alissa to raise her and nurture her for all of these years.  They have poured a lot of time and love into making Joy the happy, well adjusted, loving child that she is today.  You don’t have the right now to insist that they tell her according to your timetable.  You’d better trust that Alissa will do what is best for your daughter or you’ll blow any chance at all of having a good relationship with Joy!”

Alex thought about what his father told him and decided that he needed to be patient for a while longer.


I’m sorry for such a long chapter, but I needed to set up the next storyline.  I’m going to try very hard to update regularly again.  Thanks for reading my story! 

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  1. Hey daisy! It’s been a while but I’m glad you’re finally back to updating again. When skylar was throwing the tantrum, she reminded me of my sister because my sister try’s to get our attention when she starts crying. I think Alex needs to be a little more patient, they want to plan out how and when they’re going to tell her, I mean she’s just a child. I almost didn’t recognize the sims because I’ve been playing the sims 4 a lot lately since ts3 doesn’t want to cooperate with me and keeps crashing. Anyway, I’m glad you’re back to this story again and this was a great chapter as always. Bye!

    • Hello Ali! ❤

      My little brothers didn't throw tantrums, but my nephew did it once when I was keeping him. I wasn't like Noah though. I burst out laughing and he looked at me as if to say "That's not what you're supposed to do!" Thanks for not giving up on the story!

      Let me know if I can help you figure out what's going on with your Sims 3 game. I have the Sims 4, but I just can't get into it like the other versions of the game.

  2. I’m going to give you advice first, then the comments. Have you ever heard of the concept of writing every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes here and there, and not always on the computer? It’d probably make it easier to post routinely, as your computer tasks would be limited to typing up what you wrote, taking the photos, and posting.

    I’ve read this Color My World Rainbowcy. The updates are once a week, every Monday, without Fail. The times do vary, from the morning until the night. You don’t have to do every Monday, but you could do once a week- or Twice a month (every 2 weeks) Or you could do at least once or twice a month (giving the option to do more). Personally, I think at least once or twice a month will do you the best. But the decisions up to you, though.

    Now comes the comments
    I really like Skylar. She’s still an adorable toddler, even when she’s throwing a tantrum. It’s amazing how Noah. didn’t loose his temper dealing with his daughter, and I can’t wait for the day when Noah and Sharlee get their daughter more family. There’s only one thing I have to say. And this is probably going to make everybody mad at me- maybe even you. Nobody succeeds in fully controlling their anger, not the first time. Noah needs to have a relapse with that.
    I’ve probably made everybody hate me for suggesting this.

    • Adventure, I write my stories for fun and relaxation. It is a hobby that I do in my spare time. I’ve been writing Alissa for three years now. I used to have the time to update weekly, but real life has kept me busier. I know the advantages of having my chapters written and prepared ahead of time, but that too takes time that I have not had. I hope to be able to update frequently again, and I do intend to try to do that. I share my stories just in case someone else enjoys reading them too. I know you mean to be helpful with your advice, but I have to do what works best for me. I’m glad that you do have another story which you enjoy reading and that the author is able to update regularly. 🙂

      Yes, I agree that Noah is a good father. Noah has always had difficulty restraining his anger, and that hasn’t changed. He’s doing better, but his personality is still intact. You’ll see that in future chapters if you continue to read the story. He’s one of my favorite characters and his personality isn’t going to change. I can say that he will never lose his temper with his baby though. I still have a lot planned for my story.

  3. Daisies, this was such a wonderful chapter! Noah and Sharlee are wonderful parents. I love seeing how they put Sky first and make sure to tell her that she’s always good even when they don’t like her behavior. And guess what? My sister and I used to imitate Angelica from Rugrats, too! 🙂 When we were little we picked up on the phrase “dumb babies”. It’s hilarious to me that you happened to choose the same TV character we used to imitate. Is Rugrats still on the air? It was my favorite show when I was a little older than Sky.

    I hope Sharlee sticks to her guns and doesn’t take the lab job, or else they find a way that it really doesn’t interfere with her time with Sky. She’s right…when kids are in the picture, they have to come first!

    I’m glad Cara has found a friend. She’s so pretty. It was nice seeing her show up in the story. And I agree with Robert that Alex can’t expect Alissa and Dale to tell Joy on his time after he entrusted them to take care of her. He might be her bio-father but Dale is her real dad.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Beachbear! I was hoping that it wouldn’t be boring because there wasn’t much happening in it. It’s a lead into the next storyline.

      I used to watch Rugrats with my little niece! I thought it was such a cute show, but she imitated Angelica’s attitude too! LOL Her parents had to have a talk with her about that too. It wasn’t exactly the same as Sharlee’s talk with Sky though. They told her that if she kept imitating Anglica’s behavior then she would no longer be allowed to watch the show. She didn’t throw tantrums but she did become bossy like Angelica was. She asked me to help her stop doing it because it was her favorite show. She is 19 now and still a sweet girl!

      My mother had a talk with me like Sharlee had with Sky. It was about what was real and what was pretend though. I was getting a bit confused watching monster movies like the old Frankenstein movies. I started watching them when I was very young and maybe a bit too young. I have always loved scary movies, but my mother had to explain to me that those monsters were not real. Sorry for the ramble! LOL

      Kids definitely should come first. I know it’s hard for working mothers to find a good balance.

      Alex does have a lot of nerve pushing Alissa to tell Joy before she’s ready. That’s going to happen soon in the story. You’re right that Dale has been and is still her real Dad! My bio-father isn’t my older brother and sister’s bio-father, but they still used to see him as their Dad too. They lived with their bio-father after they became teenagers, but they still loved my Dad too. I think that love and the heart is what really binds a family and not always DNA.

      • It wasn’t boring at all! I don’t remember you ever releasing a boring chapter. Seeing the everyday-ness of their lives is just as important as the big dramatic stuff. It adds an element of intimacy and humanity that really makes the whole story better, I think.

        It’s so funny how many kids imitated Angelica! I’m sure your niece, my sister, and I weren’t the only ones. I wonder if whoever created her had any idea what they’d done! LOL 😀 . And your niece does sound like a sweet girl! She and my sister are the same age, and it sounds like they both loved the same show way back when :). And my parents didn’t let me watch scary movies because they were more scared of them than I would’ve been, but I loved scary stories like nothing else. For awhile I was terrified that one of the monsters from the scary stories lived in the shower, but that never stopped me from reading more!

        I really wouldn’t expect anything else from Alex given his personality (although I love him anyway!). I’m really curious about how that’s going to play out, especially with your own experiences possibly playing into it. I agree definitely that love binds a family stronger than DNA. I have lots of “aunts, uncles, and cousins” who aren’t related to me in any way, but we see them on holidays and they’ve been like family forever. ❤

      • I’m relieved that it wasn’t boring! That is so sweet of you to say, Beachbear! ❤

        I think Rugrats is the cutest cartoon. I'm surprised how many imitated Angelica too! I would have thought that the main toddler character would have been the most popular one. I think his name was Tommy. 😀

        I had bad dreams about Frankenstein and told my Mom about them. That's when she realized that I didn't know that the monsters in the movies weren't real. Even after that conversation, I had that Frankenstein dream for years! LOL He ended up being one of my favorite monster movie characters though. I preferred the old monster movies that left the blood and gore to the imagination. The ones where the stars made the characters scary through their acting. Old movies with Dracula, werewolves, mummies and of course Frankenstein. I do like some of the modern monster movies but not as much as those old creepy ones! I also love scifi movies and books both the old and the new.
        😀 You thought the scary monsters lived in the shower! It's so funny what we think when we're children!

        Yeah, I love Alex too! We'll have to see what kind of relationship he has Joy. I'm going to do a chapter on his life with his new position like I did with Crystal.

        Thanks for reading my story, Beachbear! 🙂

  4. OMG I couldn’t wait for the next chapter and now it’s here!!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 Great story! While I was waiting for the next chapter I re-read the entire story like 10 times! Daisy you are one of the best story writers ever!

    Love your work!😃😃😃😃😃

    • Awww, MeRock, I’m really happy to know that you love the story so much. ❤
      That's one of the nicest things anyone has said to me! Such great encouragement to keep writing and sharing! 🙂

  5. Wow, I am so happy that you are still continuing the series. I thought It was finnished!!
    I dont want your series to end, they are just so amazing to me!
    When do you next post the next chapter? Is it like a chapter a day??
    Well, thanks for being so fabulous with your series!
    Cant wait for your next chapter! XX

    • Hello Tamlyn! I still love working on Alissa and have a lot more storylines in mind. 😀 I wish I could do a chapter a day, but I know I can’t. 😦 I used to be able to post an update every week, but now I think it’ll have to be every other week. So next week I’ll post the next chapter.

      Thank you for reading my story! It makes me really happy to know that you’re enjoying it so much! ❤

  6. YAY! i’m in the story 😀 i love it! i would have commented earlier , but my internet was down. I love the story so much i really appreciate being in it! thank you Daisie! can’t wait fo the next chapter 🙂

    • I’m glad you like your Sim! I have such a hard time making them look like a real person. You are so welcome, and thank you again for the wonderful video! ❤

      • Also, for the room, that’s actually my favorite colour! in my head i was like ” whoa , your like sidekick” lol 😛 and i love Sharlee’s parenting, when will there be new little Halls?! 😀

  7. I’m glad you are back to writing. I know all too well about real life. So many life changing things happen in 2014 that I really wasn’t in the mood for writing, one being the passing of my best friend, (sister-in-law to be), I completely understand life gets first dibs no matter what.

    About the chapter; I love the picture you posted on the story thread on the Sims website with Sky’s face. It made me lol.
    I remember my son’s temper tantrum, those many, many years ago. I ignored him too. A few things I learnt while raising him was if I don’t make a big deal out of something, he won’t either, and that included temper tantrums too.

    OHHH ALEX!!! If there is one person in this story I love to hate, it is him. How could he be such a jerk?!

    Of course, in real life if Dale did adopt Joy, Alex couldn’t do a thing about it. He would literally have to take them to court to even prove he was the father, and then go into a custody battle. I do know that for a fact. However, for your story wise, I can’t wait to see how you play this out.

    Great chapter, I also love Sharlee’s hair in the beginning chapter.

    P.S. for a funny story to hear, my son was about 8 years old when he got in trouble for something, I don’t remember what now, but we told him he was grounded from the TV, (He had one in his room with parental controls set). Next thing, his dad and I knew, he was carrying his Spongebob TV out of his bedroom and set it down on the den floor all the while crying because he got grounded. I literally laughed so hard. How many others can say their grounded kid actually carried out their own punishment? It still makes me smile to this day. He’s a teen now, and a really good kid. He also knows when mom and dad mean business too. 🙂

    I can’t wait for your next chapter.

    • I am so sorry about your sister-in-law! ❤ That has to be hard for you and your family.

      I loved that expression on Sky too! I think ignoring some things is best for toddlers too or they and you will be miserable. You have to pick your battles with them. 😀

      You are so right about Alex. He would have a hard custody battle on his hands! I think the judge would feel the same as Alex's father. Alex made the choice not to be a father to Joy long ago. We'll see soon what happens.

      Awww, that is so cute! Children just make you smile and keep you laughing! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Jens! I'll post a new chapter next week. 🙂

  8. I’d just like to say that I’m pretty new to your blog, read the entire story in the past two weeks because it is awesome! This is my new favourite sims 3 story, there are so many bad ones out there but I love yours so much. Good luck with your irl activities and we all look forward to your next update!

    • That is so nice of you to say, Fibijean! 🙂 It always makes me happy when someone else enjoys reading my story too! ❤
      I really love these characters, and I'm glad that you do too now.

      You are so sweet! I promise to post another update next week. 🙂

  9. Hey 11daisies!!!!
    I have been reading Alissa for a while now, and I just want to say how much I admire your writing. I never commented thus far because I was too chicken :p
    You have developed the characters and plot so well, I feel like this could become a successful TV show!!! The four month wait was so worth it, even if nothing too eventful happened in this chapter, I’m glad “Alissa” is back in action.

    Can I just say that Sharlee, Alissa and Cara keep getting prettier and prettier each chapter?! They’ve all matured and aged so well 🙂
    And I can’t help but notice that Skylar is beginning to look like a mini Alissa!!!! I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she gets older.

    I feel no guilt in admitting this, but I ship people way more than I should. I’ve come up with some ship names for my favorite ships in this story:
    Sharlee and Noah- #Shoa
    Alissa and Dale- #Dalissa
    Shawn and Faye- #Fawn
    Jamil and Miki- #Jamiki
    Aidan and Deborah- #AiDeb???? is it wrong that i ship them already???

    Hahaha enough of the rambling on my part, I’ll let you get back to your life. I wish you the best of luck in your personal life and with this story. You don’t know how much this story has helped me cope with my struggles for the past year.

    • Hi Kelli! It’s very nice to meet you! Your saying that you were chicken made me smile because I’ve always been the same way. ❤

      Thank you so much for saying such a nice thing about my writing! I'm glad that you didn't give up on the story.

      I looked back at some of the pictures of Skylar in the last chapter and you are so right! 😯 She does look a lot like Alissa. Someone had mentioned it before, and I thought they meant her hairstyle. It's more than that though now that I see it! Sometimes in her expressions even her eyes look like Alissa's!

      I didn't know that was called "shipping!" lol #AiDeb!

      You don't have to apologize. I enjoyed reading your comment, and it made me smile! I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that my story helped you in any way. I hope you continue to enjoy reading the story! 🙂

  10. Omg, I just keep imagining Skylar as a child!! She’s to cute to change her age! Toddler Forever!
    This may sound cheesy as heck but… What inspires you to write?
    -Tamlyn LOl

    • I love Skylar too! She’s going to be a toddler for a good while longer. 😀 It makes me sad when they age up even though I know they have to do it sometime.

      I think that’s a sweet question! ❤ Writing my stories is relaxing to me. I get attached to many of the characters and I enjoy writing about their lives. I enjoy planning what will happen with them. I also like trying to make a picture look the way I see the scene in my mind. It makes me happy that others are enjoying reading about my characters too!

      Thanks for reading my story, Tamlyn! 🙂

      • Please dont thank me, Thank you for making the series!
        Do you have an Instagram or Snapchat?
        And… Do you own Sims 4.
        I would get Sims 4 but I feel like I have been collecting Sims 3, for ages (years) and I have worked so hard on my family! (Im at my Sims 19th generation!) So I wouldn’t like to restart everything!
        Thanks, XX

      • No, I don’t have those, but I do have Facebook.

        Yes, I have Sims 4, but I don’t like it very much. It really disappointed me. I prefer Sims 2 and Sims 3. I don’t blame you at all for not wanting to start over! I completely understand about getting attached your Sims. Wow! 19 generations! That is really special! 😎

  11. Hi,
    Thanks, I do get attached to my sims. Its heart breaking when they die.
    I am very excited for my 20th Generation! I hope to one day write my own
    Sims story. I normally start a story when I get a new generation to the
    “Allen” Family but then I get to carried away with playing it.
    Whats your favourite expansion? Mine would be: Generations. Haha.

  12. Yay! Another chapter, I can’t thank you enough. I thought you were never going to update, LOL 💛

    I can’t believe Sky picked up such behavior from “rugrats”. And those cookies sounded lovely ❤

    Loved it as always 🙂

    • You are so welcome, Simlover! Thanks for not giving up on the story! ❤

      Rugrats was one of my nieces favorite shows and everytime I kept her we watched it together. 😀

      I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reading, Simlover! 🙂

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