Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Five

Screenshot-868Cara snapped some pictures in quick succession.  She breathed out a sigh of contentment.  In another year, she would graduate with her bachelor’s degree in photojournalism.   Her portfolio was already full, and she was freelancing.   Because of her work at her grandfather’s studio and the photographs she had taken over the years, especially the ones she’d taken when she’d gone to Africa with her parents, she already had two regular clients who paid her for photos.  One was a popular magazine and the other was a newspaper.

After she got her degree, she knew that she would be able to increase her client base to a comfortable level.  She didn’t want to be tied down to one place.  She wanted to travel. 

Screenshot-867She’d been all over Italy taking photographs of the people and the country while she was here attending university.  She intended to return to  America after she graduated and then travel across it taking photos of whatever or whoever inspired her.  When she finished going through the United States, she planned to visit South America and Canada.  After that she’d choose another continent or country.  

Screenshot-871She headed back into town and walked past a couple of guys.  One of them called out to her.

Screenshot-872“Sei bellissima!”

Screenshot-873Cara said, “Grazie,” as she continued walking past them.  She had drawn a lot of masculine attention since she’d been in Italy, but she wasn’t there for romance.   She was determined to concentrate on getting her degree without any distractions.

Screenshot-768The next morning, she went to her first class and quickly took a seat.  She had stopped for a cappuchino at the last minute, and so now she was rushing to be on time.  She put her things away and then looked up. 

Screenshot-853There was a new adjunct professor teaching this term, and this was her first class with him.  He was staring at her, and she stared back at him.  

Screenshot-851From his expression she could tell that his thoughts about her were not exactly professional.   He was older than she was although maybe not quite as old as her father.  He was extremely attractive.  She broke his gaze and opened her textbook.

Screenshot-859He started the class.  The course was conducted in English and he had a rich deep Italian accent as he spoke. 

Screenshot-861Cara loved listening to him speak.  Cara could see from the behavior of some of the other young women in the class that they too thought that he was hot.  She could also tell that he was very aware of their attraction to him.  However, after that brief interchange of looks with Cara, he had conducted the class in a professional manner.

Screenshot-862After class on Friday, he called Cara back before she left the room.

“How about having some coffee with me?”

Screenshot-863“No thank you.  I have a lot to do this evening.”


Screenshot-864“I don’t think so, but thank you.”

Cara left the classroom.  She was still holding herself to the decision she’d made before starting university that she would not allow anything or anyone to distract her.

Screenshot-877On Saturday, Cara was riding her bicycle when she came upon Professor Martinelli’s car stopped on the side of the road, and he was trying to start it up.  Noah had shown her, Sharlee, and her mom some basic things to check under the hood if they were ever stranded in their cars.  He’d also shown them how to change their own flat tires.  He said it would be safer for them than relying on someone stopping to help them or waiting for a car service to come.  Cara stopped to see if she could help.

Screenshot-878“It won’t start?”

Screenshot-880“No, and I know I’m not out of gas.”

Screenshot-881“Pop the hood and I’ll take a look.”

She saw the surprise on his face, but he did as she suggested.  Cara looked under the hood and saw that a wire to his distributor was disconnected.   She reattached it and then told him to try to start the car.  It started up right away.  It was such an easy fix that Cara had a small suspicion that he had disconnected it intentionally.  He came over to her.

Screenshot-882“So you know how to repair cars?”

Screenshot-884“Just a little.  My brother-in-law said that if I’m going to drive a vehicle, I should know something about it.  You do too don’t you?”

Screenshot-883He smiled at her.  “Well, just a little bit too.  I’ll confess that I saw you coming and disconnected it myself.  I didn’t expect you to repair it though.  I thought that if you stopped, it would give me an opportunity to talk with you while I reattached the wire.  Since you repaired it for me, you must give me the opportunity to repay you.  I just picked up some groceries, and I was going to prepare dinner.  Please join me and let me cook for you.  I won’t accept no for an answer!”

Screenshot-886Cara hesitated momentarily.   Then she said,  “I’d like that.  What time do you want me to come?”

Screenshot-887“How about now?  You can talk with me while I cook.  I’ll put your bike on the hitch on the back of my car, and you can ride in the car with me.”

Screenshot-957Cara really enjoyed the meal.  He was an excellent cook and a great conversationalist.  They had wine and prosciutto, minestrone soup, green beans braised with tomatoes and Basil, Bistecca Con Salsa delle Erbe (steak with an herb sauce), and for desert he had bought Tiramisu from his favorite local bakery.

“Who taught you to cook so well?”

Screenshot-965“I took some cooking courses.”

He looked Cara in the eye.  “A good woman deserves to be pampered.”

The intent look in his eyes made Cara glance away.  He was different from the guys she’d been out with in the past.  Instinctively, she recognized that he was a man who knew what would please a woman.   At the time, she didn’t completely realize that that meant that he had had a lot of experience and years to perfect his technique with women.  That had been the beginning.

The rules against professors having romantic relationships with their students were not as stringent in Italy as they were in the U.S., and so Donatello did not try to hide his relationship with Cara. The first few months that they were dating, he was a perfect gentleman.  He held doors open for her.  He’d bring her flowers and small gifts.   He’d plan special outings for them.

Screenshot-996For their last date he’d taken Cara out in a rowboat.  It was the most romantic evening Cara had ever experienced. 

Screenshot-1001They shared their first kiss that night.  It was Cara’s first kiss as an adult, and it was definitely different from the fumbling kisses she’d received from teenage boys.  Donatello knew what he was doing.  He didn’t pressure Cara to sleep with him, although they did have a discussion about it.  He’d surprised her when he brought it up during another date.  They had been walking around the village market.

Screenshot-971“You’ve never had a man make love to you have you?”

Screenshot-975“No, I’ve never slept with anyone.  I haven’t slept with anyone because of a personal choice that I made years ago to wait until after I am married.  It wasn’t an easy decision.  I’ve spoken with family members who I respect about their choices, and I know that for me it is best to wait.  If you can’t respect my decision, then we should end our relationship now.”

Screenshot-982“Hmm, there is a difference in the question I asked and what you answered.”

Screenshot-994He took her wrist and gently used his finger to find her pulse.  Then he raised her hand and put his lips against it.  She gently pulled her wrist back, and he released it.  Cara could feel her pulse racing as he looked into her eyes. 

Screenshot-991“I promise you that one day I will show you the difference.  You will want me to show you.”

Screenshot-987Cara felt extremely uneasy, but she ignored the uneasiness and decided to continue seeing Donatello.  He made her feel special, desirable and extremely feminine.  She was enjoying their relationship and wanted to see where it led.

They had been dating for more than six months now, but Cara still hadn’t told her family about Donatello.  She knew that her parents wouldn’t approve of the relationship.  One objection would be the fact that he was her professor, and another would be because of the big age difference.  Besides, she felt that her romantic life was her private business, and Donatello agreed with her.  She was an adult now and capable of making her decisions without involving her parents.

Screenshot-1004Donatello and Cara were supposed to go out for dinner that night, and Cara had forgotten to ask Donatello if she should dress casually or dress up for the date.  She turned around and went back into the classroom.  Donatello and one of the female assistant professors were in the room alone and standing very closely together. 

Screenshot-1007Lucianna quickly moved away from him after seeing Cara standing at the door and smoothed her clothing.   She headed for the door, glaring at Cara as she passed.

Screenshot-1008Donatello looked at Cara as though waiting for Cara to say something.

Screenshot-1009“What was that?”

Screenshot-1016“What do you think it was?”

Cara frowned and bit her lip.

He moved closer to her.

Screenshot-1012“It’s time for you to make a decision.”


“You need to decide if you’re going to be a self-confident woman or a diffident girl.  A woman would not need constant reassurance that she can hold a man.  She would know that she is enough and have no doubts, no insecurities.  Which one are you, Cara?”

Cara didn’t know what to say to that.

“Did you come back to speak with me?”

Screenshot-1015“Yes,  I… I was wondering how I should dress tonight.”

Screenshot-1018“I think it’s time that we went shopping.  I intended to discuss your wardrobe, and this is as good a time as any.  You have a natural elegance, and I think that it is time to bring that out in your day to day style.   You must admit that I have excellent taste.”

Again Cara felt deep uneasiness, but she didn’t really understand why.  He did have excellent taste. Cara had intended to go shopping for some new things, but she’d just never taken the time to do it.  Her style while attending university was based more on comfort than being fashionable. This whole situation felt off, but she still squashed her discomfort.  So they went shopping.

Donatello had inherited money and his home from his grandmother’s side of the family.  He always insisted on paying for everything.  He had a lovely villa and a comfortable income that he supplemented by teaching.  He had many years of experience in the photography field and a masters degree.

Screenshot-1024He made several selections for Cara to try on and model for him.  They bought several new outfits for her. 

Screenshot-1025Then they went to a salon where he told the stylist the type of haircut that he wanted her to give Cara.  Cara protested, but he told her that with her facial features any hairstyle would look great on her.  After that Cara agreed.  He always said just the right thing to make Cara agree to what he wanted.  When his cellphone rang, Donatello stepped away to take the call.  The hairstylist took that opportunity to speak with Cara.

Screenshot-1030“So you are the young woman that I’ve been hearing about around town.”

“What do you mean?”

“The young woman that Donatello has been dating.  We are a small village and word spreads quickly.”

Screenshot-1032“Oh, I guess I am then.”

Cara smiled.

Screenshot-1031“You seem to be a very sweet young woman.  I would want someone to caution my own daughter, and so I’m going to caution you.  Please be very careful.  Donatello-“

Screenshot-1035She broke off as Donatello approached them.  The stylist finished up Cara’s haircut, and Donatello looked at it critically.


He paid the stylist and gave her a large tip.  Then he and Cara left the salon. 

Screenshot-1036After Cara dressed for their date, she looked at herself in the mirror.  She frowned.  She had to admit that she did look elegant, but it didn’t feel quite right, not quite like herself. 

Screenshot-1038She looked older than her age, but maybe that was a good thing.  Before she had time to think about it any further, there was a knock at her dorm room door.  Donatello was there to pick her up.

Screenshot-1040Her roommate, Delores, looked at her in surprise.  She hadn’t seen Cara since that morning.  Then she looked from Cara to Donatello with a worried expression in her eyes. 

It made Cara remember the warning that the salon stylist had given her earlier today.  Cara had shrugged it off because she knew that Donatello had a past.  His experience and maturity were part of what attracted her to him.   Cara again thought to herself that this was her life, and no one else had to approve of her decisions.  She would continue dating Donatello, and she would be the one to decide to end it if necessary.

Screenshot-1041“You look extremely chic as I knew you would, quite lovely.”

Screenshot-1042“Thank you.”

They left the dorm and Donatello drove them to the restaurant.  When they were led to their table, Cara was surprised to see that there were others already seated there.    She’d thought that they were dining alone.

Screenshot-1047“I wanted to show you off, and so I decided that this would be a good time to introduce you to some of my friends.”

Donatello had questioned Cara about her family and friends and agreed that there was no rush in meeting them.  However, when Cara had questioned him about his friends and family, he hadn’t disclosed very much information.

He’d told her that his parents lived in Valtiberina, but his maternal grandmother had been from here in Monte Vista.  It was her old family home that he had inherited.  Beyond that he had always changed the subject, and Cara had quit asking.  So now she was pleased that he wanted her to meet his friends.

Screenshot-1048Donatello introduced her.

“This, dear friends, is my lovely Cara.”

Screenshot-1054As Cara and Donatello took their seats, his friends looked at her with varying levels of enthusiasm.  They were all much older than she was.

Screenshot-1055Most of them smiled, and some she could see clearly scrutinizing her. 

Screenshot-1049One woman in particular looked at her with narrowed eyes and a smile that was more like a grimace.  Her name was Claudia. 

Screenshot-1056She was extremely attractive and older than both Cara and Donatello.  Cara could see that she was not pleased to see her.  The reason for her response soon became clear to Cara as the evening progressed.  Claudia was in love with Donatello.

Cara watched Donatello’s interactions with Claudia, but he showed no more interest in Claudia than he did in any of the other women at the table.  However, he was extremely attentive to Cara, putting his hand over hers as hers sat on the table.  Ensuring that she wasn’t too chilly in the air conditioned room and other little things.  Clearly showing the others that he and she were a couple. 

Screenshot-1050Donatello’s friend, Carlo, started flirting lightly with Cara. 

Screenshot-1052Donatello frowned at him in displeasure.

Screenshot-1057Then he asked Cara to dance and led her out to the dance floor.  He danced just as well as he did everything else. 

Screenshot-1059Cara felt proud to be with him.

Screenshot-1065A few more months passed, and they had been dating for almost a year.  It was again time for spring break.  Cara was at Donatello’s home with him in the garden.  She’d been studying, and he had been reading when her phone rang.  Her cousin, Kaylee, was calling to make sure that Cara was still going to meet her, Niki and Fae in Cancun.  Cara had only joined them during their trips once.  The other times that they had made plans, Cara had cancelled.  

Screenshot-1066Cara assured her that she would be there this time. 

Screenshot-1067Donatello was listening closely to the conversation.  After she disconnected the call, Cara looked at Donatello.  He was staring at her.

Screenshot-1075“You’ll be where?”

Screenshot-1086“I’m going to Cancun for spring break.  I was going to tell you.”

“I wish that you had told me sooner.  Now I’ll have to cancel my plans.”

“Your plans?”

Screenshot-1080“Yes, I was going to surprise you with a romantic trip to Venice.  You said that you had not yet been there, and it is a beautiful place to take pictures.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time together because we will both be on break.”

“Quality time?”

He knew what she was asking.  “Two hotel rooms, Cara.  One for you and one for me.”

Screenshot-1070Cara hesitated.  She hated to keep breaking her promises to her family and friends, but she had her own life here now that had to come first.   However, she did know that soon she would have to tell them about Donatello.  Her parents had come for a visit since she and Donatello had been dating, but she still had not told them about their relationship.  Donatello saw her hesitation.

Screenshot-1068“I had a dream a couple of months ago, and you were in it with me.”

“Oh, what happened?”

“We were here in this house, and there was a small child with us.  He was about three or four years old.  He had your brown eyes and my smile.  You were heavily pregnant with our second child.”

Screenshot-1081Cara’s mouth fell open.

“Do you believe in dreams?”

He smiled.  “Not necessarily, but that dream felt so real and right that it made me come to a very important decision.”


Screenshot-1089He looked at her silently, and she looked away.

“We’ve never discussed children.  Do you want children?”

Screenshot-1092“I do love children, but I don’t want any right away.  Marriage isn’t, wasn’t in my immediate plans.  I want to travel and concentrate on my career for a few years.”

He seemed to brush her words aside.

Screenshot-1087“Plans can change and sometimes for the better.  A woman like you is made to be loved and to bear the children conceived from that love.”

Cara had never heard herself described in that way.  He had used the word loved.  Was he saying that he loved her?  Did she love him?  Sometimes he made her so confused!

“So shall I cancel my plans or will you cancel yours?”

Cara knew that this decision was a pivotal one for the course of her life.  She knew that if she went to Cancun it would mean the end of her relationship with Donatello.  He had all but told her that he was going to propose during the trip.   He was a very proud man, and he would see it as a rejection if she went with her friends rather than going to Venice with him.

She wasn’t ready to end it.  He was exciting and made her feel extremely special.  She quickly made her decision.  She was going with him to Venice, and if he proposed, her answer would be yes.  She called Kaylee back.

Screenshot-1093“I’m sorry, Kaylee, but something has come up again.  I won’t be there.”

Screenshot-1096Cara didn’t see him, but Donatello smiled in satisfaction.


I’ve started the pictures for the next chapter too.  Cara’s storyline will cover the next three chapters. 

Thanks for your patience and for the condolences when I lost my father last month.


Donatello was made by Chobits. 

Thank you, Queen, for proofreading and helping me with this chapter. 

Thanks to all of the custom content makers for sharing your creations with us.  Playing the game and working on stories would not be as enjoyable without you all.


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  1. I don’t know if I like Donatello…. Cara was fine the way she was and he made her change this and that….. hmmm….

  2. It was no problem, Daisie. I enjoyed helping you greatly ❤

    Oh dear, I do hope Cara knows what she is doing! 😉

    My condolences on your father. I know how hard it is to lose a family member 😦 I hope you and your family are doing well. ❤

    Lovely, Daisie! The pictures looked fantastic. You did a wonderful job ^~^

  3. Oh dear another evil man. What has Cara gotten herself into?
    Thanks for updating this chapter Daisie. I know this was difficult for you to do considering the passing of your father, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate your effort in this chapter. Hope you are doing well, and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • You’re welcome, Kelli! ❤ I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to do it. I'm sort of into the story right now, and it does take my mind off of other things like it did before. I'm glad of that at least.

      I hope you're doing well too! 🙂

  4. Donatello seems to be controlling and is changing Cara. I think he might be bad for her, he seems to not care about her opinion and I think he is not trustworthy. Really enjoyed this chapter!

    • Donatello def, gives me a….. how do i put this….. okay! This line is perfect example…. “Plans can change and sometimes for the better. A woman like you is made to be loved and to bear the children conceived from that love.” i read this part and it made me think about and Indian…. Hundu marriage. I have a few married friends who are hundi… their tradition is a fix married…. mom and dad choose the with you end up with right? Now! Thats not what this is obviously…. Hindu tradition is also the woman for making babies, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cleaning everything is done by the woman. The man only works, the man can do what he wants….. Hindu women wear the clothes that cover their hair you know? Thats another thing! Married hindu women cant show off their features. only the husband is allowd to see them. But that line…. “Plans can change and sometimes for the better. A woman like you is made to be loved and to bear the children conceived from that love.” this make me think that hes going to make Cara his little slave….. I love this story…. Cara is a sweetie i know something bad is gonna happen and now im sad!! But i need the next chapter! LoL OH! And sorry for the looong comment and I finally got all the pictures to load. Donatello is a hairy bastard…. and….. Done! LOL!

      • Donatello’s wording does sound a bit like that! I hadn’t thought about it that way. 😯

        I loved your long comment, and I agree with it. Working on the next chapter more today. A lot happens in that one. 😉

        I’m going to work on my game after I finish Cara’s storyline. Thanks again for all of your suggestions with how to make it work better for me again. ❤ It's discouraging when it doesn't cooperate.

  5. Daisy, one only comment from me is Excellent. Cara is stunning and I really love her appearance both in short or long hair. Her skin is exotic made her more beautiful. Cant wait until the next chapter posted.

  6. My kitty senses are tingling right now. I just wished she would listen to her what her gut is telling her and get away from that man, far away. Even better yet, contact her uncle Alex. He for sure would get down to the bottom of it in a second.

    • Yeah, I think all of us have experienced times when we wish that we had listened to our gut. Sometimes when I think back, I say different experiences were instinct training times. Now I know pretty much for sure when to follow my instincts. Cara’s still learning that. 😦

    • Sometimes romance has been very difficult for them; hasn’t it? 😦

      I’m working on pictures for the next chapter right now. Thanks for reading, Bluefairy! ❤

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