Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four

Screenshot-1302Fae was enjoying experiencing another country, another culture and spending the time with Shawn.  Shawn was pleasantly surprised when she had started strongly hinting at wanting to get engaged.  It had been on his mind as well, but he hadn’t wanted to rush Fae.

They were at the village square and Kasim and Chioma announced that they were engaged.  Kasim made Shawn promise that he would return for their wedding, and Shawn made Kasim promise that he would come to America for his wedding.

Screenshot-1301“You’re engaged too?”

Screenshot-1300“No not yet, but I plan to ask her soon.”

Kasim had laughed and agreed to go to America to attend Shawn’s wedding.

Screenshot-1299“Congratulations on your engagement to Kasim, Chioma!”

Screenshot-1298“Thanks, Fae!  I feel sure you and Shawn will be announcing yours soon too.”

Fae smiled and told her that she hoped so.

Finally, order was restored and Seleka withdrew.  The personnel at the reserve returned.  Shawn and the other interns went back to the reserve too, and Fae went with Shawn.  As they drove through the reserve to take a census of the animals, some of the interns were openly crying and others had tears in their eyes. 

Seleka and the poachers had wreaked devastation on the elephant population.  They had senselessly butchered more than 20 elephants for their tusks and callously left them to die in the Dzanga Baï.  The reserve employees and loyal eco-guards like Mosi were even more determined now to ensure the safety and health of the remaining animals in the reserve.   Now the government was firmly on their side and military troops would also help to protect the reserve against poachers.

The interns helped to get the reserve back up and fully functioning.  Then their internship ended.  Several of them including Kasim, Chioma, Dieudonne and Shawn were offered permanent positions at the reserve.  Kasim and Chioma accepted the offer, but Shawn and Dieudonne declined.  They both wanted to return to their home countries and use the skills that they had learned.

Now that travel was fully restored and Shawn had graduated from his internship, Fae and Shawn were going home soon.  A couple of days before their flight home, he booked rooms at the same resort where his parents had stayed before they left Africa.  They went site-seeing and shopping.  While Fae got her hair done at a salon, Shawn went shopping alone.

Screenshot-1331That evening Shawn suggested that they go rent some horses from a stable that he had found and go for a ride.  Fae eagerly agreed.  They shared a love of animals and horses in particular.  They rode through the surrounding area side by side and sometimes holding hands.

Screenshot-1333They dismounted and walked their horses near a lovely waterfall.

Screenshot-1332Sometimes they enjoyed kisses.

Screenshot-1335Shawn led the way to a special shrine that a clerk at the resort had mentioned to him.  He helped her down from her horse. 

Screenshot-1336They stood looking around them.

Screenshot-1337“This is so stunning!  It takes my breath away.”

Screenshot-1338“Looking at you takes my breath away.”

Fae looked at Shawn and smiled. 

Screenshot-1339He took her hands.  “Fae I’ll never forget the day that we met.  It was right after we moved to Santa Fe.  My dad had come back to us, and we were starting out in a new place.”

Screenshot-1340“I remember that day too.  I helped you pick a puppy, and I found out that you love horses just like I do.  I liked you right away.”

Screenshot-1342He kissed her hands.

Screenshot-1359Then he slipped something from his pocket and held it behind his back.

Screenshot-1360“Yes, we clicked, and we’ve been close friends ever since.  Now, it’s even better between us.  I love you, and I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Screenshot-1344He dropped down on one knee.  “Fae, will you marry me?” 

Fae smiled happily.  “Yes, of course I will!  I love you too!”

Shawn slipped the ring on her finger, and they admired it.  Then Fae burst out laughing!

Shawn looked at her in surprise, and she laughed even harder. 

“You should see your expression!  I’m laughing because I planned to propose to you too tonight!”

Shawn’s mouth fell open in surprise, and then he laughed too!

Screenshot-1348Fae forced herself to stop laughing and explain why.   

“I know that it’s customary for the guy to do the asking, and I’m so glad that you did.  I just, well you were so right about Africa.  It just makes me feel so alive, and it’s true that it makes you see what is most important in your life.  When I didn’t know what had happened to you, and then when I found out that Seleka had taken control of the reserve, I was so afraid for you, Shawn.  I was scared that I had lost you, and I couldn’t bear not knowing.  Then when I found you again, I realized that I didn’t want to waste any more time without you.”

Screenshot-1347“I feel the same way, Fae.”

Screenshot-1352“I know you do.  I also know how cautious you’ve been with women since that disaster with Monet.  I understand that completely.  I also know how caring and considerate you are.  Those are some of the special qualities that I love about you.  I know that you didn’t want to rush me because it’s only been a few months since I broke things off with Martin.  I did care about Martin, but it’s not anything like what I feel for you.  For me, that marriage would have been a disaster.”

She paused and then continued. 

“I had a lot of uncertainty in that relationship.  I should have followed my intuition and broken it off long before I did.  With you, I have no reservations, no doubts, no uncertainty.  So that’s why I was going to propose to you.  I know you just as well as I know my own family.  We’ve seen each other at our best and at our worst.  I love you with all of my heart, and I’m so happy that we’re going to be married!”

Screenshot-1353Shawn grinned.  “Yeah, you do know me well!  I was going to wait a few more months to ask you, but being here made me decide to do it now.  Also those “subtle” hints that you were giving let me know that you are ready too!”

Screenshot-1356Shawn picked her up and spun her around joyfully.  

Screenshot-1304They ate dinner at the resort.  They set the date for their wedding.  

Screenshot-1307Fae said that she still wanted a traditional wedding, and so they decided to have it the following year. 

Screenshot-1306Shawn said that they could have their wedding however she wanted just so long as she was his wife at the end. 

Screenshot-1308After dinner they went for a walk around the resort. 

Screenshot-1311They were happy and excited about their plans. 

Screenshot-1312They sent their parents and friends a selfie to announce the good news about their engagement.  

Both sets of parents were  looking forward to the wedding and eager to get started with the wedding planning.  Dale and Alissa already loved Fae, and Fae’s parents already felt the same about Shawn.  They knew that Fae and Shawn were good for each other. 

Shawn and Fae returned to Santa Fe and started their veterinary practice together.  Because of his maturity level, Shawn’s parents gave him full control of his trust fund, and so he had what he needed to start his business and to live on comfortably until his business could support them.

Screenshot-1389Their wedding day was beautiful and filled with joy. 

Screenshot-1388Shawn and Fae exchanged their vows in a small chapel as their families and friends watched proudly. 

Screenshot-1318They returned to Africa for their honeymoon. 

Screenshot-1322On this visit, they spent most of their time in their suite enjoying being together as most honeymooners do.

They did not have a strict “30” year plan, but they did set some goals.  They bought a rundown bank foreclosed property on the outskirts of town for a great price and totally remodeled it to their taste.  It had stables for their horses as well as room to board horses that they were treating in their practice. 

They knew that they wanted to have children,  but they decided that they would wait a couple of years before starting a family.  The time passed quickly and Shawn and Fae started trying to get pregnant. 

Screenshot-1410The day she found out that she was pregnant, Fae put on a special t-shirt that she had bought and was wearing it when Shawn came home.

Screenshot-1412“We’re pregnant!”


Screenshot-1413They hugged  each other tightly.  They couldn’t believe it!  They were going to become parents! 

Screenshot-1421Shawn would never forget the emotions that he felt on the day that their twins were born.  They were born four weeks early, and so they had to remain in the hospital longer than normal. 

Screenshot-1419Now they were home, and Shawn and Fae were happy and relieved that Madison and Shane were both thriving and seemed happy too.  As he looked at his family Shawn felt deep contentment and gratitude, but his own twin Cara came into his thoughts.  He wished that she was happy too.



Next is Cara’s storyline.  Time will pass quickly for her too.  Also, I am struggling with appropriate ages for the characters during the time spans.  So I know I’ve probably messed those up.  Please forgive me!  ❤

More wedding pictures.  I only had one game crash, but I held my breath trying to take these with so many Sims.   I tried to add more Sims like Miki and Jamil, Niki and her family, but that’s when the game crashed.  So I had to use just the ones that you see in the pictures.  I had also wanted to add more that would be from Fae’s side of the family, but I didn’t want to take another chance on crashing my game before the wedding pictures were finished.  I hope you still enjoy them!  🙂






Little flowergirl, Skylar Hall


Sweet ringbearer Logan Hall




Screenshot-1401Screenshot-1406Wedding Party:

Bridesmaids:  Cindy Mayburn, Joy Stallworth, Kaylee Dean, Sharlee Hall and Cara Stallworth

Groomsmen: Aiden Stallworth, Devon Dean, Noah Hall, Kasim Magoro and Patrick Caldwell




In the front row:  Fae’s parents Dorie and Gus Mayburn

Second row: Shawn’s Aunt Crystal and her boyfriend Angelo

Back row:  Shawn’s grandparents Matthew and Kay Hamming

Screenshot-1396Seated in the front row:  Shawn’s parents Alissa and Dale Stallworth

Second row:  Shawn’s grandparents Valerie and Robert Stallworth

Third row:  Shawn and Fae’s friend Chioma Magoro and his uncle Alex Stallworth

Fourth row:  Shawn’s aunt and uncle, Leslie and George Dean

More Pictures of Shawn and his new family:

Screenshot-1414Mommy to be chilling out in her massage chair.

Screenshot-1416Cute baby belly!


Screenshot-1423Shane Stallworth

Screenshot-1424Madison Stallworth

48 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Four

  1. Awh, the twins are so cutee!! I like how Madison has her mother’s hair and Shane has his father’s. I also noticed that each twin is being held by the parent that they match ❤ Can't wait for the next chapters, excited to know if my suspicions are correct about Cara and her vanishing from the Earth xD

    • They are really cute. They were both born with that curly hair and so I didn’t change it. I had planned for Shawn to hold Madison and Fae to hold Shane, but it didn’t work out that way. I still had free will on and Fae kept picking Madison up. So I just let her pose with Madison and Shawn pose with Shane. I just realized how close Shawn and Shane’s names are! 😯

      I’m going to start working on Cara’s storyline this week. 🙂

  2. (Gonna comment on just this one, no use making you shuffle through both chapters, lol 😀 )

    BEAUTIFUL! I don’t think I can emphasize this enough!

    Fae and Shawn are just so cute together. Just like Sharlee and Noah, Alissa and Dale, they have found their true love ❤

    MOAR BABIES! EEEEEEEKKK! *does happy dance* Sim babies and toddlers are simply endearing. Especially when they're a Stallworth!

    Phew! That was a lot to take in all at once! But it was worth it, seeing Shawn grow and mature and become a daddy with Fae! I can't wait to see what their children look like… (hint: adorable!)

    Wedding reception: Beautiful, awesome job love! I don't think my computer could handle more than ten sims, so I understand your crashes, lol!

    Now, I just have one question: When you're labeling the people in each photograph in the audience, shouldn't Fae's parents be "Mayburn" instead of "Hart"? Just checking, making sure I didn't miss anything! ❤

    If you ever need help with timing the storylines, I am rather good at that. I would love to help you if you need it!

    Keep up the wonderful work, Daisy! ❤

    • I love Fae and Shawn together too. Aren’t there babies precious! 🙂

      Thanks Queen! That wedding was a lot of work and lot of nerves hoping it wouldn’t crash on me. Desktop is definitely better for my story so far!

      LOL It is supposed to be Mayburn. I was tired when I wrote that part. 😀 Thanks for letting me know. I definitely need to change it!

      I really appreciate your offering to help me too! ❤

  3. This was great! I can’t wait for Cara’s storyline but I have a feeling hers won’t be as happy as Shawn’s. Do I spy a certain belly bump on Sharlee or was that the bridesmaid dress bulking up? Hmmmm……spoiler? LOL.

    • Thank you Eddie! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ❤
      You might be right about Cara. 😦
      I forgot to mention it in the chapter, but yes, that was a third little Hall in the making! 😀

      • Thanks… if you’re interested I make all my poses for my story and they are all up on my site to download. might be somthing there you can use. i also do requests if you need somethig specific

      • You’re welcome, Kris. 🙂 You do have some great poses on your site! Thanks for offering. I learned how to make poses, but mine are definitely not as good as yours! ❤

      • Haha! Blender is a pain in the ass! Trust me I still cannot get hands down. Hands are so effing hard for me to do! But I did ask around for help….. alot of pose makers will help. None of my sims are skinny…. with the slider all the over. so I kept getting major clipping. And it was Mary (crazysimmary on tumblr) who told me this trick. Theres settings my blender to make the rigs fatter. I was like no way! and she was like yea! there also a setting to make your females pregnant for pregnant poses. I’m actually still learning believe it or not. But yea! most pose makers make it look soooooo easy. But its not. It’s a big big big pain in the behind. I’m sure you know that! lol

    • It did, but I have the blog set so that I can approve comments before they are posted. I had someone impersonate me and post on the blog a couple of times and so I had to change it.

  4. I really love these two chapters you wrote, well I like all of them, but this latest one is very heart warming. I do have one little question though. When Shawn proposed to Fae, where did you get her hair style from, and also the one where she was the bride? Those are absolutely adorable, and I would love for one of my girls to have the same hairstyle. 🙂 Fae was a very beautiful bride.

    • I’m so glad you loved them, LaBlue! ❤

      I thought Fae looked like a doll! She was really beautiful, and I thought that would be the type of wedding gown that she would choose. 🙂

      That hairstyle is by Skysims. I got it on the Sims Resource. Here's a link: Skysims Hair Adult 219_N
      Let me know if you have any problems getting it.

      I can’t remember where the hairstyle that she wore at the wedding came from. I’ll see if I can find it for you too.

      I found it! It’s a retexture by Tankuz: Tankuz Sims 3 Blog

    • I was glad to see that they were born with that curly hair too! 🙂 Let me know if you want the link for it.

      I agree that their twins are cuties. Finally twins in the family again!

      Thanks for reading, Adventure. ❤

    • branch off with the charcters…. my story beautiful….. its a bunch of teenagers…. i know how its gonna end…. but i plan on taking the main couples and creating new stories wiith them. you can totally do that if there a couple youre in love with….. id like to see crystals story honestly.

      • I have the ending for Alissa in mind too. Maybe one day I’ll do some bonus chapters. There are a lot of characters to choose. I know I’m going to take a break from it for a while after I finish the story. I want to do a story from another time period again first though. It’ll be about twenty chapters. So that will be the next one that I post after Alissa ends. Maybe after that one, I’ll want to work on Alissa again. Or maybe I can do a story of about twenty chapters for some of the characters in Alissa. I’ll have to see how I feel when it’s finished. 🙂

  5. Hi Daisy,

    Wonderful chapter. Everything happened so quickly! Can’t believe Shawn is married…so much must have happened in all those years. Very sad that Alissa is ending though, but to have maintained Alissa’s story for so long is commendable and you have definitely raised a group of avid fans (including myself).

    If Alissa is ending soon, does that mean you will be tying up all the loose ends to the different storylines e.g. Noah’s enstrangement from his parents, Alex’s unrequitted love, Cara’s mystery news, Joy’s plans to be a ballerina, Alissa and Valerie’s feud, Alissa’s French relatives and her journalism job…etc. so many things have happened throughout Alissa, I’ve really grown with the story 🙂

    Can’t wait till the next chapter, I’m desperate to find out what’s happening with Cara. Will it be posted this week? Super excited!
    Also, do you have any other sim stories planned after Alissa and in the same genre area as Alissa e.g. Family saga, drama etc. I’ve really grown on the characters in Alissa though, so it will be strange to see them as different characters. lol.


    Anna Maria Quinn ❤

    • Hi Anna! ❤
      Awww, thank you so much! I still love the characters too, but I think I'm a little tired now. Also, I don't want to start repeating storylines. Maybe after a break I'll have a fresh perspective, some new ideas and want to start writing Alissa again. It has been a great pressure release and a lot of fun doing this story over the past few years. I call it going to Alissa land. LOL

      I do plan to tie up some of the loose ends over the next three storylines. I've been sort of slow with working on Cara's savefile, and so the next chapter isn't ready yet. I still haven't started the pictures. Today I'm really buckling down and getting a lot done. I should be ready to start pictures this weekend. Sorry it's taking so long! I feel bad when I make you all wait. 😦

      I do have more stories planned. Definitely in the same genre as Alissa. I think of it as my take on romantic suspense. 😀 I have three stories that I've started writing. All three of them will only be around twenty chapters. The next one that I'll share will be the one with Alex's sim. It's based in the old western U.S. during the late 1800's to early 1900's. He will be a newly married sheriff in a wild town. It will be about his efforts to "tame" the town and keep a happy marriage. I was ready to do a story from another time period again. 🙂

      After that I have another story based in the late 1800's to early 1900's. It's about a young woman and her little sister whose parents have died. The little sister is mute. They go to live with family that they hadn't known existed before their parent's death. Their lives there will be the basis of the story. It will hopefully have a lot of suspense, and you know I have to have romance too! 😀

      The next story, I was sort of stuck, but I figured out what I'm going to do. It's based in modern times. It's about a daycare provider who falls in love with one of her clients. He's a mysterious father of two children. The suspense and mystery will come when she becomes involved in his life and things surface from his past.

      So, eventually, I'll share more stories. I plan to completely finish writing each one of them before I start sharing them this time.

      Thank you for being such a great supporter of my stories, Anna. It really makes me happy that you all love the characters like I do. ❤

  6. I hate it when they poach animals, poor elephants. That’s what happening to the rhino’s unfortunately. Shawn and Fae are so cute together, it was so romantic how he proposed to her. The babies came out so cute! Really enjoyed this chapter!

      • when’s the next chapter being posted? thanks. Also, how many more chapters are there before the story ends

      • Shannynlee, I’m sorry. I just saw your comment today. Somehow WordPress put it in my Spam section. I’m not sure how many more chapters there will be, but there are least two more storylines after Cara’s ends. Hers will cover four chapters though. So the story will probably end in the late summer or early fall. 😦

    • Awww, Anita! ❤ I'm sorry. I know it's been a long time since the last chapter. I'm taking pictures today. Cara's storyline covers the next four chapters.

      Do you want me to post the next chapter when the pictures are finished or would you all rather wait until I finish the pictures for the whole storyline. For some reason, I was thinking I needed to do the pictures for the whole storyline before I post the next chapter.

      • In my humble opinion, it would be great if you post the next chapter one by one instead of post four chapters in the same time. If you post one by one, it will give us, readers, some time to figure out the conflict in the story. Some people love cliffhanger, and it can keep us curious for the next story. Unless you want to immediately put an end to this story. But after all, it will be better if you choose the one that make you comfortable. Whatever it is, I will happily wait.

      • Cara’s storyline isn’t the end of the story. There are at least two more storylines left after hers ends. 😉

        Yeah, my thinking is a bit off lately. I don’t know why I was thinking that I had to do all of the pictures for the entire storyline first. I’ll post the next chapter this weekend or maybe sooner than that. Thanks Anita. ❤

  7. Wow!!
    I have been reading this story from the beginning for many years now, I just never commented.
    I loved reading this all, the children have grown so mature and beautiful, Sharlee has gorgeous children, they look alot like her and Noah, lol.
    Shawn and Faye are such a cute couple, ever since they first met I knew they’d be together in the future.
    Alissa and Dale will always be the cutest sim couple, they have been through alot and it’s heart warming that she has a big family to support her. Hmm, I wonder what’s happened to Cara.. well she’s bound to be alive if she attended the wedding, which is a good thing. In the last chapter or after it, it would be nice to include a massive family photograph, it would be nice to see the family together, including alissa’s french relatives and all the children and grandchildren together.

    May I ask, when Cara was younger she met a boy named Jared and they had their first kiss, will he ever be back in the story or was the concert the last time? I really liked them together, would be cute if they some-how reunited.

    Thanks for reading, your writing is phenomenal, it will be such a shame when this dramatic story ends!!x

    • Hello Bam. It’s very nice to meet you! ❤

      The family has grown a lot and changed over the years! They've definitely been through a lot. I'm glad that you love the characters too. 🙂

      We'll find out what happens with Cara in the next few chapters. I hope you all won't be disappointed.
      I definitely agree about Alissa and Dale. I think they will always be my favorite couple!

      A big family photo is a good idea. In the final chapter, I do plan to have as much family and friends as my computer will allow without having the game crash. If I could figure out how to make a non-blurry picture, I'd share another family picture with you all to use in your games. If I have time, I'll try to get one made again. I did find a different tutorial that might work.

      Awww, what a sweet thing to say! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed reading Alissa so much! It will be hard for me to end it, but maybe I'll come back and eventually do some bonus chapters about the younger generation.

      Thank you for reading my story, Bam! ❤

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