Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Seven

Screenshot-90The next morning after their fight, Cara awakened stiff and in pain.  She took some more aspirin and looked at herself in the mirror. 

Screenshot-94Her eye was black and her lip and cheek were swollen and discolored.  She couldn’t go to class like this. 

Screenshot-95She sighed wondering how things had gone so wrong!

Screenshot-99She heard the front door open and then feet on the stairs.  Donatello came into the bedroom carrying flowers.  He laid them down on the bed.

“What I did is inexcusable, but I’m begging you to forgive me Cara!  I promise that I won’t harm you again.”

Screenshot-102He saw how swollen her face was.  His own cheek was swollen as well although not as bad as Cara’s face.  He reached out and gently touched her cheek.  Then he kissed her forehead.

“I am truly sorry.  I love you, Cara.”

Screenshot-97Cara didn’t know what to do.  She’d given herself to him completely.  She’d never get that back.  Shouldn’t she try to make it work?  He did seem genuinely sorry for hurting her.  He’d finally told her that he loved her.  Did she believe him?  She turned away from him as tears slid down her cheeks. 

Screenshot-100He saw the tears and pulled her into his arms.

Donatello kept his promise and was never physically abusive again.  Although whether it was because he knew that Cara would fight back or because he didn’t want to hurt her again, Cara didn’t know.  His attitude toward her was up and down.  Sometimes he was extremely patronizing, condescending and unkind.  Other times he was charming and the man Cara wanted him to be.

It was close to the time for Fae’s wedding, and Shawn called her.  Cara decided to tell him that she was engaged.  He was the first of her family that she told.  She knew that he was shocked at the news, and Cara promised that he’d meet Donatello at Fae’s wedding. 

She asked Shawn to keep the news private because she hadn’t yet told their parents.  She told him that she was looking forward to seeing him at the wedding and that she would tell their parents then.  He promised to keep the news to himself.

Screenshot-109Two weeks before Fae’s wedding, Cara and Donatello were having dinner, and Cara was talking about their travel arrangements.  Donatello put his fork down and stared at Cara. 

Screenshot-108“I’m not going.”


Screenshot-111“I’m not going, Cara, and neither are you.  I don’t think it’s proper that I meet your family before you meet mine.  We’re going to Tuscany that weekend.  I’ve already promised my parents that we’ll be there.”

Screenshot-113“But Donatello, you’ve known for weeks about the wedding!  Why did you do that?”

Screenshot-112“We’re going to Valtiberina and that’s that.  There’s nothing more to discuss.”

Screenshot-107Cara looked at him in frustration.  She wanted to meet her future in-laws and didn’t want to disappoint them.  However, she also hated to disappoint Fae.  Fae was like family to her!  She knew that there was no point in trying to reason with Donatello after he’d made up his mind.  She called Fae and told her that she wouldn’t be able to attend her wedding.

Screenshot-138Valtiberina was in the Tuscany region of Italy.  This time they drove there. 

Screenshot-136Cara was enchanted by the views.  So far she had not seen any part of Italy that she did not like.  Donatello was quiet and a bit sullen on the trip.  He hadn’t told her much about his parents, and she wondered what he had told them about her.

Screenshot-147When they reached Valtiberina, Donatello parked the car and they walked through the village.  Cara couldn’t wait to go leisurely through the village with her camera and take pictures.  She glanced at Donatello.  He seemed to be intent on getting to his parents’ home, silently urging Cara along more quickly.

Screenshot-114Donatello finally stopped at a door and opened it.   He gestured for Cara to go in before him.  After they were inside he called out in Italian.

“Mamma! Papà!  Siamo arrivati!”

Screenshot-115His mother rushed into the room!

“Il mio ragazzo è giunto il momento!”

Screenshot-116She hugged him, and she hugged Cara too.  Then she looked at Cara closely.

Screenshot-124“Lei è una bambina.  Si derubate la culla!”

Screenshot-123“Mamma, abbastanza!  Questo è, Cara.”

Screenshot-117“E ‘ molto piacere di conoscerti, Signora Martinelli.”

She looked at Cara in surprise and then at Donatello.  She hadn’t known that Cara spoke Italian.  Donatello had told them that she was an American.  She looked at Cara critically.  She certainly was an exceptionally lovely young woman.  Donatello had always had an eye for the ladies, but Cara was too young for him.

Screenshot-121Bettina looked at her son with a frown.  She knew his past with women and hoped that he would not harm Cara.  He had a fiery temper like his father, but unlike his father, he did not have the best of control over his anger.

It hurt her to think of how her son bullied and used women.  That was why he was no longer married.  His first wife had divorced him and fled Italy.  Perhaps he thought that he could exercise better control of a younger inexperienced woman like Cara.

Screenshot-125Donatello’s father Sergio entered the room.  He took one look at Cara and then told his son to follow him into another room. 

Screenshot-152Cara didn’t understand what was wrong, but they began shouting at one another after they left room. They were speaking so loud and angrily that Cara could still hear their voices.

Screenshot-151Donatello said something to his father in rapid Italian, and Cara couldn’t make out the words.  Bettina took Cara upstairs to the room that Cara and Donatello were to occupy during their visit and then brought her up a cool drink.  Cara thanked her and then changed into something more comfortable. 

Screenshot-126She stretched out on the bed to read and relax until Donatello finished his conversation or more accurately, his argument with his father. 

Screenshot-131After about half an hour, Donatello came into the room.  He curtly told Cara to get dressed!

“We are going back home now!”

Screenshot-130“But, we just got here, Donatello!  What’s wrong?”

Screenshot-132Donatello looked at her as though he wanted to hit her again.

“Don’t question me, Cara.  Even an imbecile could see that this is not the time.”

He threw her dress at her and stuffed her other things back into the suitcase.  With shaking fingers, Cara redressed.  They left without saying goodbye to his parents. 

Screenshot-141Instead of driving all of the way back to Monte Vista, Donatello took Cara to a nice bed and breakfast in another small town in the Tuscany region.

“This is to make up for my ill-tempered behavior.  Once again I must apologize to you.”

Screenshot-143He pulled her to him and kissed her lightly.  Then he took their things out of the car, and they went inside and checked into the inn.  For the remainder of the weekend, Donatello was kind, attentive and a passionate lover. 

Cara wondered what had transpired between him and his parents, but she knew that there was no point in asking.  Questions would just anger him.  After their weekend was over, they returned home.

Over the following months, Cara wasn’t conscious of the fact that she was changing.  She was quieter, especially when she was around Donatello.  Subconsciously she was always making an effort not to do or say anything to upset him.  He was almost like an addiction for her although she thought that what she felt for him was love.

She had finally told her parents about her engagement.  They had wanted to come and meet Donatello, but he always ended up canceling their plans due to various reasons.  Cara didn’t push it.  She and Donatello began to make arrangements for their wedding.  He wanted to have it there in Monte Vista, and he’d found a lovely old church where he wanted to have the ceremony.

Her mother had wanted to be a part of the planning, but Donatello had told her firmly that it wasn’t necessary.  He and Cara were handling everything themselves.  Cara knew that it had hurt her mother, but she felt  that insisting that her mother be involved would make things more difficult between herself and Donatello.

Alissa and Dale did not like the way that Donatello appeared to be controlling their daughter, but unless Cara asked for their advice there wasn’t anything that they could do about it.  They had met him over Skype and instantly disliked him.  Dale wanted to catch a plane and bring Cara home, but he knew that Cara was a grown woman now.  She had made her own decision whether they liked it or not.  Shawn did not have the same reservations. 

Screenshot-166He went to Monte Vista to see his twin and meet Donatello face to face. 

Screenshot-163He saw the changes in Cara and did not like it. 

Screenshot-165He’d told her that Donatello wasn’t good for her, and he and Cara ended up arguing before he left town.  

Screenshot-169He warned Donatello not to hurt Cara, or he would have to answer to him. 

Screenshot-170Donatello had looked at Shawn contemptuously and told him that he was not welcome in his home again.  Shawn had left town greatly disappointed and worried about Cara.

However, when it was time for his and Fae’s wedding they had both called Cara and invited her to participate in the wedding.  He’d told her that she was his twin, and she had to be there.  Cara had agreed. 

Screenshot-172She didn’t allow Donatello to dissuade her.  She’d invited him to go with her, but he had refused. Believing that if he refused, she would stay at home too.  This time he had miscalculated.  Cara went without him.  Soon it would be time for their own wedding. 

Being there with her friends and family was like a breath of fresh air for Cara.  She had apologized to Shawn for getting upset with him during his visit to Monte Vista.  She was happy for him and for Fae. 

She felt completely relaxed, and she realized that it had been a long time since she’d felt that way.  At home in Monte Vista, she always felt on edge wondering if Donatello was going to be calm that day or explode in anger.  No matter what she did or didn’t do sometimes he’d just get angry. 

Screenshot-157After the newlyweds were off for their honeymoon, Cara’s parents talked with her privately.  They tried to convince her not to return to Monte Vista and to remain in Santa Fe with them. 

Screenshot-155Cara refused and got upset.  She told them that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. 

Screenshot-160Sharlee tried to talk with her too, but Cara wouldn’t listen to her either.  

Screenshot-161Sharlee had ended the conversation by reminding Cara that they all loved her and just wanted her to be happy. 

Screenshot-162Cara was glad to see her sister so happy and expecting hers and Noah’s third child.   She had hoped for the same type of happiness for herself.  Cara didn’t say so, but she felt that it was too late.  She’d committed herself to Donatello, and she intended to keep that commitment.  She decided to fly back home a day earlier than she’d planned and surprise Donatello. 

Screenshot-174Donatello’s car was parked out front when Cara arrived at the house.  She rushed inside and didn’t see him.  He must be upstairs. 

Screenshot-176She went up into the bedroom.  She wasn’t intentionally being quiet, but Donatello hadn’t heard her.  Cara opened the bedroom door and stopped short in shock! 

Screenshot-175Donatello and Lucianna were in bed together. 

Screenshot-177Lucianna saw her and got out of bed slipping on Cara’s robe.  She headed to the bathroom and gave Cara a triumphant smirk as she left the room. 

Screenshot-178Donatello got up and slipped on his shorts.  He seemed to be trying to think of what to say as she glared at him.

Screenshot-179“It doesn’t mean anything Cara.  It was one last time.  Lucianna was willing to put out when you wouldn’t for over a year!  I’m a red blooded man who has needs that she was willing to fulfill.   You insisted on going to that damn wedding, and she kept me company.  You’re the one I’m giving my name.  She means nothing to me!”

Screenshot-180Cara slapped him!  “It’s over Donatello!”

Screenshot-182“You little fool!  I’ve taught you how to be a woman!  It’s not over until I say it’s over.”

Screenshot-186He made the mistake of grabbing her, and he held on even tighter when Cara tried to pull away.   Cara kneed him in the groin with great satisfaction. 

Screenshot-187Whatever she’d felt for him had been replaced by revulsion and contempt.  She was angry and disappointed with herself for letting him deceive her in the way that he had.

As she headed for the door, Cara told him that she would send for her things.  She put his engagement ring on the dining room table with an overwhelming sense of relief.  She left the house and never intended to return.  She had already graduated from the university, but she had been taking an additional class.  She’d finish it in another month.  Until then, she rented a room in town. 

A week after their break up, Cara heard that Donatello and Lucianna had eloped.   Cara had been surprised by her own reaction.  She really didn’t care.  Donatello might have left her heart frayed around the edges a little bit, but at least it hadn’t completely broken. 

She knew now that it had been a foolish infatuation, and it had taken just a few moments for her to recover.  Discovering his cheating had reawakened her self-awareness like a cold glass of water thrown over an unconscious person.  She was suddenly herself again.

But if so, why was everything so depressing to her?  Maybe part of it was because she was tired of being stared at and pitied.  She told herself that she didn’t need or want anyone’s pity.  She could do her own suffering and fight her own battles. 

Then too maybe she was depressed because she was so disappointed in herself.  In the past she had always been baffled by women who stayed in relationships with men who had used and mistreated them in the way that Donatello had done her.  She was disturbed that she had allowed it to happen.

Screenshot-188The day that Donatello returned to work after his marriage, he sought Cara out.  She looked at him coldly.   He was an extremely handsome man, holding his age well, but now she knew who he really was.  He loved women, but he wasn’t in love with any woman.  He had one true love.  He was in love with himself!

Screenshot-190“Cara, you can’t escape me anymore than I can escape you.  You are my perfect mate just as I am yours.  No one can satisfy you the way that I do!  I’ve hurt you cruelly, but-“

Screenshot-191Cara cut him off.  She couldn’t believe that he actually felt that he still had any influence over her.  It had to be his extreme ego, refusing to accept that Cara had rejected him.

“No, you don’t have it in your power to hurt me.  Well, maybe my pride, but not me.  For a while, I was foolish enough to believe what you are on the surface, and I ignored what you are on the inside.  But I’m completely free of you now.   I don’t understand what you did, and I don’t want to understand it.  I just don’t care anymore.”

Screenshot-197He ignored her words.

“Cara, I think that this is the first time in my life that I’ve loved a woman like I love you.”

Screenshot-195Cara couldn’t believe it!  Did he think that she was so much under his spell that she would believe him?  She supposed he’d had a lot of practice with other women over the years.

“If you’re so in love with me as you say, then how does that gibe with the fact that you’ve been sleeping with other women throughout our relationship, or the fact that you’ve now married Lucianna?”

Screenshot-196“That’s what I wanted to explain.  Please have dinner with me tonight.”

Screenshot-193Cara felt a strong feeling of revulsion for him and stepped away. 

“I’ve got better things to do.”

Screenshot-202He put his hand on her arm.

“Cara, you have to give me a chance to explain.”

Screenshot-200Cara pulled her arm away with disgust. 

“You’ve already told me and shown me all I need to know!”

She rushed away from him!  Cara was so angry and upset that she was shaking inside.  She was angry with herself for letting him infuriate her like that.  She passed some students, and they stared at her.  There it was again, a look of pity. 

However, after a big blowup later in the week between Lucianna and Donatello in the university parking lot, that was witnessed by many people, the looks of pity were directed toward Lucianna and no longer Cara.  Lucianna was accusing Donatello of sleeping with Claudia.  It was clear that that marriage was on the rocks before it had barely begun.  Cara tried to muster some empathy for Lucianna but failed.  She was glad when her final course ended, and she could leave Monte Vista for good.


Cara’s storyline will end in the next chapter.  After that will be a storyline that will mainly focus on Aiden, Joy, Sharlee and Noah.   Thanks for reading! 


36 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Seven

  1. Finally she rids herself of that man. Way to go Cara!
    I was baffled that she stayed with Donatello for that long. Usually women choose partners that are most similar to their fathers, and Donatello was nothing like Dale! I hope Donatello doesn’t come seeking revenge from Cara.
    I also hope that since we saw Jared Broke in this story that he will somehow be involved with Cara 😉
    I can’t wait to see the other characters again! Great chapter Daisie!

    • I think most women who get caught up in that type of situation wonder why they stayed as long as they did. 😦

      I’ve heard that saying too, that “women choose partners most similar to their fathers.” I think some do, and there are some who pick the wrong one too. Hopefully, they learn from the bad choices. My sister’s first husband was like her father. Her father was my mother’s first husband.

      Both of their marriages ended in necessary divorces. So in my sister’s case, marrying someone like her birth father wasn’t a good thing. Her second husband was more like my father though. Their marriage didn’t last long either. 😦

      My best friend made the same mistake of marrying someone like her father with her first husband. It was awful for her! I’m so happy for her now though. She’s been married to her second husband for six years, and he treats her the way that she deserves to be treated.

      Funny thing is that although my father was a wonderful man and for most of my parents’ marriage a good husband, my husband’s personality is totally different from his. I’m more like my father! 😀 I’m more serious-natured like my father was, and my husband is the goofball. It works for us though, because I helped him become more serious, and he helped me bring out my silly side too. 😀

      Sorry for rambling. It’s just that sometimes I don’t realize until later that I’m using some real life experiences from myself and my family and friends in the story. 😮 Of course they aren’t exactly the same though.

      Thanks Kelli! ❤ I'm starting the pictures for Cara's final chapter tomorrow. So there should be another update next week.

  2. I’m glad Cara is out of that mess. Cara has always been my favourite of Dale and Alissa’s kids so I felt really bad for her to go through such an ordeal but I’m relieved that part of her life is over. Now on to great things and a great love for Cara! LOL. I’m a little curious as to what Donatello and his father were arguing about. Probably something along the lines of ‘you brought a next young girl that you’re abusing to my house? How dare you? You better leave before I tell her the truth about who you really are!!’ 🙂

    • Yeah, she’s disappointed in herself for staying in that situation for as long as she did.

      I did think of writing what they were arguing about, and I will say that you are saying what was in my mind about their argument! 😉 Cara didn’t know that Donatello had been married in the past.

  3. Such a good chapter, I’m so glad that she is finally free of him. And yay, Sharlee and Noah are expecting a third child? That’s such a nice surprise! I can’t wait! Have you decided on a boy or a girl or are you letting the game decide? Personally, I’m hoping for a boy, or twins, a boy and a girl. That would be simply lovely! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Sophia! ❤

      I'm just going to wait and see what the game gives them this time. 😉

      Thanks for reading, and I'll check yours out when I get a chance. 🙂

  4. Great chapter! 🙂
    I’m glad Cara is not with Donatello anymore that she is back to her old self! I think Donatello is just a pathetic man that thinks he is the best and the greatest, but he really isn’t.

  5. Great chapter, so glad Cara is free of Donatello and has her long hair back. She is so pretty and looks so much like Alissa.
    A third child for Sharlee and Noah! Can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl. The family sure is growing fast.
    I hope we see Cara find someone better, someone that is more deserving of her.

  6. One word, perfect. I just love the way Cara passed this poor “incident” in her life wisely. Although she was hurt but she didn’t gave up and still stand by herself. I know, it’s not easy being her, but I still believe Cara will become a stronger woman after this. She is brave like her mother. I hope she will find the best man who will treat her well, just like her mother who found Dale as a soulmate.

    I am thinking about Jared right now. If Cara with Jared in the end, than she and Shawn have the same love story. Shawn has a tragic love story with Monet when he was young, and Cara has the same tragic love story with Donatello, and they finally found their true love from their childhood.

    Although I am not happy with the fact that you will end this story immediately, but I am happy with the story line. One by one the member of Alissa’s family find their happiness, a happy ending story. But, I am still curious with Crystal. Will she find her happy ending? Just wait and see.

    Love you Daisy.


    • Awww, Thanks Anita! I think you know Cara very well! You all seem to have a good sense of who she is, and the type of young woman she’s become.

      Yes, you are so right! I hadn’t thought of it when I wrote her storyline, but she and Shawn have both had a very tragic experience with love. 😯

      I’ll be sad when I end the story too. I’m very attached to the characters. I promise that I’ll update what’s happening with Crystal too before I end the story! 😉 Everyone seems to want to know how she’s doing too!

      Love you too and thanks for always being so encouraging over the years! ❤

    • Hi Flowersimming! It’s nice to meet you! ❤ I like your screenname. 🙂

      I thought I had done a poll for Cara, but I just checked. I never did one! 😯 When I wrote this storyline, I thought it was because of the results of the poll. I guess I had too much on my mind and got confused. I hope you'll all be happy with how it turns out for her though. XD

  7. Haven’t read this story for more than a year right now and I feel like I’ve missed so much. I’m going to reread this from the start, haha.

    • Wow! You’re going to read it from the beginning! 😯 I need to do that too. I need to make sure that I haven’t left anymore storylines hanging before I end the story. It’s nice to hear from you again, Simlover99! ❤

  8. Wow, another amazing chapter!!
    So glad Cara left him, she and Shawn have both have a hard time with love.
    I really hope she does she Jared again, they were always very cute together, would love to see them meet 😀
    I was wondering, when the story ends if there will be download links towards some of that characters, so maybe we could play with them ingame ect but if not thats okay.
    Once again another amazing chapter, it will be sad to see this story end as I have been reading it silently for years! ❤

    • They really have had a hard time haven’t they. 😦

      I don’t want to give too big of a spoiler, but I like Jared too! 😀

      I’ll put them up for download if you’d like them. It will be great if others want to use them too. 😎

      Awww, thank you so much Bam! ❤ I'll be sad to end it too!

  9. Hi Daisy! Keen to see what happens next. just wanted to know if the next chapter will be posted any time soon! Super excited to find out what occurs. x0 ❤

    • Shannynlee, I saw your post the other day, but I didn’t have an answer then. ❤ I finally finished the pictures now!
      I can say that it will definitely be posted Wednesday! 😀

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