Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Five

Screenshot-82Sharlee felt relieved that she had finally decided on a major after another meeting with her college counselor.   She was going to become a biochemist. 

Screenshot-83He had helped her to realize that her desire had not really changed since she’d made her original decision in the tenth grade.

Screenshot-86After she registered for classes, her friend Lauren picked her up.   They ate lunch and then Sharlee wanted to check out the progress on the house that she and Noah were renting.  After they arrived, Sharlee could immediately see  that nothing had been done.  Even the “For Rent Sign” was still in the yard.  Just to be sure, she went inside.  Clearly no one had been there since she and Noah had first looked it over.

Screenshot-84Lauren looked around the shabby, dingy bedroom in dismay.   She couldn’t imagine her sweet friend living here.  

Screenshot-85“This is where you’re moving Sharlee?”

Screenshot-88“Yes, but they haven’t done anything that was promised.”

Sharlee had the feeling that Mr. Swift was trying to take advantage of them.  Because they were so young he’d probably assumed that they wouldn’t know what rights they had.   Sharlee intended to find out.  She wasn’t going to let that greedy man walk all over them!

Screenshot-91Sharlee called a different realtor in town to find out what rights she had as a tenant.   He told her that all she had to do was threaten to call the housing authority.   He said that after accepting their money and signing a rental agreement, there were certain things that Mr. Swift was required to do as a landlord.

Sharlee found out that since the house had been empty and neglected for all of these years, the plumbing and electrical systems would have to be inspected and upgraded to code.   The plumbing fixtures and appliances should also be replaced.  Any cosmetic repairs such as painting that she and Noah could do themselves or do without could be used to negotiate a lower rental amount.

Screenshot-143Lauren offered to drive Sharlee to see Mr. Swift.   By the end of the meeting, Sharlee had him sweating.   He agreed to a lower rent and promised to have a plumber and an electrician out the next morning.   He also promised to have someone out there the next day to haul away the junk in the house and in the yard. 

Screenshot-141This time Sharlee had him sign a contract stating the date that he would have each type of workman out at the house.   He would not be able to back out of the agreement again.

Screenshot-144Noah called Sharlee after they left Mr. Swift.

Screenshot-147“Babe, where do you want me to meet you and Lauren?”

Screenshot-146“Lauren, Noah wants to know where you want to meet?”

“Why don’t you guys let me take you both out to dinner?   I haven’t seen Noah either since you two came back here.”

Sharlee told Noah what Lauren wanted to do and he agreed to meet them.  He told Sharlee that he’d been hired for the second job as well.  

Screenshot-92Lauren treated them to dinner and Noah told them about an antique car that had been brought to the shop for repair.    He had them laughing when he described the size of the interior.  

“People must have been a lot shorter back then.  I almost got stuck inside when I tried to get out.  I was hanging half in and half out!” 

Screenshot-131After dinner, Noah insisted that  Lauren let him treat her to a movie with him and Sharlee.  

Screenshot-121When the movie was over, they waited for Lauren to get in her car.  

Screenshot-122Noah took Sharlee’s chin in his hand and gently kissed her lips.

Screenshot-124After they got back to their motel room, Noah slipped off Sharlee’s dress and unpinned her hair.  She helped him out of his clothing. 

Screenshot-125Then he carried her over to the bed.  

Screenshot-126“I missed you today.”

“I missed you too.”

Screenshot-128Noah’s kiss was loving and filled with passion.   They removed their remaining clothing and made love.  Sharlee was still enthusiastic although she was a little more self conscious of the noises she made.  She couldn’t completely relax knowing that someone might be listening.

Screenshot-118She still had three weeks before her college term started, but Noah started working at both of his jobs the following day.   Sharlee hadn’t told him yet about the delay with the house.   She’d decided to check it out that day and then tell Noah after the work had really started.  Lauren was taking her to the house again.   They planned to try to do some cleaning.   Sharlee was surprised when she went down to the lobby and saw that her friends Derek and Julia were with Lauren.   She gave them each a hug.

“Derek and Julia, what are you doing here?”

Screenshot-119“We don’t leave for college for another week, and Lauren told us that you could use some help with your new place.”

Screenshot-94This time when they arrived at the house, workmen were already there and busy. 

Screenshot-96Sharlee felt relieved.   The man who was supervising the removal of the junk from the yard came over to them.  

Screenshot-97“Mr. Swift told me to clear out all of the junk in the yard, but he didn’t say what to remove from inside the house.  I already got rid of the obvious garbage.”  

Screenshot-98They went with him inside.  The plumber was installing a new kitchen sink and faucet.  He was then going to put in new bathroom fixtures.   The refrigerator and stove would be delivered the following day.  The windows and outer doors had already been replaced.   Of course nothing was “top of the line”, but it was all new.

Screenshot-99Sharlee decided that the only furniture that was salvageable was the dining table and a couple of the mixed matched chairs.   Everything else including the molding, sagging sofa and bed had to go.   Mr. Bunch called his workers inside to help him remove them.  It didn’t take them long to empty the house of the remaining junky items.

When the room was almost empty, Sharlee looked at the walls and the floor.  

Screenshot-101“You know what guys.  I think I’ll leave the walls and floors as they are.  They just need a thorough cleaning.”

Screenshot-100Lauren, Julia and Derek looked at her in surprise.   Sharlee laughed.  

Screenshot-103“Haven’t you heard of shabby chic?  It will look fine when I’m finished with it.”  Sharlee knew that Noah wasn’t exactly a shabby chic sort of guy, but she wouldn’t make it too frilly.   She’d add a few masculine touches.

Screenshot-105Derek left and rented a steam cleaner and picked up cleaning supplies.   After the inside of the house was emptied, they got to work giving it a thorough cleaning and sanitizing like it hadn’t received in years.    First they cleaned the floors, walls and ceilings with the steam cleaners. 

Screenshot-104Then they started cleaning other areas of the house.

Screenshot-108It took all day, but after they were finished, the house smelt clean and fresh.  Sharlee was so excited that her friends looked at her, bewildered by her reaction.   

Screenshot-106She laughed again at their expressions.   “You all see something different when you look at this place than I do.  After you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with you’ll understand.  For me this represents mine and Noah’s first home together.   It’s a start for us.   What it looks like now doesn’t matter.”

Screenshot-111The junk man talked with Sharlee again before he left.  “Do you know if Mr. Swift has hired anyone to do the landscaping?”

Screenshot-110“My husband and I are going to do it ourselves.”

Screenshot-109“I also do landscaping.   My wife and I have been trying to come up with a good punishment for my two boys.   They egged and toilet papered a couple of our neighbor’s yards.   If you and your husband will pay for the fuel, I’ll provide the equipment and my sons will do the yard for you as their punishment.”

Screenshot-113“Yes, thank you so much Mr. Bunch.”

Screenshot-112“Sure, with the proper equipment the job will be so much easier and the hard work will be a great punishment for my sons.   I’ll get them over here early tomorrow morning.   They’ll hate having to get up early before school starts next week.” 

Screenshot-116As a thank you to her friends despite their protests, Sharlee insisted on ordering pizza for them all.

Over the next couple of days, Noah mentioned the house, but Sharlee changed the subject.  His work schedule was very tight.   He worked at the shop from 8:00 to 4:00 and then from 5:00 to 1:00 he worked at the club.   He would be off from the shop almost every Saturday and off every Sunday, but he had no day off from the club.   It quickly became apparent that they would not be able to spend a lot of time together.

Screenshot-150By Sunday, the work on the house was completed and Mr. Swift had given Sharlee the new keys so that they could move in when they wanted.   Sharlee awakened Noah early that morning.

“Noah, Honey wake up.”

Screenshot-148Noah jerked his eyes open.   “What!  Is it time to get up?”

Sharlee kissed him, and Noah smiled.  “Oh, you want to fool around!”

“Yes, but not now.   We need to head over to the house first.”

“To the house?   It won’t be ready till tomorrow.”

“I have a surprise for you.”   Sharlee had already packed up their things.  “Come on and get dressed.”

Screenshot-152Noah got dressed and they checked out of the motel.   Mr. Bunch’s son’s were still working on the yard when they pulled up.   Sharlee introduced them.

“Sheldon and Louie this is my husband, Noah.”

Screenshot-154Sheldon had a crush on Sharlee and was tongue tied.  Louie laughed at his brother and greeted Noah and Sharlee. 

Screenshot-153“You guys have done a great job on the yard.”


Screenshot-155Sharlee led Noah into the house.  “It’s ours now!”

Noah was happy to be able to move in a day earlier and even happier when Sharlee told him how much their rent would be now.   The only furniture in the house was the table and chairs, but Sharlee had made them a place to sleep on the floor.  Their wedding gifts and Sharlee’s other belongings were going to be shipped to them from Santa Fe later that week.

They decided that it would be most practical to purchase a sofa bed and other furniture for the living room first.   Then they would save more money and furnish the bedroom later. 

Screenshot-156“I was thinking that we can leave the walls and floor as they are.  It’s the shabby chic look.”

Screenshot-157Noah looked around the room.  “Well you got the shabby part right.” 

Screenshot-158For himself, Noah had never cared what the place he lived in looked like, but for his wife, for Sharlee, he wanted it to be as nice as possible.   They left the house to shop for things for the house.   The sales associates were overly helpful.    Sharlee couldn’t help but wonder if they were receiving such excellent service because Noah was such a hunk!  Noah insisted that they buy some paint too.  He also rented a paint sprayer so that painting wouldn’t take that long.  They also bought paint rollers.  Then they went back to the house to eat lunch and paint.  

Screenshot-159When they did painting touch ups with the rollers and brushes, they looked at the finished walls.  Sharlee had to agree that just painting the walls made a huge difference. 

Screenshot-162After they were finished, they fooled around until Noah had to go to work at the club that evening.

Screenshot-163While Noah was at work that night, Sharlee hung curtains and pictures that they’d purchased.  The gift certificates that they’d received as wedding gifts had really come in handy.  The sofa bed would not be delivered until the following day.  

Screenshot-164She was so happy to be in their new place.   The fact that it was still mostly empty did not bother her at all.

Screenshot-165When Noah came home that night, Sharlee was sound asleep.   He undressed and then joined her on the their makeshift bed on the floor. 

Screenshot-166She was sleeping so well that she barely stirred when he cuddled her in his arms to go sleep. 

Even though they didn’t have any furniture yet, it still felt like home because they were together.  For the first time in his life, Noah finally felt like he belonged.  It wasn’t the place, it was because of Sharlee.  He knew that marrying her had been the best decision he had ever made.  He loved being her husband.

A few months passed by.  Sharlee had started school and Noah was still working two jobs.   Sharlee was worried about him because he was tired most of the time.  Because of his schedule, they were able to spend very little time together.  Sharlee knew that they couldn’t go on this way.  She hadn’t married Noah for him to take care of her.   She wanted them to work together.

Screenshot-167The last straw for Sharlee came a few nights later.   Noah was late getting home.  He was supposed to get off from his second job at the nightclub at 1:00 am and it usually took him from fifteen to twenty minutes to get home.  It was after two and he wasn’t answering his cell phone.   She had pulled out the sofa bed, but there was no way that she could go to sleep until he was home.   She kept looking out the window, extremely worried about him.

Screenshot-134Noah wondered what the problem would be that night.  Something was always boiling just below the surface.   Frank signaled to him that he was going to his office to conduct some business.  Even though it wasn’t ever discussed, Noah knew what Frank’s side business was. 

Customer’s were checked at the door by Vince first and then allowed into the club.   Some to dance and drink, and others went to Frank’s office for something to make their partying more intense.  The club may have been underground and appear rundown, but the money was rolling in for Frank.   Noah circulated through the crowd, keeping an eye out for trouble.  It never failed to come.

Screenshot-133“Hi handsome, can you give a girl a light?”

Screenshot-135Noah barely stopped as he responded.   “There’s matches at the bar.”

Screenshot-136He heard shouting coming from Frank’s office and rushed inside.   Frank’s customer had him pressed up against the wall with his hand against Frank’s throat.  

Screenshot-138Noah flung him away from Frank and then leaped toward the customer to teach him a lesson.

Screenshot-170Finally Sharlee heard Noah’s motorcycle, and she rushed to open the door for him.   When he came into the room, she saw that he had a black eye and his knuckles on both hands were badly bruised.   This was the first time for the black eye, but he’d come home with bruised knuckles several times and refused to tell her what had happened.

Screenshot-168“Noah, honey,  I’ve been so worried about you.  What happened?”

Screenshot-169“I’m alright.   Stop fussing!  I’m just going to take a shower and get some sleep.”

Screenshot-171She could see how tired he was and didn’t say anything more.   However, she came to a decision that night.   She was getting a job no matter what he said, and he was quitting that job at the nightclub.


Maddie, thanks again for Lauren and Derek! 

38 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Five

  1. This is such a great chapter I like it how Sharlee was so happy about their home dispite the shabby look and I’m glad she taught Mr Swift a lesson.
    I hope Noah agrees to let Sharlee get a job.

    • Thanks Sims!
      She is just really happy to have her first home with Noah! 😀

      Yeah, Sharlee really showed Mr. Swift that he was wrong if he thought that he could take advantage of them.

      Hopefully Noah will see that its for the best and won’t let his pride get in the way!

      Thank your for reading my story Sims! 🙂

  2. The arguments have started lol. The house is looking good but Sharlee is right she needs a job so Noel isn’t so tired and there would be less arguements

    • Yep! LOL It didn’t take long for the arguing to start!

      Yeah, Noah needs to share some of the responsibility with Sharlee.
      He is taking on too much and it’s causing problems instead of solving them!

      Thanks for reading my story, Lucky! 🙂

  3. I just love Sharlee she’s such a great character but Noah is getting on my nerves – don’t get me wrong I’m not on Dale’s side (but of course I love Dale…!) but, I dunno…. I know he cares about her and he is a good husband, but he should take care of himself as-well as Sharlee for Sharlee’s sake; does he realise how much it bothers her that he is getting badly hurt every night?! I hope they work it out, though!

    By the way I have just plowed my way through this amazing story and I love it so much!

    Please never ever EVER stop writing it!

    • Isn’t Sharlee a nice girl! 🙂

      I understand your feelings about Noah.
      Right now his being a little overbearing.
      Part of the reason is because he doesn’t want Sharlee to lose out on anything!
      Even though he doesn’t realize it, he wants to prove Dale wrong about him, but he’s going about it in the wrong way. 😦
      I hope I’m not spoiling the next chapter for you by saying this, but I think you’re going to like Noah better in that chapter!

      Thanks Harry! I’m so glad that you love it too!

      I already have twelve more chapters written and more in mind that I haven’t written yet.
      So Alissa still has no end in sight. It’s a fun, relaxing story for me!

      Thanks for reading Alissa and giving feedback. It’s nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Hi Ellen! 🙂

      Of course you can ask me!
      The next two chapters are about Noah and Sharlee, then Alissa and the rest of the family will be back in the chapter following those two.
      I love the rest of the Stallworths too! 😀

    • Noah will definitely keep an eye on her because he knows how much she trusts people even when she shouldn’t.
      Hopefully, Sheldon won’t be a problem!

      Thanks for reading, Ellen! 🙂

  4. I loved this chapter. The house already looks so much better, and I love how everyone’s working on it. I remember when I got a new bedroom, I made a bed on the floor for awhile too :).

    It’s sad that Noah and Sharlee don’t get to spend much time together right now, but I guess that is part of the package when a young couple can’t both get by financially and keep a reasonable schedule. I hope Noah tells Sharlee what’s going on at the club soon, though. Since she’s his wife, he’s supposed to be able to trust her with anything. I guess he’ll soon learn that!

    You’re welcome for Lauren and Derek :). I can’t wait for the next chapters!

    • Thank you Maddie! 🙂

      Yeah, started out together that young isn’t easy.
      You’re right it’s going to take Noah a while to learn whats involved in being married.

      I have to work on at least one set for the next chapter. I plan to do that this afternoon.
      This morning, Uni! 😀 Didn’t feel like playing yesterday.

      Thanks for reading, Maddie! 🙂

  5. Sharlee did a great job with the house she was given to work on. I hope Noah will listen to Sharlee so that there won’t be a huge strain on their marriage. Hopefully Sharlee will take a job so Noah can have time with her and time to relax. I am worried that things can go really bad if he stays on at the nightclub. Can’t wait to see more.

    • Yeah, if he doesn’t listen, it will put a huge strain on their relationship.
      If he does continue working at that nightclub he could end up in trouble again!

      More hopefully by Monday!
      Thanks for reading, Whitney! 🙂

  6. wow life is off to a rough start for them. I hope it gets better soon. I’m glad Sharlee had friends to help with the house and it looks like its coming together nicely. Poor Noah still has issues thinking he’s not good enough for her. I know he wants to take care of her, but he doesn’t see the strain its putting on his marriage.

    Her getting a job is going to be a big issue.

    I know they are trying to be independent, but if she just reached out to her parents they would be happy to help.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely not easy when you marry so young.

      Maybe one day, Noah will realize that he’s just the person for her, but you’re right, he does still feel that he isn’t good enough for her.
      It’s hard when he knows that Dale feels that way about him.

      Yeah, maybe if Dale hadn’t made his views on Noah so open, then Noah’s pride would not be such an issue.
      Sharlee’s parents would be happy to help, but Noah made Sharlee agree that they would make it on their own.
      He doesn’t want to owe anyone, especially not Dale! More on that in later chapters.

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  7. The house is looking great! It’s nice that Sharlee’s friends helped her:)
    Poor Noah having to work so much, I hope he let’s her get a job so she can help out. It’s not nice that Sharlee has to worry about him so much when he’s at the club and coming home late with black eyes.
    I hope things get easier for them, great chapter:)

    • I hope it will look better! She does have some really good friends. 🙂

      Hopefully, he’ll let Sharlee share some of the load instead of trying to take it all on himself.
      Yeah, it is really hard on her worrying about him!

      Thanks for reading Clairey! Hopefully things will get better for them soon. 🙂

    • The next two chapters are just Sharlee and Noah.
      Then the chapter after that will have the rest of her family.
      The story will continue to be about Alissa and her family.
      I just want to get Noah and Sharlee settled first.
      Sometimes chapters will feature different members of the family.

      Thanks for reading Alissa, Kaylee. 🙂

  8. Noah still has a problem with his temper. I worry about him. But beating that wayward customer was justified. I just wish he wouldn’t get caught up in bar brawls, Sharlee worries about him.

    I love what they did to the house. The end result was just amazing, and they are very lucky to have such a close knit group of friends. I especially love what Sharlee said to her friends about the house. I felt exactly the same way when DH and I moved in together, it was very, very hard at first but we made it, and we often look back to that first place we rented with fond memories, it was horrible most of the time, but it was the start of something beautiful for both of us. So I totally get Sharlee.

    I admire Noah’s determination to provide for Sharlee, but sooner or later he’ll realize he can’t do it all on his own, he has to let her help and shoulder the burden of their responsibilities with him. And with him working so hard, I worry that their relationship might take a knock.

    Loved and enjoyed it very much.

    • He does have a hard time controlling his temper and later it will cause problems for them.
      That customer did deserve it! He had no right to do that to an elderly man!
      Yeah, Noah can end up in serious trouble again if the keeps getting in fights like that. 😦

      Thanks Val! I’m having a good time doing their house over. 😀
      Even though it was hard for you and your DH then, I’m glad it’s good memories for you now! 🙂
      My DH and I have had our ups and downs too, and it’s nice to look back now.

      Noah does need to learn a balance. He’s still got a lot to learn about being married.
      If he doesn’t, you are so right, it will hurt their relationship.

      Thank you for reading my story, Val! I’m really glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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