Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Six

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Screenshot-676Angelo had gone on a tour with his band without talking with Crystal.   Now he was back in town and he’d missed her a lot.  He decided that it was time to have a serious talk with her.  He didn’t know how she would react on seeing him again.

Crystal opened the door and was surprised to see Angelo.  She led the way to the couch and took a seat.

“How was your tour?”

“It was great.  We had sold out performances, and we’ve been offered a record deal.”

Screenshot-677“I’m not surprised.  You guys are really good!”

‘Thanks, Crystal.  You gave me a push when I needed it.”

Crystal knew about Angelo’s past just like he knew about hers.  His parents had always backed him with his music, but they had insisted that he obtain a college degree in case he was unable to make a success of his music career.   So Angelo had a degree in engineering.  However, his music was his main focus and now he was becoming successful.

Screenshot-698He’d met Crystal years before at one of his band’s concerts.   There hadn’t been a large audience that night and interest in his band wasn’t high back then.  He’d been considering quitting the band and getting a job in the engineering field.  Crystal had approached him during the after party when his band’s performance ended.  They had begun talking.  

Screenshot-701She’d told him that he had a special talent and seemed to lose himself in his music.   She’d said that his music touched something inside her and that she could listen to him play all day long. 

Screenshot-700Angelo had told her how much he appreciated knowing that his music had that effect on her.  They had talked together for hours that first night without even noticing how much time had passed.  They had really clicked and been close friends ever since then.

Crystal never liked to talk about her childhood or her mother.  She hadn’t even told June.  However, Angelo had insisted and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  He’d said that her childhood had been a part of shaping who she was today and as her close friend he wanted to know her the best that he could.  So Crystal had told him about her years growing up just as he’d told her about his.

Screenshot-682Now Angelo was studying her face, trying to find the words to talk about what he knew needed to be discussed.  Words that he knew would probably mean the end of their friendship.  They needed to discuss the fact that he’d fallen in love with her.

“Angelo how does it feel?”


“To be in love with me?  With anyone!”

Screenshot-681Angelo felt his heart constrict.  She didn’t return his feelings. 

“I don’t know how to explain it, but I’ll try.   It’s a mixture of euphoria when I see you smile, when I look into your eyes and when I hold you in my arms.  It’s absolute hell because I know that you don’t love me in return and that you probably never will.  It tears me apart to know that you don’t want me in your life anymore simply because I’m in love with you.”

Screenshot-683Crystal didn’t say anything at first.  She sighed and looked thoughtful.

“Angelo, you know that I don’t want any complications in my life.  I don’t know if I’m even capable of being faithful to just one man.  You know that if I like a man and I’m attracted to him, then I see nothing wrong with going out with him or sleeping with him.”

Screenshot-685“I know that Crystal.  I didn’t intentionally fall in love with you.   You’ve always been a completely honest person and that’s one of the things that I love about you.  Really it’s your fault this happened.  You’re just so damn lovable!”

They both laughed at that.  Lovable was never a word used to describe Crystal.

“Were you in love with Keith?”

Screenshot-687“Hell no!  But I was willing to see where it led with him.  I don’t know why I pursued him like that.  That totally wasn’t like me.”

Angelo hadn’t known that Crystal had pursued Keith.  She saw the surprised look in his eyes and tried to explain.

“I think it’s because he was different from the guys that I usually date.  He wanted more from me than just a quick lay in the sack.  I wanted to see where it might lead.  I never slept with him because he said that he doesn’t sleep with a woman unless he loves her.  Maybe he was a challenge for me.  Oh I don’t know but that’s over now!”

Angelo was silent and this time Crystal was studying his face.

“With you though, Angelo, I’ll admit that my feelings are different.   I can talk with you about anything, and of course you know that I love sleeping with you.  I know that I care about you, and I’ve missed you the past few weeks when we weren’t talking.  I… I know that I want you in my life.”

Screenshot-690“You were willing to give a relationship with Keith a try, but what about me?   Maybe you can give us a try.  Maybe you can give it a chance to see where things lead with us?   Be honest, Crystal.  Please be honest with yourself.  You feel more than friendship for me.”

Screenshot-689“I don’t know what I feel or if I can give you what you want from me, Angelo.”

“What do you think that I want?”

“A commitment, marriage!”

Screenshot-691“I would love a commitment, but I don’t expect marriage.   I know that’s what Jamil told Miki too, but you know me!  Marriage and children aren’t in my life plan either.  How about if we just do what you were willing to do for Keith.   Just start seriously dating and see where it leads between us.  Maybe you’ll end up wanting to be exclusive!”

“So you mean dating each other and if we want to go out with anyone else, that’s okay too?”

Angelo frowned.   “Are you saying that you won’t mind if I date and sleep with other women?”

Crystal didn’t answer right away.   It had never bothered her in the past when Angelo dated, but something had changed in her feelings.  It would bother her now.

Angelo read her expression.   “See, that thought bothers you just like it bothers me when you date someone else.   Let’s start dating and see how it goes.”

Screenshot-692Crystal agreed to give it a try, and Angelo pulled her onto his lap.

Screenshot-693They started making out.

Crystal missed June too, and she wanted to try to save their friendship.  She asked June to meet her in the bar downstairs for a drink after work and was relieved when June agreed.

Screenshot-717After they were seated and had their drinks, they started talking.

Screenshot-721“Congratulations on your promotion, Crystal.  You deserve it.”

“Thanks June.”

“I’m sorry about Keith.”

Screenshot-718“I’m not.  We weren’t right for each other.”

“Did you know that he’s engaged?”

“Yeah.   Honestly, June.  I’m not upset about Keith.”

Crystal hesitated.   “I had no idea that you were in love with Angelo.   Why didn’t you tell me?”

Screenshot-719“I…. I don’t know.    Really, I’ve come to see that I wasn’t in love with him, but I would like to have been.   I think he’s a great guy and I wanted to …I don’t know what I wanted.   That’s over now though because he’s in love with you!”

Screenshot-722“June, you’re my friend and I don’t want to hurt you.”

Screenshot-724“I know that Crystal, and I’m sorry for blowing up on you like that.   It’s just that Angelo is a great guy and he deserves someone who loves him and treats him right.”

Screenshot-723“So, you don’t think that I treat him right?”

June looked Crystal in the eye.  “Do you think that you do, or do you just use him?”

“We’ve started dating, and I’m trying to treat him right.  This is new for me, but I do care about Angelo.”

Screenshot-725June’s mouth dropped open.   “Just don’t hurt him, Crystal.”

“Are we okay?”

“Yeah.  You’re still my homegirl.”

They started talking about other things.

Angelo and Crystal enjoyed the progression of their relationship.   Angelo was relieved that he no longer had to hide his feelings for Crystal.   He was very thoughtful and did little things to let her know that he was thinking about her even when they weren’t together.   He’d leave little notes around Crystal’s loft telling her how he felt about her and cute little messages describing a quality in her personality or appearance that he admired in her.  

It was harder for Crystal to open up and share her feelings with him, but Angelo hadn’t expected it to be easy for her.   He understood how her past had effected her, and just that knowledge that he truly did understand her made Crystal care even more about him.

Screenshot-702Several weeks later, Crystal’s doorbell rang and she was surprised to see Keith at the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“Is the offer still open?”

Crystal frowned.

“What offer?”

Screenshot-703“Sex with no strings attached.”

“I thought you were engaged!”

“I am.”

Screenshot-705“Again, why are you here?”

Screenshot-704“I’m not married yet,  and years down the road I don’t want to wonder what sleeping with you would have been like.  Don’t you want to know too?   Was your offer just a lot of hot air or do you want to go upstairs?”

Screenshot-706Crystal led the way upstairs to her bedroom.   They undressed and soon were on the bed together.   As they had sex,  Crystal felt a completely new sensation.  It was deep guilt.   It kept her from enjoying being intimate with Keith. 

Screenshot-707Afterwards, Keith got off the bed and started dressing.  Crystal grabbed her robe.   She felt awkward and uncomfortable.  He didn’t say anything at first.   Then he looked at her.

Screenshot-708“This was just between us?”

Crystal didn’t answer.

Screenshot-709Keith was still dressing as he headed into the livingroom.  Angelo came through the door  and saw Keith.  Keith tucked in his shirt as he left the apartment. 

Screenshot-710Crystal came downstairs wearing nothing but a robe.   She was shocked to see Angelo.

“Angelo!   I…”

She saw the pain and disappointment in his eyes.

Crystal’s guilt made her lash out in anger.

Screenshot-712“I told you that I didn’t know if I could do this.   I warned you that I didn’t know if I could be with just one man!”

Screenshot-711“Yeah, you warned me.  I know what you’re like Crystal, but I hoped that just maybe I would be enough for you.   Goodbye, Crystal.”

Screenshot-715“Angelo…. !”

He didn’t wait to hear what she had to say.    He didn’t want to hear it.   He left the apartment.


I had intended for Crystal to remain single after this, but Cury’s comment a few chapters back made me think that it would be nice to let you all decide.  While I don’t believe that Crystal would ever marry, a committed relationship might work for her.  Please take a few moments to take the poll for me.



44 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty-Six

  1. I voted yes, but I think she only should if she is really ready otherwise….it will be a repeat of what just happened. I am not sure Angelo will be able to forgive and trust her….I am hoping he will. I think what she just did and the guilt she felt prove that Crystal is changing some. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds and what will happen with the other characters. 🙂

    • Yeah, it would be hard to trust Crystal in that area. I agree that the guilt shows that she has changed. If she was the same as she used to be she wouldn’t have cared how what she did effected Angelo. Only her own feelings and desires would have mattered to her.

      Thanks for reading my story, KSmomma! 🙂 I got your message! ❤

  2. I loved it daisy. I don’t think it’ll be easy for Angelo to forgive her. Great chapter as always! If you ever need any help, I’m always here.

  3. Oh, no! It would be sooo sad for it to end that way, and so quickly, between Crystal and Angelo! I agree that not everyone needs a romantic relationship to be happy, but Crystal seems to be scarred by her past which is not the same thing as simply being content with her own company. I think she should explain what happened to Angelo, and he should show her some compassion. And I can’t believe Keith! What would his fiancée say about that?

    If Crystal really loves Angelo, which I hope she does, she will try to get him back. And if Angelo really loves Crystal, he will do his best to understand, even if it takes awhile to earn the trust back. If he leaves, I doubt Crystal will ever feel confident in her ability to hold onto a relationship, and it would be for the wrong reasons.

    • That’s a very good point Beachbear! I’m glad you put it that way! 😯
      Yeah, Keith really messed up. He probably doesn’t plan to tell his fiance what happened with Crystal. That’s why he asked her to keep it between the two of them. Maybe he will tell her himself though because what he did was out of character for him.

      Hopefully things will work out the best for them. You’re right that it will take a while to earn back that trust even if Crystal and Angelo do end up together. I agree that if it doesn’t work out with Angelo, Crystal would probably not have another close relationship like that again.

      Thank you for reading my story, Beachbear! 🙂

  4. Judjing from the poll so far, I think they’re going to have a relationship! Again, great chapter, I never know how to express quite correctly how I liked each chapter. I thought the warning you put was funny for this chapter! It’s sad to think that their relationship ended so quickly, and that Kieth isn’t as faithful as he seemed. P.S. FIRST COMMENT! and my first first comment at that 🙂

    • It does seem to be going that way in the poll. I’m sort of surprised, but I’m glad that I let you all decide. 😀

      Awww, you do just fine in your comments! I enjoy reading them! ❤

      I really wasn't sure if it needed a warning, but I put that up just in case! 😀

      Yeah, Keith really wasn't exactly as he seemed. Maybe it was a weak time for him.

      I'm sorry your comment wasn't first, but I really enjoyed reading it, Aubri! I wasn't on my computer after the other comments were made,but they were just before yours. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Aubri! 🙂

  5. Omgg!! I just love your story!! 💕 its the best thing ever . I hope crystal dates Keith or better yet get married. She needs to settle done from being a play girl and get herself together and a committed relationship should do the trick. I also hope noah and sharlee have a new baby 😸 .

    • Thank you so much, Niki! That is so nice to hear, and a really sweet thing to say to me! 🙂

      You think that Crystal should get married to Keith? I sort of felt that they were just too different from each other for that to work out between them. He wants a wife and children, but Crystal doesn’t want a family at all. Yeah, Crystal is at least thirty now. 😀

      It’ll still be a while before Noah and Sharlee have another little one, but they definitely will! 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Niki and it makes me really happy to know you’re enjoying it! 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda! 🙂

      I’m definitely not an expert at taking screenshots. There are people who do a much better job at it than I do. I just keep trying to set it up like I see it in my mind. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! 😀

  6. Hey.. 11daiseys . If you have room in your story could you add a extra character? I wish I could be in your story!!! that would be so awesome!!! I could make a sim self and you could decide what character I am doing 😀 please… 😀

    also, if noah were a real person, I would try to be sharlee 😀 I ❤ Noah XD

    Still loving your story 😀 and sorry what I ment is I wanted crystal and angelo together I totally agree with about her and keith, she even said so herself :/

    • I don’t have any new characters in mind right now, but I never turn down a Sim to use! 🙂

      It looks like most people reading feel the same as you do about Crystal and Angelo! 😯

      Thanks for reading my story, Niki! 🙂

  7. Great chapter:) I was quite surprised Cyrstal agreed to have sex with Keith without any argument. I’m glad Crystal and June were able to make up though 😀 Can’t wait for the next chapter!:D

    • Thanks Rhiannon!

      In some ways Crystal still thinks a lot like her mother did about men and relationships. More than she realizes. Her mother taught her to take what you want from a man and then move on to the next. Her mother made her believe that everyone wants something from you and so you take what you want first and don’t worry about consequences.

      Keith was right about her wanting to know what sleeping with him would be like. So she did it. She didn’t expect to feel any guilt over it, but she did. It’s never happened to her before because she’s never felt committed to anyone before this. So, changing her thinking and behavior won’t be easy for her. Since it looks like the poll results are for her and Angelo to stay together, Crystal is in for some hard work on her thinking and actions. 😉

      Thanks for reading, Rhiannon! 🙂

  8. Keith is just horrible. He has a fiancee and yet he goes to Crystal for sex. And Crystal just gave in! It makes me sad that Angelo had to find out that she had slept with Keith. But I really want Angelo and Crystal to be together! Angelo is sweet and takes Crystal for who she is. But unless Crystal stops having sex with other guys, then their relationship will be torn! Crystal deserves happiness and I think Angelo is the person to give it to her. But if Keith hadn’t been a douche, Angelo wouldn’t be saying goodbye to her!

    When will the next chapter be? I’m eager to see what happens next.

    • Keith was weak! You’re right, he shouldn’t have gone to sleep with Crystal. 😡 That changed Crystal’s view of him too!

      Angelo does accept Crystal for who she is, and maybe he’ll be able to trust her enough to make relationship work. Hopefully, Crystal will be able to be faithful to him after this. 😦

      I have just about everything set up for the next pictures, but I’m still doing Noah and Sharlee’s new house. I thought it’d be nice to share their new house with you all. So, I’m keeping track of the CC and what I use on it so that I can upload it when it’s finished. Of course, I’ve gone overboard with decorating again! LOL I hope that if I post the CC with the house to install that you all can have it too if you want it. ❤

      Thanks for reading my story, Remi! I hope that the next update will be finished by the weekend. 🙂

  9. Aww poor Crystal. I voted yes that they need to be together. I like Angelo a lot and he can understand her better because she opened up to him about her past. I know it might take him a bit, but I hope he can start to forgive her. After all, a person like Crystal isn’t going to change over night. She’s a headstrong woman who has a rough past. You can’t just shrug that stuff off! And maybe later, probably way later, a “Cryngelo” baby would show up by “accident” lol I’m jumping too far but I love seeing genetics. Families are my favorite sim ways to play lol

    Can’t wait for the next chapter! I’m looking forward to more Crystal storylines, Cara’s story after she ages and her brother’s as well because if I’m remembering correctly, he’s supposed to go to college and meet Faye again? Lots of good chapters coming up! 🙂

    • Yeah, it does help that he knows about her background. It won’t be easy for him to trust her again, but hopefully he can. She’ll have to earn his trust this time. Maybe she won’t take him for granted this time. It won’t be easy for her though! 😦

      “Cryangelo!” Can you imagine Crystal as a Mom! 😯 LOL I bet their baby would be adorable too! Families are my favorite too! That’s why I’m disappointed with Sims 4. 😦

      It won’t be much longer before another generation age up, and I’m sort of sad!

      Thanks for reading my story, Anika! 🙂

  10. First time posting Yay! I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I wanted to leave a comment ever since I read Alissa: Chapter Six but shyness got the better of me. So, I thought it was about time that I stop hiding behind my screen and give a friendly hello.

    I have to say Crystal really step into this time! I did vote yes only because I strongly relate to Crystal when it comes to relationship. I have my own “Angelo” and I deeply care for him but sometime I feel like I am not strong enough to be in a commitment relationship to just him. I made a HUGE mistake by being with “Keith” and should have left it alone. I felt nothing but guilt and confusion but in the end I finally figure out that KEITH DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ME!!! I had to think about all the things Angelo has done for me because I knew that his love was more important to me than anything else. I think Crystal can figure out this lesson too. Crystal has never been in a long term relationship before and is only guess how she thinks the relationship will turn out. I’ve dated a lot of guys in my life and none of them know me or can make me feel a certain way like Angelo does. At this point, its not a question of will they get back together again, it is a question of will Crystal want to continue seeing other men that don’t care about her or will she continue to denied herself a man who thinks the world of her?

    Do yourself a favor Crystal girl be honest with yourself if your heart is not into being in a commitment relationship then fine don’t be with Angelo but at least stay away from Keith because if he can show up to your door as an engaged man don’t think he won’t show up as a married man! I will be back for the next chapter until then have a nice day Lovely!

    • Hi Shayla! I understand about you being shy! I’m usually shy too until I get to know a person! ❤

      I think you have a really good understanding of Crystal's feelings and behavior. Hopefully though she won't get in the way of her own happiness. Hopefully she'll understand that Angelo is not like Keith. That Angelo really does want the best for her because he deeply cares about her. He's already proven that as a friend, and so even though it will take time, hopefully she'll trust him in a romantic way too. Like you said you had to come to see it for yourself, that his love was more important to you than anything else. Hopefully, Crystal will be able to see Angelo that way too! Maybe deep down inside Crystal doesn't think she's good enough for one man to think so much of her and so she cheapens herself by sleeping with men who just want to use her. Hopefully, Angelo can help her to see herself and him differently!

      Thank you so much for your comment, Shayla! I appreciate you sharing your experience! It really helped me with Crystal's character. 🙂

      • Your Welcome I am glad my experience help you a bit sorry it took me so long to reply I am really stress about the new forum and its new badge system. EA is really making the forum almost impossible to use there so many new restriction on posting have you seen it? I am not sure how I can keep updating my story if I am not allow to create links anymore 😦

      • I don’t really like the new forum. EA has turned it into a popularity contest with useless leader boards, points and badges. It makes me feel too old for Simming now. I don’t know if I’ll be doing it for much longer. I’m old enough to be the mother of most of the other Simmers as it is, and the new cliques and groups that EA has made develop with the way they’ve marketed the new game and now their new forum set up has sapped my enthusiasm. I’ve never liked that type of atmosphere.

        I haven’t tried to update my Alissa thread on the forum yet. If it’s too big of a pain, I’ll just drop it. I hope you find a way to keep updating your story! ❤

      • Yeah I found out that they made changes because someone was spamming the forum big time. So they made the news rules to prevent this from happening again. I don’t like it at all! I like to lurk around the forum I am not very active with posting and I like to keep that way. Lucky for me there are some really nice simmer on the forum and I earn a new badge from getting 9 likes. So now all I need is 9 more points and I’ll be able to post links with no problems.

        Aww that sad to hear but I understand. I guess it won’t be a big deal if you don’t update on the forum before I got wordpress I just added your page to my bookmark and now I visit your page so offer that all I have to do is type ‘continues’ and my search already know where I want to be lol

      • Oh its umm…zchase2315. It looks like I would need to get 5 click on anything other than “Likes” to get the points I need to become a member. Thanks so much for helping me.

  11. NOO! Why was she so stupid, ugh! Angelo was a great guy.

    But you had Alex in here, and now he’s out but it doesn’t seem like he’s out forever… I hope.

    I miss Narlee!!!! Bring them back, and we need more scandalous ness between these couples…
    Drama is key!
    Also, someone needs to have another baby, maybe with a different hair color this time?

    But I read the entires series since Monday and I’mhooked! I can’t believer it’s over. . I’m super sad right now and now I have to go find something else to do with my life. But thank you for satisfying my literary needs.

    • Yes, Crystal did really mess up!

      Well, Alex isn’t dead. 😉

      Noah and Sharlee will be back soon, but the next storyline isn’t mainly about them.

      I try not to change the born in-game Sims hair color or eye color. I just go with what the weird Sims 3 genetics give them. Eventually there will be another baby, but it’s still a while away. “Scandalous ness!” I like that word! Do you mean steamy chapters? There will be more, but not in the next storyline. There’s some drama, but not that kind! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Guell! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! 🙂

      I do have other stories that are finished. This one has some “scandalous ness” if you want to read it:

    • Hey Layla!

      I’m still doing the pictures for both of them. I’m trying to do the last pictures for the next chapter of Alissa today so that I can post it tonight or tomorrow. After I finish with this storyline for Alissa, I’ve decided that I’m going to just concentrate on finishing Mutation. Mutation should have been finished a long time ago. I have really dragged my feet on doing that story. It’s only going to be around twenty chapters and I really want to finish it! So I’ll be working on it until I finish the remaining chapters, and then after it’s concluded, I’ll go back to Alissa. 😀

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