Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

Screenshot-1729When she realized that Kristian was holding her, Sharlee had started to move out of his arms, but Noah rushed over to them and flung Kristian away from her!   She hadn’t even known that Noah was there.

Screenshot-1731“What the…!   Who do you think you are!”

Screenshot-1730“Keep your damn hands off of my wife!”

Screenshot-1732Kristian was hot with anger too.  Sharlee was very unhappy and it had to be because of this chump.

“Evidently you drove her away!  You clearly don’t know how to treat a special woman like Sharlee!”

Screenshot-1733They were glaring at each other, and since she was aware of Noah’s short fuse, Sharlee thought she’d better intervene.   

Screenshot-1735Noah saw red at Kristian’s words and swung his fist to punch Kristian in his gut.   At the same time, Sharlee stepped in between them.   Noah’s fist hit her hard in the abdomen.   

Screenshot-1736Her eyes closed in shock and she screamed out loud, in more pain than she had ever felt in her life.   She dropped to her knees and then to the ground.

Screenshot-1741Noah was stunned!   He couldn’t believe what he had done.   He knelt down to her and took her in his arms.   “No Babe, please no!  I am so sorry!”

Screenshot-1744Kristian pushed him out of the way.  “I’m a doctor!   Let me check her.  You’d better pray she’s okay or I’ll kill you myself!”

Screenshot-1745Dale arrived at the park and rushed over to them.   “What happened!”

Screenshot-1747Kristian explained.

“This ape hit her!”  In fairness Kristian added that Noah had been trying to hit him and Sharlee got in the way.

Screenshot-1746Dale clamped down on his emotions and concentrated on Sharlee.  “We’ve got to get her to the hospital.   It’ll be faster in my car.”

Screenshot-1753Kristian reached for her, but Noah was quicker and scooped Sharlee up in his arms.  

Screenshot-1756He cradled her in the backseat as Dale raced them to the hospital.   Noah talked to her the whole time, pleading with her to be okay.  

“Babe, I love you with all of my heart.  I never meant to hurt you.  I am so sorry for everything.  I never cheated on you, and I never will.  Please Sharlee, you have to be okay.  You’re my life.  Nothing matters without you!”

Sharlee was fading in and out, but she heard most of what he was saying.  She was in too much pain to respond.  

Screenshot-1754Dale heard him though and wondered again what had happened between them in Bridgeport.   He believed that Noah was sincere in what he was telling Sharlee, but decided to have his PI friend Trent check things out in Bridgeport.  That way Sharlee wouldn’t know he’d meddled.

Screenshot-1831When they arrived at the hospital, Noah laid Sharlee down on a stretcher.   He held her hand tightly.    She looked at him for a few moments and then was rushed to the operating room for surgery.   Dale went with her to brief the surgical team on what had happened.

Screenshot-1835Alissa arrived at the hospital and hurried to the waiting room.   Noah and Kristian were there eying one another with detest.

Screenshot-1836“Is she okay?”

Screenshot-1837Dale entered the waiting room.

“They’re going to do everything they can to save her and the baby.”

Screenshot-1838Noah looked at him and asked, “Baby?”

Screenshot-1839Dale had forgotten that Sharlee hadn’t told Noah about the baby yet.

“Yes, she’s almost three months along.”

Screenshot-1845Noah dropped to the floor, stunned.   What had he done!   That is what Sharlee had wanted to tell him.  Because of his own actions, he might lose the person who meant the most to him in the world as well as his own child!   He felt completely devastated.  Tears slid down his cheeks.  He hadn’t cried since he was a very small child, but this time he was overcome with grief and self loathing.

Screenshot-1840Kristian saw Noah’s tears and felt uncomfortable.   He knew he should give the family some privacy.

He said to Dale, “Please keep me posted on Sharlee’s condition.”   Then he left the waiting room.

Screenshot-1844All of Alissa’s anger towards Noah evaporated, and she sat down on the floor beside him.   She put her arm around him and tried to comfort him.  She didn’t say anything though, because she knew they would be empty words.

After several hours, the doctor came and told them that the surgery was over.   Sharlee would be okay.   However, he wasn’t as definite about the baby’s survival.    He said that the next twenty-four hours would be crucial.   She would remain in the intensive care unit.   Noah was taken to see her.

Screenshot-1759He walked over to her bedside.   She looked so delicate and young as she lay in the bed.  

Screenshot-1761He felt tears in his eyes as he leaned over and kissed her gently.   She was still unconscious, but Noah was so relieved that she had made it through.   However, if their baby didn’t survive, he knew that he would never be able to forgive himself,  and he didn’t know if Sharlee would ever forgive him either.

Screenshot-1762Noah insisted on staying with her.   At one point,  Sharlee stirred and called for Noah.    He leaned over to her and answered her just as he had years before,   “I’m right here Sharlee.   I’m never going to leave you.”   She had settled back down.

Screenshot-1764Later that night, an alarm went off on one of the monitors.  It was a fetal monitor.   The baby was in distress!    A nurse ushered Noah from the room.    He paced outside the door.  

Screenshot-1765When he didn’t think he could bear to wait a moment longer without knowing how his wife and baby were doing, the doctor came out.

“Everything is okay for now.   The baby is still fighting to survive.”

Screenshot-1766Noah breathed a sigh of relief and then went back into the room.   Sharlee was still unconscious and completely unaware of what had happened.

Screenshot-1772The next morning, Sharlee opened her eyes and looked around the room.  She saw Noah asleep in the chair beside her.  

Screenshot-1771She just looked at him for a few moments as he slept.    Sharlee instantly relaxed.   Tears came into her eyes as she looked at him.   Then she remembered what had happened the night before and was suddenly afraid.  

“Noah is the baby okay?”

Screenshot-1773Noah awakened and his eyes locked with hers.   “Yes, you both are.  Sharlee it doesn’t seem like enough to just say this, but I am so sorry for everything!   I never meant to hurt you in any way.  I love you Sharlee.”

Screenshot-1782“I heard what you said in the car, about not cheating.”

Screenshot-1774“I’ve never felt any desire to be with any other woman since the very first night that I saw you, and I never will!   I’m sorry for driving you away.   There was no excuse for my behavior that night.   I was angry with myself, and I took it out on you!”

Screenshot-1787“It’s okay, Noah.   I know that wasn’t you.”

Screenshot-1779Noah smiled at her with deep love and appreciation.   “We’re pregnant.”  Then he gently touched her abdomen in awe, and he smiled tenderly.  “Our baby is in there?  Right now?”

Sharlee nodded her head.   His reaction caught at her heart.   It was just what she had hoped for.

Screenshot-1777“I can’t believe that I didn’t realize that you were pregnant.   I should have known it.   I’m ashamed that I made you feel as though you couldn’t tell me.”

Screenshot-1784“Noah, are you sure that the baby is okay?”

Screenshot-1773He looked away for a few moments.   Then he told her, “The doctor said that the baby is a fighter.  I guess he got that from me.”

Screenshot-1786Sharlee smiled at him lovingly too.   Then she said, “Yeah, a fighter just like you.   I love you Noah.  I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have left.”

Screenshot-1788“You have nothing to be sorry about.   I gave you no choice.”

Sharlee yawned.

“You’d better get some more rest.”

Screenshot-1790She nodded her head yes and then said in almost a whisper as her eyes closed.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, Babe.” 

Sharlee smiled softly.   “I know.”

Noah smiled too as she drifted back off to sleep.

Her parents came to see her later that day.   Everyone was relieved after the twenty-four hours was up and both Sharlee and the baby were okay.

Screenshot-1816However, the doctor talked firmly with Noah and Sharlee before she left the hospital.

“We’ve repaired the damage, but it will be a long time before Sharlee completely heals.”

Screenshot-1818“Why is that, Doctor?”

Screenshot-1817“Because the damaged areas will have to remain in use as they heal.  The muscles of your uterus were torn Sharlee, and your uterus has to carry the baby and expand as the baby grows.   You will have to be very careful in order to carry this baby to full term and to bear future children.”

Screenshot-1821“Careful in what way?   Can’t I continue working?   We need my income!”

There was panic in Sharlee’s voice.   Dr. Cofield looked at Noah concerned about Sharlee’s reaction.

Screenshot-1826“Calm down, Sharlee.   Stress isn’t good for you or for the baby.    I’m sorry but if you want to deliver a healthy baby, that’s out.  You cannot remain on your feet for long periods of time during the remainder of your pregnancy.   You’ll have to take frequent rest periods throughout the day.   I suggest waiting at least a full year after this baby is born before attempting another pregnancy.”

Screenshot-1823Noah spoke up.   “Sharlee let me worry about our finances.  Your job from this moment on is to keep the baby healthy.   I’m going to take care of you both from now on.   Please trust me Sharlee.”

Screenshot-1824Sharlee looked at him.   This was her Noah, the Noah she had fallen in love with years ago.

“I trust you Noah.  I always have.”

Screenshot-1936After Sharlee was released from the hospital, Noah sat at the dining table deep in thought.  He was determined to take care of his family even if it meant that he had to beg for a job.   He’d work two jobs if it came to that.   However, there was Sharlee’s current condition.   She had to stay off of her feet for the next two weeks.   Even after that she would have to be careful.   He couldn’t leave her alone yet while he went to work.

Maybe he should leave her there with her parents until the two weeks was past.  He could return to Bridgeport alone and find a job.   Then he could come back for Sharlee.   He didn’t want to do that though.   It wasn’t just that he would miss her, but he also didn’t want her around Kristian.  Kristian was still coming to visit her.  He’d been there to see her several times since Sharlee had been released from the hospital.  Kristian didn’t seem to care that Sharlee was Noah’s wife and pregnant with their first child.

Of course, Sharlee wasn’t encouraging his visits.  Noah knew that she was completely committed to him, but there was something about Kristian that rubbed Noah the wrong way.     Maybe it was because deep down he felt that in some ways, Kristian would be better for Sharlee than he was.  Kristian could provide more for her financially, but Noah didn’t believe that there was anyone who could love her more than he did.

Screenshot-1850Dale asked Noah to go with him into his office.  Noah went with him a bit reluctantly.  He and Dale did not exactly get along.

“Noah I’ve made no secret of my feelings about the relationship between you and my daughter.   However you are married now and expecting a child together.   I have to admit that I am looking forward to being a grandfather.”

Noah was amazed to see a smile on Dale’s face.

Dale’s next words irritated Noah.   “I know about the difficulty you’ve had with keeping a job.”

Screenshot-1927Noah moved uncomfortably in his seat wondering where this conversation was leading.  If Dale thought that he could make Noah leave Sharlee,  Dale was crazy.   That wasn’t ever going to happen.

Screenshot-1932Dale continued.   “I’ve known all along that you had a problem with authority and discipline, but now you have a family to think of, part of my family.”

Noah started to rise from his seat.

Dale said firmly,  “I’m not finished yet, Noah.”

Screenshot-1852Noah sat back down slowly.

Dale told him, “I have a proposition for you.  It will call for you swallowing your pride and putting the needs of your family first.”

“I’m listening.”

Screenshot-1921“Believe me this isn’t easy for me either because I don’t know if you’ll stick it out.   Sharlee has mentioned before that your goal is to open up your own repair shop.  Maybe that is what will be best for you.   Then you will be your own boss.   I’ve spoken with my financial manager and decided to back you with opening a shop.   He said it would be a good investment depending on where the business is located and how it is run.”

Noah was looking at him with his mouth open.  He was completely stunned.

Screenshot-1935Dale resumed explaining.  “Here is where the hard work comes in for you.  I’m not about to just hand over the keys of a business in which I’ve invested my money to a twenty year old with your track record.   There are several things which I expect you do before that happens.   You will have to go to therapy sessions to manage your anger and find out its cause.”

He also told him,  “I expect you to take business courses, so that you can manage every aspect of the shop.  I expect you to prepare a professional business proposal to present to myself and my business manager.   I also expect you to take courses on engine and automotive repair so that you can learn the latest techniques.  I figure that it will take you at least a year to do all of that.   I will be a silent partner at first, and then eventually, I expect you to buy me out.   It’s a lot to think over.   Take as much time as you need.”

Screenshot-1929Noah was still shocked.  He hadn’t expected anything like this.   “I don’t know what to say, Mr. Stallworth.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity.  I’ll talk with Sharlee and then tell you my decision.”

Screenshot-1920“Oh, one more thing.   You and Sharlee are welcome to stay with us during that time.   Sharlee’s pregnancy is going to be very difficult.   You’re going to be very busy trying to accomplish everything.   This way we can help you take care of her.”

Even more so now, Noah saw what Dale meant about having to swallow his pride.  Living in Dale’s house for the next year would not be easy!  

Screenshot-1847Noah went upstairs to talk with Sharlee.   She was lying on the bed reading.   She looked happy again. 

Screenshot-1846He was relieved to see her that way.

Screenshot-1849She put her book down when he came towards the bed, and he gave her a kiss.  He was treating her extremely gently since she’d been released from the hospital.

Screenshot-1940Sharlee smiled as he joined her on the bed.

“Have you decided yet if you want a girl or a boy?”

Screenshot-1942“I’d like a girl as beautiful as her mother, but I’ll be happy if you get your little boy instead.”

Screenshot-1941“Yeah, I can’t wait till we find out for sure!”

Screenshot-1939“I can’t wait either, and we’ve gotta start thinking of names.  Should you be moving around so much?”

“I’m fine, honey.”

Screenshot-1943“I need to talk with you about something, Sharlee.”

He told her about Dale’s proposal and saw how hopeful she looked as he described Dale’s plan.

Screenshot-1946“Noah, it’s your decision to make.   You are the one who would have to do all of the work and make the most sacrifices.  I’ll support whatever you decide.  I meant it when I said that I trust you.”

Screenshot-1944Noah hugged her tightly, relieved that she really did still trust him.   Then he said earnestly, “Thank you Sharlee.”

Screenshot-1947“Noah, I don’t know if  I’ve said this before, but I’ve always been proud of you!  What you said that night at home made me feel that you didn’t know that.   I’m proud to be your wife.  Whether you are working or not.  Whether you accept my Dad’s proposal or not.”

Screenshot-1945“No one has ever told me that they were proud of me before.   That means a lot to me, Sharlee.”  His voice broke,   “I don’t deserve it , but it means more than you know.”

Screenshot-1948Noah wrapped his arm around her, and they shared a passionate, loving kiss.  Sharlee was so happy just to be back with him again.  Whatever he decided, she knew they would be okay.  He helped her stretch out.

Screenshot-1950“Noah, if it weren’t for the baby, I’d never have left you.  I never want to do that again.  If it were just you and me, I’d live under a bridge just to be with you.  Now that you know the baby is coming, I know that you’ll make sure we’re okay.”

“I have an idea, and I’m going to do some research.  Then I’ll decide about your Dad’s proposal.   It took  a lot for him to offer this to us, and I want to give it the proper consideration.”

Screenshot-1937Noah went downstairs to the computer room.   Alissa had told him that he was family and to make himself completely at home.  Noah went to the Harley Davidson website and read everything he could find on becoming a franchise owner.  If he could get a franchise, that would guarantee that his shop would become a success!


I just want to again thank all of the creators of the wonderful custom content and poses that I use!  Thanks for sharing them with us! 

59 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

  1. I absolutely loved this chapter, well except for the accident between Sharlee and Noah, but if that is what it took for him to finally wake up, then it is probably for the best in the long run. I am looking forward to finding out what makes Noah so angry as well. I have faith that Noah will figure it out, and stop beating up people. lol

    • I’m happy you loved it! 🙂

      Yeah, it’s said that something like this happening to Sharlee to wake him up. Just like Dale was afraid would happen, Sharlee got hurt. 😦

      Hopefully you’re right and he will stop beating people up now! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, LaBlue! 🙂

  2. Noah better be happy the baby survived that punch. It could have been much much worse and I don’t know if Sharlee or the rest of the family would have forgiven him. That was very good of Dale to handle helping them out in such a way. Noah does need to swallow his pride and think of more than just him in this situation. He’s behavior has been very selfish and juvenile so maybe this baby will help him grow up. Dale’s conditions are very reasonable and I think he will win tons of brownie points with Sharlee for this.

    Um not sure I like Kristen. I don’t care what opinion you may have quickly formed about Noah after one day you need to back the fuck off. She is a married pregnant woman and you are nothing but a slimeball trying to weasel your way in and take advantage of her. Nope don’t like him at all and Dale needs to tell him to back off as well. He may not like Noah, but he does need to respect her marriage and tell his intern to do the same.

    • You’re right, Jaz! I don’t think that Sharlee or her family would have been able to forgive him if the baby had died. He wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself either.

      Yeah, after finding out the way that Noah kept losing his jobs, Dale realized that he would have to find a way to help them. Especially now that he has a grandchild on the way.
      Noah has to grow up quickly now. He should have done it before this happened, but he just didn’t know how. He didn’t really see that he was the problem. Hopefully he does now! 😦 You’re right about how Dale’s offer makes Sharlee feel. She was pretty much a Daddy’s girl before she realized how Dale felt about Noah. Now she can get close to Dale again. Dale is still learning that even though he’s Sharlee’s father, she is an adult now. All he can do is be there to help when she allows him.

      Dale may end up regretting giving Kristian the impression that he would like him to have a relationship with Sharlee, but Sharlee is definitely not like her mother. She speaks her mind! 😀 Although Alissa is bolder now too. We’ll see more on that later in the story.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 🙂

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    It was super nice of Dale to even consider a generous offer like that. If I were him, I would have run Noah off with a shotgun and told him never to show his face around my little girl again. You mentioned that it would be hard for Noah to share living space with the family for a year, but I think it will be just as bad for Dale. I’m very glad to see Dale has taken my suggestion of counseling for Noah :). I hope it will do him a lot of good, especially because the shame of being unable to provide for his wife and unborn child must be weighing on him.

    I said I was afraid I would have to hate Noah…but obviously past tense means I decided I don’t. I am very angry with him for his behavior, but the way he acted afterwards seemed very sincere. Some guys just apologize for horrendous things as a way of putting a band-aid on a broken leg, but I haven’t seen that pattern in Noah. I think this will serve as a wake-up call to him, even though more challenges are right around the corner.

    What I’d like to know is how the other siblings feel about Noah now that this has happened. I would think it would hit close to home for Shawn after being hurt by Monet. And I absolutely loved the scene between Alissa and Noah. I could see in that short moment how empathetic she is because of all the hardships she’s had to go through. I think if there was something insincere about Noah’s remorse, she would have picked up on it.

    • Hate Noah! 😯 LOL

      Fighting in front of Sharlee is bad, but with the life Noah led before he met her, fighting was a way of life for him. Sharlee didn’t realize that Noah was about to hit Kristian at that moment, but she did know that Noah was extremely angry. She was hoping to calm him down before a fight broke out between him and Kristian. If she’d known that he was about to swing for Kristian, she wouldn’t have stepped between them and taken a chance on getting hurt since she knows she’s pregnant. Had she known that Noah was about to hit him, she would have pulled Noah away rather than step between them. 😦

      Dale is behaving more like his old self because he wants Sharlee to be happy and his grandchild to be well too. You are so right! It will be hard for Dale too! He and Noah don’t exactly like one another. LOL

      Yeah, Noah’s anger has been a problem for him for years now, and Dale knew that if Noah doesn’t get help for it, then he won’t be able to run a business either. Even the other members of his gang were afraid of his anger. Accepting help isn’t easy for Noah. Especially since most people in his past have let him down. Hopefully counseling will be what he needs. He wants to do whatever he has to do in order to take care of Sharlee and his baby even if it makes him uncomfortable. We’ll find out more about that in the next chapter. It’s true that he does have a good heart and he’s really sorry for the way things have gone with him and Sharlee.

      I hadn’t thought of how Sharlee’s siblings feel about it! That’s a good point! I’ll have to write that into the next chapter. Thanks Maddie! 😀 Oh the ideas that just gave me. I’ll have to change the next chapter! 😀

      Seeing Noah’s true grief over what he’s done did make Alissa feel for him. This will bring them closer together. We’ll see how close in the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading, Maddie! 🙂

    • When Sharlee jumped in between the two men, I don’t think she was at all protecting Kristian, but she was protecting Noah. I have been guilty of this in the past with my own husband. I think she did that to protect Noah, because she knew that if there was a fight, most likely Noah would be going to prison. I did the same thing with my own husband, and it was to keep him from killing a very smart mouth idiot of a jackass. I was not protecting that jerk, but I was preventing my own family from getting split up, keeping my own husband out of prison. If you are wondering, my husband is a third degree black belt, so yes I was putting myself in harms way. But unlike Noah, my husband does have better self control, and I knew that going in.

  4. loved the chapter so glad the baby’s fine and Sharlee and Noah are happy and hope she has a girl to and be able to have more beautiful children

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    I thought it was very good of Dale to offer Noah the business, I hope Noah makes the right decision:)

    • He would have hated himself too. He’s still having a hard time accepting what he’s done to Sharlee even though it was an accident. Hopefully this will help him see that violence is not the way to solve a conflict. 😦

      You’re right to worry about Sharlee doing as she’s told. Sometimes we don’t know that we can’t or shouldn’t do something until after we’ve done it. It’s hard to recognize our limitations. More on that in the next chapters.

      Yeah Noah definitely has not always made the right decisions.

      Thank you for reading my story, Maddie! 🙂

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    • Hopefully hurting Sharlee will help Noah see that violence is not the way to deal with problems.

      Kristian’s motives remain to be seen. 😉

      Yes, Noah owes it to Sharlee and his baby to grow up now and make the best choices for them! You are so right!

      Thanks for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

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      However now that she and Noah are back together and she knows that he is happy about the baby too, she is feeling better. 🙂

      Dale really does love Sharlee and since she wants Noah, he decided to do his best to make sure that she is happy and well provided for.

      Kristian is nice. Hopefully he will stay that way.

      Awww, thanks Rhiannon! I’ll post a new update soon! 🙂

    • I’m sorry it was confusing, Niamhy!

      Dale was nice to Noah only because he wants Noah to be able to take good care of Sharlee and his grandchild. He still doesn’t like Noah, but he knows that Sharlee loves Noah and isn’t going to leave him.

      Noah accidentally punched Sharlee in the stomach. He was trying to hit Kristian. She got in the way at the wrong time. He cried because of how seriously he had hurt her and because of his punch, she might die or lose the baby. Crying isn’t something that he usually does, but he felt such great sorrow and disappointment in himself that he cried.

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    I was away from Alissa for a while because of exams :/ and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when I read the last two chapters – YAY!! I’m still mad at Noah for hurting our baby Sharlee :O , but it’ll wear off I guess 😛

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    • Harry, number three made me laugh! 😆 Those are all very good points!

      I hope your exams went well! 🙂
      Awww, I still think of Sharlee as our baby too. Especially when I look at old pictures of her. Yeah, Noah is mad at himself too! 😦

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  9. oh yeah and I just read The Time Travellers Wife (if you haven’t read it, I’d sincerely suggest it!) and I really like ALBA for a girl – it sounds really weird at first but then you get used to it and it would really suit a little black-haired girl, just an idea cos I LOVE this book so much 😛

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    • I remember that movie, but I haven’t read the book. It does seem interesting though.

      Thanks for the name suggestions!
      A little black haired girl? Is Matthew’s hair black? I can’t remember. Sharlee’s is blond and Noah’s is brown. LOL

      I enjoy reading your comments! 🙂

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    • Sharlee and Kristian! 😯 I do think he’s goodlooking too, but we are just getting to know him. Dale likes him. LOL
      Kristian will be in the story for a while longer though. I don’t want to spoil anything, and so I won’t say anything else about him now. 🙂

      Dale has a grandchild on the way, and so he couldn’t just sit back any longer without really trying to help them.
      Stacey? I made her, but I’m not sure if I still have her. I can check. I tried uploading a Sim on the exchange, but I couldn’t even get her to install on my other computer. I haven’t tried it since! LOL

      I’m really glad that you still love reading the story! I’m working on the pictures for Mutation today and hope to post the next chapter on Wednesday. 🙂

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    • Thanks Katie! That’s a really nice thing to say! I don’t mind you asking me that at all! 😀

      I’m actually on my computer late tonight. I’m working on pictures for the next chapter of my new story, Mutation.
      I plan to start the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa after that. So the next update will probably be posted this weekend.

      Thank you for reading my story! 🙂

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    • Iola, I’m sorry that I’m so late responding, but it was a big holiday week here where I live. I was busy with family stuff and didn’t have time to get on my computer. 😦

      I’m really happy that you love Alissa too! I have so much fun working on the story. I’m really addicted to the custom content, but I like looking for it and finding the poses that I use. 😀

      I’m behind schedule because of the holiday, but I plan to start the pictures for the next chapter tonight.

      Thank you so much for reading my story and for your feedback! 🙂

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      • If the baby hadn’t made it, I don’t either of them would have been able to stand it. Their relationship would probably have never been the same! 😦
        You’re so right! Sharlee really has to follow the doctors orders or she still could end up losing the baby.

        Don’t feel bad about forgetting! Sometimes I forget to say everything too! LOL

        Thanks so much for reading my story, Mick! 🙂

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    • That’s the way he’s used to handling conflicts. You’re right! Hopefully now he sees that isn’t the way to do it! Sometimes though when it’s what you’re used to doing change is hard. 😦

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      Thank you so much Val! I’m happy that you loved this chapter! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    • Marigold, I’m sorry! I haven’t done the pictures yet.
      Last week was a holiday here, and I was really busy with family stuff.
      I am getting the savefile ready for pictures right now though!
      Here is a link to status updates for Alissa. I hate that you’re checking every hour, and it isn’t ready!
      I feel so bad now! 😦 I know what it’s like waiting for updates when you want to know what’s going to happen next.

    • I feel so bad keeping you guys waiting! 😦 I haven’t done the pictures yet! I’m starting them now though and it should be finished either tomorrow evening or Wednesday at the latest. I am way behind schedule. I’m sorry Katie!

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      • Sorry Millie! It’s not quite ready yet. I still have a few more pictures to do. It will definitely be posted this afternoon if not sooner. Friend me on FB and I’ll message you when it’s up if you’d like. I’m Daisies Day on FB. I’m really happy that you’re so excited about the story! I hope the next chapter won’t disappoint you though. I had to cut it again because it was way too long, but it’s still very long. Not a lot of drama happens in it though. It’s sort of a set up for what’s to come. 😀

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    • The next chapter will still be on this blog. 🙂 I’m not at my Media Limit yet. Eventually I’ll have to start another one to continue the story, but that’s still a while away. Of course I’ll let you guys know when I have to start a new one! 😀

    • Yes, things are back good between them again! 😀
      Hopefully, Sharlee and the baby will be okay.

      A writer? That’s an interesting idea. Alissa was interested in writing and in journalism. She kept a diary and she was writing a book. 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story, Anya and for your feedback! 🙂

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