Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seven

Screenshot-308Sharlee had been working at her new job for two weeks.   Noah always took her to and from work, and one Saturday afternoon he came to pick her up.  He waited for her inside the restaurant.   He barely glanced at the woman who came through the door until she spoke to him.

“Noah Hall!”

“Hello Kat.”

“Well, I’ve wondered what happened to you.   The last I heard was that you were in Juvie.”

Screenshot-309“Yeah, I was for awhile.”

Screenshot-312Two of the other waitresses came out from the back in time to see Kat talking with Noah.

Margie said, “Hmm, Kat’s purring.  She’s trying to get her claws hooked into him.”

“Isn’t that Sharlee’s husband Noah?”

Margie laughed.   “Yeah, this ought to be interesting.   Noah’s gaga over Sharlee.  Kat doesn’t stand a chance!”

They stood watching and listening.

Screenshot-319.1Kat looked Noah up and down with a lustful expression in her eye.  “Mmm, you grew up nice.  I knew you would.  What are you doing here?   Are you here to eat?  Come sit at one of my tables, and I’ll treat you right.   We can catch up!”

Screenshot-321As Kat looked at Noah, she saw that he was looking past her. 

Screenshot-320As she watched, a softness, a light came into his eyes that she had never seen in him before or in any other man for that matter.   She turned to see what had his attention.  

Screenshot-322Sharlee walked between them to Noah and kissed him as she always did when he picked her up. 

Screenshot-323“I’m sorry to make you wait, but Carrie wanted to talk to me before I left.”

Screenshot-324“It’s okay, Babe.   Are you ready to leave?”

Then he suddenly remembered Kat.  He’d completely forgotten about her after he saw Sharlee.

Screenshot-325Sharlee spoke before he could introduce her.   “Hi, I’m Sharlee.  I just started working here two weeks ago.  You must be Kat.   I hope you had a nice vacation.”

Screenshot-329Kat’s eyes raked Sharlee contemptuously from head to toe.   “Are you two dating?”

Screenshot-328Noah answered with a smile.   “No, Sharlee’s my wife.”   He loved saying those words.

Kat was shocked.   “What!  She must have gotten herself pregnant.   Leave it to you to do the noble thing and marry her.”

Screenshot-330Noah could see how angry her words made Sharlee and said quickly,   “No, we’re not pregnant.   One day, but not yet.   I married Sharlee because I love her.”

Screenshot-331“Noah, you two know each other?”

Screenshot-333“Yeah, it was before I left home.”

He could see the puzzlement in Sharlee’s eyes.    “I mean when I was fifteen.  It was just before I left home.  We got together once.”

Screenshot-334Margie did some quick calculations and was outraged.    “Wait a minute!  Aren’t you and Sharlee just eighteen?”


“Well Kat you’re twenty-five now.  So that means that you were twenty-two then!   I can’t believe that you seduced a fifteen year old boy.  That’s low even for you!”

Screenshot-335“I was his first.   I made a man out of him.”

Screenshot-336Noah looked at Sharlee.   She was staring at Kat with dislike written all over her face.  He hadn’t expected to feel so uncomfortable when she met someone he had slept with before her.  He knew how he’d feel about anyone that she had been with before him.  He’d hate the guy on sight, but thankfully he’d been her first.  He wished again that she had been his.

Screenshot-337“Noah, I can’t believe that you of all people are with a Barbie doll!”

Screenshot-338“Well better a Barbie doll than a painted up old slut!”

Noah was shocked by Sharlee’s response.   Sometimes he forgot how fiery she could be.

Screenshot-340“Don’t you dare call me old!”

Screenshot-339“Well at least you acknowledge that you’re a slut!”

Screenshot-343Kat started for Sharlee and Noah moved in between them.

“Noah you can’t possibly be satisfied by a silicon filled, bottle blond doll!”

Screenshot-342Noah could feel how furious her words were making Sharlee.  Sharlee was glaring at Kat.

Screenshot-341“Kat, I can assure you that every inch of Sharlee from head to toe is the real thing.   There is nothing phony about her.  Since you seem to be so concerned about it, let me assure you that I am not only happy, but I am completely satisfied with Sharlee in every way.”

He hoped that since Sharlee still had to work with her, that Kat wouldn’t make things too difficult for her just because of him.

Screenshot-344The other two waitresses laughed.   It was good to see someone put Kat in her place.   While it was true that Kat was very attractive, she automatically assumed that every guy wanted her.  Based on what they’d seen from Sharlee’s interactions with the customers as well as Noah’s reaction, it was clear that Sharlee was going to give her some stiff competition.

Screenshot-345“Goodbye Kat.”

Screenshot-350Noah wrapped his arm around Sharlee.   “Let’s go home Babe.”   They left the restaurant.

Screenshot-292Since it was Saturday, Sharlee wanted to cook dinner.  Just like her mother, she loved to cook.  She found it relaxing. 

It was also one of the special things that she liked to do for Noah.   She looked for ways to spoil him because she knew that no one ever had before.   On Sunday mornings when they were both off from work, she sometimes surprised him with breakfast in bed.   His gratefulness at just the smallest things that she did for him, always touched her heart.

“Hun, do you want anything special for dinner?”

Screenshot-294“No, anything will be fine.”

After checking what was on hand in the refrigerator,  Sharlee decided on spaghetti.   As she started preparing dinner, she spoke with Noah.

“So was it a big thing between you and Kat?”

Screenshot-295“Not for me.  She lived down the street from us.   She kept inviting me over to her house and I knew what she wanted.   One day I decided to accept her invitation.   She was my first.”


“We only slept together once, but she really creeped me out.   She got very possessive.  She kept calling the house and dropping by.   My mother finally made her stop.  My mother told her that she was a grown woman and shouldn’t show such an unnatural interest in a fifteen year old boy.    Not long after that I left home.   Then she moved from the neighborhood, and I haven’t seen her again until today.   I hope she won’t make things too difficult for you at the restaurant.”

Screenshot-296“The other girls already warned me about her.   She gets upset if anyone else waits on her customers, and she has certain customers who only want her to serve them.   The girls suspect that she might be doing more than taking their orders.   They think she gives after hours services as well.”

“Do you think that Lee knows about it?”

Screenshot-299Sharlee answered as she headed for the stove to cook her sauce.   “No.  I don’t think so.   He and Carrie don’t want that kind of  business.”

Screenshot-301Noah walked over to her.   “Well I don’t want you waiting on her customers either.  They might expect after hour services from you too!”

Screenshot-303Sharlee laughed.   “All any customer will get from me is food and drink.   Maybe some polite conversation with a smile.  Anything else belongs to you.”

Screenshot-304To emphasize her words, she kissed him.

Before long, Sharlee had loyal customers of her own who were outstanding tippers.  They included mainly guys but she also had a mix of women and families as well who would wait until there was a table free in her section of the restaurant because they wanted her to wait on them. 

Since her tips were really pouring in, Sharlee suggested to the other girls that maybe they should start pooling their tips at the end of each shift and then splitting them evenly.   She also suggested that they start assisting each other with their customers and that would improve the restaurant’s service all around.

Screenshot-351Carrie was standing in the restaurant watching the waitresses and customers when Lee came and stood beside her.   “The whole atmosphere of the restaurant has changed since we hired Sharlee.   She has a way of making each person she comes in contact with feel important.  Most women like her and well, the men want her.  I knew she’d be good for us!”

Screenshot-352“Yes, hiring her was a very good move.   Let’s try to keep her happy here.”

Carrie had already seen that Kat didn’t like Sharlee.  However, she had anticipated that happening.  Kat really didn’t get on well with other women, but her customers really seemed to like her.   They had decided that the best way to handle the situation would be to schedule them on different shifts from one another.   The other staff had quickly grown fond of Sharlee and were very protective of her.   She was their youngest waitress, and she had also become one of the most popular.

Screenshot-355Noah came into the restaurant early.   Sharlee still had another hour before she got off, but he was starving and decided to eat there.   It would be his first time.   The hostess came up to him.   “Hi Noah, Sharlee’s still got another hour before she gets off.”

“I know.  I came early to grab a bite to eat.   Could I get a seat at one of her tables?”

Janet checked her list.   “Hmm,  there is a wait of at least ten minutes before she will have a free table.   There are a couple of people on the list ahead of you waiting for one of her tables.  Sally has a table free if you don’t want to wait.”

Screenshot-356“I don’t mind waiting.”

Screenshot-357The ten minutes passed and then Noah took a seat at a table.   Sharlee came out from the kitchen and was surprised to see Noah waiting.   She decided to tease him.   He’d seen her and she walked over to his table intentionally swinging her hips more than usually.  

Screenshot-359Then she arched her back and leaned in low on the table, giving him a full few of her bosom.  The other waitresses called it the lean and squeeze to get larger tips.   Sharlee never did that with her customers though.

“Would you like something to drink and maybe an appetizer to start?”

Screenshot-360Noah swallowed hard before answering.   His eyes were glued to her chest.

“I’d like a coke and some wings, please.   Some fries with that too.”

“Alright, let me just write that down.”

Screenshot-362Sharlee pretended to accidentally drop her pen and then leaned over in front of Noah to pick it up. 

Screenshot-364The other waitresses saw what she was doing and were laughing.   However, a couple of Sharlee’s other customers saw it and were upset that she was flirting with Noah, but had rebuffed any efforts to make her flirt with them.

Sharlee picked the pen up and then leaned in close to Noah.   She blew softly against his ear.  She knew the effect that she was having on him.

Screenshot-368He said while she was close and only she would hear.   “You’re going to pay for this tonight.   I should take you right here and now!”

Screenshot-370Sharlee laughed.    “Later!  I promise to make it worth your while.  I’ll get your food for you now.” 

Screenshot-365She started to leave but then turned back and kissed him lightly.   After that  she headed to the kitchen.

Screenshot-373The next day that Sharlee worked, Lee called her into his office.   “Sharlee, I’m sorry but we’ve received a complaint from one of the customers about you.”

“A complaint?”

“Yes.   He says that you have been behaving inappropriately with the customers.”

Sharlee frowned, not knowing what they could mean.

“He says that you kissed a customer and were blatantly flirting with him.  That you gave that customer preferential treatment.”

Screenshot-374.1Sharlee suddenly realized what they were talking about.

“He has to mean Noah.   Noah ate here the other day, and I waited on him.   I didn’t do anything inappropriate.  I just flirted with him a little bit and gave him a light kiss.”

“I should have known it was nothing.   Lowell is one of your regular customers isn’t he?”


Screenshot-376“He must not be aware that Noah is your husband.”

However Sharlee was still upset that he’d complained.   Kat and some of the other waitresses flirted with their customers all of the time, even more blatantly than Sharlee had done with Noah.

Lee too wondered why Lowell had complained.  He had come to know Sharlee well and felt sure that she would not do anything indecent in the restaurant.  Maybe Lowell was jealous.

“Sharlee has Lowell ever tried to flirt with you or asked you to go out with him?”

Screenshot-375“Constantly, but it hasn’t been anything that I couldn’t handle.”

“Okay, that explains why he complained.   I think I’ll just let him know the next time he comes in that you were flirting with your husband and give him his next meal on the house.  I’ll also suggest that he allow one of the other waitresses to serve him.”

“Thanks Lee.”

Sharlee went out to the diningroom and started her shift.   Strangely, Lowell didn’t return to the restaurant again after that.  It didn’t matter to Sharlee though.   She almost had more regular customers than she could handle.

Screenshot-271 - CopyWhen Noah arrived at the restaurant a few days later to drop Sharlee off to begin her shift, he noticed a man out front fiddling with a motorcycle.   One of Sharlee’s coworkers was standing beside the man.

Screenshot-272“Oh good!  That’s Remi, Noah.   I want you to meet her.   She started right after I did.   She’s worked here before, and she’s started back for just a few months to make some extra money.  She and her husband are trying to buy a house.  They already have a little boy and she just found out she’s pregnant with their second child.”

Sharlee and Noah walked over to them.  Remi and Sharlee had quickly become friends even though Remi was a few years older than Sharlee.   Sharlee’s other friends that she had made in Bridgeport over the years were away at college and so she had been glad to meet Remi.   She introduced Noah to Remi and Remi introduced her husband to Noah and Sharlee.  His name was Darion. 

Screenshot-275“So did Lee agree to change your schedule?”

Screenshot-274“Yes, it’ll be for just next week.   I’ll miss working the same shift with you, but we won’t have a sitter next week.”

Screenshot-277As Remi and Sharlee talked, Noah and Darion talked too.

Referring to Darion’s motorcycle, Noah said,  “You really got her tricked out!”

Screenshot-278“Yeah, I’ve done a bit over the years.  I saw you pull up on that Harley.  She’s real cherry too!”

Even after Sharlee and Remi went inside to work their shifts, Noah and Darion continued to stand outside and talk.    As they talked, they felt like they had known each other for years.  

Screenshot-284Darion invited Noah over to his place and Noah stayed there talking until he had to pick Sharlee up from work.  

“This is a nice place.”

Screenshot-285“We like it, but it’s just not big enough.  It’s a one bedroom.”

Screenshot-287Darion’s toddler Kenan, entered the room and climbed up onto his father’s lap. 

Screenshot-288“With Kenan and now another baby on the way, we decided to buy our own place.   Also they jacked the rent up here, and it’s just not worth that kind of money.” 

They talked some more about many other things.   Noah too had unexpectedly made a friend, and over the next several months, the two couples became close.


Maddie thank you for letting me use Remi and Caitlyn.


25 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seven

  1. Love it! I really liked the part with Sharlee and Kat! I was also wondering where you got Sharlee’s Hairstyle? I love it!

    • Thanks Rhia! 🙂

      Yeah Kat and Sharlee immediately disliked each other.

      I’m not sure where I got Sharlee’s hairstyle. I have so much Custom Content now!
      I think I’m addicted to it! 😀

      Thank you for reading! 🙂

    • Thanks Moloi! I’m glad that you’re enjoying it! 🙂

      I have to work on redoing an old lot for the next chapter. I’ll probably start working on it on Sunday.

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  2. I was so excited to see you’d posted a new chapter! This one was really good. I love the energy between Noah and Sharlee. They have a sweet, domestic side, and a naughty side to balance that out, and both those things together keep them interesting.

    Kat looks like she might end up causing problems for Sharlee! I wonder if she’ll try anything too underhanded…

    Also, that Lowell guy is really suspicious. I know you said he never came back to the restaurant, but I can’t help but wonder if he’ll reappear, or if any of her customers will, when we’re least expecting.

    I can’t wait to see more of Remi and Darion! They’re a really cute couple, and you’re welcome for Remi and Caitlin :). Great job on the pictures, too.

    • Oh thank you Maddie! 🙂

      I thought since Noah and Sharlee are so young, they would probably have that naughty side. 😀

      Kat definitely does not like Sharlee! :frown:

      Lowell’s complaining about Sharlee was strange. 😉

      I’m glad you liked Darion! I had a hard time trying to make him look different from my other male sims. They seem to all turn out looking alike lately.

      Thanks a lot, Maddie! I did work hard on them.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. I was worried when Kat showed up on the scene and seeing how she wanted Noah. I was smiling as I watched Sharlee’s response. I think it will be good for the two young couples to be friends with each other. I am wondering if Kat will make more trouble and if Lowell will show up and make more trouble.

    • Kat showing up was totally unexpected for Noah, and he really wasn’t pleased to see her again.
      Kat definitely doesn’t have good feelings toward Sharlee. 😦

      Yeah, I thought that they should have some close friends in Bridgeport too!

      Hopefully, Lowell won’t cause anymore problems for Sharlee.

      Thanks for reading my story, Whitney! 🙂

  4. Kat is kinda creepy – 22 & 15 is disgusting and perverted if you ask me… I feel for Sharlee having to work with her; I can foresee Kat creating trouble 😦

    I love how Noah was so proud of having Sharlee as his wife and how Sharlee wasn’t going to let any of her customers even ALMOST jeopardize her marriage! They are obviously in love 😛

    I like Remi and Darion and their son – they’ll make really nice friends for them :-)!

    Great chapter, can’t wait until the next one – I wonder what Alissa and Dale and everyone are up to!

    Harry 😀

    Btw I changed my email on this so I come up different but I’m still the name person 😛

    • I agree! 22 and 15 is disgusting! Noah’s mother was right to put an end to Kat’s contact with Noah. Of course, a boy at fifteen sometimes doesn’t know what’s best for him, but even he saw that Kat wasn’t normal after a while. 😦

      They really are crazy about each other, and they realize that their relationship with each other is special.
      You’re so right! Sharlee doesn’t want anyone to jeopardize her marriage! 🙂

      I thought it’d be good for them to have another couple as friends.

      Thanks Harry! I’m working on lots for the next chapter today! 😀
      Thank you for reading and for your feedback! 🙂

  5. Haha! I love that Sharlee stood up to Kat! It’s great to see that side of her and I love Sharlee’s face when she’s looking at her:) That Kat seems like trouble though, I can’t believe she seduced Noah when he was only 15!! That’s disgusting.
    I’m glad Sharlee is settling into work and she is making new friends, it’s also nice how they are so accepting of Noah.
    It’s good that Noah has made a new friend and that they can hang out together as couples:) I wonder if being around the babies will make either of them broody?:)
    Great chapter!

    • Sharlee speaks her mind! LOL

      Kat really is a very low person with an overly high opinion of herself.
      She is disgusting! :frown:

      Sharlee seems to have the type of personality where she makes friends easily, and I thought it’d be good for her and Noah to have another couple as friends now that they are married.
      Broody! LOL Maybe, but they know that they aren’t ready yet. 😀

      Thank you so much Claire! 🙂

  6. Sharlee kiss her husband in the restaurant so what jealous idiot(customer). Poor Noel meeting Kat after all this time. I hope she finally got the message. Noel is off limits 🙂

    • You’re so right Lucky! He should mind his own business! There’s nothing wrong with Sharlee kissing her husband.

      It was hard for Noah to see Kat again. He wishes he’d never seen her again! He is trying to make it plain to her that he is off limits!

      Thanks for reading my story, Lucky! 🙂

  7. LOL @ Sharlee’s antics at the restaurant. Poor Noah, he didn’t know whether he was coming or going. It’s great to see them so relaxed after a hectic couple of weeks they’ve had.

    Kat is such a bitter old hag, isn’t she I’m glad both Noah and Sharlee put her in her place. Somehow though I don’t think she’ll give up on Noah. I imagine knowing he’s married has made him all the more attractive to her.

    Can I just say how HOT Darion is! I think I have a mini crush on him.

    • Yeah, I thought it’d be funny if she teased him! LOL
      They are really starting to settle in together now.

      I love description for Kat! It’s describes her perfectly! LOL
      You are right that she may go after Noah even more now that she knows he’s married.
      Some women and guys too are like that. :frown:

      Yay, you think Darion is hot too! I really tried hard to make him good looking. 😀

      Thanks for reading, Val! 🙂

  8. What a small world for that chick to not only be in the same town, but working there with Sharlee. I’m glad she was able to hold her own with Kat.

    Um that display she put on was out of place and I’m surprised she only got one complaint. I get that it was her husband, but she was sorta making herself known for being a friendly, but straight laced waitress. For those that didn’t know (and I would assume many didn’t) that Noah was her husband that would be taken the wrong way. What if one of the families had been there and seen that. She could have lost more customers. Just my take on things.

    I’m happy though to see them getting on their feet and making their way through things. Its nice that life is starting to work out for them.

    • Well, Noah grew up in Bridgeport and Kat was still living there too.
      She didn’t seem to be the type of woman that would have very high career goals, and I figured that she would have a job like that.

      Yeah, she rubbed Sharlee the wrong way.

      I thought what Sharlee did in the restaurant was funny! When she leaned on the table, it was just in front of Noah, and leaning over to pick up the pen was a normal thing to do when you drop it. She just exaggerated the lean in front of him. Those customers who complained were watching her closely and that’s whey they saw what she was doing. The kiss was just a quick peck. I didn’t mean it to seem as though she was doing anything improper. That’s why the other waitresses who saw what she was doing laughed. I’m sorry if it offended you, Jaz. She can’t be perfect all the time! LOL

      Yeah so far it is going well for them. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Jaz!

    • Romina,

      I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your comment. I haven’t had time to get on my computer for a while.

      Thank you so much! I was missing the toddlers too! 😀 Since Alissa and Dale won’t have another one, and it’s a long time away for Noah and Sharlee, I thought it’d be nice if their friends had one.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Romina! 🙂

  9. Aha, Remi has my name!

    Kat is a little bugger. How dare she insult Sharlee like she’s some type of slut! Kat was the one who took a fifteen year olds virginity when she was way older than him!

    That Lowell fellow gives me a bad vibe. His mysterious disappearance after the complaint gets me nervous for Sharlee.

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