Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Five- For Younger Readers

Screenshot-457The same evening of the family meeting,  Noah and Sharlee were going out with Rene and Darion.  Rene and Darion were in town looking for a home to buy.   The construction on Noah’s Dealership was close to finishing and Darion had to be there to oversee a lot of details as manager.  He also had to finish training.

Rene had earned her degree in early childhood education and she’d been hired to work as a first grade teacher at a local elementary school beginning in the fall.  So they needed to find a home in Santa Fe as soon as possible.   However tonight, the two couples were going out together to have some fun!   Dale and Alissa were looking after Sky and Darion and Rene’s two children.

Skylar came into the greatroom carrying her backpack.

“I going too!”

Screenshot-454Noah laughed.   “Not this time, Sky.  You’re going to stay here and have fun with Nana and Granpop.   Kenan and Angela are staying here too.

Screenshot-456Skylar always had a ball with her grandparents, but she hated seeing her Mom and Dad leave without her.

‘Mommy, I wanna eat!’

She held up her arms to Sharlee.  Sharlee was still breastfeeding Sky, but she was trying to wean her.  It wasn’t easy for either her or for Sky because of the close connection they had while Sky nursed.

Screenshot-462Noah knew that Sky was trying to manipulate her Mom into taking her with them.  He scooped her up.

Screenshot-463“Baby girl, you know you’re not hungry.   You already ate dinner and Nana is going to give you a snack later. ”    Noah gave her a tight hug.

Screenshot-470Joy came into the room followed by Angela, Aidan and Kenan.

Screenshot-469“Come on Skylar!  We’re playing a game, and I want to teach you how to play it too!  It’s called, “Green light, Red light.’ It’s lots of fun!”

Screenshot-466Dale had been in the room the whole time.  He’d held back laughter at Sky’s behavior remembering how Sharlee used to do the same thing.  He loved how Noah was with Skylar.  Even though Skylar had Noah wrapped around her little finger just as she had them all, Noah always knew when to say no to her, and he always did it in a very loving way.  Dale was glad to see that Noah had turned out to be a naturally good father!   Dale couldn’t wait to see Noah having to cope with boyfriends when Skylar is older.

Screenshot-468The thought made Dale laugh again.   He had the feeling that Noah would be worse at handling it than Dale was with his girls.  He had really grown on Dale, but Dale still wasn’t completely sure of Noah.  He knew that worrying made him seem like an overprotective father, but at least he’d learned to keep his concerns to himself.   He hoped that Noah continued to prove him wrong.

Screenshot-472Noah and Sharlee gave Sky another quick kiss, and then Joy took her into the entertainment room with the other children.

Screenshot-476When they arrived at the nightclub, several people recognized Noah and Sharlee from their commercials and ads for Harley.   They swarmed them, trying to get their autographs.   Security came and led them to a VIP section of the club.

Darion looked at Noah.  “So this is what it’s like to be a celebrity.”

Noah frowned.  “Celebrity!”

“Face it Bro.   You and Sharlee are celebs now.”

Sharlee and her brothers and sisters had been sheltered by their parents and grandparents from a lot of the negatives that came with being a celebrity.    However, every once in a while, times like tonight happened.   This was the grand opening of a new nightclub and lots of people from all around the county were there.   So many of the people there at the nightclub that night didn’t live in Santa Fe and weren’t used to seeing Noah and Sharlee around town. 

Noah and Sharlee didn’t like receiving that kind of attention, but at least they were no longer pestered by the press or paparazzi thanks to the new regulations.   A few more people were allowed into the VIP section.  It had a lounge area, a bar, a dance floor and a pool table.

Screenshot-477“I’m glad that Kenan and Angela are excited to move here now.”

Screenshot-478“The next time you’re in town we’ll have to take you all out horseback riding.”

“What, you do that?”

Screenshot-473“Sharlee and her family love that kind of stuff.  They go camping, horseback riding, fishing.   I’ve been a few times with them.  We plan to do those kind of activities with Sky.”

“I think the kids would have a great time!  What do you think, Darion.”

Screenshot-484“Yeah, we can do it.  Both Rene and I grew up in big cities and our families didn’t do a lot of activities like that together.  I mean not outdoor activities.”

Rene told Sharlee,  “I can’t believe how much Skylar has grown since we last saw her!”

“Yes, she’s really growing quickly.”

“When are you going to give her a little brother or sister?”

Screenshot-483Noah looked at Sharlee.  The doctor had said that she was in good health and another pregnancy would be safe now.  However, they hadn’t recently discussed when they should have another baby.

Screenshot-488“We’ll be talking about it soon.  We definitely want her to have a brother or sister.  What about you two?  Anymore planned?”

Screenshot-491“No, we’re happy with our two.”

Screenshot-485“So Noah, did you get worn out at that training seminar last week?  Darion came back home and he was exhausted.”

Screenshot-495Noah looked confused.   “Training seminar?”  

Darion was looking at him intently.

Noah answered her.   “No, I didn’t have to go to that one.”

Noah didn’t know what she was talking about.   If Darion had gone to a seminar, Noah didn’t know what it could have been.   Terry had given him a schedule with the dates for the remaining seminars that he and Darion would have to attend.   There hadn’t been one scheduled for the previous week.   Noah felt uncomfortable and wondered what was up with Darion.

Screenshot-498Darion turned to Rene.   “Let’s dance, Rene.”

Screenshot-509After they left the table, Sharlee asked Noah about the seminar that Darion had attended.   She’d seen Noah’s expression when Rene had mentioned it.  

Screenshot-510“What was that about the seminar?”

Screenshot-511“I don’t know anything about it, but don’t worry.  Would you like to dance too?”


Screenshot-512Noah took Sharlee’s hand as they walked out to the dance floor.

Screenshot-513“Babe, you look smokin!”

“Thanks, Honey.  I was thinking the same about you.”

Screenshot-516When they got on the dance floor, Noah pulled Sharlee close to him. 

Screenshot-514Then they started dancing.  

Screenshot-521After they had danced for a few minutes, they found themselves sharing kisses more than dancing.  Because of their schedules, it had been almost two weeks since they’d last made love, and they were both feeling on fire with wanting each other.  They were both taking some summer classes.   Noah to finish his courses as soon as possible, and Sharlee to get caught back up.  Also Sarge had Noah taking taekwondo classes to work out his anger and learn even greater control of it.  Noah was still seeing him for therapy although it was now just twice a month.

Screenshot-522 They danced for a while longer and then took a seat on one of the lounge couches that were placed around the club.   A waitress brought them some drinks.  

Screenshot-524Before they realized it, they were kissing again.   As they kissed, they both were focused on just one another.  Everyone else faded away, and they forgot where they were.   Sharlee suddenly came back down to earth and flushed.   Noah laughed at her.   She still blushed when she was embarrassed.  “Babe, I’ll be right back.”

Screenshot-526Rene and Darion were still out on the dance floor.  Sharlee watched them wondering again about Darion.  Noah wasn’t gone for long.

Screenshot-529“Come on, Sharlee.”  He helped her up and led her over to another area of the club. 

Screenshot-532A bouncer was at the door and let them past.   They went past the pool and through another door at the back.  

Screenshot-533Noah wrapped his arms around Sharlee.  Her eyes widened in surprise. 

Screenshot-536There was a hot tub in the room.

Screenshot-534“I reserved the hot tub for us.  We’ll have some privacy in here, and the manager said that we’re the first to use it.  He said that we won’t be disturbed.  This is the most exclusive area of the club.  If we need anything we just use the intercom and buzz.”

“Wow, this is so nice, Noah.  It’s cozy and romantic.

There were swimming suits and drinks for them.  Sharlee was the designated driver for the night, and she was drinking virgin daiquiris.

“I don’t think we’ll need the suits.  Do you?”

For her answer, Sharlee started pulling down the straps of her dress.   It took them just a few moments to undress and then get into the hot tub.  They weren’t at all interested in the drinks. 

Screenshot-539They shared a steamy long kiss.

Screenshot-559 Tonight, they didn’t need much foreplay.  Every dance, every look, every kiss had led up to now.   Sharlee loved the expression on Noah’s face and the way her body felt as his body responded to every movement she made.  It wasn’t long before they both shared an intense body tingling climax. 

Screenshot-566Afterwards, they lingered in the hot tub for a while longer. 

Screenshot-565“I love you.” 

Screenshot-568“I love you too, Babe.”

Then they dressed to rejoin Rene and Darion.  This would satisfy them until after they got home and put Skylar to bed.  Sharlee hugged Noah again before they left the room.

Screenshot-579Noah and Darion played some pool, and Sharlee and Rene went back out to the dance floor.

Screenshot-572“So, did you take care of business?”

Screenshot-574Noah grinned.   “Yeah!”

Darion laughed.  “Still like newlyweds!”

Screenshot-576“What was up with that seminar business?”

Screenshot-571“Nothing to worry about.”  

Darion changed the subject.   They stayed at the nightclub for a few more hours, and then left to pick up their children.   They had a great time out together, but Noah and Sharlee were glad to pick up their Sky.  They tried to spend as much time as they could with her despite their busy schedules.

Screenshot-608After they’d been apart for a couple of months,  Jamil went to see Miki in Bridgeport.  “Miki, I’m ready to talk to you about how I feel.  I wanted to talk with you face to face.  You getting that abortion without even talking with me about it was a huge betrayal.  It makes me think that you don’t really care about my deepest feelings or thoughts.  I know that we agreed that we wouldn’t have children.  Raising Crystal for the few years that we had her was great.   However that baby was mine too!”

He paused gathering his thoughts.

Screenshot-609“Yes, I understood that you did not want the responsibility of caring for a child, but I would have gladly taken on most of the responsibility.   I would have taken paternity leave and become a Mr. Mom.  We aren’t living in the 1950’s!   I would have been happy to take care of my child, our child.   That baby was a part of me and a part of you.  Maybe for some people an abortion is the right choice, but I just don’t understand how you could have done that.”

Screenshot-611Miki started to cry.

Screenshot-610“Please Jamil, believe me that I know what a selfish mistake I made! I would not handle it that way if I could do it all over again. I am so deeply sorry!  I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel that you aren’t important to me.  I love you, Jamil.”

Screenshot-612“I love you too, Miki. But my life isn’t here in Bridgeport anymore.  I like living in Santa Fe even though the pace is a lot slower than here in this big city.  I’ve got a small townhouse, and I’m very comfortable. I really like my job at the studio. I oversee all of the stylists, and I’m Matthew’s personal stylist again.  So, I have a promotion. I just felt that I needed to tell you in person how I feel. I’m not staying. I have a flight booked to take me right back to Santa Fe. I truly hope that you will be happy.”

Then he left.  Miki feels an emptiness in her life without Jamil. Yes, her career is going great and she has her dream apartment.  However, it isn’t the same without Jamil, and she misses him badly.

Screenshot-582A few weeks later, Jamil came home and he was surprised to find Miki waiting for him at his townhouse.  He let her inside and showed her around. Then Miki walked over to him and hugged him tightly.

“I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too, but like I said, my life is here now, Miki.”

Screenshot-585“I really like your place.”

“It’s not as luxurious as the penthouse was, but I like it too.  It has great views of the water.”

“I put the penthouse on the market. We can split the money after it sales.”

Screenshot-587Jamil was surprised.  “What! You love that place, and I know you could afford the payments with your salary.”

“Jamil are you seeing someone else?”

“Of course not!”

“Why not?”

“I’m still in love with you, Miki. It wouldn’t be fair to see anyone else now.  Are you seeing someone else? What is this about?”

“I’m still in love with you too.  Do you think that you can ever forgive me for what I did?”

Screenshot-588“I know that I love you, and I will always feel a loss for that baby.  However, I do believe you when you say that you are sorry for handling it that way.  What hurt just as much is that you didn’t even tell me that we were pregnant!   It makes me wonder what else I don’t know about you and makes me believe that you don’t respect me enough to even consider my thoughts or feelings when they might differ from yours.”

Screenshot-586“I can understand how it made you feel that way, but I promise you that this is the only thing that I’ve hidden from you. I will never ever again make a major decision that effects us both without consulting you.”

Jamil just looked at her silently and puzzled. 

Screenshot-589Miki seemed very nervous as she pulled a small box from her pocket.  She dropped down onto one knee.

Screenshot-591“Jamil will you please let me share your life again?  Will you please let me have the honor and joy of being your wife?”

Screenshot-595Jamil studied her face.  “Are you sure this is what you want to do, Miki?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything.  I love you Jamil, and I really want to marry you!”

“Then my answer is yes!”

Screenshot-598Jamil helped her up from the floor and wrapped his arms around her.    “I missed you so much, Miki.  The last few months without you have been really bad.”

“It was the same for me.  I’m so relieved that you said, yes.”

Miki and Jamil decided to have a small wedding ceremony in a local park. 

Screenshot-599There were just a few close friends and their parents in attendance.  

Screenshot-602Alissa wiped away tears and smiled throughout the ceremony.  She was so happy for her friend.  Miki was like a sister to her and had been there for her over the years. 

Screenshot-601Crystal was there too and she was glad that Miki and Jamil were together again.

Screenshot-600Although they’d already had a civil ceremony, now to share their special day with their families, Miki and Jamil exchanged vows to one another that they’d written themselves.


There were supposed to be more wedding pictures, but my game crashed on me.   Here are some of the pictures that I was able to take before the crash.




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