Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One

Screenshot-1517After the helicopter landed at the hospital, the Hall’s were quickly taken inside to be examined and treated.   It was a small hospital and not accustomed to handling the massive flood of media that descended on them after word was out that the Halls had been found.   Security was struggling to keep the media contained to just the lobby and placed a call to the local police department for more assistance.

Noah requested that he and Sharlee share a room.   The doctor examined them and both Noah and Sharlee were extremely dehydrated.  Sharlee was especially drained and they were immediately given intravenous fluids.   Skylar was perfectly healthy.  Sharlee had taken good care of her.  The nurse had Sharlee express some milk for bottles and then another nurse picked Skylar up to take her to the nursery.  Sky started crying, kicking her little legs and calling for Noah and Sharlee.    “Da!”  What she called Sharlee wasn’t clear, but they knew she was trying to say “Mom.”

“Can you bring in a crib so that she can stay with us?”

Screenshot-1521“You won’t be able to care for her,  Mrs. Hall.  You’ll be asleep soon.  The doctor ordered a sedative for you and for Mr. Hall.  Your body needs rest in order to recover.”

“No, I don’t want a sedative.”

Screenshot-1524Noah knew how exhausted Sharlee was.  She needed to sleep.  She hadn’t slept in almost three days now.

“Babe, I got this.  I’ll take care of Sky.  You need to relax and go to sleep.”

Screenshot-1527“Noah, you’re just as tired as I am!”

Screenshot-1528There was a knock at the door and then Alissa and Dale entered the room.   They would have been there sooner but there were no flights available until after the storm had cleared.  Alissa and Sharlee looked at one another, and they both burst into happy tears.  Alissa rushed over to her and wrapped her arms around her.  Dale came over and wrapped his arms around them both.

Screenshot-1531Then he went over to Noah.  “They told us what you did.  Thank you for taking care of them, and…” Dale paused.  Then he said,  ” I’m glad that they had you with them.”

Screenshot-1532Noah saw that he was finally earning Dale’s respect.  He hadn’t realized that having Dale’s respect mattered to him, but he was glad that it had happened.   Not just for Noah’s sake, but because Noah  knew that Dale’s negative view of him hurt Sharlee even though she never said it.  He and Dale still weren’t friends, but at least they respected each other now.  

“Thank you, Dale.  That means a lot to me.  Though Sharlee did just as much if not more than I did.”

He told Dale about what Sharlee had done to that wolf.

Screenshot-1534Dale smiled.  “I know you’re minimizing your role, but I’m proud of my girl too!”

Screenshot-1537Alissa took Sky from the nurse and hugged her tightly.  “Is my baby okay?”

Screenshot-1538Sky smiled and kissed Alissa on the cheek.

“Noah, are you alright?”

He answered Alissa.  “I’m fine.”

Screenshot-1540One of the nurses told them that Noah and Sharlee needed to get some rest and that Dale and Alissa had to leave now.

Screenshot-1539“Does Skylar have to stay?   We can take her with us to the lodge.”

Sharlee was so relieved to hear her father say that.  She finally felt completely relaxed now that her parents were there to take care of Skylar, and Noah felt better too.  Dale had already spoken with the doctor about their physical condition.   He knew that Skylar was in good health. 

The nurse went to confer with the doctor.  Since Dale was a pediatrician himself,  the doctor agreed that Skylar could be released from the hospital into their care.  The nurse brought them Sky’s snowsuit and Sharlee’s milk so that they could make bottles for her.

After Sky was dressed, Alissa brought her over to Noah.   “Give Daddy a kiss goodbye.  You’ll see him later.  You’re going bye bye with Nana and Granddad!”

Sky kissed Noah on the cheek and then Alissa let her give Sharlee a kiss.   Sky was used to spending a few hours from time to time with her grandparents and so she wasn’t upset about leaving with them.   She was glad to see them!

Screenshot-1544“We’ll stop at a store and pick up some things for her.”

Alissa told them,  “I love you both, and I’ll call the nurse’s station later to check on you.  I know you’ll probably be sleeping.”

Dale knew they’d likely sleep through most of the next day as well, but he didn’t tell them that.

Screenshot-1545As soon as they left, the nurse gave Noah and Sharlee their sedatives.   They talked together for a little while about how helpless their experience had made them feel and how much they loved each other and Skylar.  Then before long, Sharlee fell asleep. 

Screenshot-1546Noah looked over at her as she slept, and he smiled.  She continued to surprise and amaze him.   He still didn’t know how it was possible, but he loved her more and more each day.  The thought of losing her or Sky made him feel a sharp pain in his chest.  He pushed the unbearable thought away and finally drifted off to sleep.

Dale and Alissa were taken out a back entrance of the hospital to avoid the press.  The police officers had them leave the hospital lobby, but they were still out at the front of the hospital demanding a statement on the Hall family’s condition.  Harley representatives and Noah and Sharlee’s agent conferred with Dale and Alissa.   They decided to have Gene go and speak with the press at the hospital for the family.

Screenshot-1583“The Halls and their family have asked me to speak in their behalf.  They are in  good spirits and recuperating.  They want to thank everyone who participated in the search for them and thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.   They ask that they be allowed some privacy so that they can have an opportunity to recover from their ordeal.  That’s all for today.   Thank you!”

Dale and Alissa found a store and picked up some things for Skylar.  They were glad to be able to stay in the same suite that they’d had before at the lodge.   Skylar did ask for Noah and Sharlee a few times, but Dale and Alissa distracted her with other things.  She was used to spending time with her grandparents and so she wasn’t very upset.  Her parents always came to pick her up.   Sometimes, it was even after she’d gone to sleep.  They made sure to give her cereal in her dinnertime bottle that evening, and she went to sleep even though she fought it.  Thankfully, she slept through the night.

Screenshot-1547During the night, the nurses came in to check on Noah and Sharlee,  taking their vitals.   Noah and Sharlee barely stirred; they were sleeping so deeply.  Early the next morning, a nurse removed the IVs because their fluid levels were back to normal.    Sharlee was the first to awaken.  She could see that it was daylight, but she was still very sleepy.  She looked over at Noah and he was fast asleep.   She got out of her bed and climbed into bed with Noah, snuggling up close to him.  He wrapped his arm around her, and they both went back to sleep.

Screenshot-1584Sky awakened with a smile, expecting to see one of her parents.   When she didn’t see them, she started to cry.  Alissa took her from the crib.

“You’re alright, Baby.   You’ll see Mommy and Daddy later.   Are you hungry?  Do you want Nana to give you a bottle?”

Dale heated up a bottle for her and Alissa fed her when it was ready.  Then she gave Skylar  a bath and dressed her.

Screenshot-1548The nurse came into the room to see if Noah and Sharlee were ready for breakfast.   She smiled when she saw them cuddled together and still sleeping; she left the room trying not to disturb them. 

Screenshot-1552This time, Noah awakened anyway.   He smothered Sharlee’s face with kisses.  After she was fully awake, he gave her a real kiss.   Then he intended to take a shower and see if he could get a razor.   He was dying to get rid of the beard. 

Screenshot-1562The door suddenly opened and a man came into the room!   He snapped a picture of them and lined up for another shot as Noah sprang out of the bed.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Screenshot-1564The man tried to snap another picture of Sharlee, and Noah punched him in his nose!  A nurse rushed into the room and shouted for the other nurse on duty to call security!

Screenshot-1565Security officers came into the room and one took the paparazzi into custody and the other took the camera.   He removed the card from the camera and handed the card to Noah.   Then  he carried the camera from the room while the other guard took the paparazzi out.  After that a guard was stationed outside of Noah and Sharlee’s hospital room.   They didn’t realize it at the time, but this was only the beginning of what was to come!

Sharlee called Alissa to check on Skylar. 

“Skylar it’s Mommy on the phone.”  

Alissa put the phone up to Skylar’s ear and she smiled as both of her parents talked with her.

Screenshot-1568The doctor came in as they were finishing talking with Skylar.   She went over the results of their tests and told them that they could be released that evening.  It was good news to both Noah and Sharlee.  They wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Screenshot-1570However, she had also reviewed the x-ray of Sharlee’s ankle.   She didn’t feel that surgery was indicated, but Sharlee would be on crutches for the next couple of weeks as the ankle healed.   She also advised Sharlee to see her own doctor so that her doctor could monitor her progress.    They were both instructed to drink plenty of fluids over the next few days and not to over-exert themselves.

Screenshot-1581Sharlee called Dale and Alissa to tell them the good news.

“That’s great sweetheart!  Your car was located, and your belongings have been sent here to the lodge.   Why don’t we all stay here tonight and then get a plane out tomorrow?”

Sharlee told Noah her Dad’s suggestion and he thought it was a good idea.   Later when Sky saw her parents she gave a huge smile and they took turns holding her and receiving her sweet kisses. 

Screenshot-1589They had room service bring dinner to the suite.  This time, Noah and Sharlee were able to do the food justice.  Noah was on his second serving.

“I think that was the best steak I’ve ever eaten!  No offense to you, Babe!”

Screenshot-1591Sharlee laughed and gave Noah a special smile.   They had been through a tough ordeal together and come out on the other side feeling even closer to one another. 

Screenshot-1599That night they kept Sky in bed with them until she fell asleep. 

Screenshot-1597“She really fought sleep again tonight.”    Noah gently put her in the crib. 

Screenshot-1602They went to sleep holding each other. 

Screenshot-1603Sky awakened during the night as though to ensure that her parents were still there.

Noah went over to her and softly stroked her head.

He sang softly to her,  “Baby’s boat’s the silvery moon, sailing in the sky.   Sailing over the silvery sea, while the clouds float by.  Sail baby sail out upon that sea, only don’t forget to sail, back again to me!”

Screenshot-1604She fell asleep and Noah returned to bed.

Screenshot-1610They flew home the following day.  Sky did very well on the flight.  She slept a little but mostly just enjoyed playing in her parent’s laps.  All three of them were glad when they arrived home.  




I’m sorry guys, but this is not the complete chapter.   I just got so far behind with the pictures that I decided to go ahead and post this portion of the chapter.   Later today, I’ll finish the rest of the pictures and post the remainder of the chapter on Wednesday.  Also, I apologize for the pictures.  I just couldn’t seem to get them the way I wanted,  but I hope that you still enjoy it!   🙂


49 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-One

  1. YES! First to comment. Lol.
    Awww, Sky is sooooooo cute especially how she gives everyone sweet kisses and laughs, everytime I see her I want to give her a little hug too!. Can’t wait for the rest to be posted. So glad everyone is fine but that photographer, that was suspicious…is that a hint of new dramas lying ahead. Despite wanting the family to be happy, I love a good drama. Great chapter overall.

    • I love Sky too! I’ll feel so sad when she ages up. 😥

      Yeah, that photographer was very unsettling! I would hate to be photographed when I didn’t want it done!

      Thanks Layla! This chapter is sort just the tie-up to this storyline. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful chapter. Sky is as adorable as ever, I really liked the poses like when she’s sleeping, and everyone’s holding her and there haven’t been many pictures of Alissa and Skylar together, so these ones were so cute and (sigh) I want a baby as adorably cute as Sky! 🙂 I can’t wait to see who this photographer is, and what he will do for revenge after Noah punched them. Lol though, he did snap them in a compromising position!
    ❤ Love from Anna xo 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Anna! I’m glad you liked this chapter. I don’t know why, but I had problems getting engrossed in the pictures for this chapter.

      You liked those poses! I actually made most of those. They weren’t perfect, but they worked good for the pictures. 😀

      Yeah, pictures like he took of Noah and Sharlee seem to be the type that pay off the most for the paparazzi! 😦

      Love to you to Anna and thanks for reading my story! ❤

  3. Noooo, how can you end Alissa. That makes me really sad. It’s such a shame you won’t be able to post anymore chapters. I’ll cherish the last few. We really appreciate how you’ve kept on writing for us. Will you start by any chance any new storylines? 🙂

    • LOL Layla! No the story isn’t over yet. It’s just the end of this part about Noah and Sharlee’s trip to the lodge. 😉

      I’m looking forward to doing the chapter after this one about their family trip to France, and then I’ll start another storyline for them. It won’t be done on this laptop though. I still haven’t found a new one yet.

      Thanks for reading, Layla! Alissa isn’t over yet! 😉

      • LOL, so glad. I can’t wait to find out about Noah’s mom. Has he seen her since he got married to Sharlee? Because her name hasn’t been mentioned since
        Is Noah’s mom still with her cheating, lying husband? In a way I want Noah and mom to reconcile but I want to have some suspense and drama first, like maybe Noah’s mom doesn’t want to meet Noah at first, or when she sees how happy Noah is she might start to become jealous because she never had a marriage her family like Sharlee and Noah. LOL, I have so many story ideas, I wanna be a writer too. I’ll give you heaps of ideas if you want! 😛

      • Lol, sorry I meant, “she never had a marriage or a family like Sharlee or Noah have”, and she might resent her son’s happiness. Lol, u never know!

      • Umm, Anna! I was supposed to have him see his mother at least once when he and Sharlee were still living in Bridgeport, but I forgot! 😯
        She’s still with her cheating,lying husband, but soon we’ll find out more of what’s been going on with them. It’s a couple of storylines away though. 😉

        I appreciate ideas! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad they’re all ok!! 🙂
    Even though it isn’t the whole chapter it is still great! And really cheered me up! (I’ve been I’ll for a few days) 🙂
    Thank you for writing such cool chapters!!

    • I hope you feel better really soon, Megan! ❤

      I'm glad you liked the chapter! It hasn't turned out exactly like I wanted, but it is the end of the hard time that Noah and Sharlee were having on their trip.

      Awww, I'm glad it cheered you up! Being sick isn't all fun!

      Take care of yourself, Megan! ❤

      • Its definitely great!! 🙂 and I’m so glad you’re not ending the story!!
        Its great the tough time is over for them! When is sky going to age up? She’s so cute here but I bet you will make her even cuter when she’s a toddler!!! 😉

        Its not fun but this chapter really cheered me up a lot!!!

        Aww thank you 🙂 You take care of yourself too (even though you might not be ill and that just sounds weird, but I think you probably know what I mean!!) 🙂 ❤

  5. Loved this chapter! Question…could you possibly sent me the master controller file via Skype? I cant seem to find it and its hard using the internet on my rundown computer haha, and skylar is so cute.

  6. OMG! I can’t believe someone would impersonate you like that! Was it from your account, or from someone who had used the screen name 11daisies? I’m glad you’re having it investigated, and I’m sorry that happened to you :(.

    • Yeah, someone must be really bored and have a lot of time on their hands. 😡
      They used the screen name 11daisies and and opened a gmail account with that name, and then they tried to post comments on my Blog impersonating me.

      People believe that because it is the internet they can be anonymous and do anything they want without getting caught. That is not always the case now. A lot of times it depends on how dogged the victim is in finding out who did it! Impersonating another person is a crime whether on the internet or otherwise.

    • Hi Daisy,
      It’s so unbelievable someone would try to pretend they were you! When I saw the notice I thought it sounded kind of peculiar you would suddenly end Alissa, it just didn’t sound right and it’s so sad they would think it funny to do such a thing!. 😦 This kind of thing actually happened to me on a blog I used to have a few year ago.
      Just like you, Someone had posted a message pretending to be me, and it I got so mad because I was worried that someone had hacked into my account. (Luckily they hadn’t, they just pretended to be me and made up some fake address! Some people have nothing better to do).
      I considered asking wordpress to investigate but the person pretending to be me only posted one message, like you and in the end I realized it was probably some bored person or even a young person who thought it was funny to do such a thing, they might not have realised the extent of what they had done, they might have been a younger person who didn’t know how serious it was. I decided not to worry because only one post was posted and the comment wasn’t harrassing.
      If I were you I would just ignore it and block the person. If it doesn’t happen again I’m guessing the person saw your comment and has decided to stop! . I’m so sorry it happened to you, your stories are the best and so good and I don’t understand why someone would try to pretend to be you and make it up that Alissa was ending!
      Don’t let some silly person put you down, we all love Alissa!
      Hope they don’t post again
      – Kadia 🙂

      • I found out that people do this kind of thing very often. 😦 As long as they don’t do anything else, I’m not going to go further with it. It probably was someone very young.

        Thanks for the encouragement, Kadia! I’m glad you love the story too! 🙂

  7. That was sweet that they were cuddling together in the hospital :). And Sky is lucky to have such loving grandparents! Now, whatever happened to Noah’s mom? I know they don’t have a good relationship, but if her son was missing and it was all over the news, I would think she might have wanted to come see him. Was he disowned? Did she decide it was enough to hear from the news that they were OK without needing to show her face? I know I should remember, but there has been so much in this story that I’m a little fuzzy on the details where Mrs. Hall is concerned.

    I’m really wondering what else could happen with that paparazzi since it’s apparently “only the beginning”! Are they going to be stalked? I know you can’t tell me, but I’m excited to know! I’m glad Noah punched him. I know violence is not a good answer but it sometimes shows that he can protect Sharlee and Sky when they need him.

    I’m really glad you’re posting again tomorrow. It’s totally fine that we have to wait for the last half of the chapter, because it feels like more updates! I love your updates and I look forward to them every week ❤ :).

    • They are a very loving couple and being stranded together like that just made them even closer. 🙂

      Noah’s mom, we’ll hear more about her soon as well as Sharlee’s Bridgeport grandparents and Bronson. 😉 There is one small part about her in the remaining part of this chapter. It was supposed to be in the part that was posted, but you just reminded me of what I had forgotten to write! LOL Thanks Beachbear! 😀 This is one of the reasons why I love reading everyone’s comments! 😀

      The paparazzi’s interest can be very bad news! 😦 Yeah, Noah does try very hard to control his anger, but he’s still really the same Noah! LOL Especially if someone isn’t treating Sharlee with respect.

      Because of trying to take care of what happened with the childish impersonator, I didn’t have time to finish my pictures yesterday. I really don’t understand why a person would do such a thing. If you don’t like a story, then just stay off of the Blog! It makes no sense at all to me! 😯 Sorry for ranting! It just burns me up! LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Beachbear! ❤

    • I think she’s the cutest baby I’ve had since I’ve been simming! 😀 Maybe it’s partly because of the new baby CC though. I am so glad that Quizical Gin gave them legs and hair. She said she’s working on more hair for them, but Skylar will probably have aged up before she finishes it. I think she ages up a bit in the next chapter. 😉

      Thanks Marissa! 🙂

  8. Hey Daisy.
    I just read your message and I think it’s just so stupid someone would impersonate you! :O Don’t worry about it, just block the person and the person hasn’t commented further so hopefully it was a one-time thing or they’ve realised what they’ve done. The bogus message sounds like a joke or prank so I think it’s just someone who saw your blog and was bored. I think it’s so disappointing that someone would do such a thing! If the person hasn’t sent anymore messages, don’t worry about it. So many bored people on the web do it all the time and luckily it doesn’t have any bad, obscene language and seems like just a message someone made up to see what would happen. I hope it doesn’t stop you posting Alissa. 🙂 i REALLY LOVE YOUR STORIES and I NEVER WANT ALISSA TO END!
    Anna 🙂

    • OMG! I think that was my younger brother! I am SO SO SO sorry Daisy but I think my brother posted the message. 😦 He always does stupid pranks like this. He thinks it’s funny, and like you said his immature and has nothing better to do (He’s fourteen). One time I left my Facebook profile on and he wrote inappropriate and weird messages to my friends and I had a lot of apologizing to do afterwards. I never thought he would try something like that on other people!!!
      I AM SO SORRY, I hadn’t realized he commented. I’m always reading Alissa and I think he reads it too sometimes, but he gets annoyed because I spend so long reading your stories. He probably thought it was funny and a stupid joke to send a bogus message. Please don’t worry if someone hacked into your account or something, he didn’t even open a gmail account, he just made it up. I am really disappointed in him. 😦
      I really love Alissa. I hope you don’t get too angry, i’m pretty angry at him myself, I’ve already had a rant with him because I think it is really serious what he did, impersonating another person’s username because he could get into a lot of trouble..I am so sorry if you thought someone had hacked into your account. I had no idea about this and I think he is starting to realise what the consequences could be for his actions.
      I think what you do is so great and I would never want Alissa to end. Looking up Alissa is the first thing I do when I’m on the net and again I am so sorry for my brother.

      • Loren, I grew up with three younger brothers and so I know how that is! LOL

        I hope he realizes that it isn’t right to do something like that. As long as nothing further happens, I won’t pursue it anymore. I’m glad you helped him to see that it was a wrong thing to do.

        Yeah, I remember how my brothers were at that age. They kept me laughing, but I never knew what they might do!

        Awww, thanks Loren! It’s alright. I know he didn’t realize that it was such a serious mistake. Now he knows not to do anything like that again.

    • Thank you so much Anna! I think you’re right about the person who did it! I still love Alissa too and I’m not ready to end it yet. I’m glad that you’re sticking with the story too! 🙂

    • Yeah, I guess they thought it would be funny to do that. I hope they realize now that it is a serious thing to impersonate someone else.

      Thanks Anna! I’m not ready to end it yet either! I hope you continue to enjoy it! 🙂

  9. I was just wondering how do you create the images for Alissa. Like do you play the sims 3 and then snap pictures, or do you specially create the poses for each sim.

  10. Great Chapter 🙂 Im glad nothing major was wrong with Noah, Sharlee, or Sky! Good for Noah for punching that guy in the face! That guy gives me a bad feeling! D: When will the next chapter be? 😀

    • Thank you so much Rhiannon! Thankfully they were all okay! 🙂

      I’m finishing the rest of the pictures for the remainder of this chapter right now. It’ll be posted tomorrow, and then I’m going to work on the next chapter. 🙂

  11. Hi Daisies! I don’t mean to be annoying, but you said you’d post the rest of this chapter last Wednesday, and I’m really excited to read it! When do you think you might have it up?

    • Hey Beachbear! You never bother me! Don’t worry about that! ❤

      Yeah, I didn't work on the pictures like I'd planned to do, but I'm finishing them right now. 😀 The remainder of this chapter will be posted tomorrow and then I'm starting to work on the next chapter.

      I decided to wait till I get my new laptop before I set up another savefile for Mutation. It's supposed to be delivered later this week. 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Cheryl! 🙂

      Yes, finally Dale is getting past his bad opinion of Noah. They are still not friends, but at least Dale does have some respect and appreciation for Noah as a son-in-law now. Hopefully, it will get better and better between them! 🙂

  12. Hi Daisie , remember me maxi’s mom??
    Anyway sorry i havent posted i have had my own drama going on first of all i found out i am pregnant i cant wait 🙂 and my husbands mom just died 😦

    This chapter really pulled my heartstrings because of sky i felt that if i was a mother and my son maxi was being taken away it would be weird 🙂 Just in case you didnt know im 25 🙂 Sorry for my grammer mistakes because im from france and i recentley moved to the usa!

    When is the next chapter??

    • Of course I remember you, Ellea!

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! 😀

      I am so sorry that you lost your mother-in-law. It has to be a very rough time for you and your family.

      It would have been awful for Sharlee and Noah if anything had happened to Sky!

      I admire anyone who can speak more than one language! I wish that I could speak another language fluently, but I still have problems with English! I’m not even joking about that! I’m serious! Your grammar is just fine!

      I am doing a couple of more pictures today for chapter One Hundred and Forty-One right now. It feels like that chapter is never going to end! LOL
      Then I’m going to start working on the next one. Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Two won’t be posted until next week though!

      I hope you and your family will be happy in the USA! I know you’ll probably miss France too though! ❤

      • So glad nothing happened to them. Lol, yeah, I was born in Britain but I lived in France until the age of seven and I traveled a lot around Europe, America, Africa and Asia as a kid and teenager. so I speak both fluent French and English and my mother is German so I speak German. I also can speak reasonably fluent in Japanese, Italian and Spanish having picked them up in high school. Knowing so many languages I still make grammatical errors! I love France, although I was born in Britain, my father is French and I love the culture, food and people. I frequently go back during the holidays there,. that’s why I loved the alissa chapter in France because it reminded me so much of my country. 🙂

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