Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Six

Screenshot-1009Venice was just as romantic as Donatello had promised it would be.  He was a charming companion.  Thinking back, Cara tried to pinpoint the moment when it changed, when he changed, but she was unable to do so.

She had thought that she had fallen in love with him, but now she knew that it was just an illusion that he was a master at invoking.  Maybe he hadn’t changed, maybe she had just begun to sluggishly see through the illusion.  She wished that she had seen it sooner, before she …

Screenshot-960Their first day in Venice was sunny and warm.  Although he’d seen the popular attractions many times before, he patiently showed them to Cara and seemed to enjoy her excitement and pleasure.  They took many pictures of each other and of the sights, and he told Cara that she was truly his muse.

Screenshot-1011That first evening, they went to an elegant restaurant for dinner.  Cara was wearing one of the outfits that Donatello had selected for her, and he was looking at her with clear admiration in his eyes.  She took several sips of her wine.  Cara thought that this was the time.  He was going to propose to her!  She had already come to her decision.

She was going to say yes, but now doubts forced themselves into her mind.  What about her career?  Did she really want to give that up?  Did she want children right away?  If she had a baby there was no way that she could leave her baby and travel around the world.

Screenshot-1031“Donatello, do you think that it is wrong for a wife to work?”

“All wives work.”

Cara frowned.  “I mean outside of the home.”

Screenshot-1024“No, I do not believe that it is wrong for a wife to work outside of the home.  However, I do believe that her husband should be her priority.  The well-being of her family should be of the utmost importance to a good wife.”

Cara agreed with what he said.  How could she not?  Marriage meant compromises.  She looked at Donatello.  Was she ready to make those compromises for him? 

Screenshot-1020Donatello met her gaze, and Cara felt her heartbeat quicken.  He was just so very very attractive.  He oozed sex appeal, and he was clearly attracted to her.

Screenshot-1028Cara again came to a decision.  If he asked her, yes, she would marry him!  Being married to a man like him could never be boring.  She’d figure out how to keep her career going in Monte Vista.  As he looked at her, Cara suddenly felt very nervous.  She quickly drank her glass of wine and the waiter refilled it.

She ended up drinking three glasses of wine.  The most she’d ever had before was two, and she had been a little tipsy with the two.  After that experience, she had set one glass as her limit, but tonight she’d had too much.

Screenshot-1014Cara started giggling, and Donatello looked at her quizzically.

“Dun look a me like thaa!”

Her words were slurred.

Screenshot-1033“I think it’s time we return to the hotel and get you to bed.”

Screenshot-1032“Yes ta bed!”

Donatello signaled the waiter and asked for the check.  Cara was sitting at the table with her head propped up against her arm.  Donatello went over to her and helped her up.  He wrapped his arm around her waist and led her from the restaurant. He hailed a cab and Cara rested her head against his shoulder on the ride back to the hotel.

Screenshot-1036When they reached her room, Donatello unlocked her door and helped her inside to the bedroom.  Once she was on the bed he removed her shoes.  As he moved away, Cara pulled him back.

“Stay wit me tnite!”

Screenshot-1046Donatello knew what she meant.  He moved his lips closer to her ear.

Screenshot-1055“No, not tonight my dear.  Our first time together must be memorable. You will soon be asleep and everything that has occurred tonight forgotten.  Get some rest.  I shall see you tomorrow morning.”

He kissed her forehead.  Then he turned out the light and left her room. 

Screenshot-1071Cara was asleep before he closed the door.

Screenshot-2The next morning, Cara awakened to a knock at her door.  She forced herself to get up and answer it.  It was Donatello, and he was carrying a tray.  He had a bouquet of roses, some breakfast, coffee and a special drink for Cara.  She sat back down on the bed. 

Screenshot-3Her head felt like she had been hit with a hammer!

Screenshot-8“Good morning, my dear!  It is a beautiful day.  After last night I know that you are probably feeling quite hung over.  I have something that will make you feel better.”

He handed her a glass and some aspirin.

Screenshot-11“I had the kitchen prepare a special drink for you.   It was a life saver for me during my younger years before I decided that I prefer to always be in control of my actions.  Before I learned to hold my liquor.  You show such maturity that I sometimes forget your youth and inexperience.  Now that I know your limit, I shall ensure that you do not exceed it.”

Cara was too hung over to protest what he was saying.  She took the aspirin and downed the drink in a few swallows.   Then she excused herself to take a shower, wondering what she had said or done the previous night.  She was still dressed in the outfit from the evening before, and she knew that they had not slept together.  Whatever had happened, Donatello did not seem to be upset.

When she returned, she did feel much better and able to eat the breakfast that Donatello had brought for them.  They sat out on the balcony in the warm Venetian sunlight and ate breakfast languidly enjoying each others company and the delicious food. 

Screenshot-12 They decided to visit the hotel spa for massages and then they relaxed at the pool, swimming, reading, talking. 

Screenshot-13There was a lot of napping in a lounge chair for Cara because of her hangover.

Screenshot-18The final evening of their trip, they took a ride on the canal in a gondola.  Cara was relaxed and just enjoying the experience.  She should have known that Donatello would ensure that the setting was perfect for a proposal when he did it.

Screenshot-27After they were out on the water, Donatello dropped down on one knee in front of Cara.  He said all of the typical expressions men use when proposing.  It was most girl’s dream proposal, but for Cara there was still something missing.  Cara didn’t know what it was until it came to her later.

Screenshot-28She said yes just as Donatello knew that she would. 

Screenshot-17They cuddled together on the gondola, setting a wedding date and making plans.  Donatello wanted a big wedding and Cara agreed although she’d never been the kind of girl who dreamed about every detail of her wedding.  That had never really interested her.  She had thought that Sharlee’s wedding was beautiful, but she’d never really given much thought to what she wanted for her own wedding if she ever married.

Screenshot-33When they went back to the hotel, Donatello went into Cara’s room with her and headed out to the balcony.  Cara joined him.  The view was amazing, but that night Donatello wasn’t interested in the view.

He walked up closely behind Cara and said softly into her ear, “You look irresistible tonight.  That dress emphasizes the perfection of your body.”

Screenshot-31He kissed her neck in just the spot to cause her pulse to race.  At the same time, his hand was touching her lower body.  Cara’s mind was saying move away, but her body said stay.  This time she listened to her body and not her head.

Screenshot-34“In just a little over a year, I will be your husband.  Why must we wait so long to enjoy one another?” 

Screenshot-39Cara placed her arms around him and pressed her lips against his.

Screenshot-36That was all Donatello needed.

Screenshot-56He picked her up not breaking the kiss and carried her to the bed.  Cara felt like her body was burning with desire for Donatello.  They both quickly undressed.  Donatello grabbed some protection that he’d taken from his wallet and put it on.

Screenshot-44Cara didn’t experience the discomfort that many women felt their first time. 

Screenshot-47She could see that Donatello was experienced and for him making love was an art. 

Screenshot-42Giving deep satisfaction to his partner was a matter of pride.  At first as they made love, and she looked into his eyes, she could see passion, but it didn’t seem as though it were necessarily for her, Cara, as the woman with whom he was in love.  Then suddenly he seemed to really see her and an expression of surprise and deep pleasure came into his eyes, and she knew that it was because of her.  Although in her heart she knew it was not an expression of love for her.

Screenshot-53Afterwards, Cara felt breathless, and she wasn’t sorry that she’d slept with him.  She’d wanted him to sleep with her.  However, Donatello had still not told her that he was in love with her.  That’s what was missing from his proposal.  He wanted her physically, and even now he was praising her body.

Screenshot-49“You are pure perfection, Cara, from head to toe.  You are truly my mate.  We will have days and nights filled with passion!   Leave your dorm and move in with me when we return to Monte Vista.  You will be living there any way after our marriage.  Why should we deprive each other until then?  We’ve already committed to each other.”

Silently he congratulated himself on another successful seduction.  This one had taken great patience and a longer length of time to achieve, but it had been worth all of his effort.  Cara had exceptional beauty, youth and intelligence.  With the proper “guidance,” she would make a wife worthy of his name. 

Also, she was surprisingly good in bed, and she would bear him many children.  They would begin right after their marriage.  It was past time for him to have an heir.

Cara stopped her train of thought, again suppressing any doubts about her relationship with Donatello.  She wanted to be with him!  She was tired of always “using her head” and playing it safe.  Days and nights filled with passion, filled with Donatello making love to her, were what she wanted, or what she thought she wanted.  She agreed to move in with him.

Screenshot-1075The next morning they went to the airport to fly back to Monte Vista.  Cara was checking her phone to find her boarding information, and Donatello was standing beside her.  Jared had just flown into the airport.  He was giving a concert in Venice.  His and Cara’s mother had reconnected and exchanged pictures of each others families.  He had seen a picture of Cara, and so he recognized her when he saw her standing in line.  He headed toward her.

Screenshot-1077Donatello saw Jared and instinctively knew that he was looking at Cara.  

Screenshot-1078He wrapped his arms around her and surprised her with a kiss. 

Screenshot-1079Jared stopped uncertainly.  As he stopped, some fans recognized him and exclaimed in delight.  Several people surrounded him asking for autographs. 

Screenshot-1082Cara heard the commotion and looked to see what was happening.  Her view was blocked by the people surrounding Jared.  Donatello explained.

“It’s some popstar.  Nothing to worry about.  Come, our plane is boarding now.”  They headed to their plane.

Screenshot-1088Cara moved into Donatello’s home.  At first she loved it there.  It was cozy and comfortable.  Since it was now her home too, Cara decided to rearrange some furniture and paintings on the wall.  When Donatello arrived home and saw what she had done, he exploded!

Screenshot-1085“Don’t ever make any changes to my home without consulting me!  How dare you be so presumptuous!”

Screenshot-1086Cara had been completely shocked by his reaction!  She’d never seen this side of him before now.  She had thought that he would like the changes, and even if he didn’t, there was no reason for such an extreme reaction.  He had angrily moved everything back exactly as it was before.

Screenshot-1089Later, he apologized somewhat. 

Screenshot-1090“Cara, I am sorry that I was so upset, but this house has been in my grandmother’s family for generations.  It is important to me that it stay the same and be passed on to my children.”  He corrected himself.  “To our children.  It is tradition.  I did not think that I would have to explain that to you.  I suppose that I should just assume that I will have to teach you many things.  The education in the finer things of life is sorely lacking in your generation.”

Screenshot-1092Cara moved uncomfortably.  She didn’t like his attitude, but she didn’t know what to say.  She still felt that he had overreacted.  She could understand it better if she had removed something from the home, but all she’d done was to rearrange the placement of things in the room.  How could that be a breaking of tradition?  There was  no way that she could believe that nothing in the house had ever been changed since the time it had been built.  He just didn’t want Cara to change anything.  However, eventually he did allow her to add some throw cushions and plants that he pre-approved.

Screenshot-57Classes at the university resumed.  Cara was standing out in the hallway talking with some of her fellow students after classes were over for the day, when Donatello suddenly came up beside her and took her arm.  It was clear that he was angry.

Screenshot-58“I told you that I would drive you home!  I’ve been waiting out in the car, and here I find you flirting with these juveniles.  Let’s go!”

He pulled her by the arm, and Cara pulled away from him. 

Screenshot-60The two male students moved toward Donatello.

Screenshot-59“Is everything okay Cara?”

Screenshot-62Cara looked at Donatello and then she answered.  She was angry herself now.  Again he was overreacting!  She’d just left her final class and had been speaking with her classmates for a few minutes.  She’d definitely not been flirting.  Nor had she kept Donatello waiting for an inconsiderate amount of time.  She took a deep breath to calm herself.

“Yes.  Everything is fine.  I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

She went out to the car with Donatello and silently rode home with him.  After they entered the house, Cara put away her backpack and took off her shoes.  Then she turned to face Donatello. 

Screenshot-63She was totally caught off guard when he struck her across the face!

Screenshot-65“How dare you shame me!  When I tell you something, I expect you to obey me.”

His voice was icy cold.

Screenshot-66Cara touched her face in shock!  Then she told him firmly.  “Don’t you ever hit me again!”

Screenshot-67She could see in his eyes that he was about to strike her again.  So instead when he moved to hit her, he found himself hitting the floor hard! 

Screenshot-68Cara had flipped him onto the floor.  He was furious!  He jumped up and headed toward her. 

Screenshot-71He struck her. 

Screenshot-72Then Cara whacked him upside the head with a kick. 

Screenshot-75He ended up on the floor again.

Screenshot-76“Working on cars isn’t all that my brother-in-law taught me.  I mean it, Donatello!  Don’t you ever hit me again, or you will be the one hurting!”

Cara’s phone was ringing nonstop, but she didn’t answer it.   Donatello got up and left the house.

Screenshot-80She went into the bathroom and her body was shaking in reaction as her adrenaline went down. 

Screenshot-79She looked in the mirror and saw what Donatello had done to her. 

Screenshot-81She could tell that she was going to have a black eye, and her lip was cut and bleeding.  Her cheek was badly bruised.

She felt tears sliding down her cheeks as she tried to clean up.  She took some aspirin for the pain and changed her clothing.  There was a knock at the door, but she ignored it.

Screenshot-83Her phone kept ringing, and so she checked to see who kept calling her!  It was her twin, Shawn.  He’d left several messages already.  He must have sensed something serious was wrong through their special twin bond.  She took a deep breath and called him back, assuring him that she was fine. 

Screenshot-86Telling him that he didn’t need to come.


Here’s a bonus picture of Jared now that he’s a young adult.  I think he’s cute!  He inherited the best features from both of his parents.  🙂


27 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy-Six

  1. So…. I hate this chapter…. It’s a great chapter! Don’t get me wrong. But…. I was married for two years to a man who hit me everyday….. and other things. I hate seeing stuff like this. But kudos to Cara for beating the fuck out of him. She needs to leave tho! The longer she stays the harder it’ll be to leave! She needs to call Alex. Yes yes…. Call Alex have him come to her rescue! Please! LoL

    • Awww, I’m sorry it brought back bad memories, Kris and I’m glad you got out of that relationship. ❤

      It's true that the longer she waits the harder it will be to leave. 😦

      • its very true the longer you stay the harder it is to leave. you get scared. but cara seems tough…. i think…. i hope! she does the right thing. just leave. fighting back also makes it worse…. i hope it turns out okay. shes a sweetie.

      • She is a very tough young woman. Maybe even stronger than she thinks she is. She definitely doesn’t deserve to be treated the way that Donatello is treating her. No one does. Hopefully she’ll see that too! 😦

  2. Oh No…. poor Cara, she has choose the wrong lover. Cara is smart and elegant woman, she should get out of that relationship immediately. She deserve better person. If I was her, then I’ll kill Donatello by my own.

    I hope that nightmare would be end in the next chapter. Remember, Cara was attended Shawn’s wedding, so she would be good in the end.

    Really need the next chapter soon, Daisy.

    • She definitely did! 😦 You’re right that she deserves much better than him.

      Awww, I promise not to make you wait too long, Anita. ❤ I'm going out of town later this week though for the holiday and won't be back till Sunday night. I'm going to try to get some pictures taken today, but I know it won't be ready before next week. 🙂

  3. Wow, so much happened in this chapter! It was really good and i can’t wait to see what happens yet. Her relationship with Donatello really escalated but I didn’t expect he would become so icy and violent so quickly. What surprised me more was Cara’s reaction in hitting him back! I wouldn’t have expected her to hit him back but by doing so it really brought out a much more stronger character within her. What Donatello did was unforgivable and I hope Cara leaves asap. Although all she told him was “hit me again and you’ll be hurting..” but she didn’t actually say anything about leaving him so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I hope things get better soon for her because it seems that she has had that many relationship experiences and this was a pretty intense relationship. Again, really great chapter! and the pictures were really good 🙂

    • Thanks Shannynlee! ❤

      Yeah, he did change or at least he quit pretending. Cara fought back. She definitely hadn't expected Donatello to hurt her like that!

      No, she hasn't had a lot of serious relationship experiences. She's had other interests and didn't spend much time on romance. This one is very disappointing for her so far. 😦

      Thank you for saying that! I did work hard on the pictures for this chapter. ❤

  4. I knew Donatello was up to no good. At least Cara knew how to defend herself!
    I’m thinking that Shawn or Jared might try to rescue her, or she’ll be able to escape herself. I hope Cara doesn’t pretend that nothing is wrong.
    Great chapter!

    • You were right to be suspicious. 😉 It’s a good think that Noah is such a caring brother-in-law! He wanted to make sure that she could protect herself if needed.

      Thanks, Bluefairy! ❤

  5. Hi! I came to check on your blog because I don’t seem to get any notification of new chapters. I never knew there was another Shannynlee though, I only saw now.
    I guess Donatello is one of those husbands, the ones that think they are in control of everything their wives do. How dare he hit her! If I could fight like her I would have done the same!
    Great Chapter! 😀

    • Don’t feel bad! My updates have been very sporadic for the past year. I don’t always get notifications either.

      Yeah, Donatello is very controlling, and he’s become abusive as well. 😦

      Thanks, Shannynlee! ❤ I didn't realize that there were two Shannynlees either. 😯 I think it's a pretty name!

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