Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

Screenshot-1339Sharlee climbed out of bed.   She felt stiff, and she was tired due to her deep anxiety.  She wished that she could sleep later but knew that she had to get up.  She had a doctor’s appointment that morning.  One that she was especially not looking forward to.  She sat still on the side of the bed for a few moments as the shock of yesterday’s discovery settled back in again.

Screenshot-1342Yesterday, after trying for a month to deny the possibility, Sharlee had finally bought a home pregnancy test.  She had missed two periods and on top of that, developed morning sickness.  More than anything else the horrible nausea had forced her to buy the test.

She didn’t want to upset Noah.  He’d been irritable and tense for the past few months.  She’d thought he’d be okay after he found another job, but even now that he was working again his mood hadn’t changed.  She didn’t want to tell him until she was absolutely sure.  The home pregnancy test had been positive, and today she had an appointment with her gynecologist.

Screenshot-1345Sharlee stood up and felt panic overwhelm her.  How would they manage if she really was pregnant?  Noah had just started his new job and their savings had been wiped out when he lost his first job almost a year ago now.  She’d had to quit school and go to work fulltime. 

Screenshot-1365They’d had a big argument over it.  Before he had found his new job as a mechanic, Noah had wanted to get a job as a bouncer in another underground club where he wouldn’t need references.    

Screenshot-1370Sharlee was totally against it and reminded him of his promise to her.   They had argued back and forth until Sharlee took matters into her own hands and withdrew from her classes at college.  Then she started working at the restaurant fulltime  with as much overtime hours as she could get.   Noah had been upset, but he knew that she was right.  

They still needed her income.  Noah hadn’t received a raise yet.  How could they support a baby?   She considered going behind Noah’s back and getting money from her parents, but she knew that he wouldn’t forgive her if she did that.

Even though she wanted a baby, the timing was so bad!  Maybe the test was wrong.  She was using the pill.  At least the suspense would be over after her doctor’s appointment.    She heard Noah stirring around in the kitchen.

Screenshot-1346She put on her robe and brushed her hair.   She looked at herself in the mirror hoping that her face didn’t show the deep anxiety that she felt.  If she hadn’t been working so much she knew that Noah would have known that something was bothering her.  Now he probably thought that she was just tired.

Screenshot-1350She forced herself to smile cheerfully and went over to Noah.  He had started cooking breakfast.  She swallowed deeply, trying to control the nausea that the smell of the food caused in her stomach.  Noah bent down and kissed her.

Screenshot-1357“I thought you were sleeping in for a change.”  He looked at her face closely and saw that she was pale.   She was working too much. 

Sharlee turned away from him and went to the refrigerator.   She grabbed some eggs and a bowl.

Screenshot-1355“You sit down and let me finish cooking breakfast.”

Screenshot-1358Noah felt guilty that she was having to work so much and hoped that soon she would be able to cut back and return to school.   His ninety days probation at the new job would be up in another month and he’d receive a raise.  They badly needed it.  He looked around the room and vowed that one day he’d get Sharlee a really decent place to live.  She had done her best to make it comfortable, but Noah believed that she deserved better.

Screenshot-1361After breakfast, Noah had to leave for work.  Before he left, he cupped Sharlee’s face in his hands.   “Sharlee I love you, and I promise that things will get better.”

Screenshot-1363Sharlee fought back tears and caressed his lips with her finger,  “I know they will.  I love you too.  You’d better leave before you’re late.”

Noah reluctantly left her and headed to his job.

Screenshot-1460Sharlee had always hated going to the gynecologist and this visit was especially hard.  She walked up to the receptionist’s desk and checked in.   She knew that the only reason the doctor had given her an appointment at the last moment was because she knew that Sharlee was Dale’s daughter.  Sharlee’s Dad used to work with the doctor at the hospital when Sharlee was a baby. 

Screenshot-1461Sharlee looked around the waiting room.  It was filled with other women.  She was in for a long wait and found an empty seat. 

Screenshot-1463She paged through a magazine but found it hard to concentrate.

Screenshot-1464After a thorough and quick examination,  the doctor wrote down some information on her chart.   Then she looked at Sharlee.  “You definitely are pregnant.”

Screenshot-1465Sharlee felt a rush of joy and a rush of panic just as she had experienced when she looked at the results of the home pregnancy test.  Her voice shook as she asked her, “Are you sure?”

Screenshot-1468“The laboratory results will confirm it, but I’m sure.”

Screenshot-1475“Is everything alright with the baby?”

Screenshot-1474“Everything is normal, but it’s really time to start your prenatal care.   I’ll get you the number for one of the best obstetricians in town, and a prescription for prenatal vitamins.”

Screenshot-1470Sharlee sighed.  She was swirling with so many conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Screenshot-1446Noah turned in the work order for the car he had just finished repairing.

His manager said, “Well that didn’t take long.  Are you sure you really found the problem?”

Two of the shop’s other mechanics had tried to repair the engine, and it was the third time the car’s owner had brought it back for the same problem.

Screenshot-1448“Yeah, it’s fixed.”

His manager mumbled something under his breath.

Noah asked.  “What was that?”

Screenshot-1449He glared at Noah.   “I said another dang, fool, lazy kid coming in here thinking they know it all!”

Screenshot-1450Noah felt hot anger flow through him.   Despite the lack of a reference from his last job,  the shop owner had hired him.   Ever since Noah had started, his manager Miles had made his resentment very clear.   Miles had wanted another guy for the position, but the owner had really liked Noah and decided to give him a chance.

Noah realized that no matter how well he did, Miles would not give him a good review, and he would not be given the raise in pay which he knew he deserved.

Screenshot-1451“I want you to go back out to that car and keep working on it until you find what’s wrong with it!”

Unnecessarily working on the car again would negatively effect Noah’s work production stats for the day.   Miles knew that.  His goading expression as he looked at Noah proved it.

Screenshot-1453“I told you the car has been repaired.   The owner can come and pick it up.”

Screenshot-1454He got up in Noah’s face.   “And I’m telling you to go back out there and fix that car!”

Screenshot-1455Noah felt completely frustrated.  Then as he looked into Mile’s face, fury flooded through him.   

Screenshot-1456He slugged Miles.  

Screenshot-1457Noah stood ready for more.

Screenshot-1458Miles rubbed his jaw in pain.  Then he told Noah with great satisfaction,   “That’s it!  You’re out of here.”

Noah went to his locker and removed his belongings.  Then he changed his clothes.  He left the shop and headed to a bar.

Screenshot-1476As he sat in the bar, his cellphone rang.  It was the shop owner.   “Noah, under the circumstances, I’m going to have to let you go.   Miles has worked for me for many years, and I can’t fire him.   However, the other two mechanics who witnessed what happened told me that Miles provoked you, and so there will be no charges filed against you.   I hope that things work out well for you elsewhere.”   Noah listened angrily and didn’t even respond before disconnecting the call.

Screenshot-1480Bartenders at the bars where Noah went never asked him for ID, and so even though he was still underage at  twenty, he was able to order a drink. 

Screenshot-1478He had several drinks before he headed home.

Screenshot-1481As he drove through the streets, it had begun to rain, but Noah didn’t care.   The rain matched his mood.   He was surprised to see Sharlee’s car in the driveway.    He’d bought it for her from his old employer for $100.00 and rebuilt the engine the previous year.  It was fifteen years old, but it got her around town.  He’d thought she’d still be at work.

Screenshot-1445Before he entered the house, Noah stood outside the door for a few moments.   He felt buzzed but not completely drunk.   What was he going to say to Sharlee?   He sighed and then went through the door.

Screenshot-1372Sharlee was in the kitchen cooking dinner and turned to face him.  Without realizing it, Noah gasped.   At first he’d thought that she was wearing only an apron and high heels.  Her hair was shining and her face seemed to glow from within.  Sharlee laughed at his expression.  

Screenshot-1377He walked over to her, and she slowly twirled around in front of him.  Noah saw that she was wearing a lace teddy underneath the apron. 

Screenshot-1380He reached out to the grab the apron, laughing.

Screenshot-1381Sharlee jerked out of his reach.   She told him laughing, “Oh, no!  Not so fast!”

Screenshot-1375“Where did you get that…thing?”

Screenshot-1382It’s a teddy, and I bought it this afternoon.”

Screenshot-1384Noah automatically started wondering how much it cost.   Money was tight even when he was working.  Now that he’d been fired again, it’d be even tighter.

“Why’d you buy it?”

Screenshot-1383Sharlee looked at him in surprise.   “Because I wanted to look attractive and sexy for you tonight.”

Screenshot-1386“If you were any more attractive and sexy for me, we’d never leave the bed!   You don’t have to dress up in anything special to turn me on.  You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

Screenshot-1389Sharlee looked disappointed.  “You don’t like it!”

Screenshot-1391Noah stammered.   “Of course I like it, but you don’t need it.”

Screenshot-1388“So you do really like it?”

Screenshot-1392Noah knew he’d better answer carefully.   “I really love it.   As a matter of fact, you look like you belong in a lingerie magazine shoot.”

Screenshot-1393Sharlee smiled again.   “I’m glad you feel that way!  I wanted to look sexy but not too slutty.”

Sharlee noticed that his jacket was wet.  “Why don’t you go take off that wet jacket and get comfortable.  Dinner will be ready by the time you come out.”

Screenshot-1398Noah went to take off his jacket and change into a dry shirt.  When he came back out, Sharlee had set the table with candles.  He walked over to the kitchen and stood back out of the way watching Sharlee.   He smiled.   She didn’t look like herself. She was tottering around the kitchen cooking in high heels and sexy lingerie.

The food  smelled really good.  Then when he saw what she had cooked, he frowned thinking about the expense.   She had prepared steaks, salads, scalloped potatoes and key lime pie for desert.

Screenshot-1397“Sharlee what’s going on?”

Sharlee looked at him and handed him a dish to carry to the table.  Noah took the dish and carried it over.   He was wondering what was going on as well as dreading having to tell her about losing his job.

Screenshot-1401When they sat down at the table, Noah said, “Now how about telling me what this is all about?”

Screenshot-1402“Noah, please just relax and enjoy dinner.”

“Sharlee what’s going on?”

“I do have something to tell you, but not until after we start dinner.”

Screenshot-1403As he sat there, the beers that he’d drunk began to effect him, and Noah started to feel sleepy.  He jerked himself awake and looked at his wife.   Sharlee looked extraordinarily beautiful in the candlelight.  It reminded him of how she’d looked on their first date.  Now that the apron was gone, the  teddy was the only thing covering her body.  She was talking, but her voice slowly faded away. 

Screenshot-1404He fell asleep again.

Screenshot-1406“Noah are you okay?”

Screenshot-1411He jerked himself awake again.

“I’m fine.”

Screenshot-1408“Haven’t you been listening to me?” 

Sharlee knew he hadn’t heard her and frowned.  It had been hard enough to say the words the first time.   Now she’d have to tell him again.  She felt silly dressed in the teddy.   Wearing it wasn’t making it any easier to tell him.  Maybe she’d really worn it for him because she wouldn’t be able to wear anything like it for much longer.

Screenshot-1415Noah didn’t answer her question.   He decided to get it over with.   “Sharlee I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I was fired today.”

Screenshot-1413Noah watched as a stunned, panicked look came into her eyes.   If he hadn’t been drinking, his own reaction would have been different.

Screenshot-1419“Why don’t you just go ahead and cry!  That’s all you know how to do!”

Screenshot-1417Sharlee didn’t cry, but he could see how his words hurt her.

Screenshot-1416Noah was frustrated and disappointed, not in her but in himself.   However, he took it out on Sharlee.   He knew that he should never have let his manager goad him into that confrontation.   He should have spoken with the owner instead of slugging the manager.   Now he was once again out of a job.

“You know what Sharlee, you’re just like your father.  Always looking down your nose at me.  Well I’m sick of trying to live up to your standards!   I’m sick of trying to please you!”  

Screenshot-1422Sharlee stood up.  Noah angrily threw the table over, breaking two of the table’s legs!

Screenshot-1423Sharlee looked horrified as she moved away from the wreckage.  Noah went over to her.

Screenshot-1424“I’m sorry that you feel that way, Noah.   I’ve never looked down on you or thought that I was better than you.”

To Sharlee, Noah seemed distant and cold.   He’d never been this way with her before.  She had already realized that he’d been drinking.   Although she didn’t know why he’d been fired, she knew it’d be even more difficult this time for him to find another job.

She didn’t know how far along in her pregnancy she’d be able to continue working.   Hopefully for the entire time, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to continue working as many hours.  Noah still didn’t know that she was pregnant, but she didn’t want to tell him this way.  Not when he’d been drinking and not when they were both already so upset.

Screenshot-1428“Maybe my parents can help us.  They’ve always offered.”

Noah felt his anger flaming again at her words.  He said sarcastically, “Yeah right.  I’m sure they will jump at the opportunity to interfere in our lives!”

Screenshot-1427Sharlee felt anger stir in her as well.   “They’ve never done that!”

Screenshot-1425“No, we’ve never accepted charity from your parents and we’re not going to start now.  Your father would just love that!”

Screenshot-1429“Noah, you’ve always gotten angry every time my parents have tried to help us, but this time we really need help.”

Screenshot-1430Noah looked at her with a furious expression.

Screenshot-1432Sharlee added,  “Then let’s go to Bronson or to your parents!”

He pointed his finger close to her nose. 

Screenshot-1433“No!  Shut up about my parents!  Don’t ever suggest such a thing again!”  

He hadn’t told her that he had run into his mother just before he found another job.   She had asked him if he was still slumbing with Sharlee.  He had no intentions of ever seeing his mother again.

Screenshot-1434Sharlee jerked away from him and went to the bedroom and slammed the door shut.  Noah  felt a little guilty for his behavior.   He walked over to the bedroom door and was shocked to find that Sharlee had locked it.

“Sharlee open the door!”

Screenshot-1437She didn’t respond.   His anger rose inside him, and again because of the alcohol, he reacted in the wrong way.   He stepped back from the door and for a few moments the door seemed to be a symbol of all of his problems. Subconsciously,  he raised his foot and kicked the door open, causing it to crash against the bedroom wall. 

Screenshot-1439Sharlee turned to face him and he could tell that she was terrified.  

Screenshot-1441Noah was suddenly ashamed of  his behavior.  He turned and left the bedroom.

Screenshot-1442Sharlee wondered what was happening to them.  Noah seemed like a different person.  He’d never been violent like that before.   Although she knew that it was because he’d been drinking, the violence terrified her.   She packed a suitcase.   Then she called a taxi and booked a flight.   When she came out of the bedroom, Noah was gone. 

Screenshot-1443She felt very sad as she headed for the front door.

Screenshot-1444The tears came after she was on the plane flying to Santa Fe.   Was this pregnancy going to mean the end for them?


Note to Readers:  The next few chapters are what I meant by more bad times to come for the family and how Noah’s temper would cause problems between him and Sharlee.  I know you all are probably very upset with me!   I wrote these chapters last year, and I’m upset with me too.  LOL   I’m going to get a shield before I read your comments!   

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    • You’re right! It really wasn’t good for Noah and Sharlee. I think that this is the worst things have been between them. 😦

      I’m glad you enjoyed it though! 😀

  1. All I know is that Noah is really going to feel lower than a slugs belly when he finds out that his wife is/was pregnant. I only say is/was is because I don’t know how much time will go by before he gets his head out of his rear end.

  2. Another great chapter! When I found out she was pregnant , I started picturing the beautiful children they could have! Noah shouldn’t have dealt with the manager tha way, he should have know that would happen! I feel so bad for Sharlee! I would have been terrified too if my sweet caring husband turned into that. I hope everything works out between than! Can’t wait for the next chapter! 😀

    • Thank you Rhiannon! 🙂

      Noah doesn’t respond in the right way when pushed. From his years out on the streets he’s learned to solve things by reacting with violence. During his early childhood his mother did try to teach him right from wrong, but when he became a teenager and started rebelling, she quit trying. That was the time when he needed her most. We know now that it was because she didn’t really love him. So Noah joined gangs. He hung out with gang members and he responds in the way that the men in those gangs respond. It’s not really an excuse for his behavior with Sharlee though. He should not have had all of those drinks. 😦

      Thanks for reading, Rhiannon! 🙂

  3. I’d really started to like Noah 😥

    I know that if Sharlee goes to her parents they’ll ask what happened and Dale won’t let her go back to him… Oh, and OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!PREGNANT!SHARLEE!BABY! Sorry, just quoting my thoughts at the time 😛

    That was an amazing eye-opener for Noah’s character… I’m not sure what Sharlee will do – I’m not sure what I’D do if I was in her position… Poor Sharlee, and she’s pregnant too so she’ll not only be emotionally exhausted by THAT but now she has a semi-abusive (I know Noah isn’t really like that but in this chapter he was) husband to deal with… Is she going to Santa Fe to be with her parents I can’t remember if that’s where they live but I’m presuming it is because of the last chapter 🙂

    Amazing chapter, can’t wait for the next one! If you want my opinion, I think Sharlee should move back in with Dale and Alissa for a while otherwise it might destroy her marriage to Noah what with all the stress and the pregnancy and that would be simply heartbreaking! ;'( Hurry up with the next chapter I’m dyinggggggg!! 😀

    • Aww, I hope you still like him. I’m sorry! 😦

      Yeah, if she tells them! Sharlee hasn’t been telling them how hard things have really been for them, but Dale has friends there in Bridgeport. He knows that Noah has been out of work and was fired from his first job. Sharlee doesn’t know that he knows.

      Yep, Sharlee’s pregnant even though they aren’t ready for it.

      Noah is a complex guy. Sharlee knew that when she married him though. She just never believed that it would hurt her. Even though he didn’t touch her, his violence was still very horrifying for her. This is what Dale was afraid of, why he didn’t want her to continue seeing Noah. He saw that Noah has a lot of anger inside. Yes, she’s going to her parents in Santa Fe.

      Thanks so much Harry! Yeah, stress like that isn’t good for her.

      I’ve started posting a new story, Mutation. I sort of left it hanging too. LOL So I have to work on the pictures for it before I do the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa. 😀 I’m trying to keep the chapters for the new story short, though. So hopefully it won’t be long before I can do the pictures for Alissa.

      Thank you for reading my story, Harry. 🙂

  4. Totally off the train of the rest of these comments, but would you consider uploading their house (with CC) for download? I think it’s adorable how it’s decorated.
    Also, I’ve clicked the last 20 chapters thinking “maybe she’s pregnant” and FINALLY!!!
    Noah really disappointed me this chapter though, he has been so very understandable as a character, and I know this was reverting back to old ways, but it’s so off for how he usually treats her 😦 Hope they can work it out.
    Please please please don’t make her lose the baby.

    • Bethany, do you mean Noah and Sharlee’s house? It’s the one that was already in Bridgeport on the other side of the river. It’s down by the bridge on the wealthier side of town.
      I just redecorated the inside. It’s loaded with so much CC that I’m not sure how it would look if I uploaded it, and you installed it in your game.

      Yes, she’s pregnant. 😀

      Noah is behaving differently with Sharlee. The only other time his behavior was this off was when they were teens, and he had been drinking. They almost broke up that time too because of how he acted. I don’t blame you for being disappointed with his behavior. 😦

      I was working on poses and pictures for my new story today, but I hope to get to the pictures for the next chapter of Alissa soon. I won’t keep you waiting too long!

      Thanks for your feedback, Bethany, and thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  5. OH man poor Sharlee…pregnant and Noah has no job now again…yes alcohol and anger can change a person…I know my ex was like that and it can be a scary thing to witness. I hope they can work through it. I hope Alissa will listen for clues that Sharlee may not want to tell and that Dale will hold his tongue. I am anxious to see what’s next.

    • It is a very sad time for Sharlee.

      Noah’s drinking is definitely not making it any easier for him to control his temper. Some people really change for the worst after a few drinks. 🙂

      This is a real test of their relationship. We’ll see even more so in the next couple of chapters.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    • Yeah, that temper is a real problem for him. Especially if he feels pushed or frustrated.
      Hopefully Sharlee will be able to figure something out.

      Thanks for reading, Mick! New chapter soon! 🙂

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    Noah worries me, he really does. I have to admit that I always liked him (plus, he’s a hottie), but I was sort of waiting for the day when he might snap this way. Hopefully this is just a bump in the road, however. I really like them as a couple.

    • Thank you, Vehritas! 🙂

      Noah did really lose his self-control. He’s never been that bad with Sharlee before. I think he’s a hottie too! 😀

      Thanks so much for reading and for your comment! 🙂

      Hopefully I’ll be able to start the pictures for the next chapter on Wednesday. I’m still working on my new story today.

  8. Noah is on a low about not doing what he always wanted and that is to support Sharlee in the way he pictured. Yes he frightened her but thankfully he never hit her. If he gets his head out of his ass maybe accepting a little help he will see as ok. When he finds out she is pregnant then the real guilt will start. I know how Sharlee feels and running back home in one way is good but in another bad. Maybe she should have stayed with a friend instead because the parents might get the wrong end of the stick and blow it out of proposition.
    The meal was a special dinner she bought the items without knowing he had been fired but because he’d lost his job he only saw pound signs instead of the romantic dinner it was.

    • That is really true! He’s feeling very low, and he will feel very guilty when he finds out about the baby.

      I thought of having her go to a friend’s house, but I figure that she’d just be so tired emotionally and physically that she would want to go to her parents.
      I think just about every young married person whose on good terms with their parents makes the mistake of going back to them at least once. LOL

      Yeah, Noah’s reactions were completely off in this chapter! 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Lucky! 🙂

  9. Ok so Noah has lost his f*ucking mind it would seem. Wow just wow that he acted that way towards Sharlee. First off he used his fists yet again when his temper got the better of him, then he goes and gets drunk. They are in trouble moneywise and they need help. A REAL MAN knows when to admit he’s in over his head and Noah has proven in this chapter that he is far from being a man. He is still that punkish little boy that Dale was worried about and his actions have proven Dale right at this point. You need to suck up your pride sometimes and ask for help when you need it. You can’t keep a job since you don’t know how to handle conflict. Your wife had to quit school and is working overtime to make ends meet. You could be homeless at some point yet you still want to keep looking down your nose at Sharlee and the fact she comes from a family with money. If anyone is the snob, it’s Noah and he royally f*cked up this chapter. Now Sharlee has left him and once she goes home he will have hell to pay where Dale is concerned.

    • Jaz, it seems like you’re upset with Noah! 😯 😀

      Yeah there is no excuse for how he acted with Sharlee. He still has a lot of maturing to do.
      He doesn’t yet know how a real man behaves. His examples of men have not been the best. He’s going to have to mature quickly now!
      You’re right that this is what Dale was worried about. 😦

      Sharlee was trying to handle the situation in a mature way, working more and trying to take up the slack from his joblessness. He was angry with himself and should not have taken it out on Sharlee. He should be glad that they have Sharlee’s family to turn to instead of letting his pride get in the way. Like you said, a real man knows when to swallow his pride, but at that point Noah was still not mature enough to see that. Hopefully he will soon. More in the next chapters on that.

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! Your comment still has me laughing! 😀

    • Thanks Niamh! Yes, it really is the worst time yet for Sharlee.

      I hope to start the pictures for the next chapter on Wednesday or Thursday.
      I’m working on my new story today.

      Thanks for reading! 🙂


    Very nice chapter though! It always seems like the chapters that you write like way, way, WAY ahead of time always come out the best… or iN THIS CASE THE WORST… FOR FEELERS *sobs*.

    I hope they make it out of this rut! It’ll make their marriage stronger if they do! 😦

    • Aww, sorry about your feelings, Birdkitty! 😦

      Thank you! I think it’s because I wrote it when I could see clearly in my mind how I wanted it to turn out. If I have to wait a long time after I think of an idea for the story to write that chapter, sometimes it doesn’t come out like I want. Strange, I know! LOL

      Yeah, this is worst it’s been for them. 😥

      Thanks for reading, Birdkitty! 🙂

  11. Poor Noah. Money can really change a couple, and he’s letting his pride get in the way of his and Sharlee’s wellbeing. He needs to realize that helping out in a bind is one of the many things that family is for, and accepting that help doesn’t make him weak or mean that he will never be able to provide for Sharlee or his future children.

    I know he never meant to act that violent toward Sharlee. He was drunk and lost his self control, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He has lived with Sharlee long enough that his guard against his violent tempter is not up every minute he is around her, so it slipped out uninvited. That’s something that will take a lot more than the desire to change to completely get rid of. I agree with one of the other commenters that Sharlee should have gone to a friend’s—what Dale says when he hears what happened could end up swaying her to end their marriage. I think having the baby in the picture will make her want to fight harder for Noah, though.

    For awhile I was convinced that Dale could possibly be right about Noah, but for some reason this chapter has made me not so sure. I know that seems counterintuitive, but instead of making Noah look like a bad person, it made me see him as someone who has gone through a lot and has some things he needs to work on. I would recommend counseling to deal with the psychological baggage he carries around—not that they could afford that or that he would consent! But I do wonder how he will convince Sharlee and her family not to cut him off.

    I look forward to these chapters every Monday, and sometimes I even check midweek :). Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Money can cause a lot of conflict in a marriage. Especially with a couple as young as Noah and Sharlee. Yes, he is letting his pride get in the way and doesn’t even see it that way.

      You’re right. Losing his self-control doesn’t mean he’s a bad person, and Sharlee does know that. Yeah, going to a friends might have been better for Sharlee, but she just felt so tired and hopeless that night. Noah was behaving so unreasonably that she made what may be a bad decision too. 😦

      I think that you have a very clear picture of Noah. He isn’t a bad person. He still has a lot to learn. He really hasn’t had anyone to teach him how to be a real man, and he has a lot of anger inside because of his childhood.

      Awww, thanks Maddie! I didn’t know you did that! 😀 You are always so encouraging! My game didn’t cooperate today and so I’m a little behind schedule this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the pictures for Mutation tomorrow and then I can start the pictures for Alissa.

      Thanks for continuing to read my story! 🙂

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    • Yep, she’s preggars! 😀 It’s not the best time for them though.

      Yes, Noah is really going through a tough time. Running into his mother and her negative comment didn’t help at all. He is feeling very low right now. 😦

      More on Dale’s reaction in the next couple of chapters.

      Thank you so much Monae! I really appreciate that! 🙂

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      You’re right, he has a major problem with managing his temper.

      Yeah, Shawn married her. She made him feel special and he really thought that she cared about him. Then even after he realized that she didn’t, he felt like he should keep his marriage vows. He accepted too late that the whole thing was a huge mistake. 😦

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      I know I need to update the summary, but I don’t think that you get a real feel for these characters by just reading the summary.

      I am so glad that you are enjoying the story so much! It makes my day when I find out that others love the story as much as I do.

      In the beginning, I didn’t even use poseplayer and a lot of other writers don’t. So don’t let that stop you from writing your story.
      I’ve been working on Alissa for two years now, and I’m still learning how to do the poses and pictures. The learning is usually fun though, and it probably will be for you too! 🙂

      I’m glad that you found the story emotional. I really try to make it that way!

      You are very welcome, Sarah! Encouragement like you all give me helps me keep going with the story and eager to work on the next chapter!
      I’m posting another new story now also. So today I’m working on that, but as soon as I finish with the new chapter, I’ll get right back to Alissa. 😀

      Thank you so much for reading my story and for your feedback! 🙂

    • This is the worst time that they’ve had since they’ve been together! 😥 Drinking does bring out the bad side of some people. You are so right!

      Thanks for reading my story, Jade! 🙂

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      • Yeah, they won’t want to take chances with her, but in the long run it will be Sharlee’s choice.
        It won’t be easy for them or for her. Definitely not for Noah. 😦

        You guys are really making me want to start the pictures for the next chapter! I hate making you wait!

    • Thanks Clairey!

      Yeah, he does need to learn self-control, but he doesn’t see that yet. 😦

      How much Sharlee will tell her family is a very good question! 😉
      More on that in the next chapter.

      Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

    • Niamh, of course I don’t mind you asking! 😀 I’ve had some family stuff this weekend, and I’m behind with the updates for both of my stories. 😯 I have the house to myself again now though, and I just got back on my computer. So I’m working on pictures for Alissa now. Hopefully I’ll be finished in time to post it tomorrow. I’m just glad that you still like reading the story. 🙂 Sorry to keep you waiting! 😦

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    I’m glad Sharlee took a stand and walked out when she did. At the rate he’s going, next time it won’t end with him just kicking the door in. I’m very proud of her for leaving him, it hurts I guess, but she did the right thing, put herself and her baby first.

    I don’t know how Noah’s going to make up for this one.

    • Yep, he did and he knows it! He just doesn’t know how to handle difficult times in the right way.
      Drinking didn’t help at all! It is really sad and it’s going to get sadder! 😥

      Sharlee didn’t really have a choice but to leave. Noah was being so unreasonable and violent even though he didn’t hit her.
      You’re right. She had to put her baby first because if she hadn’t been pregnant, she would probably have stayed and told Noah off.

      He doesn’t either, but he knows that he doesn’t want to lose Sharlee. 😦

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      LOL Sims3girl! I think you’re really happy that she’s having a baby!

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

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