Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy

Screenshot-868Sharlee was trying to rest a few moments and talk on the phone with her Gran Valerie, but she kept having to stop because of Skylar. 

“Skylar, don’t jump up and down on the sofa, Baby.  You know better than that.”  Sky had just recently discovered how to do it. 

Screenshot-871She stopped jumping and then hung over the arm of the sofa.  

Screenshot-873Sharlee walked over and picked her up.

Her Gran asked her about Skylar.

“Yes, she usually listens, but today she’s being extremely active.”

Sharlee had been on her feet most of the day.  That morning she’d taken Skylar with her to the farmer’s market to stock up on some fresh fruits, vegetables and other staples.  That had tired Sharlee more than she’d expected, and now that they were home, Skylar was a bundle of energy and hard for Sharlee to keep up with.  To make matters worse, Sharlee was beginning to feel unwell. 

Usually, she could call her Gran Kay or her Mom to come and watch Skylar, but she’d insisted that her Gran Kay go out of the country with Matthew.  Although Matthew was semi-retired from acting, he occasionally accepted movie roles that interested him, and he also had begun producing and directing.  Now he was in Spain producing a movie.  Sharlee knew that her grandmother loved Spain, and so she’d assured her that she and Skylar would be fine.

Fall was a prime production time for Alissa’s show, and so she too was busy.  There was a virus going around in Skylar’s play group, and so Sharlee was keeping her home.  Renee had finished her maternity leave and returned to work.  If Sharlee hadn’t been so far along in her pregnancy, it would have been easier for her to keep up with Skylar, but she wasn’t able to move around as quickly.

Screenshot-872Noah walked into the house through his workshop entrance which was off of the garage.  He’d spent the morning at the dealership helping out the mechanics in the repair shop.  That was his favorite thing to do at work.  He overheard Sharlee’s conversation with her grandmother.

Screenshot-875“Is it possible to have the t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e,” she spelt out the word so that Skylar wouldn’t know what she was talking about, “twos before you’re two?  I mean she crawled early, walked early and started talking early.”

Her Gran had laughed and told her that it doesn’t work that way.  The terrible twos were still to come!

“Okay, Gran, I’ll talk with you later.”

Her grandmother told her goodbye, and Sharlee disconnected the call.

Screenshot-896“Skylar, Mommy needs a Sky kiss.”

Screenshot-878Noah saw Sky giving Sharlee a kiss and a hug as he walked into the kitchen.

Screenshot-901“I love you, Baby girl!”

Screenshot-903“Love you too, Mommy.  I hungry!”

Screenshot-898Sky saw Noah.


Screenshot-905Noah walked over and took her from Sharlee.  He gave her a kiss.

Screenshot-907Sharlee kissed him too.  “I wasn’t expecting you home so early.  Are you going back to the dealership later?”

Noah saw how pale she was, and she seemed tired.  He’d intended to go back to the dealership after lunch but decided that he’d better stay home for the rest of the day.

Screenshot-906“No, I’m home for good today.”

Screenshot-910Sharlee was relieved to hear it.

“Just let me rest for a few minutes, and then I’ll fix lunch.  I’m not feeling very well right now.”

Screenshot-909“How about you just relax, and Sky and I will fix lunch for all of us!”

Screenshot-914She immediately sat down on the sofa in front of the fireplace.  Noah put Skylar down on the sofa and sat beside Sharlee.  He rubbed her belly and smiled as he felt Logan moving beneath his hand.

“Sharlee, you should have called me.  I would have come home.”

“I know you would Honey, and if I’d started feeling worse, I would have called you.  It’s just one of those days.  It’s not anything serious, but I’m glad you’re here.”

Skylar was hanging upside down off of the edge of the sofa.

“Babe, why don’t you go into the bedroom and lie down?  We’ll let you know when lunch is ready.”

“That’s a good suggestion.”  

Screenshot-917She got up and went into their bedroom and stretched out on the bed.

Screenshot-918Noah took Skylar to the bathroom and they washed their hands.  Then he helped Skylar climb up onto her step stool, and he started making sandwiches.

“How about some soup too, Skylar?”

Screenshot-920“I hungry, so I say, yes!”

Noah laughed and heated up some soup on the stove. 

Screenshot-922After lunch was ready,  Skylar went into the bedroom to tell Sharlee.  As Sharlee looked at her, she thought of how quickly Skylar was growing up and how thankful she was to have her baby girl.

Screenshot-924“Mommy, we eat now!”

Screenshot-923Sharlee smiled at her.  “Good, because I’m hungry too!” 

Sharlee got up and took Sky’s hand and went out to the dining room.

Screenshot-926After lunch, Noah took Skylar out into the backyard to play on her play gym.  She wanted to swing first.  

Screenshot-927After that she played on her slide.   Noah realized that soon she’d outgrow this play gym and he’d have to get her a larger one.  

Screenshot-928When she was finished playing, Noah took her out front to ride on her tricycle.  He knew she’d be tired out and ready for her nap when they went back inside the house.   He looked around the yard.  They still had more landscaping to do outside and interior decorating to do inside the house, but they had wanted to move in before the baby’s arrival. 

Screenshot-930Sky was extremely pleased to see that she could go faster than she had the last time she’d ridden her tricycle.  Sharlee had returned to bed and relaxed reading a book.  She was already starting to feel better.

Screenshot-933The next day, Noah came home early again.  This time he had a surprise for Skylar.  When he walked inside the house looking for Skylar, he was the one who was surprised. 

Screenshot-931Valerie was in the kitchen with Sharlee and Skylar.   Skylar was there chattering away.

Screenshot-932Skylar looked up and saw what he was holding and stopped mid sentence.  Her eyes got large.  “My kitty!”

Screenshot-935Noah sat the kitten down on the floor, and Skylar crouched down in front of it.  It came over to her and Skylar petted it’s head.  She had already chosen a name for it.

“Hi, Zoe.”

The cat meowed and Skylar smiled happily.  She hugged Zoe to her and then held her up to Sharlee.

Screenshot-937“Mommy, she sweet!”

Screenshot-940Sharlee smiled back at her.  “Yes, she is, and so are you.”

Valerie spoke with Noah.

Screenshot-942“I know I said that I’d come after the baby was born, but yesterday when I spoke with Sharlee, she sounded so tired that I thought it would be better to come now.  I remember how difficult  it was to be eight months along and have a toddler to look after.  On the spur of the moment I thought I’d come and surprise her.  I can stay with Leslie and just come over to help Sharlee while you’re at work if that’s better.”

Noah kissed her on the cheek. 

Screenshot-943“Thank you for coming sooner, and we want you here with us.”

Valerie smiled.

Screenshot-945A couple of weeks later, Sharlee had been sitting in the easy chair by the window reading.  She hadn’t been able to sleep.  The cramps had begun earlier, but she hadn’t been sure if it was labor.  It was late, and she was tired now.  So she stood up to return to bed and a hard pain hit her.  She had no more doubt.  Even though he didn’t expect any problems during Sharlee’s delivery this time, the doctor had told her to go to the hospital when her labor began so that they could monitor the labor.  

Screenshot-947She sat on the edge of the bed until another strong pain passed.  

Screenshot-949Then she lightly touched Noah.  He was asleep.

Noah responded drowsily.  He was surprised that he’d been sleeping so deeply.  It was close to Sharlee’s due date and the baby could come at anytime.

Screenshot-950“It’s time to go the hospital.  I’m in labor!”

Noah got up quickly and helped Sharlee put on her shoes.  Her water broke.  Sharlee quickly changed her clothing with Noah’s help.

Over the intercom, Noah called Valerie in the guest room.  Noah had had a state of the art security system installed as the house was being built.  It included surveillance cameras that he could activate and an intercom system.   Valerie answered Noah quickly and told him not to worry about Skylar.

“I love you both.  I’ll call Alissa and Dale to let them know that you’re on the way to the hospital.”

Screenshot-953Noah helped Sharlee stand up and another pain came.  Sharlee leaned against him until it passed.  They made their way out to the car, and Noah grabbed the packed  suitcase that Sharlee kept beside the door now that it was close to her due date.

Screenshot-959After they arrived at the hospital, Noah and Sharlee went inside and Sharlee sat down in a wheelchair that an orderly brought over to her.

Sharlee put her hand to the side of her head to calm herself and get her thoughts in a positive place for what was ahead.  She’d been to natural childbirth classes, and this time, she felt calmer and more able to cope with the pain than she had during Skylar’s delivery.  She’d been taught to think of the contractions as a natural “tightening” in her body’s attempt to deliver a healthy baby.

Screenshot-961Noah leaned down and kissed Sharlee on the top of her head.  He had attended the classes with her, and he had expected to be calmer too.  However, it wasn’t working that way for him.  He knew he’d feel anxious until after the birth when he knew that both Logan and Sharlee were doing well. 

Screenshot-963An orderly led the way to the birthing room assigned to Sharlee.  A nurse’s aide came in and helped her dress in a hospital gown.  Sharlee sat on the edge of the bed doing her breathing exercises and working through a sharp “tightening.”

Screenshot-965Walking around the room also seemed to help make the pain bearable.  Noah was right there with her helping her to remain calm, to concentrate on her breathing and wishing that he could do more to help her.

Sharlee’s labor passed more quickly than it had with Skylar.  Noah felt extremely humbled and honored when the doctor had him cut the umbilical cord.  This time there were no worries about the baby after it was born.  The doctor said that he was a healthy pink and breathing strongly.

Screenshot-896As soon as the doctor placed the baby on Sharlee’s chest, he seemed content. 

Screenshot-994The nurse explained that babies responded to the close contact.  Logan could hear the comforting beat of Sharlee’s heart.  Noah wiped tears from his eyes and for once he wasn’t ashamed of them.

Screenshot-998After a few minutes of time allowing Sharlee to bond with Logan, the pediatric nurse took the baby to examine him and dress him.

Screenshot-1045Then she handed him to Noah while the doctor finished giving Sharlee a post delivery exam.  Sharlee and Logan were both doing well, and Logan was perfectly healthy.

Screenshot-1044“Hello Baby Boy!  I’m your Daddy.”

Soon they took Sharlee and Logan to a different room in the ward where she would remain for the rest of her stay in the hospital, and Noah stayed there with Sharlee and Logan.  This hospital still placed emphasis on family bonding with the newborn. 

Screenshot-1042Skylar was able to see Logan for the first time later that day. 

Skylar looked surprised.

“He little!”

Screenshot-1041Logan stared at her as she stared back at him.

Screenshot-1040“Hi Logan,  I your big sister Skylar!”

Sky smiled at him, and he seemed to drowsily smile back at her.

They stayed at the hospital for three days and then were released to go home. 

Screenshot-1021After they arrived home, they were all in the nursery with Logan.

He started crying and Noah picked him up.  Skylar came over to them and wrinkled her nose.

Screenshot-983“Pewy!  Him noisy an smelly.  Send him back!”

Noah turned his head away from Skylar.  He was shaking with laughter.

Screenshot-1022Sharlee took Logan from Noah and spoke to Skylar.

Screenshot-1032“Now Skylar, didn’t Zoe make a smelly mess on the floor and whine loudly the first night we brought her home?”


“Did we send her back?”


Screenshot-988Noah had composed himself, and now he could talk without laughing.

“Sky, there are times when you’ve not smelled like a rose either, and we never ever would send you back.”

Skylar giggled. 

Screenshot-1035After Sharlee changed Logan’s diaper, she had Skylar sit in the chair and then very carefully placed Logan into Skylar’s lap.

“I gonna take good care a you, Logan.  I glad you here too.”

Screenshot-1037Logan had a slight smile as Sky held him.  He was comfortable and already trusting his big sister.

Noah and Sharlee looked at each other with tender expressions and smiled happily.



Zoe is by CrazySimMary.  The house in the pictures was the Mediterranean style house.  I had to use the one that was the most finished so that I could take pictures.  There will still be a poll to decide if they should live in the Mediterranean or the Modern house.  I’m still decorating both of them, but I didn’t want to keep delaying this chapter.  🙂

The next storyline will be about Shawn.  They’ve had another nice break from drama, but we know it couldn’t stay that way for long!   😉



26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One Hundred and Seventy

    • He is the first blond boy isn’t he! I hope it’s not too much of a spoiler, but I couldn’t wait this time to see what he looks like when he’s older. I aged him in CAS. He looks like a blond haired, green eyed Noah. He has Noah’s nose and mouth. He’s good looking too! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Adventure! 🙂

  1. Baby Logan is cute but he looks like a mini toddler. LOL. He’s definitely a big baby! Skylar amazes me by how intuitive and quick she is. I’m interested in seeing Sean’s adventures in South Africa but I hope that the drama isn’t him ending up in trouble.

    • He is a mini toddler. 😦 I found the cutest newborn poses that used resized toddlers, but I couldn’t make him look like the newborn looking toddlers in the poses. The creators used sliders, but I’m not good with sliders. Now I wish I hadn’t aged him from a baby. He was a cute baby too, but I thought I’d try something different this time. I wish I could go back and make him a baby again. 😥

      I’m having a good time writing Shawn’s storyline! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Eddie! ❤

  2. I love how everybody ends up looking like Alissa somehow lol. This chapter was so sweet ❤ I know it can't stay sweet forever though.
    Logan's hair looks even more pale than Sharlee's! Maybe it's because he's more tan…
    And yeah I hate to say it but Logan looks too big to be a newborn! He looks fine when he's in pictures by himself but when people are holding him he definitely looks like a mini toddler.

  3. Love this story! You should have Sharlee get post partum depression not only because it would make a good storyline but would also raise awareness of a very serious condition ❤ either way still love it 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy reading it! 🙂

      I did think of giving Sharlee postpartum depression after she gave birth to Skylar, but I decided against it because of how difficult I made her pregnancy. This time I thought I’d focus more on how Skylar felt about having a baby brother. Thanks for the suggestion though, and thank you for reading my story! ❤

    • Hi Kelli!

      I didn’t it planned for them to all meet Logan like I did with Skylar, but we will see them all together again. 🙂
      I’ll definitely post a tour of both houses so that we can have the poll to decide which one is best for Noah and Sharlee’s family to live in from now on. 😀 I haven’t been online the past couple of days because of family stuff, but I’ll be back working on the story again tomorrow.

  4. Do you think it would be possible if you bought Barry back in another chapter? In chapter 78 he and Noah fought and then said ‘it wasn’t over’. I really liked that storyline and it would be cool if you could bring that back.
    By the way really good chapter, Logan is so cute!!

    • Barry? I forgot about him! 😯 I didn’t have another storyline with him planned, and I’m not sure if I still have his sim. I was using my old laptop when I did those chapters. I promise that there will be more drama coming in the next storylines though. There are still a few more storylines left before Alissa ends. 😉

      Thanks, Sophia! ❤ I think Logan is a little cutie too!

      • Hi Kater! ❤
        I have four maybe five more storylines planned and then it'll be the end. 😥 It was supposed to end last year, but I got way behind with updates. It'll make me sad to end it, but I don't want to start repeating storyline plots that I've already done. 😦

      • Yes, I’ll upload the family if someone wants them after the story ends. 🙂
        I have two stories that I plan to share after I finish with Alissa. Both of them are only around 20 chapters. The first one is: Jared’s Justice using Alex playing the main character. That one is based in the Old Western United States.

        The second one is: Destiny. It is set in Victorian times and it will be a romantic suspense story like Deceived and Alissa. The main character will be a young woman with a little sister left orphaned. They go to live with their spinster aunt in a boarding house. Before their father’s death, they had not known that she even existed. What happens to them there is the plot of the story. I have a lot left to write on that story. I want to learn how to make my own custom content so that I have what I need for my pictures. 🙂

  5. Wow, finally all caught up again. I am not sure where to begin. I am glad that Sharlee had a healthy baby boy. I am amazed that Cara and Shawn are grown up already. I’m relieved that Alissa’s sister went to rehab and got back w/ her man. So much has happened that I know I am leaving stuff out. I can’t wait to read what happens next esp. with Cara and Shawn so far away from home. In real life my oldest graduates next yr. and she too has decided to move away…but not out of the country thank goodness.

    • Hi, Ksmomma! ❤

      Yeah, everyone's growing up too quickly for me! 😥

      Congrats on your oldest! She's almost finished with college! I hope she's not moving too far away. 🙂

      • actually she’s almost finished w/ high school. We live in KS and I thought she was going to college here. During spring break she went to Texas w/ her bio. father and met her brothers who have offered her a room at their house and to help w/ college expenses if she went to a university there. She’s decided to take the opportunity.

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