Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Forty

Screenshot-1391Noah leaned against the cave wall, feeling totally dejected, berating himself for leaving them alone.

Screenshot-1388Ogden, a member of the search team, began examining the dead wolf.

Screenshot-1390Then he looked at the tracks on the ground.

Screenshot-1395Noah couldn’t accept that Sky and Sharlee had been killed by wolves.   Maybe it still wasn’t too late to save them!   He rushed towards the entrance of the cave to go and find them!One of the searchers moved into his path blocking the exit!   He grabbed Noah’s arm!  “No, Mr. Hall!   We can’t let you go back out there!  The storm will be starting soon and you’ll freeze to death.”

Screenshot-1394“Get out of my way!  I’m going to find my family!”

Screenshot-1396Ogden spoke up!  “Mr. Hall was there anyone else with you besides your wife and daughter?”

“No.  It was just the three of us.”

“Well, they weren’t taken by the wolves.  The wolf tracks end on the other side of the fire, and it was just one wolf.   Presumably the dead wolf near the entrance.   I’m guessing that your wife killed it.   I see another pair of tracks here as well, heading to and from the entrance.   It’s a male’s bootprints and I’ve eliminated yours and ours.   It looks like someone found them before we did and took them from the cave.   Can you tell if anything is missing?”

Screenshot-1511Noah felt a surge of hope.   He checked their things.   “Yes, a bag with Sky’s things is gone!”

Aaron called headquarters on the satellite phone to see if any other team had found Sharlee and Sky.   He was told that all of the other teams had been recalled because of the storm, and no one had reported finding the woman and baby.   The three searchers puzzled over who could have found Skylar and Sharlee.  

Ogden went outside and shined his light outside the cave on the ground.  It had begun to snow, but he could still make out the tracks of a horse.   Noah had mentioned Sharlee’s hurt ankle and so she couldn’t have walked any great distance.  Brandt checked the fire and it was still warm.  So they knew that Sharlee and Sky hadn’t been gone for long.   Ogden came back inside and told them about the horse tracks.   He wracked his brain trying to think of where they could be and then he thought of a place.

Screenshot-1513“It has to be someone from Jebediah’s old cabin!  Maybe his grandson is using it.  That would explain the lack of communication.  He doesn’t keep a radio.  He goes there to get away from everyone.”

Screenshot-1512“Can we get there before the storm hits?”

“If we go quickly.   Do you think you have enough energy to walk there tonight Mr. Hall?”

As his answer, Noah headed outside.

Screenshot-1419Sharlee got Sky settled on the bed.   It was so nice and warm inside the cabin.

Screenshot-1416“I made a big pot of stew earlier.  I always cook a big batch to last for a while.   Cooking isn’t my favorite thing to do.  Can I get you a bowl of stew or anything for the baby?  I’ll add more wood on the fire so that it’ll be warmer in here for her.”

Screenshot-1429Skylar started crying and asking for Noah again.   Sky had never been away from Noah or not talked to him for such a long period of time.   Sharlee picked her up and tried to comfort her.  As Ryan walked to the door, a piece of paper fell out of his pocket.   Sharlee immediately recognized it.   It was the note that she had left in the cave for Noah telling him where she and Sky had gone!   She recognized it because it was her special stationary that Isabel had given her as a gift.  Why had Ryan taken it?

Sharlee felt very uneasy.  Should she ask him about it?  Should she take Sky and leave?  There was no way that Sky could survive out in that cold weather!  Besides, Sharlee had no idea of where she could go.   She didn’t even know how to get back to the cave from here.  It had started to snow again.   She’d have to stay.   However, she would remain on her guard and do whatever she needed to do if he became a threat.

Screenshot-1432Ryan returned, and he saw the paper on the floor.   He quickly picked it up and wadded the note into a ball.  He looked at Sharlee, but she was busy with the baby.   He placed the wood on the fire, and then he threw the paper into the fireplace.  He stood with his back to Sharlee blocking her view of the fire until the paper had completely burned.

He had been coming to the cabin ever since he was a small child.   He’d spent a lot of time up here with his Dad and his grandfather.   They had enjoyed hunting, fishing and horseback riding.

His grandfather had felt that life was too easy and cushy in the cities and he’d lived here year round.   After his death, he’d left the cabin to Ryan.    It had been a while since Ryan had been there.  This was the first time in two years!

Screenshot-1434Ryan had written a couple of books that had sold very well.  His publisher was waiting on his third book and threatened to drop him if he didn’t send in his manuscript by the deadline.  Ryan just couldn’t seem to find any inspiration for this book!  So he’d come here to clear his head and hopefully regain his muse.

He thought about how he’d found Sharlee and Sky.   He had taken the horse out for some exercise and to get some fresh air himself.  He was passing the cave on his way back to the cabin when he smelled smoke.   He’d dismounted and realized that the smoke was coming from inside the cave.  He had started moving the rocks at the opening to investigate when he heard Sharlee screaming at him to go away!   She couldn’t hear his response.

Screenshot-1514He’d been shocked to find her and Skylar inside.   She’d explained how they had come to be there.  He didn’t have a television at the cabin.  He did have a radio, but he hadn’t turned it on since he’d been there.   So he didn’t know about the search that was being conducted to find the Halls.  The whole point of going to the cabin was to clear his mind and get away from it all.   He’d been there for the past three weeks.

Of course he couldn’t leave Sharlee and Skylar there in the cave.  After settling Sharlee and Skylar on his horse, he had told her that he needed to go back inside the cave to make sure that the fire was out.   He had checked the fire, and then on impulse, he had removed Sharlee’s note.   Subconsciously, he’d thought that he might get a story out of Sharlee’s situation.

Now he was regretting his rash action.   What if her husband returns and doesn’t find them?  Her husband might go back out into the cold and search for them.   Who knew what might happen if her husband did that!  The man might end up freezing to death while looking for them.

Screenshot-1426Ryan sighed.  There was nothing that he could do about it now.   He turned on the radio and heard about the storm that was expected that night.   The snowfall had already become heavier.   As he listened, he stared at Sharlee.   She looked back at him.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, very decorative even without any makeup.  I’m sure your husband tells you that all the time.  Very few women would look as good as you do after what you’ve been through!”

Screenshot-1421Sharlee didn’t respond to his comment.   She couldn’t care less about how she looked right now!  Instead she asked a question.   “Do you have a phone or some way to contact the police?”

Screenshot-1425“No, I’m sorry.   I come here to get away from everyone.   My Grandpa believed in roughing it and so this place has just the necessities.  Usually it was just me, my Dad and my Grandpa.   My mother did come up here with us a few times though and so my Grandpa and my father added a loft up that ladder.  There are bunk beds and a couch up there.

The bathroom is in that other building next to this one.   It has a shower and  even a steam room.  It feels great going in there on a cold winter night.   Would you like me to carry you over there?   You can take a shower and bathe the baby.   Or I could bring in the old hip bath that my mother used!   I can fill it with hot water for you!  Then you could bathe in here.  I’m sure my clothes won’t fit you, but you could maybe wear one of my shirts to sleep.   You and the baby can sleep down here and I’ll take one of the bunks upstairs.   Can I help you off with your boots?”

Screenshot-1423He was being so hospitable and helpful.   If Sharlee hadn’t seen the note, she would never have suspected that something was off!  Something was off with him though.  She didn’t know what he wanted from her, but he did want something.  Sharlee decided to keep her boots on just in case she had to flee quickly or to fight.

“No thank you.  I’m fine.  If you could give me some warm water to bathe Skylar, I’d really appreciate that.”

“Sure, I can do that, but you really need to take those boots off so that  I can take a look at your ankle.  Please forgive me for rambling.  I’ve been alone for a good while.”

“That’s okay.  Thank you for your help, but not right now.  Just the warm water for Skylar, please.  How do you get your supplies?”

Screenshot-1427“I travel by horseback and bring what I need with me.   Sometimes I use a wagon.  Usually at some point after a storm, a ranger will come by and check on me if they know I’m up here.  Let me heat up that water.”

He turned and got the water started heating up.   Sharlee pulled out her cellphone.    It was out of power.

Screenshot-1428Ryan brought a bowl of warm water over to her.    She thanked him and gave Skylar a sponge bath.   Then put her into a fresh outfit and blanket.  She’d be glad when she could give her a real bath again and take one herself.   Now wasn’t the time.  Skylar was sleepy but didn’t want Sharlee to put her back down on the bed.  She wanted to be held.

Sharlee felt exhausted, but there was no way that she could relax enough to go to sleep under the circumstances.   She knew Noah.  If he found the cave empty when he returned, he’d search for her and Skylar.  She prayed that he’d found help and was safe.  Otherwise…, she wouldn’t let her mind go to otherwise.  He had to be alright!

Screenshot-1437Sharlee looked up.   Ryan was staring at her again.  

“You look familiar.  I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

“Maybe on a billboard or in a commercial.   My husband and I are spokespersons for the Harley Davidson company.  Actually, that’s the reason why we were traveling in this part of the state.”

Screenshot-1436“Oh that’s it!   I can’t believe I forgot that.  I remember noticing your eyes on the commercial.   They are unusual.   I’m not into motorcycles, but I did see the commercials.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m trying to be a writer.  I’ve written a couple of books.   They weren’t bestsellers but they sold pretty well.   That’s why I’m here.   I’m working on another book, and I came to the cabin to get back to the basics.   I’m even writing this one out by hand instead of using my laptop.”

Screenshot-1438“What kind of books do you write?”

“Part fiction and part non-fiction.”

“That sounds interesting.   I’ll have to read one of your books.”

“So, how did your family end up in this situation?  What happened to that wolf that was inside the cave?”

Before Sharlee answered, Ryan looked towards the door as though he’d heard something.  “I’ll be right back.”

Screenshot-1439He went outside the cabin and it sounded like he locked the door behind him!   Sharlee laid Skylar on the bed and rushed as fast as her ankle would allow over to the window.   She looked outside.   The snow was still falling.  Sharlee saw Ryan talking with some men and she recognized one of them!  It was Noah!

She hit her palm against the window, but she could tell that they couldn’t hear her!   The glass pane was too thick and well insulated.   She went to the door and tried to turn the knob, but it was definitely locked!   She grabbed the rifle, but it wasn’t loaded!  She searched for shells, but she couldn’t find any to load it!  She hung the rifle back on the wall.

Screenshot-1444Aaron asked Ryan if he’d found Sharlee and Skylar and brought them back to his cabin.   Ryan hesitated.   He’d really boxed himself into a corner.  He hadn’t thought anything through!  Why’d he lock that door!   Noah saw the hesitation and was immediately suspicious.

Screenshot-1440Ogden saw the movement at the window and looked just as Sharlee was moving away from it.   “Isn’t that Mrs. Hall inside?”

Screenshot-1441Ryan couldn’t deny it.   “Yes, that’s her.  I had to make sure of who was out here.   I didn’t know who you were, and I wanted to ensure that she and the little girl weren’t in danger from you!”

Screenshot-1445Noah rushed to the door and tried to open it!   He looked at Ryan.  “Unlock it now, or I’ll kick it in!”

Ryan walked over and unlocked the door.  

Screenshot-1446Noah went inside and saw Sharlee and Sky sitting on the bed.  He smiled.

Screenshot-1447Sharlee looked at him in relief and turned Sky so that she could see him!  

Screenshot-1450Sky said,  “Da!” 

Screenshot-1451Noah sat on the bed and wrapped his arms around them.   Neither of them said a word.  None needed to be spoken.  Even if they had tried, they wouldn’t have been able to get any words out. 

Screenshot-1452Their emotions were too strong!  They were back together again and filled with joy and relief! 

Screenshot-1453Besides, the blissful smile on Sky’s face as she looked at her Daddy and touched his cheek said it all!

Ryan and the search team came into the cabin.  Aaron used his Sat phone to notify headquarters that Sharlee and Skylar had been found!

Screenshot-1455Scott gave them a few more moments and then interrupted.    “Mrs. Hall are you or your daughter injured?”

Screenshot-1457“No.  Well, I sprained my ankle, but other than that we’re okay.”

Screenshot-1458“Are you sure, Sharlee?  No one tried to hurt you?”   He was looking at Ryan.

“No, I’m fine, Honey.”

“Let me take a look at your ankle.”

Scott took off Sharlee’s boots and removed the bandage from her ankle.   It was extremely puffy and swollen again.  

Screenshot-1461“Ouch, that looks painful!”

Screenshot-1467“I can give you some acetaminophen to relieve the pain, and we can put on an icepack.  Then I’ll put a compression bandage on it.”

Sharlee took the Tylenol.  She tried to avoid taking medications since she was breastfeeding Sky but taking an occasional dose of Tylenol wasn’t harmful.

Noah was still staring at Ryan.

Screenshot-1463“I owe you an explanation.   I’m really sorry for taking your note from the cave.  I had some crazy idea that I could use your experience as a basis for a new book.  I had no right to do that, and all I can say again is that I’m sorry!”

Screenshot-1469“Ryan, even though what you did is wrong, I do appreciate you bringing me and Skylar back to your cabin.   You didn’t have to help us at all!”

“Please make yourselves at home.”  He repeated what he’d told Sharlee about the loft and the bathroom.”

Screenshot-1471“That stew does smell really good!”

Screenshot-1470Noah knew that Sharlee would want to wash up.   “Is it alright if we go out to the bathhouse?”

Screenshot-1472“Of course.  I started the generator, and so there should be hot water in the tank.  I like roughing it, but I draw the line at a cold shower in the winter time!”

Noah, Sharlee and Sky went out to the bathhouse.   The steam from the sauna made it a very comfortable temperature inside.  Sharlee undressed and removed the bandage.  Then she limped over to the shower and started the water running. 

Screenshot-1473 It felt wonderful as the warm water poured over her body.  

Screenshot-1477Noah undressed himself and Sky.  Then he took her over to the shower.  At first Sky didn’t seem sure if she liked it.  This was her first shower.  She looked up at the water and raised her hand to touch it. 

Sharlee reassured her.   “See Sky, the water feels good!” 

Noah washed Sky’s hair and bathed her.  When it was time to get out, Sky started fussing!   Noah and Sharlee laughed, and they let her splash her hands in the water a little longer.

Screenshot-1478Before she got dressed, Noah re-wrapped the bandage around Sharlee’s ankle.  Then they shared a kiss before they went back to the cabin.   Sharlee felt like crying because she was so thankful to have her Noah safe with her and Skylar again.

Screenshot-1479When they returned to the cabin, Ryan had left clean clothing for them on the bed.   He and the others were up in the loft in order to give the Halls some privacy.    Noah knew that his energy was at its limit, and he didn’t even have the appetite to eat.   He stretched out on the bed with Sky beside him.  They both fell quickly asleep.  Sharlee lay on the other side of Sky, but she was wide awake.   She was still too wound up to sleep.   The other men were asleep up in the loft.   

Screenshot-1481The next morning the storm had ended.  Sky awakened and saw Noah and then she turned her head looking for Sharlee.   Sharlee sat up and held her.   Sky wanted to be nursed, and so Sharlee fed her.  Then she put Sky back onto the bed.  Before she realized what Sky was doing, Sky popped Noah on the side of his face with her hand!  

Screenshot-1484It wasn’t hard, but it was enough to wake him up which is what Sky intended to happen.  Noah’s eyes shot open and Sky laughed!

Screenshot-1486Noah sat up.  He felt even more tired than he had before he had gone to sleep.  He glanced at Sharlee.  She looked even more exhausted than he felt.  “Did you get any sleep, Babe?”

Screenshot-1487“Not really, but I don’t know why.  I feel like I could sleep for a week.”

“I know what you mean.”

Screenshot-1493They got up and dressed themselves and Skylar so that they would be prepared to leave when the time came.

Screenshot-1488The others came down from the loft and Ryan started cooking breakfast.  Scott told them that they would be flown by helicopter to the hospital, but that they would have to go to a clearing so that they could be picked up.  Noah tried to muster up his energy to get himself and his family there.   Both he and Sharlee had been operating on adrenaline for the past week and they were worn out now.  Scott continued talking and told them that snowmobiles were being dispatched to transport them to the pick up point. 

Screenshot-1494Skylar  lay on the bed beside Sharlee, playing.

Screenshot-1491Ryan suggested that it would be quicker to have his horses take them there on a sled.  It had been bought as a special treat for his mother and him during one of her visits to the cabin.  Scott agreed that it would be better than waiting for the snowmobiles to get there.  Noah was relieved that they wouldn’t have to travel on foot. 

When breakfast was ready,  Noah and Sharlee couldn’t eat much even though they tried.  Scott told them that after going for several days without eating, it was normal not to have much appetite.  The stomach shrinks when you go for a steady period of time without enough food.  However, he was concerned that they were probably dehydrated.   That was especially a concern when it came to Sharlee because she was breastfeeding Sky.   The sooner they were treated at the hospital the better.  Scott called to see if the helicopter was  close to arrival.  It was, and so they began the ride to the extraction point.  

Screenshot-1495The ride was uneventful and it didn’t take them long to reach the clearing.  

Screenshot-1499The helicopter was waiting, but the snow was too deep for it to land.  So they had to be air lifted up into the copter.   Noah thanked the searchers for their help, and asked them to please thank Ryan again for him when they returned Ryan’s horses and sled.

Scott told him that Sharlee’s family had paid for specialized teams of searchers, but that even if they hadn’t been paid, it was still a pleasure to help Noah and his family.  Sharlee’s father, Dale,  had even gone out with a group to search near the lodge, but now they knew that their search grid had been way off.   Everyone was relieved that they had been found!

Screenshot-1500Sharlee was going to be taken up into the helicopter first.   Aaron reached for Sky to take her up with him.   Sky grabbed hold of Sharlee tightly!

Sharlee told him, “She’s in her harness, and she can ride up with me.”

Aaron hesitated.

“Believe me.  There’s no way that I’m going to let my baby fall!”

Remembering what she had done to that wolf, they definitely believed her.   Noah double checked  Sky’s harness and the harness that was holding Sharlee into the lift seat to make sure that both were secure.   The wind was picking up, and so the pilot decided that it would be better to send Noah up with Sharlee and Skylar.  Then the helicopter could leave immediately.  Noah and Sharlee were glad of the change in plan.

Screenshot-1505All three of them were lifted up into the helicopter.   Once safely inside, they were flown quickly to the hospital.


I know I promised that this storyline would end in this chapter, but it was just too long!   It will end in the next chapter and I’ve already started working on it.   I hope you enjoyed reading it!  🙂

The rustic, homey cabin was made by Severinka!  It was just right for this part of the story.  I can never thank the Custom Content creators enough for sharing their work with us!  I really appreciate them and their creations!

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    • Awww Gemma! You don’t know how much that means to me! I honestly don’t feel that my writing is that great, but it makes me feel good to know that you all enjoy reading it! I know that there are so many better writers than I am and that includes you!

      I really like the characters in this story, and I think I’m sort of attached to them. That has to be the reason why I’ve stuck with this story for so long. Some chapters take longer than other chapters to finish. It depends on what I need to do in order to prepare for pictures and what is involved in the pictures. Usually that part is fun for me. I like finding the CC and decorating the lots for the pictures. I don’t really like making sims or building though. LOL

      I used to be able to just sit down anywhere in my house with my laptop and just work on updates. Hubby usually doesn’t mind, but I did agree to spend less time on my computer. It sort of reached the point where I don’t think about getting on it some days. Especially now that my laptop is broken and it has turned into a desktop. I have to leave it sitting on the table and hope it doesn’t fall apart while I’m using it. I decided against repairing it and I’ve started looking for a new one. However, this storyline needs to be finished on this laptop and the chapter after the next will be a family trip to France on this laptop.

      I’m working on the pictures for the next chapter today. Wow! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and I haven’t finished it! I’ve been too slack lately! Once I really get into picture taking, I hate stopping before I finish taking them. I love it when they turn out like I see them in my head, but a lot of times I can’t get them that way! LOL

      Thank you so much for sticking with the story, Gemly! 🙂
      You guys help motivate me to keep it going! 😀

    • I plan to start working on the next chapter of Mutation after I finish the next update of Alissa. If I ever get the next chapter of Alissa finished! LOL

      It really doesn’t matter for Mutation if I update on this laptop or my new one when I decide which laptop to buy. I’m sorry it’s taking so long for updates!

      Thanks for reading my stories, Michael! I’m glad you like reading Mutation too! 🙂

  9. Hi Daisy,
    I think of Alissa like those TV Shows where each chapter is an episode and there are always cliffhangers. I love Alissa! I was also wondering whether you will be updating your other story Mutation soon. I really want to know what happens after Nia escapes and the mutant baby still survives. Thanks for the great stories.

    • It does seem to have a lot of cliffhangers lately! 😯 I’m glad you don’t mind them though. 😉

      Thank you Kitty! It always makes me happy to hear that!

      I plan to update Mutation after I finish the next chapter of Alissa. I hope to post the next update of Alissa this weekend, but my progress on it has been dragging! 😦

      I really left a big cliffhanger in Mutation and I hate making you guys wait so long to find out what happens!

      Thank you for taking the time to read my stories! I really appreciate that and knowing that you’re enjoying them! 🙂

  10. I felt there was this underlying suspense throughout this chapter with the note, and Sharlee locked in the room, and the shower scene. But it ended up all okay in the end. What was worrying was that Sharlee couldn’t sleep. Wonder what was bothering her. Good chapter.
    Will you be updating soon or for any of your other stories like Mutation? I want to know how Cara and Aiden are doing, have they aged up? I also wanna see Joy age up, maybe she’ll go to a special Performing Arts school cos she loves dancing and singing. Like maybe she’ll follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as an actress. I want to see her as a teenager because they change so much appearance-wise as a teenager and that’s when you know what direction they’ll go in life. Like Cara will be a photographer, but I really want to see her do the whole college experience, travel the world (I can imagine her as the adventurous kind taking pictures everywhere and becoming really successful or owning her own gallery or something) and getting a job too. Cos Sharlee got married straight away, she did study biochemistry at college but she was more focused on a family life. And Aiden? I don’t know what he’d do after school, he has his football, but that’s more like a hobby. Maybe he’ll go to college, or travel with Cara or Faith or something.
    Sorry fo long post. I’m just imagining their futures! It’s kinda fun. LOL. 🙂 🙂

    • Sharlee just could not relax enough to sleep. She was too keyed up! 😦 I’ve actually experienced that kind of sleeplessness too. I’ve been sleepy but just unable to sleep.

      Thanks Layla! 🙂

      I plan to update Alissa on Sunday. Hopefully I can really finish the pictures and post it. Then next week I’ll work on Mutation. Sorry for the long wait on updates.

      No, the others haven’t aged up yet, but they will be aging up soon. 😦 Cara and Shawn will soon be going off to college and we’ll see what happens to them there. They have been teens for a long time now! 😯

      Sharlee will eventually finish college but not right away. You’re right that she’s more focused on her family right now, but she does still have her same goals.

      Aidan, I’m not really sure what he’ll do yet. He’s very interested in soccer and in cars. I’ll have to figure that out.

      Shawn plans to become a veterinarian and you’re right about Cara. She is going to become a photographer. After she’s in college we’ll see what type of photography she’ll choose to pursue. 😉

      Joy will definitely pursue a career as a dancer. Maybe ballet? I haven’t decided for sure yet.

      Your imaginings are very similar to mine for their futures! 😀

      It wasn’t too long of a post and I loved reading your ideas! 🙂 😉

  11. This was a good chapter. Will there be any new dramas for Alissa. Like people from the past? I’m kinda hoping Alex will turn up or something. I was just wondering, will Alissa and Dale ever tell Joy and their other children who Joy’s real father is. The consequences might be that Joy accepts it, and continues living happily, but won’t there be the possibility that she also be shocked that Dale is not her biological father, or hurt that her parents never told her or curious to meet Alex.
    Also will we be focusing more on Alissa more. Like how her job is going, any new marital problems Lol, I think she’s had her fair share of those. And how her family is: I really want to know how Cara is, I kind of want her to be with Julian. And I want their romance to last. But I also want Cara to be independent, but have a romantic-interest(s)/boyfriend. Will her childhood sweetheart come back? He’s such a gentlemen and so sweet. Hope Pascal will have turned new 360 degree leaf and is nicer with Cara. I want them to be friends, I think they’d talk a lot about fashion, but I suppose it would be awkward seeing as they got off on a really bad start, and if Julian likes Cara that might be a problem for Pascal lol. Can’t wait for Remi to meet his great-great granddaughter Sky. Also wondering will Alissa’s sister (mind blank with her name) ever marry. How old is she by the way? Has she totally sworn off marriage or romance? Lol.

    • Thank you Loren! 🙂

      Alissa has had a small break from drama, but you know she can’t go too long without any! 😉 You want to see Alex again? 😯

      They’ll tell Joy about Alex, but only when they think that she’s old enough to understand. They know it might hurt her, but she does know how much they love her. That might make it easier for her to accept. Dale has loved her and treated her just as he has the rest of his children. I think that she would want to meet Alex, but she thinks that he is dead. That whole situation will be very difficult for all of them when it happens. 😦

      We’ll focus on Alissa again sometimes. The next storyline may last for just one chapter. They’ll take a family trip to France because I have to do that on this laptop.

      You really liked Julian! 🙂 He was a nice boy, but he and Cara won’t end up together. I don’t think it will spoil anything to say that! Cara is very independent and that won’t change. 😉

      Cara and Pascal may eventually become friends, but it won’t be right away. Remi is excited to meet his little great great granddaughter. 😀

      Alissa’s sister, Crystal, is in around her early thirties. I’m sort of loose with the ages. LOL She isn’t interested in marriage or in real romance although she does like to have “fun” with guys she meets. She doesn’t want to commit to anyone. She has that attitude because of her experiences growing up with her mother and the attitude that her mother had about men. Her mother taught her that you get what you want from a man and then you move onto the next. You do it to them before they do it to you. Alissa and Miki’s influence hasn’t changed her views.

      I’m going to do a storyline with her soon. It’ll be just her life in her town. I’m going to put up a poll to decide on a career for her.

      Thanks for reading my story, Loren and for sharing your thoughts on it! 🙂

    • For some reason, I just couldn’t seem to get the pictures finished for this chapter. I’m working on them again today though. I hate that I’m keeping you all waiting for so long!

  12. GREAT CHAPTER. Joy is adorable. I was just wondering how old Sharlee and Noah are, Cara and Shawn. Aiden and Joy and Dale and Alissa. Can’t wait to see Pascal and the rest of Alissa’s French family. I love them all, I love Crystal too, her personality makes you wanna say “GO GIRL!” Lol. Can/’t wait till next chapter!

    • Sharlee and Noah are about 21, Cara and Shawn are just about 18 I would say, Joy is a tween and is about to be a teenager and Aiden is I’m guessing around 8 or 9. I can’t wait to see Pascal, perhaps she has redeemed herself and is a nicer person, or perhaps they’ll be more dramas. I love Crystal’s personality, she’s so fierce and firm and doesn’t care what others think and she loves her family a lot.

    • Thank you Kadia! I’m happy you enjoyed reading it!

      Joy is a sweet little girl. Noah and Sharlee are about twenty-one or twenty-two. I sort of think more of age groups than actual ages with the characters because the Sims game doesn’t have all of the age stages. 😦

      I’m really glad that you like the characters so much! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Kadia! 🙂

  13. Hey Daisy, I really like Alissa. I’ll make Alissa fanfics while I’m waiting for the next chapter. Can you believe my name is Alissa Morales too? 😀 I stumbled upon this great blog when I googled my name. Lol, it’s so funny seeing my name everywhere. Alissa is such a pretty name. 🙂

    • Funny that. My best friend is called Alissa, but for most people it’s spelt Alyssa, I think. I love Alissa too. Daisy is such a great writer. 😀

      • I like both spellings of Alissa too!

        Awww, that’s so sweet of you to say that Betty! I really wasn’t that pleased with how the writing of this chapter turned out, but it makes me feel much better to know that you all still enjoyed reading it! ❤

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