Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Seven

I hope that this storyline does not offend anyone.   The events and characters are mostly from my imagination.   The locale and the inhabitants are based on the CC and the beautiful world Ziwa Bonde by Nilxis.  I doubt that the lots nor the people bear much resemblance to the real country or organizations that I used in the story.


Screenshot-809Dale was operating on a toddler around the same age as Skylar.  

Screenshot-812Cara was helping serve meals in the dining tent.

Screenshot-806There weren’t as many people there eating today.

Screenshot-810Alissa was assisting with a birth of a baby in a different tent.

Screenshot-811The birth was difficult and the mother was in a lot of pain.  Alissa took her hand and told her to squeeze as hard as she wanted.  The mother looked up at Alissa in gratitude.   The doctor assisting the mother to give birth smiled at Alissa for helping the mother to relax.  The mother’s sister stood anxiously to the side.  This was the mother’s second child, and she had lost her first child during a previous birth.  

Screenshot-799After a final push the baby was born. 

Screenshot-816Alissa took the newborn and gently bathed her.  Then she brought her to the mother.  The mother’s sister thanked Alissa and the doctor.   Alissa helped make the mother more comfortable.

The Stallworths had been in Africa for two weeks now of their three week term.  They were based at a mobile medical clinic.   The nearest large town was hours away.   All three of the Stallworths were tired but it had been very fulfilling and wonderful helping out the people in the camp.   Most of the people they had met had been very warmhearted and hospitable even though they had very little in the way of material possessions.   They’d lost a lot as a result of the warring groups in the country.  It was an experience that the Stallworths would never forget, and they were very grateful for this special opportunity.

For the most part, those involved in the warring factions in the country respected the medical relief teams.  The relief team heard stories of massacres in remote villages, and from time to time victims of shootings, stabbings and beatings would be rushed into the camp for medical treatment.  Dale was assigned to do the specialized surgery needed for children, and other doctors and medical personnel assisted the adults and other children.  Most days their camp was flooded with people needing medical assistance, and there was very little time to relax.

Screenshot-813The supervisor of the area where Cara was working sent Cara for her dinner break.   Cara wasn’t hungry, and so she went outside to look at the scenery.   It was a beautiful country, and Cara hadn’t had much opportunity to take pictures outside.  She’d taken many pictures of the people in the camps for her Mom’s story, but none of their beautiful surroundings.

Screenshot-820She got her camera and started to take her pictures.  She’d been cautioned against wandering far from camp and intended to stay close.   Cara saw an adorable little monkey and just knew that she had to take a picture of it.  

Screenshot-821She was loving the shots that she was getting of him.  She’d been cautioned against going far from camp and hesitated when the monkey started to leave.   She wanted more pictures of him.  She followed it into the trees promising herself that she wouldn’t go far. 

Screenshot-822Alissa came outside for her dinner break and saw Cara walking away from camp.   Alissa called to Cara, but Cara didn’t hear her.

Screenshot-824Cara walked through the trees and snapped pictures.  

Screenshot-826Everything seemed so beautiful and peaceful. 

Screenshot-831At least it was until she heard the raised voices of men arguing.   Someone cried out just as they came into Cara’s view.   One man was on the ground and another stabbed him.  Two more men stood around watching.  Cara started to back away and head back to camp.  As she did, she stepped on a branch and it made a loud crack.  

Screenshot-846One of the men looked her way. 

Screenshot-840Cara took off running as fast as she could back towards the camp.   She could hear them running after her.  

Screenshot-841Suddenly her Mom was in front of her.  “Cara what?”

Screenshot-842“Mom we’ve got to run back to camp.  Some men who stabbed a man are after me!”

Alissa and Cara started running.   Cara was beginning to give out.   She hadn’t realized that she had come so far away from the camp.  She’d already run a good distance before she’d seen her mother. 

Screenshot-848She started slowing down and Alissa realized that Cara wouldn’t be able to make it back to camp before the men caught up to them.

Screenshot-847“Cara get into those bushes.  Don’t make a sound and don’t come out no matter what you hear!  When you’re sure the men are gone, then you go back to camp.”

Screenshot-849“Mom, no!”

Screenshot-850“Do as I say now, Cara!”

Her mother had never spoken to her like that before.   Cara was scared and she crouched down in the bushes just like Alissa told her to do. 

Screenshot-854Alissa moved away from Cara and headed in the direction where she could hear the men coming.  She made some loud noises breaking branches and led the men to her.  They had been told about a rebel group called Seleka who had been terrorizing remote villages in the area, but Alissa didn’t know if these men had anything to do with that group.   However, she did know without question that she did not want them to harm her daughter!

Screenshot-858The three men stood around her.

Screenshot-857Alissa angrily spoke to the man closest to her.  “What do you want!”

Screenshot-860He struck her across her face.  

Screenshot-861He replied to her in heavily accented English.   “Shut up woman!  You speak only when spoken to!” 

Screenshot-863Alissa held her hand to her face realizing that there would be no reasoning with these men. 

Screenshot-865One of them grabbed a hold of Alissa, and Alissa kicked him in his balls! 

Screenshot-866She broke away from him but another man grabbed her and held on tightly despite Alissa’s struggles to free herself.   They conferred among themselves and then forced Alissa to leave with them.

Screenshot-855Cara crouched in the bushes trembling and afraid for her mother.   When she heard them hit her mom, she wanted to jump out and try to help her, but she knew that it would be better to go back to camp and get her Dad.  As soon as she heard them moving away from the area, Cara crept quietly out of hiding and took off running through the trees back to camp.  Cara ran into the camp screaming for Dale!

Dale was in the middle of an operation when he heard Cara screaming for him.   The doctor assisting him took over and Dale raced outside to find Cara.  

Screenshot-893As soon as she saw her Dad, Cara started crying and hyperventilating.

Screenshot-894“Cara!  Sweetie, breathe slowly in and out.”

Screenshot-897After she caught her breath, she told her Dad urgently,  “Dad, some men took Mom!”

“What are you talking about, Cara!”

“In the jungle,  I saw some men kill another man and they chased me!  Mom found me and made me hide.   Then she led the men away from me.  They caught her and made her leave with them!”


“I’ll show you, Dad!”

The supervisor of the relief unit had rushed over when hearing Cara screaming.   The camp security officers were there as well.

Screenshot-900“I can’t let you go, Dale!”

Screenshot-901“Can’t let me go!”

Screenshot-903Dale continued walking away toward the jungle and one of the officers decked him.

Screenshot-905When Dale regained consciousness, Cara was sitting beside his cot, crying quietly.  A security officer was standing close by.  

Screenshot-906“Dr. Stallworth, I’m sorry that I had to do that, but it would have done you no good to go racing off into the jungle.   Then we’d have lost both you, your daughter and Mrs. Stallworth.  As you were informed in your information packet, the government has very little authority nor control in this part of the country.  However, the closest law enforcement agency and the American embassy have been informed of the situation.  Cara will you please inform Mr. Yarden that your father is conscious?”

When Mr. Yarden arrived he explained the situation to Dale.

Screenshot-867They forced Alissa  through dense jungle and rugged areas.

Screenshot-869She had to wade through shallow parts of a river and across streams until they arrived at a small village.

Screenshot-878People stared as Alissa was dragged down the middle of the village and then thrown into a hut.  

Screenshot-880Alissa looked around her not seeing another exit to the hut.  It appeared to be used for storage.  She slumped down onto the floor and huddled there wondering why they had brought her here and what they planned to do with her.   No matter what though, she was glad that they had not taken Cara.  Her throat was dry with thirst and she was exhausted.   Her eye throbbed with pain from when the man had struck her and her lip was cut and hurting too.

Screenshot-886A man came inside with some water.   “Drink!”

Alissa was afraid to drink the water.   They had been cautioned against drinking untreated water because of the microbes it might contain.  He plopped the pan on the floor and then left Alissa alone in the hut.   More time passed.   Alissa had lost her watch in the jungle and she didn’t know how long she’d been there. 

Screenshot-887Another man entered the hut and at first stood silently staring at Alissa.

“You are American CIA sent to spy on us!”

Screenshot-888Alissa was shocked.   “What!”

Screenshot-890“CIA!   Admit it!”

Screenshot-891He pulled a paper and pen from his clothing and told Alissa to write down an admission that she was there on behalf of the U.S. government as a spy.

“Sign it!”

Screenshot-889“No, I won’t sign that! I am not a spy!  I’m here with a health relief organization.  Trying to…”

Screenshot-907Alissa trailed off as the man struck her across the face again. 

Screenshot-909She tried to ward off the blows, but didn’t succeed.  He grabbed the paper and left the hut.

Screenshot-915It was the day following Alissa’s abduction and Dale was angry and afraid for Alissa.  Although the state department was now involved, they were not holding out much hope for a good resolution.  Alissa had been taken by a rebel faction outside of the control of the local authorities or governmental control.  The American state department and the U.N. were insistent that Dale and the other members of the Doctor’s Without Borders organization in Dale’s group leave the country for their own safety.  Dale didn’t want to leave without Alissa, but he wasn’t being given much choice.

The night before their trip home, Dale couldn’t sleep.   He looked at Cara sleeping fitfully on her cot .   He knew that she felt guilty for what had happened to her mother, but he felt the same as Alissa did.   He was glad that their daughter was safe with him.  He got up and kissed Cara’s cheek and then went outside the tent.  

Screenshot-922Ayo, who was one of the camp guards, nodded to him as he patrolled the area.

Screenshot-921As he stood outside, Dale heard a familiar voice speaking from inside the office tent.   He said aloud, “There’s no way!”  

Screenshot-925He walked into the tent and saw Alex! 

Screenshot-926Dale was shocked when Alex walked over to him and hugged him.

Screenshot-928“So, Alissa’s in trouble again.  I had to come to help.  The state department can’t officially do anything.  They don’t negotiate in these types of situations.”

Screenshot-929“How did you know about this?”

Screenshot-931“I have friends in the state department and friends who try to let me know how the family is doing while I’ve been gone.  It doesn’t take long for them to reach me when something serious happens.  That’s how I learned about Joy’s illness.   This time though, I disobeyed orders by coming here.   Whatever I do…”  He looked at the man who’d come with him.   “Whatever we do, it isn’t officially sanctioned by the bureau or the state department.   That way they have “plausible deniability.”

Screenshot-934The other man spoke.   “Mr. Stallworth…”

“Please call me Dale.”

“Dale, if your wife were not a celebrity or related to Alex, then we would not have been permitted to come.   Alex is neglecting to tell you that his coming here will blow his cover and he’ll no longer be permitted to work out in the field undercover again.”

Dale looked at Alex, and Alex smiled at him.

Screenshot-932“It’s okay, Dale.  I’ve been ready to come home for a long time now.  I miss the family.   I miss my old life.  I’m quitting the bureau and I think I’ll just go back to police work.  Maybe I’ll take a desk job this time.”

“How will you explain your return after being declared dead?”

Alex answered Dale’s question.   “Part of the truth will work.   I was undercover and mistakenly thought to be dead.  It happens!  The bureau will make sure that whatever is necessary will be done to reestablish my identity.”

Screenshot-933Dale had mixed feelings about having Alex back in their lives.

“We can talk about it later.   What about Alissa?   I can’t leave without her, Alex!”

Screenshot-935The agent with Alex was named Enetan.   He told Dale, “We don’t want to get your hopes up too much, Dale.   Getting your wife back won’t be easy!”

Screenshot-938Cara had awakened and gone in search of her father.  She walked into the tent and her mouth fell open.  “Uncle Alex!”

Screenshot-940She flung her arms around his neck in a tight hug.

Screenshot-942Alissa wondered how long she would be able to survive without drinking any water. 

Screenshot-944She fell asleep despite fighting to stay awake.   

Screenshot-947Sharlee had picked Sky up from her grandmother Kaye’s home after finishing her classes.   She took classes every morning and Kaye looked after Skylar while Sharlee was at the college.  Sky was playing in her playroom.   Sharlee stretched out on the couch and switched on the television to find some mindless comedy program to watch to unwind before preparing lunch for herself, Noah and Skylar.   Noah usually tried to come home to eat lunch with her and Skylar. 

Screenshot-950 Skylar came out from her playroom and climbed up on the couch.  

Screenshot-951She stretched out on her Mom’s chest and looked at her with a big smile on her face.  Sharlee smiled back at her.

“Mommy,  I been thinkin a lot.  I wan a Aidan.”

“Aidan has soccer practice this afternoon, but you can see him after that.”

Screenshot-953Skylar frowned.  “No,  I wan a Aidan.  Aidan is Joy’s.”  Skylar still had problems saying the right nouns and verbs although she was doing very well for her age with her speech.

Screenshot-969Sharlee realized what Skylar was trying to say.  “Aidan is Joy’s little brother?”

“Yes!  Can I have a little brother for me.”

Sharlee was surprised.  “Awww, Babygirl!  I’ll talk with your Dad about it, okay?”

“Yay!  Okay Mommy.”

Screenshot-973“It takes a while before a baby is born though.”

“How long?”

“Well… Hmm, you know how long you’ve been waiting for Cindy Mayburn’s cat to have her kittens?”

“Yes, a long, long time!”

Screenshot-976“It takes a lot longer than that for a baby to be born.  You know how we won’t know if she’ll have girl kittens or boy kittens until after they’re born?”


“It’ll be a surprise for us whether or not we have a little brother or a little sister for you.  We can’t pick whether to have a boy or girl.  Nature just decides for us.”

Screenshot-979“So I might have to have a sister and not a brother?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Skylar was thinking deeply about what her mother told her.   “I guess a sister is okay too. “

Screenshot-974“Good, Sweetie!  I’ll talk with your Dad about it soon.”


Screenshot-981Skylar climbed back down and returned to her playroom. 

Screenshot-982This time she danced around singing! “I gonna get a brother!” 

Screenshot-983The big smile didn’t leave her face as she danced and sang around the room!

Screenshot-987Sharlee turned back to the television still smiling about her conversation with Skylar.  A news program was coming on. 

Screenshot-988She was about to change the channel when she heard her mother’s name mentioned.  She left it on the channel.   That was how she heard the news that her mother had been taken hostage!  Sharlee stared at the television screen in disbelief!  Her phone rang right afterwards.   It was her grandfather Matthew.   He’d called to tell her about Alissa.

Screenshot-991Crystal was sitting on the couch in her loft.   June was making a hot drink for her.  She’d come over to Crystal’s loft as soon as she’d heard about Alissa.  Crystal’s doorbell rang, and June went to answer it.  It was Angelo.  He too had heard about Alissa.  Even though they hadn’t spoken since the night she’d slept with Keith, Angelo was there as Crystal’s friend.  

He came inside and sat down beside her.   They looked at each other silently.  Crystal never cried, but she couldn’t control the tears as they started to fall down her cheeks.   Angelo pulled her close and held her as she cried.


I’ve already started the next chapter.  I plan to finish this storyline for Alissa and then I’m going to concentrate on my other story, Mutation.  I’m going to finish the remaining chapters of Mutation and then only on Alissa.  Thanks for sticking with the story!   ❤





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    • Alissa has had some really hard times in her life. 😦

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        Sky is the sweetest little thing! I like her too. I’m still working on those pictures. The ones for this chapter haven’t been easy for me. Hopefully, you’ll see why when I post it. I’m still trying to get it ready for posting. I hope it’ll be finished tonight! 😀

        Thanks for reading my story, Line, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it! ❤

    • i’d like that if you have time :). I haven’t really considered buying it because I just recently rekindled my relationship with Sims 3, but a new Sims game always intrigues me so I’m starting to change my mind.

      I really just have a few questions, though, about the parts that will affect whether or not I buy the game. I never got anyone’s personal opinion on SIms 3 so I actually didn’t buy it till 2 years after its release date!
      1. I heard there aren’t pools, which is a Sims classic. How much does this really matter when playing the game?
      2. What other features from Sims 3 were you unpleasantly surprised not to find in Sims 4?
      3. Are the sims themselves significantly more or less attractive than the ones on Sims 3?
      4. How annoying is the lack of Map View and the presence of loading screens? Is it as bad as the Sims 2 loading times?
      5. What features of Sims 4 are so great that they make you never want to go back to playing Sims 3?

      If you don’t have time to answer my questions, please don’t feel obligated. I just thought I’d ask since you offered your advice and I’d give more weight to your opinion than I would to a random reviewer.

      • I was late with buying Sims 2 and Sims 3 had been out a while before I found it too. 😀

        I think I answered your questions in the review, but let me know if there’s something you want me to check! ❤

        I'll post it later this afternoon. Still working on pictures for the next chapter of Alissa. I'm stuck on one scene, but either way, I plan to finish tonight! 😀

      • all your pictures are amazing.
        I will be reading it as soon as its posted. I love this storyline that much 😀
        Thanks for posting a review for me. 😀 🙂

      • Thank you Elizabeth! ❤ I usually have a good time taking pictures!

        I'm really happy that you love this storyline too. Sometimes I'm not so sure about the storylines that I choose. 🙂

        No problem, at all. Reviews are what made me decide to buy the game, but I do wish that I had waited until it was a lower price.

      • well a review for everyone. I have not got the sims 4 yet either as I love the sims 3 so much so I am not sure if I will love the sims 4 that much.

  14. Oh wow hasn’t this girl been through enough poor Alissa lol I think you did a great job with the set. I have played Ziwa Bonde before in fact the second picture with the little boy, the three girls, and the man sitting across from them at the table was the family I play with it. So its pretty crazy to see the villager being apart of your story. I love Ziwa Bonde its so beautiful but its not really playable in terms of starting a generation family like for instance going to school. There is no school within the main village so my kids would have to run all the way to the far side of the river village. It was so annoying because they never made it to the village but the game would still say they attended school lol To tell you the true I thought you might have switch over to the Sims 4 so I was surprise to see that you’re still working on the story.

    • I didn’t realize it had been that many days since I was on here! Sorry Shayla!

      I have put poor Alissa through a lot. 😦 Hopefully, it’s made her a stronger character.

      It was fun getting the sets right for the pictures. I love the way Ziwa Bonde looks, but I haven’t actually played it yet! LOL I guess the way everything is spread out could make it hard to navigate for the sims daily lives though. I’ll probably do homeschooling for the kids whenever I get around to playing in that world. 😀

      No, I haven’t switched to Sims 4. That game has a long, long way to go before I do a story using it, if I ever do. Maybe if poses are made for it, it might work for me. I hate the way the Sims stand like Neanderthals when they are inactive, and the way they smile constantly when inactive. It won’t work well with my storylines. I haven’t seen any Sims 4 stories yet. Maybe others have found a way to make it work. Are you switching to it?

      • That okay! That just mean more for me to read I usually read your story pretty quickly then get disappoint when you leave us on a cliffhanger so I am taking my time so I don’t have to wait so long to see what happen next.

        Sigh maybe one day Alissa will have a normal life with a normal family and have normal problems…NOT lol

        I know Ziwa Bonde is so amazing but trust me playing in that town is really hard. I had to deal with a lot of route fails more than usual there just isn’t enough Lot space and I really didn’t want to make too many changes. I had go CC shopping and I found some really good stuff because I didn’t like the modern objects lol it just didn’t fit the theme. Ugh I had some many plans for that world I was going to add monkeys, elephants, turtles, and crocodiles. I even decorated the school, the grocery store, the hospital, the festival grounds, the camp grounds all that for nothing lol I don’t know maybe you can make it work for you cause I gave up!

        Yeah I don’t have any interest in the Sims 4 at all! So nope I won’t be switch I have the Sims 2 and 3 to keep me company. I have seen some Let’s Play, Reviews, and my own research on the game and have come to the conclusion that the game is not worth $60 or even $104 (higher edition)! Don’t get me wrong there are some good feature in the game that EA has improved on but at a cost! There are too many basic feature remove from the game base that no would ever expect it to not be there.

        I am happy about having No burglars, YES! No ghosts, Alright! Harder Bills, Keep’em Coming! No Cars, What? No Basement, You’re Joking Right? No, Rabbit Holes so sims just disappear instantly when going to work or school that doesn’t exist, Why would I want that? No Color Wheel, Lalala I can’t hear! No Toddler, Hold It Now You’ve Gone Too FAR! (Once I heard there were no toddlers… I was over the Sims 4. I watch a video on how babies change into children and its so bizarre! No thank you.)

        Yeah I am not sure when they will have pose player but I have seem some good mods and CC for the Sims 4 at alarming rate which is really good. However we might not have custom hair though I hear its not possible because the changes made by EA (I hope this isn’t true).

        Also in terms of Stories sims tend to play musical chairs a lot lol they are always switching seats its really annoying. Yeah I noticed they smile a lot too lol nobody can be that happy! But, Kaleekalo’s Home for the Holidays is a great Sims 4 Drama that works well without the need of pose player! But of course Kaleekalo story does not have any dangerous situation like in your story. But, I agree on waiting for pose player otherwise you will have to hold back with your story.

      • The CC creators are really moving fast with creating CC for the Sims 4. It still hasn’t drawn me in like the other Sims games though. It’s just is missing too much for me to fully enjoy it. Maybe after some expansion packs it will be better, but I’m not pouring money into it like I did the Sims 3.

      • I feel you I see some of the CC I am like that’s cute but not cute enough for me to want to buy the game lol Yeah I learn my lesson from the Sims 3. I am just worry though if the game base is missing so many feature just imagine how the Expansion will be? I don’t know I am trying to stay positive for the people who did buy this game but you never know with EA.

      • Yeah, I don’t blame you for waiting to get the game. I wished I had waited for a big sale like I’d originally decided to do. 😦 Some of it is fun but not for the price that I paid. I don’t feel any great urge to play it like I do the other versions. Maybe if they make some big changes and additions it will get better, but it isn’t worth 60.00 to me now.

      • Yeah I only bought some my Sims 3 games full price because I missed out on the Sim 2 experience when it was still new so I really want to miss out of the Sims 3. So in order for me to even consider buying the Sims 4 (because after all it is a sims game) is if they make huge improvements to the game otherwise I guess I’ll be waiting for the Sims 5!

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