Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Four

Screenshot-52After stopping in Santa Fe to pick up his bike, Noah and Sharlee drove to Bridgeport.  They planned to stay in a motel until they found a place to live.  Noah knew of a motel that was clean and cheap although not in the best part of town.   Since they didn’t know how long it would take them to find a place, they were trying to conserve their budget.   Screenshot-48 - CopyThe weather was beautiful.

 photo Screenshot-3321-Copy.jpgNoah helped Sharlee off the bike and they checked into the motel.  He looked around the room.  It was a definite downgrade from their honeymoon suite.

 photo Screenshot-3326.jpg“I’m sorry, Babe.   I’m sure it won’t take us long to find a place.”

 photo Screenshot-3324.jpgSharlee had already plopped down on the bed.   She was exhausted.  Jet lag combined with the long ride from Santa Fe had caught up with  her.   She barely glanced around the room.

She told him, “It’s clean, affordable and it has the two things most important to me right now.”


“You and a bed.”

 photo Screenshot-3327.jpgNoah bolted the door and put their suitcase on the luggage rack.  When he turned back around, Sharlee was fast asleep.   He smiled at her tenderly and then took her shoes off and undressed her.   He was tired himself and needed to get up early the next morning to search for a job. 

 photo Screenshot-3328.jpgHe undressed and joined her in the bed.   Before long, he too was asleep.

 photo Screenshot-3329.jpgNoah awakened to sunlight peaking into the room beneath the blinds.   He checked the time.   He needed to get up.   He wanted an early start for his job search.   Sharlee was still asleep with a half smile on her face.  He wished that he could stay in bed to watch her as she slept and then fool around when she awakened.    However, he knew that he couldn’t afford that luxury this morning.  He got out of bed and then took his shower and dressed. 

 photo Screenshot-3330-2.jpgSharlee was still sleeping.  “Sharlee, you’ve gotta get up and lock the deadbolt behind me.”

 photo Screenshot-3331.jpgSharlee dragged her eyes open and sat up quickly. Still feeling half asleep, she looked at Noah.  “What?”

 photo Screenshot-3332.jpg“I’m going job hunting.   Come lock the deadbolt behind me, and then you can go back to sleep.”

 photo Screenshot-3334.jpgSharlee got up, and Noah left the room.   He waited until he heard her lock the deadbolt and then headed downstairs. 

Screenshot-3333Sharlee was still groggy.   She didn’t know how Noah was able to function with so little sleep.   She climbed back into bed and was soon asleep again.

 photo Screenshot-3337.jpgNoah quickly found out how difficult it would be to get a job without a recommendation.  He went to several auto repair shops that he knew were hiring, but no one was willing to give a young guy like him a chance. 

 photo Screenshot-3339.jpgAround lunchtime, he finally decided to talk with his old shop teacher at his high school to see if he would give him a reference.   The owner of the shop where he’d worked during high school had died, and his son had closed the shop down for good.  That was why Noah was no longer working there and didn’t have a reference.   After receiving the reference from his former teacher, Noah decided to get a fresh start in the morning.   He picked up some lunch for himself and Sharlee.   Then he returned to the motel.

Screenshot-3340Sharlee awakened at about 11:30 and Noah wasn’t there.   She took her shower and then called downstairs to request a newspaper.   She wanted to check the real estate section to find a place for them to live.

 photo Screenshot-3342.jpgOne of the desk clerks answered the phone.  “Oh yes, I remember you checked in last night.    Ordinarily we don’t provide room service or newspaper delivery, but I’ll be glad to do that for you.   How about if I bring you some coffee and donuts as well?”  He’d seen Noah leave earlier.

“Thank you, that’s very kind of you.”

The clerk rushed into the employee lounge and got some donuts and a cup of coffee for Sharlee and one for himself.   He got a newspaper and put the “out to lunch” sign on his desk.   He checked his hair and ate a mint.   Then he rushed upstairs to Sharlee’s room.

 photo Screenshot-3343.jpgNoah arrived back at the motel and headed for the room.   He saw the clerk knock at the door and was alarmed when Sharlee opened it.

“Here let me sit this coffee down for you Mam.  It’s hot.”

Screenshot-3344Sharlee moved aside to allow him to enter the room.  The clerk entered and started to close the room door behind him, but Noah grabbed the door before it closed.   Both the clerk and Sharlee looked at him in surprise.  Sharlee took the tray and the paper.  She sat them on the desk.  Noah sat the food that he’d bought on the desk too.   Then he handed the clerk a couple of dollars.   “Thanks, but we won’t need anymore personal service.”

Screenshot-6The clerk took the money and then left the room.   Noah looked at Sharlee and shook his head, wondering if bringing her to Bridgeport before he’d found a safe place for her had been a mistake.

Screenshot-31Sharlee could tell what he was thinking.  “No you didn’t make a mistake bringing me here!   There was no way that I was staying in Santa Fe without you.”

 photo Screenshot-36.jpg“Sharlee you’re a very intelligent woman when it comes to book smarts, but when it comes to people you’re too trusting.  You’ve led a very sheltered life.”

 photo Screenshot-30.jpg“I’m not naive Noah.  I think that he was just being nice.”

 photo Screenshot-37.jpg“Then why was he closing the door?”

Sharlee couldn’t answer that.

“You don’t have street smarts.”

Noah realized that the sooner they found a place the better it would be for Sharlee.

 photo Screenshot-27.jpg“Babe, please don’t open the door unless I’m here.”

 photo Screenshot-33.jpg“Okay, I won’t.”

 photo Screenshot-38.jpgShe walked over to the food that he’d brought and removed it from the bag.   She sat in Noah’s lap as they ate. 

 photo Screenshot-42.jpgAfter they had eaten, they started looking at ads in the paper.    The areas of town that they could afford were very limited.  

 photo Screenshot-45.jpgSharlee recognized the address of one of the places for rent.   “That was my Mom’s old apartment when she first moved to Bridgeport!  Oh, wouldn’t it be something if we ended up there?   It’s in our price range.  Let’s check it out Noah.”

Noah looked at the address.  That area of town used to be borderline as far as safety was concerned, but now it wasn’t safe anymore.   He looked at Sharlee’s face and saw how excited she was.   He hated to disappoint her.   “We can look at it, but remember that we have to consider the area where it’s located too.”

“Okay.   Let’s go now. There are some other places that we can check out too.”

Screenshot-78Even though they had decided to go then and search, they had a hard time leaving the room.  Noah forced himself to break away because it was important to find a place as soon as possible.

Screenshot-79“We’ll finish this later.” 

Screenshot-80Sharlee grinned at him teasingly and then headed for the door.

 photo Screenshot-58.jpgThey checked out Alissa’s old apartment first.   It had become run down.  Although Sharlee could imagine how the apartment itself could look if they fixed it up, there was nothing that they could do with the area around the apartment.  It just wasn’t safe.   Then they checked out some other places, but neither of them was right.

 photo Screenshot-60.jpgEver the optimist, Sharlee wrapped her arms around Noah.   “Honey we’ll find something and until we do, the motel will be fine.”

Noah wracked his brain trying to think of a place.   Another possibility came to him.

“There is a place that we can check out.   I crashed there when I lived in Bridgeport before I went to Santa Fe the first time.  It’s across the river.”

 photo Screenshot-61.jpgSharlee frowned.   “Across the river!   That’s the most expensive part of the city.”

 photo Screenshot-62.jpg“This house was there before they did all of that development.   Very few people know its there, but I have to warn you.   It was abandoned for years and it was in very poor condition.   There used to be a for rent sign stuck in the overgrown yard.”

“Let’s go check it out now.”

Screenshot-63They hopped on Noah’s bike and rode over to the house.   Unless you knew it was down that road, you would never have found it.   Sharlee could immediately see it’s possibilities.   Noah found the sign and copied down the number and then they went inside.

Screenshot-64“Wow, it’s even worse than it used to be.   It is in a safe part of town though, and we should be able to negotiate a fair price for it.”


Screenshot-65Noah studied her expression.   This was definitely not like the type of home that she was used to.   She went over to him with sudden enthusiasm.

Screenshot-67“We can make it cozy Noah.   Just like we made your old place in Santa Fe nice.   Besides, there are some repairs that the owner will have to do and it should still be in our budget.  I’m sure he’ll be glad just to have someone living in it again paying rent.”

Screenshot-68Noah pulled her into his arms.   “Sharlee you are unbelievable.   You’re actually excited about living in a dump like this!”

Screenshot-69“Noah I love you.   Just so long as I’m with you, I don’t care where we live!”

Screenshot-70Noah kissed her.  

Screenshot-71Then he hugged her tightly. “I love you too, Sharlee, and I promise that one day, I’ll get you a nicer place.”

Screenshot-72They were shocked to find that the number on the “for rent” sign was still good after all  of those years.   They called and were able to meet with the owner that same day.   He had purchased the property as a foreclosure, but had been unable to rent it out.  They had the impression that it had been in poor condition when he purchased it and he didn’t want to spend much money fixing it up.   They were able to persuade him to fix the windows and doors, replace the locks and do some other repairs and clean up.

However, Sharlee felt that the monthly rate that  he wanted was still over-inflated.  Noah agreed to pay it because it was worth the price to him to make sure that Sharlee was someplace really safe.  Even  if it meant that he’d have to work extra hours.  Mr. Swift agreed to have the place ready after a week, and they paid him the first and last months rent plus a security deposit.

 photo Screenshot-11.jpgA couple of days later, Sharlee and Noah left out of the motel room together.   As Noah checked to make sure that their room door was locked, the guest in the room next to theirs spoke to Sharlee.  It was a man around her Dad’s age.

“Well, it’s nice to have a face and…”  He paused as his eyes roamed from Sharlee’s face and slowly down her body.    “and body to go with the sounds.”

 photo Screenshot-12.jpg“What?”

 photo Screenshot-13.jpgHe winked at her salaciously.   “If you ever feel that Loverboy, can’t handle you, just knock on my door.   I know how to treat a high spirited filly like you.”

 photo Screenshot-14.jpgSharlee’s face was beat red.   Noah was steaming!  He moved in between Sharlee and the man.   “Pervs like you are a dime a dozen!   Don’t speak to her again! You’d better not even dare to look in her direction, or I’ll blacken both of your eyes so badly that you won’t see anything at all!”

The man smirked, but went into his own room.

Screenshot-24“I’m sorry about that Sharlee.”

Screenshot-17Sharlee was so embarrassed that someone had overheard her when she and Noah were making love.  Noah caressed her cheek.

Screenshot-19“It’s nothing to be ashamed about.   I’m glad that you don’t hold back and that you enjoy our lovemaking as much as you do.”

Screenshot-22Sharlee said in a low voice.   “Yeah.  I just didn’t realize how thin the walls are.”

Noah knew that as long as they remained there at the motel, she wouldn’t be as exuberant when they made love now.   That creep had spoiled it for her.  Just one more reason they needed to get into their own place.   He’d be glad to move into it the following week.

Screenshot-74Noah dropped Sharlee off at the college to talk with a counselor to help her decide on a major before she registered for classes.   Then he went to apply for his second job.   He knew he’d have no problems getting that one.  It was as a bouncer at an underground nightclub.   He’d decided not to tell Sharlee all of his duties because she would not approve of everything that he would have to do as a part of his position.   The hours would fit in with his other job, and the pay was more than he could get somewhere else.  Even though he’d already been hired by a car repair shop, starting out it would not pay enough.  They needed the money from his second job too.

Screenshot-55Sharlee wanted to get a job, but Noah wanted her to concentrate on school and let him worry about their finances.   She had agreed after several “discussions” which were really mild arguments.  

Screenshot-54Noah had known that she was stubborn before they were married, but he refused to give in and allow her to work.   If she had not married him, she would not have had to work during college, and he was determined that she would not have to do so now.


Thank you so much Val for letting me use your college! 

18 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Four

  1. Aw they are just to cute together, Noah is going to have to work hard to keep all the perverts and weirdo’s away lol Noah you can do it stay strong. XD

    Its nice how he wants Sharlee to just focuses on school, I just hope he don’t over work himself.
    I think that sharlee just don’t him to stress himself.

    • You are so right, Monae!

      Noah was right when he said that she’s led a sheltered life and is too trusting.

      Noah wants Sharlee to have all of her dreams fulfilled. He just doesn’t realize that she wants the same for him. You’ll see more in the next chapter. I’m in the mood to do pictures and I think I’ll start them today.

      Thanks for your help and for commenting! 🙂

  2. That black-haired man at the motel reminds me of someone…he has an amazing similarity to Alex Stallworth!!

    But it can’t be him, right??? He is dead and there was a funeral…

    • I looked at that man again. He does favor Alex! LOL

      No, it’s not Alex! LOL I miss him though! 😦
      Sharlee is his niece. He may have been bad, but not like that. LOL
      No, he did love Sharlee as family.

      Thank you for reading and for your comment! I’m still smiling and laughing! 😀

  3. I love these two together! I especially like the photo of them outside the college by the bike, it’s such a tender picture 🙂
    Noah is so sweet wanting Sharlee to stay at college while he goes out to work, he’s a good lad.
    That man was an absolute creep! I agree with everyone that he does look a bit like Alex. I still don’t think he’s dead! I keep expecting to see him pop up!
    I enjoyed this chapter, I can’t wait to see how they do up the house. I bet it’ll look great 🙂

    • I do too, Clairey! 😀 I like that picture of them too. I think they look really good together!

      Yeah, Sharlee got a really good guy! He has such good intentions.

      That guy was a real perv! I didn’t intentionally make him look like Alex. He’s actually the same Sim as the room clerk. I just changed him a little bit! LOL

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I had looked forward to doing this chapter until I actually did it. The pictures weren’t hard to do, but other things kept getting in the way of finishing it. So, I feel sort of blah about it! LOL I’ve started the pictures for the next chapter and I feel much better with this one!

      Thanks for reading Clairey and for feedback! 🙂

  4. sharlee and noah are a really good couple it would be funny if sharlee ended up having a baby while they where searching for a house !

    • I agree Ellen. They are a really good couple! 🙂

      That make it even harder for them now, if they had a baby. Dale’s reaction would be really funny too! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Ellen and for commenting! 🙂

  5. good chapter. I like it that they each want what is best for the other. I am worried that Sharlee trust too much and something could happen. It will be great to watch her make up their little home 🙂

    • Thank you Whitney! 😀

      They really do love each other a lot and want what is best for the other.
      Sharlee is too trusting and she wants to see the good in people.

      She’s still got more to do to the house, or rather I do! LOL 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

  6. Oh, I screamed like crazy when I saw the shot of the college. Yay. Though with UL coming out, the buildings in that EP will put mine to shame. I’m very happy you could find use for it.

    Now, onto Noah and Sharlee. I love how realistic you’re making their relationship. Even though Sharlee is from a well off family, she and Noah are both determined to slum it out and make it on their own. It says a lot about both their characters.

    I really, really hope they find a place soon, living in that motel is proving to be more dangerous with each passing day. Noah’s right, Sharlee’s too trusting, but I think secretly that’s one of the things he loves about her, she’s his total opposite and they balance each other out. But yes, she can’t be too trusting when he’s not around, she needs to put her safety first. As for that dark haired man, Noah should have punched the smirk off his face. He’s just creepy.

    Again, I love these two so, so much and I’m so thrilled for both of them, things are gonna be hard for a while, but they have each other and that’s all that matters.

    Great writing as always Daisies.

    Enjoyed very much!

    • I like your college Val! I’m going to keep using it instead of the UL one. It will work better for my scenes! 😎

      Since they are so young, I thought it’d be hard for them. They do want to make it on their own.

      For Sharlee’s sake they definitely need a place of their own.
      You’re right about her trusting nature being one of the things that he loves about her. He hardly trusts anyone.
      That is so true! They do really balance each other out!

      I should have had Noah punch that guy! He really deserved to be punched! LOL

      They are glad to have each other despite how hard things are! 😀

      Thank you so much, Val! That means a lot to me, especially today! 🙂

  7. Oh wow Id forgotten to check back for updates, too busy studying!
    Love that they are starting their lives together!

    I found the pictures a bit odd though ,they seem lower quality than the rest…but maybe Im crazy xD Great job, loving the story

    • They are finally together! 😀

      I know that the pictures are different. I’ve been trying to find a way around WordPress’ media limit so that I won’t have to start another new blog again for the story. I tried two different ones, but I agree. I don’t like how the pictures turn out with them. So I guess I’ll have to start back doing it the old way until I reach the media limit and then start a new Alissa blog again. 😦

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